The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 6
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RAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Resisting European Brand South American Nations Have 0,wn Style By NBA Service South America Is making it clear that if she must have dictatorships. Hie local variety is still preferred to tl)e Imported, It Is slioivn in u Giirvey or pollli:al conditions south ot the Rio Grande. The dramatic stand of President Oetulio Vargas o I Brazil i n squelching a Fascist uprising in precisely Lite same way he r.qnelched a Communist rising a year ago seems to underline South America's determination to stay clear of foreign domination of nny kind. When President Vargns late last year dIssoK'c-d the legislative bodies and proclaimed a ne\v constitution, anxious commentators predicted n Fascist regime to follow. But it didn't follow, and Vargas has given proof that he means business when lie says that no foreign-bucked movement will be allowed to gel n grip on Brazilian politics. Tlie Vargos government in Brazil Is like many others south ot the Rio Grande—It foils slmrl of the democratic ideal. Vargas, provisional president since 1930, was elected by a.Constituent Assembly in 1934 rather than by direct popular vote. He confirmed his. position by the coup of lust, fall, but whatever his present position lacks in pure democratic theory II mtiKes up in determination that it shall be Brazilian. Nationalism Fanned The rise of nationalistic spirit in many South American countries is evident, and tends to assure that even dictatorships will have to slay clear of outride influences. For instance, Argentina, one of the best-governed of the republics, has a law pending which woiilJ restrict suffrage to the native-born. This would cut off from the polls both active Fascists and Communists, most of whom are more or less recent Immigrants. President Roberto M. Ortiz, who became president in 1937, received a majority of; the electoral college vote, though a .more radical rival had a larger popular vote. Both Bolivia and Paraguay, stricken by their gruelling Chaco War, are now ruled by virtual mlll- taty dictators. Efforts to establish soclalistically inclined regimes after thfe war found both too exhausted to' carry on, and Bolivia sank into the amis ot Lieut. Col. German Bysch, one of her foreign military advisers, while in Paraguay a provisional president, Felix Paiva, was pUt in office by a military junta to liquidate socialist experiments. "Bosses" Kule In Peru, in Venezuela, and in Uruguay, presidential terms have been prolonged by, congressional action rather than by direct appea to the volers. Generals Oscar R Benavldte and Eleazar Lopez Contreras and Dr. Gabriel Terra ar safely In the seats of power in the traditional Latin-American mannei • Dictatorships, perhaps, but will the South American rather thai the European flavor. In Cuba, ful- gehcio Batista, that remarkable army non-com who became dicta tor, is planning to suspend demo cratie procedure to Insure himself the presidential title as well as its prerogatives. In Chile, one of the two South American countries with genuine Communist strength, President Do Arturo Alessandrl sits firmly on the lid. In Ecuador, the other "Su preme Chief", Gen. Alberto Enri quez recently freed ploitical prison ers, but announced a "national political purge," which falls' short of the height of democracy. Democracy Carries On Probably the nearest to t American ideal of democracy is Colombia, where President Dr. Alfonso Lopez is definitely the free choice of the people. Guarantees ot individual liberty are more clearly established than in most neighboring countries, but even in Colombia the government has prohibited mass demonstrations as a result of re- .cent student riots. The smaller countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador, once so turbulent politically, are now under orderly rule by Presidents Jorge ubico, Tiburclo Carias, Anastasio Somoza, Dcmos- tenes Arosemena, and Maximiliano Afartiiiez, all of whom come far closer to being the popular choice than has been the case in their countries in the recent past. Thus democracy In South America is far from being as dead as it might seem, for many of the dictatorial regimes are admittedly without. a permanent philosophy or plan, but are simply expedients to meet present conditions. Such regimes may always progress slowly toward democratic methods as people fit themselves lor the task. Bounty of $1 Offered ! For Marked Salmon ST. JOHN, N. B. (UP)-Salmon fishermen on the coasts o[ the Maritime provinces can look for ward to an extra, profit on some of their catch lor the next few years. The Dominion government, In an fffort to determine the habits ol salmon, has offered a bounty o M on flsh bearing the dlstlngunsh »b!e m»r^s of clipped back fin and right ot left side pectoral fins o tlw loss of the ventral or fin 01 the underside of the body. They're "American" Style Dictators TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1938 Safeguards Against Raid Demoralization Set Up By Government i | Ky JOSEPH «'. Git Kir; Jr. I Unlli'il I'rwss Stall' Cum-spuiiUciil LONDON, May 24. (UH)-BrMsll i authorities have completed plans I lor prelecting the country's mainline railroads ami