The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
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Be'Sure To "Attend Mississippi County Fair Sept. 26-Oct. 1 VOUiMR XXXVI—NO. 1(51. LE COURIER NEWS PER OP NORTHEAST "^ *^ niydifvlllc Cornier niyllicvllle Herald Blylhcvllle Dally No\vs - • • • Valley NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEACT MISSOURI Do JVof Forget To an Your Poll Tax Rcfore October 1 Chamberlain Warns English Public Long War To Be Expected LONDON, Sept. 20. (UP)-Pri~mc Minister Neville Chamberlain warned the nation today to prepare I'oi' a'I long economic simple that woiiM destroy the N'a/i svrtv machine and defeat Hitler-ism. ' . Pi-ogi-eHs is being made, lie told the House of Commons ho ox^wted" ' y Wil1 ' l ' t ' l " ) ' 1< 1 "' i ' "' t " ic ' li vf>slllts Wlnslon Churchill, first lord of *— __ the admiralty, took n mare eneour-! aging attitude, however, tn telling Coinmoiis tlmt Ihe Nazi U-bo,u menace was being rapidly minced every week and tlmt possibly one- Ihlrd ot the German .submarine.'; .it. sen hml been destroyed. Indicating thai the major plus of allied strategy is economl strangulation rather than the niv mediate military destruction IIByil,]^, ARKANSAS. TUK8DAY, SKI'TKMIJEH 20, !!>,')!> Isolationists Assail B 'Window Dressing 5 Of Arms Repeal Issue Germany, Chamberlain disclosed that Great Britnin had seized 256, 000 tons of contraband war material-; bound for the RcicV the first three weeks of war. At the same lime, he snld friendly discussions nrc- under with neutral governments in effort to carry out the economic war without arousing antagonism against the allied powers and lo emphasize (lie menace which Germany presents to Die neutral conn- tries. This menace, he said "in the past few dnys has been translate; into action by sinking of three neuirnl .ships under circumstances constituting a clear ternational law." breach of 111- Chamberlain said thai Ihe general objective of Ihe ministry of economic warfare was "to disorganize Germany's economic structure to such an extent as to niak it Impossible for her to carry on the war." The prime minister warned the country ngainsl over optimism, "G e r m a n y already possesses sleeks of varying sixc of raw materials which she is required to import and quick results cannot therefore be expected," he said. ,By WKRR LONDON, Sept. 26. <up>— Tho view of expert nculral observers in London, aflcr nearly four weeks of war. is that Adolf Hitler can !10t a long war and Great, Britain aiid France can not win a short one. The'French' and British confidently expect to win .the war but they believe victory may be precipitated by (he crack iip of the Oerman home front and not necessarily by an overwhelming victory in the field. Without claiming inside information of allied plans, it, seems lhat tire tactics and strategy of the French nnd British at this time may he defined ns pointed toward a war which will surely if slowly force Germany to capitulation. Naturally later developments might alter these fundamentals and also (his definition of French-' British strategy does not mean lhat the ullies intend lo pull their punches in military combat. T am convinced that Ihe British, for instance, are planning and fully intend to send millions «f men to (lie continent to fight. • That theory would account for the cautious way in which the war has proceeded so far on thc western front. Likewise the theory is borne out by (he combats on the diplomatic front, namely thc allied insistence thai the war is against. Hitlerism and Nazi bn- rrnucrncy and nol against the German masses. Thc man in tiie street expected Of.' Storm Is Near 10 Radio C Ii a r g cs German