The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 6
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1931 m.YTHHvlliLE, {AUK.) COURIER CLASSIFIED A!)S Two cents a word 'or flrst. Inierlion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. - No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phunc 300 .. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicited. I.farilyn Hatchery, Biyttieville. 2U-CK-TF WE HAVE discontinued our farm j operations and have a number of j mn'ies horses and faim toola v>ei vill sell cheap.. Call 7ti, Btowne j and Billlnss. 18C-K25! i,!,. _,.—--For quick sale a nice I up to the minute ciii'ii-r Grocery, i ccmplcif stock and lixturis. con-! EificvAbly less thin Invoice coal. | ' Address "B", Courier News. | 19P-K23 FGK RENT I OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahprn IIEfitN HEHE TOD.VY ttiMii:i< I:I.I-A TOi.i.ivi'.n, itiiu^lilrr lit 11 mlnl.Ifr iind »ln>- iLn:i;lilrr uf llic wrlpKfcy Ulitl lull iifei'ii I rimufr I'HH- v - v;k IIOll'I.V, ur;::iMtoJ n Junior <-"""Iry Cluli hi Ilir tmvii or Iliril Tlirutli, limii, J"»< I" KceP l'i e miKimf Ilir jflunt'i'i- »n front bc- VIIKIJIIK Io.l illlll. H.inn noi.i.nwAV. n yuuii!! "Oil ' irn> nur . ril iiilrr. kl«|i|ii-ij 1" Allrnclril liy CluKi' nml llu ni'iv <•!" e "Jull- 'If . lie •«•. Miss ini n,• '1 salt! to m. some nice fresh CSKSS and whip ill some of my c-jslr>rd liiai (linger I* : so fend of—Italian cooking is good. |loo." she added politely, "but til"- v3 llki'il my cu>taril. So 1 I would have- ^jiiie- r.'.til)' fur her wlisti *he tels ln>!:u\ KJ I went out myself to set tlio fir whlinpcr*4[l!liis ErlBily upon tlicm Hint It was H. i'li get; no joke, Suctt a tlilus Imd lia"- Jcfornli Jlr K:nr Ilir r.i In llu- rluli. nml ^n^'^rfcU'd »CKU- tii- in Clilriiitu fur MCOl.K CAI.- I.K.VIl. iilni roulil oouli ""J "I»B in:il Htrinu n uuifnr. Hut Mrnlii i-onld not i-onir. In liU iil^ri- arrhiJ ilirec •'- h' 1 * rullli Iryiiil'll. ,1X«KI.<> vuuld l>la>; l-ir-rilll .-mil.l C.M.U: HKM1-0 i'i ..... 1 -Ins. lil"K«T Kink 1 1"- ..... ii. llL.;:l:inltiK 1.1 rrllli/r In' «:>» I" lovi- wllk titnerr. llnrd .(>Br.t«lvtl lr:ivln». Hill rkll> k"'i" ln ^ ( ' ln - •not wlslilns to ine:'.tlc:i II to anylinily—for Italians don't rl^l-tlv alyonl n:sl:tid," she uJ,k'd ulhelically, "ami IIKI!:- l.'nk! Sic what 1 found hanis'ins to Mi*. Car ler'a halter." r"OK n few minutes tliey eavo *- themselves con'.iiletelj- over-to the hysteria of feiir. 1'atly weld witlici'.it ce..slii|:. Cotton cluiit! lo Siieed'n liiiinla, iie-i'iliiB timorously iiljuut ns If In dread of luirsotml FOR KENT— Furnished r llul nrr tc . l Inilu-il hi 10 *V' y ! ." f " r ,,,. ( .'., 1;1 ':'" i SI'I.I.H IMP. rnl ,,l l.liiSi-l «. She frl1 '''' bath and furnac Ave. heat. NO. 1115 | Pl:o:ie !.'o. M5. i Clnerr tlirrcniiiiri TV SKAHll I" t:iln- l-i-l L'TI^ \\i,lil,1n'l ' liivllril I'AT- ciiiiir. tJlr.iil- iv J.\I:KSI>,\. FOR RENT.