The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 20, 1921 · Page 6
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The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 6

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1921
Page 6
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TUKSDAY, I)K CKMHER 20, 1021 Matter of Special Interest to Women Header f 1 ft m I J "" I 1 i i .. y-N Cteneitfp Activities TIi cScreen : . r .i Munii ll'tl iiaif Port it? A'.-r '.... 77. .w li t . A Tlii . k n Ixiin; in i ii;'- I I'lui-tiim.- pull.... I i', ;:i, Mil till). Ill Ill'll-lX .in I Hi. IT i ( llitu .in.l !; :t tii.-Ja t uV I. I .i .'ii'l nil U .m l ' IiiIiIh n ln .- I. r.1liv... Hit. J.'.ir pti-.l'l I. In', r A llllll.H III . f. !...! ! .; I : In n I...I i - . 'i . Ix- rlii l .s fin. I . I. . ri '' .i. ( lituiiiliii i.f Hi. Ms' . I ... i. r.r t.'i nlli iim iiih- S .m l I ..k :,!) 1 1 ; Til.' t'.itlnlV I'lllil.ii lui i i i .. 1 flllldn ful til"' l'iH l!ll. u 'l i . '.. . t rn. il l,i-1 i ik jit iIh-I'.ilrllts i.l ,c hi, I , l-'l :i rt k Mill. .,ti ,.l : Mult;, iin-l II.- M It .in.l Kit. ill I i ! Ii M.u i. . . M i.-..- A :i.!f . .l.iin . Hill-, w i'l I-. i; Ail K ' 1 i rl l!i.- U .'Mi. :. a -..I lilt .i:i i l:iii . . : . I'tiriM m.i :'.i ' 'i r lit Hi.- 1:. .1 !'.. !! . : 1 1 i.. i Ji'llll I '. l.llll. .. . .1 .ill, 1 , 1 . 1. 1 ;ili T! r tuid ti l In iHlni.m W'n n ,, II, li-i'll 1 1' i'..-' i.'.i trim Mi- ii I I I'll .llld M I'k. ' . I III'.' I'iii. Vi ; M..:j.,iic M,..i,l I'. I'. I .i.e. i. i,l. j Sun-liti.- mi' J.I m.!K 1 tr. tH". .inl !:.-!; il'iilili ..:!.-.. r.-.,. iiti-l ' ill'!!. n. i. Iii t!ir,r rot..' .v I'. i.-i.. ui: . n -1 1. .ill ;ui. I nni. n and iliildnn of I I.f iimi ' ,1 ,,:il will diMn'.iiie 1", ..-Tin.;- I, ni ' l I!' I'l) l.,t!lilli". II. l!' Sill . ,u I: Ull'ih hits 1 - Hi' !:.! i, Ulllll'll f ..!! fiilll.!:!!. with i;i..x! at! I t'vo ... I-I I' i . ,. I i li;t i ,1 .n I t I St. '.:.. - i ir...-.-.f I'lirt .i I... 1-1.. i I . I :i l' ' .lit:- I , I, I I l .1 . I., I i I I .i.-.-Mi'.;' ..I A- ;, -. M .1 I.. rl. J I' .I.'i-.i - A I r i .mi r.. . 1. 1. v.. m l .V;v ::, f.. .r I i-r i .il .i n . ! u 11 !!..' i :-i II.. v I . ii .. u i -.'! I. I I 1 . . i : I I ' I' M I : I n: i:. -Ill i . n' . !..!r illjl . ill .t i iw liiii i- i in'I.ii u' hli'iy, . f U Im !. II A 1 I Mi l till It l rt Kl.'f 'l.i. nn.l ;t V. I li.ilul.Ti". f'T J he Kt !. .11 .. iii.,k'i T't,. Si'Hir 111 t. !!!.!.:! llllll t Two Telephone Girls Build 'Thrift' Home ;. !:.' . i 'ii ry f lh I - t! ii in I' i ili'f!. 'it- I if .1 t. ;. 11 1:.; ill. I UM-k . In-' i:!i'.ti il 1'li.iitl. tin r t.i Hi., m r. . ii, ti .i I ! , . I.l. hi;..' : .i f'. p.. i i.i i i-i ii-. !' i:i r.. Hi' ,1 l.'in.l w i'l r .iu I Hill. ni' l- .i '.ip. nine in in York, in i . omrilv U' .'lllrrt.llll- il ir. .'. nf nn I; . .; ..,, 'v-i"5,;5..iv-'vfj;vi.4j.. w-i. Bare Knees, Bobbed Hair, Bar to Girls in '.' t! I. M ' 'l..tili:!i lie vim.. .:u.i::.'ii t1'.. "S..f if a Si'Vll." .i irii il l 1' iir, ihi- I". I I I'l th'1 t'!l.Ullli."! . r after, lit I. ;it i .i'.: In iiv . fi ! .'ii!!y Till' HOlsi: TIIT TIIKIKr Itlll.T i: it ri. hi iii , i'i.m. I'ur N. f.-rv!. j St. 1.pii:. M.' , Ifi'. :''i --ll.-r.''!. tlic i utory of "tin- lu'ii.-i t h it tliult I'UiIt ' "iLiy .Iri iiniK" I I.. I- r! I,. .. i; llli iii 11! ii i . .! i. - i; Hi ! 'I!.- il.' to iliiUlun H.i Ail i.: in- o iiiii'i- ! :. -.' I" .-I 'I'l fi'l' .i :.. . ti'. M: i. I !.i I:..... ; i ! ,:i:....'i .'f t:-..' :. ;t Th, . .1.1- !:.i .'.; i , "I.ii'iily ail us:;' i f t- :', I 'j j'i "i .;u ii.Im : mil i mill ,1 '.! fi-r t:;; ;. ill. .111. Th' ! iM-rs, TI:.' . itil. tti.i il lAli bit Jan. !" I" . h.,t v inn a in .ii !'! M.- M t ! l h . !..i;rr. .11 .1 Hi- I:. !.' .::; 1.1I o:m..ui i.f il. ..n .'f liu-ni' Win'.' kiv. tw..- ti. ia:i'I : 1 n . J ill liii. 'l:;;l' l I'll. 1:. i'. I'lftn'ii lain. ii. ,1 1'imr i-liiMivn ;!l !' r uli i t.iiiii ,1 al tl, ! Stian l tlna'or n.-xt Monday iniiniini: !' I !. Slier I'ui.'i i-iri'li' i.f tin Mirsn.'M'! 1 Slat.' Sun.-liiii.1 Hurl. ty. This afti-rri.nin C O i)i:U!nn of tho I'liiiili. n'.s I 'mti'i tivi. M.ra ty anil if f.iinlll..