The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 28, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TTII^ rVi\«»w • *ITI vlE*Tt/Pn »T»r»r> rtW Vr*nT<TTWi * a m Anvitin*** ..- — - . _ . ' ^^*^r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. .\XVll—NO. 1D2 Blythevllle Courier, Biythevllle ilornld, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. HI.YTHKV1LI.1-:. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, OOTOUKU M imo Millionaires Made By Luck, Not Brains, Says Rosenwald SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OKLAHOMA BLAST TRAPS 29 Refuses to Discuss Galva Kidnaping With Officers of the Law. GALVA, III., Oct. 28. (UP)—Attempts to rescue Earl L. Yocum, millionaire banker, from his kid- Mcmpliis Police Have Last Laugh on .Auto Thieves DEPOT! IN MEMPHIS. Oct. 28. (UP)—The last laugli was the best for Memphis police ttxlay. "We have stolen a car. Nt/,v try to catch us,' 'a voice over the telephone shouted to Captain Hutu-at police headquarters late lost night. Twenty minutes later Albert' R, Cnnper, 20, and his 18-year-old cbtn- nanioiipanion, J. W. Kuykendall, were locked In jail charged with the theft.. ;Shelt Harrison Mistakes Stanley Hancock f o r Moonshiner and Fires. K'.anley Hancock, deputy sheriff, .'hot In both legs with a load These sketches tfll. brieny, the .story ot Julius Knsrnwald's rise lo NIC position of (he world's greatest — merchant and how he amassed i. At 69 ft V/OiiliY', personal fortune-variously estimat- OVER 3CO HMuiOfj'J cd al between 300 and 400 million -_ ,c\ dollars. Ro&cwald is also shown ir his most recent pholo. Brains and Work Had Little ... }jo.Do,\Vith Own Success Great Merchant Says. Playful Terrier Causes Death of Its Master •NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 28. CUP)-The antics of Trixie, a terrier belonging lo Ellis Thompson, 30, caused his death in Charity hospital here today. Trixie went into his'master's room last night and after he had. retired pulled the'covers from ,lhe bed. "Attempting to retrieve these Thompson lelt, struck his head against an iron napers without payment of ransom, were abandoned by authorities today In ol>edience to his wife's pleas that she could not bring him back unharmed otherwise. Mrs. Yocum admitted E. A. An• derson, cashier .of the Yocum State •bank, was making a second trip tc Chicago but denied it was in cou- ! nection with raising S50.000 ran- jsom reported demanded of her. An air of mystery surrounded the disappearance and even officials did not pretend to know just . how or the ransom would be i paid or the banker returned to his ; home. It was known, however, j Yocum's wife had received mys- I terious letters and it was believed I certain she was arranging to pay i ihe ranrom as she expressed conj fidenre her husband was safe. ! "I am not going to take a single I chance that he may be harmed," — j Mrs- Yocum told friends after refusing to be interviewed by Sheriff Charles Nash "I know my husband will return unharmed nnd that is all that mat- 1 ters." Yccum was kidnaped from his own estate Sunday night as he returned home after, taking his two daughters to a moving. picture show. Local officers attribute the kid- A yasol nc filing station operator 0 ( birdrhot by Shell Harrison, im- who overheard the youths remark olhl ,, rtc puty, when a raiding parti- over the telephone held them until] tea by Sheriff w. W Shuver clos- detectives arrived. • • j,, d in 011 a „ Ms(mefy ,„ Ule Enters Plea of Not Guilty This Morning: Odell Admits Morgan Holdup. The trial of Hodge, alleged Ernest wife Fletcher murderer. from which he died today. naping lo St. Louis or Chicago I gangsters and have Indicated no ! desire to interfere with Mrs. Yoc- j uni's. Intention to "dispose.-,.of the ! matter by payment of ransom. .01 STILL OEF1T IlyNEA Service i NEW ORLEANS.