Independent from Long Beach, California on August 22, 1958 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1958
Page 25
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Two Tied for Canada Lead EDMONTON,- Alta. (UPD-- If Elroy Hirsch has his way, Elroy Hirsch will Doug Sanders and Bob Goetz, come out of retirement and play football for the Rams ·this fall. ·-When he landed a $26,000 year job with Union Oil, as TV emcee and director of sports clinics for kids, Elroy's football career ostensibly was finished After all, his most recent paycheck with the Rams had been .wound half that amount. ·i 1 .- Besides, Hirsch figured a 34- year old man had to stop playing these kid games sometime. He was. perfectly happy with his forced retirement. But this guy still has the enthusiasm of a kid. Last week, he a d m i t t e d he's . '"Shoulder Pad Fever." "I don't know what it is," he told me. "But the fall is about here, and I miss being with the Rams already." '-. How about his ironclad con. tract with Union Oil? Hirsch slipped lor a moment: "Oh, I think that could be worked out," he blurted. His wife Ruth is against it. . "Do something to talk him out - of it," she whispered. "I don't want him playing any more football." ; Meanwhile, there are reports . t h a t Union Oil might cori' . descend to give Elroy a leave of absence, feeling it would be an outstanding stroke of public re.' lations. Several months ago, the Rams asked his sponsors if he could be spared from the job, ' even as a part-time end coach. They said no, he couldn't. * * * : BILL BKENNAX, account executive o£ the Young Rubicam advertising agency which .packages Elroy's TV show, told 'me: "I don't think there's any- thin; gets when he sees the players being introduced before a game. After all, he's been in it for 20 years. The withdrawal is a little . tough. , It's just like telling your friend on the paper . . . what's his name, Hollingskittle? . . . that he has to stay away from all free-loading press parties. It's tough." Brennan added that Hirsch .' could not be spared from his job. "\Ve have big plans for this sho\v," he said. "We're moving over to CBS In October and hope to increase our audience. And as far as 'I kno\v, Elroy has never even discussed playing football with Keese Taylor (bossman of Union Oil). "He's got a job with a future with us. So I'll put it this way. Hirsch hasn't asked for a leave to the talk. Sure. Hirsch a yen to play ball again of absence, and we can't grant him one." Evidently Hirsch has kept his yearnings to return to the Rams to himself. Or, maybe in sounder moments, he has figured out he would be much smarter to, stick with his current job--much as Ole Kell .and the Rams would love to have him back. * "WHAT'S * * HAPPENED to Harvey Kno.x?" I asked Paul Caruso Thursday. "Darned if I know," Caruso replied. "Haven't heard from him in weeks. He might be out of town. Since we threw that press party at the Town House some weeks ago, heard from him." Knox hhd r e v e a l e d lie would continue to champion Ronnie's footuull career, even though ho and his stepson had split up. However, Ronnie wrecked the whole deal by retusinp; to report to the Chicago Bears. "Harvey insisted on paying for that Town House party," Caruso recalls. "But I told him I wanted to pay for half. About three weeks ago, I sent him a bill for his half--and I haven't heard a word from him. "He must be out of town . . . oh, he must be!" (Tune Bob Kelley dally At 8:25 ix,m. and 6 p.m. on KMPC) j BURDETTE BLANKS DODGERS- two members of golf's younger guard, carded five-under-par 65s Thursday to' share the midway lead in the 525,000 Canadian Open golf championship at 132. Canada's pre-tournament favorite, Stan Leonard-of Van couver, and . four others were just one shot back while six others were in with 36-hole scores of 134. Leaders: Doug Sanders 67-65--132 Bob GoetZ _ 67-05--132 Lionel Heb*rl ..