The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVILLB,. (ARK.) COURIER NEW! COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET Tills Tkkct Will Admit IValt Woods & Companion Blj-liicvillc —to lac— RIT2 THEATER —to sic— "Man'In the. Iron Mask" FLAPPER FANNY COPR. IS19 6V KU Sltmi, l«, J. M. BK. U, 5. TAT. Off. By Sylvia • Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS fora and Country club meeting with Mrs.'O. G: Caudlll. Woman's MSssionaiy Union, First Baptist churcli, Having state missions program, 2:30 o'clock, at churcli. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Roland Green entertaining former WcdncsdnV Contract club. Thursday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Charles AUord. Mrs. Ted King having Double Pour Bridge club. Thursday Dessert club meeting with Mrs. Dee Hammock. Former Local Girl Is Wed In Chicago Of interest here is Hie nnnounce- inent ot the iuarringc of Miss Lorena Bolleiiger, of Chicago, who formerly lived here, to C. S. 1'at- teriEale, of Chicago. Trie wedding took place Snliirdny, Sept. 2, hi Chicago. They will make tlieir home at 6447 South Klm- tork. Miss Bcllenger was connected with the Chicago Mill rmd Lumber company and slso the'Frisco Railway Co.,. here several years ago. She came here from Oran, Mo., where her mother resides. She has :been with the Chicngo Mill find Lumber company in Chicago. Mr. Pattengale is a certified public accountant. * * * Daughler Born A daughter was born to Mr. mid Mrs. Cecil Graves Sunday noon Hi • their home in Pride Addition. The baby-who weighed eight and one half pounds, has been named Bav- fcara Lee. The Graves have, another daughter, Belly Ann, seven years cf nge. : * v * Elect Officers • • ' Mrs. Maja L. skallcr was elected president of the Ladles' Aid of the Temple Israel last night when 10 members of the group met at the Temple, Other officers chosen were: Mrs, Nathan \Veinberg of Osccola, first \ice president; Mrs. Maxv Meyers, second vice president; Mrs. b:uls mrtlon of the , Applebamn, recording secretary; vliicli was explained' Mjs., Rose 9oldberg~; of •" Osccola, tersbh; The missions; corresponding secretnrj'; Mrs.'Mor-1 closed the meeting, rls Eellner, treasurer., ' ; • • Plans were made-.for a benefit |T O Have Blnct. p-ir< Well it's just Hie groceries again. But I always look— it might be that baby brotherIkccp siskin 1 for." •I'l'i-ch yesterday afternoon prccri- Lunch at livclve preceded the by an executive bcnrd meeting business' session After Mrs A S . l " e A "™ x ' _„ | Cecil lind opened with prayer', it is. J 0. Ellis presided <m>r'wns reported that $12 was clcar«ct >oth meetings. The board meeting from the"rutrimnijc" sale held ,. , 7 o • *••*- * "iiimuai; ,->uiu \ni T^riMin nun son It A dism ssed with prayer by Saturday rmd that Ihcre was $2.73 him" he Wl° slop in ce W. Pnttm-sim nn-iinr nf In D^ w.n,,) n ,, f,,.,^ ncme, no «u MOP i" George \V. Patterson, pastor o'l .he dwell. Reports by missionary leaders were given during Council meeting. Wrs. c. A. Tnhl reported for the Sertlin Fuller group, Mrs. E. M. Terry for the Mother Ross division and Mrs. Norwoul Hedge for the Wah Gordon group which has n lew member, Mrs. Jaincs Crooks. In the birthday fund. The pnrty for Mrs. Flnkten followed, Ehe is (lie former Miss Gladys Smotherman. 'Mrs.. J, M. Goad dismissed with prayer. • » » Have IVograni iljceliiijf Mrs. James A. Overholser \vns lender of the devotional and pr;- grnin presented for members of the --,- ,..,-...