docks against air attack in UK- event of n fiiliu-c ',', ar. Schemes have been worked out by which, if any big rail junction is Lombed and put out of action. fond su|;|)lii;jj and other vital material can be diverted immediately to alternative routes. necessary. Equally private automobiles already have been listed for commandeering If .... , vital to the country's food supplies are London's miles of docks. The government plans, In the event of wiir. to make considerable use of small, comparatively sale, ports on the Bristol Channel anil Irish .Sea, which would be less likely to be bombed than such ports as Southampton. London ami 'Ihe Port of London Authority, however, has drawn up an elaborate scheme tor safeguarding the personnel of docks, olllces mid warehouses against uir raids and for reducing to n minimum the dislocation which might be caused by air attack. The scheme provides for prolei-tive measures— including anti-aircraft, mid searchlight batteries—at vital points in the tloc-'k .system anc! defenses for ships in dock. Numerous splinter-proof and gas- proof shelters will be provided for dock workers. The Port of London Authority's fire-fighting services have been taken to safeguard the water supply of Greater London's 8,250,000 population Administered by the metropolitan water board. ' The board Itself is urging the government to give financial assistance for hundreds of protection reservoirs country- around London nir attack. of the III lilt! against 1'rcsidcnt Tlburio. Carias ,4'J HomluraSf. President Don Ailuro Alessaiidri f Chile President Oscar Bcnavidcs of 1'cru will be augmented and emergency repair gangs will be ovgani/.etl to prevent as far as possible inter- Por example, virtually nil main ,' ruplion In the handling of food- rail ^ lines between London and | suiils and other goods. Iht South Coast pass through C'lap- i To ensure the smooth function- ham Junction in South London. A ; ing of fire-lighting services, every few well-placed bombs could de- j source ol Britain's water supply struy the whole elaborate network i will be Investigated and surveyed. there :ind block transportation of [ Geoffrey I-loyrl. undersecretary to all food supplies, munitions and ! the Home Office, recently an- iroops between London a;xl most . I nounced: of the Channel ports. | "Rivers, ponds, canals, under- Plnns now have been prepared ! for utilising llttlc-nsed branch ' lines on ttic outskirts of London I which a raid (he main Junctions entirely. A vital spot such as Clapham Junction also will be ringed around, as during the World War with a "screen" of searchlights anil anti-aircraft guns which would make it difficult to attack. Where rail lines arc blocked temporarily, plans will be ready for immediately putting (he roa< i_ transport services into operation Main trunk toads for transporting' food supplies to big cities in recent sears have been duplicated and School Girl Writes To Uncle in Latin YOUNGSTOWN, O. (Ul 1 )—Margaret Korvath, 10-year-oM high school junior, does not consider Latin a deatl language, because her knowledge of it enables her to write to her uncle, 11 Catholic priest, In Hungary. Margaret knows no Hungarian, and her uncle knows no English. She conceived the Idia of writini; to him in Latin, The first letter he wrote her in Latin was used as the basis of a lesson In Margaret's hie!) school Latin class. ground rivers, artesian wells and swimming baths—in fact, any supply of water which can be reached, naist be carefully listed." So far, however, no special steps m|)lic;Ued. Between London and Yorkshire, fat example, there arc I at least four or five first-class routes. Thousands of lorries, buses and frcsttlenl Vargas •,of Brazil Colonel Batista of Cuba President Jorge Ubico. of Guatemala rresiilenl Eieazar Lopez Contrcras- president Terra., frcsi dent Lope J 3 of .Venezuela of Uruguay o e Colombia. Irene Rich Returns As Star- To Scene Of Early Triumphs. have a job," she replied earnestly, j brought in onlv to n lo!ulin» corral the fact that not hnv-, H the wlgc of tl) ,, rnngc ^ a fm ._ esL roud where trucks wait. SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HIGHEST QUALITY GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main 1'hone HEMORRHOIDS CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe and without hospital care. All other rectal diseases treated, fissure, fistula, etc. We also treat fallen arches; treat ,t cure skin cancer by special treatment. 514 Main DBS. NIES & NIES Osleopathlc Physicians 1'hone 98 Blythesllle, Ark. yet, she couldn't ing n place to be "reached." "Thi! director must have gotten a kick-out of the panic in my | voice." Miss Rich informed us. "He | told me to report to work the next morning." Ten months after arriving in , Hollywood jrenc wn.s given her i first lead ruxl sent on location (o Bis Bear tjike with Dustin Parniim. I But Ilievc were a lot of hard times in those early dnys, even after her first, teaturetl role. For weeks there might be no work for her. Miss nidi often thought she was through. But .she managed h> keep BOiivjr. She emerged from it nil a full blo'.sn -star of the silent screen. Her sceotul big crisis came with the advent of talking pictures, ihe netiii'Ms of many -silent stars. Instead of allowing her son to set. Miss Rich went on a lengthy vaudeville tour If) perfect her diction. During lliat lime she was called b.i"k to Hollywood for a series of pictures with the late Will Rogers and passed (he talkie tests with Hying colors. 