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Star Tribunei
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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3 IIIE MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE SUrrrlY-OCTOBEll 1. rjauz.Tuaraagnat mi 1 1 raaummu TIIE MOTOR VICTORY. Clark, Cleveland, Holscher, Morse, Nelson, Waitt, Mr. President. Alderman Waitt then moved an amendment to the amendment by substituting Msy 1, for Jan.

1. The vote was again tie and Alderman Waitt's amendment was Alderman Glenn said that it was impossi dlE WEEKLY'ItEVJ EW merit upon the grave of John Falk in Greenwood cemetery. K. J. Mtndenhall left for Chicago Saturday evening.

Mr. I. A. Itobins and wife have returned from New York. Mr.

Chaunccy Hathaway has returned from Milwaukee. Maj. Harrow and family will pend the inter in Florida. Dr. J.

F. Ileaumont and wife have relumed from Chicago. Mr. B. C.

Ramsey and daughter will spend ti winter in the South. Mrs. Charles Robinson and daughter are visiting friends in Maine. Misa Bessie Ball is entertaining Miss Gertie Douglass of Duluth. Mrs.

Jessie Smith, of Meadville, is the guest of Mrs, Chas. W'alke. Johnson: Joint Shieley to Elizabeth Carey; A. F. Doehue to Bertha Ludwig; Paul Brasinger to Ella Lance; Chas, J.

Badger to Jennie Champlinj Fred. Hanson to Annie Janson; Fred. Hagge to Bertha t'mith; R. Dnfreue to Anastasia Ducl arme; W. It.

Irish to Ida C. Philips; Nela Johnson to Celia ()lsen; (Jle Persson to Inga Yanson; Sebastian Kaes to Clara Frost; Jos. Roherg to Mary Plobirg. OOMINtl NUPTIALS. There is considerable interest agog in the coming marriage of Mayor McCormack of Grand Forks to Miss Dell A.

Lyons, a danghter of the senior member of the firm of Lyons fe Perkins. The ceremony will occur next Tuesday evening at the St. Paul Catl.edral. Messrs. J.

W. Grosvenor of Grand Forks and J. II. Hansen of St. Paul will act as groomsmen, and the bridesmaids will be Wissea Frankie and Annie Lyons.

After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. McCormack will make a brief visit to New York, t. is in EATBICALAND SOCIAL EVENTS I H'e TBKEE CITIES. nide I Week the Theitt-rtceilot Guilty" at Fence Opera Mouse-CTirCeiiiliiK EvrnU at the Academy of title oinl mitl I'pmonal Oitlp In Mlnne.

ixjlis, fit. 1'aul and Stillwater. TIIE DOUBLE BUSINESS Of ltothschild Bros. Something Concern ing Their Stock of Goods at Their Two Stores The Principle ou Which They Do Business. The stock and onality and style of tho goods sold by Rothschild Bros, are all characteristic oi tne isortnwest.

ine nrm realizes the fact that the people of Minneapolis are willing to pay for first class goodi cut and made up in first class style, and they carry on their enormous business with this fact ever in mind. At the same time they have got their trade down to so fine a point that they are able to supply the maximum of quality and style at a minimum price. They have a very large stock of ready mde clothes and heavy goods for lumbermen and fithera. Their two stores the one in the Pence Oter House block and the other at C15 Washington avenue south are both well worth visiting. The principle on which this firm carries on its business is small profits and quick returns, and thanks to the appreciation of the public they are realizing that this 13 the best business principle extant at least in their line of trade.

SEW YORK O. I HOUSE. Fact About This Establishment's Stock That It Customers May Respect. A splendid stock of clothing for the fall trade is to be seen now at the New York One Price clothing store, 200 and 202 Hennepin avenue." The line of goods is complete and calculated to suit everybody. Men and boys can go into the store without a shred of seasonable clothes on their backs and come out again arrayed in the best that the market affords.

An important feature in the trade of this establishment is that prices are very low. A large business is done, the house is very popular and the proprietors can afford to sell their goods at low figures. Tho merchant tailoring and a fine quality of goods are specialities. Persons needing fall nnd winter clothing will be unwise to pass by without giving this house a call. Malcolm' Dancing Classes Are now forming for the season of 182-S3.

Ladies' class will meet Monday evening, Oct. 2, nt o'clock. Gentlemen's class will meet Thursday evening, Oct. 6, at 8 o'clock. Beginners' class for misses and musters will meet Tuesday, Oct.

at P. M. Advanced class for misses and mas ters will Friday, Oct. 6, at P. M.

Circulars on application at Malcolm's Dancing Academy, 3tM Nicollet avenue. At leinenUon's Hoot And shoe stores, 322 Nicollet and 307 Washington avenues, Hannan 4, RodJis.h's fine boots and ehoes can be obtained. Choke Minnesota drupes Ar.d other fine fruit at the High ScJiojI drug store. BRIEF MENTION. Btewart Stoves at Pond's.

