The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO RLYTIWVILLE,JARK.) COURIER NEWS Items of Personal Interest 80CIETY-OLUB8 Activities and News of WomeD Society Calendar Wednesday Tbere will to a benefit card party at the home of Mrs. Joe Isaacs, lor the Jewish Ladles Aid socieiy. The Business and Professional Women duo will liave a banquet meeting at the Golf Hotel. Illary in. the First Presbyterian church Monday afternoon, nt Hie church. This book Is now being studied by (his 'group on the fourth Monday of each month. • "- • Have talk on Movies back, accompanied by her abler, Miss Hock Harwell. c;ior:!>s Gray, who was injured In nn nulcmotlle accident tea days ago. !i tetter but yet confined lo h!s bed. Dr. mill Mrs. M. 0. U«rey have ! returned frcni Birmingham where Osceola Society—Personal In the business meeting ot the '• (hey attended the Vanderbllt-' Skilled Handling Necessary to Save Vegetable Values . The William Strong onapter of ' Loke st - ect Methodist church wo- I Alatair.a came and visited Dr. — . - . r .. >»•.«•* mi.»!„...,. -r_... ,.„..,,_.. !•,,«,,•« r,ii,. r the D. A; R. Is having a oenelit " >im ' s missionary society Mondny bridge party at the. home of Mrs. > afternoon, at the church, the prln- P. P, Jacobs at Grlder. "f* 1 lallt W9S mtit-i by Mrs. Hen- Mrs. Farnsworth Black Is having dcrson C. Hall. . She spoke on "Tlie tlie -Wednesday Bridge club. Menace of the Movies." The woman's missionary society - T11<? 19 Patent Included one vls- of the First MeUiodlst church will I llor ' Mrs - Tommy Shelton, of-Mim- have its annual dollar social at the : ' , ' Irome of Mrs. U. s. Branson. Thursday Mrs. J. A. Leech is Having Thursday club. the Usrcy's fathsr. L. D. Chamblln motored to St. Lo-.'ls Sunday. Frank Marshnll rpent the weekend in Memphis. Mrs. Clyde Fowler and baby returned yesterday from §t, Louis. Judge nnd Mrs. George W. Uar- ham have as their guest tills week their ijniiH'-Jaueliter, Shirley Juno Bnrlinm, cf Marked Tree. Ml. and Mrs. Arthur Rushing and sen. Allen, f-f.snt the week-end In Augtisift, Arlc. Lloyd Hltt accompanied them. Upon their return Mis. K. It. Woodson came the D. A. R. entertain of the cucumber 1ms hrrnni* rnrrvj entertain with a benefit bridge nked by science. Carrots radsl^ party the procccts lo be added to onions, lurnlps and other bulbous a fund which will be used In plac- vegetables r^n* Jn,,™ „„.,,.,"? with l.iem and be a guest .Plans for serving dinner down, • town' 1 Saturday were 'taken up. Ciides Meel l!l ' ' Mis. Craw'ford 'Greene Is having! Circles of. the woman's mlbaioii- the Young Matrons Bridge club. : <"? lmlon °' ">° F'«l Baptist " Trie Glad ' Girls Sunday school i c\nm\\ met Monday afternoon. TIM class of the First Baptist church ! Youn S Matrons group, with ten will have a meeting at ihc home of I members and ten visitors, was en- Miss Winnie Phillips i tcrtaincd by Mrs. Marlon Williams., The Wonder Sunday school class! Mrs - E - E - Alexander offered prayer j J "J'• ot the Lake Street Methodist i >?'<>« M «- Williams conducted the j »»• churc his having a ghost party at stud >' on " lllc How alHl w ">' of ^ the church. w - M - u -" Coffee and cake refresh...'.. Friday J.?d " te women. The Intermediate and Senior; 'Circle 1 met n't''the church w ith :Louls nl!(1 sl Charles Mo wher- Christian Endeavor societies of the ; Mrs, Waller Bishop In charge ol •,,.„„ ..... „..',,,,, o( >,,',. vir.inia Fn-st; Presbyterian'church will liave-;!.^ devollo.u.1 in; using the »5 IxecV a .ludeiit at U»icta?