The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1953
Page 3
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WlHIIIftSDAT, JAH. Red Arrests of Doctors New Version of May Herald New Purge ^-*"* D/P '° m °' s 7 *** So by JOHN M. HIOHTOH'HR WASHINGTON «V-U. S. officials of '»! -. . said today Russia's arrest a group of top flight doclors, mostly •lews, may be the first step in a Soviet purge, striking at highly placed-polllical figures. Whether such a purge vn\\ d«vel- op and whether it will reach into th« illtlo inner group of men around Premier Stalin is speculative, but experts here would not be surprised if that happened They assume a struggle for poiver over Stalin's successor has long been going on. also They ex P €0t further Mos- buro and circle. cow emphasis on the anti-je'wlsh aspects of the arrest. Some officials questioned whether this might eventually Involve L. M. Kagano vich, a member ol the old Pollt- 1 "-- -~ J still one of (he Inner •some Importance .was attached also to Soviet radio criticism of the security p 0 |i ce tor hnvi failed to turn up evidence of the alleged -crimes of the nine doctors sooner. This led to speculation over whether Ihe secret police might be In for a purge which could con celvably Involve L. p. Beria an other man who has been close to Stalin for several years. Beria is assumed to have some kind of responsibility for Ihe secret police although he gave up nominal direction of its operations severa years ago. Nine Doctors Arrested Moscow announced yesterday the arrest of the nine doctors on charges of being responsible for the deaths of two top Russian leaders, Andrei A. Zhdanov a lead ing Politburo member, and Alexander Schcrbakov, head of Ihe chief political administration of the Soviet Army. Zhdanov died In 1048 and Scher- »>V,akov in 1945. The essence ol ac*» cusalions against the doclors was thai they wrongly diagnosed the illnesses of thc two men and" brought aboul their deaths The State Department commented mat (his charge of "medical sabotage" against a group of men Who were mostly Jews was "an- olhcr step m the recent -Soviet campaign against Ihe Jews" such »s was taken in the recenl purge trials In Communist Czechoslo Vakia. The use of the "medical sabotage charge was described by the department as an old technique of the Sovites. n was recalled that similar charge was leveled then being the Maxim victim Gorky, the o ..iuA,,,i UUTKV, the ----- wun,i, & jyi a new i writer. It was charged he had of the "'""-Statin pact of been fcillcr] by opponents of Slalin. "Tools of Politicians'' •s who expect mo. 0 «„. veiopments now said (he By lUCIIARf* O'RKGAN VIENNA M - Does Communl! tas Europe s new wave of ant Jewish trials- and purses men Russia is looking for a new versio . ... - 1939 And will (he Soviets offer divide Germany unification and her pis 1945 territory now held by Polan and Czechoslovakia, in ow sa the osovaa, („ medical men in the 1937 trials for neutrality or a ne v were presented as tools of poll- Berlin axis ileup? %'££**<£*%•'«»" ^llc Hf firmly eslablisne On KUSSia as an t itl^ 1 11 --..-.— ..* u.-, ttli (JlJlJUIllMl In the Politburo of Georgi M. M al ^•^r^rlSS I?T "< likely to succeed Sta'lin. Stalln P"' lmn >' the present and the i-orn 1930 until the icl shocked the poiicy responsibili,, : Trail for Head Set by Judge DEs ARC (/p)-Circuit Judge w L^ a .???""f c ? J » n - 22 « the date lor . arraignment of jnmes W 'Heart on a charge of first degree murder. Tiie hearing will i, e i n Des Arc and his wife, Mrs. Linda Head thc un or their 5-ycar-okl fosl • igliti'r, Mary Wolfe hcrp la-l month Head is bemg.'held at a D n es'Ar°cti, JaiI: ^ W ' fe ' S '» « SCIKXCE BIU1CFS Cream or milk, solidified by the addition of gelatin, can be' cut vrnpned or handled, yet dissolves' quickly m hot coffee, tea. or cocoa iving no unusual taste. This pred- , ,1, ' ~ »••«."'i UUVUIQII was ousted from Ihe Foreign Ministry and replaced by v. M. Molotov lie Polish Communist party was purged of elements who would have opposed the partition of their country between the two delators' fro,° ?';, ,' S are b ' eln * removed from influential positions in East Oermany. In Czechoslovakia 11 lop Communists, eight of them Jews, recently were hanged. Their leader, Rudolph Slansky was Known to fear German rebirth. ,„ • ,,M°'* nd ' fonncr Communist loss Wlad.slaw Gomulka and others ;oon may lace a mass (rial They probably would oppose any Kremlin deal to revlsfl the t Polish German border- in Germany's favor. Romania's drive on the Jews has caught former Foreign Minister Ana Pimker and others. The Trench Communist party is purging leaders of the ~.. u . 