The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTLLE fARIU COURIER NEWS . JAN. 14. 195? Generals Who.Became President William Harrison cut start a medical ccuwr to fighHndioiu on the frontier. His most forrwui victory woi ot the Bottle of Tippccanoe in .Indiana. When the Indians refused to cede their ancestral land, he marched into the region on Oct. 11, 1811, and joun<fly thrashed Tccumseh, Here was born rn* "Hero of Tippccanoe." The panic of 1837 gave th Whigs ammunition for the candidate. Harrison/ th first candidate to mak . wot depicted a After service in the War of 1812, Harr was twice trie Ohio representative Congress, then o member of th* state legislature and finally o distinguished U. S, senator. the man or the p*op!e. A peeling to tfie emotion's rh« nation, Tiopccon ond Tyler too" were swe into offke in 1841. By Ray Ellis and Ed Kudlaty "Old Tip" was a man of mediocre talent and modest attainment. Me owed hit preferment to military fame rather than statesmanlike qualities. The new West was the, scene of his fame ond h& found his way to th« presidency over the some road as did JaeJcjon, After one month aj P«sJ. dent, he died of pneumonia. Joy Wants Snow .eft on Street GIEK COVB, N. Y. <H')— The Cily Council last night received his let- er from 8-year-old James Curran : ( "I want to complain about the way all the streets are sanded every time it snows. Why can't one sireet be blocked oil In each section !or sleigh riding?" Mayor Joseph A, Stance ordered his public works and public safety commissioners to make a survey. Blytheville Pu Acquires 54 ,Bl>'ihevi)]e Public Library lias acquired 54 new boohs for its shelves, it was announced today. Thirty-eight of the volumes were donated as memorials. They were: In < memory ,of Edwin Harmon Caldwell — "United Nations mul World Community" by FeUcr, given by Mr. and Mrs/Charles DrogOon. In memory of Chtirlt-s' E. Criggcr, Sr.—"Revised Version of the Bible," donated by Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Johnston nnri Mr .and Mrs. J, N, Williams. Jr.; "Birds of Anicrlcfi," by AudHbon. Mr. and Mrs, Floyd White; "George Washington/* Vol. 3 k by Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pcndler; "The Chrislmns _ Book," V/eiser. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Old, Jr.; "A Christmas Anthology of_ Poetry and Paintings," Campbell, Mr, and Mrs. Alvln Huffman, Jr.; "George Washington," Vols. I nnd'2. Mr. rind Mrs. .C. W. Affllck; "George Washington," Vol. 4, Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Taylor; "The Kintjs of ihe Road," Purely, Mr, and Mrs* Johnny Marr; "The Big Top," Bradna, Mr. and Mrs. H, A. Nelson; "History of the South," by Slmpkins, and *'Palth for Tough Times." by Pos<lick, Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Nash. "Great Stars of the American Stage," Blum, Mr. and Mrs, Unrry W. Halnes and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Kaines; "The Folks nt Home," Hal- Bey, Mr. and Mrs, E. J, Cure; "Art Treasures of the Metropolitan,' Taylor, Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Stlck- mon and Mr. and Mrs. Murnij Smart; "Portraits," Reynolds, Mr and Mrs. Russell C. Fair; "Complete Poems and Plays of T. S. El- blic Library New Books ol," Mr. and Mrs, Robert^. Klrsh- ncr; ''Bob Mntiiias, Champion of Champions," Scoot, Mr. and Mr.s. C. W. Onrrigan; "Heart *of Emerson's Kssays," Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. C. L, McWalers; "Tire Shape of Sunday," Dawsoti, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crafton; "Science Magic," Swexcy. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Bon.slcy; "Greatest Story Ever Tolri," Diiriler, and "Arkansas," Wilier*' Program, Mr, and Mrs, K. B. Thomas, "Idaho," Writers' Program, Mr. and Mis. Robert K. Illaylock; "Colorado," Writers' Program, Mr. find Mrs, Frnnk Wbllworth; "Anwlctir, Painter's Handbook," Tan bos, Mr. and Mr.s. Chester Caldwell; "81- ronia Texas," VoL I, Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. E. R, Mason; "Americana Annual, 1052," Mrs. W. W. Hawkins nnd Mrs. Kathleen Thomas; "The Lowells and Their Seven Worlds/ Grccnslel, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy C. Turner. Jr.; "Men of Science In America," Jaffe, Mr and Mrs. Jerry McGovern; "Hell's Angels."