- of il -.iKi.l sohiii -rs. ivciv in-t.rtnniiil at .M.i.-i.ih- u.:i.;f l.y t hi-.Ulnall hull. -.'. V.,li.. i.f tin' X'lhr.i!. Irnil'li' ilvluiU'.l tin' .'liiiMma.s tri'o. A ChnMina :.-i- w:i civ. n l y iLillrrii nf Vi!L M-Mii'iial Sjn,l,iy .-ilum! CM her prout'.-im luinili-r.- iivrr t-iv.-n l.y Mi.s Mary Kr.-irn-i'." Wool. M-s ;v,.. !yn Jii'niK y, Mii pnrnthy X. :.! n-furr, rniiH.-s W'aikor. Thi affair was n'.-inairi'tl by Mi. J. 1". Si h' fi.Ik. Mr. 1", VI. II r.ticy an-l th M .s Kvii Monnhan anil Wa'tibmy. : hnn.iii.l uui lrin will nave 'Ci.'i'ii'P i- The Junicr I1...1PI of th N'iMtini. i.i." M:.-. I'mothy Hathaway :ir.l Nurso' as-ni uition f-ntfrta nei! pa M.i Kv '.yn Snow v.'iil hnvv- .-i.;p.rf ti. tits at 11 ( party thL afw- roll s. M..-. E. Mu-'Hr is in c!'.' noon at tho I'lyn-outh churrh parish of arranonitnts. Illo.ks of s. a's ur.1 honsp. The .rocn.m In- lit.lo'l inoyic- ln ji-.i; lak-.n l,y i.v.b a:;.l l.y l.u.-ini .--. and music. Mrs Kmlorick Toarsp nnfl 1 n-. n and piM-n to ilisabl.'J soMlts Mis K!i?-'iboth Mirtin vr-rp In chnrcc ' an.l po.r thslUrcn. The sncii ty nu t of tho distribution of prisi r.'s; Mr- j this momini; at Dona! ison's to jrf.-ct Cfori;p Pipir. Jr. and Mrs. Jon- t.'.ans for the affair an. to cumpittc n iiulu till- I I.l try an- i.v:.-1 1 n nun!" a'. pi 11. a lit Wn'1 N'.i' .or.a! l't .! all's liuli . C'rt if fJrt nid in 'i,;, ni's CirrUs S' ti n i;u;.i r:.;rrs ait mainly "A I'.i.i of .-.Ms." J..n. ... .11 tin- S'.Uuij li.ii'al hall, u::! r th" .: t.on i.f M..- !:! .'hi rr.stioin. P.. !i'..ia's I.f I..M Tim r-lay an i .vvnii'.s if this wii-k ii'. I!.-.. O'.ii'il ris'ins. 'i la- M.;;n. .-.'t i Slate Sunshine M.raty ,,-ivi a !:." at l'J a.m. Ivc. a' at the X. a H r.i: p:n'T to raise mom y for char.t.ih.e work. Tl'.rre turo home uluie 111. 'kei anil ihin.s went uu h week to the jMVim: bank for "tho house fun t." The pivtii;!!, e departme nt camp In to help thrift build tins home. Armnce-mints ware tn.'' thnni.-li thu mails for the purchase. 0:1 the lnstalnn nt M.ll As 1 o i'Mi' 1: l iiichi .Hid tear f. w pil'ii'.. 1 oi!;e lip to "Tol'ahle j l'a : ;" lit the Slate this week. It w j a st.iiy 1! a f.u n'y f. ti I and love In! 'I:.- I;.';.' !:.!;. nn.ur.t.i.iis The act-j .!!: a." li... I If better tlnn any' I :. tine of i! -' kind . er alt. mpt. d. j !:.. h id I'. ilias" t.( tile leadllltf I u l I 1- ,.l : i.s .ted by Olmlyti II'; :. a f '-:;; r 'i:.,i,i-aph star. j T!.. ' is a I -lit ,ii a low nibin. when I I' n . l Kill, it .,:i nn. 's the mad trio of 1 H iM 1:1:1. an ! .Ml.s th. m. The ftiiht) whiih t, ::. ; Innss breiithlcsi in-l .it.iruy ..!. I i.:- uf horror as the In;.'" rianint.iiti.'i'r be.its the frail boy iin-t !!. w.i'.i. i'a t!;- b :i wi'h "Tol'ablr- IXavid" 1? ;i IPi-i.r K.-iton eo.ii.'dy enti'Jed 'Th I'. '..." 1'Iei.ty ef ! iUiil:. accompany Tl." rt" kl! s' of the boat. in the ra ws pi. tur. ;. mount, d po-i ' . m, . . h..i':i r-.lf.-- tl'.r..M.-li !-. 11.;.. ; im- s ef the fh:u.Bo Packlnc' vamI,s nnJ 'i'zz ...i-f stnkvn. and buims them wuli ; ione.l girls and the various types hich i.'il -- I flourish tc.Uiy that my land's in a f a house that ruuM W flit tip 111 rei'tunM. Tho puri h isn In. lud.vl exiiythi'iK from wall paper In paint. It a.s pur'l,:u'il at an rxprmllturr !. Ila. l and Mi. lied lAanf. -n- ' l't 'A""1. I 1 i, i,.,i I.-:. .. ii.,.,.. .-..MU...11V UM' .missc i-.vuin wanira mop i.f n v i- little lain-1 comfy Uusemi nt. An.l no tney cnilnl vr. cali.. Th"V u.uitnl 11 llr. Place that ' ini-n.i Itoni me leii piioue ci.niwny 10 .. .,'.i 1 1,.,. I.,... m,i Hi. v ...,i...i ! tho ' basi iiHtit'illCBInit party." Uttlo !a b.c yard for a tufty 1 Alia no iH'Ciu.inv Ciillie tnio ltiriri I Uv.-s. lvi.rivati..r accomi..inie.l r. al. I ti ador the house wa put up. iLiation of the -house dr. am " An I 'tirnish. d and then came the crown. ,h,re Is how the b.nld!nK of ' Huolcn" vnt " ' l""tory of the tmc j .tartei tur'. f.uivts came by hundred for Virst! the two fUU constmcte.l a ,h" hotL-ewarmliiB" un.l -Hazelcn." !r:.race 011 the thud ..f a:i iicre that "'X rwin and o KiM'imnt. was ol!lcU!. j was theirs. This m i vi.I :u a prema- '' 1 by little the cxcavutlnt; w.