The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1930
Page 8
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PAGE 'EIGHT out KJ \i-.\vs A,. LMJRA LOU BROOKMAM /*/ AUTHOPQP"RA8M POMANC&* BEGIN HEKF. TODAY A«T»t>rr mtrra I*' l)l« •' CKLIA MITCHKLL, IT, »Vr. ike lr«ra» ihr fntfcrr "fcr k*» ••¥?*•'• ttnt It ullre •«* «r»iIUj-. We Iravta *t» «ftTT*'**U u ** *>«»« l« HiIilxiiK <• live In »» Vorlc wllk krr l.lkfr, JOHN MITCH- KLl., mmi hr; •tlilixrxle cr»4- MAHCABET BOGCHI, OIU'l Mutkrr, .• in** tt «M«w, 41vnrcr4 Xllrkrll ••* rrmurrlrd lllrr. BAH.VKY SHIKLUS, >«u« • rnipOrT pk«*««ra)»irr, !• In !•><• ixllk Ibt (Irl •«< fcrlorr UmtlMC Bal(lM«rr Olla yri»«(>c< !• fc» l«r«l 1o kU Uvr. MUek<U «.k. F.VEI.V!! PAH- SONS, htMllful, 0 Inlro- . Ct\lm * •!»•» la "i" »«<fll»« lke«i;l< >k< »! Hi oner ktclu H ret rM of tkr Htl, <Hr> Crlla l» TOD i*>rli»tini: kot «t *»k arlrr, >•< 4uc* >ll >kr t« 'ruluui kraUc <« 8kf l»tr»- J011OAN, lr,«. ckoi- »• lo ro- . I.ISI IH1NCAN. •oct«lly »t«»l- ar»t, b«««M»a C«Ua'M IBTB! Xrlrnd. Hllrkrll \rarm* Itrttf U kU 4a»ck1rr •tt«»tlnli* H kl«« hrr (* •*•• «!M> Cell* krr Kranawotkrr nm4 (k<- rldvrl M». Mltrkrll ftlta« tll.<-.. >n •f»«r<i* <*>- • r**t. Tfcr i:lrl ROC 1» Mri. ParioHB* !.•••( Mnn k»M> for » Ie»«lk7 tlill. Jurdu call* IBtrr fT«ci«««(ly. Mn. )*an«MiM luarkr Mllrkrll ••« JiiTfjitllcntfd JnHnB'a 1ka< tkr ronric Mnik 1* a •kr. 4»«B •«! PH«« (kin a Crlli. ».<t an? Cflla. 1, 1.1 and Jorann >»«!!«• tkr racr« and Ikrrc Oltn for- frllk uar* Ifll. krrkt kM> . KklrlK U ra>hlorr< Ynrk filrlurp Krrvlrr. klm arxl day and rkr If M Nrw Klir mrffit fc.vf din- | i.k« *tr It nbe RMM fnrtm tat klni. KOW CO OS WITH THR STOUT CHAPTER XXXIX B ARNEY SHIELDS' firm Raze held the glrl'a. She could not look nway. In the depths of Barney's gray eyes Cella could read intensity and a challenge that was frightening. .She could not evade. It would hiiii, but' thero wns no other way. She had to tell Ilaj-ney the. trulh! He was waiting for her answer. "I know thnt I promised—" she began. "You mean there is someone? Shields' voice was sharp. ex|iloslv< VDnVney—I—yes, thero Is." Neither of them spoke. Shields was looking down at the tnble now. Very steadily. Cella watched him, afraid of what she would see when lie lifted his head. "I'm sorry," »ht tsld hi a low voice, "but I bad to lie honest with you." He was looking «t her now. The table seemed to have widened. Barney's 'manner ivas composed, but the laughing light In hU «VCB tmd faded. "Well—that's thnt! Tliank yon tor telling me. Cells." A waller placed food before (hem. Cella felt aa (hough she could not swallow a mouthful. "Are • you engaged?" Shields asked steadily. "No. Tliat Is—not,really. You Me, father doesn't approve ol Todi I mean he doetm't really know him. Ht'tt feel differently juat a» soon u 't» gets over nil prejudice. I'm uro of that." ' "I Bee." A rush of companion twept over ella. "liarney, 1 c»n'i ilkml It to have on talk- Ilk* that. We've been lends «o loni! phi I've felt mis- rahle becauw 1 proaliei to wait or you and lli*B—well, you ate you irtu't write and I met Tod. There's torocthintj alxmt Mm, 1 on't know. At first I tried to pro- end I didn't Ilk* him. Then 1 vent swimmlal and ml'.nuat drowned and h* itvtd my life, ie'a been wonderful. 