/Gll- brcln, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brog- doh; ''Abraham Lincoln," Vol. 5 Sandburg, Mr. and Mr.s, William D ChambHti; In memory of Cecil Hale—"Vcar In, Year Out," Millie, Mr, and Mrs George Wiggs; r 'Spcr*man's Country," Poattle, Mr. and Mr.s. C. W Gnrrltran, In memory of Mrs. Hallle Johnson—"The Story of the Other Wise Man,". Van Dyke, Mrs, James Hill Jrj; "The Magic Circle," Untcrmey- er, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Mo dlngcr., In memory of Mrs. P. N. Lutlrell— 12 Are Killed In B50 Crash OROV1LLE, Calif. W) — An Air Force 7150 on a training flight crashed ye.slerday In a rice field, killing all 12 crewmen. The Air Force tentatively blamed he crash on mechanical trouble. Flying conditions were Kaad. The crash was west of Grldley. Officials withheld crewmen's names. Casualties Identified WASHINGTON Wi—The Defense Department today Identified 23 Korean War cnsnalllwi in a new list No. 128 which reported 4 dead and 22 wounded. Korea Medic Treats Dying G/, Then Learns It's His Twin "Fashions !n Furnishing," Lee, Mr. iintl Mrs. W. TJ. Homer; In memory ol Walter Ross Moore •"Twelve Men ot Acllon," Toyn- bce, Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Qrogclon. Other new hooks plncecl on the shelves were "Biography of an I d c a," BainbrltlKc; "Charlotlc's Vyeb." White; "Clock Strikes Thirteen," Brean; "Comrmcheros." Wellman; "Death by Association,' Lockridge; "Dickie Boy find the Litlle Step." Becker; "The Doctor Tnkes n Wife," Sclfcrt; "A Hole Is to Dip,"; "Juniper Tree." Baldwin; "Man Who Died Twice," Coxo; "Mnry Pop pins in the Park," Travers; "Otnrvtnctits and Designs," Plncek; "Personality Plus," Dal.v; "Steamboat on the River," Telnet; •'Vocntlonnl Guidance M n n u n 1;" "Woman with the Whip, Eva Peron," Flores. SKOUL l/P—A young U. S. Army medic treated his first combat cas-i unity In Korea recently without at first realizing (he dying 1 sol-1 (tier was his twin brother. Pvt. Irwln Kletz, 21, Rock Island, III., did nol recognize his twin tin- tlj he and Iwo other soldiers lifted the brother, Edv-'in, into a litter jeep. Edwin died later at an aid station. Irwln treated Edwin in a shallow trench Just one year to the day from the time the twins entered the service. The surviving twin was taken off the 'Hue and will accompany the body of his brother home. The story was carried today in Pacific Stars and Stripes. It was written by Pfc Jtni Morrisscy, correspondent for the armed services newspaper at the U. S. 40th Division. The young medic said he wa so busy treating the wounded so diet that he did not recognize hir immediately. "You do not have time to worr about whom you are treating a a time lll^e that," he sold. "1 rolled him over,' the medic i related, "ripped open his shlrl, and exposed a -small wound In his chest," As JrivJii storied to npply a bandage, the wounded man raised his head and moaned, Invln, not looking up from his work; said: "Take it easy, buddy, you are going to be all right." Irwln got his first look at his patient's face when he and two other soldiers lifted the wounded man into an evacuation litter jeep. "I knew," said Irwtn, "thai I had done everything possible for Vanderbilt Estate To Son, Daughter NEW YORK WV—Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, society leader who died a weelt ago, left mwt of her estate, estimated at Hi million dollars. In trust tor her son and daughter. Her will, filed yesterday for probate in Surrogate's Court, names the son and daughter—Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. ol Beverly Hills Calif., and Grace Vanderbilt Steven: of New York—as principal heirs. him on the hill, so I followed hln down in another jeep. "I thought he was wounded only sllRbtly. when I arrived al th collecliiiB station, the doctor tolc me he was -dead." , makes a// yoar coo/e/na Negro Prefers South Prison to Those of .North CLEVELAND MI)-" 'Are y° u sur « W want to do this?" the Judge asked Uie 28-yenr-old Negro charged with a K, unarmed robbery. Yes," replied CarUlyou Armstrong yesterday, Insisting that he wanted to return to Alabama's Kilby Prison to finish a robbery term which has 97 years and 8 months to go. Armstrong, charged with robbery, explained he had been a trusty at Kllby. 