The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1949
Page 10
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FRIDAr, AUGUST », BLYTHBVn.I.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAUJJ TEN ShivleyNaines22 Post Committees New Commander of Legion Announce* Selections for Year E. N. Shirley, commander of Dud-Cason Post 24 of ttie American Legion, yesterday announced the selection of member: of the 22 •landing committees of the Blylhe- ville pott to serve during the coming ye»r. The selections were made by Commander Shlvley tins week. Members of the committees are: Executive Committee—E. A. Rice, J. R. Johnson, Dick White. Charles BiUner, Eddie Burks, James Nier- sthelmer, James Roleson, J. R. Stovall, Poy Etchieson, Rosco Craf- lon, Speck McGregor, Bill Looper, Floyd A. White, H. 1,. Halsell, ST., H. a. Parilow, Louis Greene, the Rev. Roy Bagley, Joe Travis and C. A. Cunningham. Veterans Housing Quarters Committee—James Nlerstheimer, chairman; Oscar Fendler, H. G. Partlow, William Tegethoff, Rosco Craflon and Doyle Henderson. Auditorium Committee — Dick White, E. A. Rice, and James Nierstheimer, each to serve for one year; T. F. Dean, and Rosco Oral- ton, two years, and Paul Mahon, three years. House Committee—Eddie Burks, chairman. Employment Committee — H. I.. Halsell, Jr., chairman; J. M. Cleveland and Don Stearns. Membership Committee — Louts Greene and E. A. Rice, co-chairman; James Nlerstheimer, Wade Jefferles, and Paul Mahon, Child Welfare Committee—Marshall Blackard, chairman; J. R Stovall. Bryant Stewart, Reginald Mclntosh, Pulton Ellis, Lonnle Fill gham. Visiting Committee — James Roleson, chairman; C. J. Little and Virgil Shancylclt. Finance Committee — Charles Blttner, chairman; Jack* Owen, Joe Evans and W. J. Pollard. Physical Property CominlUci Speck McGregor, chairman, Louis J. Zeller and Frank Ellis. Athletic Committee—James Nierstheimer, chairman; Paul Mahon Joe Travis, Bennie Hessle, Frank Doss, E. A. Matthews, Mike Meroney. H. I,. Halsell. St.. Carl Matthews, Raymond Bomar and Luther Pearce. Entertainment Committee—J. R, Johnson, chairman; Marshall Blackard, Ira Koonce, I,. C. Posey, H. L. Halsell, Jr., W. J. VanCIeve, Garland Moody, Lloyd Kolwyck R H. Watson. Americanism Committee — Dick White, chairman: James R. Fisher Joe Whitley, W. D. Tommcy. James Oates, Kenneth Richardson and Lee Richardson, Jr. Legislative Committee — Jimmy Edwards, chairman; L. H. Autry C. J. Little and Tvy W. Crawford. Publicity Committee—Foy Etchieson, Chairman; Harry A. Kalnrs George Clark, A. A. Fredrlckson and Clint Caldwell. Permanent Building Committee H. L. Halsell, Sr.,'chairman, Rosco Crafton and Roy Morris. Eligibility Committee—Bill I.oop- er. chairman: Jack Henry aru Clarence Myrick. Ceremonial Committee — Rosco Crafton, chairman: Robert Reeder James Parks, J. R. Johnson and the Rev. Roy Bagley. Judicial Committee—H. G. Part low, chairman; Arthur S. Harrison Oscar Fendler «nd C. A. Cunning, ham. Service Committee—J. R. sto vail, chairman; J. M. Cleveland and Don Stearns. Ways and Means Committee — Floyd A. While, chairman; Chri Tompkim. E.. B. Woodson. Boy Scout Committee — J. V Oates. chairman: R. A. Porter. Ho* Stevens and Worth Holder. Memphis River Engineers Show New Levee Machine MEMPHIS. Aug. 12 fAP>—The Memohis District of the U.S. Engineers have taken the wraps off its newest piece ol flood control equipment on the Mississippi River. TVs a new $I,400.COD diesnl-clcc- Iric floatinr revetment plant which is now being used to lay alirmt SOW feet of articulated concrete mattress on the west bank of the Mississippi River. j The work is part of n project in- trded to give additional protcc- ' tion to tlir Arkansas bank of the [ river neir West Memphis. Plans were set up !wt night to 4 gear Mississippi County's icouUnc Boy Scout Age Limits Revised To Conform With National Unit irogram to a recent national hange In membership. The membership «ge« war* changed last night it a meeting if the North Mississippi County District Scout at the City Hall. The changes, according to R. A. 