—With a per- . sonal fortune estimated at between | 300 nnd 400 million dollars that hr | has accumulator! in his own life- j time, Julius Eiosenwald. now 68: years old. today looks back on his '• career and says: "ft was luck—ten per cent work i and common sense, maybe, and ninety per cent luck." | The world's greatest merchant • smiles, his gray eyes twinkling be- j hind his rimless spectacles, ami I tj „ ., „ then adds reflectively: j Her omile liOhe, Alleged "No. I think I ought to revise • • ~ - those figures; it was ninety-five per cent luck." In his first personal interview- disassociated from public affairs ov philanthropy—that he ever gave, the chairman of the board of Seirs, Roebuck & Co. xuifolded his life story io a representative of NEA Service. He come down from Chl- •rag.i ;o visit his daughter. Mrs. Edgar B. Stern, nnd the renorlsr found him at luncheon in a mellow mood. Money vs. Brains He expressed his ' lionaircs in this wav: [ Boy Aviator Seeking New Sea-to-Sea Record DETROIT. Mich.. Oct. 28. (UP) ^-Stanley Boynlon, Lexington, Mass, aviator, seeking to tower the junior ! trans-continental flight record, took | oft from Grosse Isle airport here shortly after noon today. He planned to land al municipal airport. Chicago. He flew here yesterday from RockUmd, Me. Slayer of Step Daughter j Keeps Her Nerve. lldLOFF II [river bottoms In the southeast eml i of the county early this morning. | Huncock was mistaken for an op- craior o( the distill. But Walton'Is Confident- Community Will Respond lo Meet Situation. While early 'response to the plea ior cnrollmcnU of Cliickasawba district members in the American Red Cross has scarcely been up 'to expectations, Roy "Walton, president of the IccaL chapter, "was confident today (hat before the roll call campaign Ls closed the community will have responded- sufficiently to enable the Red Cress to nieet at leas', the most pressing -of the many demands which It is expect- td to receive during the coming wirier, The. roll call Is still far from complete, and hope Is held that later returns will shew a Imore liberal. response than has 'been, indicated up to date. Officers of the chapter 1 as the amount Hancock was carried by other membcis of the parly tliree miles through the wHIows along the river front to one of the motor cars used by the raiding party and brcughl lo his home hero after receiving first aid treatment- Probably seventy five shot are said lo have entered Hancock's legs, the charge having struck him around the knees. His injuries ore extremely painful but his condition is not critical. According to reports the ofllc.srs became confused In carrying out their orders in raiding the distill. Hancick vyas posted some dislance from the itlll tfhije a group of dep- utL?s proceeded on the still site from another side In the heavy fog along the river front. Hancock apparently misinterpreted his in- tlructloiis and worked his way to Ihe still site from another slfc. Harrison, sighting Hancock a short dislance away through the thick willows around the still, ordered lhe- latter to drop his gun, believing Hanccek to be one of tte still operators. Hancock failed to Clara Bow Now •Is "II" Girl oi' All Chjekeiulortr h' I cused of the murder of her 10-year- old step-daughter. Leona. wns gon= : Q n HiinrWl and Fiorir today, and her two weeks of con- ne ™nai(,U dliu EJgm Additions at Lake Street in Twelve Months. fine-mem in Jail had drawn a pale j shadow across her face, but whih ! her smile no longer flashed as it. did when she was arrested her nerve ; and defiance remained. j Reports of the Lake Street Meth- "I never popular belief that because a man . makes a lot of money he has a ' , Detectives, who originally gave ! odist church, made at a meeting 011 ~ ! her the sobriquet of the woman i last evening when Dr. James A. An>., ' wiih the CRst iron-nerve now call i derson, presiding elder of the Jone-s- l>. • * DrLt-/\r TTO^O UOQV] Kn»-rt rNcffint ^rflei^fv^ p>lft,,.n,4 tlilt ha\e set $6,000 v.-hlch will situation causecr'oy the drouth and] s \£ the Ion- price of cotton. During the fiscal year Just ended the chapter spent $3,504.95 locally, not including the cost of the; relief work done by the national organization nt the time of the hljh water nl Bi# Lake. ' ' Expenditures were as follows: meals and lodging, JH0.90; transportation,-1160.58;'fuel. $77.50; rent, J99; groceries, M86.62;; drugs' and doctor fees. $404.23; clothing, $17.23; telephone and • telegraph, $140.62; school .books, $1?-?*: 'automobile 'i/'intehance, $522.87; 'miscellaneous, $197.M; salary.iexecutive secretary, '$900. • .' " . While it is true that the chapter has been handicapped during the past year by lack of funds, it is pointed .out by Mr.