The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1934
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT HLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS In Short, Queen Mary Will Be Shocked Klein, Stainbnck ami llar- ncl! Sock Homers; liy- ors li'iiii Yankees Sails The C!i:r:po Cubs, Naticiul pace r-'.tot*-:. c;>?Himu'd their he:ivy siim-j <" :i; \eu<-i thy, giving ample drm-| a:-ti.iii;)ii or lie u! I cu I lulls In a y 10 ii vk-lo:v r tir • I'i'itnes. Klein. Slainbirk ar.d H.irlne'.l hil I'cmeys a 1 "- if' i- C:ibv rini-ih'.-;! ah^a 1 ' v-il.; Guy lii.s.-: hir. L:i^ advautu.'i cf the wri-ckm-. 1 c:-.-'.s at his'b.u-k IloSli-y I In- ln-,'.if- piu-hi-r. Til- l'i!i I'mi'.i's i >; i: ;h liru.kjyn l>xli;i r.s !t in :i al liiuak- liii. Hi::.;if:-r ire \ununi! 1 urler ai!h:ni-',h ivmou-d t;i 'iir 11 n! •.'.".in 1 ",; WilTisi d( <!;i' I) •[!•-•,-is mid P.lU Warar Of 111: 1 llll-s ]lll hlllll- r:*. 'I'lio (:::K-llimli Hi (Is tnimn-il li i cliainp.on Gi'.iins 2 lu 1 al XI-'A Ycik. Fie^Y. s'.e.idy hurlijij was to: i nine.-, fcr the Giants Smith Ma 1 | th 1 .' losing iinr.iiKhm.ill. Th: l!:..s:on lj:-aves trounced '.1.: Hi. I/ouU Cardinals G o 2 at HU.I- loii. Puiukhcus.' ll'.i' wlmiiny p.icher and WinWord i!u- lus-r Ti;e Drtroll Tigers defeated i':.e New York V:mk?<-* 11) lo s ;ii IX'- troi'.. TilO Tiaeis c:as!:cd oul 15 hits OIF Rultlllf and Klliythe. Hcg- r«'ll was credllr;! with ihc victory Detroit held t::' three umcs in the game liL'fore winnini!. Washington's .Senators trounced Cleveland Indians 3 to 1 at Cleveland. The- Indians were uimblr to find Ibc offering of .S'exvart cnu- K^'ently. l.loyd llro'.m was on Ihe losing end of (lie hurlini: durl. Kn- hel's home]' accounted [or onu WasliintjKn run. Five best's on balls issued in l!ie firs! inniinj by Joe cast arclla put the Chicago Whit? Sox oir !o u good start nnd the Phiia'.ielphr.i Af.lctlcs finished oil (lie rislna ni'J 5 lo 4. Ted Lyons went the route for tlie Wlilte aox. l-\«x of the A's and Uykc.s, Hox maiuiner. hll leu the circun. U«ck Ne'.vsom was in good (orin and liU males were lilllliij! behind I im 60 the Si. Louis Hrowns won over the Unsion lied Sox 11 l a 3 ni St. l/wis. lihcdes WAS on tlie laslng of ihc slniBgle. Burns of the iirovuis hit for four tase.s. Marble. rl;;lit. of Ihr U. S. WlBlUnian Cup minis h':iiu. lias lukcn n half dozen pairs of shorts to Wiinhleilon iiinl iiuends lo play to mitred Mary's :iii'isin:i lo ihls Ii;.lK-in:k. alliit 1st liMla in's luir run's on June 15 and 1C. despite Queen Miss Mar::l V leammaies, ilelen Jacobs, left, nnd Caroline ul;o mi' M nmrh suppo:tii.; of shorts. in YOU'RE in ;ME By Hurry Grayson iHjilihm in hit but the (op of a ty, came, tan take a solid punch very hard heart. a>ul Lniiyhran willioia Ilincliing, nnd should be knuws all Mti- defensive tricks." ;ab!e to maneuver himself out of Without rtciiin: any loo much dan^'roiis corners. li-alnini; and 111 ):<nmih tu'erwciiihl. '"' '!'