1 ttlll like ou a lut, DariKY, but Tod's 4K- erent. Do you Ht how It I "1 sec all fight!" The mocking qualitr in the wordi was unconcealed. Don't talk like that! I can't stand It. Vromlao we'll always be friends. Ciood friends!" Tho younk' man's «Yfi were averted. 'If that's the way you feel about ! It you cau count on me," hn said. "Who la this—Tod, If I may In- qnlre?" "Tod Jordan's Ilia full name." "(!ot lota of dough?" "No. That Is, well, ! suppose so. Ho doenn't hava ID omcc or auyllilng like that." "Just does parlor tricks, huh?" "Barney, do you think that's like?" tialn?" the- Bt-Ved aa they stood oxether ou tbo train platform. Hard to tell. We have, rather c-KUlar schedules, you know. I'M bo out at the races, tho rest of this eek, I guess." Tho young itan's Olrtertiico WAS » pose cbrloUb even to CelliL "You might telephone." Thanks, I'll try to." She eald go'odby, thanked blm for the dliiiu-r nnd entered the c»r. By the lluie slie had found » ie»t and looked out ot the wiudow Shields had vnulthf-d. She got off the train, glgnalrd a cab am! nrrlvtd »t Larchwood before elulit o'clock. Mrs. Parsons was etlll absent. • • 'ooia E young ninu smiled a twisted smile. "Korry," he Piilil. "No, I guess It wasn't very. Of course, all that stull's out of my class." "If you're (ryliif to hurt my feel- ngs—!" "Oh, tec here, Cella, you know [ didn't menu anylhliiK like tlmt! Don't take It that way. Honestly, I'm sorry!" "All right then." Neither had done more than laste the soup. It was removed and followed by & hugo mound of spa- filieltl Vi'llli sauct aurt bowl of cheese. "You're supposed to do It this iy," Shields explained, wrupnlng the Epnshcttl shout his fork. Till diversion Interrupted the conver satlon. Presently the young man asked: "You cftre B lot for this fellow Jordan, do you?" Ills voice wa low. almost huiky, Cella nodded her h«ad. "Yes, liarney," she said. There was no more talk on th subject. Cella asked about he mother, but Barney had little new to give. He had seen Mrs. Roger a couple of limes after the girl departure. He had called to sa Eoodby btfore coming to Now Yorfc bijf (here had been no answer t ills knock. They had dessert and bleck col fee, and alter .they had Cnlshe Shields took the girl In t the xtnllon. It was early, but sh was anxious to reach Larfhwoo before there was any posilbllit that Mrs. Parsons would b« there "When am I going to see yo "Yes, next Monday. That's tli» ourlh of September. Time to bo eallzlng tint fall la almost here." Tho girl's face was downcast. Then I Eiipnoso I'm to go back i firamiiuTcv Siiuar«," the said .MONDAY. OCTOIIKH M. IO:iO Villa Where Dickens ' Wrote Books Razed BOTJUXJNE-SUn-MER, Franrc. (UP)—The Insi vestige of the Villa dcs Mojllnveniix, Mckens lived rewrote several books Is to be destroyed. i Tlic Boulogne Municipal Council I has approved the racing of liio I building, wlilch long has been In a 'state of 'ruin. K *-as hero that Dickens wrote "Little norrlt." "lilcak House," and "Hard Times." Pan-European Federation I French Foreign n . _ i will succeed In IB Distant Future Emlle Vandervalde, - • . Belgian Socialist 1'arty, laid ncivs- KODE. (UP)—Belgium sees lllllc ! Jjaprrinen here before elavlng for chance that the plan for a Pan-: Indo-Chlna. on. advo:ated by : :Tli 'Minister Brland, prove the plan, Vnnier«lt!e said. 3 ttie near future, but feel It will be cilniciiH of rc lender of irie zntlou because of the complicn .stale of European affairs. Briwln, • the