'orter, chairman, will become «f- eclive September 1. Mr. Porter pointed out that the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America lowered the ages, and that the executive board if the Eastern Arkansas Area Coun•il elected to make the change, also. It was after this decision that he county council acted. The executive board from Mlss- ssippl county included Mr. porter, Harold Ohlendorf of Osceola, Philip Deer Of Wilson, Steve Ralph of Osceola, L. G. Nash, Cecil Lowe, Ross Stevens, James Terry and J.M. Cleveland, nil nf nlythcvllle. (.'an Be Cubs When Klght Under the changed membership >!an, any boy eight years old and tot yet 11 may become a Cub Scout. If he Is now registered as a Cub Scont and is 11, his registra- lon as a Scout will be automatic. Ranks In Cub Scouiing will be he same, but in each case the age required has been lowered one 'car. A wolf rank ';,ill be at the age of eight; a bear at the age of nine; a lion rank at the age or 10, and the wcbelos rank 9,'ill be to (hose 10',4 years old. Mr. Porter said that a great num- >er of boys in this group would >e affected by the change, and it Is expected that new Cub Packs will be required tr accomodate the additional boys. New Activities for CHdtr Boys Any boy 11 years old and not yet 14 may become n Boy Scout, and new Scout troops are being set up in accordance with this new ruling. In this classification one of the major changes was the designation of all Scouting Troops, with boys over 1-1, to Uc Explorer Scouts, whether they are in troops or spec- aliped units. At present there are jwo Explorer Posts and one Sea Ship in Mississippi County, and others arc being planned. It has been estimated that 1,250.000 boys will be affected by the change, with that many eight-year- old boys added to the Boy Scouts annually. H will also expand the program to phases of scouting more ink-resting to the older scouts. Toft is Critical Df Democratic Tactics in Senate WASHINGTON, Aug. 1J. (AP) — Senator TaJt (H-Ohio> accused the Democrats today of trying to bypass him in a proposed new inves- igatlon of labor-management rela- tons. Taft told a reporter he thinks here Is a definite move afoot among Jemocratic members of the Labor Committee to leave him and other upporttrs of the Tall-Hartley act proposed new inquiry try It— and they have given every sign they will — I'm gong to fight It in the Senate," the Ohloan said. He said he and senators Donnell R-Mo) and Smith (R-NJ), who developed the bill which the Senate passed as a substitute for the administration's Tail-Hartley re- pealer, weren't invited to join in ;pori5oring an investigation resolu- ion now ready for Senate action. The resolution, setting up a $25,000 funp lor an inquiry into labor- m?nagement relations — including the operation o fthe Tuft-Hartley act— won approval Wednesday of It by Sicily's Armed Bandits Kidnap Wealthy Baron PALERMO, Sicily, Aug. 12— (ff>> — Armed, masked bandits kidnapped 62-year-old baron today, the fourth rich Sicilian tt> be seized for ransom In the past few days. Police blamed the kidnapping; on Salvatore Giuliano's bandit gang which has terrorized Sicilian mountainsides near Palermo for more than two years. The baron, Gabrele Dara, was kidnappe^ while riding in a bus with some 20 other persons about 30 miles from Palermo. The other passengers were not harmed. Dara's seizure was followed by a ransom note demanding 100.000,000 lire ($173,000). out of roup. they "If MemphisCottonExchange Receives Itt First 7949 Half from Arkansas Farm MEMPHIS, A>(. It. «">-Th« Cotton Kxehange here h»« received (he flni bale ,t the IN* •eason. The tale, H* UnUUr* mod itapk r*»«r<«4 at one and 3-32 tacIlM, wu [Town bjr S. E. Se«U ft Wert Helen*, Arkansas. the Senate Rules Committee, previous had been approved :he Labor Committee over Tuft's protests Senator Murray (D-Monl), a vigorous opponent of the Taft-Hartley act. Is expected to head the labor subcommittee. It would hold hear- incs and report to Congress by next January 15. Amnesia Victim Held By Oklahoma Officers SAPULPA, Okla.. Aug. 12. (API — A man of mystery in blue denim, believed to be an amnesia victim, wa.s being held here for information as to his identity. The latest clue came yesterday from Hancock. N.Y. Sheriff Lee Johnson said a woman called and identified the dazed man as George Herbert Brlngham, 32, missing .