The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COUEIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER n» wnnTn« » L>^ .„« ..._ * r^_y VOL. XXXIII—NO. 114 Herm J^WTOlANTHEWBPAt-m OP NOHTiaAOT_ARIEAN8AB_*KD BOUTHEA8V MJBSOTOI KLYT1IICV11.LB, ARKANSAS, WICm^")M~JULV 29,~H)36~ V.1U, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' BARGE CARRIES 15 TO DEATH OFF CHICAGO SPISH REBELS A HO^of Another coiori ^rSt^MIiniMT"^^ • ' " REBELS BOTTLE 10 10 Opposing Armies Meet 46 Miles North, of National! Capita] FIF'D HEADQUARTERS. Spanish Northern Hotel Army, July 29 (UP)—Government and rebel forces, locked in a dealh battle for Hie (wests to Madrid, fought in! the hills today for the road lo' the capital. The opposing armies were ii the vicinity of Uritrago, 40 mile from Madrid. The rebels at thai point were through (he worst of the mountains and well on th easier downgrade to the capita If they cfild turn back Ihe stubborn gcvernment defense. Both sides intensified their aerial bombardments to : wear down the other's morale. Hundreds on both sides wen killed on wounded as tons ol bombs and grenades poured a rain of death from the heights of Guadiirrama. where the rehsls have massed 40,000 troops against an even binger loyal army. Haiti Slows Movements Heavy rain . swept all" "'of northern Spain today, dam- ngmg roads and further Imped- '— movement of rebel and loyal- again set back and clerks who will con duct ihe August 11 Democratic, primary will be chosen at n mooting of the Mississippi j County Democratic Central commlllce at the Illylhevllie courlhoiise at 10 n m. Tuesday, August 4, It hus been announced by Jesse Taylor, chilli-man of the committee, , c Chickiisawba township members oCCrclai'V of Ihe coinmitlce will meet-at'the courthouse at 4 i>, m. Monday, August 3. lo decide upon a list of judges and clerks for thl.-, township to be recommended lo the county committee Tuesday morning. . of Stale, ..... ing Gubernatorial Nomination, Speaks Mere 1st armies. Rebel leaders -, for their final drive on the date Madrid and emphasized their difficulties but added: "in spite of everything we are sure of victory." The rain has made 'troop movements difficult except on the mam highways, which have been damaged by the heavy traffic of the last few days. American ..Woman Wounded .WASHINGTON. "July 29 (UP)- w »rfiS ttle '"'' db ^''nw-''-' today identified an American woman wounded in the street flghtm- at Guadarrama, nortli of Madrid several days ago, as Mrs. Fernando Gallardo, daughter of Col D. B. McKay, former publisher of the Tampa. Fla., Times. Mrs. Gailardo is now safe in the American embassy at Madrid the state department was intorm- ed by Eric c. Wendelin. third secretary in charge of the Madrid embassy. snld Mrs. Gallardo had been a. patient at the sanitorium at Guadarrama. The extent and na- UTC of her wounds was not stated in Wendelln's dispatch, no May Reach Hurricane Pro- _ „ portions In Some Places "^"^ Says Bureau , P. McDonald, secretary of slate, asked voters of Illylhevllie •.lo supporl his candidacy for go\- jcrnor in an address lasl night a' the courthouse. Tlic crowd ! heard him was not large but It was tlie WBBC.SI lliat has lurned i, j>i« for a polilical speech so fur Hi the current campaign. McDonald, speaking quietly and UHhoul attempt at oratorical effect, nut himself squarely on rcc- A new manifestation of horse sense-that covert glance being stolen by Valencia, one of the prize steeds of the Eleventh U. S Cavalry at his fair admirer, blond Queen Tanya of the nudist colony at Ji'e San Diego exposition. The two were rival fair attractions when ;he ninth annual Coronado National Horse Show opened at the expos! JACKSONVIM.E, Pla., July (UP)—A tropical disturbance r^ hurricane proportions was aboui. 