-, B6-67--133 Stan Leonard ...: _ 67-66--133 Arnold Palmer ,,-,-,..-,,,--.....- 67-66--133 Tom Jacobi 8?-?!--1?3 Tonv L,ema Bill Webb ~ Bill Collins"TM!TMTM""!!TMTMTM 60-68--13-1 AllUe Souchak 67-67--13'! Jay Heert .... Don January .... Dow Flnaterwald .... ,8-08--134 ,, 55-8 D--134 87-GS--135 Mike Fetchlcll .65-70--135 Don Falrfield ,. 63-86--135 Art Wall Jr. _ - 70-66--136 haven't J°« Conrad VVcs Ellia Jr (Continued from Page C-l) singles the rest of the way. Koufax gave up six hits. The shutout was only the third suffered hy the Dodgers, low in the league, and .their first since Sam Jones of the Cardinals blanked them on May 16. The Dodgers also were shut out on opening day by the Giants' Ruben Gomez. Johnny Podres is the only other pitcher who has pitched a'shutout in the Coliseum and he did it twice; Stan Williams came close, but needed eighth inning help from Labine when' the Dodgers blanked Cincinnati, July 13. Aaron, Burdette and 'Felix Mantilla each had two hits for the Braves and Aaron raise his average to .329 to move into a^ challenging position for his second batting championship. no game today because of the Rams-Giants football exhibition. The five-game series ends Saturday in an afternoon game. 1,028.258 for th» Dodgers and 653,923 the Giants), this year In their first _ ·the . Dodcers drew ii games t_.- ,.. 1,830,232 fans, Including 366.029 for 10 ·Coliseum dates with the Braves. BOB Fairly, tha Dodgers' bonus boy from Long Beach, was considered the beat prospect In the Western League thii year, according to a consensus of the league's managers. Roy lUrtSflrld, ·Who managed Fairly it DCS Moines. made the report to Dodger chief scout Al Campania. Fairly wus promoted to the Dodgers Triple-A, farm at Su Pau, T Wednesday, Don Drytfdale (S-ll) CO" after his elphih straight win over the- Braves when the series concludes Saturday which he warbles while ntnimmlap Ills throughout the United States and lories were guests of Walter O'Malley at Thursday's game. The justices are In Los Angeles for *helr annual convention. . . . Junior GI Ilium nt.ret.ched his hl:tlng streak to 10 games with a slnple In :he first Inning. afternoon, lefty Jin Milwaukee will Use either Plz*m (4-1) or Carlton Braves Manager Fred Honey, commenting on Cubs alugper Krnk Blnlcs' chance to break Bab« HuthS home run record: "If the wind slays up in Chicago, lie has a iMiance." Hnnk.s needs 20 homers 1n his last 32 gomfin to tie tht Bab«n' 1927 record of 60. . . . Dodger clubnouge custodian The Brow i been Invited to be r.rmicho .Marx' TV . ¥our Ufa." Scat man R contestant ·how "You Bet Kirs', Southern Ca.ll- fornia's version of Klvlx I'rchlcy, 1* a nlchtly entertainer In the Dodjjer club- Be and l r - K. Miller wrote ceetar. Cbfef Justices from . Medical notes; P*«\V« Rrcse was In uniform -for the first, time since a week ago Wednesday. . . . Stan Williams' shoulder injury Is not serious. according to Trainer Doc Wendler. He has three sort apot* In the right shoulder, but ,raay not have to miss a '· ' ' turn. . . . Braves pitcher having trouble with Ms which he injured against He luste right Jay Is elbow, thft Dodgers last, month. less than two Innings Against the Dodgers Tuesday n!ght. . . . Braves catcher I)rl Grand alt will be ready for Saturday's final game. His right hand wafl bruised by r foul tip Tuesday. John- Ro.wborn Htarted !n left field for the Dodgers Thursday because " inuger Wait AMon f'.RUred he had ._ better chance than Glno Clmolt to hit against Lew Bunletta. "-1.louse. 