The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1949
Page 9
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FKTDAY, AUGUST 12, 1949 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGB NINE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms f HERE WE HAVE FINE FUTURES FOR YOUNG MEN, BUT NOT FOR TH' KINP WHO ARE MORE IWTHE i' OF POTATO M-M--AGUX Y TH' TROUBLE VYTIH WHO CAW \ TH 1 GUVS-WITH AFFORD TO I TH' OUICK. TRAVEL ON k COMEBACKS ONE a THEM \ IS. THAT PALACES DONT I HE'LL WOT Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Making It I,ejf«! E6AO, f*8«rT,' PLATO l« AM ANIMM-, OUT VJHAT US* IS A TALklMO GOAT MTHIi AflVSWAI. PORCST 7 DON'T JOKfc, MA3OR.' PUATO IS AS 2AS6 AS A SMlLfr O*! A TOT6W «xe, AH' you HAMCM'T SOT eftouaw SEACWORKTO • HIM. / — gesioes, vipo'D S£ET >dUC BARBAlrt OICS YOU SOT HIM ItODOOes -~ OSCDTO HIS F(?AftBA|OCE BUT AI04T PEOPLE PR6F6E AIR./ YOU DON*- PUT W« ON TiHS ISIAMD, J S*M£ ANl ATTCACTNt POO. WM? RACES ON TH' DECK OF NEEPA WORRY / COME BACK - V AN OCEAM LINER THAN >'V-v THEY ARE HO ^ BUT WHY A } I BEG TO ---HAD A HALF- I 7HATS BAGPIPE? DIFFER. FOB THE EAR, SUT/WR*. THE N'OSe=- By Mildred Cram and Norwood White "Remember, don't tell Will Jenkins his wife was over her* till midnight—they've had a spat and she's giving him a little mystery to worry about!" PRISCILLA'S POP H Takes Patience BY AL VERRIKFR FIRST THING YOU \ *...) WELL JU5T HAVE TO SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM Von ca*. enjoy Ihe woaderfitl convenience and economy •! having soft water on yonr farm ynu Ret a nlndern WatRr Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway 91 Phone M34 An oT h nit»M t- IK A w U •rrlnjc I frinw 4Jit»aIr «- hvllrvr*. will r*4 OMT **( Mrr fart y. r e»" ploy<», kmi** hut her M|»p«-nV» irn the ftar lU»( who ]< n«. br . r fp h r mm'4 M tivr. 1 1 !• l«tr m. Mm lone d«« Iravr wkll* . mrru Mm. For the Finest Prescription Service , nnd M hrn M rit i nut. M r«. Krer- XVII : A FTER a moment Mrs, Ma Lane replied to Mrs. Kveison: "No, I don't exactly hate you, either. I just can't understand you. We're all in this together, but you treat the rest of us like dirt. You're no different . . ." "But 1 am," Mrs. Everson interrupted. 1 She turned her bfue eyes briefly on Mrs. Maloiie's troubled face, "Listen, you silly creature. Try to think hi my terms for a minute Try to see a little way into the future, Ii the United States is victorious, consider the opportunities for those who manage lo survive, and are prepared. Well, have considered the opportunities And I am prepared." j She broke off, turned abruptly • away, stalked across to the steps and disappeared into the trailer. "So that's it," Mrs. Malone thought. A cold ' certainty ran along tier nerves. "She's like the dictators. She sees her chance. After the explosion, men will be weak. She'll walk over them to power," Then, sharp and terrifying as • 1 (he slice of a siee) blade, the vords: "If America is victorious." 'hon it" was war. The scientists nd the government knew. A sud- !en wave of horror swept over her. **Oh. God . . ." she prayed. But her thoughts were in chaos. Ihe could not formulate her plea. nslead. with a helpless and imploring gesture, she looked up at he sky, as if she might .signal the Omnipotent. The great arch of dawn-emptinesc gave back no fiN th* far rim of th* earth. • sliver of sun appeared, im- jerceptibly lifted. Birds began lo .witter, A small animal scurried ihrough the brush. And far down the mountain, on the farthermost coil, a car appeared—• small, climbing speck that vanished behind a buttress, emerged two coils above, disappeared and reappeared again. Mrs. Malone watched and waited. Presently, she could hear the laboring engine and, occasionally, the squawk of the horri. Then abruptly and noisily, the car topped the grade. The driver, confronted by the phenomenon of the gleaming caravan, put. on the brakes and stalled. In the old car Mrs. Malone saw an opportunity to escape. The driver would give her a lift somewhere, anywhere. As Mrs. Malone approached tin astonished m;m, she saw that he was a forest ranger. "What in thunder's this?" hi demanded. "Looks like the Supe: Chief. How in thunder did H eve get here?" It was Mrs. Miilone's intcntioi to say: "Never mind now. ['11 ex plain later. Take rne with you. Bui in that instant Rudy's word came lo her: "I'm not sure, I wis I were," Instead, she smiled at the range '.id sa i d T ' '\V e'r« j i tsi ness we took the wrong road ic dark last night. How's the ade on this side?" "Okay," he said cheerfully. He fought with the starter and ie little car shivered in response. "Take it easy," he shouted. Turn left at the foot of the pass. rom there on you'll be on • aved road lo the main highway, "Thanks." Mrs. Malone said. She watched him dip over the rest and disappear. Then sh* vent into the trailer ind put th« offee on to boil, II was too late to escape now. 