35 miles oft shore from Venice, pin., this afternoon, moving 12 to 14 miles per hour toward the northwest, an advisory of (lie federal hurricane warning system snH Indications were fhat the center. of the disturbance would pass outside Tampa Bay, attended by northeast to southeast gales aloii^ [' for favor of assumption by the e of the fun cost of caring patients nt the stale tuber. ,,„ ttit 01 in u LUlJl'l - culosis sanilai-luni and of the salaries of -county farm and home .'i>:cnts, now borne by the counties. Sn-fd's limlr.iscs McDonald : He was Inlrodiicccl by C. R Babcock, who read a telegram'i ran Waller Sorrells jr., editor of! Flli\' r>inn nl..rr f, • . I the Pme Bluff incrclnl an- coasl. * Farm for 200 Families in New Madrid County CHAMPAIGN, Hi;-The regional headquarters of the Resettlement Administralion has announced approval of purchase of 10,000 acres of fertile land for t a 300-farmstead 'ave' Block, Backing McDonald, Says His Letter Misinterpreted LITTLE ROCK, July 2<t. (UP) — A complete denial of an agreement to support State Senator John C. Ashley, admlnlstraHh guucrnator- unit o unit of , or- flrSti1al candidale ' (ras made here today com- by Dave Block, of Wynne chair' Southeast Missouri. Assistant Regional Director Philip G. Beck, in charge of rural resettlement p'roj- Block, who is an acknowledged eote 'slat /Z, nM f. lUe . meu1l " ro r ™PP«t«'- of Secretary of 3U = Bd ecu, stated that optioning has al- P. McDonald/said his recent con « . troversial lelier to Gov. IM.^on i trell merely .assured the csedutlve - ..--- ........ ,,,. ...... „ acertir he manner in which she had been "$„ '"'« M'°" f ""^"ce on i trell transported lo Madrid. =(JUU acres. Negotiations for addi- 1 of hi At the same time the depart- t !°" al purc! ' ascs l ° ««ch the de- ally. " ..... - ' . is personal friendship and lov P " na '° y I *:f H The weather bureau warned u,c storm would reach hurricane force in exposed places. Coast guard headquarters ordered a detachment dispatched for service near the Tlama trail if the need arrses. to Tum. Everglades city reported 18 inches of water in the streets due to neavy rains and a high tide-as the sto,rm . whipped out Into ihe gulf south of-here-. Communications and mcnt received definite word that a group of American students headed by Mrs. R. B. Owen and Monica Owen, of Cambridge, Mass.. concerning whose safety I considerable concern had been' felt here, are not now safe in France. Wendelin's dispatch made no further mention of/the arrangements fur evacuating American nationals and other foreigners in Madrid to the Mediterranean coast. Yesterday he informed the department that arrangements had been made to take foreigners out of the capital tomorrow inornini', presumably by a special • train escorted by an. armed guard. Rained IT °f 15 ' M ° from HP r •„ B , Ca emor s "ce over the mLsinter- fiom the resettlement project of-i pretation of the letter Officials IlCn nr. fiitrflct^Ti ^m ' - - '-'"•*•*• uiiii,iaib Newspapers Fined For Comment on McMahon LONDON, Bug., July 09 ( UP) _ Comment-on George Andrew McMahon,.awaiting trial on a charge of menacing King Edward with a Pistol, cost .two London newspapers 55.000 each today.' The king's bench division of the high court