The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 4
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K FOUR m,TfTnBVIU,E. (AHK.) COUKIEK NRW55 _THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1931 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1931 BIATHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS N CAMPAIGN ST SATURDAY Will You Do Three Things For Lovelifaess Three fuiulnmonial things, lo keep your skin fail 1 and smooth, to keep Hie curves of fate and neck lirm and young? EM/.abUh Anlen's Muselo-Strapniinf Skin- ToniiiR Method does such miracles of good for llic skin. The wonderful treatments given in licr famous biil'ms are bused on Cleansing, Nouri.shing, Toning and Ti;;ln- ening. If yo;i will do these three things tit home according to Eliwtticlh Anlen's scientific method—faithfully, 'thoughtfully, morning and nightly !— you can have ihc loveliest skin llial ever bloomed--by using ELIZABETH ARDEN Venetian Toilet Preparations ass Newest of Spring- DreSS Modes A most comprehensive showing of (he Newer Spring Dress diodes, embracing gorgeous prints and new solid colors, shown in long or hn.lf sleeve and sleeveless models. Also ;t goort selection of Suits :it this popular price. PHONE ZZO Came! Share in these bargains NEW i'KlKTS 30 indies wide, guaranteed fast color.s, reKulai- 25c quality, all new patterns, on ."ale t C now at per yard 1«JC OXFOKD3 for Indies and men, all leather, (i»<T| "7K regular ?4 vpjlua on sale now at »p£.lJ LADIES DRESSES, regular :jS valn-s, tailored of silk canton crope, in all the new spring stylos and colors • 1311 ilSS SMlitTS for men awl boys in all the leading new shades TURKISH TOWELS, full si?.s Turkish Hath Towels, each HOPE DOMESTIC, .'rnmime, limit 10 yards to a custom :v, \:cv yard fi 105 Main St. \Vhc.rc qaaiiiy and low prices meet i Ait Wool S o a e f"l •£! <ll *V£* S~§ nits All Woo! Dress Pants Has Served You Right Since 1802 The Complete \ Spring Line of For Yotiv Spring Home Furnishing Needs At New Low Prices Lloyd Loom Fibre Suites Now Uiifis, Linoleums and Fluor Coverings in Allnu-live I'iiUerns. Now showing the new, complete spring line of Tom Sawyer Wash Suits For Real Boys Excellently tailored of liroudcloth, Devonshire mid Madras in tub-proof patterns. Si/e.s 2 to 8 Perfect Maid Wash Dresses In :ili the smartest iilyl'js, solid colors ami latest printed designs of linens and bio;ulcloths. Every one guuran- tee;! fast colors. Sizes 11 to 52. j » Surprisels For Everyone The merchants of Bl] a three months camp) while to trade in Blytf 224 Main CT»p fi For Women or Men Hlythcville, Ark. "F4ake ijour house : a real Home" Ucsnlar $17.75 Watch. • Now Also a complete stock ol Elgin, Biilova and Hamilton Watches. Our iilot'li is mo.'l i: All r.LW fresh sloii: ;uu! the best grnilo wv Cfui b'.iy. Giirtloii Seeds ill bulk are bettor and cn-t less Ihiin Mali' tliose in paekHjrus. Field Seeds G'lrniiiwtion t;ij;:', on cuch bri.:. We ;tve exclusive ngenls for the Dist-o 23 A Ha I fa Seal it is es|K'i'ia!iy ;nl;>\)k(l to lliis land on ;uiM'.i:il of liic bush nmi iini! tliu liijrli v.aler level. \Vi> ;i::-.i) carry clieap.r sci-tl. K COMK IN A\D TALK TO UK 1JKKOKK VDII Hl'V | I'liu: ^'.'i.di 1 Sue:! Corn, s)>Cfi;\l at SI.So i.i;sl\el. t spring stocks ar< that you can plan yo| vilie with the assort sire at a price you are New Low Prices Pre H©n*t Forget STARTING i lioVsile antl Retnil Sc Hoase Freaks NeHest Jitjles vast Colors Sues I! to '•>(]. fe I"''! ',:'.,-: ;f?'VX iy«ft i P^t'-y Ha B!