- Walton that the cash expenditures are by no means an accurate Index of the I service rendered by the chapter. The' figures quoted above do not cover gifts of clothing distributed by the chapter, and fr6e medical, horpilal and other services nr ranjed through the Red Cross after Investigation by the secretary. During the year served 424 families. comply with Harrison's command and the officer, armed with a shot , fire'd> -. • ^Hancock made an 'oui'cry Just as Harrison shot and the deputy re- cogrjlrcd him 103 lute. Other members of the party rushed up and they carried Hancock to their car. ..The big distillery was discovered but no men were found by the raiding, parly at I In site. her Poker Face Pear boro district, presided, showed that this group has had 108 new mem- .irch in the past the chapter Office interviews numbered 2.009 and 825 home end reference calls were made. The cliapter distributed 691 garments and 75 pair of shoes. Danehower. Gives Cotton Total {o v Mississippi County to October 18. Colton ginned In Mississippi county prior to October 18 amounted' to 70,350 running bales, it is stilted by Chester Danehower of which is expected lo prove the nax of the present term of.crimi- nal court was tentatively set toi Monday. Nov. 3 when Hodge, iilony with other prisoners in the county lall indicted by the grand jury, v.-ns-arraigned befoic Judge W. W Bandy this morning. Hodge, through his. attorney'. Za! B. Harrison entered a. plea of nol guilty mid the date for i!ie tiial was set. Riunors thut Hodge would put up a spirlled defense lo lhc charge appeared confirmed toduy when Mr. Harrison, former prosecutor and chief of counsel In tlw Johnson murder cnse tried Ins', spring, entered the plen ol not guilty for the former service man. lOJrll Finds Guilty All prisoners In the comity jnll. who were included in the 1'J indictments already returned by the grand Jury, were arraigned in court this morning. Of the ten, only out.'. William Odell, entered a guilty plea. Odell pleaded guilty lo charges of highway robbery and n.ssaull as a result of his holdup ot C. R. Morgan, filling .station operator, here in the early summer. Sentence has not yel been passed an Odell. Ills companion, whom Odell implicated as an accomplice' in his confession, James Clifton Stewart, will probably go lo trial late this afternoon. He entered a plea of not guilty to being an accomplice.'of Odell's and'the court appointed. E. R. Jackson, " attorney of: Walnut Ridge and Blytfievllle, • to defend him. ' Olher prisoners In the .county Jail who entered pleas of not guilty-to Indictments against them are Zeda Qalnes, Mrs. Myrtle Lylle and J T. Lytlc, charged with robbery; Floyd Skinner, L. M. Skinner ami Gordon Emory, each charged with possessing and operallng a distillery, and Charles Whltmore. negro, charged with assault with Intent to kill. .WhUrriore" was" only recently returned here trom .31. Louis aftei SherifT .W. W. Shaver succeeded Ir overcoming the 1 stubborn defense of Whltmore's St. Louis counsel, which fought his extradillon lo the supreme court of St. Louis. Wlu'lmore is accused of assaulting Elbert Taylor, constable of Cliickasawba town- KANKAKEB, III,? Pel. 28: (UP)Clara Bow. a white leghorn • hen, and her four girl friends, established a world's cgg-lnying record at Ihe Illinois departmpnt of agii- cullure poullr'y ex : wiment station. Us was announced lodny. The hens layed 1,589 egt's In 301 days, an average of 318 eggs per hen. The pen Is owned by E. II. Ruckor, former University of Missouri professor. Clara Bow. Ihe leader of lhc per Five Bodies Recovered: Rescue Crews Are Working Under Difficulties. McALESTER, Okla., Oct. 28. (UP) —Weary men burrowed Into the lower levels of Sample coal mine was four eggs nhend ot Theda Bars. I llumbfr four here today in' search Julln Mnrlowc, Little Bertha and Flaming Mamie, her playmates REGIE G ITEMS OLD' of 'fellow miners who were entrapped by a powerful explosion shortly alter they entered the dark passageways last night. . • • The night shift consisted .of 29 men. The bodies of five of them have been recovered. Little Hope fir Others' Men who hod .seen other similar dlsasjers said there was little hope any ot the remaining 24 would be found .alive. Bodies of four ol the five men were found at 2,000 feet j Ji:st after daybreak, Their death anniversary of the fascist march on Rome nnd the Installation of the fascist regime "was celebrated thru- out IlRly today. . . Premier Benllo Mussolini was musingly ncclalmed when he reviewed a military parade al Piazza dc la Sienn. Roman militia, Including n legion formed exclusively o[ war cripples, marched before him. Public works were Inaugurated in various sections of the country. Patriotic speeches, fascist parades, and ctnemn programs Illustrating the progress of the regime, were also on the program.' ship. Trials Stem Unlikely who have more real brains than I will ever have. T had the luck to get my opportunity; their opportunity never came." Rosetnvalci talked of his earlv ('"ys. He was born in Snrinsficld. most success._„.