The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 8
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•PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS T MIT 28 Ready, Able And Willing Barney Probably Will Be First To Acquaint Henry With Punch 1IY 11AKUV CKAYSON Sports Editor, NKA Service NEW YORK, Aiay 21.—Unless the hand that so suddenly learned i to caress has been dulled, liarney I Ross should decisively defeat Hen-' r'y Armstrong .in 15 rounds in the I Madison Square Garden Bowl In! Queens, May 26. ! Eddie Me.tde snys that Annstrong will earn $200,000 tind win two more world championships within Ihe next 12 months. Mcadc figures that the body belting Ross took in Ills winning c-Ifort against Ceicrino Garcia in the Carnival of Champions al llhe Polo Grounds last August didn't do the welterweight champion any good. The big hoy from Hell's Kitchen points to the fact -that Ross isn't the type that leans on an opponent, and suspects that Armstrong will flatten anybody who stands up straight. Hammering Henry is bigger than Ross from Ihe waist up. Meade Insists that the boy who hns knocked out 38 of W opponents in 14 months can go lickcty- split for 15 rounds. Mcade likes to believe that Ross fights only in Hashes . . . thai the Chicago kltl coasts for two minutes of each round. •''While Ihe ollicial contracts state that Ross and Armstrong ure boxing at 147 pounds, they have' private agreements calling for Ross to do 142 or less nml Armstrong 1SU or more, luul each has posted n $5000 forfeit. Ross' natural weight is 142. Kven On Scales Armstrong, ti pigeon-chested negro and n' freak at making weight, scaled 130 in stopping Eddie Zivic and 133 In disposing of How Feldman in his last two sturts. The Little Brown Bomber always works several rounds in the dressing room before appointments, although in this case there should need of dispensing with any surplus poundage. His best nntuval weight right • now Is 135. They start even on the 'scales. If Ross is the Ross that fought Tony Canzoneri, Jimmy McLarnin, and that crowd, it should he no contest. From what I've seen of Armstrong, he's n one-track fighter who has had a pull in poundage iigainsl a field of medium feathers. I want to see how lie reacts when he is hit, and if Ross is Ross, Hammering Henry will be tagged, honestly and truly. Armstrong isn't going to rush Ross oif his feet as he did Mike Uellolse, .Petey Sarron, and oilier dime-a-dozen weatherwcighLs. , Ross will spin Armstrong, tie the St. Louis kid up, nnd set him up for a solid smacko. We may find out just ho\v (he Dust Cloud behaves on the door. fight Dravt;s $150,000 ftfeade says the fight will draw $150,000 as against the $250.000 predicted when the match was made. The weather lias hurl, nnii j everybody is talking Seabiscnit and War Admiral. The country has gone for horses to a much greater extent Ulan our ueter minds imagine. - But to get back to the fight, I like Ross because he is one of those old-fashioned fighters who hits back. Only fighting men will get the importance ol that. Sting Ross, and you've got n fight on your hands, and Henry Armstrong will have one, and I don't rare how much-ammunition he carries. Ray Avcel, one of the smartest trainers in the business, says thai Koss' right hand uppercut will win for him. That's the defensive prescription for chargers. Ross knows what he is doing try minute. Armstrong isn't bulldozing -skinny-legged featherweight this trip. He's in there with n healthy lightweight who happens t pbc de- I Car Is GiM "Junker" If 0 N(!W TUKSDAY, MAY 24, 1938 HY JIAHIIV (IKAVKON Colonel lluppurl believes (hat the Yankees next year will have the greatest otiineW slnc« .Speaker, Hooper, and Lewis. /"ll I "AIT i " T/ l,• ll wi " l)c composed of Joe Dl- Uld, Alligator U It SJMa-gio in center, Tom Hi-nrich in li'lt. and Charley Keller in light. Keller last season led the fn'.ur- iiiitiminl Uttuite witli .3fi« in his lii'sl whirl ID professional Ixisebiill. Does the University of Maryland proiln-jl, bi'lleve that 111' could have made the New York outheld this HY I.I-ONAltl) OASTI,E IJnilnl I'K'ss Slaff Currcspuiuii'nl INDIANAPOLIS <UP)—To most people ulllKtitatti are long slimy rrciilurc.s with tough, leathery skin and long xnouls and slmrp leelh, hvliif 1 in (topical Silrcnms nr lint an alligator Is something; entirely dlllercnl lo a driver or mechanic in the SCO-mile Memorial Hay nice-it's a racliiff car, one of those jian-ow, Irini looking nut- brieV "I'd have given any of them H real bailie," he replies wilii llnnl- iiy. Keller willingly remained will) Newark for additional experience nt 'he .'