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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 45

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, August 5, 1999
Page 45
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Thursday, August 5, 1999 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER D7: TELEVISION Gay Rosenthal: The success story behind 'Behind the Music'! By Jennifer Weiner Inquirer Staff Writer Gay Rosenthal has seen them rise and seen them fall. She's wrung tales of love and loss from the members of Fleetwood Mac. She's chatted up the impresarios of Studio 54. She's hunted down riches-to-rags rapper Vanilla Ice. Now, the Cherry Hill native (Cherry Hill West High School, class of 1979), former Herb Denenberg intern and one of the three executive producers of VHl's Behind the Music, takes us back to Woodstock the original, thank you very much for the premiere of Season Three. Woodstock: Behind the Music will be shown Sunday night at 9. "I've been living with this story, living in the editing room for six weeks," Rosenthal said. The show marks the first time the four organizers of Woodstock I were in the same room since 1969. They'll dish everything about Woodstock I the highs, the lows, the abundant free love and the scarce porto-potties, and maybe, if we're lucky, the fabled brown acid. As for what happened at Woodstock 99, where peace and love gave way to a flaming Mercedes and looted ATM machines, Rosenthal said she was saddened, but not surprised. "I don't want to lose sight of the fact that most of the festival was peaceful . . . that this was a small group within a crowd of 250,000." Behind the Music, which has turned into one of the most successful shows the all-music cable network has ever done, was born with a simple question over lunch: What ever happened to Mill! Vanilli? And where's MC Hammer? Rosenthal's colleague Jeff Gaspin, an NBC executive who'd jumped ship to program for VH1, told Rosenthal to go see if she could find out. "I just took the ball and ran with it," Rosenthal said. Hammer, who'd just done an interview with People magazine, was easy to find. Not so for Rob and Fab of Milli Vanilli, the late 1980s pop duo revealed as lip-synchers. "They'd gone underground, so it took me several weeks." Slowly, the stories came together. "When we saw it in the edit room, we thought we had something special. The stories were working, and the series was green-lit." Flash forward to the present, where Rosenthal and her colleagues scour their memories and the remainder bins for more potential subjects. It's not as easy as you'd think. "I think it helps when the story hasn't been overexposed, so it's still fresh. Then you have to look at the artist's journey. A story with ups and downs, that's a great story You see the person overcome." But not even ups and downs guarantee 44 minutes of compelling footage. "We talked about doing the 1980s bands, the Cure and New Order. . . . Musically, they were so hot, but their stories just aren't textured enough or full enough to carry 44 minutes. There's not enough beats." Rosenthal said it was impossible to pick a favorite Behind the Music subject. She gave five instead. First up: Milli Vanilli. "I could never have anticipated the response we got. . . . People finally felt sorry for them." Next: John Denver. "He loved nature," said Rosenthal, "and we were able to use incredible footage." Leif Garrett and Cher were numbers three and four. And sharing the bottom rung were Studio 54 ("it was very interesting trying to do the story of a place,") Yasmine Bleeth will star in a telemovie. See "Casting Call." and Woodstock. What viewers learn is that the Woodstock Four had no intention of throwing a concert royale that would draw 500,000 fans and basically define a generation. They merely wanted a launch party for their planned record label. "They had no idea what they were getting into," Rosenthal said. "And I think you really get a sense of what they went through for every moment how they met each other, how they found a location and lost a location, and what it felt like when 50,000 people showed up early." Among those who we'll see during Season 3: Donnie and Marie, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Sting. Casting Call. So what's Kyle McLachlan up to these days? Why, he's in Vancouver, filming an NB.C movie called The Spring. McLachlan, late of Twin Peaks, plays a widowed father who, in the worlds of the press release, "stumbles onto the incredible secret of a small, eerie, isolated . town. . . . The secret is so powerful that the town's inhabitants will stop at nothing including murder to keep it from the world." Likewise-ish, Yasmine Bleeth, who's also starring in an NBC made-for-TV picture. Road Rage is the tale of a woman who makes Q The first Woodstock is the topic as VH1 's "Behind the Music" opens its third season. Cherry Hill native Gay Rosenthal is one of its executive producers,. the mistake of cutting off a delivery driver on the highway, drawing his eternal rage. He starts stalking her; she, in true woman-in-peril form, flees; and they stumble upon a secret so powerful that oh, wait. Never mind. Short Stuff. Joan Lunden has a new talker in the offing. Details are scanty, but we know that the former Good Morning America host is working with a division "oj j Warner Bros, to do a i nontraditional, syndicated talk ! show that will most likely launch j in the fall of 2000. Meanwhile, Lunden still owes ABC two morey Behind Closed Doors with Joan J Lunden specials. For one, she'll s' interview and, presumably, drive with NASCAR star Jeff Gordon. For I another, she'll be off to the New; York Stock Exchange to explore the high-risk world of day trading, j TV Today By Lee Winfrey Diagnosis Murder. (8-9 p.m., Ch. 3) Shawn Wolverton guest-stars as Shelby Turner, a beautiful tabloid reporter who helps Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke) investigate two murders. CBS repeat. How to Make an American Quilt. (8-10 p.m., Ch. 6) This 1995 drama stars Winona Ryder as graduate student Finn Dodd, spending the summer in the rural California home of her grandmother, Hy (Ellen Burstyn), while she tries to decide whether to marry Sam (Der-mot Mulroney). Kate Capshaw plays Finn's mother, Sally. ABC. Our National Parks: The Four Seasons. (8-9 p.m., Ch. 12) Watch the leaves change color and animals adapt to changing weather in various parks. PBS. Baseball. (7-10 p.m., Ch 57) The Phillies play the Florida Marlins at Florida. In the Life. (10-11 p.m., Ch. 35) Segments include gay film director John Waters and the Budapest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Hungary. Katherine Linton is the host. PBS. Cable The Shootist. (1:45-3:30 p.m., SHO) In this 1976 western, his final film, John Wayne turns in his usual distinctive performance as legendary gunfighter John Bernard Books. The film opens with an unusual montage of scenes from earlier Wayne westerns, depicting how Books aged from 1871-1901 while he killed 30 men in 30 years. Now Books is dying of cancer in Carson City, Nev., and a passel of young gunslingers want to make their reputation by gunning him down. Lauren Bacall plays a beautiful widow, Bond Rogers. Biography. (8-9 