-ui rompletoil. With the aid of ft neikl.lonnt con- It was dedicated. " ou can do any flung you want to if you want to cnouwh." acree the own-in. of "the house that thrift built." who lidmit that they "learned n lot of thlmrs wo never knew before" and recommend tluit other women try the experiment of bulldini? a home. Which Kind of a Girl v.y i:i:.ti:k v. faikk.w Who Occupies a fnlijue 1'osition in the Writing World as an Authority on the riobVms of Life Pr' N.' ..rvl.' Ivtmit. IVo. Id li.iro kiie.'j, heavily n iiKed lip and veiy h.u1 klrt me bun to Kiibsbinliiil uilvuil. ennMIt uf Kill employe In IMroit. Lmiiiliv. do not ncree with Minn Annie Matthew. reifiHter of the county of New Yoik. who nnnouitced recent:) her employe nmy wear what tin y p leu so. "The ltiiple, old f.ililoneJ pill, who li .jt the powder puff and lip Mick M anti:!, and niakin u M-mbUince of IiiiIiiik' her knis-N with her hlioit kl-t I sought for Jul here." Mi llurnel t'oiule, head of the MlchlTin State Telephone Train! n kchool, ri.iiil. "Wo abhor tho frivolous, flighty type of k'H'l. and if we find that a i;lrl in our employ develovt Mich telldellcles. we tell her that her pow.tlott I at lako unlcui hc iiuhIiIU her appear- We need ulrl of Mabitity, and it I my experience that tilrlu who aiv ntyle cxtrenilstii do not pontes tluit quality. ClrLn with bobbed hair are usually told it would look belter under a net and not to pment the apieur-nnce of a Fiji Islander." MU.1 Karah M. Sheridan, aalin man-ncer of the 1 et roil 1'dwon company, said: "We don't hire pirM who arc fl.uhy or ronsplcuou. but endeavor to necure Kill of refinement and Kood tale." Holding a Husband AULU: GAh'IU SOS'S AVjc Phase of "Kenfotions of a Wife" Mraml .rtii l.ivini:?" This is t.- of th. week's curat the strand. After pu t '.ir e mie is inclined I known Aim-rn ancse. or Words to that ef- i aa-a suuieiuniii 111 euuuui i uiui ; un old fiishion. d home :irl mlk'ht Hine of tinnsportation for the "n.-.-ts Mrs. dtto Hraiiley and Miss K-ther Fpm(.-ue. enti rfaimn. nt. Mrs Irvinu Fish, refreshments. Evelyn Davis and Miss Marjraret Banhvell, Invitation.". Relief Corps Elects Officrrs James P.ryant Women's Relief Corps, w-hirh met yesterday at Memorial hall, has elected the following officers for the eomine year: Mrs. Jesephinc Tlank. president; Mrs. Ktta Fowler, senior vice president; Mrs. C. Sneed. junior vice president; Mrs. Sophie Whitney, treasurer; Mrs. Kate Nichols, chaplain: Mrs. Velva Williams, conductor; Mrs. Nellie Gray, puard. The corps served picnic supper for James Iirvunt post, G.A.R. Scouts Troops Prepare For Outdoor Carnival Twin city girl scouts will co-operate in a program for an outdoor carnival to be held in St. Paul in January. The first day of the city carnival has been turned over to tho scouts. The program will be at Como park. There will be skiins: for distance, skiing for form, two scouts on one pair of skiis, high jumping and tobogganing on sklis. There will also be relay skating races, skating backwards and free for all races, as well as long distance snowball throwing, snow sculpturing of a donations for p-xr fiiiiiii.s. The last (Iran. is club of Myrtle Pibekah Icke will mnt t. n.fiht at the home of Mrs. M. Dudley. 81'i5 Tenth avenue S. Billy Mortimer Woman's Relief Coips gave a card party this afternoon at 17 S. Seventh street for the benefit of holiday work. In charge of the affair were Mines.. Florence Do Camp, Lmma Shaptman and Christine Bu-by. The Enterprise Social club will meet Thur.vL.y afternoon at the home of Mrs. Annie Eggcrs, 1728 Bioomington avenue. Mary E. Starkweather Tent No. 1, Daughters of Veterans met Last night at Memorial hall, courthouse. J. W. Beach gave a lecture on "Henry James" at a meeting of the Searchlight Study club held yesterdiy at the Leamington hotel. The Bumv Bees of Woodbine Camp No. 617, R.N. A., will give a Christmas party tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. Guffin, 3338 Dupont avenue S. Minnehaha Rebekah Lodge No. 1 will entertain members of District No. 1 tomorrow night at 11 Fourth street N.E. Ladies' auxiliary of the A.O.H. Divi sion No. 10, will give a Christmas party for 60 children tonight at 3100 l'illbbury avenue. Mrs. J. I'. Lang will be in charge. "I - I.;f" W, ::t aM:j. t.on r view t!:- t.i j- ;: in w. ; ! "We':! say si;.' f- t. 1 iii" .