The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1949 BI.YTHKVIU.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Union Men Guilty In Contempt Case Chancellor Rules Five Violated a V Picketing Injunction Sweden's King Would Trade Places With One of Subjects for a While Ark., May 18 If, —Chancellor John K. Butt yesterday ruled five union members and their business agent guilty of contempt of court for violating an Injunction agaln.^ picketing. The six are C. E Carnes. Pay etlevllle, business agent for the local of the Hod Carriers International Union. J. U. Krltzcr, Fay- ellevillp. J. M. Thomsberr)'. Elkins .Tack Winters, Robert Eaton and Jessie Barnes of Springdale. Judge Butt sentenced Incm eacl In ten days In Jail and assessed fines of $5(1 each. Tile penalties however, were suspended pending an appeal to the supreme court. The chancellor Issued a temnor ary injunction against picketing Ih construction of a building for In Oznrk Rural Electrification Coop g^,,),.,,', Monarch, vacationing ai Nice on tlie French Rivlfra, w»iche eraiive Sheriff Bruce Crider said five men were arrested 'when the » tennis match with on« of hit , ntnunip. He rtoenn't «ijoy belnj began pickellnR in violation of the sptc |aclt; he'd rather he Just another spectator, injunction and that Carnes was arrested at the union headquarters picture and Text Tlie injunction was sought by Curl Time. Payetteville, constructor on the building project. Seekers for Offices, ~ity flection Postponed liOMr:, May Ifi. (/I'l—'l'lm cltl/pns f Ti'lKntc, linly. liuvc no polllicul unbltluns. '1'tie electioiis foi- Un 1 mayor nnd he inunlelpnl ixumcll Imd lo be iosl|xincd for llio thli'rt I hue. oo- tse Hide \vprc no cnndldntcs. i'lKtttP Is n village' lu'ar nri - - KHIIIO. Nonhrrn ltnly, wlih « population of 2,000, Evening Swim Suit U.S. Rejects Spain's Request for Big Loan WASHINGTON. May 18. f.vt— 'Hie UiiUoit Stnlcs lins icJMMed—nt Icnst (nr |IIP pii'sont—Kimiii's In- bid for n multi-million dollar loan. Officials In n position to know said \eslcrdiiy (he gavprnrncnt's c\- iwii-lniport bank nnd the Slnle l)i>- Pititinrnt have Inforincri n vlsilln^ Hp;\nlsli rcprcsi'illatlvr thnl Spain's present ccoiionili 1 sHiimlnn makes her :i poor ( -rodII risk. ; Four State 4-H Champs ' To Attend National Camp IATTLE ROCK, Mny It—tl Four 4-H Club champions have been selected to represent Arkansas at the National 4-H camp In Washington June 15-22, Ij. L. Rutledge assistant 4-H Club agent, said yesterday. They are A. D. Stanley. 18. Montgomery County; Margaret Ann Dial, 17 Jefferson County; Adrian Hamblen, 19. Washington County, and Emma Kathryn Mantooth. IS. Jackson County. By DAVID S. BOVKR NKA Staff Correspondent NIECE, France—(NKA>—Living iHR pretends not to notice the en like a king isn't all It's cracked | ton rage of police, reporters and rieiuls who drive after hnn. Half a dozen of France's More than 1500 cities In the United Stales have parking meter Installations. Takes Clay's I,t. - Gen. Clarence Kuebner, above, replaces Gen. Lucius D. Clay in Germany. He will be acting U. S. military governor and acting commander ot U. S. armed forces in Europe. General Huebner, deputy and chief of staff to General Clay, is a veteran ol both World Wars, rising from private to general. He commanded the famous First Division in Invasion of Normandy. •net service guards surround and ollow him wherever he goes. This If a vacation for the plaln- lothesmen, too, for the king oes out, for ;wo hours a day. Jean Bajdy, who has tailed important ersons throng]] France for 15 years, an remember the days before the war, however, when guarding King ~ ustaf was no vacation. "We used too start early In the rtornlng," he remembers, "and Iln- sh early In the morning. The king could stay with a party or over Monte