'They treated me nil right," :ie said. He insisted he enjoyed life :here before he escaped June 1950. •You are the first colored person I ever heard of that preferred a Southern prison to a Northern one." said Common Pleas Judge Frank J. Merrlck. Then the judge ordered the prosecutor's office to notify Alabama authorities their prisoner wants lo'go home. Armstrong was '• sentenced to 99 years from Margengo County, Ala- NfMONTHLYCRAMPSl NOT EVEN ON FIRST DAY You may be suffering needlessly from the functionally-caused cramps, pain and weak, "no good" feelings due to menstruation! For — In actual tests by doctor.? — Lydia Pijikhnm'.s Compound stooped or gave amazing relief of such distress In 3 out of 4 of the cases . . , even on the very first and worst day of the monthly period! LyJiaPinkham'slswodern in itscictforiF So get LydEa E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound — or new, improved Tablets wllh added Iron. See It — taken throughout the month — it doesn't relieve those cramps, backaches, jitters — help you fed better before and during your period' Or — it you sillier from functional "hot flash" wo Drake for Swan On City Council SAN V1BCO. Calif, (tP'i— A Drak* hopes to succeed a Swan as a city councilman. Thomas D. Drake, retired Army colonel, yesterday took out nomination papers for First, District councilman. Vice Mayor Franklin F. Swan ha» announced he will not seek a second term as councilman from the First District. bama. March 8, 1948. He wa« arrested here iu the holdup of delicatessen owner Tom Ayna, 68. — ashes" ol "change of life," find out ftoi onderful Piitkham'3 is for that, 'too oot n h** ft tulellnt eff uletlne ronlrattlon* lh»< L xnv cauat tn*TL*trcjJ Read Courier News Classified Ad«, Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight and Firm Snug Den lure Cushions are * triumph of science, a sensational new plastic re-lining that gets rid of the annoyance ami irritation of loose, bndly fitting false teeth. Snug raeea sore, Irritated gums due to loose fitting dentures. Applied in. a few minutes, makes the wobbliest plates* stay firmly in plate — gives perfect comfort. Kat corn-on-the-cob, steaks, apples — tnlk, laugh as you please — plater "slay put," firmly, solidly. Harmless to gums or dentures. Snug re-liners can last from 2 to 6 months. Stays soft and pfinbic — does not harden and ruin plate. Peels right out when replacement is needed. No daily bother with adhesives. Get Snuff Denture Cushions today! 2 liners for upper or lower platen ?1.50, Money back if not satisfied. ON DISPLAY TOMORROW -lilt 1953 Elcad Courier News Classified Ads A Iff INSPHMtJ ON KIM HE AUTOMOTIVE Pit BV THE I" 11 F VI I F It BUILDER. OF THE \|-\ ENGINE ! JANUARY SALE OF COTTONS Special Purchase — New Spring Styles $9 Cohrlaslpercalei Ji, Mlstet', wmea'i NOTE THESE STYLES Proved best sellers in zip, shirtwoisl, buHcw- f font coot types. Many are copies of higher- priced styles. All are fully cut—well-mode —youthfully slyled. Buy now, sov«. NOTE THESE FEATURES Big pattern choice. Pretty fioral cluster*. Slimming pencil stripes. Checks. PLalds. Geometries. Many with band-box fresh Irimi in while waffle pique or eyelet. INO.UDED ARE MANY 2.79 AND 2.98 DRESSES FROM REGULAR STOCK SALE ENDS JAN.' 24TH IMPROVEMENT HIGHLIGHTS DYNAMIC NEW 210 H.P. ENGINE VASTLY IMPROVED HYuRA-MATK DRIVE ADVANCED POWER STEERING* BREATH-TAKING NEW INTERIORS NEW CADILLAC AIR CONDITIONER* MORE BEAUTIFUL EXTERIOR STYLING EVEN GREATER OPERATING ECONOMY A great new inspiration for the automotive world will be on display in our showroom tomorrow. It's the 1953 Cadillac—the latest triumph of Cadillac's engineering and styling genius. (J Its beauty alone woiild place this new motoring creation among Cadillac's all-time "greats"—for its innumerable exterior changes have made it simply breath-taking to behold. <J Its interiors, too, are dramatically new—offering the most beautiful fabrics and appointments ever available in a motor car. (J And for those who desire the ultimate in comfort, a wonderful new Cadillac Air Conditioner* is now available, (f Hut the heart of this new Cadillac's greatness lies in its performance—so extraordinary that it transcends any previous concept of how a motor car should act and handle. (J This magnificent performance comes from many sources. (J It comes from Cadillac's improved Hydra-Matic Drive. (J It comes from Cadillac's advanced Power Steering* —so marvelous that turning and parking and steering become almost a response to your wish. (J And it comes—in even greater measure—from Cadillac's great new 210 li.p. engine . . . the dramatic climax of almost 40 years of unduplicated experience in t!icdesign and construction of V-S engines. (J \Ve sincerely urge you to see and drive this great motor car. Cf 11 is offered in three new series—the be.iutifiil "Sixty-Two," th« luxurious "Sixty Special" and the distinguished "Seventy-Five." There is also Cadillac's new sports convertible, the Eldorado—the most glamorous and exciting creation in the whole of Cadillac history. (J Why not see them soon? SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phon« 4578

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