The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana on November 24, 1992 · Page 13
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The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana · Page 13

Seymour, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1992
Page 13
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TiMtaay, November 24, 1 992 13 J"Cfcl ' , . . le '-," U - j. lauvo au ocpiemjuer crasn were We ;y-s ame .controller - Seymour Dairy Tribune, Seymour, Indiana INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Two umaic auuianea mat m msH over southeastern Marion County in September were being monitored by the same air traffic controller, Federal Aviation Administration' documents show. David M. Fritz was monitoring both the Mitsubishi MU-2 to- prop and the smaller Piper Sat - uuga winn mey coinaea just northeast of Greenwood Munici pal Airport about 3 p.m. on Sept. 11, the documents show. Six people; including four In- diana civic leaders, were killed in " the crash. Two were injured. ,The FAA documentsreleased Monday in response to a federal Jreedoni-of-Infonnation-tquestT-acronyms' by The Indiananolia Star bikt. gest Fritz was not burdened by a heavy workload. They raise the question of why he didn't warn, either pilot that another plane was nearby, attor - . r O neys tor the victims snv "It sure appears the air traffic controller should have put one and one together and got two aircraft," said Richard M. Malad, a lawyer for the family of William Bennett, who piloted the smaller Gossip Column by Robin Adams Sloan' Q. We hear that Madonna has a new boyfriend. Who is this one? C.W. A. With Madonna, it's hard to keep up. The latest word from Madonna watchers is that two young men figure romantically in the 34-year-old singer-actress-businesswoman's life. One is Jimmy Albright, a hunky mid-20s security guard. The other is ex-model and nightclub owner John Enos. Judging from history, the details of Madonna's love life have a way of changing rapidly. So, watch this column. HOLLYWOOD WOLVES: You would think there were already enough wolves in movie-land. However, a local Beverly Hills newspaper is carrying an ad for Arctic Wolf cubs. The ad claims they have "excellent temperaments" and are for sale at prices ranging from $600-$800. ' Q. Isn't it true that Cindy Crawford's red-hot TV career is largely due to the powerful connections of her famous older husband,' Richard Gere? H.V. A. Not at all. Cindy, at 26, is one ambitious and very focused woman. She was very much established as a sexy supermodel : by the time she met the 43-year- Horoscope from the Carroll Righter Institute : Tomorrow GENERAL TENDENCIES: Don't give in to the feeling that you won't be able to accomplish anything of importance since there are no exact aspects to - propel you forward. Finish the work at hand and complete nearly finished items that are hanging. . ARIES: (March 21 to April 19) During the day avoid pushing any initiatives at your dwelling while in the evening make sure you carry through recreation arrangements already made. TAURUS: (April 20 to May 20) Take care during the daytime that you are very exact about the manner in which you handle communications; tonight do the same with a home situation. '- tf-tdiTTXTT. fK a.. 01 fA .Tuna 91 C.nnmAnv hnvr win ran Inn nfF anmn linnprpa- uraiMiiu. vma w vuiiw Jnrifitt tVio Ann and mnlte much care while in motion. . ,. MOON CHILDREN: (June 22 to July 21) You feel you are not getting the personal pleasures out of life that you want the most and later find it's be- cause money isn't flowing to you. LEO: (July 22 to Aug. 21) You need to be very careful who you confide in or the private will leak out today, but tonight keep calm and objective when with mutual acquaintances. ' VIRGO: (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) You have an acquaintance who can irk you but give no indication of displeasure and later you can get facts from attachment that interest you. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Do whatever your vocational duties are in a routine and steadfast fashion during the daytime, while tonight is not time to make any personal demands. SCORPIO: (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) A new course requires much more study and investigation before putting into motion, and in the evening try to avoid the . public spotlight if possible. ' - SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 to Dec, 21) You would be wise to attend to what-ever pressing obligationsTace you, after which avoid that pressure to get off to some new undertaking. CAPRICORN: (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Open opposition to a partner would hrine ho eood results