<• year's layoff that Mc- Carnera s:eii]>vil 15 rn'inds nenliisl I.niii'hi-aii like a midilj-.veiiilit. l-'niln went thiousjli will not Im- |i:'ini; his judyiiient of distance. If If liner [ails In bell ll:r u'ianl uut In ihe rarlv iMiln;:, he'd hel- iilgbl be well i n - ,,ol i>et tln-d. For Camera i.s a loui;h fellow mis witli loY 15 jiMiback, .Heffner and Lavagetto Head List; Red Sox Have Four IJY JIMMY DONAIUJK NKA Service Sports Wrltfr I On Mov 15, when ihe major kaxue oiitnts pruned their stalk ! lo the M-player limit, accommodation IraiiLS on various railroads 1 were filled to capacity with raw rookies un their way back to Ihe hushes. lint out of the extensive crop of \oungsters who found their wav up In 1034 there remained u -vlect few who are destined to make their marks under lire big tent. Of the kids who seem to be sure beis to stick, three stand out like a .sore blR loe on a- country toy. I They are Georsje "Tut" Slainback, ! Cubs' oulficlder; Don HeffiiT, Yankee iiifU'lder; and Harry Ijavngello, who Is playing second for the Pirates. j Slninback, Ihe $75,000 boy won! i!er from Ihe Pacific Coast League already has earned the reputation nf having Ihe greatest young arm In the National League. The boys are comparing hLs base running with ihat of Ty Cobb, and wilh a killing average hovering around .'J20. he seems to be a find. When Don lleffner went up from Ualtimore to the Yanks lo fill in at second with Red Rolfe to form a green keystone combination, he was classified as - "good field, no lilt." Uut the kid has confounded the experts. In addi lion lo fielding brilliantly, he is smiling the onion for a snappy .325 average and, contrary to the Cleveland Indians' manager, Wai ter Johnron. he gives everv indication o! continuing his clubbing. This Lavagetto kid hud a big break in his first trip up to the I . ,. , _ »-ii;rtr* III llln *u ot llju uu IO Ulc hiouL-h the is rounds n , ajora from Oakland, In the Pa- ,L'1PH/ fl tifvi-lnlic T>iicrnL/o ' _ * _ ' ** "••* * •* NF.W YOIIK.-U ir Mnx 1 liter In null cliiwnln 1 :. His latest crack Is Miai Prlmci to shake Camera uiuM go out in six rounds round.-;. Ihe fiavden llowl on June 14, without, milking a serious inlstnke. he \vill find ihi> fight an easy one lo win." YUH now liiu'e ihi! bi'St miml.= on (he subject. lo lh«j now rhath]>K)ii lo keep 11 liroaihiMV chilr iwsier of cercmnmc.s. One would lliink U»:it will i n KoUltin bee/er A wal- ! Defeats Hubbard Hardware Team TT! Guy Busli,' the Mississippi Mud- eat .is Ihe only Nalional League hiirler to hold an edge over all clubs in that circuit . . . Harry Ijivaivtto, Hie Pirates' second base look, is only 10 ... The lifetime batlini; average of Chuck Klein is .?!>9 . . . and fha.1 covers a ixir- icd of R23 yames . . . Dob Woodward, athleiic nublii'lty director of Puvtlue University, is a proud dnd- (i^ ... of a baby daughter . . . who won't play football for old Purdue . . . The Indianapolis SiccdttaVi. Mfl-mlle aulo race May M probably will draw a hundred rrund . . . which is said to br the larcest crowd for a single day fland in the sports world . . . Wonder whal's hapjxmed lo Kin<^- fifn Ij'viiifky? . . . He's said to be- casting an envious eye toward Hollywood . . . probably figuring on emulating Maxie "Oisolo" Bacr. Jiiskulus being scratched in the Kentucky fJerbv at Ihe lasl minute was a juld [o a numlx'r of Califoinians . . . James W. Cof- frnth. the renowned promoter .who rwdvrt Ihe old Tijuana Jockey C-'-ih. sloo i!;o win more than $5.