.iiBtte.sUon of the Yankee it regards him as tin; next Habe Until. About chine:; that ikitn over (he brieV I l " 1 - A|X)111 ll!l lic lllls; lo lic > "> Umu-cr nt un average speed of well! l ' rt '" thf: iu> '"° 1>lln tlerl| y '" '•"' 10(1 miles an hour i ""I 1 " 1 ' 1 ""' «ay is to learn to put "-- ball. He still is somethhx. ut ft li.uncy Ross Henry Armstrong Gianls Have Chance To Smash Way To Top At Canillierville By J. I'. FKIKND The Hl.vtlicvtlli' Olants Imvc an opporliinfty to j;o inlo n iiu lor iirst place In the Northeast /\r- kiuisns League peimnnt race by swrcphnj the two ('.nine series wilh Ihe Pilots, which skirls tonight ut A twin bill was originally scheduled but bean?,'.e two games ure not pracllcal after supper one was changed to u later date, probably their next Sunday meeting, and will be played as n pai't of a doiitje-hemler. The Pilots are exactly two grimes out in front of Ihe liobomcn. They have won 14 and lost 0. while the Ginnls have copjied II triumphs nml have been bealen 7 times. A clean sweep of the .set would place the two learns In a virtual lie. though the Pilots would have n slight point iniirgln by virtue of having played more game. 1 ;. Fireworks are expected to enliven the. contests. Tt will be their first meeting since they clashed at Wnlkcr Pink ami rumors are thai Iho Pilots nre nil w! (o give the homeiinss n warm reception. Manager Bunny Simmons, in the loop doghouse for len dnys for "umpii-B bailing", has not nn- iicunceil his pilching selection but there is every Indicntion I hut he Through the years, the racini: fraternity has developed a jargon nil its own, n colorful and descriptive liniio which sounds to the un- dead left-held hiltler. He. ;n:mu- factured 'X home runs last semester. He set some kind of a distance record for a left-hand hitter by ... , , „. ,, - nitialed like the strange jabber- 1 lining ()ic ball over (he left-center mgs of some Invading tribe. | Held wall In Ihe sp.iclon.-i A ear alto may be a "Job," I park. "crate" or "i-ig." if it's au.old cur and considered no good, it's u "junker." Kelly Pellllo won Ihc IS.'IS race In a "junker." The car's bnikes nre "binders." the carburetors aro "pots" and the tires are "shoes" or "rubber." Tyros Are Tax! Drivers Inexperienced drivers are scorn- Keller this spring quickened the phenomenal pace lit; maintained through hst fall, when the Dears fi'hnnifd Columbus in the last four names of the little world series. He's batting around .440. All Pitchers Look Alike Jack Burgess of Rochester describes Keller well. Shoulders of a -II coat. fully labeled "nut and bolt' wash- other tly catcher, and an infield- terfield; field; Arason behind the plate, in addition to I'nvli'h, ker and Heetl. the ; von call gelling up at 4 a.m.. milk- specdway ; ing ctw s, doing chores, breakfasting at (>, plowing, planting, harvesting and reaping a plushbotlom exis- Mike Bla/o Gels Managerial Role Early In Career will "ffive Leon "Hcd" chance to even lhii"s Kmler a wilh Ihe Discovered hy ' the New York Yankees an'.l educated by the St. Louis Cardinals, Catcher Mike Blazo of Newport in the Northeast Arkansas league is getting his managerial chance very early in his career. He has really had only one season of professional ball, but he sho\ved so nuich leadership In nice Is not 11 subterranean region handy for storing kegs of wine or old liquor, it's a small vacant space under the (wling-and ,,| C c („ [ Born and reared on n farm in have around when the driver goes] the Middlclown valley in western into n spin anil the car starts roll- Maryland, within echo of Antie'.am inland leaping about the track.! battlefield, Keller grew up in tho A "dive into (he cellar" mentis [ nigged wny of the agrarian hoary- huuchlng the shoulders nnd stick- [ hniulrd and fibrous. ing the head beneath the cowling,] His first baseball was a slab of thus removing some possibility of j inner lube rubber, rolled around a skull Injury on the rough bricks and hard with fertilizer ba» string or against the side of n concrete I His first real baseball was a seam- wil "- broken sphere cast off by a town short Ihnt when i'. was', de- Giants, n will be remembered Unit Kaster and Angel (This Battler) Arngnn. local oilcher, engaged in a short, fistic warfa.