-tury .1....S with a young man, j r..i ( 'hi r than Kugene O'Brien, who. j I sum-, ted if ri.l'i zzlement. seeks to. : end his i.f. (if course he Is innocent, j 1 But upon arnv n-j at the spot where' I he int. nd to give a negative answer; ; to the t:t. he finds a young woman ! b- nt also on s-.'.f-ilcMruction. How- j v.-r lightly a nuin may view suicide a- l":ig n it Is a personal affair, he' '.a.. - ni. nidi . ;itors. an! especial-, iy sp.-ct.itots who are to imi-( tat.; Iii.-! rush actions. little tf-fin't juu should be able to build the n. t of the plot yourself. Winifred Westover. now Mrs. Bill Hart, plays oppos.te. O'Brien. Bill Hart, doubtless, fclso believes life worth living. New Oarri. It One dress suit for two men offers Mie enme.'v ifie.llnn in t? si V P fVila w. ek's feature at the New Garrick. i accomplished. in which Charles Ray hus stellar honors. The picture offers first rate entertainment. A Tounerville trolley comedy also Is on the bill. New Aster "Pure Fire" is the title of the feature film at the New Aster for the first half of the week, which will be followed by Coastance Talmadge in her Selznick revival, "Scandal." Hoot Gibson is the star in "Sure Fire" and he ha.s the role of a happy-go-lucky, fighting cowboy. "I've been reading so much about 1 who have yet the strength to offer In -n.l ni,l.f;u.h. 1 epilation and understanding. Men want to find their best selves stltn ulated. their powers called upon for achievement, their faith and loyalty tailed into living. The lure of the senses may befuddle youth for the moment now and then But the mind and the spirit revolt against giving themselves over com- I plettly to the phy sical. Men want women who give their womanly best and call out the best that men have to offer. They want love and that is made of mind and spirit, not flesh alone. wl.irl." writes James C. V. "Do you know I'm not sure which type of girl I ri.illy like. I see something in the tricks of the vamp and som. thing in the amusement offered by the Jazz ! offer. But if I were to marry tomor row I wouldn't know- which to choose. If I were a man I wonder if I wouldn't want the same thincs which, being a woman, strike me as the essentials of happiness? Seems to me that this distinction between man and woman Js a little over-stressed. We're all human beings with the same longings and aspirations and needs. And when we stop specializing and laying so much stress on male and female, I think we'll come a bit nearer the truth. So if I were a man I'm prepared to say with some authority and insist ence I'd want a companion with whom ECO RU M AKItl.U.K l.HKXM'S John O. Buy-rle. 14: Martha .N'os.. A. Uusiufsun, 27, ultfa A. K. carl- Joint A. Krosliaug, 25; Mildred A. Handull, 2'.. , ii.-.iiKiii j 1 11 11. 1 uuhki. nun. ji. I found inspiration and peace and the ; Juhn L. Jucuiawn, jj; Lillian K. Kournia, Joy of living. ! Kiln L. Pries. SI: Esther Vnllrath. ID. I'd realize that thrills are thrilling ! Waiter v. Jeffrey, in; Marion C. Wood, all right, but that they dun't last and that life would be a hectic thing if they did and very little business would get The impulse to build can't be ignored for the desire to woo. If I were a man I'd try to under-1 stand the fundamentals of my own na-1 ture. And having arrived at an honest estimate of myself, I'd square my am-1 bitions and nature and desires -with the folks I met. Men must want partners, companions, gentle women who give love and Anurew A. Hume, legal; Marian C. Hol- i-iluoil, j.'Klll. John A. Ji ..'her, 21: Alice n. Slaeik, 10. VVilimni foster, 4u; Martha Skaar, 4l. Louis O. Vaile, 2S: Vivian I'etlUoril. SO. Winuelti O. Hinckley, i!