assessed the editor and the owner of the Evcnin» News S2.500 each and the editor and publisher of the Daily Express $2,500 . each for which was held desWmc- c McMahon's right to a fair trim bouncing that paper's decision to support McDonald and predicting that he would be the overwhelming favorite- of South ami Southeast Arkansas voters at the August 11 primary. Mr. McDonald's address was preceded by a brief talk by j Oscar Humphrey, candidate for state auditor. Declaring that h c had originally been opposed to the sales ta\ McDonald said that study of the situation confronting the schools of Arkansas had convinced him liat,,thcre, was no practical alternative to 'its continuance He said he would fiurar'no change In the lax .except possibly to improve collection methods. Other planks in his platform, ns outlined by McDonald, arc: No new debt; retirement of ex- reslfl Sl "' C <iCbL nS rnpiclly "" Supports Refund!,^ Program Support of stale highway debt refunding program. Elimination of bridge lolls as rapidly ns possible through retirement "of toll bridee bonds. . B Cooperation with federal government's agricultural, forestry First Open Boll Comes from Field Near Yarbro A mature and. fully opened cotlon boll, thc< of the sei- son, .was brought to t'.ic Coiii'-' Itr News Ihls (ift.-rnoon bv F L Oldham. tcniuit on tlie C. a L;e farm bJt«'een varbro and Number Nine. Mr. OUIIinin s nld (he bull v'llch came from a 30-i\crc n;ld of stonevllle No. I. plunleil hie n April, wns picked from a big, heal.My slalk which carried numerous squares, blooms niul Bi'ccri bolls and iwo or three nearly mature bolls wlileh were beginning to crack. 'Services Tomorrow For Local Resident Who Died Tuesday ffiEEEP s'uiviving Members o{ Ciew of 22 Tell of Lake Michigan Tragedy CHICAGO, July 23 (UP)— Fir- teen seamen lost their lives loitay niid seven were saved when the' heavily loade<l sand bilge Mater- mis Seivke foundcicel in lough weather less than o mile !\om the shore .or Lake Michigan. Tlicic v,ns onlj a minute's warning anil the victims appar-' cnlly were carried to tho bottom m uieh hunks . coast eimul vessels found no bodies nflcr seaich- "IK more than six hours ist Mntc Jo' 1 " M Johnson, Mrs, Laura 13. Jackson, 4-1, wife of Ray Jackson, died at Hoi Springs last • night, alter '.laving :oasl guard. boats. Captain Charles D Brown Port llmon Mich, was among the th owned .,i,,,n S n msi iiigiu, aucr -.laving , "J le bcn(l left Lock noil, III, Je s- been there for a month because of A «i!VL' (Ca i. , B 22 lnc » Flust 111 health.' Funeral services will ^ E "Slnecr John Palmci, ibr held nt the Baptist church ol '' Lo " k l' ort .. ml«cd the boai He Hopklnsviile, Ky.. tomorrow morn- .r,,, ™ ing I0:ao o'clock, and burial will °' ' 0 " c be "made at Elmwood cemetery of trial city. . ^fr. Jackson, lier father, j. c. !'Ilmrmaii. and her brother, John LJ. Thurman, of Grnccy, Ky., ac- i u. (iiuLiiL ui urnccy, Ky ac- i a \. m ; —° * ^^^ up i:n> [ compelled the remains to Hopkins- • , L W )llrfie carrying 2 000 tons ,.MI« ix.r... , _,,_..' oi sand, wallowed in the (rough vlllc .today, by rail, and her :.son. °, A"" ,„ J P. Holland, Mrs. Holland,; and ° f lllc Wlucs eac or comment, ns r.ijrculturnl, forestry held destructive ofi nnd flootl control programs.' Crc- " G N ° »l" a »«"on was made in the °" S° vemor 's ""ice over the mLsinter- *- -„ — j j--..,....VIUIA vi Lijt; n.Li.t,i. UlllCiatS .under a staff of of fne state highway commission ; well acquainted made another denial that contri-] ficc