— Eedrcom. prhatJI bath, cloic in. Phone 7diJ. Mrs. I ' Belle M'. Wcod. lliC-TF j FOll KENT—Nice fvciu btdroouis, convenient to lra!h, .excellent ideals, rtasonaule rent. Mrs. Lsugh- lln, 1415 Main, Phone 319. lfll>-K2 fi.uu- Kilil?. li Ijall ihltiKi'uii iiilivrrnhlv rnr Pier noiJ ItnnJ trl'i In h . mklnB ll>lnK>. "" d I'«I"»K »i'i«irn1i-il. . Ilrnlni knil mnUe u K" "'»' ri-luro.-J «ilH ilnnp Ctiik-vr nnJ hnlil nj«-.iilt, .lenity huddled the- Hciiny her nrnm as W lo assure him liiat he, nl Uv.fl. ::•..:!! iIso staiinc;i I'lill cowered ,.tj lo her husband. , „ ,,..,^.. lint tlie physical i'.tj. of rcasiiirhiB Her volre ram In n wall nt tc-.ns tlie women forced 1111 appearance o I'lill Btmdilcrcd Inn s'.ie di.l nut'• (••Milidctico upon Hie- men. The hcsitali,. Hln- i.mli llv d.inKHHK j l.i:n;:li!id suit, snnllilns ivunld. pal strlim with its lilt of lii-itwii pjjifi tins their fliuuldcis. cari'sslui! Jciiky's liainl, nn'olikn ii.liamls. wMlo only ilwlr s,« lips «H icsd It slowly. Her eyes widened • snalued <>yra belraycd their ow and grew black. She sl'ooU her j ten;--*! icelln^s. head as it lo liiiulsh horrid Under the (able little Ainjc' llmuglils. Uiayi'd tinintellislily. wlilic IU>nlt ' ' ' l.-i-i Illinois nervously to si '.;'< — ! don't believe it." s!n; said at' | r , B n, c already Innsjin-iiluii! room last ••Somebody's playing a Hut 1'lolro went blraiglil to tlie eel , , ' .. , ,.|i--i.r ci-,,'lar (or :i little. Halfway ii|i ihe joko on us. Nut lilr.ger. '.-..|[^ however Ii wouldn't )oi;e UUc ihat." She parsed tho paver lo Ginger's Jwlllll -._ , lvlll . tll , ,.„ father antl watched his laco with the curiciia habits and Inlill.ilinus wide black eye, as ho read, seen,, of .uiul3ler 8 and mlU,llo «»'««» rosily sot tlio ono tliey wmit. They .in't butlier the rest of in: Glvo Im Fiiiiio ol your—llnllait Kfa|:o uiiv. rk'tvo. |lo uccds hiicXlug up. Ifrcd, shall we cnll tlio slicvlff nud in It In tho builds of tlio uollccT' "Miss Hill, escnso me," Inter- upti-d 1'liMro humbly, "but It Mya inll.Milar not In notify tlio iiolleo. 'iioy'ro it nnsor lot. the pullcc. and e 11^1 nut they'll stir up moid iVjlc tl:an wo'vo K«I now." 1 ^(ipiHi^e \vo shall IIHVO to re* ion It," said Mr. Tolllvor. "Kscuse me." raid I'lctro bllilly ci.l Jofi tho room lit onee. "•Now this must 1)0 umlerstooi :ir:-[ and fuu'inost," i'?.lil I'hll 1'irui. ly. "We're iiidni; lo tjet llnil la.iiK-y a-; they dlrrciud, nud turn It over to thotu on ck-nmnd. with sio tilcki'ry. Tlio tliliiB wo'ro after \i U Inner, tic.l ftc-'ro GiiliiK to tako the surest Way ot KutlluK her." BRIWO THAT CFF WALLS OF BAR WAS A BOAR'S ., AM' IT FOR. A AM 1 FllJAULV •BAG6&P IT, A'PTER (\-feRRinc STRUG AM FOR KENT—Fitrnis'.wd apirtment. 103 W. Kentucky. Phone C83. 19P-K26 FOR KENT—CHEAP -Two bUl^i- lows. 101-105 West Cherry. Apply 600 W. Ash. 1DP-K26 WANTED <. 1 - : l! Jcrnr s, l i t .ril nnd liln ^Islcr nr- vd <Hnpv.r um untulu-r Mliriirlxc. Trr-. ,^,,..