__.. church's history, ac- in Wyoming at the time of the ells- cording to the slatments made, with appearance of the child. i the nuances in good shape. The ' While authorities have scattered work of the Rev. and Mrs. W. J. i the alibi of Mrs. O'Loughlln re- i LeRoy was highly complimented. 1 girding her activities the night of ! Dr. Anderson preached, before the i the murder and have uncovered an quarterly conference, for the con- ; imposing array of circumstantial eluding service of a series of sne- 111 Aii» 11 ion TJir fitlio,- /-imo ; ""l*»'"3 ttnoj i" 111 luiuauiiiLiui uuQIIlg Mivite at u ati ics ui l|)e- o-s^n^ 1 ??; ™ r ? " A, t 'vidence ."?•">« her ' lh <*."»« ™< ;dal ™«tings which started a week i fi 41 r-im <nr iV T-? w ,,' a succeeded in obtaining a single ad- jago. hrm Lincoln left hut his two m , i(m from her - whicn tends to-' ndCS S "ly^e i ™* " solution ortjie mystery. "I went back to Springfield re- I : _ • ... centiy to visit the old house wivre ! Dead Bandit ideniihed I was born." he said. "I was tell- ' nig my daughter about it the other Earth Slide Causes Death of Illinois Miner day. I told her I found there was a tablet on the hou»e. r\-tt > n I - 3S Ullterent rersons j RUSHVILLE. III.. Oct. 28 IUP) —One man was killed and two Cooter School to Open For Winter November 3 COOTEH, Mo.—The schools of Cooter consolidated district number 5 will reopen Monday. Nov. 3, having bee"n closed during the col- ! son - census bureau. It is estimated that ginning; for the entire season in tills county will run to 105.000 bales, according to Mr. Danehower. Little Rock, with receipts of 12,014 bales. !,?d Arkansas cities 'In cotton compress receipts last week. Pine Bluff with 1,125 bales was second and Blytheville with 6,390 _ was third, according to the -weekly ' a sawmill community near Manila report of the Arkansas Colton while Mattix Is charged with shoot- Trade association. Blythevllle, with 52,807 bales, Indictments have also been returned agaisnl Tom Flill on a charge of murder and Ed Matllx, Poinselt counly deputy, on a charge of assault with Intent to kill. Bath men are out on bond and Judge W. W. Bandy intimated this morning that nellher would probably be brought- to irial al this term due to the need ot "clearing up" Jail cases. • Persecutor S. L. Gladish insisted (hat he would try both Hill and Matlix at the present term but other court attaches were frankly skepical that either would face a jury at tilts session. Kill is accused of murdering a fellow workman al Mussolini Acclaimed i n Celebrations Throughout wus eaused by P 01501 ™ 15 ens. T. i T i - 6 The blast occurred near the llaly loday. ROME, Oct. 28. (UP)—The eighth continues in first place for the sea- EL DORADO, Ark., Oct. 28. tUP others injured seriously when bur'"Oh: my daughter said, insunl-. — The body of a bandit-identified a, j led tencath a slide of earlh in a iy. 'W'-Rf did it say on it? 1 , two men by the same government | strip mine near here yesterday. "'SO PARKING.' I told her." I bureau is perplexing an El Dorado Ros"nwald chuckled at that fam-' undertaker and police. Hy i°kp, The man was shot and fatally "I was never poor in Ihe sense j wounded October 14 lasl. From the that I suffered from Iqck of anv- ! bureau of identification In Wash- Ihlne I really needed." he wer> on. Unglon a private detecltve here has "but I cannot remember just how j leaned the dead man Is Clarence I (up)—The petition of leading At- fiir tack I set out to make monev ! Miller, wanted for safe blowing and I lanta dUzeil s t o compel listing of for myself. My father encouraged it. forgery. »..._<• "The first job I remember was a newspaper route I had while attending the public schools of Springfield. During vacations took odd jots wherever I could find them." ton picking vacation. The high school has enrolled over one hundred students: the largest number ever registered al this 'school. Everything is in order for the tolling of the school bells Monday morning. The freshmen, sophomore. Junior and senior classes have met and selected their sponsors and of Total receipts in the state last