'Mien she returned to vaudeville again. Five years ago the star who had to learn to speak was engaged to .star in n medium depending entirely on voice -radio, it wiis as n radio star on her own dramalh' program that Miss Rich Imimphnnlly returned to Hollywood, Ranchers Speed Sheep To Market in Trucks (.riali i UP) — No longer do most shrphmls bring their Hocks en lo:n; and te:lious trailing lio.'n the range to shipping points, In most instances, fast trucks ami improved roads arc changing the operations of sheepmen. Where a if-; 1 , years a°o 10 days to tlivce I svcnks were spent on hot and dusty summer trails, today the ilocks are Tlif "sprcd-up" system was described here by li. H. Rutleclge, regional U. 3. forester, in explaining policies mid purposes behind con-! struction of roads und highways through the national forests to meet the increased needs of truck transportation of sheep ranchers. BUY NOW SAVE! U. S. Offers You Three Great Tires 1. THE ROYAL MASTER A Deluxe Premium Tire 2. THE U. R. ROYAL iUorc Now Cars come equipped with this famous Tire than with any other kind. 3. A fN'RW U. S. TIRE < Guard Standard). You will have |o see (his new tire to appreciate the rugged construction. tile beauty. Uie extra mileage . . . i\n<l Ihe price is so low you will be astonished. ALL THREE AUK BACKED BY THE NRW U. S. LIFETIME GUARANTEE (ivilhnnl limit as to time or mileage). Ask us about it. This in National Tire Safety ^Tollth . . . Special prices on complete sols. Station Never Closes TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Irene Rich . rich in memories. By NOKMAN' SIEGKI, NBA Service Hailjn KUJfor HOLLYWOOD. May 19,-Ircne Rich's full career as a star of the silent, and talking screen miri (he radio has completed a perfect circle bringing tier back to the very Hollywood spot from which she her first movie job. \ Irene gave up trying lo supiwii. ! herself and two daughters in il'iii- in .S;in Francis- [ started 20 years ago. The spot is the site of (lie original Famous Player.s-Lasky lot at Sunset and Vine, now one of the busiest corners in Hollywood. Miss Rich got her first job in pictures there as a movie extra In 1918. The star ot the picture was Mary Vick- ford. Today men are pouring concrete and hoisting steel girders on the •••>"' site to build NBC's new Radio City I vard. ol the West. Miss Hich often drops I Irene walked a block south to the by, to watch them through an open-' Lasky, lot. She stepped up 10 ihe ing in the modernistic fence. Just i casting director's window amlbnldiv . co early in iniS. She heard peopl were making money by artini; in movinj pictures. She hnci never Played a part on any .singe, hut. she decided she would berom? a screen actress. fhe arrived in Los Angeles one morning in January. There aas nothing glittering or fabulous abimt Hollywood when Ivcne stepped oil I the trolley at Hollywood Do:ile\.u<l and Vine. Orange yroves stretched out in all directions, A creek ran through the middle ot the lunilc- about where the opening in (lie fence now exists, there used (o lie a window for the cage of the cast- Ing director of the old Lasky studios. It was ihtre that she obtained askc-rl (or n job, "Leave your name and where we can roach you." (lie man behind the window said. "13ut I can't wait, r vp f!«l to 1935 Plymouth Sedan _ $195 (Jooil Sliapc ,.No Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 limis Good Good Tires 1936 Chevrolet i/ 2 TonPick-Up $275 Clean Low Mileage 1935 Chevrolet V 2 Ton Truck $165 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. 1V 2 Ton Truck $375 Long W. U., Slake Body. Buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 0. M. C. TRUCKS OI.DHMOHILKS 307 1C. Main Sales & Service I'honc 329 I am an " "„- '-M '•''.' '<t : • advertising man For over thirty years I have been writing advertisements for national'advertisers — shoes, soap, cereals, automobiles, radios, tobacco, blankets, tooth-powder. To me it is the most fascinating work in the world —learning about the merits of merchandise and then telling people about them —bringing greater comfort, and enjoyment, into people's lives—introducing people to new pleasures, helping them to get the most for their money. Besides being fascinating, it is satisfying. My intimate experience with advertisers has shown me that, except for rare exceptions, the manufacturers and merchants of this nation lean over backwards to be sincere and honest. The law of advertising is simple once one understands its working—the more people know about the merit of a product, the more people buy it. The greater the volume of sales, the less the cost to manufacture. Savings in making mean either lower prices to the consumer or greater value put back into the merchandise. As an advertising man I can sincerely affirm that it pays to read) the advertisements in the newspapers— for news of new things, for news of bargains and savings. " v*S:fc$vr; There are thousands of other men — and women- devoting their lives to advertising writing, who will tell you the same thing. Then know!

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