- O^ - . . He mi 1 , the horse at a loiv: p'ice anrl laid off enough tn have all heis riiiiniii" for nolhin 1 ' Jock Siilherlar.ii expects to nn- crver a yount: backfield ace at Pittsburuh who'll cause N'olre D.nne as much trmible as Mike Sebastian did the past two seasons. ... A minor league label 1= said to be attached, to Red K'-ss. While Box infielder . . . Onlv two years ano the Sox and Indians were in a wild scramble I' obtain him fro:n tile Browns . . . The Davenport. la.. Sta- dii'm i.s bmli so clnso to the Mississippi ri'.-er tiiai I mine rims over Ihe vail simply arc lost bills. Carulhersville Soft Ball Ooens Monday lavini; NF.\v VOI!K--Tllo WOl as a of a fr'htcr I.s a fij:htor. b"in<r bumiM'd on the liaer, dr-esu'l iniiiinii' th.i' Ki-ht before Ion iimid tlir whiskers may fill Ihe him. would slick lo his lasl. hut nniruin wilh stars, but it's not con- he isn't, 'flic challenw Is In make dliclive lo eli-ar civslal uaicin?. | ~ lt | )a || radio rehciirsals and ap;H-aniniTS \Vi-ll. tc' cut Ihinl base and uci ' ( ] av llni'f limes weekly right >'!>' lo i" llviv. Tonv Can/nneii and nilly ; '^ '.he day of Ihe finlil. Pelrolle prrdlel lhal Barnev lloss ! "Of ttjursi'. Max i:.n't Ei'iiiM to \\ill i,uf-• allni) ,Jimmy. McLamiii Dill In (hire horns a day ri'hcar.s- in Hie Sunken Garden of Queens j, , . ,Tj . inif when serious (raining gels un- nn Alav '2K. Canxoneri and PC- DfZflCK I lafiS UniOD Oer way," says Ancil llotlman. his Irnlle ha:i]ien lo !M' i lie ynun^ nn i n •iiuiiiiKi.-!'. "He will do his ivheurs- nn whom RIISJ; built his repula- n L-afler he has worked mid ret-l- lion, id. Urnadeiisilni! will take his Indnd. the I.ollaualooxa of Ihe I Sandy Ridge defcalcd lh( dub in a game yc.Mer- : The score wns 4 to 3. I A vi-tuin Bailie will be jilaycil i lav at llalev Field. tale third sucker, came down wilh an ailing arm. To fill in for Pie Manager George Gibson shunted Tommy Thevenow over from second antl jMit the kid in at the keystone sack. Since Ihen Harry has been work- j ing like a veteran, playing a steady ,.! brand of ball in the field, and .1 clouting around .300. The Boston Red Sox seem lo have a monopoly on the classy Of Pennsyl rcokies. Boots Werber, the shortstop, is said to be the most improved player in Ihe majors bs none other lhan George Herman Ruth. Ducky Wallers, another f narW rccnlit llinellier ' is catchhig coacnes wlth 1]U hllUllg strl(le and in uind oil tlu- TiRht." I r.op wnn the That apparently is exactly t-.,m Carwnn.'ii where many susi>ect Raer's mind i'.unble di'dsinn : :; now off tin; fl'.lhl. Flullt liins Ihr Tn>rfoniinnci '.vdiild riiiher thiil ihe California!) si:end his spare moments suiakiiiir 'ii.s hands in brine than Irving to aiake himself expressive before a r.icrophono. Haer emmol he hlamrd for K^l•ins, r Ihe'V lint tl'.e same kiilrl STATE COLLEGE, Pn. (UP) — ny-pi cm a Hfytti' director of the gle. iccent game drove in six runs with two homers, a double, and a sin- 1 ii-'imiMaiires. 