'usl as Mrs. Malone hnd failed to iei away from Mrs. Everson on irevious occasions, she knew sh« ia<I failed again. She would slay m now with the trailer caravan ill the end. A LL that morning Rudy and Vic~ tor slept, but at noon the trailers were under way again, cau- ioualy descending. Most of Ihe inie Mrs. Malone's heart was in ler mouth. But they made it, and 'or the balance of the day bored Northeastward through wild and empty country. The next day, following a narrow, poorly paved road, they seemed to turn west again. At noon they stopped to rest and tq eat, then pushed on. They deloured and zigzagged an erratic course past gianl stone monoliths, dipped into valleys, ran beUveen cliffs that leaned forward and from whose remote ledges glacial water dripped. They skirted small lakes and crossed bridges that swayed dangerously beneath the great weight of the machines, Mrs. Malone had ceased to question or protest or even to examine her drmbls and scruples. She told herself wearily that U wa* loo much for her. Lei the thing work itself out. (To Be Continued) FOR SALE Concrete culvert* 12 Inch t« 48 inch, plain or reenfurced Alt* Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber for barns chicken bouses, pump houses, tenant houses, ton) sheds We deliver Call us for free estimate . . . 1'hnne 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THE GRAMS COMPANY [\_E\1 T0i\> Real E-tdt. - M.- SCEOIX Phone 521 - - nsurance BUTHIMII' Phone 3075 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores RENT A CAR Orivc Anywhrr* ILIII Ph-JM- Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Say It . . With Kluwert THE FLOWER SHOP Gkncn Phone MSI mt H41 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In BlythevilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support pikes on yoitr Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and other Grains. Our Rins are Government Approved, Gov- ernment Financed, 5 years to pay Knr Ku!l Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville, Ark. Phones 856-857 TUDEBAKER SPECIAL 1927 BUICK 4-DOOR Han nr* Iwn-lnn* paint, JCxxt lirps, rnns extra wrTI See thin car for good cheap IranxporUflon. Choost Your Car 1917 Mercury 5-l'assenger Coupe 19.11 Plymouth 2-door IfMO Studebaker Commander -i-ditor 1939 DeSolo 4-door 1938 Oldsmohile 1-door Only • Few of Our Many Fine Cars Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studehaker Denier- Railroad & Ash Phone 8SS TUDEBAKER' MAKE THE BEST OF KNOW IT WILL BE WINTER AND WE'LL HAVE / ICE AWO —•=- / NOW; \^ IHCK.V Speaks His l'iec« BY MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE LUCY, WHAT ARE YOU D01W6 H£(?E ? AND HOW OH EN HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO GADDING ABOUT WITH STRANSEKS ? .WHAT SORT OF RIFF-RAFf ARE YOU? MY HAMl IS TACKY THOMAS. AND R16HT HERE AND NOW!T4k{ THAT BACK ABOUT BEIN6AT FAULT/ YOU 5HOUIDN T BLAME HER, MR. BEECY. IF AMVONE IS AT fAUlT, 1AM.' WASH TUBBS Sara's Coming BY LKSLIE TURNER Wr^EU K\V DfcPDV WASHES 1 ViKJt * WIRE FKOW WE MEVER 8E6W TOO fO«JD IS VOUBCOUSIU.MIPXJJ— WILL SUCT TO SCHOOL, CMHV THEM VOITI I a arHi* «.FBYjct. Etc. T BUGS BUNNY GOT A DIME MY PURSE/ t KNOW IT'S IN HERE, SOMEPLACE VA OUGHTA KMP A MAGNET THIS IN Y6R PURSE LAPV/ Too Much l'c'i> 13 Y V. T. II AM J.IN Nt7, I'M NOT HCeX BUT* , v _ . f _ _ N«9TH1N \ PAY 5£>MS LIKE THATSl ATT£NTf0N HAPPENED TO M= COPILOT OOP, OF THE REST LLJNAE. . HAS UST LEAENEP TH*T THE EFFOET TO UMP ONE FOOT £>N EARTH WILL 5ENP YOU SIX ON THE MOWN/. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Take Thai, Rod 15 Y KDGAR MARTIN Nichols Drug PHONE 4601

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