The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 2-1, ism BlA"rilKVlU,E (AUK,)' COUUIKU WOWS ' Buntt AND SELLER ffl CLASSIFIED i ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rnle per IJjic for consecutive/ Insertions; One time per "ns ,.IOo Tsvo times per line per day ...Ofte S"h,rce times per line per day . ,06c Six times per l$ne per day ...,P5c ilpntli rate per line 60C Cards pf Thanks 50o & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or' s 1X times and stopped before explra lion will be charged for tho number of times tho ndd appeared and adjustment of bill made. , All Classified Advertising copy Submitted by pcrsostt residing out- vie of th cclly must bo accompanied by cash. Rates may be taslly computed from atove table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions (ate the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect hiscr- tlpn. of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry IJailcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good I'ricca FRESH RIVER Cat Fish Fog Sale Man Sees With Borrowed Eye Laredo Soybeans Kstra Cooi| Quality— R 1 piishcl or a Carload W. A. GEMEINHARDT 2250, Mat(lic»s, flip. REAL BARGAIN — new national, 2 tola)'cash register. Cash $150,1 terms $115. Rustic Ion. 8-ck-S-9j PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, Mtlnes, all bathroom accessories, valves, electric water systems for formers, walcr softeners, or any other Item connected witli plumbing or heating. "Pete" The Plumber For Rent Nice room and board for (wo youiiB men. CIO Walnut, 292-fy. 24-ck-tf Furnished house (or Mrs. George Cross, the 300 -summer. lake St, '23-ck-tf EXPJ3RT AUTO l» Garage operated by Floyd Hargett Cigarettes 2 fnr 25c HARRY BAILEY'S llollani!, Mo. Thones 5-F-4 & 813 Used Furniture WE BUY & SELL USED FURNITURE BUY NOW PAY NEXT FALL - HUB3ARD 2nd Hand Furniture Jfext to GofT Hoirt One 2 or :i room furnished qpnrl- nienl, reasonable, 9H Hearn. 21-pk-G-2I Furnished apartment. Phone B40-J. Mrs. Wendell Phillips. 20-ck-25 Two nice unfurnished rooms cheap. Ml Clark St. 20-pk-25 4 room furnished house. Reasonable. H13 W. Main, after -1 n.m. 3 room furnished apartment. Vacant May 25. Phone 2IH. IScktl 2 loom, nicely furnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W Ash or call 1008. 17-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 025 W. Mnln. Phone 277-J. 17-ck-O-ll Comtortable nut, Call Piano Tuning Manos tuned nnd repaired. Call George Ford at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware r.aiyii Hlowcrs $2.50 up Used Oil Cook Stoves ....52.50 up Used Bicycles 51.50 up - All in Fair Condition • SHbySE-HENRY 1 HARDWARE CO. Coal & Ice My Coal Is Dlack Hut 1 Treat You While ICE I.OC'AL IMTJMNG John Buchanan Ark. Phojie 10' Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened Fiictqry Way Ely. Machine Shop Phone 808 So. 2nd: Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop 1VEVV S^HU'LE 5HO£S Everything For Your' Shoes Phone J20 Free Dclivcrj ucdroni, 102. 1017 Wal- 2-ck-tl Personpi Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers :tr)Efr«i fell biilouine*!, rh?B. ActiT« 'Lhfir P]]Je gei t\ tki csuso or jcur tluggiibotii >ni cnskft you feet lUe ft new rer«oD. Hii our «r»tcui ol inr|i|tu noisor.i «itt Actitp LiTer Mill. Uatrol««, geot]« *old »l mil Klfbj tins Btor«.. REDUCE SENSIBLY; Chart ant iiifonn^lipn Free. Write Di Wcndt, Canton, S. Dak. 21-pk-2 Poiiltry Nice I'Xvers for snle. Higluvay C Mrs. V'ida Oglesby ' Matthew; Phone 10-P-2. 