week w,?re 17,556 bales, compared to 80.221 the week previous and 123,349 the same week a year ago. Receipts for the since August 1 have been 414.890. compared to 779,358 to the same date a year ago. Following are receipts for th3 week and (or the season nt lending fleers; the editorial staff ot the j Arkansas points: high school paper Wild Cat Sps- I j Court Denies Plea for I Greater Atlanta Listing i WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 28. the population tjf greater Atlanta in official U. S. ccYisus totals was Chief of Police Brewster has been Informed by the same bureau that i dismissed in district court today, finger prints of the dead man con- | dial) has been selected and the i workshop for the vocational agri- cullurc department has been com- plelcd. 9-Year-Old Cooter Girl Has Musical Reputation as a flve-and-tcn. but without such an arbitrary price limit. So his c.iro.T as n merchant GoMfisTi First R.ilr I! form to those of Jack Bealls. once m . . n • ni i d | convicted of larceny in Belolt, Wis. 'Merchant Has rlanted * i r » TII r~w~j i 26 >°OQ Fruil Tr «« j „ i Gaston Glass to Wed ! Lioba Karlin Sunday COOTER, Mo—Luclle White. age White of Cooter, Is a soloist of 9, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. reputation In Missouri. Tennessee and Arkansas. Her musical tstem was first discovered when at trip age of six months she hummed the tune of "Love Lifted Me" and since — ! the age of three years she has been participating in evangelistic cam! merchant, has planted 26.000 fruit' paigns, college and high school I (rees during his life time, and ' graduation exercises and broadcast-' Ing over the radio. Litlle Rock 12,01-t 35.751 Pine Bluff 1.125 33,476 Blythevllle 6.390 52,807 West Memphis ... 6.216 35,837 McG.-hee -1.217 TexarXana 3.708 Fort Smith 3.613 Helena 3,496 Newport 3.465 Hope 3,381 Eudora 3,069 Jonesboro Walnut Ridge Forrest City Marked Tree . Marlanna 2.595 2,368 2.361 1,655 1,616 16,703 16,796 22,464 15,071 12,425 17,096 20,726 16,451 31,989 M,72« 11,867 11,512 Ing Flnas Mllican near Manila, a Polnsett deputy, went lo Mllll- can's home in Mlssisslpip county without a warrant to arrest M1HI- can on a charge of jail breaking and shot Millican in the back when, according to the officer, tie thought Millican was going after a gun. ' Claude Allan, ncqised or embe?- zllng $21 from the Pierce Petroleum company, was acquitted by i jury this morning. Allan was represented by Judge W. D. Ornvette while Cecil Shane, as special prosecutor, assisted Nelll need, deputy prosecutor. W. H. McCord or.d A!brr: Bcas-. ley, charged wi'.h peti: larceny involving the alleged thef. cf about 100 pounds ol fish, were bc:iig tried' this afternoon. The inc:i ap;icalec: their cases from verdicis for ths slate in lower courts. Cecil Shane is attorney for the defendants. Ford Development in Brazil Totals $2,000,000 BELEM, Brazil. (UP)—Two million dollars has been >per.i so far by the Ford interests ir. their development of FordlandiJ installing Take; Over $200,000. in Jewelry in Daylight Robbery of New York'Store. MEW YORK, j Oct. 28. (UP)—Two bandits who plftyed a waiting game behind the heavy curtains lhai veiled their operations from then sands of passers-by 'escaped with gems worth $200,000 lo $300,000 from n jewelry store'in the theatre district today after ordering a negro porter to obtain lhc safe combination by telephone. Charles S. Lewis, porter at, M. Rosenthal and' Sons, 1037 Broadway, for 15 years, was cleaning the store this morning when a man dressed as a postal lelegraph messenger shouted he had an Important telegram. Lewis opened the door and the messenger forced hh way Inside where another bandit joined him. As employes of the firm arrived they were tied witli picture wire • while Ihe gunmen waited for someone who knew the sate combination. Two ot the employes knew it bill professed to be so frightened they could not remember the numbers. The bandits threatened and Lewis offered to get the combination by telephone. He called Joseph Rosen- thai, a. partner, saying no one had reported for work yet and he needed to get Into the safe immediately. Rosenthal told the combination and Lewis repeated It aloud. ' Afler cleaning out the safe the bandits walked calmly out of Ihe slore. It was'half an hour before any of the employes could reach the burglar alarm' and the subsequent claniorj.,.Brought a thron? mout hot the slope pit mine, Curley Donley. who. had seeh hU companion workers go Into the: dark pit for another night's work, was the first to die. He wns killed outright by the explosion, which was believed caused by Ignited gas. The other men entombed were somewhere between the 17th and 20th levels, rescuers said, The work of reaching them was.slow. Workers were encumbered by gas masks and required frequent relief. 