The new Harris furnace at Hare's. Boynton furnaces at Tunstead Moore'p. Mechanics' tools at G. P. Deriokson ITnb Barstow heating stoves at Hennepin av.

See what Hamlin Brown have to say about real estate. Mantels, prates and tile. Utley Hare, 305 Hennepin avenue. Dr. Frisselle's dental office is removed to Nicollet avenue, corner of Sixth street D.

C. Howard has sold to Annie L. Algo lot 11, block 10, in Jackson, IXiuiels 4 Whit ney's addition, for It is impossible for a woman to sudor from weakness after biking Lydia E. Pink- ham egetatile LouijwunJ. The proceedings of the building commit tee of the chamber of commerce have been approved by the board of directors.

When you feel out of sorts, tha blues melancholy, it must be indigestion that ails you. Brown's Iron Bitters cares it, The application of A. Z. Dean to vacate tho alley in block 1, Home addition, his Lt-en granted 1jj the district court JsjTWith Diamond Dyes any lady can get as good results as tho best practical dyer. Every dye warranted true to name and sample.

The son of Mr. II. D. Wood was not hirt by the falling of the elevator in II. D.

Wood's hardware store, but by tha starting of the engine. The elevutor did not fall. Try Brunswick Straps and Brunswick Cliim Fritters, in powdered form. Entirely new; eleven varieties, num. delicious, eco nomical, convenient, bold by all grocers, Improve your sight ana preserve your yes by calling on T.

R. W'ull, expert optic ian, at Sanborn's jewelry store, No. i Washington uvenue north. All orders will receive prompt attention. The Minneapolis Bicycle Club held business meeting list night at the secretary's residence on Stevens avenue.

After tha election of six new members and the trans action of other business the club finished the evening with a moonlight ride into tho country. "Every truth has two sides; look at hoth before committing yourself to cither. Kidr.t'v-Wort challeiiL'es the closest scrutiny of its ingredients and its grand results. It hns not Ring to fear from truth. Doctors may disagree as to the best methods and remedies for the cure of constipation and disordered liver and kidneys.

But those tht have used Kidney-Wort, agree that it is liy fur the best medicine known. Its action is prompt, thorough and lasting. LIGHTNING ON THE DRY GOODS QUESTION. Investigation will show that P. W.TOB Frautkus what he blows about.

The incredulous will oblin and come and scrutnize. Will lind that NO TRASH MFETHTHKfRLYKS. J.t?" Bargains in Ladies' Scarlet Cndor wAt'r. Jobs in Ladies' Kid Gloves. Ji tf Opening of new goods in Black Cashmeres Monday.

Opening of new goods in Colored Caahmeres, bhades aud Corsets Montluy. Velvets in all shades at all prices. Flushes in all shades at all prices. Silks and Satins all shades and prices. F.

W. TOB1N makusa specialtyof Silks, Velvets and Flain and Fancy Dress Goods, aterproofs, Cashmeres, Flannels aud Do -ill I'rilkta nt. 1 (Hl'ltj. reputation made long ago at 240 Nicollet Minnsasolis THIS WEEK'S We will have on sale this wojlc the following: Heavy BuAGIoves and Mitians as low as-5c a pair and, all qualities better. NECKWEAR! NECKWEAR! We will show an elegant assortment id newest style and colorings for h-u money than any otlier' firm in the city it A -i are Beuirj(fiuiuar goods lor.

Hosiery! Hosiery! A big job lot of Laeliea' Full IWular Made Hose in full and winter weights for 40c a pair, well worth 65c. in a nice run of designs. We have the best line of Ladies' 50c Woolen Hose yet offered this season by, any firm. You ought to see them. We have Men's Heavy All-Wool Hose fer 2oc which would be considered gtxd value at 35o by other stores.

CHILDREN'S AND MISSES' HOSE', Some splendid value in Heavy German Knit tSteickings from loc a pair to 35c, and the same make of goods in full ladies' sized at 40c a pair. J. Fall and Winter We have the entire control and sale of the Celebrated Scarlet Flannel Knit End Shirts nnd Drawers, which will be sold at the followijjgexceptionally lawpricea: Heavy Flannels with Tlain Knit Ends, $2 each. Super Cashmere, with Fancy Worsted Ends, Ext ra Quality Cashmere Flannel bean- tifully made, with Silk and Wool Ciiffij, at S3 each. White Undershirt at 50c with Drawers to match for 80c.

This is extra gool value. A full line of Plain and Fancy Cassi-rnere Shirts, full sizes and well made, all tho way from 75e to $1.50. WORK I NGMEN Of Minneapolis: Now is the time to get yourselves fitted out for the coming winter at fully 25 per cent, less of an outlay than any other store in the city can do for you. The biggest, most varied uuJ cheapeit lot of Mackinaw Good In this city. We are selling these goods nt lictail, not even at Wholesale Prices, observe but lower at Manufacturers' Cost Our Store open until 8 o'clock EVERY EVENING For the convenience of our customers.

