Independent from Long Beach, California on November 8, 1966 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1966
Page 26
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feg* C4-INOEPENDENT **· ·«* «·»·· . «·»· ·· ««· Television Log KNXT OHM) 1 KNIC CtlMMl KTLA CtaMMl ilbllltv KAIC CftMiml 7 KHJ Chwmtl I KTTV ClumiKl 11 KCOf Cfltnntl 1! KWHY ChMIKl n KCET ChMMI M KMEX CMMKI H TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1966 *PAID ADVERTISEMENT 6:00 ; 2 Studies in Style (NYU) · 6:30 2 Health and Active Body 4 (Color) Odyssey, USA: · "Washington Oregon" 7 Guidelines: Educ. Tech. 11 Meaning of Communism 7:00 A.M. 2 (Clr) Joseph Benti, News 4 (Clr) Today, Hugh Downs with Roddy McDowall, Hugh Hefner 7 Scope: "Illiad" 11 (Color) Mr. Wishbone 7:15 9 Project: Talk Back 7:25 2 KNXT News, Al Mann 7:30 7 (Clr) Exercise w/Gloria 9 Planet Patrol (puppets) 11 (Clr) Hobo Kelly Show 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo. Guest · Walter Cronkite discusses elections and election procedures, from paper ballots to voting machines. 7 (Clr) Tell Me, Dr. Brothers 8:30 7 Girl Talk, Virginia Graham, Susannah York 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) 13 Cartoonaroony 8:45 13 Buckaroo 500 9:00 A.M. 2 Candid Camera, D. Kirby 4 (Color) Eye Guess, Cullen 5 (Clr) Danger Is Business 7 Dr. Loriene Chase 11 (Clr) Jack LaLanne Show 9:15 13 Guidepost: Mathematics 4 (Clr) S. Vanocur (9:25) 9:30 2 The Beverly Hillbillies. 4 (Color) Concentration 5 (Clr) Kingdom of the Sea 7 The Mike Douglas Show 1;1 (Clr) Gypsy Rose Lee, Joey Adams, Sara Berner 9:45 13 Essence of Judaism 10:00 A.M. 2 Andy of Mayberry 4 (Clr) Pat Boone Show w/ Delia Reese, Herb Shriner 5 December Bride 9 Movie: "A Man Escaped," Francois Leterrer (Fr.-'56) 11 People in Conflict 13 Assignment Education 10:30 2 Dick Van Dyke Show 4 (Clr) Hollywood Squares 5 Thin Man, Peter Lawford 11 (Color) It's a Wonderful World: "Britain" 13 The Roy Rogers Show 11.-OOA.M. 2 the Love of Life 4 (Clr) Jeopardy, Fleming 5 Movie: "High Treason," Liam Redmond ('52) 7 Supermarket Sweep 11 Bachelor Father 13 Bill Johns, News 11:25 2 (Clr) CBS Midday News 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Clr) Swingin' Country with Jimmie Rodgers, George Katie Woods 7 Dating Game, Jim Lange 9 Focus on Our America. 11 Sheriff John, J. Rovick 13 Teleplay: "Marriage Fix," ' Jack Carson 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 28 The Friendly Giant 4 (Clr) Ed Newman (11:55) 12:00 NOON 2 It's Keene at Noon 4 (Clr) Let's Make a Deal 7 The Donna Reed Show 9 The Story (relig.) 13 (Clr) Treasure, Burrud 28 Bridge I, Jean Cox. The one over one responder. 12:25 4 (Clr) Nancy Dickerson 12:30 '2 As the World Turns 4 (Clr) Days of Our Lives 5 Movie: "13 Hours by Air," Fred MacMurray, Joan Bennett ('36). 7 Father Knows Best 9 Herald of Truth (relig.) 11 The LaLanne Affair, with Carol Bartholomew 13 Dialing for Dollars 28 Family Finance: Investing in Securities 1:00 P.M. 2 Password, Allen Ludden 4 (Color) The Doctors 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Edwards. Gabriel Dell. 9 Movie: "Sea Wolf," Edw. G. Robinson, John Garfield ('41) 11 llth Hour, Ralph Bellamy, Rip Torn. Man feels guilty when the silver chord is cut by fatal plane crash. 