p.m., A&E) Learn more about Bill Bradley, a Missouri bank president's son who became a basketball star for Princeton University and the New York Knicks, a three-term U.S. senator from New Jersey, and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He is interviewed, along with former Knicks teammates Dave De-busschere and Willis Reed, ABC news correspondent Cokie Roberts, and actor Robert Redford. NASCAR Rocks I. (9-10 p.m., TNN)' Charlie Daniels and Tracy Lawrence are the stars of this country concert, but cock an ear toward Anita Cochran, the best female guitar instrumentalist to appear in Nashville in this decade, and you will be rewarded. TV Talk Shows 9 a.m. Q Maury Jack Hanna's animals In retrospect. (CC) (TVG) 9 a.m. Q Regit A Kathle Lee Steve Martin; Dave Foley. 9 a.m. 03 Rlckl Lake (R) Heterosexuals who flirt with gays. (TVPG) 10 a.m. O Roie O'Donnell (R) Rene Rus-so; Richard Edlzer; Mary McDonough; cast of Fosse. (CC) 10 a.m. (0 .loseanne Show (R) Internet chat. (CC) 12 p.m. (Q Jenny Jonea Aspiring models and skeptical triends. (CC) (TVPG) 4 p.m. O Sally Jeasy Raphael Families tell ot congealing knowledge of crjmes. (TVPG) 4 p.m,'1 Q Oprah Winfrey Tiijfe capsule for 2000. (CC) (TVPG) CBS o fcw3 ABC O NBC 03 wwvs Prime Time (cc) Closed captioned Cable channel numbers : (000): 2d No. & Greater Media 1st No. 3d No. b Philadelphia Comcast . Wade PBS 121212 PBS EE 22M3 03 UPN m 162 PBS SD 393939 WB m 17177 FOX m ilKS PAX AMC Wmer. Movie Classics 14,4040 BRV 024444 DISNEY 043434 ENC 3Bxx News (CC) 124 News (CC) 4650 News (CC) 3940 CBS News (CC) ABC News (CC) 6230 NBC News (CC) 4292 The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer details the day's top stories. (CC) 47747 News 84650 Community Forum Images Imageries Hispanic Jokes: Funny or Not? 91330 German Journal 46476 The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer Day's top stories. (CC) 67143 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Old-fashioned qirl. (CC) (TVPG) 57582 Home Improve ment Al owns hardware store. (CC) 93921 Family Ties 9803476 Paid Program Sister. Sister Part 2 of 2. Adults call a truce. (CC) (TVG) 26259 Supermarket Sweep 390740 News 3818230 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Guest Tom Jones. (CC) (TVG) 4B834 The Simpsons Marge poses as Anu s wife. (CC) (TVPG) 17501 Amer. Funniest Home Videos TeleNoticias Sister, Sister Roaer's childhood. (CC) (TVG) 56281 Shop "Til You Drop Entertainment Tonight Ricky Martin. (CC) 9211 Jeopardy! (CC) 8747 EXTRA (CC) (TVPG) 6785 Nightly Business Report J. Ireland !CashJr.(CC)(TVG) 1853 BBC World News 74785 BBC World News 12921 Nightly Business Hep. 5B360 Friends Phoebe hopes tor romance. (CC) (TVPG) 21679 Frasier Daphne plans to move out. (CC) (TVPG) 67018 Taxi (CC) 4680969 Hollywood Squares 360 Wheel of Fortune (CC) 4414 Access Hollywood (CC) 3196 Friends Rachel kisses job inter viewer. (R) (CC) (TV14) 2105 Antiques Roadshow Lake District. Shoes; swords. 8872 News (R) 91394 Le Journal 35360 Antiques Fair. 11327 Mad About You Part 2 of 2. Lost ring. (CC) (TVPG) 44U1B Seinfeld Part 2 of 2. Show's past nine seasons. (CC) (TVPG) 13785 Diagnosis Murder Someone is killing wealthy people; Steve reluctantly works with a tabloid reporter. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 4230 Diagnosis Murder Mark battles with a new doctor (Kathleen Ouinlan) on staff who assists suicides. (R) (CC) (TVPG) use How to Make an American Quilt '95. Winona Ryder, Maya Angelou. A thesis and impending marriage weigh on a young woman seeking sanctuary with a quilting circle of family and friends. (TVPG) 40253 Jesse Jesse evicts her shiftless brothers. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 4940 Our National Parks: The Four Seasons American landscapes during every season. (CC) 5162872 This Old House Deck; chimney; thinner. (CC) 50105 About Your House With Bob Yapp Part 2 Ot 2. (CC 62940 Exploring Your Brain Men, Women and me Brain, (ia;) aas Lehigh Valley Tempol Hosts Amy Burkett and Bob Martin. (CC) 53389 The Wayans Bros. TV role. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 30327 The Jamie Foxx Show Younger fiance. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 19834 Another View 9816940 Ediclon Especial World's Wildest Police Videos Drunken-driver pursuit. (R) (CC) (TV14) 55747 LAPD: Life on the Beat LAPD: Life on the Beat Frasier Niles moves in with Frasier. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 33495 Frasier Frasier's good deeds go awry (R) (CC) (TVPG) 57124 48 Hours People want proof of paranormal abilities; bereavement counselors; psychics; regressive-therapy practitioners. (CC) 4853 Nightllne in Primetime: Brave New World Artificial organ implants; digital artists create a dance on a computer. (CC) 29766 Just Shoot Me Maya's assistant. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 36143 Mad About You Paul takes herb. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 12563 8:55 Andrew Lloyd Webber 50th Birthday Celebration: A Great Performances Special Michael Ball; Antonio Banderas; Sarah Bnghiman; Glenn Close; Donny Osmond; Elaine Paige; Kin Te Kanawa. (CC) 20318105 Symphony In E Flat Major, K.543 Mozart symphony. 68785 Symphony In C Major, K.551 Jupiter Mozart. 68834 21st Century Ark Sears: The Four- Legged Men. 40853 Mystery I: Poirot VIII Dumb Witness . Part 1 of 2. (CC) (TVG) 66853 The Steve Harvey Show Dancing. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 24327 Family Guy Peter gets too punchy. (R) (ccjrrvPG) 33037 For Your Love Workl stress: dog. (R) (CC) (TVPli) 48056 The PJs Woman eats dog food. (R) (CC) (TVPG) 48018 Richard Wagner. Preludes and Interludes From Parsifal Erich Lemsdorf conducts. 96056 In the Life Director John Waters; wnter Bruce Vilanch. 43940 Mystery!: Poirot VIII Dumb Witness. Part 2 of 2. (CC) (TVG) 69940 News 94747 Real TV Helicopter crash; stunt goes awry; animals. (R) 43245 News (CC) 8160853 News (CC) 6996037 News (CC) 2424921 Late Show William H Macy. (CC) " (TVPG) 2853058 Nightllne (CC) " 3325679 Tonight Show ' . busan barandon. (CC)(TV14) 7710259 4 10:45 Bernadette Peters In Concert ... The singer performs. (R) (CC) ) ) 87658360 News(R) 63230 BBC World News 28389 Korean News 97308 Charlie Rose (CC) 33747 News 78698 Joe Panther '76. Brian Keith, Ray Tracey. A Seminole finds his place in the white man's world as an alligator wrestler. 5239105 7677835 Blue Thunder '83. Roy Scheidet, Malcolm McDowell. 1077691 Baseball: Phillies at Florida Marlins. 163230 Highway to Heaven Part 1 of 2. (CC) Coach 3809592 Star Trek: Next (TVPG) 2129747 4:00 Those Daring Young MenJaunty Jalopies 2760495 Brooklyn Bridge B48230 Growing Pains Nude Photos (CC) (TVG) 817360 Harry S Son 6:15 River of No Return '54. Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe. An unlikely trio makes a perilous journey on a raft; good outdoor scenes but little dramatic interest. 88m. ; 65216872 Inside the Actors Studio Shirley MacLaine (TVPQ) i zmm Brotherly Love A Roman Holiday ICC) (TVG) 831 94U It's a Miracle Autopsy survivor; a dog helps children. 913143 Touched by an Angel Matlock (CC) (TVPG) 900679 21 38495 1 Hogan's Heroes FamllyTles Norma Rae 79. (PG) Sally Field, Ron Leibman. Field is great m her Oscar-win ning role as the simple, courageous textile worker who organizes a union. Adult situa tions, language, violence, i ism. ... 