- *.» ,, VHHIVO \j± WnO t »««••• i" '.oviiivii iv/j lilEillUUIli yi lilt. Mrs. Russell Barhnm rend the Woman's Auxiliary of the First n>!»ules. Presbyterian church when they The devotional period was open- had their program meeting ycster- td with a song. Mrs. Renkert Wet- day uftcrnoiu at the church. eukamp read the scripture from The tlcmtioiml topic was "Jesus he sixth chapter of Matthew. The The Broad or LUe" In eLS" Lords prayer was given in unison. the program subject. "What Would Mrs. . Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe presented n Happen If Our Church Stoiioc'l Ovorhote r a , . a Christ assisted by the Rev. Mr Ovcrlrlser " ' Mr. Pat- pastor, who „._„„.,„ uencdictlon Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thoi topic was "We Would 'Prrlxibly Lose Our Identity If We Stopped Teaching"; F. D. $ next meelin, cf the Aid ! £'" dub fo will be in the home. of Mrs. L. K. meeting this mornV Harwarg of Osccoln, Oct. 12. Mrs. Kendall Berry Is In charec Slate Missions Program Begun liy liaptisl Union Tlie state missions program which is ta be given three days this week by the Woman's Missionary Union of the First Baptist church was begun yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Harry Fritzius was leader. Meetings will be held this afternoon and lonurrow afternoon. ' Love Is the Theme" was the subject of Mrs. Fritzms' program. She was ssslsted by 'Mrs. H. H. Brooks, who talked <n "Spreading the Gospel in Our O*« State," snei Mrs. M. C. Outlaw, who discussed "How the Gospel is Preached Today." Mrs. Marion Williams gave the ctcvctional -which was based on the program subject. Two cHiPis "Oh Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go" and "All to Jesus" were sung by Mrs. Paul L. Tipton and Mrs. Bussell Farr. They -acre accompanied by Mrs. Murray Smart. Two scenes Oxm "Lcs Mlserablcs" by Victor Hugo were given by Mrs Lloyd Slirtmcm before Mrs. Chnrle-; Ncwcomb offered the closing prayer. found! Mccls The Woman's council of (lie Christmti church met al the I ""commUtec ™° , ^' «'' °-^'' •'« l 'P° c lo «'« Braup about Arkansas . wh L, D ' Vt1C ? V1ill J' UlC t>r3 f 5 'of the advance ticket sale which ^ '*" '°^ 1 wll ' ch hc re l' ort «l '» Eood C0! » lill< ">- He asked the co- opcratl:n tind support of the church in carrying out the college's pro probably open Friday Officers Arc Electcrt. Mrs. O. cd preside. X O. Hnrdottay was elect- f al ", ""f 1 reco Sent of the St. Stephen's f °L, l " c Yol)l) E i _i >. , . ,. Plnnv \\-prf gi'am and recommended the school neon In were mnde for attending -- -- bc held In npl lai church yesterday after- ltF ' ans were mnde foi In a meeting at the home " lc 8r° u P conference lo of Mrs. F. L. Engler. .West Mcmpliis soon. Officers chosen to work with i Mrs. Hardawny are: Miss Ellse MaSOHS Will Meet Mcorc, vice president; Mrs. Roberl L.. SlockeU, treasurer; Mrs Ralph Farrar, sccrelary. Honor Mrs. flnklca Al All Day Meeting. Wednesday Night Bits of Newt, Mostly PenonaU Talks About Business Women In A Democracy Mrs. OJIIe M. Scott, of Marion,' was the principal speaker at the Nrmp dinner meeting of the business and Professional Woman's club last night nl the Hotel Noble. She discussed the club slogan for (he | year, "Business Women In a Dem-; 1 ofrEtcy." . , i Group singing Jed by Mrs. J, G.' Barnc-.s- opened (lie meeting which p a \ r tt'iis attended by 16 members and O f Bursts, Mrs. Alton Jiiggers played ] |),| s TUJCSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1931). Miss , Lallla H»IC, MISS Shaver, Bill Chamblin Ralph p» rfar aiul B,\J p . „ i'air Art And Floral Exhibits Youth Joins United States Navy George W. B.irliam l.s n btalncss 'islloi- In Joncsboio today. . , Mrs. A. M. Bull, Miss Ruth null Mrs. Faimworth iilack and Mrs' W. n. Minynrd s|xii)t ye.slcfday in Tlptonville, Tenn, Mrs. I!