at Sikeston expert appraisers with land values. These appraisers, Beck tdded,' employes f™' M '™ lc ' ) 'n Ufce ft""" 5 °' llyi ThC1 ' W0uld " ot - "O'^ver, sav wit^spe ,atof, y m n °' rt f bhSt wch TOl ' W be true «>"'°™'with speculators or others who Meanwhile the four' leadln- gu- Robinson Will Speak at Jonesboro August 5 .....1,1. unuujvi uuicmi ma i, coiitri- j ' butions were being collected from |., ° NESBORO . Ark—The Demo- have taken options from „„ with the intention of reselling at higher prices to the Government The first unit will be located in New Madrid County and will pro- candidates continued their campaigns in various sections of the state. Ally. Gen. Carl E. Ballsy, anti- ad Improve their living standards and amortize the cost of in conway while McDonald will in Wynne. , . Central C of — •-•""" VfUILlLILIlLCC OI Craighead county recently passed a resolution, in which all the county candidates Joined, inviting Senator Joe T. Robinson to speak in Jonesboro on the New Deal. coni- ation of state flood contro mission. Elimination of 50-cent drivers license fee. Consolidation of highway department police, revenue department, agents and slate rangers In one slate police force. Quarterly payment of truck licenses. Restoration, of collection county Born in Ohio's rare "hypnosis ulrlli.y the 10-pound baby girl 'Shown,.above greeted the niunzed eyes of its mother, Mrs. Leonard Loom Is, 21, of Colu.ii- uus, sjx nnd a half hpurs lifter Dr. A. H. Kanter, us shown below, put the woman Into a deep hypnotic sleep. During (ho do.-' livery, which Dr. Kanlcr maintained, was painless, no iines- thelie was used, witnesses lesli- fled. The baby is doing splendidly. Slrike af Wynne Near Sct- -. tlement. As Orciiard Owners Offer Raise t JY7 NNE ' Ark " Jlll y 29. (UP)Settlement of the psach packers Tom' \vl Jnckson, ;w'no were also I at Ifot Springs, were to return I here Mils afternoon before going to Hopklnsvlile. j j Although -Mrs. 1 Jackson had bWif In ill health for several years she seemed greatly improved recently until about six weeks! ago. Po'i several, wcck.s her . llfeUiad -bcon despaired of by physicians. ' ; Mrs. .Jackson, widow of Hie laic I'Ute Hubbard, came here 16 years agoi-from Hopklnsville when Mr Hubbard and Carrol . Blakemore founded Ihe Hubbard Hardware company, she married Mr. Jackson n year ngo tomorrow. Besides these relatives she Is also survived by licr niolber, Mrs. J. C. Thurman, of Qra'cey. Ot'licrs from here who will attend the funeral are: Mr. and Mrs, J. Nick Thomas, Mr.' ant! Mrs. Carrol lilakcmore, Neville Blakemore, Mr. and Mrs. Tom w. Jackson Mr..ami Mrs. G. p. Hubbard, Mr and Mrs. Horace Walpolc, Prank C. Dauglas, o. N.. Hawkins, Jack Bishop, Wilson Henry, curson Alley, Maynard stiles, Eddlo McGregor, Miss sunshine Swift ini- o i- — "'• "••"" "<• uiun; KOCK and use of M " obll>son '<»» accepted, proceeds to erect modern building Thc second unit, to provide for New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 29. (UP) „„„. Jlllmall .. a as will l>r Cotton closed barely ^steady. | established later in another conn-j At Bailey's headquarlcrs Slat"! ar- Senator H. B. Thompson of Eureka I Springs has joined the candidate's | will direct activities in' will be either from the balcony of lie Elks Hall or from the courthouse, seals will be provided. j Fisher Takes Position 100 additional farmsteads, will be norfnwest Arkansas. Oct. Dec. Jan. a Mr. Mas- July . se aer n another coun I open hig'n low close | ty. It is planned to ope'i a" branch >Cln 0 ;,,,. 