1:30 2 (Clr) Linkletter's House . Party, Pat Buttram. 4 (Color) Another World 2:00 P.M. 2 To Tell the Truth, Collyer 4 (Color) You Don't Say 7 The Newlywed Game 13 Aft'n Show, L. Thaxton 2:15 5 Johnny Grant Interview 11 Checkmate, Anthony · George, Dana Andrews. 2 (Clr) Doug Edwards ! (2:25) i 2:30 I 2 The Edge of Night 4 (Color) The Match Game 5 Love That Bob! -7 A Time for Us (serial) .9 9 on the Line (interview) 2:55 4 (Clr) Floyd Kalbernws 7 Marlene Sanders News 3:00 PJM. 2 The Secret Storm 4 (Clr) Tom Frandsen, FYI 5 Divorce Court, V. Perkins 7 General Hospital 13 (Clr) Mickey Mudturtle 28 Teacher '66: Fine arts 3:30 2 (Color) Waiter Cronkite 4 (Color) Huntley-Brinkley 7 The Nurses, M. Fickett 9 Jack in the Box, J. Spear 11 (Clr) Billy Barty's Show 4:00 P.M. 2 SEE WINNERS CROSS ic thi Victory Lint in TV'i lint election with computer picturn In color, Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner (House), Mike Wallace (governors), Roger Mudd (Senate), Eric Sevareid (analysis). Jerry Dunphy anchors local cut-ins at 7 minutes before each half-hour. 4 (Color) Elections '66, Huntley and Brinkley, Sander Vanocur (House), Frank McGee (Senate), Robert MacNeil (gubernatorial). Robert Abernathy anchors local 5-min. reports each half hour. 5 Leave It to Beaver 7 (Color) Elections '66, Howard K. Smith, Edward P. Morgan, Peter Jennings, William H. Lawrence. Baxter Ward anchors local reports at 10 min. before each hour and 5 min. before each half-hour. 9 (Color) Popeye Cartoons 11 Billy Barty w/008th Man 34 Escuela KMEX (English) : 4:30 5 (Clr) Geo. Putnam, News [1 Gigantor (cartoon) 4:45 13 (Color) Bozo the Clown 28 Project: Talk Back 5:00 P.M. 5 (Clr) Shebang! C. Kasem 9 Shrimpenstein, Gene Moss 11 (Clr) Winchell-Mahoney 13 (Color) Felix Gumby 28 Story Book Time 34 Operacion Ja-Ja 5:30 9 Superman, Geo. Reeves 13 (Color) Bozo's Big top 28 The Friendly Giant 5:45 28 Sing Hi, Sing Lo 6:00 P.M. 5 Rawhide, Eric Fleming 9 Timmy and Lassie, Jon Provost, Roy Campanella. 11 (Color) Uncle Waldo 13 Munsters, Fred Gwynne 28 What's New? "Fencing" 34 Noticero 34 (news) 6:30 9 Addams Family, Carolyn Jones. Foreign visitors pick the Addams family to exploit as average uncultured U.S. home. 11 Dennis the Menace 13 The Patty Duke Show. Patty auditions for folk singing job at coffee house--and gets it. 28 Conversational Spanish 7:00 P.M. 5 Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Canary Sedan," Jessica Tandy. Hong Kong visitor is haunted by woman's voice, heard only while driving a car her husband gave her. 9 Twilight Zone: "Mr. Denton on Doomsday,' 1 Dan Duryea, Martin Landau. 11 (Color) The Flintstones. 13 McHale's Navy, Ernest Borgnine. 28 Point of View: "Robert Swann." Pacifist, draft- dodger-SNCC leader. 7:30 5 (Clr) Bruins in Action, Tommy Prothro, Fred Hessler. Highlights of the Washington 16-3 victory over UCLA on a damp Seattle field. 9 (Clr) Movie: "13 Days to Die," Thomas Adler, Peter Carsten (Germ.-'65) 11 (Color) Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker. Little Billy Barty, inside TV chassis, tries to trick three tiny contestants. 