The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 194i BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE THE NATION TODAY Judges Lean Over Backwards To Keep Communist Leaders' Trials Fair for Defendants ^ By James Marlow WASHINGTON, May 18. l/P)—Two federal judges are leaning over backwards to stay calm. One, Harold R. Medina, Is presiding at the trial of 11 Communist leaders in New York, The other, Albert L. Reeves, has the trial of Miss Judith coplon here. , In both cases taclics ol the defense lawyers have annoyed Hie judges, and they've let It be known.* : But both are bent on doing nothing that could be called "unjudic- ial" or that would make them seem prejudiced against the defendants. If the defendants are convicted Firemen Receive First Aid and appeal to the higher coxirl, the verdict against them might be thrown out if— The defense lawyers could show that the conduct of the trial judges hurt their clients' chances will) the Jury. If there is a conviction in these cases, they're pretty certain to be appealed all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Take the Coplon case . . . Judith Coplon, 28. former Jus- tire Department employe. Is charged here in Washington, where she used to work, with taking government papers to injure the United States and help a foreigji power. (The FBI says she took the papers to New York oncl there met Valen- ^ie A. Gnbitchev, a Russian. Both IK're indicted In New York on charge of espionage conspiracy. Miss Coplon will be tried there later.) He Hurries But Trial Lags Her attorney, Archibald Palmer a short man who hurries when he walks and hurries when he talks has wrangled repeatedly at the trial with the government lawyer He's been talking for days, am some of this has annoyed Judge Reeves. Recently he told Palmer "I can't put up with any more o your childish doings. Let's try thl. case ..." The spectators in the conrtroon have been getting a bang out o the doings and Judge Reeves hat to warn them: "This is not a vaude ville show, rf you want vaudeville you'll have to go to another place. In New York the 11 leaders the American Communist Tarty wer charged with conspiring to "organ ize . . . persons who teach and ac 1 vocate the overthrow and dcstruc tlon of the government of the U.S by force and violence." Dennis Goads Judge They were Indicted by a federal grand Jury last July. Their trial 12,000 Southern Baptists Convene In Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA CITY, May 18—W) —More than 12,000 Southern Baptists, their ranks swelled by 40.000 Oklahoma City members of the church, open thetr 92nd annual convention here today. Delegates came from 22 states and nearly a dozen foreign counrles. A 3-day meeting of the Affiliated Women's Missionary Union wound up Its sessions last night at municipal auditorium by re-electing its entire slate of seven officers. Two controversarles may stir dls- enslon in the main convention, nding Sunday. One is the conflict betwen follow- rs of Dr. J. Frank Norris of Fort Vorth. Tex., and Dr. Louie New- on of Atlanta, former SBC president. The Norris group has contended for three years that Dr. Newton las been associated with Communist ntluences. The general membership is expressed confidence 1n Newton. Another debate may arise over choice of next year's meeting place. Both Chicago and Houston arc mentioned. Dr. Robert C. Lee of Memphis. Tenn., is president of the convention. Hol BoyU's Column— Squirming Dog and Italian Red Tape Give Pulitzer Prize Winner Bad Time tt th« flr»t opportunity »nd fr*t hit pooch. "Rublnetlo'a been tl«d up In rtd t«]X) K> lonf he thinks it'i a, lewh," Mid Frank. Two of 34 members of the Milwaukee, WIs. Fire Department, who were overcome by smoke and refrigeration compound fumes, from a fire In a lower east side market, receive aid from a rescue squad. Twenty of the overcome firemen returned to duty after being revived; the other 12 were taken to a hospital. Damage was estimated at $35,000 by Kenneth Gertenbach, owner of the building. <AP Wlrephoto.) Brothers, 8 and 2, Apply For Jobs with Railroad HBNOOED. Wales-- OT— William