«oS w a Halloween party In the social Psalm. members present , hl| . _ phnrl« looms'of the church. • -also heard Miss Cordelia Wllhlte f 8 ^. and M^ Everett n 1n the- flurhliii home for several mil Mrs. John D. isltors in Memphis last evening. Mrs. O, E. Keck and Mrs. Chas. The Euzellan Sunday school clnss ] e«d the Blbie\ lesson, of'the-First Baptist chyrch will.; .Tlw six members wh have a Hallowe'en party nt tlie' church. . Gee and |C. A. Cunningham returned last Mrs. Adolph Crafton Is .having the Night Bridge club. the meeting of cl church were lead Hayncs in the devotional taken.. , from the 23 Psalm. Mrs. Hnynes \ .,['„ .r" and Mrs. Frank Simmons ofljrcd ,v«to,S Taken I »*?•?• tl. Johnson left today Texas, where she \v Mrs. F. H. Whltakcr Mary LaFerriey Becomes Bride f -r /-i -^ r ' Buchanan and the 1 Ol L. (jr. IVlOSS I Mrs. R. A. Maiian for two \vcukh. She was accompmi- preceded | closing prayer by Mrs, E. F. Ulo- lunch M1 v(il1 ' roses- and valley lllies!^ Her .only attendant, Mrs. H. H. Dyer; was' dressed In a frock of Mack'crepe--canton, trlnimed with The • marriage - of Miss Mary I "'eycr. A LaFerncy and Mr. Leighton O ! Group 4, which met with Mrs. V.ces, of .Hct Brings, was solemn- i H - L - Chambers, 4md six members izcrt this morning nt the manse I P'escnt. Aflorjlhe devotional by of the First Presbyterian Church.: Mis. Herman Walpole and a prayer The Rev. Marsh. M. CallawTiy per- i by Mrs. Alfred 6. Harwell, there formed the, ring service at 9:30 was n social hour. A salad course o'clock, i . ". • was served. The bride was attractive in a I • « -. brcwn velvet dress fashioned along I'orliani-Woodaid straight lines .with •trimmings of! Miss Goldla Wcodard and Mr. beige satin scalloped and embroid. j Lutlici' a. Pnrlinm, both of Cooler, ercd • In gold flowers. A light-1 Mo, were married here yesterday colored., neckpiece, nnd beige ac- j Dy Justice T. E, Williams, ccisorles .- harmonized .with the) . • • • i lrc:k as did her cersagfc of ivory Officers Elected The Fifth grade of the ' Lange elementary school has organized • a Thrift club with these officers: Ollbtrt'.B. Hammock, • president; Betsy. Sue Anraod, vice president; Christine Turner, secretary; Willlam Eli Altkcn, treasurer; Sarah Pauline Evrard, reporter. * » • To Have Carnival. The Parent-Teacher association of the Armorel school is sponsor- Ing a Hallowe'en carnival nt the school Thursday evening, begin- nliUj at 7:30 o'clock, There will be fortune telling, n.-shooting gallery, bingo . stand .and other attractions of amusement. !'-'-. / The proceeds go for the library equipment amU-y>lay ground bn- provemcnt. * Huffman P. T. A. Mans Gathering. lace. .\!r. Dyer served' as Mr. Moss's After a. motor (rip through the O^arks, stopping at Hardy, Mammoth. Springs,' Eureka Springs -and Fayeltcvllle, they will be nt home at 217 Central Avenue, Hot Springs. Both are well kncwn here wviere they have Ihed for several years. Mrs. Moss (was formerly, owner and manager of the LaFerncy Beauty Shop and the bridegroom was In • business in this city be- foie going to'Hot Springs recently where he is manager of the Chrls-Uidwig Funeral Home. I'lan Doll Bazaar. A doll bazaar for early In December, along with the annual cake ' and bakery sale, was planned by members of the St .Stephens Episcopal Guild in a meetiflg Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs Otto Kodititzky. In the social hour the hostess served dainty refreshments. * • « Many Present atj Halliiwc'rn Party.' A Hallowe'en party with the 50 members masked and in costumes was the entertainment- of the Royal Neighbors Monday evening included in those present were Mrs. Laura Wade of Plggott, district deputy, and six members of the