-e dining tin.- eighlii inning of Die Inst meeting here. Kaster w:is on Hit' ri'i;i'iv!:>j? cud of severnl hard punches tu the jaw ami is in n mood to really hear down against Blytheville. Manager Herschcll Uobo will likely send Ihe native son. Clyde •S|)0t" Reed, asainsl the Murom-I- nns. Heed pitched for the pilots HIP latter part of the 19'Jli souson and was turned loose, only to make i;cotl under Bobo. He hns been especially effective am! takes special ilrJlRhl. in pinning |, ;u ,k respective cars, nml nns slow line cidetl to make a change in management. Bla/o was wigwagged in from Pino lilult to succeed Thorpe Hamilton. Mike, n Plntnlidd, t>f. J.. boy. was lirsl spoiled by an agent of tho Yankees and wns sent lo Iheir Piedmont fnrtn in Norfolk. Va,. hile in Ihe If13f> campaign. Uele-iised lo Dassell of (he IM-Slale loop, Mike did not tarry long in (lint spot, but relumed lo Jersey lo S|>ond 193G in Ihe semipro lieids. Last year he was again pulled oul of the nnoi'gaui/ed ranks and sen! to the Portsmouth fur in of the Middle Allanlic U-iigue by Ihc St. Louis Cards. Mike wns flrst-slriiijT backstop his first year out. He caught mast of the games for the Fled Birds, ami while his balling average of .238 was not impressive, lie was one of the better fielding catchers of Ihe circuit, nnd he helped Ihe team to fight its way inlo the Shau^h- roundlng into his] nessy play-oils, even il it didn't come, through to a victory. Mike handled his pitchers well their boon 1M7 form, bill based on Im work at Balesville when lie ned six in us many Innings, he "»d showed a general leadership. should be all set to go. His males | 'Ilies^ qualities are not overlooked J-ay his f:v;t ball fairly blisirred p^° Branch lli?key and his trained as it came in and was alnuist uii- ! henchnieti, and Blnm was tabbwl tonehnhle. Ke weakened after MX'" S i^ssiblc nunagerial material. frames and was relieved bv Harry! 30 "' to !>ilu> Bluff tor the current ' ' i .season, he was ready when the call One of those strange gyrations which racing cars sometimes make Is nol a spin— it's nnniKl after "Oilhoolev." nn Irishman who early In racing history had consid eiiible difflci.-lty keeping his "alligator" on the straight and narrow. When n driver loses control of his car completely Ihc "Old Gab's got him" and the "Aiiucl Gabriel" is nt the wheel. Spcedcre H:ivc "Hot Tool" A fast, driver has n- "lead fool" or "hot foot." while a foolish driver has "all foot and no head." A driver pocketed in a group of cars during a race is "taxiing In tnil 7 Jlc." A driver is "low" or "on the Feldman. ravioli In Lineup Peter (Pumpkin) Pavich ' ' ' came to take the veins at Newport. shortstop' of year's chmii I . slnrl Mitt1 ' 01>lprrl1 b 'Sh seliool in 19'J1. ' 1 " :Klc himself varsity calehcr the pious, ami Nra-beit Barker a NC.-.V (irst >rar llntl re ' nainwl sllch fending the world championship. welterweight And it is my idea that Barney Ross' natural^fighling equipment, speed, condition, and intelligence will convince Henry Armstrong of the truth of what his best friends i-hould tell him: "Don't bite oil more than you can chew, kid. Stay in your own league." After all, fast-ball pitching Is very rapid. Batesville Defeats CaruthersviHe, 5-3 CARUTHERSVIULE, Mrt May M.— The Batesvillf: White Sox trimmed the Caruthcrsville Pilots 5 to 3, here Inst night,, .Batesvillc catcher, drove In two runs in the eighth lo win the game. Wilson Koewing directed the Pilots with Manager Bunny Simmons serving the first of a 10-day suspension for umpire bailing. Score by innings: u. H. E Botesvillc 000 001 121-5 7 C'mvjlle 000 200 001—3 B Bohn and Bodcn; Flchler rim Fllo. K«kd Oounu Newi W»nt A :arc of lett field in the place of rope" when his car gels .so close to one in front that it not only breaks the wind but creates a suction which forms u perfect tow. A driver who bounces into the retaining wnll on a turn, often a fatal procedure, has "kissed Hit- wall." One who goes over the wall executes an "outside loop." A slow tire leak Is a "sneaker." Two or more; cars