so be truly understanding, while tonight carefully study agreements between the two of you. AQUARIUS: (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Do whatever tasks that face you in a stick-to-itiveness fashion and the day goes along smoothly,: but tonight don't - get involved in a new enterprise. PISCES:Feb. 20 to Mar, 20) Plan ny recreational appointments now with , no disappointment if they later have to be changed about, and tonight relax and sidestep dull ; TODAYS CHILD: If your child were born today he or she will use all kinds of wiles to try to fool you, as parents, early in life. If you let your progeny get away with it, the fine promise in this chart will be lost and some of the blame .... m. tin iaiA aarlv anA nrtnnAa othipal trainincr win De yours, lane nun yvuu&ow Success is possible' in law, writing The 8tarB impel; they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely -up to you-.--- : .... ' - Carroll Kghter's Individual Forecast for your sign for December is now ready For your copy send your birthday and $1 to Carroll Righter Forecast, Seymour Daily' Tribune, P.O. Box 629, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. 1992, McNaught 'Syndicate Inc. ' ; . ' plane and was ; killed in. , the Icollisiorv ' -- Bennett's t24-year-old : daughter Julie was a passenger, and is still in critical condition. A second passenger, Matt Doucey, is- recovering tfronv Injuries " suffered. , ' ' All five people aboard the jet- prop were killed. They were: phi lanthronv executive Mir-Wl A Carroll, banker Frank McKinney Jr., auto dealer John R. We-liever. White River State Park Development Commission execu- tive direntnr Rnhort V wih pilot Bill Mullin. In -an ?AA' statement fiHe( wih aviation jargon and Tt 8aid ne nad ter" minated radar service to Ben- nett's plane about 30 seconds be fore the MU-2 made radio contact. Those 30 seconds could be crucial as the investigation into the accident continues. According to a transcript, Fritz ,- ended radio contact and radar service to Bennett at 2:56:05 p.m EST. For the next 36 seconds, Fritz appeared to have some internal communication with other controllers. old Gere at a . 1988 barbecue tossed by a friend in Hollywood for rocker Elton John. Cindy's success on MTVs "House of Style" show is due to her own talents and determination. As for Gere, he won't discuss his marriage with reporters. All hell say , is that the couple isn't a professional team, or as he puts it, "a dog-and-pony act." The young supermodel-TV personality from DeKalb, HI., is very much her own woman. Q. What's this about Sharkey havine AIDS? Ray Can that be true? H.V. : A The first word of Sharkey's condition was learned when a young woman sued him for having sex with her without forewarning her about his medical status. Yes, Sharkey, who costarred in such flicks as "The Idolmaker"- and."Who11-Stop the Rain " has AIDS. The only bright -" news in this otherwise dismal situation is that the actor's wife of four years, Carol, and . their 3-year-old daughter, Cecilia, are not HP infected. GOOD SAMARITAN: Dustin Hoffman was a real-life hero at the recent premiere of his film, "Hero." The audience included not only Hoffman's costars Geena Davis and Andy Garcia, but most of Hollywood's movers and shakers. The premiere was a j r i , , , . i , , f vniirsaata crroatorthon tonitihtuse'QJU W"Q8eAPecUnS uUDDy -j -..-r.-.. ......... or police work. - The .next contact - he received -from an aircraft was at 2:56:41" when the MU-2 radioed to announce it was off the ground. Fritz and Mullen made brief remarks until an unintelligible ' noise is heard at 2:'57 p.m., believed to be the time of the collision. "Bruce Kehoe7a pilotanS attoiv ney for the family of one of the victims, said the documents suggest a "typical and routine" workload absent of distractions that should have given Fritz time to contact either plane. "When you have 30 to 40 seconds involved, that is just a long time between converging aircraft. It will be critical to determine what was on the air traffic controller's screen at the time he received the call from the MU-2," . Kehoe said "I have to believe that he has, at that time, both airplanes on ' his screen, and far more impor- tant than rivinir anv other m structions would be savins Yoii have traffic in your area, Kehoe said. Fritz could not be reached for comment. benefit for the Ronald McDonald Good Times Camp for children with cancer. Hoffman bought 100. tickets (at $1000 each), with the evening netting $450,000 for the camp. Q. We love Susan Dey, who is so good on the new TV series "Love and War." Is she married? A. Yes. Dey is married to TV producer Bernard Sofronski. Back in the 1970s, she married her agent, Lenny