1!ut. after all. Ih'hlers. coin won't be forthcoming if ihev ineia boxes his ears otf. \vhieh [vn of whal so many learned ho\i:v; i:an:i'. MI have an idea Ihc Italian will P-iv-; lh"ir ye! Hoar ye! Now. li-r's listen tn (heir man- '•t'-s, :ii!«l i: just so hurp-'i'.s Illal ami are - handleii by sinnrtcs: men in the school of physical education and' Then the Sox have Julius Sellers athletics at Pennsylvania State big outfield recruit from the Inter national League, who is plastering Ihe apple, and Frit?. Ostermueller pitcher, who. with Grove, Walben, Weiland. Welch and Pipgras t teach him. should develop Into an outstanding pitcher. The White Sox have two goo< ame College. Is promoting an orgnntea- lion of aihleiic coaches of 1'enn- the.-e boys are fylvanln. which he expecls will I make a closer bond between secondary school and college alhlet- A llusinrss-l.ike. Champion Camel a isn't doin^ much lalk- S-iv-i Kimmv Goldman, who Mri S' I9 for U'c purpusc of effect- ham'les rim/oneri. and who hand- '"B tlle organization, led I'.-te Herman yrai:s before htm: "The m:ii!:'.i:i r.; nf I!a« made a out of the To date he has received favor r able replies from more than 250 of the 1.000 coaches of prep school prospects in Wr.e Bonura ... and college athletics, whom he in- I Krenchy Borilagaray. The formi viled to attend a meeting here is a slugging first baseman of th Uead Courier News Want Ads Dale Alexander type, although h probably Is even slower than th Ox on the paths. The National League has lurnc i!g. the extent of his p:r-batlle l^ihuvclchi champum's elas.s. Me- j tau-ment lo dale l>olng. "Preenio I avnin will e:i<! the battle with! bin thor-e close he Venetian Leviathan bi'iit-\e % ;in to In- more confidi-nt of a di'- •isive victo:y than he has ever cell. ll'.'-^li A year am. in _lhe role of elial- R.ivs rm:er. Camera spoke freely, and !Vln>!i : old why he was confidenl he ' l^i",-.' 'vould defeat Jack Sharkey. lint match 'he big boy is mad this lri|i. and HIT hy loin': a lot of thinking. Da Preem posseses a detenni- liv ; l d ri'ihl hand he lets so. I ilini't 1-ehi-v.' in handicap ' li-l'..*. I alwavs disapproved nf Mi'L:irnii:-f:in/iiniTi nialrh. al-' Tunv wauKd it." .'.u-k llnr'a'v, who piloted • \ lo a fortune: ' m:itrii:r:> made a ]>oor Mi'l.itllln is a sure win-| a ki-Ax-kmil. Ross is an i (i I'i'M-i. McLarnin is or.e j THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?J2i William guson •-:i-.ite. i .t of present-day ntion that borders on animusity. 1:i:hle;s He outclasses RO.SS ill ihe naturally frirndlv Eiant ills- bi.tli boxnii; and hitting skill. ' thai CARUTHERSVIUE. V.n. — 'IT, Caiuther.iville Soft Ball l-aei;..-. or- earnzcd recently, will play Us fns paints Monday nlehl. Trvl'i Mercantile companv lean; ir.cev Kohn's !eani in th" t; r .-t : ar." wlnle the Globe meets Shar 1 Motor company in the .sccor.r pame. Two games will be playr each Monday and \Vcdnc='.!r night. Wcdnrxlav nhht of r.-..