§»- Xiir' •Ken's Sliirts and Drawers. Flaese The N 0 O I/O Share in This We oiTcr the follnwins !>pcci:ii values $5 Silk Dresses $3.85 $3.58 Ladies Slippers $1,97 Ladies Spring Hats 97c $L50 Full Fashion -Hose 79c $3,50 Men's Oxfords 12.49 Men's Felt Hats at 95c m m CO TOR—*r W .&* DMincliv flyics, Kxccllcnl I"alirii-j nntl "\ Other -,ij] SPRING FROCKS >"rvrr liavr sarh rc.rrcclly Elybfi H.-r-M-i brcn niTrtcil P.t so low a frier. "^"T*'X til ?'^4*-A ?•'<»• ''riiili and Solid Colors—l.onj; anil ijhorl — $5.95 $10 iT'-S.. ^ -JL-iik .•--?\ Smart Hats for bpring L~ and up Miss Whitsitt's Shop csflirl auto mechanic, who has just taken charge of <i| Raybestos Brake Testing Machine Envifcs you to drive in mid ha\£ your brnLus tcsteJ fre I charge. Any mcessury iiiljuslnjenls or rcliniiig will be it a very reasonable rate. JTr. Willis will also ir.iintuin a new feature uf this sta ] i\ Superior Auto Uepair Service. ie Servic;e\ Gasoline-—OH—Tires and Accessories Washing 1 , Greasing and rolUhin.^ Auto Kcpa'irinjj 1 ar.J Itnybcslcs Br.^.kc Service Phone 315 Ccrntr Ash *t Groail Groceries 1 Feed (The Old Country Boy) Diamond Dairy and S^s'e(:lllealt al Dixie Special-Feed. Quality Food for Man and Beaslj Lowest Cost. Wholesale and Retail Certified Seed Potatoes We Deliver ITWJ WORUY TKOUHLK SMOKK DIKT I-r.MKS DANGER SOOT 4 '.4f I'our Service" theville are cooperating in ign to make it worth your leville, MOST COMPLETE complete in every detail so |r shopping tour to Blythe- of finding what you de- Inost willing to pay, ail Throughout All Stores. ite Surprise Party IrURDAY, FEB. 21st. Any movement sponsored by the Merchants of Blythcvillc lo create an activity in business is worth while. We compliment the merchants on this undertaking: and assure you we are ready and willing to co-operate with you in any movement for prosperity. The Farmers Bank & Trust Co. MASTER DRY CLEANERS and DYE! Hats Cleaned and Blocked BLYTHEVillE LAOHDi Phone 327 THE BLYTHEVILLE EXTRA SPECIALS For Saturday Only 25c Broadcloth, Yard lOc 15c Chambry, \ard.7c $125 Work Shirts 69c STORE WIDE SALE Now Showing: Hart, Schaffner & Marx SUITS - OVERCOATS LIMITED QUANTITIES LADIES COATS AND DRESSES New Spring Slupmunl just arrived newest styles at lowest prices. We urge you to sec the.-e line values. Sale Of Manhattan Skirts and 1'ajanias Knox 11 ml Hyron Hats Boys Suits and .Overcoats Smith's Smart Shm-s Sweaters and Leather Conls of All Kinds READY-TO-WEAR 111 West Main Hlythcville The New MEAD CLOTHING CO. PARKHURST CO. I 3 PIECE SOU A Service Station for Office and Home Also u complete line of Gift Goods and Musical Instruments—all at the NEW LOW PRICES PARKHURST CO. Upholstered in Jacquard Velour, Serpentine front, ?i>5 Suite now only You'll (hid the lowest prices ever seen on high grade rurniluiT—af our store now. 103 E. Slain St. ' 'One Door West of Post Office Phone 57 Women's and Children's Fast colors, sjood styles OSc Values Men's Work Shoes Sfar Urand All Leather Southwest Corner of Main & Railroad E - ver thought of buying a GRUEN this way? \ \ 3 i The only Daily Paper serving the interests of South- I cast Mi.-somi and Xurthcasl Arkansas. $3.00 A Year By Mail gg~;? Tc:^;sii : 7qr-i-TT?