Hirshan, who was 25 years her senior. The five-year marriage produced a daughter, now 13, but ended in divorce. , Q. How is Daryl Hannah holding up after the brutal beating she recently received? J.L. A' Daryl is doing reasonably -well,: especially in light of what she's gone through and the publ icity it generated. For those liv- ' ing on another planet, the young, -: blond actress was allegedly attacked and battered by her ex-boyfriend, singer Jackson Browne. The situation was so serious that Hannah had to undergo hospital tests to deter- mine if her kidney was 'damaged. She was at the wedding of her manager recently, escorted by Hollywood ' agent Guy McEl-' waine, and looked in pretty good; shape. Q. Isn't singer Whitney Houston afflicted with diabetes, a condition that may shorten her fabulously successful career? U.G. ' A Whitney has her share of health concerns, which are reflected in - the conditions under which she performs. During her recent Las Vegas stint, for example, she had the hotel carefully control the temperature of the showroom so that her voice would be up to the stresses placed on it. It's also true that Whitney's family has a history of diabetes' - her parents and brother are diabetic. But Hous- Bobby Brown's baby this spring, w. not diabetic. 1 o the best ot my knowledge, the pregnancy is progressing normally, although ; Whitney has cut back on her per- forming schedule to allow some time to take it easy. 1992 King Features Syndicate ES' II r -522-4881- r, f J iVfJ A -4 H f; Ken Wade reads a magazine in the roofless living room of his demolished duplex home in Hillsborough, N.C., Monday. A storm that killed two people . struck Hillsborough's Fairview community early Monday morning. Rebuilding process begins after tornadoes by HUNTER T. GEORGE II Associated Press Writer HILLSBOROUGH,. N.C. (AP) Government damage assessment teams fanned out today across the South and Midwest as thousands of people began the daunting task of rebuilding after a barrage of killer tornadoes. The powerful storm system that killed 25 people in 12 states headed out to sea Monday, but not before unleashing a final attack on North Carolina; Several twisters touched down across the state Monday morning, killing two people, smashing homes and tossing a school bus full of children off a road. "I was lying there one minute, and the next thing I know my roof was gone, the glass was flying," said Cassandra Crisp, 25, of Hillsborough, one of the hardest-hit areas. The American Red Cross set up a shelter, but few people used it. A Red Cross spokesman said people were reluctant ' to leave their remaining possessions. "Most people that are down in the scene are walking around in disbelief," said Ray DeFriess of the South Orange Rescue Squad. University clamps down by THOMAS J. SHEERAN Associated Press Writer CLEVELAND (AP) For years, the People's Art Show accepted just about anything, a pol icy that resulted m controversies. over such exhibits as a U.S. flag used as a doormat and a graphic depiction of a slain teen-ager. But when an art student displayed a drawing of a missing teen-age girl topless and grinning in this year's campus show, officials at Cleveland State University : decided they'd had enough. , '. ; "In recent years, the show has been targeted by a small minority who deliberately enter works which are meant to shock and insult the community," acting school president J. Taylor Sims said.----- - - He ordered the art department last week to develop "appropriate controls" to rein in "a handfuTor irresponsible- artists" before next years exhibition At the top of the list is Steve Bostwick, the 24-year-old senior responsible lor this years contretemps and the 1990 drawing of the murdered girl. . In both cases, Bostwick withdrew the pieces after the victims' LET US COUNT OUR REAL BLESSINGS THIS THANKSGIVING ' ' Remember, this Thanksgiving Dey, . To count your Wessings, come what may It seems so strange, and yet It's true: Hard times can be a blessing, too; - - Reminding us to be aware Of family and friends who care. ; Mo circumstance can take away These values that are here to stay. And now. before we start the feast. - - . Let's be aporedatlveat least,- e- -Of all the happy times we've shared. And all the troubles we've been spared, r In gratitude, let heads be bowed rbr every day that we're allowed, ' A blessing with its own reward. So let's give thanks unto the Lord. , s,W SUNSHINE IRRIGATION AND LAWN CARE INC. "ill t y - - --, I ..- - I t s ; .