< week the Republican aixl li. Barbers teams will meet in th first game, while Haytlrn Dr.i :>nd the Band Box mrel h! IV final game that night. The league consists of eiel teams, tut It Is expected, fro Interest, developed, the lca°ue w be enlarged to a 12-teatn leagi shortly. Lighting equipment f night playing has been installed h" ihe league at the New Leglo'i Park. IJaer. He has been riled by he fri'diient jibes of Ihe lhllti-r- Iv Butcher Hoy. Baer is KOiim to li:Thl a hi;:. Irsperate man. If Ua I'reem can •ievekm auv of the old Dempsey 'killer" insiiuct. he will show !: i- his match wilh the Ltvermme i-.irk.'il dvnamiti 1 irrtiper. :!;,- am! (iinaini •raiisc of ihe h-.isines.s-likr ^av .\. lo^riher. i.s 1:01111; about his truiiiiiK. present exrellenl "condition, improvement as a boxer, coii- '•(! rill' activity, and his oui--l ntipalhy for his o]i]Mt:ient. H is too much to pre McLarnln knnu.s nr):hiiii: alxuit Ixixinsr ta'.i:.. 1.1 hi.s many xi:otk<mt.s. in iiianv (<cc:is!nns Jimmy has >!i<r,\ n his linxing .skill to such I'idi-d advantage that il was almos: imivissiblc to believe Hint he in his n.-it;. liiis- .' in fists .sc'ldoiu 'I all about McLarnin. I handled ivtrolle ap.iinM him ih;-i-e :uni-s. I was Yonia: Jack j "1 luimp oil's chief M'COlid wla-n the I il'L-io mini' 1 ihc officials dlilw al fine hue to deckle in Me- I IN SOUTH AMERICA... A HARPy CAGtE CRASHED THSOUGH A WINOOW TO CATCH A CAT ON -- - vnncl round of that fi^ht. \e! i 7 HE INVDE/ THE EAGLE WAS nly one advantage over Uaer. and.he continued throughout the ten CAPTLPED AND SENT TO THE ir lavs erea! strew on this. '• rounds and oullioxcd Thompson. "N'othir.7 Is-er-K a fiehter In con- a creat Iwxer. wills a brilliant dis- I'-i tint Carneru will f.irn in tin- I.arnin's favor In Madison Srjuare ! •st f'.cht of his life, arnera lias Hern Active Al this time Camera is claimini: :hc (iardi-n n;i|>di to know that Mc- Larnin inj-.ned his rit: hand in PHILADELPHIA zoo. ,-c. PO.SONOUS VOAD STOOL A>40THt EDIBLE MUSH R0o/v\ ARE Or- THE Tn the central United Stales most of the rain falls al night; In the southeastern states 15 per cent falls in the; daytime. lit ion as much as flBhtlnc." says plav of i.ib'jni',- and blufliu,; 'ie tiridioidi-r. "iLu-r ha.-, no; Ix-cn tic.s." n aciiou .since ,lune 8 nf last year. • • • •nd it was onlv recently that he ' I.nul an I'.ar to Tnny ut on boxin; Cloves lur the first l!'.:l I dnn't want to rlD.'e imc sinro i u . knockeil oul Max wi:ho:ii I;HIIII; Caiizunrri IIK ,s:ij. i 'Ch.T.eling. : ,\[ l( .r a u lu , (ought Hoss 2.'i I "Sn-.te he fo'i?ht his last Hi'lit. rm:r,i!s. Listen to the Marlboro' I have had us rounds of art>:al farmer: ] jninyetiiion -six with Sharkev and "kuss is a liuhlnim-fast. ngcre.s- | o ennh with Paulino U7euthm •'•ive ijovi r. who makes \ery few • Mid Tommy l.oiiKhriiii. fn',.-•• nmvi-s and Is hard to hit, "I was enei, hltle credit for the .-'>ii<liy. He always Is on the move. I aulmo and L<v.i-rhran bonts. I!