STORE, I I Merchants BioiV. Washington Ay, S. 13 Underwetir tePeoples AJf EXTENSION OF TIME GKANTKO COL. McCKOKV TO APRIL 1. A Called Meeting of the City Council to Discuss the Motor Oueittion East Even.

in(f-A Long Eight Ends in a Further Extension of Time. The announcement that a called meeting of the city council would be held in the council chamber Saturday evening todiscuss and decide the question as to whether or not an extension of time should be grantel to the Minneapolis it Lyndale Motor Company to find a substitute for steam power, drew a large audience of interested spectators. The meeting was called to order by President Walsh and on the roll beiug called was found that all the members were present THE CALL. clerk then read the call as fallows: Mikfeapolh, Sept. 30, im.S'lih F.tq., City Vlerkiiir: You will please call a special meeting of the city council for thia (Saturday) evening at P.

M. for the purpoee of having them consider the qnes-lionastothe advisability of extending the tmieforusing steam as a mejtive power ou what is commonly known as "the Motor line." There are several thousand people who depend upou this railroad as a medium for going to and coming from their houses; end as the time for using steam on thy road within the city limits expires on ths 1st day of October, 1882, 1 deem the necessity of the people who depend upon the Motor line warrants the calling together of the city council to consider the matter. Very respectfully, A. A. Amkh, Mayor.

Alderma'i Waitt moved that th report of the committees on roads and bridges and railroads be read. The motion was earned, and the report was read, as follows: Minnkai-olis, Sept. 20, W-To Ihr HnriiirnlAf, I nt City nuwil nf ths, I'it'j nf Mitimdjnjii('fiiUtiiirit lrur joint committee on railroads and roads and bridges, to whom was referred the communication of Wm. McCrory, asking for further time to perfect arrangements for operating ins roaa msiue or tne city limits a man ner that will be satisfactory to the city council, your committee would respectfully rej-o-t that they have considered the Bf me, and hnve concluded that the interests of the public wul not suffer by an extension of time. would tnerefore recommend that said time be extended to Oct 1, 1SS3, and herewith present a dratt ot an ordi naree to amend the ordinance approved March '1, prohibiting the use of steam ou said line.

M. (tlkxm, B. F. Nelson, J. M.

Pabkeb, M. Kees, Committee, Alderman Barge stated that tne report oiit'ht cot to be considered, as only a minority of the committee were present and he therefore moved that the report be tabled. Alderman Glenn stated that the meeting ot the committee was well known and if any n.bers were bsent it was tieir fault, rle did not think, therefore, that Aldermin Baree should at this late day throw obstacles in the way of the adoption of the ordinama by ti council. He referred to the e3orts of Col. McCrory had made to procure a suh- stilute for steam, and that in view of the fact that that the motor had built up the Motor Line addition fdrther tiuii car at least should be granted to CjI, Mt rory.

Alderman Waitt moved that the report of the committee be dropped and the ordin ance rasped. Alderman Barge stated that no orliaanoj criiild be passed without having been read il.ree times. Aldermen Pillsbury thought that tha report of the committee could be ameuded. KverylxTdy knew what tl meeting was called for. It was simply to consider the qut stion of extending further titao to CjI.

McCrory and he thought that it ould easily Fettled. Alderman Eiehhorn moved to amen 1 t'i9 rt port by limiting the time granted to sii months. Alderman Grethen moved to accept tha rej art and discharge the committee. Aldeiman Gltnn stated that if the report wi 3 nct accepted or e.dopted the ordinance would not 1 passed that evening. The rej ort had been presented to bring tho before the council.

The committee, of which he was one, in making their re-pcrt had rnly the interest of the people at ht art, and the opposition had no good rei-Ft ns to ad fur not accepting it. If ac-tepttd the oidinance, when presented, corld be anended as the council iw tit. Ald i man Bargo said that voting for the report meiiiit voting for the ordinance. Alderman said that he should not vote for a year's extension of time, and therefore would not vote (or the repnrt. Alderman Andrews thought Alderman Glt nn was right and if the moinber-j of tu cemmittte opposed to the report had not cfiered (mother he did not see why the council thould not accept tbe one presented.

Aldermin Grethen moved to amend Al-elermr-n W'aitt'a motion by accepting the report of the committee and discharging it. Alderman Haugan uiOTtd that the ordinance be taken up and read. His motion was carried and City Attorney Benton read the ordinance, grunting Col. McCrory till Oct. 1, 1(-K, to lind a substitute for steam.