'Gu Halls R«CIK Work Shortly before 11 o'cbck rescue operations were brought to a virtual standsllll when dense clouds of black damp rolled up from the pit. "The fumes are making the men I" ' J. 0. Pulterbuiirh. leader o! Ihe rescue crew sa). J . . i dc-"' •.; fnl' fhrther"we-e»n-'reach-tlie'iii'" trapper! men before C p. m. Evc-ry human effort is being made to remove them." Soir.ewhore bejow • the wnll of deadly gas in shafts cluttered with debris- the fate'of the entombed men was sealed. The crowd' at the shaft head had grown to 2.000 persons. Hodges Chosen to Head County Press Association At a meeting of editors of three of Mississippi county's four newspapers at the Hotel Noble last night It. was decided to revive the county press'association, which has teen Inactive for a number of years, and Sam Hodges of Osceola -was chosen president for the ensuing year. The -Osceola Times, the Blythe- vllle Courier News and'the Manila; Sentinel were represented at the meflng, and B. L. Appleby, editor of the . Leachville . Star, who was unable to be present, sent word that the association would have his active support. Falls from Auto Truck to Death Under Wheels TRUMAN N, Ark., Oct. ft. (UP) —While attempting to look under a moving truck to see if a tire was flat, Carl Beard, 22, of Trumann. was thrown from the truck and hurled ber.etth the wheels. Beard w»s returning from Memphis on the truck, driven by Otto Stacey of Trumann. While about two miles south of Tyronza Beard leaned over to look, at the tire. He fell beneath the wheels. Sheriff Slain, Banker Wounded by Bandit Trio the cal.lng of. police reserves. Bleck, Virginia City banker, wounded by ambushed marksmen near here etriy today. The shooting followed the robbery of the Harrison State bank last night by three men. Between $1,500 and $3,000 was obtained by Ihe trio. An j n > i- ti UL equipment, building roiris. hosplt- Attend Public Health jals, etc., accordlr.e to w "Rexlsta Meeting at Fort Worth Dr. A. M. Washturn. director of Americana.' The magazine reported that Pordlandla, now has several hospitals, warehouse;, sarsicf. roads, State Nurses Naming New Officers Today EL DORADO, Ark., Oct. 28. (UP' —Nominations of officers for tin: state- nurses association in session here were made today. Mrs. Alia Lee Gowdy of Little Rock Is the only candidate for president. Dr. D. E. White, El Dorado, addressing the 125 nurses, paid tribute to the work performed f The Rev. W. W. Rivers, who corf- by members of the association. [dueled an evangelistic meeting at Pine Blufl was chosen as the 193; i 'he First Baptist church for the, past two weeks, lelt yesterday for his home In Electra, Texas. W. Htnes Sims, music director, also returned to his home in Pine Bluff. There were 35 additions to the church during the revival and at the baptismal service Sunday eve- Evangelist Returns to His Home in Texas Japanese Police Clash With Formosa Rioters tctintinued on Page Three) LONDON, Oct. 28. (UP)-An Es,, . ... - . . ,r-.~.o, n«. tllu .^... „ - --..-. change telegraph dispatch from •er the radio. Her de.icatc. , the county health unit, and O. electricity, and water. Now it Is Tokyo today reported 200 Jananese Isweet and melodious voice is fa- 'Shonyo. sanitary inspector, are In'panned to start oor.nruction ofjpollce and civilians- killed iri rloi- mlliar to many. A short skelch of Fort Worth. Texas, this week at- nchools, a hotel a church, a neat- ling on th« IjUnd of Formosa his farm, but without success, but her life, accompasied by her ptc-| tending Uio annaul meeting of the Ing dock three miles of railroad. Mlltary «lrpl«.nes and infantry he bought more land and planted lure, has recently appeared In ('American Public Health assocla- and homes for «•* workmen and!were sent to the scene, of the riot- pcalh, apple nn pear trees. | prominent eastern newspaper. |tlon. • technicians! Ing. ning, 11 were baptized. WEATHER ARKANSAS *- Fair nnd colder, frost in rrrthsm and western portions tonl&ht: Wednesday f»ir.

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