Carlo roulette wheel with .he best of them. I've guarded Trotsky, the Duke and Wally. King Leopold, Boris of Bulgaria, the presidents of France. King Parouk and Madame Peron, None of them could hold H candle to Gustaf." up to be. Some kings—and Gustaf V r.f Sweden Is one of them—would gladly trade places for a while with an dinary citizen. At^age 90, King Gnslaf. who is ere snaking up Rlverla sunshine ht:; annual vacation, makes no ones about the fact he'd like to ide into a porch chair without a octor and nurse and half a dozen ;her assistants hovering around Im. He'd like to go to a tennis latch and just be a spectator, not omelhlng for the spectators to pectulate about. Speculation Is In the minds o! le thousands of Frenchmen and mrlsts In Nice who occasionally atch a glimpse of the tall, gaunl itular head of tlie independent awedish nation as he motors along he beach drive In his 12-cylinder ackard. Everyone Is wondering how much longer this venerable old man, who still musters a smile anc a royal wave for the crowd, wll be able to maintain sufficient healtl 'or public appearances The king, meanwhile, cough raspingly against the bronchia tickling in his throat, and recalls | ^ "yeiierda'y 7oted'"to'"eii'd ;he days, not so many years ago, when he wasn't a tennis spectator, but a full-fledged participant. This is the first year In 41 con- necutlve visits to the Riviera (not including the war years'* when he has not staged a vigorous show on tennis court. This year, the king who was French-horn and whose father came before him to the same Hotel d'Angleterre In Nice, Is confining his activities to tea parties. knitting, motoring and bridge. Even for these pursuits, he is pursued. More than 500 anxious people silently watched him step falteringly onto a royal carpet from his special railroad ar on his arrival here. Each day, they watch with concern as he hobbles to his limousine, helped usually by his personal physician. Dr. Hjalmar Gas- serman, and bundled into a furry anto robe by his private mires. King Gustaf won't allow an escort to precede him on his drives best 226,000,000 Ounces oi Silver to India from U.S. NRW URUII --.Y1V-- l m |iu o ij. .(lined from the United Suites dnr- Inc HIP war 22fi,0nrr.0nn onm-os of silver on l.einM.oH^' rtnnmn:.r Finn nee Minister nf John Mivt- Uml told out'.sltoim s In Hit- li-i' lativp assembly the silver was Imported on the LindprslnmUiiK it would lie returned mince (ur rnmr< En kind within five yen is of the dnlr (he U.S. Pi'e.sldVnl lirHiued tbr end of wnr emergency. lie added the question of repayment would he considered "nl tin- roper time." Replying to snrple- sent ary questions. Mittthnl suld srt of this silver \vii5 utilized for omnpe, part was sold in market nd the rcinnincd with the ovcrnmenl. I 'JO North nlle, Arkaii Soconrt Sirrel, BLythe- Mis, Jlyi'on Byron Morse. Ancilliiiy AdintnlMuvtor lor the estate ot 11, A, Moore, deceased. 3 4-11-18 Nebraska Legislature Votes Rent Decontrol LINCOLN. Neb'.. May 18—(.Tj— The Nebraska Unlcamci'al Lcgl.tlft controls In Nebraska by Nov. 1 The vote was 23 to 13 with seven Senators not voting, If the bill is slKncd, it would b operative 90 days after the adjourn ment nf the legislative. The gov ernor coulrt then declare rent con trols ended :n ehe .state at an time bvit at least by" Nov. I. THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY IT'S THE MID-SOUTH'S 1'iirls closlRiier Pierre Bulmuin claims tilt; fashion scoop of lh« summer season— A bKthinM snil Lluil convents lo tin evening gown, Here's » close-lip ot hip iwo-pioi'R croalion of Iwo-wiiy .slrck'h elastic fribfto, studded \vitb black liciidn. A floor- loiiiitli ortfinuly stole nnd n li anspii! onl evening skirl complete the oiiiru. When wen IT r - fools the iirfie for a dip, she iusl isciirds I he accessories niul hoLids IOL the walcr. MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH ('lilcknt sl I'ork <;ravj Special 60c HOT IKMiS STKAK, Kit. ol.T T-Hiinr* A Special I KII.S X'i« Shliiins "Win 1 re !