301563 One False Move '91. (R) Bill Paxton. Eager Arkansas police chief waits for killer trio from LA. Adult situations, language, violence. 107m. 251476 Holidays in Concert Shawn Colvm; Tatyana Ali; 'N Sync; at Walt Disney World. (CC) (TVG) 737785 6:20 The Out-of-Towners E32H Rudolph and Frostv's Christmas in July 79. Red Buttons. Ethel Merman. Santa Claus must save the snowman and the red-nosed reindeer from a bad wizard. Animated. 97m. 6181211 Tree Veces Sofia 8027376 Sanford & Son Les son in gambling. (TVG) 27037 Good Times J.J. and his friends. (TVG) 36785 Diagnosis Murder (CC) 903766 9043698 News Friends Rachel'1; itrip with beau. (C (TVPG) 29872 The Simpsons Fes tival bans Krusly. (CC) (TVPG) 38582 The Newlywed Game 6457969 Noticiero Living Single The girls go on a New Age retreat. (CC) 21292 Change of Heart (TVPG) 57292 Roseanne The gang' sees a TV show-taping. (CC) 58691 The Dating Game - 5ifl49S Paid Program The Nanny Wid- a , owed producer hires nanny. (CC) (TVPG) 33259 Father Dowllng Mysteries (CC) 777563 90290JI8j4oneyjno The Prince and the Showairl '57. Mariivn Monroe. Laurence Olivier. Olivier . claimed to have been totally captivated by Monroe, and it's easy to see why. She's at 1 her sensuous best in this light romance about an American showgirl wooing a Balkan prince in London. 117m. 683679 Oscar Wilde The life of the playwright. (TVPG) 734698 Callas '59 Concert (TVPG) 6822747 9:45 ft Nearly Wasn't Christmas '89 Charles Durning. Ted Lange. An elf, a con man and Santa Claus help a little girt go from Chicago to her father in Los Angeles. 95m. 191UZ143 Zorro The Hound ot the Sierras (CCJ. " . , (TVG) 331650 83172018 The Directors ei aaa h 857R655 9:05 The PrincOTjBrldeljPGBwBscW I 59590495 )495 EveryoneYou i mnr 44527785 mw ci.Hci.y .ew.t. ifffii HBO 5:15 Wrongfully Accused '98. (PG- 8:45 Blankman '94. (PG-1 3) Damon Wayans, David Alan Lethal Weapon 4 '98. (R) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover. Los Angelee police partners take on members of The Best of Real Sex '97 Erotic retro,. ' 262926 1 3) Lesli9 Nielsen, Richard Crenna. A vie- Grier. An inventor dons a cape and uses his own gadgets to fight a Chinese triad who are smuggling families from the mainland. Language, violence. 127m. spective. (CC) (TVM A) " linist tries to dear his name ot murder. crime in Metro City, ill. Adult situations, language, violence. 96m. , 85m. 3138495 33862056 3811230 101785 , HB02e7g7f36 5;QQ Oscar and Ludnda(R) 42543018 7:15 Rasputin (R) Alan Rickman. 60607389l The Avengers (PG-13) Ralph Fiennes. 8742037 1 Predator 2 (R) Danny Glover. 4305698 MAX 5:45 Outbreak 95 (R) Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo. An Army medic fights the ! Men '97. (R) Sean Young, John Heard. A young, single New ! Boogie Nights '97. (R) Mailt Wahiberg, Burt Reynolds. A producer guides a young man to success m '. Cinemax spread of a deadly virus brought into the United States by an African monkey. Lan- Yorker moves to Los Angeles, gets a job as a chef and has the 1 970s pom industry, but greed and egotism lead to his downfall in the '80s. Adult situations, language, ,,, auaoe violence. 127m. casuai attam. Adult situations, language, violence. 92m. nudity, violence. 