The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1044 DON'T QtOTE ME- Candidates Vie For Steel Votes Buf Texarkono Man ^Makes No Committal r ln Governor's Race By JIM DOWNING vl United Vrcss Staff Corrcs|)0ndcnt w LITTLE ROCK, June 19 (U.P.) —The flnul withdrawal of Will fa steel as a candidate for governor resulted immediately in pressure being brought on him to throw lib support, to one of the three remaining candidates. Supporters of Ben Laney, Bryan Sims and Dave Terry said Steel "probably 1 would go In with their particular candidate, but the Texarkana man made no Immediate announcement favoring any candidate. His withdrawal had been expected for several weeks because of the general lack of .support for his campaign which had been evident for some time. A Laney campaign heardquartcrs spokesman said Steel might he expected to throw in with the Camden candidate "because, after all, they're boili from the same section of the stale and have a lot In common." , On the other hand, a strong Sims partisan said Slccle naturally • "will want to get on Hie Sims bandwagon. At any rate, observers here saw some strengthening of Lancy's chances with the only other south Arkansas candidate out of the race. follow llarlon Show Several candidates for state office have liccn following the Barton hillbilly show around the south Arkansas circuit, making brief an- igjnccmcnls from Ihe platform. ^5imuii(; lliose appearing at Uic LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CAN'T SLEEP- No need to lie in Led—toss- worry and fret because CONSTIPATION or GAS PRESSURE won't let you sleep. Be sensible—get up—take a dash of ADLER-I-KA as directed, to relieve the pressure of lar^e intestines on nerves and organs of the digestive tract. A<1- lerika assists old food wastes and gas (hrougli a comfortable bowel movement so that bowels return to normal size and the discomforts of pressure stop. Before you know it, you are asleep. Morning,fjnds you feeling clean—refreshed"and ready for a &ood day's work or fun. Get AJIfrt*,* from your Jrutfitl today. KIKB1" BItOS. HltUO STORES Political Announcements Tte Courier News H«g txen authorized to announce the' loUowlry candidacies, subject to Ule Democratic primary In August: STATE HEPKESENXATIVt ALENE WOKO (for rc-elcctlon, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLTCH (for re-election, Po.5t No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. 3) LUCIEN R. COLEMAN B. O. "GENE" PLEEMAH (Post No. 4) PKOSKGXJTING''ATTORNED IVIE C. SPENCER. MARCUS FIETZ (For Re-election) • SHERIFF AND tJOLIJECTOl HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREASURER E. B. (SKEED STOUT . v MISS DE!^A PVRTLS Ik COUNTY J0DGK ROLAND OBEEN (for re-election) CIRCUIT COURT CLKBK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks Al! Makes & Models GULF Service Station At 5th Main Sts. —OU WE'LL SELL Ihcm fnr jou for a small commission. Bring them in for all details. MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP W 8. Fir»t Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems \ K»enlntJ By Appointment first sliow ftt Stamps were Burl Page, stale treasurer •running for Secretory of State, and Lee Bilker, Chlcol county represent!] lives 'eking the Lieutenant Governorship. David D. Terry made n strong appeal to the farm vote in Ills campaign opener at Jonesboio Saturday. He stressed the Importance of tlic land to the welfare of the state and pledged himself to further soil conservation. He urged expand/in of the state's livestock Industry and development of chcinurglc plants (o utilize farm 'asle and similar products. Bearing clown heavily on the irm angle, lie said: "The state could well afford to lend trained research men to other sections of the nation seeking out small Industries and processing plants which cnn be adapted lo conditions In Arkansas;" BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); .COURIER NEWS And—"r say (o yon In nil sln- ccrlly, the future of Arkansas depends largely upon Us farmers and Its local business tenders." Statement 1'unlcs Greatest Interest- was belns shown.In political circles here IhU week In former Ally. Gen, Jack Holt's slalcinent (hat he was "i;o- Ing to look around nnd see alter June 18 who Is running for whcil; and thai sort of llilng." Attorney General Williams, :i candidate for re-election, asked tluiiBhlfully: "What do you suppose he meant 1 ;" Bill Fulbrlght's naming of Mce- han of Stuttgart ns his campaign immnger recoiled to many sans the bluer fight Meolmn waged against Gov. Carl E. Bailey in 1937 when lialley sought lo be elected lo the Senale llirough the Stntc Democratic Committee. When the committee okajcd linllcy to succeed Ihe Into Joe T. Ifobliismi, Meelnui culled n "rutnp" session of recalcitrant Dcin.Tcmts who put up John Miller ns mi Independent. Mcehnu shcphercted Miller's cnmpnlgn ( 0 a sucecssfn' conclusion. 'liodny, Mcelian and Bailey nre worklmj In Fulurlehfs campaign for the Semite, under l)io« clr- euinslunces, mnny persons find (he appointment Interesting. Governor Adklns, FiilUrlght, n m Lee linker, among sundry olhci rcKlonnl cnndldntes, put In np- pcarances at Ihe nniiual Calhomi county barbecue a( Hamplon last week. Adklns came straight from 11 Methodist conference at Tulsa Okla. liV MltMOKIAM III memory of my wife, Mrs. Ulllo C. Kin;;, who departed this life one year ago today, June ISth The Time Has Come To Send A Business Man from Arkansas to the Senate! ^••j Our Biggest National Problems Are Easiness and Financial: i • THE NATIONAL DEBT OF 140 BILLIONS : .(If will probably double this figure) ; •DEFICIT FINANCING OF GOVERNMENT !•«-*; • THE WASTE OF PUBLIC FUNDS • THE PREVENTION OF INFLATION • MAINTAINING THE NATIONAL INCOME • JOBS FOR RETURNING SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN • £!£wrtu E v S10N FROM WAR ECONOMY TO PEACE ECONOMY. >,i ».».,. ..v,,*.,! ,.-x, j. ....,., ,...,•.-,.,., * • RELIEF FOR SMALL SALARIED WORKERS ' ' Upon (he business-like solulion of these and many oilier complicated problems depends our very existence as a nation. The greatest-need of our greatest business— government— is men of outstanding business ability in Congress. BARTON IS OUR LOGICAL CHOICE for the U.S. Senate The thought that his years of successful business experience would enable ° r 1° ' SUU k a! V d nali °" H rciil aervi <* i!1 «'fc "<»<> of greatest ° n y n tlat pv ™ plcd B ^rton to become a candidate Mr 1 ^ 0 owcs If, by reason of his business experience, you fed that Karton will t,crve you bolter in dealing with grave business awl financial problems, he mcnls your support. Upon this simple issue, i Barton submits Ins candidacy lo the voters of. Arkansas. for More Business In Government and Less Government In Bus/ ness — Elect Col T. H. BiRTON Our Next U.S. Senator Barton-for-Scnator Campaign Committee 1943. The (towers I pliico upon her Brave May wither in id decay, B !n. lovo fc "' hcr wll ° slcc l )s beneath will never /« ( i« invity. Her husband, Will 11. Klnu. In memory o£ my mother, Mrs. l.llllo Kliiit, wlio died June 10, ifl-13; One yenr a|to you passed away From (his sinful earth below; But you arc remembered, dour EAGJS TEHEE,' Mother. H's it sud ii'inembriiiK'e, llumijli, No Moilti.'r here lo love me, Or (ell me whul ID do, No one on earth hut sisters , , , 1 try to do \vhut thoy tell me to. I've got lo have soincouo, (knir ACNE PIMPLES C«UlHl| RELIEVE SORENESS PROMOTE, HEflLING wllli niitlsFplio llluck nml WlilloOinlnumt. Uloonly M directed. Cliviuso iiilli IMnrkimilYYlillcSMuSoiui. BLACK «ffl WHITE Don't Kl l iTir of Mtmuilloii. M (l>o llril « ui mtii li\ku CtiimJlru 1 . It rrllct. a U|ilf I |,y tin Mill.. It It nrrvia uiorl |,y tlio luihi. It It >.>*• -<t Iliiulil—ulinjy dlilolvcj—nil/// •*; r««Jy (o eel-nil irmly lufftl'5 1 ^ Mollicr, Anil sister knows tho tet way through. That's why I'nl nivjim her the love, Mother, I would have, given you. „• „• t ' itelly mlsseii by your daughter," MUS.'JEWELL RAY'- ' Huffman,'Arkansas, If You Wish to SeH Your GOVT. LOAN COTTON Sec LOY WELCH Over Palace Cafe • Jllylhcvlllc, Ark. 2471 Wkil Kind»! I Soi;n»r Do YOU Wilt ii liknns? A * • • Hiat should provoke sober part of every voter in consideration on Hie ARKANSAS! Do you • want n GoA-onior wlio (HIS , never drawn a dollar from Sl.ilo or Federal pay rolls . . . who has made his own way with out pull or patronage . . . wlio Is not looking for n job nt slate expense . . . wl, 0 is miming for Governor and NOTHING ELSE? BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! * Do you n Governor who is 1 conscrvnlivo, yot progressive in I" his ideas and nbilify to make r this n ueLloi' stnte in which lo r live? ( BEN LANEY IS THE MAW! Do you want n Governor who bc- ' lievca tliat n proportionate slmrn ' of tnx monies should go hnclc to ! the towns and counties fur f LOCAL use, nml who .