- a t I V - ! U V VI p, -' He estimated 40 to 50. homes were destroyed there. Across the region, hundreds of people were injured and hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. Georgia Gov. Zell Miller declared a state emergency, deploying state workers from several agencies to assist in cleanup and relief efforts. "It looks like a war zone there," he said Monday after touring White Plains, a town about 75 miles west of Atlanta. Almost every building in small town was damaged by Sunday's twister. Insurance adjusters and work crews gathered Monday to begin sorting through the debris. Nina Stewart said her daughter's home was declared a total loss. "We were able to save some things," she said, sorting through some plates and cups. "Some things you just can't replace." .Governors in affected states were expected to decide as early : as today whether to ask President Bush to declare federal disaster areas. The unusual November weather system produced at families complained. He said he didn't mean to cause them pain. "My art is a statement of how people destroy humanity," Bost-wick said. 7 Bostwick, .who is studying art. and communications, said : he drew "Ansrel-O" so that someone might provide a clue to help find Angel Ormston, whose 18th birthday was Friday. Ms. Ormston disappeared July 31 after telling friends she was going to a shopping mall. Her car and purse were found three days later at a suburban mall. Police had no leads. The drawing, in pastel chalk, ink and pen, shows Ms. Ormston from the hips up, naked. In vertical letters next to her is the word "missing." - John Hunter; -chairman of the art department, said he was alarmed when he saw it. . "WhehIlreaIized""wTioirw"as" by, I had a very strong feeling at that moment that we were in for .1 the same, thing, we. went through two years ago," Hunter said. The show opened Nov. 13. Bostwick removed the drawing 1991 PONTIAC LEMANS auto air, loaded, 4 colors, to choose from Sale Price 6995 145.00 per ma 60 ma Sales tax not included " 1992 BUICK CENTURY V6, all power. I3,995'H995 1992 OLDS DELTA 88, V-6, loaded '19,993 '14,995 1992 CHEVY CORSICA LT V6,' loaded, 3 colore to choose kE.:I:..!ll,993 ' 9995 NEW VEHICLES "- MUST GO!!! FACTORY SALE 1992 CHEVY LUMD4A EUROSPORT all power 17,726 '12,995 1992 CHEVY BERETTA auto, air.....:.......,............. : 13,597 "1075 1992 GEO METRO, great gaa mUeace..,...:.....,..'8339a6746 1993 BUICK ROADMASTER . SE Package, loaded 25,385 20,S99 1992 OLDS CIERA VS. loaded 15,568 '13,075 1993 34 TON CONVERSION VAN all power, rear heat ft air . "24,882 18,999 1992 FIREBIRD loaded -'-'. ...:;...171714J!99 Pncei include all rabalu. Satet ux and fee are extra.'-.:.. --, - - Prices good through 11-30-92 . imi dim ) - Aanciated Pru least 45 tornadoes, beginning Saturday in Louisiana and Texas. About 900 homes were damaged in the Houston area, with only minor injuries reported., One insurance industry group said insured losses there could reach $90 million. : ' An extension of the storm system set off tornadoes in Indiana and Ohio. Alabama also was struck and a small tornado caused minimal damage at a Smithsonian Institution storage and restoration center at Silver Hill, Md. In Pasquotank County in North Carolina's northeastern corner, a tornado picked up a school bus and carried it about 75 yards, authorities said. Twenty-one children and the driver were treated at a hospital, but only six people, including the driver, were admitted. The unseasonable weather was caused by a southern flow of jmoist air from the Gulf of Mexico sliding Under much colder westerly wind higher in the atmosphere, said Henry Steigerwaldt, .;. a National Weather Service meteorologist in Indianapolis. on art show four days later. Ms. Ormston's mother, Jackie, said it "exploited my child and every .otherjnisnngj:hildJ.n the.:' "world." . Bostwick has since done a ver- - sionof "AngeUO,"-with-Ms.": Ormston fully clothed. He said Monday night he has sent it to the Ormstona, hoping they will accept it as a gift "not only to' apologize to the family, but also to reinforce the statement I was trying to make with the first one.: In 1990, Bostwick displayed a drawing of a murdered girl in graphic sexual and drug scenes. The idea, Bostwick said, was to ; show that sex, drugs and murder; "go hand in hand." The victim's family threatened to sue, and Bostwick removed it. This year's monthlong exhibi-tion includes 450 works bymnre than 250 artists. The only pieces that have been prohibited are those that posed a risk of physical harm to visitors. The gallery has posted warnings that some of the art may offend some viewers. 1QM I -I ' w .-ta ' UUBC, Oil FILTER ITroNT DISC BRANTS I mnnuOMMnn! 49". - $1C95 - J7di!"7uisXw Tki I sctIiI liiJuctTi5d :Kr,"rrjCT " I1QN . E2: J . J BATTERIES ENGINE TUNEbP i '39- 'Z'. - 33 m WHOI PQAI C TIDCC I D Unltartt.Gwidwar.CMDM, O i UrmcHGMtumi uim - trqhhoiesm.c

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