AUU-i man Waitt moved that the rules ba suFpt nded and the ordinance placed ou its teal passage. Aldei mun Barge said that the ordinance, if passed, would be worthless, as it would be proved that only four out of the ten numbers of the committee were present when ti report was drawn. Alderman Pillsbury thought that Ablar-mi statement was correct. The opinion of City Attorney Benton being sifked, he decided that a suspension of th? lules vuis in order, and the ordinance, ii passed, would be valid, Alderman Waitt withdrew his motion at this point, and Alderman Nelson at once moved to put tho ordinance on its secon 1 reading for amendment. The moiou is i dt.pttd, and City Attorney Benton again le ad the oidinance.

Alderman Barge moved to amend by substituting Jan. 1, 18S1, instead of Oct. 1, 188:1, Altleiniau Harrows ottered an amendment to the amendment by substituting March 1, ItK-i, instead of Jan. 1, ThNi. Alt'erman Pillsbury staled that he would vote in favor of Alderman Barge's motion, but would be willing to extond tho time to Apil 1, if on Jan.

1 it could be shown that there was. a reasonable chance of having other power than steam on the road by that time. He was utterly opposed to having a narrow gauge railroad which the motor was running through the public streots. He did know that the motor had done great damage to property on First avenue south. He knew that popular sentiment favored the motor, but it was a great inj'stice to property ownera in streets through which ihe motor ran.

lie sympathized with the lesidentsof outside additions, but ho wa voting for the best interests of the city, Altieimiin Nelson spoke of the hardship which would be done to outside property owners if the motor was abolished. It would ruin many, if communication, with the city was cut off. Alderman Pillsbury stated that if the motor wr.e ordered off the streets, street cars would be at once substituted for it, which woi 1 1 be more '1 1 amendment to tlu amendment was Ot I I "iMS. arews, Coe, Liohhorn, Glenn, Grethen. Hau gun, Farkor, Barrows.

Nays, Barge, a lost. ble ine be a on be ing I a I for Col. McCrory to do any work in tdtering his line when the frost was in the ground and he would therefore move an amendment to the amendment by extend- the time to April 1. Jhevoteoc Alderman Glenn's amend ment was carried by the following vote: Yeas, Andrews.tBarrows, Coe, Eiehhorn, Glenn, Grethan, Uaugan, Kees, Nttlson, Earker, Waitt Nays, Barge, Clark, Cleveland, Holscher, Morse, Pillsbury Mr. Presi dent.

The nnestion then was on the passage of Alderman Barge's motion as amended by Alderman Glenn, viz: that the 1st of April snbstituted for the 1st of January, The motion as amended was carried by so large majority that the yeas and nays were not called for. The ordinnnce as amende was then put its final passage. Alderman Barge moved that a finBTiT 1 Sr.CO be imosed on tho Motor lino com pany for any violation of the ordinance. Alderman Glenn moved that a committee appointed to take care of Alderman Barge. Neither motion was seconded.

A vote heinr taken, the ordinance grant Col. McCrory an extension of time to April 1, was then carried by a vote of 1 i to Aletermen Uarge, Holscher, and President alsh voting against it mt) meeting men aojourneu. Set Hack 42 Yearn. "I was troubled for many years with kid- new complaint, gravel, my blood be came thin; I w-is dull and iuactive; could hardly crawl about; was an old worn out man all over; could get nothing to help me until I got Hop Bitters, and now I am a boy again. My blood tnd kidneys are all right, tiid I am as active as a man of 30, although urn 72, and I have no doubt it will do as well for others of my age.

It is worth a trial. (1 ather.) Sttivlay FAKMNGTOYS GOODS. riare for Suitings of a High Ordr Full Value for Money Given at 23!) Nicollet Avenue. For nobby suitings, a fine line of overcoats, the latest Loudon novelties and the finest Scotch goods th purchaser cannot do better than visit Mr. Farriugtou of Nicollet avenue.

His store is fall of the choicest goods, and he has a habit of giving his amercers a superb tit and full value for money. If a man wants to seenre a suit lunde of the best material of the latest pattern, end at the same time have it cut to the latest style, there is no place in the city where it would be wiser to go. Mr. Farring-ton's business is carried on a progressive principle. He realizes that to maintain sach merchant tailor's business as will bo by the best folks of the state ha must keep his eyes open aud watch tvery move made by manufacturers of material Kiid far-hion makers.

He will be a henomenal man, if he ever puts ia an appearance, who will express dissatisfaction v.ith thetroafment he receives from Farriig-(ou. No. Nicollet avenne is to Minne apolis wb.U a first class West end tnilor's store is to London. A call will repay the visitor. EVSTIS JEWELRY.

oitie of the New Goods Received Lately, A fine FtocU of watch movements, manufactured specially for their trade lias just oeen received oy t.usiis Aicollet av enue. 1 his enterprising firm has been waiting for these watches ir some time. and now they have come they prove to be all that was expected of tnem. E.vry im prove nient worth anything at all that has been developed in modern times has found a place in these watches. Tho stock of diamond goods kept by KrKtis is very large, choice and varied.