152m. mm 52270698 1516230 68608872 , , ' .' SHOW- 4:45 The I 6:15 The Island of Dr. Moreau 77. (PG) Burt Lan- Dirty Work '98. (PG-13) Norm Macdonald, Jack Warden, American Nlnja 4: The Annihilation '91. (R) Michael Dudikoff, David Bradley. An Line's (CC) (TVMA) TIME Shrunken City '98. caster, Michael York. A shipwrecked man and a feline woman Unable to find gainful employment, two underachievers establish ex-nlnja must save commandos and the world from a mad sheik and his ninja army, A;va ,, mm (PG) Michael Mai- flee a mad maker ot half-human beasts. From the H.G. Wells a revenge-tor-hire business. Atfuffsftaftons, language. 81m. Adult situations, language, violence. 99m. - mm ota. 3846563 novel. 104m. , 96648679 . 529292 9780969 650501: STARZ 4:50 A Sim- 6:25 Leave ft to Beaver '97. (PG) Christopher McDom Kissing a Fool '98. (R) David Schwimmer, Jason Lee A brokenhearted writer 9:45 True Vengeance '96 (R) Daniel Bernhardt Beverty 11 :20 Blade '. 25M, pie Wish '97. (PG) aid, Janine Turner. An ail-American boy grows up in suburban plays matchmaker for his book editor and his womanizing best friend. Languaoe. 93rn. Johnson. An assassin must kHIthe head of a computer company W (R)Wesley. Martin Short Ohiounderthe tutelage of loving parents and an older brother. in order to get his daughter back from terrorists. 90m. Snipes. .' 52554292 88m. 71807650 2871747 11791940 50162747 ; TCM They Met In Bombay '41. Clark Gable. Rival thieves get romantic, flee to Hong An American In Paris '51. Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron. AGIslay6 in postwar The Band Wagon '53. FredAstaire. Playwrights pair dancer with ballerina on 7Sie Kong, join war. 93m. 7992196 Paris to paint and falls In love. 113m. 2942691 1 Broadway. 1 1 2m. 2317834 TMC 5:30 Hester Street 75. (PG) I 7:05 Couelns '89. (PG-13) Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellinl. A twice-wed man Afterglow '97. (R) Julie Christie, Nick Nolle. An unhappy young wife becomes 10:55 Amnesia '97. Nicholas Walker, . The Movie Steven Keats Carol Kane. Russian Jew and his new cousin share love as their spouses share lust at various family functions. Infatuated with an older man, while her husband falls for the older man's wife. Adult sit- Dara Tomanovich. A head Injury thwarts a .-, Channel adapts to 1890s New York, as wife finds Adult situations, language, nudity. 113m. uatkms, language, nudity. 113m. minister's plans. 88m. ' : 44242 ut S&n 4951389 i 56165124 2067921 . 29839495 1 TNT Due South (CC) (TVPG) ER (CC) (TVPG) I Lethal Charm '91 . Barbara Eden. Heather Locklear. D.C. newswoman wants TV Burled Secrets '96. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tim Matheson. Maine woman helps girl's nlwo 527360 668056 anchor job: so does her friend. (TV14) 648292 ghost seek mom's killer (TV14) 920308' A&E Simon Simon Something tor Sarah Law & Order Terminal (CC) (TVPG) Biography Bill Bradley: In the Game (CC) Investigative Reports The Cold Case Inside Story Exterminators Roach-breed- Law & Order Jeopardy (CC) (TVPG) .' 2vma (TVPG) 846211 963327 (TVG) 949747 Files 5 (CC) 952211 ers (TVPG) 962698 745143 ', BET 211515 4:30 Rap City 227 480230 Planet Groove Celebrity 353747 Amen 749495 ISperks 751230 Comlcvlew 382259 Hit List 352018 Tonight WTavts Smiley 624872 '. CNBCBIV4747 The Edge 31582 Business Center 637679 Upfront Tonight Hardball Chris Matthews 20037 Rivera Live 33501 News With Brian Williams 42560 Hardball Chris Matthews 93105 CNN 444 WorldView Moneyllne News Hour ' 906368TCrossfire CNNEntertalnment Wkly 587921 Larry King Live (CC) 507785 The World Today (CC) 500872 Sports Tonight Moneyline - . CN8 Scholastic Sports Weekly Review I Minor-League Baseball: New Haven Ravens at Trenton Thunder. Sports Talk (Live) One on One Computer Show COM 402250 Saturday Night Live (TV1 4) 18853 Dally Show Isteln's Money Throw Momma From the Train '87. Danny DeVito. (TVPG) 22495 1 Bob & Margaret