Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 10, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1896
Page 3
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A itailroad Official's Experience. D ^ 1. H • Restores M li. EDWAHD EDMONDS. Ions connected witu railroad construction in :s'ob.-asi:a.wrlte.v. "My heart troubled and p.ilned mo lor 10 years. Shortness of .breath was tlic constant an- 1 ! most common symptom. I.-netiiO, excruciating pain, generally tollowsrt any f.c-voroc.Ti.Ttiou. Fiiiatness, hunger Wlthouiiiny appetite; fluttering that macio mo clutch icy breast, !ind palpitation that often siagsoroil mo a; II I would fall. were .-frequent attacks. A;,-ata. everything would turn black 1! I aroaelwn a stooping posture quickly. Sic«pLcss nights with their prostrating unross we're nurjt-^-:.' und I could • QO rust c.,y or night. I consulted iiiading phy- sic:ans!i::d tried advcr- lised reait-uics. They juCallu • gaveaciioroilef. Oaoof Dr. J'.lles' circulars described my case 30 exactiy :na; I took Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure and I am now ,1 well man. I hope everyonotroubled with heat, disease will try Dr. .Miles' remedies. It they will write mo personally, 1 will s'adiy give them lull details of ay experience." EDW. EDMONDS. P. O. Do.x C3, David City, Nebraska. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottlo benoflts or money refunded, Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully ontoy all of Its OcllRliti if you r.ukuonoof tLo :.:'JiE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIGE TRANSPORTATION CO'S STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago and Macklnac island (our times every week. '-,- O cw steel steamship "Manlton" Is a ' tiu- " palace. Travels 'twixt Chicago -rlcvoli. Harbor Sprlnzs, Petosk-.-y ; u;kinnc Island, etc. Write for our readable reading mutter, free, or iisk your nearest agent ' Address Jos. BerolzLelm . C. P. A. LAKE MICH. AND LAKE ^ SUPEIHOUTHANS. CO. RuahtndN. WiterSt., Chicago. THE MUDSOO Typewriter Is a Good Machine. — , i ?„< ii \:>-i •:"""- I ^-™ : fe: ; i^ — •"'.'I \-..^*~*;:S".m A high standard o[ eicellence. Many us.rs of the "llunson" consider It THE ,BEST. You will rtnd It a valuable nsslstaut In jour of- nce. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 340-244 West lake St., ChlciiRO, 111. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro and Aooldent Insurance offloo at 410 Broadway, up stairs, ana ™UMi ? a share of the publlo patronage, Ilone but First Class Companleo Repru- oantcd. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-. UNDERTAKER ••• No. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or "'central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 10; Residence, No. 121. DR. S. H. WARD. HOnflEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewel y store Besidence 013 North Street. DAILY JOURNAL natural gas Mils before Fay your June 10. George Harrison hi»ecl[w Landretb's •eeda only. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. HarrlMC's. "ty. jRStevens's gallery at 414 Market •treat Is now open. Competent -workmen. Work guaranteed. Natural gas bills for the month of June are now due and payable at the company's office on Pcnr-1 street. -One swallow does not make Spring, bnt one swallow of One Minute Cough Cure brings relief.—J. M. Johnston. Children Crytor Pitcher's Castorla, Business of Southe'rn & Northern Lines Compared. ANTI-COERCIOft LAW General News of. Railroads and Railroad Employes. Tlifi Southern railways are Iliis year maklQg more t.luui favorable- farnliiK oxhlljits and siiowlus heavier juoreasus in bns!iu«s Miau tho Norfhoru linw. A Southern freight olliclnl when •'iiiio<- tioueil. aiis-wLTWl: "The Southern cotton-raisers ^-ot ten cent* for their i-otton this year, two cents mure per poniul Hum from some years and 1h'm made •them feel rich. The Sauthern roails are now in as sood physical condition as many of the Xortli/eni lln'.-s, and the coiloii and ot'her proilucti are moved us unidily by the Sontlieni linu.- as when they Avero sent via Louisville and St. Louis to Ea.stern markets. Tho Chesapeake ifc Ohio has been'liatidlins a fjooil deal of cotton -wliieh used rt> IM i'" Un 1 sea boards by other Northern ruuio.-i. The Pennsylvania proper has imt. suffered so iiMif.'h through th.e ehPiixe ;IM have its AViwtern limes, and Uic uth'.'r Northern lines, inehidiiiK the \'nnder- MU roads, and this, in some measure, accounts i'»r '.he Ujrhter freight trattioof t.he St. Lnuis diivision of tho Bi^ Four and the Vandalla. WUi.li; the Soutliorn roads are showing liirser freijrht t'urn- in^'s the inci-eiisc in their passenger earning is fully as strikliifr. Tn illustrate: The Southern Baptists held their annual conven't.ion recently at Chattanooga. The Southern roads marie a rate of one fare for tiho round trip, and over 4.000 Baptists from nil the cotton district ot the South attended, whereas. Imt for the better times,Sont.h than .for some previous years, probably there would.have been only the regular delewHos. 