&; Cora M. titempe, P.oy A. Butter-field, 34; Buena B. Young. D. Watson, 18; Ailcen C. Klvors. How to Cut the Meat Bills By LOKETTO C. LYNCH An Acknowledged Expert in All Matters Appertaining to Household Management Many varieties of cheese are either too expensive for the average purse or too difficult of digestion. This is es pecially true of the hard cheese. Cottage cheese, however, may be made at home from recently soured milk, or It may be produced by clotting the milk with the tablets sold at the grocer's for this purpose. Or, if one has no desire to produce the cheese from soured milk, commercial firms are producing cottage cheese of excellent quality in this country. Cottage cheese is a substitute for meat and a delightful change, especially around the holiday times, when many of us are apt to indulge too freely in the richer articles of diet. Cottage cheese may be served plain as the main dish at luncheon or dinner. Brown bread and butter, a fresh green salad plant and a large baked apple with cream would nicely round a meal whose principal dish was cottage cheese. Excellent sandwich fillings may be made from it. Try mixing any of the ' following with cream cheese: Broken nut meats, chopped pimentos, finely cut green peppers or shredded cucumbers. One especially good filling is a combination of cottage cheese, horseradish, onion juice and finely chopped parsley. This is very palatable when served on sour rye bread. French people are fond of salads containing cheese. A very attractive ealad Is made by moulding the cottage cheese into small eggs (about the size of pigeon eggs). The hard-cooked yolks of a couple of eggs is forced through a stminer and the cheese eggs are lulled lightly in this "golden rain." The cheese eggs are then served on leave of lettuce or in little nests of watercress. Cheese may be served with your favorite preserves or jam. Press about four tablespoons of cottage cheese into a cup. Unmould it on a pretty dish. Make an indentation In the center and put into the hole some of your favorite jam. Sweet crackers or soda biscuit may be served with this. Cottage cheese salad is easy to make and very effective as to coloring. To prepare it, mix thoroughly one pound of cottage cheese with one and one-half tablespoons of cream, one tablespoon of minced olives and salt to taste. First, fill a rectangular tin mould with cold water to chill and wet the surface. Line the bottom with waxed paper. Then pack in three layers of cheese, putting parallel strips of canned pimento between the layers. Cover with waxed paper and put in a coo! place until ready to serve. Run a knife around the sides and invert the mould. Cut in slices and serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing and wafers or thin bread and butter sandwiches. Cottage cheese club sandwich is very good. The sandwich is made of three good-sized slices of toast from which the crust lias been removed. One or two more of the slices is spread thickly with cottage cheese. Lettuce and watercress and salad dressing is used. Suggestions for filling the rest of the club sandwich follow: Tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise dressing: thin- sliced cold ham spread with mustard. lettuce and mayonnaise; sliced Span- isn onion, lettuce, mayonnaise and pimento: two tiny strips of broiled j bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise; sliced orange, watercress and mayonnaise: sliced tart, apple, nuts, lettuce and mayonnaise; cucucmber or green pepper, pimento, lettuce and mayonnaise. New York Women Say Irish Pact Favors British New York, Dec. 20. "The peace that is offered Ireland has the same purpose as the war that was imposed on her," said Or. Gertrude Kelly, president of the Irish Women's council, addressing a meeting of the council which later adopted a resolution pledging its unwavering suuport to Eamon ue Valera and his supporters in Ireland who are opposing the proposed treaty with Great Britain. Dr. Kelly declared she had received word direct from Ireland that the women were unitedly behind De Valera and that the Irish labor movement also was in favor of his stand. The council sent a cablegram to the Countess Markiewicz as follows: "Liberty-loving women of