Johnson, eight, wrote the British Railway administration that ever since his youth he has wanted to be a locomotive engineer. Wants to highball down the line. , He thinks he may still be a little young but asked that his name be put on the list for a job In 1956. "Then there's my brother, now two, who wants to be a fireman on my train," Williams said in a post- 860 U. of A. Students To Receive Diplomas FAYF/LTEVILLE, Ark., May 18. >l—Some SCO University of Arkansas seniors and graduate students —the largest number In history— will receive degrees at the ISth annual spring commencement here June 4. Commencement speaker w 111 be Dr. Chauncey D i^cakc, executive vice president and dean of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galvcston. The Rev. Blake Smith of Austin, Tex., will deliver the baccalaureate sermon June 3. Dr. Smith is a native of Jasper. Ark., and a graduate of Ouacliita College. Fulbright, McCMIan Disagree on Cost Issues WASHINGTON, May 18. W 'I — Arkansas' Senators have disagreed on the cost of operating the Labor Department and the Federal Security Agency. Senator Fulbrlght voted with the majority yesterday which cancelled a previous order for the appropriations committee to cut five per cent out of the o|)eratlng costs. Senator McCleSlnn was one of nine Democratic Senators who opposed the cancellation. Mr Hal Boyl* NEW YORK -(/»•}— It la harder to photograph a doc than a king. "Kings hold still/' aays Frank Noel. Noel is the world's greatest living authority on how not to get a dog out ol Italy. He became a master in thta branch of knowledge by spending his spare time for a month trying to wrestle his pooch out ol Home— and failed. "It Is much easier for a man to leave Italy that it 1» for a dog," he said. And thereby—as the saying i —hangs a tale: We will begin with Noel, a wartime pulllzer pi iwwinning uholo- Krapher. and hLs wife. Evelyn. The dog will wag Into the story us we go along, The Noels have based In Rome for the last three years, One day their Italian maid told them he sister's two canaries were about become parents. Se promised Mrs Noel a fledgling. "I bought a cage," said Evelyr "but then the mnld came and tol me the cat had eaten the entlr canary family. She felt ho bad aboi my disappointment that the nex day she showed up with a puppy The puppy quickly became know as Rublnetto, which cat; be trnnx luted as "Faucet." Frank called hln "Uivcsion dog" because his fathe was a German shepherd, left by tl Nazf* army, antl his mother wa a post-war Fascist collaborator. Every time the police caught No out walking with Dublnetto It co him a S6 fine. 'In Rome, dog licenses cost abo 1 $60 a year," explained Frank. " nobody buys them. It Is cheaper pay the fines." When he got home leave recent! Noel had little trouble making a angements for himself and his w! return to America. But Ru nctto—he couldn't have been more rouble If he were solid gold and wrapped in a canvas by Raphael. It took all my spare lime for 'our weeks to get and fill out all .he necessary forms," said Frank. "I had lo get five .copies of a Judge Medina didn't start r tintll Jan. 17. It's still going on and probably won't end before August. Thousands of pages of testimony and arguments have been used up already. There are more thousands to come. Medina, like Reeves, has tried to keep his patience. Some times he gets fed up. For example, late in April Eugene Dennis, who is secretary of the Communist Party and is acting as his own attorney, got up to "make a brief observation." Finally Medina said to him: "I suppose you are daring me lo do something to you. You can be Just as disorderly, just as disobedient as you. like but you will not goad me into doing something which will be a source of difficulty later in the trial." After that, Medina called a five- minute recess and when he returned the court was calm again. Not matter what the judges do or don't do, the defense attorneys will appear any conviction of their clients on various grounds. script. British Hallways put their names at the bottom of the list. Livestock With the Courts Chancery: Mary Geneva Davis vs. James Henry Davis, suit for divorce. Sylvia Autry vs. Earnest Autry, suit for divorcee. u Alice Edna Givens vs. James Tsunnigan Givens, suit for divorce Circuit: Cletus W. Hudson vs. 