13-ck-6-l Sewing All kinds of seeing. Street. ' 101 E. Clierr 2l'-pk-2 Male Tnstruciion Reliable men to lake un ATI CON pITrONING and Electric He frigeraliori. Prefer men now em plpvcd anc| meclmnically inclined Will) fair education and willing ( train spare time to become e\ ports in installation and scrvic work as irell (is planning, esl mating, etc. Write giving 'ng pi-Kent occuputirni. Utilities Iiisi Cox T c/n Ckiiirier. SS-y Auto Pails SEE US V)»R Used 7\nlo Paris For Cifv Auto Parts Co. Nf\t fo nils St.ilioii rfiori Cider l-ook and oilier maleri.i) be Jonglnir lo candy salesman. Owi «• tu.iv have Mine bv paying cos (it this' ad. Courier News. Wanted Tp Buy S2SCO Wnrdi nf USED FURNITURU j*\|t IMnkcs Kadios Kcpnirtd W4»K PURN1TUKB CO- 118 >V. Main ' rhonc l|5S RQOM LOTS M'ALl.l'Al'El? $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson UJM1$KR CO. Real Estate LICENSE!) RPAI- KSTAT13 IJHOKRHS We list, farm and city Property. If soil tyould be a buyer or a seller, see TERUY 'AJISTRACT & UKALTY CO 2q \y. Wnlinil Phone 617 Wanlcd To Rcjit Two "or three room apartment. Kaljih Ste'rlliig Store. SOTIci; ()]• fH.'ljr. APPLICATION Foil I-fiJUOU PKRMI N'dlire is lirveby ^ivrn Ib^t tii «iKlrr5ii;i)cd )ias filed \v|l)i Hi prUimissionrr cf licycmic of II: f(nte cf Arksjhsa-. aniilication IQ permit- lo sell and dis.i>rnse"i-ino' or spirituous liciuors for bcvcrac. at retail on llic premises describe as Ca'mi) Moi'illriii Manor fijia; N. Ifichway' 61.' Blytrieville. Ark. Aiip'ifnlloti Is (or npi-niit to I issued for otiernlion bcs>innln» u tho lirsl dnv of July. 1!)3B. and t r.vr.irc on (he 30th day of Jim 1033 as prescribed by Bulletin date Janunrv'7. 10^3. and xFuppIcmchlj Ucguliilion No. 1!!. cITeclive Ju 10, 1037. I.CUiS AI'PLFBrtllM b~'M Applicant. Aiilcinohlli's In llu> saiW-ar-nn- dor i'l;i-.s !ivci'n(:c nljniil Ii) niih's tn Un 1 I'.iillon n[ iL.i.'iiliur. :il y.t mill 1 an hour. M (ill mile:, :m hour, tin- jivcrajii! Is ilbuut 1(J niilivi 1» UlO UKlliHl. AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY K NUillT CALL 30 Holt I'uncrul Home 3lin,d since childhood, Richard L. Willis of Nashville, Tenn,, ooks forward to the day when he will IK- able to see, utter rtrclv cbiwal Irnnsplaiit in Ills left eye In 1111 opcrallon nt Memphis Villis. 52. exclaimed, "My goodness, what a bright light" when due- ore flashed a light in front of his fiiee two weeks alter the opmuion Doctors arc hopeful that ilic sight of DIP one eye will be nearly normal Villis is shown above with his; the Inscl .shows Ihr 'donor o: lie cornea. Mrs. J. B. McGufTIn, one of whose eyes was removed Ir order that doctors might check the growth' u! n limior. Whistling: Irks Ihuiciiif Muynr of suburban Kiirvicw wauls CLEVELAND (UP)— It is a village whistling eliminnU'd. lie dcrli nstom at dunces for a whistler to that every time he is in Hie mid oot the signal for n change of die of n two-step simeom: blows H jartncrs, but Mayor David R. Bain, whistle. About a c|(i;uliT million sc tvissniiji'i-s urrlvi! :il anil Irani London In ii vc:ir. WELDING Barksdale ik Co. SCREEN WORK AT A i;,wiNi; lii'lulrhu: A N't\v Srrrciif Al'i: Hiu AM. I'UIU'OSKtl The Home OT i>vr nm 1 CUOMOI) STKAKS Music I'.y fic. Word's Per Reservations Call Holland 17 "•\V. lil iltillniul.Mo rksdale Map of U. S. Territory l'ii]ii|ili'li> l.lni' ill' ELECTRICAL IKtmrs .V A|ii>U:uuT-s K.M'KliT \VIHIN<; Walpole's StuiT Koll.s of Wai Mi«.|. Kiniphlc line n| mid Wnllpuin'! 