America assembled in meeting tonight, stand with the mothers and daughters of the Irish republic and pledge them their support to maintain the independence won through such noble sacrifices." The council wa3 told by S. N. Ghose, national organizer of the Friends of Freedom for India, that regardless of whether or not the Irish treaty is ratified, India will accept no compromise in the matter of independence. "We may see a new India born within a year," he said. He added that the reason England wants a "naval holiday" is that she hasn't money enough toa keep up the armament race. "In 10 years," he asserted, "England would have been the third naval power, with the United States first and Japan second." Daily Star Patterns Archbishop Indorses Christmas Seal Sale Indorsement of the sale of Christmas seals to finance the war on tuberculosis was voiced today by Archbishop Dowling in a letter to the Minnesota Public Health association. "No better way of educating the public to the things that are for the good of the community can be found than by a general campaign, which, singling out some pest like tuberculos is, bills us all do our share to rid the human race of its blighting consequences," the archbishop said. "Let us buy the seals we can afford, since we cannot afford the illness which the seals will destroy." Am! jc tr t -1 11 1 1 f4;j:; 3468 A Popular Apron Dress Pattern 3468 is here portrayed. It Is cut in four sizes: Small, 32-34; medium, 36-38; large, 40-42, and extra largo, 44-46 inches bast measure. The width at lower edge is 2 yards. A medium size will require 6 yards of 36-inch material. Gingham, chambrey, lawn, linen, percale, sateen, drill, alpaca and seersucker could be used for this design. The model is made with reversible closing and may be finished with wrist length or elbow sleeves. It may be worn over a dress, but serves as well in place of a dress. A pattern of this illustration mailed to any address on receipt of 12c in silver or stamps. Bend all orders to Pattern department, Dnliy Star. Minneapolis, giving number of pattern and aize or age. CATAl.OCiliS NOTIfK Bend ISc In silver 01 ataln,8 for our up-to-date fall and winter 1921-1922 catalogue, containing over Son deaii.-nn of ladies', mioses' and children's patterns, a concise and comprehensive article on dressmaking; also some poinla for the needla. (Illustrating 30 of the various simple stltchesj all valuable to the home draas- I maaer. 17. Alliert Moen. ii: Julia Anderson. 19. Victor H. lidberif. 2a; Mubelle Kulseth, 19. JenniiiKx il. Heboid, 23; Catherine H. l'avis, 2y. Puveiu M. Puffer. 58; Emma Holler, tii. Christopher Wuson legal; Mary Kramer, ltgal. itiimis Girls Mrs. Gerold S. Klbbey, 4508 Xerxea av a. Hurry W. .Vulson, 2517 Oartlelil av a John Wagner, 318 24tll av n. Aaron McCartin, 43s University av ne. William B. Trarnm, 4641 34th av a. Carl r'raua, 2U21 Clinton av s. Arvi.l u. Kngtitroni, 22D ldth av s. Walter lledviiand. 3617 37tli av s. Arthur Kylin. 2sQ& Oakland av. Victor O. Johnson, 23uu 30th av s. ihs Leon It. Mrinkhall, lui Sheridan av n. Fred L. Kugglus, 520 James av n. Robert MroHioUH, 1401 Park av. Oscar Biokke, Kxcelslor, Minn. K1111I Heinz. 423H 39tll av s. Leonard Cuerry, 31H 2nd St ne. t runk Heck, J 01 University av ne. Sever Carlson, 3704 27th av s. Lion CJ. Van Dyne, 2101 Newton av s. Joseph Hieha. ltio8 University av ne. Andrew K.spaca, 4111 4t)i st n. William Kliioynr, 3008 28th av a. L. J. Petit, 34U4 Minnehaha av. Fred Joseph Wright, 2224 Central ne. UEATWi Cliarlos Smith, SO, 2215 Illlon av n. Martha JoluiHon, 73, 2432 15th av s. O. Meioy, ti5, 31i Grand av. Mary Alice Los. 2609 Aldrich av s. Juiia Broilt, 60, 6008 Fremont av a. C. A. London. 64, 1320 7th st se. illbertina Handberg, 63, 2417 34th av s. Henry L. Le Hell, 42, 1SU5 Western av. J(oy VV. Farmer, 41, 87 Kpruce Place. Anna Korsman, 37. 