1221 1223 1202 1206 | office to negotiate the pu-?h 1s J "•'' of aulo license fees lo sheriffs and colleclors. —- Sale of present state school for! '^ !L? 1 tllc tor * e Summer-Sweet blind at Littie Rock and use of °« £H „T nrf(llcr ° was toli <=ved • assured this afternoon as a large number of Ihe some 100 strikers went back to work upon promise of the company to meet pirt of their demands for increased wa°es Tne strike dissolved this afternoon when W. E. Urick. one of th" owners of the orchards, announced tile company would pay 15 CC iUs an hour ..- grounds of slate for deaf. Under Xo Illusions- Ill conclusion McDonald said all ____ 1215 1214 1214 1214 1211 1216 1215 1215 121G 1212 1200 1200 1200 1200 1197 1202 1200 1201 1201 1197 - - n -.....„ mi, IJUi^HJIJjt; of 5000 acres for this unit. Occupants of farmsteads will be selected from ranks of rehabilitation rolls, tenants, sharecroppers Spots closed quiet at 1280, off 30. SjKit Average Is 12-64 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the 10 lead- Ing spot markets today was 12Cl. the Blylheville Board of Trade reports. , , croppers and other farm families who lack t ° f s P° radic selling drives by pro- sufficient productive land to main ' J cssion:lls - The close was irregu- ' n - ' „ PriCC'S I ' ° wvpriri' . i Mo -- p ' p - Flsl '«' 'ins state ° f Arkansas would get along niiff• i T i comiectio " « 1 tl> the wry well if all seven of the can- 1 rill \ i ' Co " 1 P rcM ot Leach-jdldales for governor should sud- 5 ((„„' ,*!, .'?'"' wl " ncccl)t n P 05 '- den 'y <I!c -" He declared, however, I tlCII \\ Itll tllf* /Tlliitlrnrc nf A -V... i r Ii f, f l, n ~ n ~ I i t-i tr NE^V YORK. July 29 (UP> --if The stock market swung about' nervoi-siy today under influe.icr a satisfactory livelihood Only able bodied families witli a background of farm experience will be eligible. Livestock New Orleans Cotton] EAST ST. LOUIS, m.. j,,i y 29 NEW ORLEANS, July 29 (UP!- <UP>-Hogs: receipts 0.000 The cotlon niarhy was under T °l> H-25 pressure throujhout today's session by liquidation of longs mix-! cd with new selling. The close' was 12 to 23 points lower for active months. The selling was based on favorable private opinions of crop prospects In the belt as a whole plus what traders described as a more favorable than unfavorable weekly crop review by the government, open hig'n Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 121C 1217 1212 1213 1312 1212 1212 1212 1209 1212 1205 120fi low close 1199 1207 1195 1198 1198 1198 1194 1198 1195 1198 1205 1194b 170-230 Ibs. 11.00-11.20 HO-160 Ibs. 8.00-10.65 Bulk sows 8.50-9.25 Cattle: receipts 4.000 Steers 7.00-8.25 Slaughter steers 4.75-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-7.00 Slaughter heifers 4.50-8.75 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 Cutters and low cutters 2.50-3.75 Inrly lower. A. T. and T m 1-4 Anaconda Copper 39 Beth, steel 55 i-4 Chrysler 1201-8 Cities Service 45-8 °oca Cola m 1-4 Gen. Am. Tank 55 5-8 Gen. Electric 437-8 Gen. Motors 10 Int. Harvester 84 5-8 McKcsson-Robbins 91-2 Montgomery Ward ... 46 3-8 N- Y. Central 39 3-4 Packard 10 3-1 Chicago Wheat open Mgh Sep. 1063-4 109 7- low close 108 7- "° ' Phillips Pet. Radio St. ij.^s. p. ...'.'.'. Simmons Beds .... Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Smelting .. U. s. Steel Warner Bros Zonite 44 1-2 12 1-2 2 3-8 34 1-4 63 3-8 33 1-8 7S 64 3-8 II 1-2 7 3-8 Chicago Corn opsn (high low close 84 87 3-8 84 S6 1-2 *^ Jal the compress at Arbyrd has He a few weeks. Mr. Fislta en superintendent of .the Le; Plant for several years. was president of Hie Leachville Chamber of Commerce and was acuve m many civic projects. Richard Hughes, 11, Found Dead in Bed Today Richard Hughes. 71, was found dead in bed at the residence of his daughter. Mrs. Ethel Mae Blanchard. 217 Doiigan street, at 7 o clock this morning. Hc had been dead about two that he labored under no Illusions as to the inability of Arkansas to get along without his services as governor. In fact, he said, evoking .«", .>nu it-mre an out two of loud applause from one member ">e strikers. Names of Ihc two not of the audience, "I believe thc'rcMrcd werc not rcvca | C(I „ " stale of Arkansas would get along said they were unacceptable l,r- unn- ,1-nll if „»! . -r .,_ _ rlricn tV.« ^--v HWI ull, OL - causc they were "agitators." Tiie packers were receiving 10 cents nn hour plus a 2 1-2 cents an iiioiir bonus lo all who finished the season. The company he regarded himself as well qualified for Ihc office by training and employment while a young man as a railroad section hand, he said that his election- lo tho governorship would demonstrate that the door of opportunity is not closed In Arkansas to a man, however humble his origin, who has the will and Ihe abllily to nt himself for a place of honor nnd responsibility. iii^.^ ijjt kLuui- , mpjiiiv rcfuspri . Referring lo to conliniie llic bonus payment af .-i.n. ~ ..« - \f r raising the wage to 15 cents" rally Thursday 7:30 o'clock. All Candidates Invited to Speak at Lutes Park All county and district candidates for the August primary Have been Invited lo speak at Lutes park, four relies south of Blythcville on Highway Cl, in a night, beginning Tiic committee on arrangements Is: Hy Lutes, Charles Lutes Tra Koonce, D. Garrelt, R. N. Farmland C. G. Smith, who will serve is master of ceremonies. A large crowd is expected to Jllcnd. members of the committee ™vc announced. The program will be ifttle Jackson and Joe S. Dillahunty candidates for .•ilicrlff, each speaking five minute.?; s. U Glndish, Virgil Greene and Neill need candidate for county judec, ten minutes each; Bruce Ivy, \farcus O. T. Ward and Denver wa£r~« ffiT-aS.'s The packers walked out yesterday -° k n -" d Ivy W ' Cmvf . orti ' ™ ay hr! dcmMdin ? 20 cents an "our. About 30 non-resident workers were rushed hi laic veslerday to keep W 0 perishable ' peaches moving, mcse. however, were replaced by lotal help today. apparently hours. Mr. Hughes had West Tennessee Farm JW. H. Eddington Dies Group Hears Tolley at Ho me at Hermondale Ed •Jutes for representative,' five min- ules each; Zal B. Harrison, . Walter p. R.incy, and W. J. Driver. candidates for congress. 20 min- ules each. Ginning Charge subject llnic well to heart attacks for some but apparently was feeling V.-CLI when he retired last night. He had attended a political speaking at the court house earlier In the evening. Surviving him are his daughter. Mrs. Blanchard. and atiolhcr daii- shter. Mrs. Maggie Mason of Po:i- llac, Mich. Funeral .arrangements are In JACKSON, Tcniv, July 29. <UP) —Agricultural Adjuslmcnt Administrator Howard R. Tollcy declared before 5,000 West Tennessee farmers here this afternoon that a national farm program Is necessary in order tfcal the farmer niay balance 'nt.s Income with that of industrial America, HOT SPRINGS, Ark Rates of i 35 cents W. H Frldlngtnn 7i -IP., .. , ,, ", "fi^ 1 '. 