1( j| Dodger MORE SPORTS ON PAGES C-4, 5 i.n, i.ach, cuiit., M., *ui. aa, im INDEPENDENT--Page C-3 C O M P L E T E BRAKE RELINE MOST CARS PARTS LABOR INCLUDED! IONDED LININ, ANY CAR $14.50 BRAKE INSPECTION WHEEL IEARINGS PACKED ' Factory Trained Sptcialiits FREE!! Ont-Hour Servici BRAKEKING LONG BEACH nil AMERICAN HE 3-7477 5:30 lo 5:00 p.m. W«.kday' DOWNEY 1750 FIREJTONt ILVD. TO J-4711 8:30 to 1:00 a.m. Daily DODGERS DIS AND DATA--Thanfcs to the Dodgers and Giants moving Crocker Snares 2-Stroke Lead WATERLOO, Iowa UP)--Fay Crocker of. South America was inj,.^ ThrouW · the only one to better par · Thursday and took a two stroke lead with a two under 70 in the compared tu 8,519,601 lor tne entire 3857 season. . . . This year's crowds have already topped attendance mark* for each season from 1901 through , 1S55. . . , The 1*L attendance record first round of the 57,500 Water-jorw.3ss.470 wa « set in 1017. I In 1957 the Dodders and Giants com- ·bined home attendance was 1.662,151 34-36--70 Beverly Hanson 37-35--72 Louise SURCS _ 36-36--72 Kathy Cornelius"..'. _ 34-38--72 Bonnie Randolph 35-37--73 Phyllis Otto Germalne 34-39--73 Jftckle Purip 37-36--73 Marlene Bauer Hagge,.,, ,, 30-35--74 Ruth Jessen -- 35-40--75 Mary Lena Faulk .. 37-3S--75 Joyce Zlske _ ,,.._ M-3G--7 Jo Ann Prentice' _ 3S-3S--7 Murle Mackenzie 1 .. 10-36--7' W l f f l Smith 39-37--71 - - - 37-33-71 loo Open; Leaders: Fny Crocker PCL Results STARS OF TOMORROW Shawn :LKS SBS LKAGUK O H I O lloflman" Hotshots ;;.;;;6ud 04-- i S^iir,' ,i°?;? ( .t!. W d ,,v V ^ ntrai Chat -| _ CouitaJV'siiloata imeau. Klnrade 'f. Commeau (4.) OIL- FIELD LEACDJB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - 3 0 1 0 J O O - 5 300 061 ·-- 10 Vancouver (100 00(1 101--I B kacranicnto 001 1)01. 001--3 31 1 -Herann. llurncs (8) and Whlt«; wat- n«. Hoss (Oj iind Soselll. W--Ross. --Hughes. lokjna _.. 000 000 000--D II 3 lotnlic _ 100 601 OOx--8 31 0 Grob. Scott «) Palmqulst (51 Hann (Si and N. Sherry and Ronnlnc i): Zannl and Hailer. Homen-- loenls. Rhodes, Zanni and 3 r lnlKan. '--Zannl (14-9). L--Croo (S-10). eattlo 332 000 000--7 14 0 irllmnd ._ 110 000 oo:)--3 9 I Wleand and DOtterer: Plllette. Mai'er 2), Carter (9) and Neal. Tcy, Benson (4) and \valker. ...000 00-- 0 ...1M OH-- J and Anderson and sommsrs. Smith ConeesMoiix Uptown Oli'.lnt^ls . DeMarco. Mercer ( 4 ' ;rlf:'!n. Fullerton (3) nay A- Eddie's ooo 00-- o 0 No. Town Giants 001 Ox-- 1 1 0 Davis, llapel (1) and Feamire; rowell. Blade (4) and EssinKton. VFW No. 1748 O H J\-- 4 7 1 Color Robots ~100 02-- 3 4 4 Capra. Courtney (4) and Madsen; Henry. Atkinson (1) and Rossisnol. \nahrlm _ 005 001-- 3 3 I Iow» Pork Shops 010 300-- 3 1 3 Stevens, Brinscr (3). Wllnelin (6) id Shlndlcr: Kins, Mesenbrlnk f3), Gor.zales (61 and Paulson. Webb (4). (3) and (tj and . I'»nthfrs Atonis rcesn. Jones Ocoda and Jani, Lll , 300 J3 IH]O 122 -- 3 0 3 (1) and Armstrong- . 001 . _ 307 6: lei: B. Smith. Da.-.-ynmDIe (1) and Dan '-- G; Smith. Johns S) and Abby ItOTAHY LEAGUE Junior LlfrffuardK 011.003 6--10 4 Uill Conntruelloii OIO'OO: »--- 3 3 Costello. Peck (5).-.Cook (G) and Lawrence, . Gaynor (5)' and 000 '01-- 1 3 (11)84 (ll)x--34,21....0 Hlllls. I'liu* 7-Up . Proctor " Rli and ,,. Booh (4) and Colbert. POLICE LEAGTTK Chicken of tho S» 200 040 I Icflna, Campbell. '(:'. Nurmu (4) Noncupp: Griffith, McCormlck (4) Motor Tmtrol .010 000 0--1 Salcldo .and Baker; Ecnumachtr and Kellopp, , . . · / ' . Gutierrez TKOs Manzi Wild-swingins Al\aro Gutierrez of Mexico gained a technical knockout over Pat Manzi of New York ITiursday night in their 10-round main event at Olympic Auditorium.- Gutierrez, 146 1 /TM, flailed away at underdog Manzi, 148%, landing solid blows to the head. By the end of the seventh, Manzi's eyes were badly cut. sixth inning to lead DobbsJHis manager, Joe Netro, asked Diesel to the Double A cityjReferee John Thomas to halt league Softball championship the bout. Dobbs nippec Dobbs Diesel Wins AA Title Ev Pearson cracked, a three- run homer in the bottom of the Thursday night. ' Don's Market, 4-3. Don's ilarktt 130 100 0--3 6 IJobb's Diesel ,, 010 003 *--t 10 Jones A Schroedcr: Waymire, Cole t, McCarry. O'Conndls 000 000 0--0 5 B K Electric 002 000 X--2 4 * Hansen t Lockett; Schlauch A Max. , S.E.A.A _ 510 000 0--6 6 Blvens Plumbing,.,. 