Gems of the first water glitter in their show cases. Karrings aie to bo bought at prices ranging from $r0 to 1210 a pair. Finger rings, with a nov f-tjleof setting; diamond bracelets in end less variety; gold watches of superb quality are offered for salo. New goods rre arriving every day, A lire (pu'ntity of selid silverware for willing presents ia also kept in stock. Tho firm makes a specialty of engraving, whicn is done on the premises.

The District Court Hns fine one Joseph R. Hofflin and or- ticrcei mm to pay t. rosmau a certain sum of money. Any parties dealing in a corn remedy bearing the name of Lit-big, en her lliau our Liebig's Corn Remover, do so at their peril. Crosman Plummer, druggist and pharmacists, originators, sole manufacturers and pro prietor or ti.e original ana only genuine Lit big Lorn iteniover in America.

The open nil night pharmacy, Minneapolis, I. b. A. Ijook out for frauds! LVm't be deceived! None genuine without thtcnuieof Crosman it Plummer appears on every label, circular, card, advertise ment und wrapper. Our Stock of Fringe Is the largest and most complete in market.

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hale Co. 1 iua uroeerie AtBrackett's Mr. H. F. Balch lias been entertaining Mr.

D. W. Dickinson of Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs, James Jenkins are visiting their daughter, Mm.

Wm. B. Folds. Mr. W.

B. Mclntyre returns from Greens- burg with bride this week. Judge Cooley uoes on a trip to southern Minnesota for a few days thin week. Mr. George Buiibee, who has been seri ously ill, able to be out once more.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Courtney and fam ily have returned from Massachn setts. Mr. and Mrs.

David Blakely are exnected heme the middle of the present month. Mhwliitie Ketchnm from Woodstock. N. ia visiting Sydney Smith and family. G.

E. and Miss Alice M. 1'hinns nf Cincinnati, are spending a few daya this city. G. E.

Dye has been called to Willmar. Nt by the serious illness of his daughter. Amy. Mr. F.

C. Swain, formerly clerk at the Nicollet House, will spend the winter in. New Orleans. Charles L. Jacoby leaves toniaht on an eastern trip, eij tcting to be gone about tt days.

Col. Innes has been entertaining Sir Edward Hutchinson of England during the week. Dr. A. 8.

hetstone and his wife, who is also a doctor, will make this city their home in tiie i mure. Mrs. Dr. B. F.

Kimball, who ban beea pending the past year with relatives in the East, has returned. There were marriage licenses issned dnrmg the week past and ISi during the mown oi J. D. Easier of Fargo passed through tlie ciiy jtsieruay lar ms noine, nnnzin with him a wife, whom he married in Ohio, ltev. J.

Ij. Kussell, who has been supply. it.g the pulpit of estminster Church, will return with his family to his home in I'hila- ueli hia tliis week 1. H. Trasher, for the past three years in of the (jlut Oan Company a bnsi nt fs, has given nplis position.

He etptsts to tate a tnp to tne East stxm. Miss Emma A. Demenies, daughter of Etnttuus, is to be married to Alcile Wirhand of St. I'anl on Monday at the trench Catholic Church, Last division Geo. A.

Taylor and Miss Ida Hinder-sou were married on Thursday evening in the presence of a larire number of invited guests. Bursell perf armed the a tmioDy, Mr. John Hspr, f'mnerly of Toronto, iii.a uromeroi aire. a. has aj.

eu'ted the jiprjitfon of teacher ia the Archi- lld lUFinefs Mi. Henry Melville Riid Miss iry Cas i)n were married en 1'neday, apd tereaf ter will at home tuyir at lhei "tt sidetice on ThirJ avenue north. 'rrcsf. Hartuson has fimhed a piano fan 'asie entitled. "The Martyr, orth Life and Death of l'rtsidftt Garael 1." It contains a hmn composed by Bev.

Dr. Tut tie, The marriage of Mr. D. C. Donaldson anl Misa Ella T.

Clenient was aolemnized oa luttCiiy, at the residence of the brid otVer, Btv. N. M. I.eanied officiating. The marriage is announced of Mr.

J. l'lant of the firm of l'lant Whitney, and Miss Slay E. oreenleat of IJeloit, Wis. Jlr, end Mrs. l'lant will make Minneapolis their lulnre home.

1 he family of Mr, C. L. Ds Laittre have returned to the city to btay, afLeranabsen" of several months, and may bit found by mentimn the comer flat of Gmck a block. corner Nicollet avenue and Sixth street. Mr.

Geo. H. Elwell of this city and Miss Belle Honi of Ajipk-ton, were mr.r ned on Wednesday icorini at the resi cence fi the linden parents. They have begen housekeeping in Elwell's addition i). now-ley, wiio was severely in jtirrd some two moi.tiis since while friends at Battltf Creek, has reeov rtd suUick utly to return home, wincn sti did eome days since, and is now gradually rt covering.