11. tuc<j a — >•* • 0.1 LutuA a m'narco the family home m the Hcnnoti- pounds for giimin; and SI 75 da e. Mo.. coininimKv at 11:201" tale for bajging and tics in oclock last night. He Iwd teen) southeast Missouri and northeast in ill health for some time. Mr. Etidlnalon j s survived bv his widow. Mrs. Hebecc;, Bddin^- ton. n dnughtcr. Mrs. Myrtle Mc' SSSrSSS;, on a program « % °«SSV'^ T with President James B. Hoskins » ^t^' Mrs Flh r££ lrtac ' anil of the University or Tennessee, be-lphis ° f Mcm " iaUng ' Carpenter offlo- tarifls, not government controlled, 1 cause farm export decreases. . Mr. Bradley of Caruthersvtlle oiriciatin" The Cobb funeral Hoaie wits" in charge of. funeral arraiigemenU. Arkansas, and 30 cents for gin ntng and S1.50 for bagging and is believed drowned until he friends. Thank God, "seel her ' Tlic Um-dlesel engined 24G- toot baiye was- plugging along the illnin ...i 4U_ -I... . . . ° -.'*" e ihoic on the dog watc'i when a hca;y blow began to , loss up the I was on deck duty with Joe Wcbbei," related First Mate Jolin- 3on "Suddenly I felt Ihe boat iverve It listed to port "Ihen suddenly It stinightened out ttilh a jcik and.fl'oppodi I ran along the deck All hbll 'was Breaking loose." ( JolniTOn was tlirown down ns -,ie attempted to itaiih the' ahum button which would have tumbled the •sleeping watch out of their bunks ' It was believed the vessel crack-" cd open and is unsnlvagnble,. although the uafci was so shallow its ao-foot boom conveyor was proti tiding high out of the water 111 Pass Missouri Pharmacy Examination .CARUTHERSVTLLE, Mo—Namcs"- of those who passed the Missouri - Phaimacy Board examinations, _ held here In June, were released Monday by Call Basklns, locol" druggist «ho is a mcmbci of the ' board One hundred ind eleven took the teals representing six slates his was the last evamlna- tlon llial will be given nuclei pies- ent stale ruling. Hereafter students will be icqulied lo have college work before Ihey can be-eligible for pharmacy .board tests. Southeast Missourians who passed were Warner S. Dyars, Wr. E. Cliaf- nn, a. Delmns Martin, Cantth'ers- ville; Dodney Brasher, Elmer Wil- • banks, Haytl; Cecil Bryant, Bragjadocio: John c. Davis, E. R Lai-gent, Porlagcville; Joel Alexander, West Plains; Miss Beauton B. Long, East Prairie; Moore Mat- ' thews, Sikeston: Gco'ge E.-Walker, Poplar Bluff. Three Arrested in Still Raid East of Paragould PARAGOULD, Ark.—Three men ire In jail here and at Kennett, Mo., as a result.of a still raid one lalf mile north of the Highway 25 bridge over the St Francis river by. Revenue Inspectors M. A. Morrow and Deputy Sheriffs Wiley Crowley and Paul Thurmond Tlie three men, Roy Stanley, 35, Carotwcll Route I, Wess Ridge, 20 of Cardwcll, and Paul Oliver, 22 of Paulding. Mo., will be turned over to federal .officers. „ 0 _ The officers^ seized a 50-galIou Is Urged at Convention mash,''se"en Vgjillon barrels of mash, about 35 gallons of liquor July 29— and a variety of "loois "and" cqulpl nicnt. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy, scattered session here, by ,,,e rate com- ^^tnd^Mcinity - Local Ihundcrsliowers this afternoon or A. G. Spelling, Marked Tree, president; o. D. Hall. Cardwcll, Mo., vice-president; Henry MOCM Jr., Texarkana. general counsel, and K. B. Gross, Little Rock, secretary-treasurer, were re-elecc- cd. early tonight. Thursday fair and cooler. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 94, minimum 71, clear,- according to Sairiucl' F, Norris, official weather oliscrvcr.

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