400 000 0--1 6 6 KInjr i McDanlels; Teske Hoa». Rose P.oom 001 000 001--2 3 2 V. Consumers Teed Co COO 100 000--1 6 3 Clayton Lee; Evlnks Dyke. I..B. Boy's Club. 040 000 2--8 6 6 . 3JJt Lutheran , 110 220 3--7 7 4 D. Anderson it C. Ambrose; Luhrscn ' * Palce. Pacific Valv» TOO 003 1--3 7 ; Asetes No. 7 Oil 010 0--2 7 1 Gibson £ r -amb; J i u n t e r Xnorzer. Gamr-i Tonlrtit At Hamilton Bowl--7:30 p m -Westminster Presbyterian vs. Hancock Oil: Paul's Auto Repair vs. Custom Upholstery Dealeri: Truett Memorial vs. Glenn Miller Carase: 8:1.1-- 15th American vs. The A n n e x : Local 408 · vs. Bethany Lutheran. ' Brown Victorious in Parks Net Tourney ' Noel Brown of Los Angeles, favored to win the singles · championship of the 32nd'An- 'nual National Public Parks ten- 'nis tournament, won his fourth ! round match Thursday but an- Bother seeded player was upset. . Brown defeated Albert Dir- ,'scole. North Hollywood. 6-3, 6-3, ·6-0, while seeded Marsh Miller, 'Culver City, dropped a 6-1, 7-5, '6-2 decision to Earthna Jacquet !of Los Angeles. Carmen Basilio, a stablemate of Manzi, was a spectator. Playground Softball (PLAYOFF GAMES) Cl» B Lonctellon- 7, Calif. Avt. 2. Mann S, Carver 3, Lowe:i 10 Birney 2. Prlsk 30. £1 Dorado 4. ClasH C Burnett 4, Prlxlt 3. Birnev 10, Holmes 4. Loncfello\y 3, Truman Boyd 1. Atherton 18. Madlsoa B. Cits* D Burroughs 6. Oarfleld 2. Lowell 14. Calif. Avt. 7. Madison S, Henry 7. Lafayette 4 Atherton 2, ·· orats riATOFFs Junior · Division Garfleld 15. Lowell S; Carver 15. Twain 2. · "Whaley-Gant 14. Lafayette 12. Harte 12, LonzCellow 1, Senior Division California 20, El Dorado 10, Burcham 42. TVlllard H. Pan American 9, Coolidge £. Garfleld 26. Cherry 5. Braves Top Chiefs The Braves defeated the Chiefs, 24-20, at'Veterans Stadium Thursday night to take 3-2 lead in their current roller derby series. isks Army Deferment MILWAUKEE UP) -- ' T o n y ^ubek, New York Yankee out- elder from Milwaukee who gned up in the Army reserve rogram last Spring, has asked 40-day deferment in his Sept. reporting date so he can play . the,World Series. GOLF SALE! N*w 7951 Mad tit fro Fit Sktfti Limited Supply! WALTER HAGEN -- Halg Ulfro Irons. Set of 8. Reg. $135. IURKE -- Punch irons, pro compact heodi, for mor« distance. Reg. » 1 3 5 WALTER- HACIN -- Hoig ultra woods. ST^jtS Reg. $ 1 0 0 *" IURKE -- Thund.rbird and Cobra woods. J 7d* 5 -Rig. 5100 *T All* UmlUj Quintlty ·! «Gr. t or . Spolding - Wllun - H«gan W«od «nd lr«ns 1957 MODELS 1/3 OFF Liberal Trodt'ln Allowance ·n your «ld clubi Dtieatinti ·« Summtr Spartiw««r Meadowlark Country Club CE «-U16 mr Itx 4-4035 ^·^rygayisres POST TIME 2:15 Monday through Saturday NOW AT DEL MAR Join the gay rowd at delightful Dtl Mar for thoroughbred racing at its best AIR-CONDITIONED GREYHOUND tUS fflch r«cin« d«y c*ifeM» the track. Jn/OM7iol«rMA/-7111 . DAILY SCHEDULED FLIGHTS fr.m H.wlh.rn., c.ll O« «-J»2» / . ,,0t i.Ul/ rrem Ivrb.nk, c.ll IH 6-1*41 · r V I t-iy«t LABOR DAY SALE PLAY IT SAFE! DON'T TAKE CHANCES! RIDE ON NEW SAFE TIRES BLACK WHITE 1L95 15.95 12.95 -12.95 -- SIZE «.00xl i 6.50x15 BLACK WHITE 5.50x15 10.95 13 95 12.95 -14.95 --' SIZE 6.70x15 4.40x15 6.00x15 California, here I come... STRAIGHT CREAM from Kentucky By Jove... They've Got It... and I saved 500 SPECIAL VACATION PRICE ...formerly NOW STRAIGHT /5 QUART PINT NOW TUBELESS ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT QUALITY SIZE HACK WHITE 16.95 19.95 7. 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