<. "... CdJ-ni.N. She dllTrrfnl triini ivlial r.lnuic ]n-cli',l. *lic ""* " ll"lP nfnilJ il I'ulliui \viiuIJ [iru% - r a:ic:ic- L- IK Itaril. mill l-Mi!y ui-^llKhly :invnl f"r Hnr.1 nnJ (V.Jlun In lo^flhrr i-.ttllf tip KIU.-U n, ,,,;-r anil pnlri'd 1'aUT t>!T wllh t '' WANTED — Family Washings. \Vabh«i and nonce! by co.iiiJi- ten', white woman. Mra. li;ov,ii, | 101 S. Lake at. POULTRY \VAHTEI3—Market i»n- ccs, any (iiianir.y. -Marilj-n Hat- chi-ry, 2il) a. "fouith St. UC-VF UUK TO PROMOTION—All opening exists for, a rc5;)oiiiib'.e party to take charge of an established business here. Bond required. Should pay about 8150. per montii to siart. Write Mr. Buflinston. n j Heal Silk Hosiery Mills, Caye Glr-'| ardeau. Mo. WC-KiO ' .n-cil ti'lls I'nril Gliiner nml j:0ilj :irf In Invp nml Urini pl:iu« 1 i Irmt n^ I'dily licrin 1111 P' 1 * KiNrEiCri-iiUM plot. ATnl Ql tti:it [lolnl i,r tin- i,rnrppiHni;» Glu^rr <:U:ililH':irnl. Sniur ttnie l:ilrr JIIMiV IIUUOKS <lli.riivrr» n l»r«- .SOW GO ON WITH TUB STOIIV CHA1TEII XXXII UTTEU'! Help! Policei" Jenky ^- cried, in a succession ot shrill shrieks. Dut when she readied the porch steps s!,e pulled l-.erse!t 1111 short. bhating her head as though lo banish thoughts nt some horror. and her wide c;v?. like l!ie eyes of o;ie hypnolized were slued 10 the brown tcraii of r.-rappins paper al the end of Ihe string. "Mis3 I'lill," she stamtnered. "it —if I've—got bnd news—should 1 -. tell you first—or Mr. Tollivcr—or | ly. "I—1 call the police?" - I'lill went to her at once and laid n band upon her arm. She was Ins lo seek In hta face a denial of what the paper said. Mo moistened his lips and forced a strained sinllo to his face ocforc he spoke. 'It—scarcely sec-ins — possible," :e said vaguely. "For (ied's sairo. what 13 It?" cricrl Hard. "Wu all love Crin^ur." Kfltly uiok Hie paper without a word and read It aloud. I >!'.•'- girl /or ran- HL'DDUN crash In Ihe rell.-.r startled Ihein. Hie iciillin; of iinincr, the splintering of wood. iliiliB nt glass. fmwi'e,',.' 0 "^^ iiiid' foi'si'u^n Mr.jih'-y ran flown, cryliii! nut. tiund- Tolllvor. I'lctn. did not iimlursl.iiid "4 nnd puslil.iB, millclinilug U'"J' - - — ;:nnv nnt wh^i. but Impelled hy ^ iild fancy that ihey nileln Hi Jisiscr. llalf-w.iy down the cellar ilairs they drew hack. Elr.rlnt;. I'lelru with a small stout :u wna w.irkiiiB liinou with ties* and h^r- ri-!s, sinasliiiui Imlllea without ccro- ir.i^ny. A stream nl thick ilar^ tl;ild binlacd Ibe flcor wllli llllli' running rivers, and n piiuseni fruity odor :-iit ii|i lo them. IMctro looked u [i but did not ce.130 Ilia work ot ami such lyyes. but ho felt vatuely tli.u tl'.crc WI.TO certain fornnlltles Ihat must lu complied wtili. He went down cellar (igaln and- ?ot six hollies of Kh'Bcr ale anri hurried up with them. "See here now." he saiil. with his Iray cf ii!as:;cj. "a liulc a liltle—"nii:e f.