1.100, present. The Southern States have been quite fortunate this year In the raising of early fruits and vegetables, and Mils has helped out wonderfully all along the lino. I believe that the Southern roads are now handling double'tao number of passengers as in years wJion cotton brought low prices find t.he early fruit,* nnd vegetable crops were failures. One of the sin-prises to Nort.hei:u railroad men who go Soiwh is the improved physical condition of Southern roads as compared with live or even three years ago, and the present owners of tho properties are still making liberal expenditures to place the roads in standard con- dlttion." ANTl-COERCrON LAW. Attacked in the Indianapolis Criminal Court. A motion of rather surprislug nature •»v:i.s tiled In the OhninaT court, yesterday by Duncan, Snvith & Ilornbrook,at- torneys for Frank G. Darlington, super- iuluiident of • tho reiiusylvauia line* west of rittsburg. Thus motion to quash the indictment that has been Imnglng in Ills count since the big slrika of two year* ago. Soon after this strike two men were discharged iiy Mr. Darllinpton or by his orders, and they secured an iurtlcrmeut against him, cliiirging 'that he hail violated the law known as the "anti-coercion" law, passed by the Legislature in ISO?.. This law provides a penalty for any "employer. superlntoudCDt, foreman or other peison exercising .suporintencnce over mechiinics or. laborers, who by any means "at tempts to compel or coorco any employu into withdrawal from any lawful organisation or society." In the motion flic attorneys claim that -the law is contrary to tho Constitution o:f the United'States ami the Constitution of the State of Indiana. It is held that its very spirit and purpose would be to curtail the declaration that all men stall be free In t.he pursuit of •life, liberty and hiippluess; that Its operation would be to remove fiwHu- di.vidii.ils ami corporations the right to control aud rna.ii.Tge their own property or io select their own employes. A vast' number ftf authorities are cited to uphold the claims of the attorneys.—Indianapolis Journal. RAILROAD NOTES, S, W. Kay is off duty sick. Miss Anna Brucker of Wimamac is the guest of Adolph Zimmerman and family. - Fred Heppe of the electric light house of tho rniiha-ndle Is off duty on account of sickness. Yesterday train No. 20 took on an extra coach at Uvia place to accommodate the Increased travel. Tho Chicago & Rock Island on the Hist of this month adopted the tonnage system of making up weigh .trains, 'flic Pittsburg & Lake Erie has sent one of its new pneumatic berth sleeping cars to Saratoga to be exhibited nt the Master 'Car-Bmlders' Association. Five combination cars arc to be built for the Panhandle lines at the shops of the company In .Columbus. At those shops r thcy are now building sixty flat cars. The annual report of the Pennsylvania company, covering the lines of the Pennsylvania system west of Pltts : burg for 1895, -shows total revenue, $2,- . 0&37SJfe9;";ieav^ : i$galnsB.n loss of ¥687,47(3.'in iSOt-.a comparative gain of .*1,C34,510, A .special train, went to Peni yesterday nit 2.o'clock carrying Rabbi Hirscli of Chicago aud a mmiber of Logans-port people to attend the funeral of Lewis Mcrgenthelm at that place. President Roberts and several of his subordinate officials and directors of Pennsylvania lilnos will this week begin t:hO' annual Inspection tour of tho -lines enst of Pl.ttsbiirg. The Panhandle has been sued for !f2.000 by Richard'if. Beck, <it. .Marlon. the a.momvt being clnimetl as damages on account of tlie approprlitHon o-f hind owned by hi™ at the time the double track was-put down In- Marlon. Tin- case is now on trlah Two of the steel cars recently built, at the shops of the Pititsburg. Fort Wayne A Chicago have been subjected to the severest tests by railway experts, -and when hinded with sn.OW) pounds of material the deflection in the weakest parts -\v;;s very slight. Within.tho la.st few days the Van- dalhilms had all of its bis passenger engines in rhe .shops, where they have been inspected, so that they may bo In onli-r to handle t'.ie prospective business next Saturday, Monday and Tuesday 10 the national' Republican convention. ' The passenger department of tht> Pennsylvania has i-ssued Its book on sirmmer excursion routes. It is much more i-oinpleU' and valuable than any of its predecessors. If. Is an artistic production and reflects great credit upon tUo passenger department which collected and compiled tho Information, Eucene