General Killed By Secret Police HBHMN, Sept. 28. <TJP)_The 'it!4h ccinniniul lodny reported German Irnops had fought •viiy lino the fringe of War- weeks of sletjo In thai their •saw after three the and burned ., ,. , ....I. I41UILLII i ollsh capital held out, iiffniml devastating attack. Vert .Mckolowskl, iin old military parndc ground aimut five miles from the center of the city and n " (ILslrlcl ouritgeous the an- oppositionist., to Sv!n NC!TO - N -' Scpt ,' 2S \ <^- 0 opposons., on i^i ',? mi ° n ,', 0<1 "' V <lfrilK ' (l lo l ' fill((>1 ' heir attack esulent Hoo.scveH's propos-a! for ix-ponl of the arm* ....< tension mis mmlo; «l :t slratuBv mccUnir of th<> scnatfirral opp, w ,ij 0 ,, bloc wlnVh assomblcil .short I v I c fare Mij. Roasnvclt \v;m .scliedulcd („ confor widi six ouliiuot. «Ktas on Un ted States neutrality sU . |W nl,-ca, v nko lenders of the .senate bloc wild lhal they would oppose efforts "to lieJuddli " mil LOS ANGELES, Sept, 2C. (UP) — The, calming seas of Southern California were searched today lor Ihe bodies of approximately 40 men Miiicn and children who put o;is in small boals for relief from a section (C ihu Mokolcv "have been taken in c , hand lo hand noiijiccinent said. Battle opcrall:ns WC rc resinned yesterday and continue, the announcement nddcrt. fuddle Hie debate unit |ii ( . nubile ind", by discussion of wluU Ihoy termed "\vlmhw dresslnn" In (lie iidmtnistriUion'.s tlllii and winy j heat, wave Sunday and by a sudden slor were caught Wmaw b German radio Assassinated 20. (UPj _ 'n,e nnoiincer quoled prisoners today that Col. Estimates placed the death tell Gc "' We ™er v:n Pritsch,'former as higli as 44. 'Hie .shoreline was oom »«"ider-iu-d!!ef or the Oer- litteved with wrecks of vessels whose " li "! ftl ' my> was assasstnaled by passengers had not been accounted K( . a f. secrel P° llcc "'»' thai many for and some authorities feared (lie Ls fcllow officers on the War- toll wctilcl be much higher smv fl ' 0)lt had Ijeen arrested bc- Eieven boats were known to have f. ausc Qf lheir outspoken indlgna- Ijcon wrecked in the violent and ti011 unexpected C5-mlle-an-hour gale ' rllc ) )l ' lso »ers were said lo have and 23 other boats were still re- 1 ' e l )orl( ' ( l Uial von Prltsch could not ported missing, possibly have "died a 'I'ldlcr's death on the battlefield" because (hey had seen him l ns |, Thursday cuter a car at Grodzisk, 20 miles from Warsaw, and drive away in !\ .southwesterly direction, nwnv from the front. The only official detail of von Fritsch's death wns a statement by Co). Gen. Wallhci' von Braiich- I itseh, nrtny comamnder-in-chief, that he died leading an nrtillcvv regiment on patrol. proposal, "W.' nrc nol, oilier (Irosslng in | n (el all (fe (his hill distract Nazi's Reported Consider- • * ^3i*n\.tlt \JU J>;.! mg bending Ambassador T|1C w «™w station was "jam- Rar-l T it 'I J C, i ' '" lmetiiHlcl i' after the rcfer- DaCK JO United Otates jpnce to von Frilsch. Prc-Gcrman BERLIN, Sept. 26 (UP)—nelia- )le sources reported tonight that, mnn llHC s '" Poland." frequently he German government was con- llnvc encroached up:n thc Warsaw broadcasts, presumably ortgluntlug from some station inside the Gcr- back to Washington stntion mit wlth superior power. exl Iwo cr thru; .r/ee! ; ; i ••-.