<nce 194«. More data Is being mailed, she lo\d Johnson. The victim, whet; picked up Saturday, tjavo his name as "Joe Big- Official Urges Frequent Check on SSA Accounts Checking on old-age and surri- vors Insurance accounts is a good deal like having your bank account balanced and Is just as good business. This Is the advice of Lem E. Bradford, manager of the Jones- horo office of the Social Security Administration, in reminding workers of this free service of his agency. "Wt- urge all workers to check at Intervals on their accounts," Bradford explained, "so that they may be sure of receiving credit for all wages they earn. We take every precaution to insure the accuracy of our records but faulty reporting by employers rtill causes trouble. Most errors on reports are due to mistakes In ttio worker's name or account number of the failure to show any number. Sometimes the wrong amount of wages Is reported and occasionally no report at all Is marie." Bradford added that there is no •lurgc for furnishing wage state- nents and that any worker can ob- airt one easily. For the convenience of wage earners all social security offices stock a self addressed postal card which can be completed very asily. Use of this card insures that all the necessary information to identify hh account is furnished by the inquirer. Requests should be mailed to the Social Security Administration in Jonesboro. ham, that," Bin^ham or something His clothes are worn, like but cleaned anct neatly pressed. He carried no suitcase. Livestock Accident Victims'I Conditions Show Some Progress Condition* of the eight persona injured yesterday In the cv-Mcyde collision on South Highway 41 wen iited w fair this morning by attendants at Walls Hospital. The hospital attendants listed the condition of Mrs. Willie McAlister, 60, u "still pretty bad" but said that the others are "doing very well." Mrs. McAlister is suffering from a fractured arm and shock. The driver of the car who was Identified yesterday as Johnny Hightower of Holly Springs, Miss, has now been Identified as Johnny Herring, 31, Others Injured were, Mrs. Ruth Flannigan of Stcele, Mo., and her four children; and Jimmy Anders. Negro, rider of the bicycle. Herring, Mrs. Flannigan, three of the children and Anders are suffering from multiple cuts and bruises, it was reported, and one of the children, James R. Flannigan, six- weeks-old son of Mrs. Flannigan, is suffering from a- broken leg. Labor Difficulties Lead To Dynamiting in Mo. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Aug. 12—<fl>) —Three plate glass windows in the press room of the strike-bound Springfield Newspapers, Inc., plant were smashed by dynamite yesterday. The charge, which police estimated at between a half-stick and a full stick of explosive, apparently was thrown against one of the windows from the street. The conc-ission ripped out three large panes of glass and sent slivers toward a new 112-page press recently installed at the newspaper plant. No on was in the press room Suffers Grov* Injury In Accident in At/anta ATLANTA, Au«. 13. W)—Margaret Mitchell, the little southern lady who nude the high courage of a lost eauw into "Gone With The Wind," was near); killed last night by a speeding car. Police sild the quiet, middle- aged author of the fabulous romance of the war between the state* was knocked to the pavement by a drunken taxi-driver and dragged 15 feet. She was taken to City Hospital where physicians and nurses said she was too gravely hurt to be moved even for x-rays. She was placed under an oxygen tent and was given a blood transfusion early today, after her blood pressure fell. Attendants said she responded satisfactorily. Hospital attendants made It plain that Mta Mitchell would need a stout heart—as stout as the one she gave Scarlett O'Hara—to pull through. During the year of 1887 the whole world had produced only about 2,000 tons of nickel, most of It coming from New Caledonia. at the time. Members of the Springflled Typographical Union No. 15" %ve been on strike at the newspaper