[ toward that end without quahfi "• cation? : , ... BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you \vnut a Governor with NO , political obligation3 to any Indi[ vidnal, Ri'oup of individuals, ' clifiuo or faction? ii»H[uJl BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you wnut n Governor who has a definite, personal stake in tho wimmijr of tho war nnd tho securing of n lasting peace that Kunrnntcca freedom and justice for nil? . .., | BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you want a Governor who has pledged the restoration nnd re- hjibiliintioi) of our fightinpr sona nnd clnuRlilors na tho FIRST ' consideration when ho assumes office? , BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you want a Governor who has proved by his personal life, his nWHty to meet>nhd*solv6 comi-- munity problems against ter- HCie odds? BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you want a Governor who publicly stands against L increased taxation ... a Governor who can { INCREASE tax benefits at LOWER cost through E ; elimination of wnste, overtopping and misnian- r agcment? — ... .•<.-.: ..i •. ..... BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you wnnt a Governor wlio publicly 'deplores tlio i. encroachment of Federal controls over our way. ? of life ... the threat of Governmental domina- ¥ tion to our farmers, our workers and our business f men? ••,. . .. •,.,•„.... , '•I • . BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you want a Governor wlid publicly recognizes tlio k need for a purge of racketeering, radical cxploib- $ crs among both CAPITAL and LABOR and wlio 9 & pledged to work untiringly with both groups! ? for a fair and workable solution to their problems?. ; BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! _ Do you want n Governor wlio lias come tip Uie Kai-il ; , i way, successively as a farmer boy, laborer, country, ,T school teacher, farmer, and businessman and at•| tained unusual success through hard work and common sense alone?, v ,, ., , J v .., « ,'^fc#u^ , BEN L r ANEY IS THE MAN! * * * * Do you want a Governor who is a practical Farmer, i wlio knows the value of improving tho lot of our 1 agricultural pcoplo ... a Governor who actually i owns and operates farms in Arkansas? L BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! . ........ '-'• ......... " * ' " 1 * * * Do you want a Governor who deplores the grave i problem of underpaid teachers, curtailed school (! terms, unequal educational opportunities for our [ boys nnd girls . . . and a Governor who CAN arid ^ WILL do something about it?, . ' ,„,, ^ , ;. , BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you want a Governor wh'o wants to help you I; build a better stato . . . who has no secret am- .^bitions toward political grandeur . . .who has ." no political machine and will NEVER have one? . i __' BEN LANEY IS THE MAN! Do you wnnt a Governor wli'6 is a successful busJ- ncssmnn to direct the state's biggest business? 1 ! ; BEN WNEIT IS THE MAN! Do you want n Governor wlio will be politically and [^ financially free to exercise his experienced judfj- f ment without fear or-favor, for the best interests f of the state?'' •- <-^ --..•.-.-«*- < ..•>>- -«A^ \ | BEN tANETT IS THE MAN? ./ Do You Really Mean What YOU'VE Been "If somo ^oo'd Business man would only males' tlio sacrifice and announce for Governor an'd help us got rid of the professional politicians, I'd take time out from my business to help elect him and givo -• Arkansas a break," Well, <**! ../ BEN LANEY IS THE MAN BEN LANEY CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE )

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