lVS. 92327 Dally Show Stein's Money I CSN 91924" 4:00 Golf ISportsNews SportsNite The Last Word Baseball: San Diego Padres at St. Louis Cardinals, 867327 SportsNlte Spotlight ' ' C-SP 7&49Z49 2:00 U.S. House of Representatives 7744114 Prime Time Public Affairs 335582 Prime Time Public Affairs 326834 1 DSC 19?ft2e Your House Fix-ttLine Unknown Jungle (TVG) 737785" The Real LAPD (TVG) 71 31 05 Science Mysteries (TVG) 733969 The Unexplained (TVG) 736056 The Real LAPD (TVG) 297114 ' El 7?IKm Talk Soup IeI News Dally Fashion Emerq. Model 695312 Talk Soup jMystyScandals iThree's Company: The El True Hollywood Story (TVPG) 918698 Howard Stem iHowardStem ESN up Close SportsCenter (CC) Billiards Ultimate 9-ball Challenge r-rom Auto Hsung: naoomm iriruu. 1 iuut banes race, nun iiuuukmajii. Dcueuaii To.a;.i 3iyui uu VCC t 7757 438056 715018 Orlando. 693698 1 359501 1 564969 1 109327 ! ESN2 599759 North to Alaska MotoWorld RPM 2Niqht NFL2Night MLS Soccer: Chicago Fire at Kansas City Wizards. 5258230 Tennis: du Maurier Open. Early Rounds From Montreal. 6454872 ' FAM 3a3M8 Partridge Family Partridge Family Magic of Vegas II (TVG) 667766 Superman '78. Christopher Reeve. Jor-EI of Krypton's son becomes reporter Clark Kent. (TVG) 146650 The 700 Club (CC) 929143 ', HIST HighHistory (TVG) 2977056 20th Century (TVPG) 5877853 1 Scotland Yard (TVG) 38776731 Military Blunders (TVG) 9477817Garbage (CC) (TVG) 6227394 Trains Unlimited (TVG) 9187476 ' LIFE 2918127 Golden Girls Golden Girls Moment of Truth: A Child Too Many 93. (TVPG) 903105 Heartbeat '93. John Ritter, Polly Draper. (TVPG) 659747" New Attitudes I Golden Girls ' ! MSNBC 5:00 News Chat Equal Time llnterNight(CC) 5241940 TimetAgaln 5227360 1 News wBrian Williams 5247124 Hockenberry 5240211 Timet Again 7096476 1 MTV 131313 Isle of MTV BeavieButt-head (Tyi4) 392853Beavis TRLfTVPG) 187230 Celebrity Death Celebrity Death Tom Green Undressed Lovellne " '. NICK All That Chris Far- CatDog Party poop-1 Doug (CC) Rugrats(CC) The Wild Thornber- Cousin Skeeter Happy Days (TVG) Happy Days (TVG) Happy Days (TVG) Happy Days (TVG) Happy Days (TVG) Happy Days (TVG) 333333 ley. 424786 ers. 729178 320563 529330 rys 339211 1 325018 223211 854230 1 117211 1 1 33259 1 235056 422853; S-F 5W022 Quantum Leap (TVPG) 3356330 Star Trek (CC) (TVPG) 1240872 Sliders (CC) (TVPG) 1226292 Big '88. Tom Hanks. Wishing machine turns boy into man with job, girlfriend. 76075747 11:10 Biql TBS Family Matters Family Matters Roseanne (TVPG) I Roseanne (TVPG) WCW Thunder With Larry Zbyszko and WCW Thunder With Larry Zbyszko and The Chimp Chan- WCW Thunder With Larry Zbyszko and WCW Thunder I mvt (TVG) 129921 (TVG) 143501 493018 149785 Mike Tenay. (TVPG) 581747 Mike Tenay (TVPG) 594211 net 746747 1 Mike Tenay. (TVPG) 843650 (TVPG) 686292 1 TLC 2031131 Home Again Home Again 48 Hours (CC) (TVPG) 660414 Medical Warning Magician: Houdlnl (TVG) 666698 Never Too Thin (TVPG) 669785 Medical I Warning TNN 6536n Alice 299940 Alice 280292 The Waltons (CC) (TVG) 642018 Marty Robbins (TVG) 651766 NASCAR Rocks I (TVG) 664230 Champ. Bull Riding (TVG) 641389 Dallas (CC) (TVPG) 424834 ! TOON 6332x Batman Anlmanlacs Scooby-Doo Laboratory l,M. Weasel Cow Chicken Bugs a Dam7 Tom t Jerry Scooby Poo Flintstones I.M. Weasel Cow Chicken ; . Ufjl FueradeSerle I Noticiero Preciosa 633360 Camila 659308 Angela 6872 Lente Loco Blenvenidos impireto Extra iNotlclero Unl' USA 6S5I Hercules (TVPG) 486853 IXena: Warrior (CC) (TV14) 503969 walker, Ranger (TV14) 589389 ! Cop and a Half '93. Burt Reynolds! (TVPG) . 582476 n.Y. Undercover (TV 14) 37849it a

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