3 <; »%«& levejeu vr against medical men in the 1937 be ict. with vnite o( . re- the consistency of the shipped hard-boiled in cardboard can boxes HF ii D---O '^"uwa m tne World War n anll-German resistance. Diplomnlic circles here wonder if Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky was looking toward the future when he defended (he 1939 _boxe_s. Soviet-German Pact in a speech cember" 16 °"" ed N - nllons ln De tits 05 ''"™ d ' !>lomRls here fca Russia's greatest aim Is to la> her hands on the imli.strial weallh ?.,-ii * Germany's Ruhr Valley Without it, the Soviets cannot hope o exceed the Industrial might of the United Stales and gain world economic domination, Can'l Get by Force But Ihe Kremlin now realizes i cannot get the Ruhr by force aim must use trickery and stratagem instead. One answer would seem lo be a deal with Wcsl Germany, neutralizing her until her economic wealth can be brought into Ihe Soviet sphere. A major obstacle Is Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's anti-Soviet government m Bonn. If this faction could be eliminated, the Western republic weakened polilically and a purged East German Red regime strengthened, Russia could feel safe In offering West Germany a package—unification of Bast and West Germany, elections, withdrawal of Russian troops, and—choicest bait of all— return of the lost territories, cspec- nlly from Poland. The price,- presumably, would be Berlin-Moscow nonaggrcsskm Polish desire to keep the East German territories seized aflcr Vorld. War II is a major barrier o such a 'deal. But even more easily Hmn j n 1939 Ule Kremlln can change Poland's borders mm vith an order if there has been a mor liquidation of opponents. That, iquldation apparently Is already mder way, thc diplomats here say. Slav Parliment Elects Tito as First President BELGRADE. Yugoslavia </P) _ Communist Yugoslavia's Parlia- icnt elected Premier Marshal Jo- P Bros Tito the nation's first resident today. The wartime par- san fighter who had headed -Ihe oi'crnmcnt since ILs World War II beration was the only candidale Tito, who already heads the Yii- oslav. Communist Party, was nmcd chief of stale In accord with he new constitution adopled by Parliamenl last night. A lolal of 568 lawmakers present endorsed Tito's candidacy In a secret vote. One lone ballot was cast against him. Thc members of Parliament had DOT'S VERY NICE-Eileen Slater finds lhal a po , hil . do d Bjkmi sun suit is just the lliin E «or balmy St. Petersburg K „ wcallier. However. f i I e e n doesn't want to got an „,„"" all-over sunburn, so she prudently wears the bi e beach hal with thc outfit. Double Trouble Confronts Man LOS ANGELES «V-Doubte trouble confronts Norman D. Scimliz a film studio technician. A divorcee. Mrs. Joy Stanley. 29, f ?.? ,, ^ stci ' da > r »"* Sclniltz. 30 Mrs. Stanley's,^!! demanded Mint i L , r 'i' e s "ro° r ' °f Margaret iid Michael, 2',i ycears old. and Karen and Sharon, 15 months, three choices on n,c slnsle ticket They could mark yes, no, or record an abstention by dropping an „„marked ballot in the box before the speaker's rostrum. The election of thc onetime jm r - san eader to the presidency makes little difference in the powers he has wielded since 1944. Erroll Flynn . 'Much Better' NAPLES, If<Uy (/pj-Errol Flvnn s "mul.c betler" and probably will bo released from the hospital Su,' day. hlsd odor snirt lortay. For two weeks (he film star' has been .ufhrft, from Jaundice and falleue. Work on his rurrenl film WAKNINO OIWEn In the Chancery Court, Chlrka- Siiwba nislrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Maurice Rush, Plf. No. 12,280 O. I. Rush, mt. The defendant, n. j. Rush , s '"by warned to appear wlthln thirty days „ the court nomcd in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Maurice Harvey Morris, Clerk By Cherry Sue Buenos, D. C. JPAGE THREE WllUnm S. Rader, ally, for pltf. James Gardner, atty. ad litern WANT UGHT FLUFFY BISCUITS THAT MELT IN YOUR MOUTH ? US AILVEGETA6L8 .ROI8UCKANDC6., 3 DAY Mid Winter FREE Register Thur,, Fr)., Sat. FREEZER Coklsnot 4.1 cu. ft. or choice of a Kenmorc Ironcr, range, semi-nuto- matic washer, automiitic Clothes Dryer, or 7.7 cu. ft. Coklspol refrigerator. 5 Additional Prizes 2nd 3rd and -1th Prizes— 525.00 Allownnce on an Automatic Wnsher or appliance of similar vnlue '1th ' and 5th Prizes—S10.00 Allowance on a Kenmore Jroner or appliance of similar value. Register! Helium-Filled Balloons Bring the kiddies! SHOP BY PHONE 8131 rf Everyone is coming to SEARS CATALOG SALES OFFICE for the IV19D-WINTER track Deal Read Courier News Classified Ads. FREEZER THUR. FRI. SAT. 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