May-' flower camp of Steele, Mo. Autumn leaves, lighted pumpkins and black cats made nn appropriate background for the weird costumes. Mrs. bllie Foster won the prize for the most unique outfit and the prize for getting the most old members to, be present went to Mrs Sarah _ Ogle. Pumpkin pie and coffee was served after several hours of games and contests. * Ccn ,-!ct« Study The study of "The Trail of the Conquestadors- In the ' woman's missionary society of the First Methodist church was completed Monday afternoon with Mrs. Ira Gray In charge. The n present air.o heard Mrs. M. Jonlz read rnd comment upon James 1:27 for the devotional. Mrs. W. i. Dent on presided in the business session when a nomi-1 Mr, .and Mrs. G. : committee made up of Mes- An entertainment ot a candy grab box and numerous inmsements will be given by the Huffman Parent-Teacher assoela- ion nt the school Thursday evening. All arc invited. To Have Party. The Loyal Friends Sunday school class of the First Christian church mil have a party tonight at- the social hall, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, for the members and their friends. test Thursday. He .won tlie norih- esisl Arkansas district contest recently. He Is being accompanied by his teacher, Mrs. George M. Lee. C. C. Adams, who has been ill several days, Is no better today, Oscar Hardaway returned today (rom a brief trip to St. Louis and St. Charles, Mo. J. T. Coston, of Osccola, is n business visitor In the city today. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Scrantom of Memphis were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gooch Saturday evening cnroute. home from Evansvllle, Ind. Mrs. Scrantom was formerly- Miss Louise Webb of here. Mrs, John H. Long, accompanied by her son, Toby, und daughter, Peggy, spent Sunday at Scarcy, Ark. They were accompanied home by little Marilyn Bradley, niece' of Mrs. Long, who will spend the winter with them. Miss Salllc Crow returned yesterday from a brief visit In Newport. Mrs. Arthur Davis, of Senath, Mo., is n visitor at tlie Blythevlll? hcspltal today. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Crigger spent Sunday in Memphis. J. B. Cancer, of Senath, Mo., is in the city today. Luxora Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Cookc and datrghtcr. Miss Eva, were Memphis visitors Friday. Miss Pauline Maslln of Osceola was a Luxora visitor Friday night Mrs. Richard Riviere shopped in Blytheville Friday. Miss Elizabeth Spann was an Osceola visitor Monday. Miss Mildred Richards spent the woefc end with relatives In Osceola. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vollmer were Blytheville visitors Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bcrlt and daughter, Blllle, who have been making their home hero for Hie ipast year, have moved to Flint i Michigan. , Mrs. Nelson Tally and son, riob- ; Osceola visitors Tuesday. : Mrrs. Nelson Tally nnd son. Bob|by. of Memphis are thj gur.sls of "Mr. nnd Mrs. Cecil G Whit" nr.d : Mrs ' Tn "5'' s Parents. Mr. anrt Mrs. Miss Edna Earl While were gnrits Ed 6» r Galyean. ct Mr. and Mrs. Kcnncm Morris Mrs ' °° eH Sento » and Miss Milat Kennel Sunday. j (lrcrt Scott wcvc Osceola visitors C. B. Wocds, of Carulherivlllc,' Fridn 5'- ' v.-ai rt visitor it. the city Sunday. 1 Mlsscs Maxine and Dorothy Mr. and Mrs. Ben White mot. I Stm ' n wcre among the;.? who at- orcd to Carul'.icrsvillc Sunday' tended the dance nt O.