1 In M. I Itl.vlliuvilk I'aiut & \Vulli>;iiH'r I (lllylhcvilli- Owned & Oucrii (ilciifOe l!W(f. I'lioni! I'illllls . Ark. Now Located ill 101 tyorlli Kccond ADDING MACHINE & TVPEWRITKU SERVICE BUREAU I>ON FDWAUDS, Proinlcltt AH miil.r.1 ut UeliulH Typcwrtlcrs, Addlnj; Machlnci mi C'nlcutiilorJ -Uc|>:ilrlns—1'iut*—Uildidiia ALLEY OOP HOIlIZON'l'Al,' l.Mni) of U, S. ' Tcnlloi'V jiic- Uivcd hero.' 0 this land Is nwiinlnlnous \viUi hiijh — — 13 Small (shiclU. ik'inaml. lp Sky iilicllom- rnon. IV Leases. J'JC'nidtlx. ao Capet. 'J.\ r<ij!nUiiiii'^. 35 Ulanl. 20 Spoilt. 30 .Strifes. aiToMrlko. IIS To juiup. ,'M fsdirjjooiis. ilil lloltle. :ifl Aftlnnativc. •J I Mcmbrimous (o I'reyipus Ftwle. 11 Unfastens, J5 Its iilgliest peak Ml. — , }C IJaskct twig. 17 Fojfcs arc- bred here on •12 Snaky flsli; •1^ Year,, •15 Consequent. •18 Koulliciisl. •IU Proviilcd. Si Slcciiiiij,'. R2 Sound n( Infinity. S. r i Sail t):i(<. fiB I'nrlicles. !iil One i)t il;; Cfl 11 adjoins - on llic east. 3 Steel plated jacket. •I Woos. fi Oxone. 03. HIO. VHelwIrf. firreimsilioii. 0 l';n\\diso, 10 1'Vniiilc' blades. 23Girdlf.'. 28 Oindje. 28 Headed pin, 30 Method. 32 Sesame. •3 5 To arrogate-. . 31] An important industry liore, - fisheries 37 Croup of. eishl. •10 Aulo body. 18 Klsli. SODislanl. ;.,. 52 (ji'cek leKei'. .'. fill I'ounil. li-l Musieal iiolc. . fiYUpon. ,,,. . TiB Soui'n Amerlc,Xi .Ills! BE FKTIEMT, MY SUBJECTS-1, VOUR MOMAECH, ^WILL LEAD YOU I MOOTOO' AW, HCOEV.' HOW'RE >iDU GOWNA TAKE 'EMTHEUEWHEW \WHATCHA BEEM DAViW FOR. DAVS.' M V. T. HAMTJN WEL1.,WISE AMD «tLU,WI3C HKVs"^ GOOD MOM- ( AW ARCH, WHAT I SHUDDUP/ lOrlC 101 5-M cofnMOjgay tit.*, stnvrcir. rue -' BOOTS AND New Kx|icrii!rir(' HY MAUT1N, -Ov\, WASH TUBES furnished Mashbuni.i 2i-pk-M TIQf>' TOR LIQUOR I'Bmin^ NMicc is liripby Riven Ihnt die undrrstgncd lias filed wl(h Hie. Commissioner of Revenue "of Ihe' Stale of Arkansas application for (icrmit lo sell and dispense vinpiis or spirilfioiis liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described j ns Blylhcvillc Liquor Shop! 1C7 j Eoiilh Second SI.. Blythcvillc. Ark.| Application is for permit, to b3 ! Issued for operation, beginning en the'first'day of"July, 1938, and to expire en the 30tli day of June, 1038 as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1038 and Supplemental Kegulatipn No. 10 effective July 10, 1037. LOUIS APPLEBAUM 5-24 "Applicant. (if KY ROY C'KANE' A^ THE THREATENED BAND LEADER IS ESCORTED HOWE I STEPS OUT. VJMW6 A KASV AND THEM TOUGH BODYGUARDS WERE THE CA.R W\TV\ UiM 1 WELL, WELL I 15 THAT SO? :v\EW OKSV-FACE ;UBBS WUST We IU W5 CtUB ALOKE. "/ACOUPLE OF YOU 6UVS SEE TW EWY I RETURW FOR HAIF AW HOUR — THE RE5T ;A US VllLV VAV OUR RtSPECTS TO ^.TU OF \ FlfKCKI.KS AND HIS'FRIENDS WHILE Ypu WERE LEARWIN6 HOW To BOX,I WAS TAKING JUJITSU LESSONS FROM OUR JAPANESE VEGETABLE ' MAM / TJO or three room modern, fur- nlslicd apnrtmoil. Call 407. 23k27 KcsppnsiWc parly desires to n'modern honic for the summer, every month Write Box "A", Courier. 23-pli-30 the organization. €fC Roys Gain Steadily MILL CfTY. Ore. (UP)—All members of Ihe Iccal CCC camp. most, of whom are frcm Georgia nnd North Carolina, have average:) a rent j gain of one pound in weigh! for the}' liayc been In I'LL 6ET EVEW, YET— YOU $££.' I OiDMT m WANT JO FIGHT .' I TRIED TO SErrte THINGS PEACEFULLY , BUT YOU ASKED FOR If, SO DONT GO BLAMING ME / , f YOU SIMPLY DEVASTATING.' LT WAS 100 TOO THRILLING, WATCHIM6 YOU FIGHT . HIM FIGHTING G UNCOUTH ! THATS VVMY I ALWAYS GLASSES / BY MKURTIJ, ISLOSSKlt .J WMfM I HAVE / THEM ON, NO OM£ B APT TO HIT ME , AMD WMEM I \ TAKE THEM OFF, X CANT \ SEE WELL ENOUGH TO ^-^ STRIKE BACK I

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