^^ W r;.v.i lg ^^j gsgS y OTagg ^^ ^ M OST people arc surprised to J«im that even Grucn Guild \\'atchcs, masterpieces of the watchmakers' art, can be purchased under our Divided Charge Account Service. Ri»ht now you start wearing the Grucn \\'atch you want, on payment of only part of the full purchase price. The balance can be reduced conveniently in small monthly amounts. Many of oar patrons wear distinctive Grucn Watches purchased this easy way. Why not come iuaud make jour selection? Grricii 5/rirp SPECIAL BARGAINS IN USED CARS Spring Is almost hc-ie. When the first, warm days nrrive you will want ;i Ciir. But so will everybody else and Him prices will go up. Act NOW. Our prices arc LOWER tlmn ever before: '30 MODEL 1'oun TUDOR SEDAN—Perfect c'omii- tlon, Runs Like New, 5 A-l Tires, Upholster); and Taint ill K\ccllcnl ColidUitn. ONLY S3Z5 With SI 10 Down. •JK I.ATK FOltD FOKDOll SKIIAN—Dark Blue Color, 5 Uoail Tires, Appcaiaiice Nice anil Clean, Huns Hue. S105. 'JO Sl'ORT MODEL VOIH1 KOADHTEK—Has i He" rtmicrs, Dark liluc Color With Itccl Wheel?, Trunk i" A Beautiful LHIle Car for ONIA' S2S3. \Vilh SIM Down. •in I.ATK CHRYSLER "7b" STOUT ROAUSTI-.K. Very Attractive, 0 W;ie -.rhccis, Kcd Head Motor, I'oivcler Blue Ccinr With Oran&i Wheels. Don I Fail lo Sec This ncauly. S415. •28 MODEL ESSEX 4-DIJOIl SEDAN. Looks ami Kims Goeil. ONIA' S.M. '20 L\TK FORD FOKDOll TOWN SEDAN. Ihis Car Has Tidily cf Room. 4 Wid= Doors, 5 A-l Tires. Tcrfcit Cciulillcn. 5iS5. A«k Abo::t Our DEPENDABLE GUARANTEE. Your Old Car will likely cover the (iov.n payinciit- Terms en Every Car, Truck nnd Trailer. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Day I'hor.c 811-SIO—Nii;hl 777. "Autliori/.etl Fort! Dealers, Hlythcville, Arkiinsas KSfSS^SSlStS^SlfM HKifeJ. Sure You Attend tiie Big Starts Friday, 20th _Sv •:fll 12 l"|S .•'10 •••" 2!: '&&*& iatiiriln.y 2 P. M. !,;uiies' Silk Kaysin lil.OOMKHS I-'rlilSj uiiii S^luniav, 0 A. SI. One Ear r. £ G. Scap lo tli = Virsl SD IVopIc En- tcrln; Our Store. Ic 55c The Newer Styles in Men's, Women's and Children's • Footwear For Spring 86 87.50 S8.50 |10 McCiilhim and Gordon Hosiery ' 'Good Shoos and Hosiery" Just a Few of the High Spots In Rosey's Great Clearance House A largo choice o( colors In ladles Id I House Shuts, Blzcs rvom 3 lo 8, nt only E.ujoiu !-...•-..,„ ilia fluo quality of Hope Domestic, yard ttldu, and free Iroiu stnrch. LlinH, 20 yards to a customer. Per yard Ladies Dresses About 200 Wnsli UrCibL's lo choose from, Long or slioi'l sleeves. Every dress gnsmm- tcetl fnss color. S13c values, Me Oil Cloth now 79c Table Oil Cloth In solid colors or fnncy. Regular 29c quality, now on sale at 19c Out of the Hight Kent District . Across From the Home Theatre Men's Tuf-Nut OVERALLS The best overall on the market at Hose All silk, I'icot top, full fasli- ioned. §1.50 value Now The Cash Store na'.i'n'r.y 4 !>. M. Sl.lll) I/.ulk-s' 1'utl I'si sh ion HOSE ^rv^S: Till Aldridge Jewelry Co. *s +j? Friday. 10 A. M. Sl.Oll I. allies' House Dresses, 25c Siilunlay. 10 A. M. l.udics 1 Felt House Spring Is Near ! Lei us show you our New Line of Con- goieinn Hugs. 9x12 Felt Base S-p-^-T 9x12 Silver Seal Cor^^:.:-., jJS 9x12 Gold Seal Congoleum Rug $9J Uumircds of other IJi.^ iJarsains THE !5«y on tlie f.ny Away Plan Rlyl'r.cville, Av!<. Co. asxs 3B

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