-ceola Friday wn:ie they were-guests ol Mrs.!" 1 *' 1 *White's parents,-Mr. and Mrs.. J.l Mrs - Duffy of O?coo'.a was the BitsofNtws Mostly Personal first agricultural efforts were no doubt, Inspired by a desire to Increase the production of some edible vegetable items peculiar to his .habitat. In these earlier days be- lloro the development of pottery : making, vegetables were eaten raw or baked. ' 0 'rMr« T p r p c j»fo l h, co >!!"'?!' We have wrltum l ' ccoi ' ds "> K ^"- ol *. .. I-. P. Jacobs south of >pf cucumbers, dating back more sstaa-sasNafcr. sniLi'l ng a n-.nrker where Hie old military road, known now as Highway 10, Intersects Highway 01 at Marion, Ark. Tills read, (raveled first by the Indians go:ug westward in 1925,'and lal-ir after the Mexican and Civil Wars, is the first military road through Arkansas. The William Strong Clmpler, which is composed of Mississippi antl Crlttenden County members, is the first Ar- plac-1 vegetables easily secured from the ground, were esteemed delicacies at the dawn of written history. One of tlie earliest biblical references to food stufls refers to Jacob, cooking the lentils, by means of which he stole his brother Esau's birthright. Tlie remarkable strides made bj 1 science In -tlie last score ol .yeais have unearthed a vista of possibilities In vegetable foods hitnerto undreamed, 'inc poisonous love ap- son will be mode for the benefit party Wednesday afternoon and numters of reservations have already ueen made. Members of the Chapter from Osceola who will assist Mrs. Jacobs in receiving are Mcsdames C, M. Harwell, W. J. goitre can be successfully corn- batted. Vegetables more than any other item of larc contain health giving ingredients, which cannot be scorned. Tlie tremendous Improvement Driver. M. L. Crawford and j'w' ° transportation-facilities lends to -• • - - "'these hitherto perishable and seasonable Items an accessibility un- The high school and grade school : - drcamed Ol Ul °" r grandmother's avent Teacher' Associations me di !£L ....... _, ... Parent Jslnt sponsors this year of the annual Hallowe'en tenefit party which will be given in the clnl> room at the Courthouse on Friday evening of this week. There will be fortun? telling, a House of Horrors promises a thrill, and masquerade costumes will add to tlie spirit of the occasion. Prizes are offered for the most attractive'and the tacklost costumes. auspices of the Courier News, November 18 to 21, Mrs. Dougan win preside la a modern kitchen in which she will demonstrate the actual preparation and cooking of vegetable items, and explain in detail the values to be obtained from each. Thousands of public appear. ances in her chosen life work have lent lo Mrs. Doujjau an extremely attractive stage presence. While she deals with what might be otherwise a dry subject from a highly practical standpoint, her personality sc colors iicr Incidental remarks that she holds her listeners spellbound, while at the same time bringing to them the very latest findings - of the world's greatest food laoorator- les In tlie preparation and selection of balanced food rations without losing, but rather, gaining in the general palatabllity ol the menus prepared. Information hitherto considered TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1930 RIDGE BY MM. t. McKKNNKY dummy trumps with the fci.r of Seerel.iry American Rriig, League hearts Dummy leads he a- o •the popularity of contract was diamonds, Sims follows w't"rth- at the re- i;:j.v> and We4t the eight. ' ' " cent championship tournament of The queen of diamonds Is led *1 the jta e of Pennsylvania where from dummy. Sims d scardii» ' •ii. of (he featured contests uliycd thm o' wtK. w r . t , r' .1 contests phyed thrr^ o5 spades, West followin" '.vlt-i the ten. Nou- hoping a-r a strongest learns spade break, the four cf cvnd's rere -present, and is led from dummy, East plays' the were conduct. Several of the ... in the country were ijri-jein, aim is lea from dummy, East nlav's thr> -inonj the prominent players was nine, Sims wins with the ace r^I f'" 15 ', 0110 of thc ww'l's most Wctt, lollcvinj with tin tlc"ce color u ;- ayers. In the play of Elms returns the- six of -Sides' he followinj hand. Mr. Sims sat winning In the dummy with the Sir r---- P 0 ? 