— „- . you up In no lime. Good for the nerves—1 surely hope so." "Yes. take it, I'lill." said Mr. Tol "\VC firC fluluury l,:.: ijlft ;,/, ".', --- - ..... low lltlrty (AoiiSJiiiil f.'cll'irs vr \ liver, wlteti slio shook her head In icuui flcl the r.i'jnc>i in:)iiciliultl.'i. j iHivallcnt icIuEil. "1'ielco Is rlsht in iliousrinrl-ilollnr iilis. thirty o/.lt may not mean much to our them, anil have rc-vly ul tJie athrr •• nerves, but just dolliB a 'ionse trlicn ire cil/ for it. It lyou ! helps lo settle one's mind.' <?o ejracll;/ as ice say, scn<1 '-HUT, HecrfoR, is Mos-f 5AUA<se BEAST'S OF AFRICA ! - I IT AMP WOULD SAV -trUY, COMPARED IS AS H.A.VFUU A Kir-fenS ! — - K is AS Ll6rHW!4i<S cM see -(He BULLET' (T AT MlGH-f wi-TVl SEARCH! USlMG •BOCK-BEER GOAT'! ev as instructed. at;<l do not nol the ;;o[fc(J nor try to trick us, ijiri itili Jiof he /mnill'rt." Over iliem rlblc silence ing seemed only hushed V iCOI.KMNI.Y. as If It were a rite. c '| thi'y ilralncd their glasses, nud ;i:i;i:Kii::ii'j!y I'lill. In iho way she , Ihsil o[ liniielllni; licrtelt to easy e .. it was broken hi a moment by little I "Coxe. come.' she said, lo who dived lieadloas under jchllilu-a we've acting. We must put ' llic mills with a plerclus cry. "The .Vafla: —It's the Mafia:" But nr> one noticed little ATitielo 1'liil crept timidly up to her bus-1 hand. "Alfred." she said pleading-! ilon't believe it, do yov,!; white but firm. "Tell ns. ot course." fenb' !'-Te!l- us Ulnae diately." sonie horrible .. But np qi:e conW sccak a/vrj ;l | comfort. Tho couVicUoii \vos ;-.-•'.• [ i NO. 373. .... ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE LICENSING OP SELLERS OF GOODS, WAKES AND MERCHANDISE BY AUCTION SALES; PROVIDING PENALTY rOft'VIOLATION OF 8AID-OK-! DINANOE AND FOR OTHEK ^ . BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY I of Blylhcville a license to dp so,'served. Dr. D. T. Taylor'was n COUNCIL Ol' CITY OP ELY-1 which license shall be issued for led away. Before the oyster c~; THEVILLE ARKANSAS: leach day and for which said a u-. tails were finisliei, Dr. E. \V ' ' 'I pi ic ant .shali pay nnd the city! kin had lo have. Then Dr. a shall receive, llic sum of twenty-jjiis. Carter weic r.ianc. five dollars yer day. j "Well." saici Mrs. Carle:', "a!l Section 3. Any person, flrm or j have to say is— our l.c:rla toyf-lher anil ji^ure tills tliiLii; o'.il. l r ..!dy, pull tiiat poot chilil ui:t from liinler Hie table: i.Vnw. help me, dr.rliuss. What shall I we ilo first?" Phil." whimpered the lad. . , , . a can't he to. Such things i!onl itl'.us forced into tho UnielleM, "1 happen—not In places 111:= th'.?- irai: ' '° po back to my mother. 1 not to people like us! It n::iEt lit.i'oa't want lo slay here any longer. Sia's ^nin^' (0 pel • ..... • ..... * •• n ..... -^ '~ •- — "flcn'l \K silly," said Pliii kindjy. The Aisna, or whoever It is,. Has di'iiinllilon. "N'othliiR." he panleil. "N'otlilng. Harmless ItnllKii— grape (ulce-bilt tlK'«e prohlhltlon pollccu:eu— they've ?ot no dlscrlinlnatlDii. I'lrst tlii::}; you l:iiov;~ihey liny —hoot- !;;ovii. Clap us all Into iall." I'alutly