<1 Lee and son, John Ed of Brownsville, Tenn., sire spending a few days here Vim Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Sntpcs. They returned home yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Snipes who had spent n week's acation willi them and in Memphis. Mrs. MntMc Allen, who has spent three months in Flint with her son, w. S. Allen, and family, tind lu Detroit with her nephew, 0. f(. Gillini, and fiunlly, returned hcmc Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Allen and family motored her far as Tcrre Haute, Ind., w .•-he wns met by Mr, and Mrs. H. Ir « used i he re»ent " Olline Ernest Story, ot Slccle, Joined the United States Navy in Memphis yesterday and was sent to Nashville for final examination Mid enlistment. Clark ers in During dinner, Miss Marie Of ))lal]0 JilcctlOllS lllvMrt "n "i n"" """, Ilw ,S« i?' 88 and Mrs ' Ocol '8e l "' ,W. Barhaw. «lio arc ' nhh president of (he club, an- noimced |)liins for the year and alw welcomed (he guesl.s. Besides n , Mrs. Scott, were Mrs. Willie I „ Adams and Mrs. Margaret Jenkins. J both of Marion, who came with! . these displays. in charge of , . C. Allen and son. En route horn they spent the nlshl in Efiualll, III., with Mrs. R, C, Allen's aunts,' )lfl < 1 " Mrs. Dcvall, and Mrs. Womnck, . """ Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Vick and son, Kinnif, of Los Angeles, rc- turned home yesterday after having visited Mr. VIck's sister, Mis. C. G. Hires, and tamily. Mrs. Hires' daughter, Mis. J. W. Dunn Jr. cf Union City, Tenn., who came over to spend last week (he speaker, ami Mrs. Ben Mis. W. T. Oborst, Mrs. and Mrs. T. R. Ivy. Mrs. Scott discussed rc-IMiom; between government, and the economic affairs ot Its citizens and l>n!iitcd out several advnnlngas of being R member cf the Business nnrt Professional Woman's club and ol what il means to the Individual. Among ndvnnlages listed ' were: mingling with old friends, lie.uing discussions of various ideas, keeping posted on World Wide Activities and (raveling. Mrs. Artnms extended an invitation lo members of the club to fil- tend the district, conference lo be West Memphis, Nov. 11 with them, returned home Sunday. Mr. Dunn came over for her. Tickets On Sale For Stage Show Tickets have been placet) on sale for the Little Theater production, "Night Must FYill," by Emlj'n Wil- llallls 1T '' ic " H '" °P e » "Us year's ir. uumi came over lor ner. ,: , ••••• ->~" »•"» i™.-, Wank Hulfnmn, of Stccle, spent f. cason Wednesday night, Oct. 4, at Sunday here with relatives. . Hie city auditorium. Frank Mnnctiso left yesterday rhc su c c css of this show will de- mornina for his home In Houston. le ™ !r >e Hie cciitinuation of the • program alitllncd lor this year. In addition to this mystery drama, the group plans to present a comedy probably "Penny wise", a drama "Ilie Sliming Hair" and a melo- Tex., after spending ft few davs here with Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend and son, R. A. En route for a visit with Thomas Pullig, a teammate with whom he ployed Imseuall here In 1937. B. B. Goodman, of Memphis, hns come here lo'-'be associated with the Haniaway" Cotton company. Eculic B. David attended lo business in Litllc Rock last week. drama. Miss Patty shanc is in charge of the sale of tickets which may be secured from any member of the organization. An English selling is being designed by Mrs. L. L. 'Hubeiier and Graham Wright for the ' plav Mrs, J. F. Nebhut, and daughter, I Robert Go:drich is in charge of Miss Willie Ncbhut, nnd Miss Mary i lighting; Mrs. John' M. Vendes Rcvellc and their houscgucsl, Mvs. advertising! -Jack O'Keefe pro- EiigBic TcngiiB of Scarcy, spent,, grams; Miss Lois Hooper,' script Siintlny in Arlington, Tenn., with i holder; Miss Margaret Shaver Mr. and Mrs. Barton Bond and I properties; Mrs. Ralph Farrar family. Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Teaguc make-up; Miss Mildred Moore' arc also daughters of Mrs. Nebhul. sound effects. ' ' Among the cut of town people Miss Kathn-n Grear' Is workiiy iicre Sunday for the funeral of out the musical effects which high- Mi's. Olfo Shide. formerly of here light the play. Mrs. Charles Cohoon and laic of Lima, Ohio, \verc:|tllrectori has an experienced cast f-i Mrs. Leonard Hudson of Chatta . a, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs, Julius Shlde and daMRhtcr of Memphis, aiid Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Former :\n& sou ol Lima. Mr, and Mrs. Former and son nnd Wrs. Hiulscn stayed Sunday nlglit here as guests of Miss Mabie Hogan. Mr. and Mrs, Clarence II. Wilson and Eddie B. David spent Sim- day In Memphis. At The Hospitals Ulylbc'rillc liqsjiitul A. U. Rusliiiig, Coofcr. dismissed. iHcini'lus Baptist hospital Mrs. D. C. Reid, city, admitted. Mrs. Ruih Gllboiv, Lnscra, ad- milled. Walls (li)spital Mnrv Ann Michic. Stcelc. admitted. John Marion Serimcr, city atl- millcd. *n . iv.iiyu nun Tlic all day meeting of the 'Wo- 7 ..30 o'clock, Chlckosawba Lodge 131 will meet Mrs. S. G. Shclton and baby. Mae MrElivrath. in regular convocation in the! city, dismissed, ledge hall Wednesday night ill! Mrs, Methodist church .it | homo of Mrs. Tcra vitcri to « yesterday afternoon was i Reed said ixcd with a kitchen shower' ior Mrs. Berry Finklea, recent bride, Besides Mrs. Finklea. otlur guests were Miss Amy Rulh Morns and Mrs. j. N, Hill. Barter. .,, lae Worship- Lcacliville. dismissed. today. . Masons are cordially In- Mcdinc Robinson, Dcering, dismissed. Rend Courier News Want Ads. the show ivhlch- includes the folJowltig: • Mrs. R. P. Kirshner • Mrs Charles Morehead, Miss Elizabeth Gst Relief From Chills and Fever! Don't put up with terrible Malaria. Don't endure the wracking chills and fever. At first sisn of the dread discaso lake Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Mad" especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless qumidinc anrj ivuii Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ac- unlly combats Malaria infection In the blood. Relieves the awful chvlh »"5| fever. Helps you feel bcltei /•J, h ,°S sat - ld5 lake Grove's Tosleltss Chill Ionic for Malaria and sweat by it. Pleasant to lake, too. Ever crnl.-lrcn lake it without a \vh:mpc>r Don t suffer and sufYer. At Ma- jhrla s first sign, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drug. Stores. Buy the large six.e as is fjivos vou mu:h move for your money. Despite (lie urolith (|,. dmlrmcn believe thut there will be a goxlly >v,'ers eiilt'iTrl and (ho nises to e\'cee;l hat of past years. Mr. Clark Will judge Howers \Ved- -, E. Dickey, Mrs. John C. Larklii ind Airs. J. w. Wade of Hfemphis I'll! judge Thursday at 10-30 I'clock. Mrs. Louise Clark, Miss Catherine }rr and Mrs. Walter Pjirk, of tonphls. «'ill judge art Wednesday morning, Mrs. Eld:n D. Uo»crs, dire-ctor or Hie Woman's Division of the Meni- Jliis fair, and Miss Sfargaret Rioh- irds, .secretary, will visit the fair, coining up especially to vie-.v the~ women's displays and while here vill be euesls of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hnjg. Mrs. Barlmm and Mrs. BUBS will 3C assisted by Mrs. Prank Glisson )f Memphis, and Dale Miller at the wo boollis during the five days liey will bc open. Civii ,, r vkle tll!lt > ions ucw proof private pilot s (TO HIMSELF) sues GOT tVERYTHING A MAN WAtiTS- > PERSONALITY, A WONDERFUL I DISPOSITIOH; .MDPLtHIYOF \ PEP-I'LL POP THE QUESTION" airplane certificates may secure a certificate for gliding after pass- .tig an examination after 25 lllghts or after ftvc hours of Ing soaring time. i r iiiiiii NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Por Prompt laundry and Cleaning Servict Former Local_Resicient 111 At Denver, Colorado Mrs, B. c. Walker, prominent resident of Blythcville a number of years ago. is critically ill In Denver, Colo., where bhe has made her home since leaving this city. A message sent here yesterday i>y her son. B. C. Walker'Jr., snkl that physicians expected her to live only a few days. In ill health for five months, she was removed to a hospital two months ngo. Mr. and Mrs. Walker and son went to Denver when Mr. Walker contracted tuberculosis a number of years ago. Later, they were joined by Mrs. Walker's mother, - Mrs. E. V. Tunstill, who resided with them vmtil her death several years ago attcr having been a blind invalid for n Ung time. Mr. Walker is much improved in health at this Women ol charm and popularity arc usually full of sparkling pep and vitality, which makes them attractive to others. Often—and especially in the case of those who are overworked, who .spend long hours indoors and don't Get: sufficient sunshine and exercise and who have no appetite—the lack of normal vigor, lisMessucss and "that run-down feeling" may bo 1 clue to simple anemia, which is caused by a deficiency of iron in the blood. Sargon, the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcoming iron deficiency in the blood, tending to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person, with new pep ahd vitality and a better appetite. Get a bottle of Sargon totlay at our risk. If yon are not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without question. Kirby Drug Co. STANDARD TIRES GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON I'lirnacc Oil Stove Oil I)ic;cl Fuel ri-.oncs: Bay COS, Nitflil 318 Hisirilmtnr of VHILUJ'S "GO" I'KODUCTS UNO YOUR 010 TIRE 4.40-21 4.50-21 PRpPORTtONATELV LOW/ l.isftii 10 1'hf Vnict of firttlwt U'ftft Marsarn Sptds an<l At/rut tPalleitlltm, Mo>i<t*\ tien'vw, n.VloHu'iJc A T . U. C Ked tfetteori PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. | Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. 1 5tli * Walnut Phone 810 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Price. m •—--*-vi «>uoi ii ice* Kirby Drug Stores If it hosn'i a Wavemagntt •.. il isn't a Zenilh Hfli.l4D4U-.iurt, - --• '-"nv, or ra.ho8.ny. VWve ti)uippcd..,fi n . 95c DOWN HARDAWAY APPLIANCE COMPANY Slh & Slain • - - $1.60 WE 1'lionc 431 BIG CLOSE-OUT SALE OF New Ford V-8 Cars MUST SELL THIS WEEK TO GET READY FOR THE 1940 MODELS Good Tiade In Allowances Liberal Low-Rate Terms PHILL SthandWvlnul Phone S10 As An Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With The High Quality Of BARNSDALL PRODUCTS, NEW STEELE MISSOURI SERVICE STATION Offers You .ons Of Barnsdall "74"' Octane Gasoline With The Purchase Of 5 Quarts Of BARNSDALL MOTOR OIL! IP purchaser docs not noecl llu: oil a.I. lime of purchase, ho will receive ;i ticket for Hie 5 quarts of oil. The ticket, will he good at any .(.imc. This Offer Good Wed,, Sept. 27lh Through Sun., Oct. 1st *-*•*-*-* ALSO 2-FOR-l TIRE SALE! I Buy One Barnsdall Tire and Receive Another Absolutely Free 2 Gallon Can of Paraffin Base Motor Oil Sold on iMoiiev-Hack Guarantee ;i! *J$J Gal. U. S. Specilicalion G;isoliiio ;il IDc per Gal. Tax incliuit'il. FStEE + WITH ALL niKCHASGS '" Paul Cooper 1'hil Harbor —Ol'EKATOKS ARK— "Service At Your Service" . .SAT,. &. SUN. I';ml. Coojier I'hil Bal-bcr

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