Helglan statesman thought,may prove OM of D, c chief stumbling blocks. . .1 "Nothing of tho sort! Your gr&Stlmothfr won't be In town Jor miiitli. It wouldn't do at all for you to go hack there. Besides, I've plenty ot room In the apartment. . thouKlil you'd like It. You'll te« i grout deal more ot yqur father, •houM lli Ink." i" /~iEI,lA vent upstairs to her roi ^ changed Her drws for one rose net matfo with tlia qmlnt cuff elocvrs nncl full nklrt that K»YO her oji oW-tnsliiopcJ charm. She jm on her mother'! locket because I iado Marciirct Rogeri seem nearei o her. After that*the went down i wait for Evelyn. Sho moved tho radio dials untl 10. syncopated revelry of » nigh luh orchestra floated Into . th oum. That wax Letter! tlou—shrill laughter! That w»s liftt slio needed. Cella vlphed 'oil JorJan would come and lake ICT Bomcwliere. Sho wanted to lance, lo hear Jordan make love o her and lorec-t that down deep n her heart something w»a hurt- ng. It couldn't be that she lor-eii iarney, ol course. Harney h»d lever affected her with that hyp- lutlce spell the felt when Jordan ,ook her In hla arms. She h«d ;ccu a child without the fulutest notion of wlmt love meant when 'he promised to watt lor Baiut-j Shields to make his fortune. Jordan telephoned at nine o'clock niui fit tno scum! of bis voice Cclla (oi sot that she had been lo had met friends and was im- ablo to get away for the evening :io MlO, but would come to take her driving tho next afternoon. Jor dan milled something tliftt made tn« girl's cheeks flush. As she pu down lite telephone she was singing softly. A little later Evelyn arrived home. "Was there any message from your father?" she asked Celia. "Not wlille I've been here." "H'm! I thought he might drive down for dinner tomorrow evening. Perhaps we'll hear (roin him la the morning." Mitchell rilil not call or arrive at I.archwood next evening. Two days later Mrs. P&rsoua made an announcement at tho'luncheon table." "I iMnk I'll closo the house early this season," sna slid. "The la tense heat Is over, and really until all theso legal affairs are arranged it would ba much more convenient lo be in town." Cella looked up. startled. ~\}l, (bat makes everything all J rfchi:" 'Sweet child! Von didn't want to leave me, did Toil?" "No, I d!Jn'i." Mrs. I'arsons looked pleased. She. took care lo repeat this Incident the neit time she met John Mfrch- elL And Mitchell, bearlm; it, seemed Impressed. "Cdla'a awfully fond ot you. Evelyn." he said. "Iv'e notice*! hat myself. And why shouldn't the lie? You're almost a tzother t» her!" Evelyn eyed him Irom u\jder owercd 110*5. "I only wish I could do more," she said quietly. The following week saw Mrs. Pa.-SODS and Cella Installed In the uptown apartment. Mrs. Parsons had many engagements. Cella was allowed to en tertinn herself as she chose, aiid there was no dearth of amusement?. Tod Jordan became oven more attentive. He took Cella on long drlvoa, stopping usually ai some country place for dinner. Evenings they saw plays or danced. Mri. Parsons began ordering licr fall wardrobe. Dnrlns tbe first week In the cliy Cc-lla sent a nole to liarney L'lields iivtns him her new address, anil asking him to call. She received DO answer. - Cella was melancholy 1st » dns or two and then determined to put iarney out of her mind. She waa lurrying along Mail I son avenue one afternoon