-- adianclnc Instead of rctreatina. • •ause I arn biR. rverylxxly ex-. "IJansnous .swings Kcneially land 0 ( reeled me to knock out Paulino aramil bus neck and .shoiiUIors.: ind Lougliran. Tlial's human na- wl-.crexs if In- assumed retreallin? i ' '-lire, but. 1 ask ynu. who Ls Xnex-k- tavtic.s these swings might hud Ins out elllier? Paulino xlves ymi.nn a vulneialilc spot, lioss t; Unf-| NI'.XT: wiial per ctnt r,r an, opal b w»t«7 PURE HONEY IS USED AS A CENTER IN SOME i •>* triiwj ttftvtct. me. ___;_ SATURDAY, MAY 19, 10341 These Rookies Appear to Be Fiwls 'Tut" Slainlnu-li. ---- earns Dun lli-fTllel ____ Vallks' uni'i. «•••• llarrv Imsrlf n stendy job in (he Cubs' in his flrsi >rar u r tn;ij u r a Itatfue ball. l-uva^i-tlu.. . .ILICIVI il i. r.nd sackcr, lias nern smiling the : <uud lia---e fi.r Lin- ['iralt-; lip that as.Miri •; him | n.mivs in ^lick UH-IV il h? steady jcli. '. linns his |-i-iMiit pare. p with a irii> of young pitchers no may set the loop on lire be- ore the year's over. One is Bill *e. Chicago Cubs' find, who re- enlly. hurled a iwo-hit win agalnsl roojtlyn. and who is on the way a steady tun; on tlie mound, nother is Joe Bowman, Uianis' ight prospect, up again, and the lird is bulky Ralph Birkofer, who as been pitching some classy wins or the Pirates. Connie Mack bobs up wilh a itching phenom in Joe Cascarella, ho won his first three starU as major leaguer, and who is now regular on that slalf that ddled bv sales all. was trades lasl I/ 'II IS.nOXVlllC -q VX/in S Win rosl Slarrina at Bat ! Stole and Allen Draw In Caruthersville Malcll CARUTHEItSVILI.E. MM - l.'.(| AllHi, Mi-mphU. and Jo!i; Htote, Cleveland, drew one heie last nigln over tl:| hour tune limit. ]>reliiiiinary •Ihe weekly l/.-cion mall i i-i-s, l.onbville, Ky.. won iwu oiJ 'of Ihree over Chi-f Little Woll , Tacoma, Wash., Yiikima Indinil , i Next week. Prof Halpli Smitll Kno^ville Smokies l 'lO l ^^,;i;-''-' ! J-'^ H ! oul of thiL-t over a no tinii- liun| maieti. and Mike .M»ro:'.ev n The Little nock Travelers feated the to 9 al Little Rock lasl niijhL The game went 1G inniims before the Tiavclers maniisi'd lo nose out the Smokies. |,];,, ™"","'' The icaclins Nashville Vols of the i and Smith Southern Associatir.n shut oul ihe: draw ] U , 1T j N'evr Orleans Pelicans behind tlu-j iji,,^ seven hil pitching of .Tiny Chaplin I ' i yesterday. Tlie score was 'i to 0 Messenger was on the losing end ol >ver Hie o:ic tjfein.i a fall. 5 P IP- n- i "xiKoms orfer rans I!) in Niant-thc vois f*l i-n- .-,, , firr* «l^f.i Lame; hgers Play Osceola Sunday Teh Oseeola Engineers defeated „ _ „ le Jackson, Tenn., ball club 5 to singles In fow limes ,t at Jackson last night. : T , ip nirminirham Barons beat the Porter liurlmg for the Indians. Atlanta Crackers 5 lo 4 at Atlanta. the huvliiii; duel. T.-c win. as liic- ; Lookouts lest to the Chicks, gave undisputed ixisfession of first place. | Tlie lookouts made six errors in their game with the Memphis i Chicks and the Chicks prcc-'edi-.i I to win. 7 to 0. Prerosl. M-mnh;? I outfielder, hit a Iriple and three] On/ Saturday Only MAT. .-Hid Nile—Klo - 2 anned 15 men and held the Jaek- on team to three hits. The same clubs play at Osceola lis afternoon wilh John Smith's Blytheville Tigers playing at Oscela tomorrow. The box score: acVson Ab II K £ mith, 2b Vans, ss i rn istrong, 3b 'ields, Ib .cdil, rf 'urner, c Gore, 11 Hawkins, ef Ault, p Vebb, p Total Osctola Owens, 2b Mason, ss Welch, If loldcr, Ib Howerton. cf riitt. 