•' rit' nils Met; I. ami Knl" the NICKLE STAND V.i'kie Snlilm, I'rop. 10M W. Main 1949 FABRICS ARC HERtt And Ihc.v niiikf guy anrl charming slip cover* for your liviiiK room set. Von select Ihe finest when you ehooM Schumacher or \Vnverly . . . fabrics which add a grateful (ouch lo any home . . . ultmctive, and attractively priced. I'rnninl, ji'iiiirnntefid work. / t^5£l Our complrte ili'fiirnltnc »«rv- l.'f iirTirs you Ihr. nf rUKtnnl'hukU ftirnll^irf, ei> n»lsU« l:im|»i, rariirtini, »nd wn II paper. "Patterns tor Better Living" House of Charm Deal & Whlsenhunr M21 West Main Phone 4621 THK niH'kASAWHA IHSTK1CT OK Mississirri roiJN"rv. ARKANSAS N THE: MATHCR OF THE ESTATE OF R A. MOORE. Deceased NOTICE Notice Is hereby given by Byron Morse this tiny appointed Ancillnrv Admlnl.slmlor of the ostnti! of R. A Moote. All pin'snns hiwhiK cliihns said rMalu nro rnquitril (o exhibit'm iiL'npcrly mHlu'iitcnlftl for lUlowimce by Ihe urulers.Rued as Ancillary Administrator of the suld estate ol R, A. Moore wlLliln six .B> months ft'om tills dHle or same will lie forever barred. This the 3rd riny of Mny, 1949. The RcUlic.vj of the undersigned Ls TIRE SALE LARGEST SELLER ny FELIX CARH& A poorly prifnrminx radio in often a c**f, nt nrgfcft whrn 1r- rpenbrltlfK arc, first apparent. 1 In n't make INK mint Him of not, railing n K when repair* iiccflrrl. are "Alimony iidealt of one person ^paying for the mi.talt of two," s*vi Hannah. POP FRfC gST/MArCS SXttKTMDtO SAtCS AMD SfW/Cf / BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. o 138 E. MAIN ST. BlYTHEVIUE.ARKv r ITS ALL VEGETABLE IP SPECIAL SALE PRICE 6.00-16 PLUS TAX AND YOUR OLD TIRE -/• Ifi th« tamoni FIHE8TOMI, STANDARD TIM at a •.•••ma.n.t reduced prlc«l 8i4», cUfMttdafalw **»»)! 'ft ONLY aai.ty rr«dl And H'i bulM wttii &• •xclualv* Soft-Bund 6tuB-Dtpp*4 cord body that tfVM great** p«o4»a HOB oqolnat blowMktl BocWd br • Llf»rtm» Guevcmto*! Daa't wa» r-j TRADE and SAVI TODAYl Other 5/zts Proportionately Low) THE ROCKET IS BUGGED AND RELIABLE. THE POWEB SENSATION OF THE YEAB! Vracticul—powerful—rimicrf.' TliM's Oltlsrnoliilr'i rernTuliniiKrr new "RorkH" Knpn'-l T liouftancls of lesl-driving mileA on ttic HorlrlV tonglicAl proving ground' h«v*-. phown llifl "Rocket" to h« mectianrolly right, Mrnrtnrall\ riglil! Anil OjcleiuoliileV n-|n.[«hnn for '(rprndaliilit^fttands behind every "Rockrl" produced. ^ on ran l»e sure lliat ils Kiirnraniirt action M'il] last! You'll enjoy lh!§ true /n£/i-c<mi/t/T.<5i'on power so long as >nii o\vn a nc\v "Rocket" Kngine OlcUinobilc. You'll know your c«r has pcrrormani-e lo m»l<-h lln*e r'lilurnmicliiio*. You'll marvel at the teamwork of the "Kockrt" mid Hydra-Malic flritr. And you'll dincover ihr "i\««-Thrill" of "Ro<:krt" «monllinn»- • lilenre—and rrsjx.nsr,- sll orer »««in every ,l«y you drivr! So .cr. your Oldtmohiln dralrr. llrive cither the Insurimn "9B" or ihe sjiirileil "B8"— ImiMt-prirnl "Rort.*" Kngint car! A WCfK *^4 FREE Car Coat Hanger BE SAFE and SAVE Get Yours Today! COMFORT AF LOW COST Blfl 8-inch ELECTRIC FAN It* n bargain I ?ow*riul loo. Heod odjusli up or down. Will gWn yenri ol troub1*-frM K*IT]C*. REDUCED SMART NEW SEAT COVERS m Motr COACHM, MBANI 10V\ We've ffeifuced //w Price/ 3.* H.f: irt StNOU CYUNMI OUTIOARD ONIT l.SO FBI WHK w %^ M ' m9 iV Win ^9 EP I •• K A GENERAL MOTORS VALUl SIE YOU* NEARIST OLDSMOBILE DEALER • LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 309 East Main Street • i w% V'^ > r vV T t\ >*>^. t ^Asi 207 W. Main St 0. 0. HARDAWAY Blytheville

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