fighting for the lend arc having a "brush." When something breaks in the motor "it's gone sour." A driver maneuvering to gel out of a slide on a turn is "crossing his aims." Camshafts arc "sticks": crankshafts, "hairpins"; connecting rods, "galloping irons"; valves, "gale.s"; riding mechanics, "lugs": median- ics' helpers, "grease monkeys"; and a cautious driver is one who has "cooled olf." nine which he laboriouslj' resett'ed. Hero worship has never entered Keller's phlegmatic mind. He had no models afler whom lo pallcrn. Everything he did. or does, is his WI). "Just came natural," he laughs. He hasn't a single cousin among International League pitchers, "They're nil lough." he cimimeuls, 'but J swing al 'em. right or left, nnd one's the .stime as the oJher." Keller Self-Made Slugger Who taught him to hit? "Ncliody." snaps Keller, leslily. "Ilittitr enme natural." That old hugnboo of southpaw pitchers bus no place In hi.s scheme of things. "1 like lo hit against lefties lie perks up. "I've got, lo look at (i lot of Ihcr.i. ruid I'd just as soon snp tliem in the International League, and get use;! to Ihem There's a lot of hunk about southpaw b-.illcrs find southpaw pilch- Keller has bla/ing speed, and a fine arm. Oscar Vitt. who Inst season managed Ihc Hears, says lhal Ihe brilliant prospect's only defensive fault then was a slight delay in gettini; rici of the b-ill nt limes. Keller is one of the feiv young fellcvvs who wauled to be a cnlcher. Most of those coming up nn\v- aih,s run away from the toughest task OH Ihe field. But the western Maryland plaw- kov was used lo hnid work. That's one of (he ninny reasons y>hv h?'s going somewhere in baseball in a hurrv. Skyrockets to Schoolboy Record J. C. Dcvnll is shown graccrully elearing the bar al 0 feet UVj inches, which is a world .schoolboy record, lie is a ti-toot li'i-inch senior of rauma High School or Baton Rouge, and a likely member of the southern team in the national A. A. U. meet in Bulfalo.' July i-'.l. in Uarsou county in 1933, is pictured above-as he signed an application for the new federal crop insurance-the lirst to be made in the nation. Shown with Pnrvlne, aro Walter Ull. rtnler, Democratic county counnlltei'iuan. and u. I,. Hea.stou. right, county crop insurance supervisor. Rabban And Parker Slam ' Lee, Chaney Nnjceb Kabban and Big Jim Pai'kcr were the winners in last night's wrestling mutches al Ihe Legion ni'cnti. Kabban took the measure of the Chinese had rnnti, Chili;/ Ij.-e. winning Die first anil third hills with front crotch and Uocly .slams. Rabban look the lirst in IS minutes iiml llie third in 10. Till: only lull yuinul by tliu Oricn- lul mis the second, which he oaj»- Unecl in u*n minutes \vilii ami lix:k ami body pin. Jim Parker's crushing "head busier" was (he downfall of lx)u C'hifiiey, who succumbed to the Cariilhersvllle boy al'li-r taking lilt' lirsi lull in 20 minutes with u hfl'// Nelson anil body pin. preceded l.'l/' a series of body kicks. barker had a head scissors oil Chtujey mxl rolled him over into pcsHioii lor the head buster after (hoy luul grapplc-ii seven minutes on (he Kcrand fall. Pounding Chaney's head against (lie canvas, tiic Indiana tluck /arriier '.v.'is soon unnWe to resist and Heleroe Mike Meroncy patted the back of Parker. Groggy ami apparently in a ba<l eonciitiou Chaut-y returned lo llie ring after (he rest period but lasted only four minutes with Parker repeating Ihe procedure. NorDirast Arkansas League W. U Pet. Cnritthersville Blyllievlllc Parngould .Tone.sbort) Batesville Newport . (i 10 7 11 8 « 8 1 11 •1 11 .700 .588 .57!). .SOO | .38!) .222 Yesterday's Results Nnrlheast Arkuusas I.eague Bntesvilte H, Caiutheravllle 3. Jonrsboro al Newport. rain. Only gan\es sehcthiied. Southern League O|)<M\ date. Sou(herj| Little Hock . Memphis .. . Atlanta .. .. Chattanooga Nashville .. Ne\v Orleans Birmingham . rCnimille .. W. L. ret. 22 U .... in U a> n .... 18 Hi .... 17 18 .... 18 ill .... I-I 21 .... 12 20 .fill .GIB .Ml .529 .•ISC .474 .-UK) I .375 National League Cincinnati 6'. Brooklyn •!. Pittsburgh •!, New York .'