3b A. Sne«d, rf Young, c 'orter. p Total 1 0 0 0 I 0 1 0 0 0 Oritiin % i\s the winning pitcher and Thomas tile Icser. Arlrit's honi'.'r in t!:e seventh wilh one en produced the needed runs. Arkansas Director To Speak At Alumni Dinner 0 ! Alumni of the University of Ar- 0 knnsas. Including both graduates 0 0 and any who have attended the I 0 state institution at FuyHleville. .. 000 Arkansas, will attend an informal j - Nl -'"' dinner at the Hotnl Noble al 32 3 'i 3 seven o'clock. Monday evenin?. May 21st. The «uest speaker is lo be Bovtt Cypert. former Ra/or- Ab H R E 3010 5 1 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 back football star, who is at pr n 'i-j 0 >..ii u-rvmt; iii ;he capaeitv of alh- "WIUSl'KHINf! SHADOW AND CAKTOON 33 11 5 3 To Shake Up Line-up For Golf Tournament Changes in pairings for the intra- rtub golf lotirnameni nt the Bly- thevllle country club will be made tomorrow morning because of the absence of several players from the city. The tourney will be for 18 holes on the usual point basis. Hany llaines and Rodney Banister aro captains of tlie teams. ent serving letics al the univerfily. Aflrr' dinner, the entire proup will Ix 1 1 -,. ,,.,,vpi' v guests of O. W. McCutchen. man- '"•* *' •>•'•!'' « agcr of the Ritz tlicatrt. 1 . al a I theatre party. Th.e local theatre will feature ii|>on (hat day pic-! lures of the Arkansas-Centenary' football pame which these two undefeated elevens p!avcd at Dallas. Texas, last New Year's day. All alumni who reside in Mississippi county ar.' p-inic'ilarlv urged by .sponsors of the dinner to be present on Monday evcnin-;. They should notify anv one cl the entertainment committee. CinT. Shane; Louis Cherry or Oscar I-Vn- dler. before ten o'clock. Monday morning. A large number from the south end of the county are expected to attend. • Sunday - Monday GOLF ^*^ Ru Ar^ kVor,-, By Art Krenz Head Courier News Want. Acis Following the hip turn or weight shift, the hands drop in bringing the club down. The hip.; lurn until they are almost In ihe same position they occupied al address. Here the hands are also fast approaching the position at address but still are cocked. Uncocking of Ihe wrists lakes place to speed up the movement of the clubhead. Keep the wrists in reserve until they reach this posl- lion, which often Is referred lo as 'waiting on the clubhead" or "making the clubhead do the work." Up to this point there should be no effort to do any hitting. t'.mgl of the umbrella type are popularly referred to :ns while polsor.o;;s ones are called toadslools. As a matter thrrc Is no definite dividing line between these, »nd many ' 'annul be rlgluly placed ill cither class. NON-SKin SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Ilo' SKK OUK Kirn-:fi NOW Consiiltallon aim Advice Free. We have a special type lor your rupture! Itohin?on Drui; Co.. Inc. Railrixifl A- Main St. The O. O. P. elephant and the! Democratic donkey were originated | by Thomas Nasl. famous America! cartoonist. Don't Forfjet Caudill's Agency General Insurance JOHNNY STOTK vs. RALPH SMITH EDD1K HAKKR ROY AL'LKN ARMORY, MONDAY MTU \! ^1 V:.- ~~ ALICE WHITE I.a(esl Paramount News 1'alatp"

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