Frank D. Hill of Pine Inland, who baa been attending the University for sometime. left tor Wr.shmcton yeterday, whuru he has received an appointment in the war tlepartmeiit through the influence of bena tor mdom. Mr. Geo.

W. Spear and Miss Lizzio Iuk were in-med S.iturday afternoon at the re-idence of thd bride's parents, No. fii'l Washington avenue north. The "happy pair" took the evening tram for mmpe, for a brief tour. They will make nine-apt.

lis their future home. Rev. J. B. Berry has resigned the pastor age cf the Foss M.

E. Church and will, with his family, matte Chicago his future home, (rwirg to ill health Mr. Berry has retire! frt the ministry and hereafter will act as special passenger agent of the Rock Island and Albert Lea routes. Marriage license were issued yesterday to the following couples: C. G.

Anderson ard Hannah Martin, Steven Timoner and Sophia Amonan, George VV, Spear and Inks, Andrew Linnuist and May Anderson, F. Sellers and Matie A. Boardman, Millard F. Jones and Selmar Sundell, ('harks J. Lindquist and Tuhrena Heyna, Herbert Thurtle and Mina E.

Walker. The first meeting of the Plymouth Church social and literary club, which was held at the church parlors, on Tuesday evening, as a most pronounced success. The choir of the church sang several pieces and Mrs, Casseday's and Mr. Geisler's solos were en thusiastically encored. Miss Strong of St.

Louis favored the audience with a recitation and Mr. Hawley read a paper on Charles Kingsley. At the conclusion of the literary exercises an hour was devoted to fcocial intercourse. Literary. I1EIOIEAN Tne following programme will be given by tho Hermean Society on Monday evening next: Instrumental Brill iante," Miss Oren News report 11.

H. Ab.xitt Essay Miss Pierce Vorid solos Debate: Stiultfd, that immiKratioa if continued at its present rate will result in evil to this country. Ailirmative E. Trussell Nepative. V.

Htacey Heac Reading Miss Knhody Kpreeh James (iray luBtrumtiittd solo, "HearenwarJ Miss Upton St. Taut Soelul. The past week has been a very dull one in toth a social and amusement way. Beyond the Choral Society rehersal Monday evening there has been positively nothing to interest rmiHc- lovers. Matrimonially it has also been a light week.

The opera house has ueen as aeserted as a last year's bird a nest and St. Paulites have spent the evenings at ineir nomes. nvMiVa captives. ho following persons wn liaco-l to I uiu jjHhi, weoa; in. ctnenou us Axnie Coddun; Poter Hanson to Hare! a la eturning in about two weeks.

akefield is in the city. MiisMattie Hnxteber of Forest Lake is the guest of Miss Bicker. State Auditor Braden spent the greater port of the week at his home in lllmore. Karl Gnlhnes, the nrtist, left yesterday on trip to St. Louis.

He is at present en-BPged on a group of Gov. Pillsbury and roily. Deputy Scott, of Gen. Flower office, left esterday by the Libbie Conger for St. Louis to tnke in the Veiled Prophets and the big fair.

Stillwater Jiott. Mra. A. R. Young is somewhat better.

F. E. Loomis returned from Chicago yes terday. H. A.

Rogers was over to Minneapolis on Saturday. Miss t.A. rield returned from Chicago on Friday last. Mrs. U.

E. Hayden is spending a week or two with friends in Chicago. iss Bessie Hoffman has gone to her home at River alls for a hhort visit. Mr. George May and Miss Carrie May have returned from their visit to Minneapolis.

I ee Weller and Neton Weller, nephews of I). W. Armstrong, are out from New York state on a visit. TheMcKee Rankin company will be the next attraction at tlie Grand Opera House, (Jet. 12 is their dale.

The rapper nt the Methodist Episcopal Church was a complete soccess, Friday even- ixg, both financially and entertaining. Misses Lizzie and Temple Clark left for their home in St. Toui riday last. Their I a'CLts, Mr. and Mrs.

W.G.Clark, will soon fr How UlflU. A wedding of considerable note will take place at the Baptist church this evening. D. L. Mathews and Miss Jennie E.

Lawrence will be united in marriage. S. Young of Oldtown, who has been in the employ of Isaac Staples, was made happy yesterday by the arrival of his wife nrd four children. Mr. Young intends to make Stillwater his future home.

Tarihault I'entonaln. Hon. W'm. Windom spent the night Tuesday hist in Faribault ('apt James Hunter and Cashier Thomas Nice returned from Fargo on Tuesday last. enator J.

D. Howard and son of Duluth were guests at the Allen Houss on Monday last. Henry W. heldon and wife of Weathers- klj Yt are in the city, the guests of Geo. A.

Weston. Stephen Jewett of the insurance firm of tston 4 Jewett left on Wednesday last for a to weeks' visit at St. Louis. Mrs. Sarah E.