orily a few blocks from Evelyn Parsons' apartment wheo she recognized a tweed suit ahead. The young man wearing the suit •KM buying a newspaper. The girl paused beside him. "How do you do. Mr. Shields?" "Cella!" The broad grln'Barnej flashed at her was like old times. "1'vo teen wanting to see you." the aatd. -'Won't you. walk home with ir.e?" "(Had to." They Imd gone half a block and, were talking eagerly when siidJiii- Cat Cops" Newest Namei| i LONDON. (Ul 1 )—"Cal Police" i was what one newspaper called of- i nocrs wlio climbed .over two bull:!- '| Ings to avTest four HMvslnrs. Simple Glycerin Mix jl Slops (ionslipatioiijl "You tneaa you're loing to leave Larcbfrood!" • Ths simple mixture ol glycerin, buckthorn bark, snllne, etc., CAdler- " a) acts on BOTH upper and lower owcl, .ieU:.vlng ccr.BUpMion in 2 oure. Di'lngs out- jwisons you never loiifhl. were In your system. Don't •axle lime \vltti pills or rcnv.dl>'£ • lat clean only PART of the bowels, i it let Adlerikn five your stormch I id towels a HEAL cleaning and | ec how i'0o:l ytu fceli Adlerika ops GAS bluai:iix lit 10 minutes! ity Oing Sture. —Adv. 11 Auspices P. T. A.~- u S>veethearts For Sale" City Hall Auditorium Wed. and Thurs. Oct. 29-30 Cast of 30 LOCAL PEOPLE RITZ THEATRE ^ist Time Today MONDAY ly Cctla noticed a ir/in coming id"ward them. It was Tod JorJin (To Bo Continued) a silting position, were found in a sand bank believed to be an.old Indian burying ground on the 'Rock river. One ol the skeletons had. fin oglsts believe they had been burled 200.years. Sittinjs Skeletons Found etons, packed In clay and burled In'arrowhead in the skull. Anlhropol-. -than anyichere else on earth. This Bodies weigh more at either Pole b due to Increased force o! gravity and lessened centrifugal force. A body weighing 190 pounds at pith- er oi the Poles -would weinh 189 pounds at tho equator. The Most Popular Man Oil the Screen! • MAURICE CMLIER ol- Paris" Comedy and News. Matinee—10 anlll 30c. Night—15 ami .40c. Women . . . ivhe love to entertain Will Welcome an Opportunity To Hear This Noted Lecturer! i Mrs. Myra Dougan Famous Home Economics and Domestic Science Expert Will Conduct ON E W 1 jfl- A I W AY S ' ' ' /// if ' - | STAND OUT Tuesday and Wednesday Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery in 'Our Blushing Brides' Matinee—lOc and 30c. X'ij;hl—15c nnci -lOc. Chock-full of good taste •^without a hint of harshness! Thursday and Friday Richard Arlcn 'Santa Fe Trail' I -I MOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday Slraifihl lo Kvcrv (he Heart \Vom:in '. if I 1 Bcbc Daniels in .. that's Why! © 1MB, LBCTTT t Mtm Toi*c« Co. .---'. ., , - ^—.,--. -- ..^^ 'Our Lawful i Larceny' Because She Loved She Clicntccl! Drnma tr> thrill tho lienrts of n world of women. Comedy. Mnlince nnd Night— 10 iincl 2i5c. COMING All Next Week Smith-Willis Stock Co. i I SCHOOL At the CITY HALL AUDITORIUM November 18, 19, 20, 21 Every woman who plans meals ... who loves to entertain ... who takes pride in her table . - - will welcome this opportunity to hear this famous authority on Domestic Science and Home Economics. She will bring to you many new and delicious recipes ... Yon are urged to bring a pencil and paper with you to each lecture. A courtesy to the Women Readers of COURIER NEttS in i i i I i I tt

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