!. Chicago •!. Boston 1. Philadelphia 7. St. T.ouis fi. American League Washington at Chicago! rain. Philadelphia al St. I.ijiii.s, wet grounds. Boston at Detroit, ruin. New York at Cleveland, rain. National League New York Chicago Cincinnati Boston Pittsburgh St. Loui.s Brooklyn Philadelphia. W. T,. Pi-t, 20 ft .U5l)i About 10G boys nre born for every 100 girls. American League Washington nt Chicago. Philadelphia nt St. Louis. New York nt Cleveland. Boston al Detroit. Tires of Auto, Abandon It GENEVA, O. UJP)~-An Ashtabula. O., motorist, who abandoned his automobile six months ago in Geneva, iokl Ihe slate highway palrol lhal he just doesn't want to drive his car any more. The patrol has twice informed him of its lion. who was given his utrigbt release and lias returned o his home in Rochester N y Povtch has been beset by hard uck since he reported for spring I raining. Shortly after arriving nt ( Fort Smilh he oontaelca a sore wing that wouldn't get 'veil He finally hnd his tonsils removed :efcre it did conning in dismissal from the hoypilal Pete turned an ankle ami was sent to Ihe sidelines. He fays \ w ls M right now. Ijobo expects his Holding skill nnd po-.ver at Ihe piste through many a gruelling rncoiin- I I Rrart CO'.irler News Want Ads. cl conio around. Play- first, paries after hisi ll YOU GET BOTH The protection yon have a vis .o expect and the price you v,:inl p.iy in (lilioncd l\ Liny one of nur rei-nn- Cars. to help the Giant cause no little. For coveting ground he had few. if any. superiors in the last His final nge was In workouts Barker press! vc witli the league aver- way was itn In which he handled himself. He displayed a keen throwing w hlp and appeared to be a hitter. He is a product of Jesuits in New Orleans Bobo announced that several other players are on their way. J. D. WaiTcn. a catcher, has already been assigned here but nothing has been heard of or from him since he was notified to report here. An outfielder by the name o[ Webb, who Is also' from New Orleans, is working out. An- TERMS tti suil your purse. ISUl Chevrolet Master Coach SITS 1935 rhcvrnlrt Coach 193S Chevrolet Master Coupe SMS 1931 Chevrolet Pick-up trmk SKW 1!W4 Chev. 131-in. \VH Trurk $175 Open Nights ami Suml:i)s Tom Little Chevrolet Co, Phone 033 ON EVERY THURSDAY 10:86 A, H. gftlH OB SHINE Bring us your hogs and livestock and le! us get you the best price. We Sell Anything at Auction Missco Corporation Owned, Controlled, and 0 ago Mill Site On Blytheville, Ark. "Farmer Owned, Controlled, and Operated" On Old Chicago Mill Site On Highway 18 American Cleveland .. New York . Boston .. Washington Detroit .. .. Chicago .. . Philadelphia St. Louis ... r e you expect to pay *1000 for your next THIS! SOMKnjiRwiTniNilicnc\l twelve monllis, 300,000 people, arc going to hny cars ia or alwvn Ilic I.aSalle price, group—.1111! filill not ffl LnSallcs! Many of these jirople, we snspecl, ivill do lliia fcimjily because of n mi?concop- 1ion 03 to l.aSallc's price. They believe lhal because I.aSiilli; ia PO high \\\ qrui/r'lv, il is flirubnlily nUohigli in/>ri(v. Tlii* is Jcciilcdly nol true! Aclually more ihan half of off motor cor manufac- turers have models wiling at or above llie price of a new LaSallc V-8! Remember tins when yon Lurymir next rar. Its only common ecnje to do this— bccaiiso a Cailill.iobuilt LaS.illc will giva you far more performance, far more com. fort, and far more Bafcly—as well as far inouc/ir«rig<? ami general aali*fac(ion. Investigate before you invttl. Compare Jiricca—compare car3. Don't rmiy the man who owns a LaSallc. 6*e( one! Today's Games Northeast Arkansas I,ea?iio Blytheville at Carnlhersville. Hatesvillc at Paragould. Neivport at Jonesboro. Southern League Memphis at Atlanta, night game. Little Rock al Chattanooga-, Birmingham at Knoxville. I New Orleans al Nashville. ^,- National League ' ] Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Cincinnati al Boston. Chicago (it Brooklyn. SI. Louis at New York. Museum Gels Antique Quilt BURLINGTON. VI. (UP) — All antique bed quilt has been given to University of Vermont's Fleming Museum. The quilt, made al the outbreak of the Civil War, originally was owned by Mrs. Jane Himt- ington Henry, horn in si. Albans on June 23, 1834. THE KEY to fast, i firm-rolled "matin's* smokes that stay lit! THE "MAKIN'S" TOBACCO THAT'S GUARANTEED IASALLE V-8 A CKNK1IAJ. MOTOH.3 VALUE BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117-1!) R. J fa in Blytheville, Ark,

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