Dow of the Minneapolis schools is visiting her brother, Prof. J. J. Few of the Slate Institute for the Blind. Clerk cf Court Palmer issued during the week marriage licenses to the following: Wrn.

Few and Emily A. Johnson; Michael H. Browne and Anna Cummings; C. B. Kinney and Aimtda Swt-rdtiger; Fred.

Garnet and Arbel Ince; Edgar P. Miller and Dora J. Ebling. I'nlverslty Notes. Henley, with tiler firm of Benton 4 Pittmuu.

The standing long jump was won by Kltpper, 'H, University. Ariel came out on Friday and was bright and interesting as usual. Throwing the baseball was won by A. M. Baldwin of the University.

Mr. Bowen has removed the plants from the walks and beds to the conservatory. The one mile walk was won by H. S. Ptowell of the University in 7,4 minutes.

A false iilarm of fire was turned in at 0 o'clock last evening caused by a lowering of tie telt bono wires. Mr. 7.. N. Vaughn, Vl, was elected piefi'Jent of the Delta Sigma at their fall election on Monday last.

The PtrGradus was adjourned till next rtxt Satcrdny on account of the athletic sports at the fair grounds. T. H. a former member of fills tie tffico tf private secretary and stenographer for Fuller it Johnson. The Ariel editorial rooms have been moved into the basement in tho room for- rr trly occupied by the "store." Fit ehir.g heavy weight, by G.

N. Salisbury also of the University. The one-mile run won by D. H. Laudy of Hauiline in The Y.

M. C. A. holds its meetings on Wednesday, from 8 to A. in Dr.

Brooks' room. All are cordially invited. G. S. Grimes, '82, is quite rapidly recovering.

He will not be able to rejoin his class at Ann Arbor Law School for some time. Among the visitors to the University last wetk were King, 'hi; Andrews, 'h): Miss Grace Curtiss, and Rev. M. D. Shntter of Olivet Baptist Church.

Frank Ham, 'Nl, was back for a few hours. Very lew knew him, however, immense whiskers end sideburns disguising him as well as coidd be imagined. A mass meeting of students will be held on Tuesday to discuss the question of class meetings. The general feeling seems to bo to hold class meetings or "bust." At the close of the exercises, on Saturday afternoon, an intercollegiate association was formed by the University and Hemline, An annual contest will beheld in the spring. Another meeting will be held in a few weeks, hen a constitu.ion will be adopted and officers elected.

The j.ame of base ball between the University nine mid Curleton resnlted in victory for the former. Capt. Clark is a hard mun to ber.t in most anything, but specially in baseball. The game was a very fine one, very few errors being made oa either side. The Univcisity boys were entertained in good style by Cai leton and everything passed off very pleasantly.

Stato officials write very discouragingly to the president about money for the new buildings. The heavy drafts on the treasury made by building the capitol and the insane asylum at Rochester have about exhausted the funds which were applicable for this purpt'Se. These buildings were necessary and the University buildings were not. In the meantime the plans are being con-Rtniilly perfected, so that the buildings will be better when done than if erected now. The meeting of the students on the fair grounds Saturday nfternoon was largely attended by rtudentu from the University, and HMnliue, Carleton being unrepresented.

Ihe enthusiasm shown fully proves that theie is no of interest in athletic sports at the University, and that a "field day" during commencement week would be a perfect success. The match game of which vps to have taken place was pcstptu.ed, 'I he 100 yarda running race "-f" w'-K bv Parfer of Hetnliii'i it II i onus, sealing mr. ui, U'uoi wio CiUl versitj- about inches. it PENCE OPEBi HOUSE. During tho past week "Not Gnilty" Ins drawn very fair houses at Fence Opera House nnd, thns far, has been one of the u.ost successful as well as one of the best plays produced here this season.

The sentry ancVthe mounting of the piece is very fine, the dialogue and plot good audits presentation reflects credit in every way on the McAllister company. THE COMINU WEEK. On Monday and Tuesday evening next "Hidden Hand" will be placed on the boards. On Vednewdnv "S(jit'n KvLIhikvi" will be put on the boards for tho balance of the week. This play had never been wit-Tiestud in Minneapolis and the McAllister company have been engaged in rehearsiug it faithfully for notne time nast.

It ia a four-tt druDiB writtt-n by Mr. George Conquest mid Mr. Henry Fettit. It ia ia many a striking play, the plot being intelligible, the character well drawn and incidents of a "thrilling" nature abound. In it Miwt Helen Adell, a new accession to the company, will make her first aprearance.

Miss Adell has long been connected with the New York theatres, and comes here With a high reputation. ACADfcMT Or Ht'Stfl. Tliia week the Academy of Music will cIomkL 1iw8 acmt opkba compast, An event of more than common occur rence will be the engagement at the Acade my of Music of the Hen Acme pera Company. It it seldom that a company is unanimously praised a thin one has lieen in nil the leading ritien of the Union. We are toia uifti me oia company which was so lopular here ha been strengthened by euainon or lauy principals and a chorus (A ft) voice, that their rendition of the different operm ia perlect as human airenry can make them.