amused in splw "f llielr nnsiety. they trooped dispiritedly hack In resume their discussion of pirns. "\Vc must do notlihis to frighten them." F.ild I'hil. "or Ginger will surer for II. 1 say we keep tho whole thiiiR n complete secret, £el [he money for them nml baud U over whenever we nro told." "Hut, my dear plrl." sahl Mr. Tnlilver. "wo have a doty lo so- May, yon 1-nuv;. These men aro iluiiKerous crlKlnnls. They must he caught and brought lo Justice." "At Ir.e cost of Ginger's llfol" demanded Will. "Let Iho police taVo care of society! Let the slate look out tor Its criminals! That ia what wo pay laxes fov. Our only cou- lern Is—lo get (Jlnger." (T- ;:- Cuiitlniicd) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Marlii, OW! . LT- Section 1. It, shall be tnilttwful for any pot-ion, firm or corpora- lion to engage in tiie business ol selling or otierins for sale \viuin the City cf Biytiievilie any goDds, wares or merchandise by without firs', having procured s!' corporation violatins the provisions ^-j le teieulione ran:; r.2ai:;. ' tlirn !-.!': wares or merclianuise i>y auoLioii, o f [i,j s ordinance shah an aceraca l Q ar ; cr answered it. tlicn IDJ!: i:i sales without firs', having procuredL n iity O f a mistlemsanor ai:d upon! coat am i \ VM ,,, u t n:s ; ;c; | ,...;• c ; :i: the licnisc licrem provided for;. CO | U . ict .; on thereof • fined in anyj rto3r _ Mrs . car;.:-r !•;['! :0.\r provided the liceii'.e Uerfin pro-| 6Um , 10 (, i eS5 t jj an on e hundred i to ni"ditate about (lccl.iv:i vide;l for the privilege of soiling dollars r.c; mere than live hundred NEW PROCJ:SS WASHINCiTON, Ncrth Si oficrina for" sale gcods, «a«s| do n ars r or tad, violation ol said and merchandise by auction sales] ordinance. shall be in addi'.icn to the hcctisc j S( , c ;i on 4 A11 orciiiiaiices and provided for merchants by SecUo:i j parts of Or( ij n3 . 1C j S ; n ccnnict. r , _._ -.,;.„ 2 of Ordinance No. 243 of Ihe City • hcrew . ith ai . c . i lercbj . repealed; that j t-'i-r"jiio''r;i-i--e^ 1C iv cf Elytheville. _ I large crowds attend such sales. J'"' 11 . ^. ' ' '.;• • and it is necessary to provide i»-| "" <I , . /T"^" lice protection, that it is neccs-i^-s "",.,;':,„.,•; snry to regulate and flipcrvlsc such I .',' ' T i'" ."„,,. ,hb Ordinance <s| ^^1:1' nnb"' the immediate pres-i • ' JIliVKLOPED lUP! — Tiic Lti&p. n' -.he U.i L'. H. To licsume. Trs= rlanlili; V.'AGHINGTOS. c UP)—When the ' HID',- ijcjs alt ihe g;-cur.d in the ' :;:.i:i7rilia U. S. Koix'st S-.rvico will !.in!H'[l-rATr arens in tiie Monun r -Q- ihrhi Ka('.c:nl Fo-ef,t. W. Vn., i:«r i;-f!ev in the N'Ehrarin Nati-Jiial i r'c-.cst. en '.he I'.kc Nn'.inna! Faru/.t, C'e'.o., in t*:i> Ki. Joe Foreit. Idahn. , in fine of the L-.I'K? Slates Natinr.- i id Forcbts. and probably n tiie Ciii:inb;.i National .Forest. . The I sci-.:c? Ins mi hand in its nmv/r- ics some 15.C-0.Cj3 for planting. New York Cotton NEW YG11K. Feb. 19 lUP)—COt ten closed b'.eady. Oncii High LO-.V Close Mnr 1123 IS'iJ HC8 1110 M^y 1150 11S2 113C 1131! Jill x .. 