••'•- - —S— : -= —j^.'i ," ./ gesture" to (he United IM7I "B A III lOf T'n * iderinp sending Ambassador Hans uieckhblf b: " rtthiii the i as a "peace States. Dieckholf was recalled (o Germany some lime ago to report to, "the strange atlitude" of President! Roosevelt toward (he Reich. Al' that time relations were strained! as a result of the renewed Nazi i anti-Jewish campaign. ! drowning the Polish the public mind from the Issue of einlinrEO rciioal," said Sonnlor Ger- alil r. Nye (Hep., N. n.). .Sennlor Worth n. Clark (Dem., Iduj said that opponents of embargo repeal would nol attempt lo discuss any provlsitn.s of the mcas lire except Ihoso which would si.h stlliile title iind carry for the present embargo on unns, shl)>- menls from the United' Stales to belligerents. The While House caifcrenco was summoned as intltieutidl scnnlir. Democrats promised victory for the president's arms embargo repeal if executive departments keep "lmiid,s off" [lie congressional fight. While House Secretary Stephen T. Early said the cabinet members will present Mr. Roosevelt Die latest reports on preparations made In their departments bearing oti preservation of neutrality, operations; of the neiilrnlily patrol and all general measures designed lo keep the United Slates from involvement. In the European war. , T. Be Ms To yors' Day At Fai Mayors and other olllelals of 29 lowus oi Northeast Arkansas and boulheasl Missouri nrc expected here Wednesday when Mayor Marion Williams nnd other members of the lilythevllic Clly Council will be host fcr entertainment al Die Mississippi County Fnlr wlilch opens here tonight.. OlllclBls of Osccola, Manila Lcacliville, Luxora. Dell, Joiner Nctlleton, Wilson, Reiser, Caraway, Monellc, Eloivuli, Pflrngaidd, Joiie.sboro, Lake City, Ulnck Oak Leprinin. Mnvked Tree and Trumann In Arkansas, and HornerK- vllle. Senalh, CimUvcll, KciincK Maiden, Hiiyfl, Cnriilhersvlllc! Bailoy Insist,- Moll Take Aclioii Apiusl Mississippi Cotinly, Others UTTU,; llOciic7~Ai'lf Renl •'><(_. MnhlUK pnbllft „ lelli'r'froin'jWu- lenlliiry Hii|it. Al ]| Heed slalinii nol°a!!!n. i 50 " 1 '!'," 1 ' lll( ' k "ON- )»»' not ncied lo collect $0,16,1 nll( W 'dlv '*«! Ihe ponnnniary by , 0 £„;* i..\ tlovi'Mior Hallcy w ,. nl( , "oil ypstmlay ur|>ln K u m |, he ««i "without, ,i,!i, vv lo ,„„;,, ion of (in. amounts which „',-,. IS' dill! lUKll-j- |||(, |, uv ,. lici'd snld undo,. A ;. t ,| l( 0 , Iho jMillcmlury l s allowed m!?Tpn-son'sen!e, l( ' '' ily ' D1 ' rnt '' 1 ' ciillou from llmt toi'miy t kc™Un llie iickcr nrh-on faun "denlli house'' „„«) nlso to l]mk(! u c|) of $.'5 (oivard u u . nctiml of electrocution, 'lo said hi: nUoi'iiey SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Mississippi County PI1ENT Fair Opens Tonight, Closes Sunday Night Mr. lo espouse Doughboys o.f 1917- March Tod <y men who counts due hud certified to the Bencrai (h c follosvlng ac"" from various counties ime 30, nnd unpaid us vionsly had been recalled to "report" to the stale department al that while the German army and air force were smashing Poland the French Important Flood Control Test Suit Before High Tribunal ity for ninny's LfTTLE ROCK, Ark., Scpl. 26.- The stale supreme court yesterdav to:k under consideration a case Much may have considerable bearing on flood control work in eastern Arkansas. The suit Involves an appeal (r;m nnd British would' a!1 order of Chancellor j P Gaut- Ihemsflves of an opporlun- [ ncy granting; a taxpayer inaCr'ai" ' """'- upon Ocr- heart county drainage district mi injunction lo prevent the district mass attacl; Siegfried line and tor terrific air bombardment of Germany's industrial regions in Ihe Ruhr, close to the French frontier ami constituting Germany's most v nerable area. Bui the allies arc convinced Hint, lime plays into lheir hands. They realize (hat they possess (he preponderance of weisht in financial and industrial power and access to raw materials. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Sept. 26. (UP)— Railroad shares rose lo new highs since 1937 in the averages loday and gave the slock market a firmer appearance generally AT&T ............... I Anao:nda Copper ...... Associated D G ..... Beth Sleel ........... ' . ' Boeing Air ........... .. Chrysler ................ ; ij 0 j. C<* a Cola ................ ]105 . s General Molors .......... 54 7-8 General Electric ......... 42 1-4 Int Harvest ................ B8 5 . 8 Montgomery Ward ........ 54 1-2 N Y Central ............ .. 221-2 Packard ................ 4 Phillips Pet .......... "" 46 161 . 33 5-8 8 3-4 03 5-8 37 1-2 G ,. 8 Sclienloy Dlst ............. 13 Siuuii:ns ................. 22 3-i SMony Vac .......... . ____ 137-8 Standard Oil N J ........ 50 5-8 Texas Corp .............. ,(8 U 3 Smelt ............... CO US Steel ................. 7 S l |. t from using f niv ) s in j(s to buy right of way for flood control projects. Chancellcr Gaiitney held that, funds derived from taxes by the district were piert^d lo secure bonds and could nut be diverted to provide right cf way. The chancellor in his opinion aid thai the district could furnish the ri-ht of way provided it, levied „ special tnx for Hint purp:se. Among; (he several drainage Cis- •ricls in eastern Arkansas Interested In the case, even in not directly involved arc Drainage Dis- l "cl No. 17 and Drainage District No. 1C of Mississippi county, and Drainage Dislricl No. 7 cf Poinsctl county. C. M. Buck of Blyttheville appeared before the tribunal to argue that the chancellor's decision should be reversed. He appeared tn behalf of the Rec:uslruction Finance Corporation. Important Developments May-Result From Von Ribbentrop's Visit MOSCOW. Sept. 20 (UP)—Nn?.l foreign minister Joachim Von Rili- bentrop will arrive In Moscow tomorrow to discuss problems connected with Ihe partitioning of Poland, it v;a.s announced officially tonight Tile German foreign minister, who conferred with Adolf Hitler in Berlin this afternoon, was Invited to Moscow by the Soviet government Ihe THS iieus a-jenry nnnotinccd. (Reports circulated abroad lhal Von Ribbcnlrap would s i|jn a military treaty with Russia were denied in Berlin). The. scheduled arrival cl Von Ribbcntrop appeared to climax a series ot diplomatic maneuvers which some observers believed indicated important, new developments in Eastern Europe where thc Red army has been gradually moving up lo the line marking its half of Polish territory. A'<?HJ York- Coil Rejection Of Lee Wilsorj Company's $350,000 j Claim Js Indicated WASHINGTON, Scpl. 26— claims by R. E. L. Wilson & Co., Mississippi County, Ark., planters approximating $350.000. probably will be dlsnlloued liy Ihe Department of Agriculture, it wns indicated totlny. The claims cover parity, soil conservation and oilier pnvnients for 1937, 37 and 38. Holland and Campbell in Missouri, have been Invited The program calls lor thc ofll- cinls attending (he special enter- alnmcnl In the grand stand of le iiilr In lh c afternoon, vtewlni- Ihc exhibits and livestock, supper •served on the Iiilr grounds, and more entertainment, al Ihe Krnml stand. A rodeo, balloon ascension Plue Ridge Follies, band concert and thc Midway arc scheduled for Die nrtcnm:n and night. Ashley ...... Onrlnud ...... "!'. Crlttendcii ..... !.' tx)nokc Miller ........ '.'.'.'. Mississippi ...... .' Oiiaclilla ...... Pulaski ........ " Snllne ........ '" Searcy ......... : Kill tBfl 3BS 051 3,120 Ififi 001 MO Will Add New _ Recruits Under Executive Order For General Expansion The claim ot the company is Company M. Blythcvlllo unll ot - -— ,...., , ,.. „- . (llc IS3r(l infantry, aloni; with ether ported to have been disapproved by i lmlls of H'c Arkansas national U. M. Evans, AAA AdininlslnKar. E " nrtl wl " 1 '™'"ll. n number of new lj:wevcr. Secretary Wallace hxs '"" discretionary power lo approve the recommendation or . reject it anil uilhori/.e payment. Senator Jclm E',, Mlllcr> who hns assisted j. M. craln. manager of he phmlation pvopertlcs. in brlng- ng Ihe facts before the Department of Agriculture, today idol his opinion tlic n:rmnt coiiise would be for Secretary Wallace lo a • members under the resent executive order of President Hoosevelt to increase all brunch™ cf Ihe nation's armed forces, Al pre.senl Company ,\r hns BO nlltl Ihree ofllccrs. headed by The henvy cliar ( ; e apilnsl Mlssts- sl|)|)l county was for keeping nub- bles Clayton ,n,d j| m x carnthers, Mlssisslpiil comily negro raplsl^' mirlni! their four-yeiir legal hnttlc lo ewaiie lhc electric clmlr They wore, electrocuted last July. Jelfcrson county, which paid $55 to Ihe penltenllnry July o on a similar account., was listed an Ihe riily comity which Imd paid Its death house" account. Sunei-lnlendcnl. Heed advised povornor Bailey that Stnlc Coniii- Iroller J. o. Oo/f's office had Informed him (he counties were able to pay (heir dctils. S:iya Charges Jlullllctl In his lellcr to Mr. !!o!l, released to the press at the lime It, was «nl lotlie onicliil.'aovernor.Ilallcy snld in part:.-nicre In ctiultnblc jusllflcatlon for lhc state's Insistence that these nccounls be piild," Answering a reporter's question concerning accounts for such pcnl- lenllary services in '. Sept. 20. (UP) —Tin iimi-.'IitHl the '-' years ago In Khaki pulled raincoats over American Ionian uniforms In ihef Pnrndo of Pence tixluy, A drfellin; rain was bugles called tin WH « ,, 'Oil- IB Into lino for the paradi of ho American U-gion's 21st, an until convention. ,.,,tiro The u K ]on devoted dny In llu, pnmiJc- or pence |,u he ((Mslloii O r American neutrality mid the stand (ho es-soldlcrs will ,-akc on Iho nrnw eintarito Issue occupied thc minds cf nil 'Hie Legion will vote Us policy before Ihe oloso of Ihc convention Thursday, l*Klcn members, their auxiliary Clold Star Mothers nnd sons nnd' DaUBhlers of Ihe Legion particl- pntcd In the line of march ncarlv wo miles down Mlclilgnn noulevanl to- dm reviewing stand In Soldier Wold, Mississippi with it record of the greatest iicrccntngo of members led Ihc slate untls. Hns Vlnat In 1'aruilc _ ivllh the rodeo, which :«? ^mnZ^-r^r^' I throiiKh Sunday, tho fair will pr"- s<w n wonderful exhibit of farm «n«l home product.s nnd spectacular cinerlfilnment la (he world of 'Music, »|iorl«, aerial and circus woils, nloiii! with n Mldwuy which fealurfs of rldo.5 and 1'he rodeo will begin n t 7M5 p clock for u,e only entertainment ton!«h(., hp.slde.s the ciirnlval The cxlitblt bulldinus, which 'nre dnickcd mil win, displays beta" !»™»K«I, will be open to the public Wctlnesday morning, " ° ' » D - hrough Sunday niijht ' Wgm al u o'clock with a .street parade, While Ihe carnival win be open throughout the dny and night he rodeo will singe another show tomorrow nrternoon, Joe Park and tii xlratosphere lady will perform •mm! 1 bl>1100 » nscenston nnd the. -iCOth const nilillery band will give a concert. The night program for Wedmwdny Includes (he Pine Rldgo '">lllc s and another band concert The pine nidge Follies, which was applauded by the thousands who saw the shows inst year will again bring prelly girls, musicians of iiiilionnl fame and stage performers W h 0 . have made enviable ' reputations In this line Thursday will have ii program- oi Ihc rodeo In the afternoon, balloon nscenston In the afternoon, performance by David Dnd-' inh, International sllngshol champion, In the afternoon and nlghl, •In the parade was n float repro- lllc plllc nid «o Follies will give n scntlng Ihc Arkansns American If. vc l )e " 1 program Thursday night glon which was planned by ' " ' '' Ihn niythevllle post, for Ihe, Fifth Dis- ti'tcl. The float, depleted Klnf; Cotton, Inlerwoven iillh n patriotic: Iliemc. past years, Oovernor lialley said: "I presume they've been paid voluntarily In ihe past, I was never nskcd (o collect any while l was atlorney general." Tollllrs' Drnlril presumed his letter be "attributed . Cant.. Wendell M. Phillips, and (he authorized peace, lime slrcnglh of the company Is 78 men. The ndju- (HI NEW YORK. Sept, 30. <UP>- :otlon closed steady. open high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. "Way July 008 818 CT, 802 338 817 912 881 811 86+ 8-11 320 low 901 875 862 852 831 811 Spots closed nominal at flu, close 003 81(1 305 85-1 331 813 up 3. f/ivestock Orleans Cotton approve •he fliulinij of ofliciah Ilirougli whose hands lhc results c f Ihe investigation has passed. He held mil 'title hope that (lie recommendation for disallowing the. claim would ! rcje:lcd. Senat:r Miller said he fell lhat decision was based more on Ui<- agnitudc of Hie ease than its mer- ts. A claim for n smaller amount, he said, lie believed would have nnd more favorable consideration. Frosh of 1939 More Stalwart Than 1919 Type PULTON. Mo. (UP)-Thc average midwcstcni college freshman is younger, heavier and taller than Ihe fledgling who enrolled 20 years age. according lo results of a survey announced by Paul Herriott, Jr.. senior student at \Vcstmhistcr College here. - „ -„ ,.- r "v ire based his study O n enrollment' B , overnor of Ltms 'nlernalional, to- slalistics covering 50CM nien over'. nt thc wcekl V luncheon meet- 20-yenr period at' Westminster "' B . . of llle locnl cl »b ^ Ihe lant general's department of Arkansas hits ticcn aiithcriKcd lo enlist n (otal of 838 men for ihc national guard In ihe stale. The Arkansas guard nt present has n strength of X>50 men nnd approximately 200 officers. The new Increase' will bring thc strength (o 3,380 men. which Is only 205 .short of full peace lime slrenglh. Each company will receive Its pro-rated share of the Increase ordered. Applicants for enlistment In Company M will be interviewed by First Lieutenant Ardcn n. Ciwdcr at the armory Wednesday nlghl Sept. 27, at eight o'clock. Young men, unmarried and without dependents, will lie accepted to make He said hi lo Mr. Holt would „ ............... lo politics." | m i h c was "only asking nil olllcial lo do his duly." lie said he did nol know If former attorneys genernl hud beon nnd (ho Midway win'tic open llle lime. II ed lo against tiary. Several veteran collect similar counties for thi> accounts peniten- employes jiip the quoin assigned Ihe company. Local Lions Hear Chicagoan Speak Lionism as 11 should be and Its causes were discussed by Cecil \V. Webb of Chicago, district deputy . ncctcd with depnrlmenls luindllug slate financial affairs snld they did nol recall any Kuch paymcnls hay- Inn been made 'prior l« .Jefferson county's .Inly c payment. Attorney Omernl Holt, was out of Ihe rlly. S. T,. rilndlsh, Mississippi [-ounty Jiidse mnrtc clear his iwsltlon some time ago on the debt ullesjedly owed the slalo by Ihe. county (or penitentiary charucs. lie said this county would make .such payment coly if forced lo do so by eonrl action and Indicated he did not believe such payment, ccuhl be required. Don't Try To Fool A Banker On This SEATTLE, Sept. 3C.