900 8th av . Gust Uodleski, - 2617 University av n. Ida Wiunice Krlfikson, 23, 3143 Bloom, av. Helen Majsterska, 11, 1913 Univ. av ne. CONTAGIOUS IMNKAMKH Quarantined New Released Total Scarlet Fever 7 7 209 Smallpox 2 0 10 Tyiiliold u 0 Diphtheria 8 17 113 Chlckenpox 4 3 49 Poliomyelitis 0 0 1 Measles 1 0 IS City water analyzed Dec. 17 Safe. AlTO.MOlill.KS STOLEN No. T701 Owner, J. F. Harris, 2220 W Broadway. No. H7G9 Owner, H. R. Kaufmann, 2000 Pcnn av s. IIUII.DIN'G PERMITS M. Hutledge, 2762 40th av s lstory frm ilvclg, L. 10, Ii. 20, Uorman'B 1st addn i 2,750 O. Anre, 3701 26th av s 1 story plast-ven dwlr L. 84, B. 7, Hall's addu 2,500 J. Hodgdon. 2il Ulysses at ne 1 story dwlg, L. 2, IS. 4, Olympian lltn addn 2.600 G. Adams, 3312 Snelling av 1 story frm dwlg, L. 4, Ti. 3, Burgess ad 3,000 O. Adams, 3320 Bneiling av 1 V4 story frm dwlg, L. 6, B. 3, Burgess addn 3,300 J. Bligard 3ii26 21th av s 1 story plast-ven dwlg. L. 18, B. 4, Hall s addn 3,000 C. Heverson, 3ti31 2Gth av s 2 story plant-vin dwlg. Lots 16-7 B. 2, Hull's addn 3,250 Four other minor permits 00 Things You'll Love to Make Almost every day one has itoino dit.h j or bowl of food which nun to b left j to cool off. It Is lovely to have a set of Ni;T PISH COVERS to lay over j these dlsh that the food may cool off i nnd not become contaminated by dust ' and dirt. Cut quare and circles of I white tot ton net. You will need two layers for each cover. Join the two overs Met DlskC laye rs with buttonhole stitching around the edges. Use blue mercerized cotton or any other color that will look well with the dominant color note In the kitchen. Weight the ends with col ored wooden or glass beads. These NET DISH COVKUS are pretty also to cover food on the table while waiting for guests to be seated at their places. FLOKA. (Copyright. 1921. Public Ledger Co.) Society Leaders Take Part in Labor Dance Duluth, Minn., Dec. 20. (SpeclalH- Prediction was made here today that thousands of dollars for the relief of Duluth's unemployed will be raised through attendance at the charity ball to be given in the armory on the night of Dec. 23. The ball will be different from usual charity affairs. Society leaders will WIIV DID MUOU :itNTI.AH MAKK IIH ktkani;;: Mv yri.'STr Hum' Urn iitta nd'H face as he Mrixlc luMiinl UM Mil lllll'H.'.IIW. as II ulu.i in. Mill tlirm was an uuvtonlml pallor upon it, 1111, 1 a jiilm tiKhtin-nn t.f the hues ntxitit hut mouth tiiu wonder whelher wluit lie had Just Mfli had 1 brought III) self up hhult with a Insh of nelf ri'pioniii at my own li.ll.'iiloiu folly, and looked quickly at Dicky to hee what lus mIIIIii.Iu would twj toward this Intruder upon our woodland Idyll. "1 U' your pardon for Intruding," M.ijor tiniiitliiiid aaid, hurriedly, as ho unite up to us. "Von needn't," Dicky interrupted coolly, "purely a man Iiiin a right to klsN IiIh Wife, and we'o been married Ion," eiiounh to gel over any Wilbur. msMilrllt about It." He faced the other man Willi laugh-Ing ryes, but I, v. ho know his every Inflection and facial change, fnw that til eyes were tut i.l under their brightness, and I hat ho resented fiercely, uti-reasoitlngly. Hie other niuti'aj appearance upon the Rcene. Tho army oitlcer threw his hend back ever o nllghlly-nn Instinctive movement, nliinot 11s if he wore re ceiving a blow from an opponent loo strong for him. Hut hi.i voice was even, measured, as ho iipoke, completely ignoring Dicky's somewhat metallic pleasanlry. "May 1 me you for a moment alone, Mr. (irnhnni? You will pardon nie?" lie turned to nie abruptly, and I saw his eyes leap to the flowers In my hair, (hen meet my own with grave qu.. tioning. I tried hard to achievo coin-nionpliiceiiesN In my answer. "Oh, Mircly!" I wild lightly. "I was Just Malting for the lake, anyway." As I spoke I gathered my Mowers together and rose from my neat. What Mad-'e Saw "Sit down," my husUiml said author- Itiitlvcly, "and wait for me. You're j not t-troiig enough yet to climb down there alone. Major Crnntland and J won't be gone a minute." There was a curious Intonation In his voice which plainly told mo Dicky was Indulging In what I sometimes mentally dub his small boy tendency to "nhow off" when ho especially dislikes noiiieono and wishes to point a bit of revenge. I knew that he meant to Impress upon the army oltleer's consciousness the fact that 1 was Hiehard Graham's wife, and that he had the authority to command me to "stay put" where ho had placed me. The Incident was so characteristically Dickylah that my amusement crowded out my resentment at his absurdity. I resumed my seat obediently, and the two men walked Just far enough away to be out of earshot, but not out of Right. I saw that Major t'.rantland was talking rapidly, gesticulating ener getically as he spoke, and I could even see that Dicky's attitude was that of an In. i.'