1 " 01 . 1 . 1 . llL i I' arl:li?r . * in 3- A small heart ' North. J. The Bidding The bidding wis South heart, Wc-st (wo clubs, Sii unattainable fro gular tion of her discourse— the little tricks and short cuts ol cookery tnat can make all the difference in the world between drudgery and skilled endeavor, arc graphically portrayed by Mrs. Dougan, as she works in her own kitchen before the eye ot those assembled. Tremendous throngs of women are greeting her at- her every public appearance, and it is believed that Blytheville housewives will turn out en masse for all of her four lectures. Large Congregation at Candle Light Service The greatest of care must be i The candle-light servic? at the used, however, in computing the Lake Street Methodist church Sun- lood values of vegetable items In • day evening WAS nttemled by an order that a balanced menu may tc obtained. Only a.thorough know- unusually large congregation. Fifty or more candles were used In light- ledge of (he scientific backgrounding the auditorium. Every family and the chemical analysis of the | represented brought at least one members of the vegetable family . candle or more and each "ighted his cnn qualify a person to -serve as '• own candle and placed it, in the an intelligent dietician. More than i church. A lighted cross was also a ever cookery Is. being regarded as ! feature of this service „. , ,, A ,, ' '• ' janncartanda' At the close of the service a good- Circle 'A" of thc Methodist We-1 The mother who-would secure for j i y nliml)er camB fonvard and lac . mans Missionary Society, held, a;"" chiWreu the phosphoric value cd ( lleir offerings for (he confer- soclal meeting Monday afternoon | Ol onions, or the mineral content' Ellcc c i a i m 011 a table near the cen- when Mrs. Bcttic nunnvant, one ol i and nutriment of oilier 1 vegetables i ter ol the auditorium on which the oldest members of the society, !j>HBt have assistance^in-her calcu-' stcod a lall lighteil caildlc used to who celebrates her 85th - birthday j ^">ns. Many health vegetable i represent Christ in the midst of soon, was a guest of honor and.was ••»/.>,i*. .—. --.". •._.'• The meeting was Iwld. at Mrs Dunavant's home with Mesdames require greatest skill In i j,"^ not become unpalatable. Here again given seasoning is essential. ' ' I • nlng is essential. Mrs. Dougan, one- of the nation's ! Susie Kelser, W L Segars Oscar I sreatest experts in home econom- • • — - - ' "— and cookery, who has been se- OI .the 23,000 theaters in the Gosewich. Virginia Walker and II. A. Bchrcns hostesses. Twenty;ciglit members were present. The. house was tastefully decorated in 'Hallo- we'en rotlvcs and a delicious salad course was served following the social hour. Circle "B" held a business meeting followed by a social hour at the home of Mrs. E. S. Driver, with Mosdnnics Driver, W. C. Pace S. V. Frazler, ami J. O. Rlcharclron !