13 Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, Nancy Hadley. 28 Cecil Brown; Financial 34 Carrousel Continental 8:00 P.M. 5 ROLLER GAMES--LIVE if T-Bird start vs. Hawaii itan In color, Dick Lane 11 (Color) If These Walls Could Speak, Vincent Price: "Beshar, the Great" 28 Bridge I, Jean Cox: "One Over One Responder Bid," Charles Goren. 34 Lluvia de Estrellas 8:30 11 The Mcrv Griffin Show, with Polly Bergen, Sebastian Cabot, Betty White. 13 (Clr) Wanderlust, Bill Burrud: "Land of the Bos- porus." Temples and minarets of Turkey 28 N.E.T. Playhouse: "Victoria Regina--Spring,' 1 Patricia Routlcdge, Joachim Hanson. First of 4 plays, this one dealing with her early years. 34 La Semhradora (serial) 9:00 P.M. 13 (Color) American West, Political awareness in children starts at home, believes Walter Cronkite, C B S-TV commentator. "If they hear enough casual talk at home about poli- icians and what they stand 'or, the whole election process will become alive and meaningful." He concedes that most youngsters will take their lolitical coloration from their Barents. In fact, Cronkite ;oes further, explaining that the children tend to become more militant advocates of the family hero than do the Barents. "But this early excessive political enthusiasm is not all bad. From a good-guys- versus-bad-guys attitude, an awareness of the importance of the democratic process and he significance of real issues, as opposed to political cliches, can develop." · * * * * AS ONE phase of ready- ng computers for NBC-TV election coverage, programmers fed the machines the ollowing information: All vote totals down to the Top Viewing Today CALIFORNIA ELECTION results, including emphasis on Southland races, are slated to be covered on TV as follows: Channel 2 at 7 minutes before each half hour; Channel 4 at each half hour, and Channel 7 at 10 minutes before the hour and 5 minutes before the half hour. Non-network stations, Channels 5, 9, 11 and 13, will provide bulletin coverage. In addition. Channel 9 will have an hour report at 10 p.m. and Channel 13 will present results for a half hour at 11 p.m. Election returns will also be featured on regularly scheduled newscasts. RADIO UM-7N KUY-IIM MM-IMt IIIV-4II MU-IIM ULI-I4M KrM-IlM MU-IIH KUC-ITI MU-IIII KIM-MI KFI-MI KGH-im KWC-TII KNU-I4M Mu-im un-im KGIL-IMI IH-IITI KWKW-IMI KDH-IIN Km-MI KHI-III KML-fM ITU-IN TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1966 SPECIAL BROADCASTS-4 p.m., KNX--Election Returns (Nat'l), Chas. Kuralt 5:30 p.m., KABC--Election Returns, Ted Koppel 7 p.m., KFI--Election Returns, Robt. McCormick 8 p.m., KNX--Election Returns (local), Bob Arthur 9 p.m., KGER, KFOX--Election Returns, Mac Epley precinct level of all presidential elections since 1920. Ditto for congressional elections since 1946. The same for senatorial elections since 1950. That, repeat, was one phase. The computer system used by NBC-TV has a memory capacity for storing three billion bits of information. * * * * DESPITE computers, Howard K. Smith, ABC-TV commentator, believes it is still more difficult to cover an off- year election than a presiden tial