—Sceklii" a feature story, a Seattle repcrtcr tried the old stucil of selling dollar bills for 50 cents at Ihe American Bankers Association convention today. NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 26. (UP) —Coltcn futures marked tnie to-', day while traders watched for new: — .,*.., ,,,,., V u tlo (VCSCmlllSLCI. M/xkl I l n private men's college; the Out- N °'" e . . to " n - v - versity of Illinois, a state histitn- ' Besitles W r - Webb, other gucsls (Jon; nnd the University of Cincin """"' """" "'"" "" " nail, a municipal university. Today's freshmen al all llirei ? n rf (he », , ' Marked Tree The reporter pulled oul n dollar bill In lhc convention he lei lobby and offered it for 50 cents to lhc club, firsl developments In neutrality , , ' 1001 ; s are » war younger, about " ta " C1 ' nnd ci8hl lo lcn r saw—thinking- the . . who. banker would refuse to buv bespoke briefly. W. W. Fowler, sec- cause Die offer sounded suspicious <-•"- Lions club, and) 'me financier look the dollar] 1 1)ountls liravfcr fr-shmcn ° ttn " n ' ronc lien In Washington. Cotton fu-i of 1919 ' Hc »iott found. . lures closed steady, up 7 points to' J "" 8m S * rol » an average of (he IWore Hunters PlCK oil 2 points. ' ; 20-year period, Ihe composlle \Vcsl- Ocl. Dec. ,)an. Mar. ^ray July EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Sept ->6 (UP)—Hogs: 11.000 Top, 7.CO 170-230 Ibs.. 7.45-7.55 UO-160 Ibs., G.25-7.00 Bulk sows, 6.35-7.00 Cattle: 4.550 Steers, 8.25-10,15 Slaughter steers. 6.25-11.25 Mixed ycarlines, heifers 7BO-1025 Slaughter heifers, fl.25-11.00 Beef c:ws. 5.00-K.3S Ciiltprs nnd Ion- cutter.'!. 3.7B-4.7S May open . 01D 837 881 870 843 027 high 023 892 881 871 849 823 low 9)0 S84 877 8S-! 840 820 Dec. Muv ots closed steady al 908, up 4, 'hiffifin Whent open high low c | osc clow mmiicr freshman is 18,54 years eld. D21 G9.G8 inches tall and weighs 14511 838 height, and 137.83 pounds in weight while ihc fllini first-year man Is 19,69 years old. U7.51 inches and weighs I40.2S) pounds. Colorado For Big Game 865 8-11 82:i pounds. The Cincinnati Ircshman DENVER (UP)-Colorndo and thc is _ 10.14 years old. 58.34 Inches in Rocky Mcuntatn region will play , turned II over for a quick: glance, pocketed it, handed over 50 ccnl.s and disappeared inlc (he crowd. r 1 open 513-D fin Cnrn high low N close Faithful Acre Clteil NBWBERRY, S. C. IUP)- Hnvp« •JIM ** s « ( •An Western Arkansas Hard Hit By Drouth LITfLE ROCK, Sept. 20. (UP)—, Chancellor'Will Re Hera Ocl. 5 and Nov. 24. Almost a score of divorce decrees were granted by Chancellor J. !•'. Qaulnoy of Jonesbnro nl n regular notion of dummy court liei-D Moiuliiy. The clinncellor will return Ocl. S tn hold u healing nut! to lake up other mailers ready for presentation. He will itlso return here Nov. 24. .Divorce decrees griitilcd yesterday with parties and grounds listed follow: Ledn P. Taylor from Marvin C. Taylor, desertion; 1'enrlean Cliron- Isler from Jessie Chronlstcr, Indignities; Ruth Robbins from Tom Robbins, indignities; W. M. Hunt from Mary Iluth Hurst, dcscrllon; Elmer Elnni from Fannie Eiam, dcscrllon; D. n. Culp from t,nln Culp/ ImllKiiillos; Francis G. Stad- cr Horn Doris slndcr. indignllliis; Minnie Leo Richardson from Clarence D. Richardson, dcseillon; W. II. Uitlincr from Mnnde Lntlmcr, deesrlion; II. II. Walker from Lilllan Walker, de.serllon; Olto H, Rhode from rtnua Mae Rhode, lu- dlgnllics. H. P. Seliae(cr from Theresa ffcliacfci', Ihrec years separation; Carolyn Vnrnell from Billy Var- ni'll. ludlgnltlcs; C. L. McNull from Vivian Townscnd McNutt. desertion; Vela Mac Hntlcy from El^la Hallcy, Indlgnltira; Dennis W. Barter from Er/ie Bnrber, de- scrllon; C. O. Cooper from Maiy L. Cooper, desertion; Kllen L?c from Wid Htecl, desertion; Marie news from Robert Dews. Indignities. Frldoy will bo school day with all chlldien admitted fico with tickets dlUilbital by tencluMs to slutlcnfi of MlHiwIppl comity, Al*., and Pcmlscol county, Mo which thk sear Is Included in the fiilr. This Is for both htuilcnls of white nml negro .schools but children undci- n Jen i S O f nse nrc adinllied to the fail uroundi nt any ,(fmfi ;, T <, i fy, i r "~ , I . For flip Filday iirogram [lie stage aliracllon v,m be glien by <-H Clubs of the Uvo counties wllli ndmlsston to Ihe srandstanrt frcs in the afternoon when:(hero will also be n balloon ascension nml performance. 