The prima dontie of this company are five in number, Misse Ade laide Kaiidall, K'wh) Leighpm, Emma KIs- I'er, Cora K. Miller and 8t. Quintin. Tlire Kb' rung favorites, Henry and James Beaks Miirk Smith, A. W.

Tarns. AlfreJ Wilkie and (it-ore Appleby, are till with the company. Ihe engagement here is f-jr three nights, Oct. 10 and 11. The repertoire lias not yet been announced.

foelil J'eraunsl. JoimViN-ltlWSCOH. TLe weddttig of Mr. Arthur K. Johnson find Miss Carrie M.

Han scorn at RichneM on Wednesday last was one of the events of the tcason. Mr. Johnsou works ia tho (lice of the surveyor-general of logs on NicoUet irJ.ind, and the presets he from his co-worker wa testimony of ihe eteeui in whirl he is held by them. Mr. L.

A. iMy and Mr. Oscar Hanoin aet-! as rroomsmen, and Miss Mamie Day and Mts 1 rtie MungiT a bridesmaids. The presents were numerous, and valuable. 'I he following were among the most iioieworthy.

China tea set from the groom's associates in the surveyor-genera1 a ttT.ce: china dinner get from Mrs. Mu Mamie Day and Frank Cahff; elegant siver pudding d.h and silver fruit basket from Mr. and Mrs. Ijeonard Day; Kilvertea ftt from C. A.

and O. M. Haa-mto: silver cake banket from Mr. and Mrs. I- 1).

fMuart aid danghter of Bismarck, silver a ni rc4iver from Mr. A. X'n; silver jewel ca from Mr. and Mr. F.

J. Mackcy: Ht of silver table cutlery from Mr. and Mrs. W. K.

Johnson; silver fruit knivea from Mias Florence Jones. Thera was a large Lumber of other haiulsorae and UM-ful pieM-tits. WKDUISO AN.VIVEUSABT. Tie anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and G.

Chapman occr.rred Baturday evening the r.ndwaalhe ocfHsion for the githeringof a pleasant party of their neighbors and frit i da at their residence. No, Sixth a nue north. A very cordial welcome was i to all by Mrs. Chapman. The gather-ir u' ns an entire surprise to Mr.

Ctnpm in, who returned from his businesa about o'clock to liud the guests in fall iwsbssion. A "mnrriage-b of beautiful flowers was over the entrance to Wie parlors, imd plants in full bloom adornod the mantle end tables. The ocvieion was enjoyed by ell, and not inenly the presents, bat mire the kind wishes of the guests was an as-nr-riiioe of their interest nod regard for Mr. and Mrs. Chnpmun and family.

catholic oarns faib. The fair for the benefit of the Catholic Orphan Asylum commences Monday evening and continnea through the week in Market Hall. A fino programme will be presented on the first three evenings of tho week and some of the bcH local vocal talant has been engaged, among others the quartette comised of Messrs. Geo. Enstis, Chas.

Kiif-tis, Henry Elliot and Al. Krech. Mr. C. K.

Hasty will also Fing a solo, accompanied I 1 rof. L. F. Hrown. A silver niit stand will he voted to the inost iwpular candidate, Hon.

V. I). Washburn or Mayor Ames. "THE INFOBMAt." A nrniber of the society young men of this city have organized a social club known oh "The Informal," the main object of which is to maintain a series of social gath- firings atMalcom's hall during the winter, fit which the german will be the feature. he membership is limited to 40, and the bers of the club believe that it will prove a pronom c.d success.

NOTEfl. Mr. C. H. Tettit is in Washington.

Mr. Charles Ileywood is in Denver. Aid, Nelson h.ia returned from Winnipeg. Mrs. B.

liassett will Fnend the winter East. Mies Emma Kind has returned from Europe. Mr. Arthur M. Keith has returned from luirope.

Mrs. E. W. Aldrich is visiting friends in Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Morsa are in their new nouse. Mrs. Loren Fletcher is visiting her parents in the East. Miss Florence King will spend the winter III Ul LHMi Airs. J.

j. valkeris visiting friends in wr. omer unapm nas returned from La Hyeue. iimi MisR M. E.

Drake has returned from her ii li i) BtnatorMealey of Montinelln city last eek. Mr. C. F. Iiittlefield has returned from Breckenfidge.

Judge Ilea and wife have roturned from lenneylvauia. Mias Isa F. Kerr havetu mod from a briof Tisit to Morris. M.r",J': H- Jaoy and Mrs. Wesley NeiU ere in Chicngo.

Mr. C. W. Davidson returned from treat yesterday. Mon- r.

Ii. Yi aoks 7" miuo my teew lork after erecting a 10UO monu- 1.

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