race. "When the presidency is at stake, the entire nation's attention is focused on that one race. "However, when there are 435 house seats, 35 senatorial seats and 35 governorships at stake, as there are in this election, there is no single race on which you can focus." So how does a reporter prepare himself for the focus ink task? In Smith's case, he reduces over a thousand pages of research material to 50 cards that he keeps in an index file on his desk. Jack Smith: "Montana's Glacier Country." 14 Llamada Urgente (serial) 9:30 13 (Clr) Passport to Travel, Hal Sawyer: "Private Liner." Deluxe, but informal, freighter cruises. 28 Cineposium, Michael Jackson: "Good Friday" 34 Casanova 66 (music) 9:45 9 Allan Moll, News 10:00 P.M. 4 (Color) Elections '66 (local), Robert Abernethy, Bill Brown 5 (Clr) Geo. Putnam, News 9 Election News Special, Allan Moll. Gubernatorial race and local contests. 11 (Clr) Alex Dreier, News 13 The War to End All Wars Quentin Reynolds, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Eugene Lyons, Burnett Hershey (repeat). Capsule history of World War I. 28 Struggle for Peace: "Control of a Crisis," Sen. Robert Kennedy. Berlin and Cuba. 34 Toros de Espana (bullfight films from Spain) 10:30 28 Science Reporter, John Fitch: "Far-Out Foods." 11:OOP.M. 4 (Color) llth Hour News 5 Dr. Kildare, Richard Chamberlain, Glynis Johns, Patricia Crowley. While Kildare fights for a woman's life, a nun battles for her soul. 7 News Final, Baxter Ward 9 (Clr) The Flick: "Last Outpost," Ronald Reagan, Bill Williams, Rhonda Fleming ('51). First of eight Reagan films to screen this week, all banned during the campaign. 11 (Clr) Joe Pyne National Show (2 hours) 13 (Clr) Election Wrap-Up, Bill Johns, Alan Sloane 28 Cecil Brown; Financial 11:30 4 (C!r) Movie: "Hondo," John Wayne, Ward Bond 7 (Clr) Movie: "Hercules vs. the Mongols," Jose Greci (Ital.-'62) 13 Movie: "Duke of the Navy," Ralph Byrd ('42) 28 Ballad of the 40 Rounds. 11:45 28 James Loper-Cecil Brown Election wrap-up. 12:00 5 Movie: "Dishonored Lady," Hedy Lamarr ('47) 1:00 9 Movie: "A Man Escaped," Francois Letterer (Fr.-'57) 11 Movie: "Attack of the 50- Ft. Woman," Allison Hayes ('58) 13 Movie: "The Unknown," Jeff Donnell ('46) 2:30 9 Allan Moll, News 11 Movies: "Bordertown," "4-Sided Triangle" and Thunder over Sango- land" Japan to Decorate 6 Hawaii Residents TOKYO Ml--The Japanese lovernment has placed six elderly Japanese residents of Hawaii on its autumn honorj ist for their contribution to J.S.-Japanese ties. Foreign Minister Estusa- uro Shiina will decorate them v. 14 if they can travel to Tokyo. If not, Consul General Jiro Inagawa in Honolulu Energy will present the medals--the Fifth Order of the Sacred Treasure--to the six. All are in their 70s. Failure Locks Pontoon Bridge for 20 Minutes The old pontoon bridge got cantankerous Monday night and hung up betwixt and be ;ween. But drawbridge operator Don Mapes said the Seaside Boulevard span was closed only 20 minutes, causing no serious traffic tieup. He said he opened the bridge just before 6 p.m. to let a tug through, but when tie tried to close it, it locked lialfway down. A repairman later