- Unlt * tl hostesses. Refreshments were served. Seventeen members attended. The Womans Missionary Union of the First Baptist Church met at the home of Mrs. C. E- Welch Monday afternoon for Hi; regular monthly study of a based on the Book of Acts, which is being taught by Rev. Welch. Sixteen members were prcwmt. Mrs. J. W. Cartwright Jr. was hostess to the two table bridge ch;b to which she belongs, entertaining also an extra table of guests. Hallowe'en decorations were used and a delicious salad course was served following the game. Mrs. Charles Colcman high McArthor. Mr. and Mrs. i!. C. DenU-y were ;gi:ost of Mrs. Abernathy Friday. . . visitors in Paia;cn!d during the! Blytheville Friday. E. A. Moffltt shopped In week-end. Mr. and Mrs. L. Ci. Thompson had us thc:r p:csu Sunday: Mr. arid MM. A. G. Thompson and daughter. Miss Vir-smln. Mr. and Mrs. Ollle E;rmoii. c( Memphis. dames A. M. Butt, J. G. Sudbury and George Hubbard was appointed and plans mad.? for the week of prayer November 3-15. * * • Celebrate Hallowe'en Miss Althea Edwards and Mrs. George M Hunhr were hostesses R. Krnlcy of |Mr. J. V. and Mrs.[the past Ra\ph Mcsler ol Pa:.v;o-.ild. .- home in S. T. Hiirrtphrc.u cf Gates. Tcnn'. nccompanicci by hi.- danshtcrs. Mrs. J.' S. Turner ol and Mrs. E. G. Parke spent Sunday with M, Henry Humphreys. Miss Marguerite Mrs. M. Eirnslcin of Enrle s'.icnt thc week end here. Mrs. Ora Wood wns n Hlyihe- ville visitor Saturday. Nfr. and Mrs. Jack Graham and daughter, "ho have been visiting ;aton and family (or k, returned to 'their •into". Tennessee last Friday. Misses Elizabeth Spar.n a X- l ,, l»s ,. . . ^"lu-illc Tcnn.. othy Brown. Frcderlek Rosrr, a and Dr ur. i llors Sutlday ' Mrs - J ' " BlyUlCrtIlf Scal °" lns as hcr Professional Women's club Monday evening for a Hallowe'en party giv on at the Woman's club. score club prize, Mrs. W. J Sheddan high score guest pri/e and Mrs. L.' D. Mnssey consolation. • • * Mrs. Ely Fonvlllc returned Sit- urday to her home in Little Hock after a visit with h?r parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. n. Smith, in Owcuia. Miss Covinne Ray is visitinj her sister, Mrs. Homer Quinn. and Mr. Quinn, in Osceola. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ccl-;:naii and Mr. nnd Mrs. James Driver were among the Oscooltins who saw the Mcmphis-Mihvaiiki'c fCM:i );l ll game in Mcmpliis Sunday Micr- Mrs. Herbert Shippcn and .;-, m i| son, Billy, arc visiting frl?ii(i< in West Virginia and Wnsliingto:i D. C. They expect to be gone abc::c a month. Miss Virginia Smith, who :s attending M. S. C. W. al Cc;,:inbus Miss., spent thu n-cck-rnd wi paronls. Mr. and Mrs. E |< in Osceola. Miss Rose White is in Grfrmnlc Miss., visiting Miss Suzette r.rkcr.' Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dri-ok.. imd as their guests over the MC?:< Mrs. Brooks' cousin. Mi^s l(i:.i clcrson, and Dr. Tuomas. t Chalfcc, Mo Mrs. J. B. Mitchell, who 1-,:.^ confined to her room for • weeks following n recent ;);:;•: went lo Memphis today to u physicians. Mrs. S. Segraves. wl-.n r , • the latl^r part ol last wrck : visit with relatives and !:[:•:' Dyer County, Tcnn.. S.IH-IU K : in Memphis with her M::;. i Segrnvcf- She was : her to 18 members of the business and w - M - Ower. Mr. o:id Mrs w C ' Bucst, her s.lslcr, Mrs. J. M. Grimes. "-- "'"",. motored to Binnlnghnm 'for! cf Memphis.' Vandfrbir.