1 : by the sllnshot, champion. There, will also bo ri rodeo Friday night, nnd more performances by |he sllngshol pci-- forincr. . ; The dance, to be given at the M-Mory Following Ihe Pine DUilT- Blyllievllle football game, In honor of' these teams, ivlll be sponsored by (he fair with Hie Bachelors Club acting as hosts.' The Saturday program culls for horse nnd mnlo pulling contest" In the morning, "Death's Holiday Circus" In Ihe afternoon and night nnd balloon ascension In (he af- 'ercioon. Sunday will have (he thrill circus In the afternoon, along with Ihe balloon ascension, and Die ro- ileo performance will close the fair Sunday night. Some Reserved Seats Are Still Available There arc yet some reserved seats available for the Pine BUilt- Blythcvllle football game to be played Friday night al Haley Field. Ban on Candy Sale At Schools Advised TAMPA. Fla. (UP)—Dr. John J.. Torres, health department dentist icrc, believes Hint excessive sale of sweets In school lunchrooms Is one of Ihe principal causes of tooth decay in children. He has rccmmendcd to school authorities here that the sale of nndy in school lunchrooms be curtailed or eliminated altogclher. "ft. is unforlunato lhat with but i lew exceptions, the lunch rooms in the schools throughout the country have o great assortment of sweets," he said. 'Too often have we seen the children buying 10 cr 15 cents worth of candy for lheir lunch." Doclor Fights Snake Poison SHAMOKJN, Pn. (UP)—Dr. G. B. Kohlbrnker, Shamokin physician, applied his scnlpel lo his leg after he was bitten by n copperhead snake while picking berries In tfie •wo:ds near his home. He then n hta rC5l -Agrlc«U..ral leaders of the saltl (0<lay that : *«««« £•- -«e B an,e waiden predict ^^^ "SfStfS™ farm because ' planters had and professional reduced lhc colton view l™i in>H Ti^rs.r's s s -; si . *•*»«•$?££ «sz i , J\ as , »*vcr de»u also nrc 513-R 57 1-1 « time, they said, would not Increase The seats, which arc at either | drovc to „ llualuull wilel( . olnur In n PH Ilcw , sl « dUlm ' , arc »'M treatment was given to reduce Ihe Me at Robinson's Drug store for | swelling 25 cents plus the price oi general i' • admission, 75 cents. j There are only about 200 scats left which are reserved. More bleachers were being cn-cled yesterday nnd today in an elicit, lo lake care of Die large crowd c.x- pecled. H Is cstlmalcd that more llinn 5000 can be sealed for the game but many believe lhat nt least 0000 will nltend If the weather Is nat bad. «M ion mnn 420 poS, ViUu f^'^^ Zc**™ 1.000 pounds .1,1, year. ! ,, m 1 s twln \l „ V Antes Increase "Down Under" «., cotton yield and m, 8 ht affect „»£?%'*& %JT m ffi? BU-4 n Farmers of western Arkansas said. <- Ihe drotilh has burned lale Wnlcs llas " ow Tliey now tolal 322,940, ' since me uroiitn lias mirneti ale c:rn <-nr, <~ r n ,™.Vi \i T.r and hay nnd destroyed pastures. n on ' * "'" P ° P " li1 ' Diamond Imports Hise NEW YORK (UP)—Purchase of diamonds, considered a barometer of business conditions In general, shows nn upward trend. The Ini,- pqrtations of diamonds, both cut and uncut, for (he first five months ot 1939 totaled $18,801.342, according to the. lie Beers Diamond Syndicate. WEATHER Arkansas—Flair and cooler tonight; Wednesday fair, Memphis and , vicinity—Showers tonight and Wednesday, cooler tonight and Wednesday.

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