released a brake by hand, and traffic flowed between Long Beach and Terminal Island once again. Mapes attributed the breakdown to an electrical failure caused by wet weather. The Finest Renault Ever . SPECIAL PURCHASE NEW SPINET 39500 HUMPHREYS MUSIC CO. 135 E. THIRD ST.. L. B. FENAUIT-10 ONLY $0000 v7 MO. IANK TERMS LIFETIME GUARANTEE RECLINING SEATS 4-WHEEL DISC BRAKES 37 L-O-N-G Miles Per Gallon Priced at $169? POE IMPORT AUTO LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 2-8916 OpinSun J SOFA BEDS KFOX--Dick Havnes (to 10) KGER-Chrlst Filth Mll'n 7:11 KFI--Geoff Edwards KABC--News of L.A. KNX--Coraic s. Co. KGER--Sky Pilot KABC-Nlws around World 7:45 KFI--Pat Bishop; News KABC--Spts; Paul Harvey KGER--Heaven Home Hr. 8:00 A.M. KFI--News; Geofr Edwards KABC--Pat McGulnness KNX--News; Mike Walder KGER-- Chaoel Hour 1:11 KABC--News; Don Allen KNX--Cordlc t, Co. t:» KFI--Pat Bishop News KABC--Frank Hemingway KGER--Voice of China 1:45 KFI--Geoff Edwards KABC--Sports; Business KGER-World Missions 9:00 A.M. KABC-Paul Condylls KNX--News KGER--Lutheran Hour KNX--Cordlc Co. »:30 KGER--John Brown Hour 10:00 A:M. KLAC-- Lohman Barkley KFI--News; Dick Sinclair KMPC--Ira Cook Show KABC--News; Brkfast Club KNX--Nws; Arthur Godfrey KFOX--Lee Hose (to 2) KGER--Rescue Mission 10:45 KGER--Rev. LeRov Kopp 11:00 A.M. KABC--Dick Whlttlnoton KNX--News; Art Llnkletter KGER--Dr. Lloyd Anderson 11:30 KNX--Health; Mike Roy KGER--Sunshine Mission 11:45 KGER--Chapel of the Air 12:00 NOON KFI--News; Pat Bishop KABC-- "aul Harvey News KNX--Noon Hour News KGER-HIgh Noon Blblt KFI-SDorts"'Davld Starling KABC--Pamela Mason KGER-Dr. Orr, Blblt 1:00 P.M. KLAC--Joel A. Splvak KMPC--Roger Carroll KABC--Jack Wells (to 4) KNX--News KFAC--At Music Center KGER--Airmail From God 1:15 KNX--Swap Shop, Bracken KGER--News In Revelation 1:30 KGER--Christian Crusadi 2:00 P.M. KFI--News; Chuck Cecil KNX--News KFOX--Biff Collie (to 6) KGER--Long Beach Band 7:15 KNX--Service: D. Bracken 2:30 KGER--People 8. Places KGER--Life 'Line 3:00 P.M. KMPC--Gary Owens Show 3:15 KNX--Chester Unlimited Gutst: Virginia Graham 4:00 P.M. KLAC--Roy dwell (to 7) KFI--News, Dave Shaw KABC--News of L.A. KNX--KNX rtewsdav 4:15 KFI--Chuck recll Show KABC--News: Alex Dreier KGER--The Bible Speaks 4:30 KABC--Bob Consldlne; Tom Harmon sports (4:40) KGER--Rev. Abe Schneider 4:45 Irlst'n KGER--Chrlst'n Counspl'ng KABC--Paul Harvey, news 5:00 P.M. KFI--News; Exec. Wire; Larry Chatterton (5:10) KABC--Pat McGuInness KGER--Bible Fellowship 5:15 KABC--News; Market Nws KFI--Scully-boogett Show KABC--Election Returni, Ted Koppel, Don Gardiner KRKD-Fulton Lewis III KGER--Builders of Faith 5:45 KFI--Dave Shaw, News 6:00 P.M. KFI-News; Way Out Talk KFOX--Squeakln' Deacon KGER--Back to the Blblt KFI--World of Sports i:30 KFI--Chatterton Shaw KMPC-Roger Carroll KGER--Rev. Al tlarlan t:45 KFI--Chet Huntley (6:50) 7:00 P.M. KLAC--Danny Dark do 10) KFI--Election Returns, Robert McCormick, Leo McElroy KFOX--Al Rvfle Show KGER--Family Bible Hour 7:30 KGfcR--Rev. Victor Glenn 8:00 P.M. KNX--Election Returns (California), Bob Arthur, Roger Sprague KFOX--Frank Simon Show KFAC--Evening Concert