plant since July 11. The newspapers have continued to publish despite the strike. The dynamiting followed by two days the beating of a 32-year-old non-union printer, Kenneth Weaver. The company publishes the afternoon Leader and Press and the Morning Daily Springfield News and the Sunday News and Leader. In friendly toddy or cheery highball the nut-*we«t flavor of Kentucky'« Favorite Bonded Bourboa is your key to true whiskey »»ti»- faclion. For OLD FITZCKKALD'i genuine sour mash formula, is to bourbon what Sterling is to silver. OLD FASHIONED.. ot/.M^w^ STinii-wuui BBttiLEir • loursvau, IT. OiltrikUted bj MOON DISTKIHUTUtG CO. Little itnck. Arkaau* KENTUCKY ST«AICHT IOU»BON WHISKtY • 100 PROOF Now You Can be a 'LETTER MANiD? Pan American Clippers Set Hew Speed Record LONDON, Aug. 12—M'I—pnn American Airways snld today Its clippers have excelled the Gander-to- London Iljing record twice in the past three days. The airline said the Clipper America, piloted by capt. Francis Jacobs and carrying 30 passengers, flew from Gander Airport in Newfound- d to I/>ndon Airport today In six hours, AS minutes, at an average speed or 307 miles an hour. Tuesday another clipper made the .same flight In six hours, 52 minutes. The Gander-London record was seven hours, 24 minutes. Lewis Appointed Warden UTTLE ROCK, Aug. 12. W, _ W. V. Lewis, east Arkansa-s parole supervisor, has been appointed head warden for the Arkansas Slate Penitentiary. He succeeds Ernest Hall, recently named assistant to prhon supt. Lee Henslee. Read Courier News Want Ads. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111.. Aug. 11 (*.P1—tUSDW—Hogs TCOO: 180 Ibs lip mostly 25 to 50 lower; later bids 75 lower, clearance Incomplete; lighter weights 15 to l-OC lower; sows 25 to 50 lower; 200-250 Ibs 2250-23.00; top 23.00: paid early freely; 180-190 Ibs 22.00-25; few early to 2250; 260-300 in light suppls 21.00-2225; 140-170 Ibs 19.75-21.50; 100-130 Ibs 18.75-19.50; sows 400 Ibi down 17.25-18.75; heavier weights Vt.OO-n.OO: stags 11.50-17.00. Cattle 800; calves HOO: light supply ol cattle selling generally steady; vealers 1.00 lower; bids sharply lower on common and medium-'" heavy slaughter calves; odd lots common and medium light weight steers and heifers 18/X)-24.00; tew choice light steers to 20.00; *ood cows 15.50-17.50; common and medium 14.50-16.00; canners and cutters 11.50-14.50; medium and good bulls 1750-19.00: cutter and common 15.00-16.50; good and choice vealers 24.00-28.00; common and medium 18.00-23.00. The small amount of steel made in U.S. colonial days were used mainly in bayonets, swords and cutting tools. Room Air Conditioner N«w Model- f [of New low Prkti 1. Cools 2. Ventilates 3. Filters 4. Circulates 5. Dehumidifies Pow*[«d by thft famout M*tar-Mif«r. Backed by a Filgidoir* Pro- IccKon Ptan! tc» $3(5.95 Down—Balance in 21 Mo. Cash Price $369.75 ADAMS APPLIANCE CO, INC Sales & Service Dealer *uthuri«rt Frigidaire Api'liancf J. W ADAMS H(T. W Slain Phone 2D71 THE WHITEST WHITE SHOE POUSH ON EARTH / Here's a Hint for Tail cool Drinks! Everyone likes iced drinks in warm weal her—serve them often. For bcsl results use crystal clear hard frozen crushed ice.. Crushed ice gives Ihe drink that zesttul, full-, flavor laslo that's a result oi a perfect blend. GRIFFIN ALLWITE foe ALL WHITC snots IT'S WISE TO PLAN TODAY- FOR TOMORROW! Ark-Mo Ice Company Students and old grads alike are cheering for Hickok's new Sun 'n Moon Initials. Come in and see our complete line of Hickok accessories, all available with uniform Sun 'n Moon Initials. A secure and happy future lies ahead for you and your family when you save anil invest with counsel from Ihe Kirst National Bank. Come in for this friendly assistance from the only National Bank in Mississippi t'oiintv. MEAD'S 312 MAIM JTKIIT FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4474 We Have a Complete Stock of Gin and Mill Supplies • Goodrich Belting • Clipper Beit Hooks • Woods Gin Saw Files • Steam Packing • Pyrene Extinguishers and Recharges. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co., Inc. 21.1 West Main nwm MIS

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