.litloti.i person who In hanl to com im p. I fell all my suspicions, my vague liliVletliH nf I he Jiillllley down, redouble by 1 1.11I1 list to i hn Lis tilt- pcai'o and Joy vliu Ii Major ( imni land's entrance hud Uitiihlird. Yet I was cuiIoiin to'iio Unit the army of-llicr was only heiAlng cither Dicky or tmi in the Information he was bringing. Tho argument lasted several mln-ut.s. Then Dieky put his hands art. thru-linn his thuinlm down, rurlotn grsitire. winch I know means that he hits siirreinler.Ml hlN own Judgment to that of aunt her person, and the two melt walked toward me. It In Vi.ry Simple' "Tell her yourself," I heard my hu band my curtly, as they cams nearer. I saw Major Cranium. I straighten his broad shoulders as If to assume an unexpected burden thrust upon thnru. "Mrs. timlinm," he lagan formally, "I wli-h to ask a favor of you, one which If you grant 1 wiiih you to do so without questioning me for my reasons. Will you do It?" 1 think if Dliky had not leen listening I should have sign I lied my assent nt once, for I was sure from hi manner that only the moiit urgent no-rissity would have Induced him to make Mich u reiiiest. Hut If I did uiiiitifMloniiigly assent It would Imply an nlmilnte confidence and reliance upon the man which 1 feared my hu.v hand would strongly resent. And Ilka many another woman, I feared his dls-approval so much and valued his smile so highly that 1 stifled my Justcr, Niner Instincts. "I would like to hear It first," I said quietly. I fancied that Major (Inintland flinched ever so slightly. I knew that Dicv drew a deep breath of elation, but 1 waited apparently unseeing for the ofilcer'a reply. "It Is very simple," ho sal.!. "Simply that you do not go outside your cottage for a few days unaccompanied by your huslmnd, your father or some other man." Tomorrow: Mow Dicky "Took" Major (iruiitlaiitl'N Words to .Madge not stage it, although many are expected to bo present. It Is to be di rected by a committee composed of la bor men. The grand march will be led by Mayor Snlvely, Indorsed by labor at the last election. The dance fund will be placed at the mayor's disposal and he plans to use it by clearing rights of way for the Duluth boulevard nnd the clearing of dead and burned timber from park lands. J. K. Kdwards Is chairman of the committee. Big Sale on Slippers Tlie only real, pra.llral CiirUtmn l.lrt. liuve 11 I'ninpl.'te stork of Men's, U. in. en's mill Children's Hlin-pert, felt or ti-utltrr, st prices you i-itJi't duplicate elhewlirre. Felt 70 984 1.38 Leather.. 91.05 $2.05 $3.45 Special Tomorrow Women's Shoes $1.05 Misses' and Children's Shoes at $2.48 Pclmquist UALITY SHOE STORES 1541 E. Lake St. Total building permits .$21,200 MONEY TO LOAN FOR XMAS MUTUAL FINANCE CO. 724 25 ANDKI'S DLDG, 512 NICOLLET NO RED TAI'K, DELAY, SECURITY OK IXDORSERS I.OWBST ItATFH IN CITY Xmas Suggestion To Our Readers As a valuable and interesting Christmas Gift, send your friend the Daily Star prepaid for a period of at least three months. Forward the attached coupon properly filled out to our office and we will commence delivery of the Star on Tuesday, December 27 (the day after Xmas). We will also mail a Christmas card to your friend, announcing your Xmas Gift and giving your name and address. nnncinnnnnnnnnnn MINNESOTA DAILY STAR. Gentlemen: Please send the Daily Star for a period of three months as a Xmas Gift to : Name Address P. O Eox Route. I enclose herewith $ Subscription rate- -City Delivery, 3 months, $1.35 By Mail, 3 months, $1.50 Name of Sender , Address P. O Route. State.

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