KGER--Voice Americanism 8:15 KGER--Hebrew-Christian 8*30 KFOX--World Tomorrow KGER--J. Vernon McGee 9:00 P.M. KMPC--Johnny Mannus KFOX--Election Relurni, Malcolm tpley KGER--Election Returns, Malcolm Epley 10:00 P.M. KLAC--Private Line (to 1) KFOX--George's Roundup KGER--Wilbur Nelson 10:10 KFOX--Rill Patterson KGER--BIOLA Collcot 11:00 P.M. KGER--Clarence Welch 12:00 MIDNIGHT KLAC--Ray Brlem (1 too KFI-Ron McCoy (to 5) KMPC--Pete Smith (to 6) KABC--All-Nlght News KNX--Music 'III Oawn KFOX--Hugh Cherry (too) KGER--Inspirational (to 5) FM HIGHLIGHTS Carmen McRae at 10 a.m. on KRHM . . . Boston Symphony Orchestra at noon on KFAC ... "My Fair Lady" at 2 p.m. on KCBH . . . Huckleberry Finn at 4 p.m. on KPFK Dean Martin at 5 p.m. on KNOB . . . London Symphony Orchestra at 7 p.m. on KCBH . . . Bamberg Symphony Orchestra at 8 p.m. on KFAC . . . Lakers-Baltimore basketball game at 8:30 p.m. on KNX-FM (93.1) . . . C h i c o Hamilton at 9 p.m. on KBIG . . . New York Philharmonic at 10 p.m. on KCBH . 65th Nuclear Sub Completes Sea Tests VALLEJO Ml--The Mariano G. Vallejo, the Navy's 65th nuclear submarine and 40th designed to carry Polaris missiles, successfully completed its first sea trials Monday and returned to Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Vice Adm. Hyman G. Rick- over, acting for the Atomic C o m m i s s i o n , was aboard the sub for its one-day trial in the Pacific and said afterward he was very satisfied with her performance. FM STATIONS Guaranteed Color VU I IW Work I V It Yt« W MnMm _ GE 9-1939 Color Antinni ImtilM UlHrTV1320E.AntMii I-NOIM lEimii ·· - --u TV SERVICE SPECIALIST I D ft. I «··'" IDttJ Work GuiriHtit* DOOLEY'S PRICES are: LOWER! L Electrolux- AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICE 2189 PACIFIC «VENUE LONG BEACH 591-2327 GH 584 172-5q.-inch Viewable Picturt V, MATTRESS '"BENOVATINfr ONE DAY SERVICE! Your old matfress reconditioned by experts to serve you lilce a new unit. Superb sleeping comfort at a low, low price! S A V E ! ACME MATTRESS FACTORY Ph. 438-9451 RCA VICTOR New Vista COLOR TV NEWEST 1967 SWIVEL CONSOLE New Rectangular Tubt Deluxe Danish Modern .-· Walnut Wood Console 426 Free Delivery, Free Service * in Your Home, Free Set-Up . and Full Guarantee "· DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH Monday and FRIDAY 9 to » Tues., Wed., Thurt. i Sat. SUNDAYS 10 to S *129 i 7 Famous Brands of Sleeper Sofas THE SLEEP SHOPPE 5th LONG BEACH BLVD. Acron From Start, Long Bueh Election'66:'the balloting. Color coverage starts today at 3:30 pm! You'll find the clearest, fullest, and most accurate color coverage of election night on Channel 4. Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Robert Abernethy and their colleagues at NBC News will bring you the latest election developments. In Los Angeles, Robert Abernethy and the KNBC News Staff will pro- vide special up-to-the-minute, on-the-spot coverage of the state and local elections. Election '66 on Channel 4: Color coverage begins at 3:30 pm today with the Huntley Brinkley Report. Continuous coverage from 4:00 pm. After you vote, count en 4.

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