Bar,no.t,t and .Tosc-pb Wemir. railroad ticket specula toes doing business at New Orleans were convicted at New York yesterday of forging tickets of tho Southern Pacific Railway 'company. They will be sentenced on Friday! It is alleged that bad Hie plan of Barnett and Wenar been successful It would have cost Mie Southern Pa'Ciiie company $."0.000. The Wahasli has issued an official freight shippers' guide, giving the names of all the shippers and .shipping stations along the lines' of the Wabasli system of railways. The book aJso cointni.na maps of Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo and other important shipping points. It is a valtKible work to shippers and is In great demand everywhere. William Patterson, a colored man has made his home oil the President's car of the New York Central for the past thirty years. He JKIS five gold. slripes on his coat sleeve, meaning twenty-five years of faithful service, and within the next six mouths another stripe will be added. It is clnhived that no other man .in the country has ridden faster or covered as many miles on n private car a.s has Mr. Patterson. ]S IT A TRIFLE? THAT COMMON TKOUBLE, ACID DYSPEPSIA OK SOUR STOMACH. Now Uuc-ogiib.ua as a Cause of Serious Disease. Acid dyspepsia, commonly culled heartburn, or soul' stomach, ; »s a form of Indigestion resulting t'ruin fermentation of the food. Tim slomnch being too weak fo promptly digest italic food remain* until fermentation begins, filling tho stomach with gas, and a bitter sour, burning taste in the mouth is often present. This condition soon .becomes cliroiit'c and botng an every day occurrence is given but little attention. Because dyspepsia, is not llumiodUuely fatal, m;my people do nothing for the trouble. Within a. recent period a remedy has been discovered prepared solely to cure dyspepsia and stomach troubles. It Ls "Known "as Smart's Dyspepsia Tablets and it is'now becoming rapidly used aind prescribed a,s a. radical cure for every form of dyspepsia. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have been placed before the public and are sold by druggists everywhere at 50 cents per package. It Js prepared by the Stuart Chemical Co., Marshall, Mich., and While it promptly and effectually restores a vigorous digestion, at the same rime Is perfectly 'harmless nnd will not injure the most: deltcaite stomach, bnt on'.the contrary by giving perfect digestion strengthens the stomach, improves the appetite and makes life worth living. . A HOUSE WARMING. Mr. and Mrs, B. W.^Kistler of the Wostslde were made the victims of a very pleasant surprise Friday evening. About forty of their friends being the perpetrators. Mr. and Mrs. Kistler have but recently moved Into their new home and the affair was Lri tho nature of a house warmHig, Refreshment* were served and n general good time was reported. A THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food nnd snushlne, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with, health and her face blooms with its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a la?atlve remedy, she uses the gantle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California Fig Syrup Company.. ' DYSPEPSIA HOW TO CUKE YOU USE LF. In all forms of stomach trouble Munyon's Dyspesia Cure will promptly curii where there are such symptoms ;vs pain or soreness in Hie stomacb, indigestion, or distress after eating, pressure and fullness In the stomach, shortness of breath, poor appetite, coated tongue sour or bitter raising from the stomach heartburn, wind on the stomach, constipation, dizziness, faintness and lost energy. When these symptom are associated with biliousness, yellow-coated fousue. nausea, bitter taste in the m.ou:h and sallow skin take Munyon's Liver Cure in alt.orua.Hon with the Dyspepsia Cure, an hour apaa-t. Wliere there is obstinate constipation keep the bowels open once a day bp using Munyon's Constipation Cure until they become regular under the effect of tho Dyspepsia Cure. When, there are troublesome heart symptoms alternate Munyon's Heart Cure with the Dyspepsia. Cure: If there is great nervousness or Suability to sleep, alternate Munyon's Nerve Cure with the Dyspepsia Cure. If tin: blood is poor in quality alternate Munyon's Blood Cure and Dyspepsia Cure. By -this plan of trcatmenr ono can era. dlcate the worst forms fit' stomach troubles and the.ir coiiplicatious. and make the cure permanent. A separate specific for each disease. Sold by all druggists, mostly fpr 2H cents n bottle. Personal letters to Prof. Munyon, 1500 Arcli street, Philadelphia. Pn.. answered with free medical advice for any disease. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H Wipperman, Abstracter. Weldon Webster to Jane Wehster 41% ft. lots 3V-S-0 city Park add.. St. S of Wright, warranty. *5<10. James Martin to Abram E. Martin K 371/0 A. NE Vi Sec 20 Washington Tp.. .fl.200. Melvin C. Smith to Wm. II. Smallcy lot lol'AVest end add., warranty. .<!M-". Mary E. Washbura to Win. aud Elix Million lots ?.l to 30 Washingion'sj add.. Royal Center, warranty. .<212.no. Florian I-. Keller to Clias. Cappe) Pt. Sec. IS Clay Tp.. and Ft. Sec. .13 Noble Tp., 52 A., on Michigan Avenue. N. warranty, $4,000. D, D. Baructt etal., to Levi IT. Brown same lamd as above, warranty. i?3(iO. Auu:i R.-idkey etal.. to Katherine Radkey'N r.". fr. W ^ outlot 14 LaRosr 3d, 30Wi and JelTersou St.. warranty. $050. ' Anna RndUcy etal., to Anoa Havloff Mid 03 ft. W V< outlot 1.4 LaUose 3d Jefferson and 10th St., warranty. $.". I. H. "Weya.ud to Lucerne I. 0.. O. F. lot 17 Altouer. warranty. $200. .Ta,mcs Sines to Amanda Brown lots 4 nnd 11 MeCanley's add.. GGrdveston, warraB'tj', !?300. Seventeen .mortgages tiled aggregating $0,350. HOW'S THIS! We offer ODC Hundred Dollars Boward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. ,T. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo. O. . We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Clieuey for the last 15 years, aud believe him perfectly honorable in nil business transactions and financially able to cany out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRTJAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDIKG, KINNAX & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood end mucous surfaces of'the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. It Is the same old story aud yet constantly recurring that Simmon's Liver Regulator Is the best family medicine, "We have used it in our family for eight years and find it the best medicine we ever used.'- We think there is no such medicine as Simmons Liver Regulator." '—Mrs. M. E. S. Adingtqn, Franklin, N. •C. "Each member of our family uses It as occasion requires."— W. B. Smlth.Mt. Yernon, Ky. REDUCED RATES TO DENVER AND PORTLAND. Tho Nortli-Westemi Line (Chicago & North-Western R'y) announces the sale of excursion 'tickets at very low rates from Chicago 'to Portland, and return on .Tame 10 and 11, aud from .Chicago to Denver Colo.,' and return on .Tuno 13 and .14. For full Information npply to ticket agents of eonucctlng Hues or address A. H. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 Jackson place, Indianapolis, Ind. Landreth Seed Company of.Pblladel phla, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrlsor li their agent In Casa county. V. --'.'Vy •/,?' '•;',*, -,v.i; ( v'f.^vx.: ,,;••"• .•,,•• • • Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing for two weeks, we will place on sale, some rare bargains, In our Clothing Department. We have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST . . . to close out certain lines. We are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to all who are looking for SNAPS . . Come and see us. we will convince you that no place in tL city will be allowed to undersell us. No matteer what, they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, aud have made a price that will do it. Our patrons arc fuivUcd to take advantage of this sale, before-it is too late. Sample Hats. J. Do not forget that our Hat S:iJe of sample hats, *c 50 cents on the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up-in this li ne. Don't miss the oppor. tuuity. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. £>:> MARKET STREET. A. P JENK8 Jjrron Gordon. ., INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN Perspective and Mechanical Drai prepared for the Patent Office and) Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of trical and Hydraulic devices including Alarm Batteries, BnkMt- Cond uctors, Cutonts, Electric Magnets, Coils, Keys, Lightning Meters, Registers, Recorders Switch-" boards, Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliances, Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial and Rotary Air Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Air and Water Elevators. Double Actt»0 Drainage aud Force Pumps, Lift «B* Oil Cups, etc. Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Do You Think of Painting YOUR HOUSE?|; If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any t man on earth. B. F. KBBSLING. l^lli ." • <y ~>L • . -^,,,^ • PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists ot New York have Bppolii*i« D. A. HACK jis agent tot their celebrated Spectacles «nd !»• Glasses, every pair giuiranteed, D. Al MAUK has complete assortment and Invites «HIB satlsfr themselves ot the great superiority of these goods o»« ; any nnnnlactured. at the store of D. A. H AUK, Sole agent lot Logansport Ind. - • •• No Pedd'ers Supplied.

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