-A!aha:na game. I Misses Dixie Sllllman. Olivia — __. / wcrc a=con:;anic t i by MissiOrahnm «nrt Mr. Thompson won All wore gay costumes and in the' I .: , Manlier s. a stucient "at the'the prizes in the singing and rtai-.r- I her grandson. Edward .V contest lor thc most clever dre'5 Miss ls -r?i 5lale college for women .Ing contest at the tent show[L»sora Mrs. Krutz, of Steele, Mo., won tne ™ , cnry Illl!) '-3lireys was called to ^Thursday night. j Mrs. Hugh Hughey ;u priros. Stories and games ask, add- ^thi' Tc " n '-' M ™ ky thc dcalh: Mr and Mrs. Marlin Nicholson j daughter, Sue Clay, s; cd to the enjoyment of the eve-1 5 collyi1 aid, An.:-. of !:cen \ornl i'.ion, -ii a . ill iklay .ylor .i by --. of Aslimovc ;lurt week-end with Mr. ' abo1 half arc cquip - Iccled to conduct the Courier"News j' ped r ° r talk '" s plcl -' cooking school, JUngs to her work j -See'a matrimonial bureau ... an amazing-background based-on ! full swing at "Sweethearts For laboratory experience 1 of'{he friber-' Sale".-' —Adv. sat from .dummy, Sirns : ten of hearts, West ic forcM ID 'win with the king and is now one hclplcfv. Ho Is forced to lc.-d a Der-idub which Sims trumps in tho 'Ilh the eight of hearts, -. j the losin? spade iu hk East passed, Mr. • cw n hand. rick wcrnhcr now bid T three cmfe, : dmnn, y wi co-H,!," 0 !C t g C '" bS " ml ""n.ltaurtln, pos^blliti-. - six hearts. art?. »»* '"« -'-t ' WEST S-J-2 H-K-6 O-MO-8 NORTH S-S;.'r.54 H-J-8-5-4.3.2 0-A.Q.4 C—Hone 7-5-2 EAST S—Q-1C- 9 H—None D—7-6-5- ; (Copyrl|h(. 1030, NBA Service, In=.) Hospital Notes Mrs . J. ,B. Cancer, Senath, Mo' SOUTH— DEALER S-A-8.6.3 4-3 D-K-9 C-K-10 .The Play V\eil, knowing that his nee cf clubs •»•!!! be trumped due to the club bid by.. North right, over his elub bid, selects the diamond su 1 ' to open, and leads the jack wliicii Sims lets ride to his king. The ten of .clubs WES led which West, covered with the jack, dummy trumping with tlie deuce of hearts The, three - of heark is led from dummy, East • shews out discarding • the four of clubs, Sims plays the ace of hearts, West the six. The king ol clubs Is returned— • v.hen 'West covers with the ace, HER PIUS HEALED AFTERJ5 YEARS Mrs. George Wilkinson. 142 Chest, rjal St., Richmond, Mo., who was entirely healed of Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering 25 years, urges all sufferers to writs The Thonit-on & Minor Clinic, Suite 510, 920 McGee St., Kansas Cirj, Mo., for a nci'.v free copy- Tijhted book which tells all about hemorrhoids (piles), fistula and ether forms of rectal diseases and which fully explains a, safe,. sure, mild treatment that has restored more than 40,000 afflicted., people to renewed health. There" Is. no cart or obligation. - Thc:rnembDrship of the New York stock .exchange is limited to 1100.' Ivan the tumble i conquers his woman in "Sweethearts For' Bale". ..,'•-.' • ' . ' i—Adv. OPENING. WOMAN'S EXCHANGE Saturday at MRS. MeADAMS'REAlJTY SHOP , , 101 S. First-St;"" 1 Learn the New In Cookery at the FREE Cooking School New ;md impi'ove.l kitchen equipment in llic form of inechanical rcfrijtcrators and more flexible cluc- tnc rallies . . . ULW food products . . . more .scien- tilic discoveries in tli;; lield of food preparation have ojxmcd a new door to better balanced and more wholesomely prepared meals. Miss Myra Dougan, noted authority on cookery will show you how lo tak. advantage of the.-o many progressive steps . . . how lo save time ami money in (he preparation of tasty, nourishing iiH'.tls . ... how to inject more variety into every repast. Miss Dotigau has been :n h 'iijje;l cx- prc-'sly for this course in cookery by the Courier News. Tlie classes arc KRKK. Your attendance aiul' that of jour friends is tirKcd by this ncwspajxjr. CITY HALL AUDITORIUM Mrs. Myra Dougan Miss Dotigan's name is known- wherever coofclnj is mentioned. She lias probably saved mere money for hoiiscwives in the preparation of the healthful, rielicicns meals Cian nny other individual • v. ••• •-' --' November 18th, 19th, 20th, 21 The COURIER NEWS Jtt

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