117-1 m-i HOC 1104 Ort . 12-H mi HBO 1194 Dec 1217 1210 1203 1212 Spots clcscci oui'j'.- at 1120, off 5. New Orleans Cotton l.I\TOI.S'S CABIN SAVE!) Section 2. Before any person, iii-m or corporation s'.iail : ; ell or oiler to sell' any ycods, wares or sarj . ([) rl:stllal merchand;se by suction m said city. al , ction E!llcSi the pci=on. r.ri-.i orcorpoi.ition t.iaH, nec£S5! , ry for first procure Irom the c ^5^£^' crvation of UK FOR RENT 5 Room Bungalow with Garage, Newl 1 ,' Decorated inside. Also 4 Uooni iloiisc. Newly Decorated. L. FOVVUCR I'hone 838 I.IIV .Jllll.^"....^ f j ( ^-(-f,^ s fQ ic public iKacc, lienKh | fc ,, 0 '_'., vl . d , an emergency is dc-' irec-step prc- 'c-rrcmnr,7anES^ nirinrvaniioroiis picc?.^. it is An:oric:in pvo- !; j c:.nin lo ::s orisinai site ::i Cnlc M::r Cc:;nty. :\spr,r: r-f a Lincoln shuie,! May i. pl:ii;v.-d l)j' o'.iiccvs of t!u' Abi.i-; Ju! h.-.:r. Ijnroln Lo;; Caliin AS'o:ii- i Out : '.'iKiy.u nnx'iJL.IH i'.o-- ..^u, ...j;i..i, *•• v... .- - -: to;ni:cte with miyorlcd; c .!>:n ta Chicsiofor exhibition f\.~- 1 Jan Coi'.ou cio.- :d s'.iady. Oi;rn His'n Low Close I122 1122 1107 1110 1H7 11J3 Ii:l5 113!! mi 1172 11G1 1213' 12CO 1133 121(1 1210 12SU 1224 122-t 1217 Cu;ils Relinctl— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. KK-NU CKKANKUS I'liunc J<9 and safely. clared to exist, and this Ordinance ] ]/[{ECKLES shall take c-tfcci and be in force' irom and after its passage. ; rebruary 10. 1931. APPROVED; i NE1LL REED, I Mayor. |ATTEST: S. C. Crai?. City Clerk. 12-1S-2C-5 _, ,_-.,„ - £" Gulf Service Station Bryant Slci\nrt, ^Tgr. local and lonf distance lianiing. •Special rales nn carload lols. Team for local Inulin^. V, K. WASHAJI TRANSFER 1400 Chicltasawln I'hone 851 j Doctors Unable to Kat Dinner Prepared Them WASHINGTON. N. C. iL'i't—t:l- Lir.<^ doctors for uin;ie;- i; a lol of hnvd wor!-: for n:.UiUi.;. if the cNpcrience of Mrs. ii. W. ' Icr, wife of a physician, on b^ taken as an example. While the S5'je3'.s were wniiins; for dinner, the telephone ran;. Ur. DcWilt K!i:tz loft on an o;ncrse:t- cy call. Tv.'O minutes iiiior D;. P. A. Nicliciscn was surmr.cncd ta a Ipal'.enfs side. As dinner wai "001113 j JACK DKi,K ' !?a;-iator Esv-erl, is now'.i I lls New and Used Hacliators For All Cars I .liu-fcson Auto s'ittis 21)13 \V. Main—I'lione GG HAY One bale or a (rain.. E'W COHN'. shttck on, 83c ba SlViieVc off, 86c per bn. in car Jots Cotton Stiles S.ilrs Co,, Inc. Jiivtheville. Avk. Phone 174 or bD 1606. 6£?- p.AMC lo £ AWT IT A SHAWE ? < - ^' V V * f.VJST FES!- . 1T 'I°^-^^ $150,000,000 PMP TO tVAv.RlCW>iSl5 \\?&.\ P.ViOCiJDFO W Tiv wtvx.uow Y.OWG WMV STOIW W\V\. TO 60X.O 0V HOCOM 601.0 K\ UK6 VoOR ' AU. Ml. uaiA W EVE foR W «E,SE^OS. ttS E£T COT UlWt TO B£ PA«> I A, PSftUE 1 . ma PAIO-OS TtiK 0006H FOP OUR. WASil LKAHXS SO.MKTIlINtt ""

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