'Lion Oi Company and Cecil Graves, appea from decision in Co-onion Pleas Court, giving plaintiff $250 in judg ment. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., May 18. (/P>—(USDA)—Hogs 7,500; fairly active, mostly 25 cents higher than Tuesday's average; good to choice 180-230 IDE 19,25-50; top 19.50 but more at 19.25; bulk 240-270 Ibs 18.75-19.25; fe» 210-300 Ibs 18.2515;; 140-170 Ibs 18.00-19.00; few at 19.25; 100-130 Ib pigs scarce; few 00-130 Ibs 15.50-17.75; mostly 16.00 up; good sows 400 Ibs down 16.257.25; over 400 Ibs 14.25-15.75; stags 11.50-14.00. Cattle 1,800; calves 1,100; early sales on medium and good steers 22.50-24.75; ;some high good to low chocie yearling steers 25.50; good leifers and mixed yearlings largely 24.50-25.50; -.choice 769-lb heifers 25.75; small lots mixed yearlings 26.00; common an<i medium 20,0023.50; general market unevenly strong to slightly higher on butchered yearlings and-steers; cows opening fully steady but higher asking prices delaying trade; good cows 19.50-20.00; common and medium beef cows mostly 18.00-19.00; canners and cutters 14.00-17.50. Lowell Man Charged In Pool-Cue Staying FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., May 18.— OP>— A charge of first, degree murder has been filed against Edgar McOiurnh. 45, of near Lowell, in the death o[ his'niece's husband. McGnrrah was charged yesterday and released from custody under $17,500 bond, terlnurlin's ctrtlficut* >UtIng «t he hud given lh« dog rabbles iot«. Each meant »t»ndtng In line front of five wlndowi, "It KM «Uo nn-fssary to have coplr* of certificate giving ublnetto's value. The vet took one k at him ami put down 110. "And. J had to attach ten plc- ires of the dog, five full face and ve prof I If. The profile shots had Include the tall. "Did you ever try to Ret a dog o hold his tall still while you look Is portrait? Try It If you want lo e a year Home afternoon. It onk me xn hour and 69 mlmilcs onijer to photograph Rublnetto ban It did Khuj Farouk of Efypt." The Noels Wfr* BO Impressed wllh II this formality they nul the .OB'S passnort papers In a sufc demit box. "And that is why we lind lo leave !iihlnetto bernnrl," R»id Frank. The day we Railed all the bank* were closed by « nationwide strike, nnd we couldn't get his papers." He left the dog with the maid The Noels are on their way to Herllf now, and Frank plans to fly In Rome Read Courier N»w» Want Ada. Thf quatttiM at e*n,b« cJuuicMl by tta* addWoo tt varying amounU at eraifciB, tldat, molybdenum, nlphur and otbtr •»• ' ment*. Borne nuk* UM <Ud bttte, man com»loa reataUnt, w^*r to. pull Into wire or greater bat I tent. At Drei/us For Graduation NEW RELIEF FOR ARTHRITIC PAINS scknllflciilly-dcveloned product... DOLC1N.. .designed to bring prompt roller from the paliis mid discomfort ol arthritis, rheumatism, neuritis, sclullm, bursltls and lumbago .. . and In a sreat many cases brings remission of symptoms. DOLOIN tins been thoroughly tested. DOIX31N IK Ix'lns used now with unprecedented success. DOI/OIN Is being prescribed by doctors now. And many, many sufferers report their pains have been grcAtly relieved by taking DOUJIN according to Instructions. Don't delay. Profit by the experience of fellow- vtcllim of these nalnn. del DO1X>IN today. A bottle of 100 precious Ubleb cosls only I'i.OO. SOU) IV: WOODS DRUG STORE An information charges he struck i ? Franklin Hollnwny. 29, with a pool cue, causing llolloway's death. Three Arkansans Die In. Traffic Accidents By the Associated Press Three persons were killed In traffic accidents In Arkansas yesterday Harold Fatheree, Mineral Springs Ark., and Buddy Gold. Broken Bow Okla., died when a log truck and an automobile collided near Nashville. F'atherce was driving the automobile; Gold was riding on the loaded log truck. Charles Leo Bryant, 17. died when his motorcycle left a road in Boyle Park, west of Little Rock High School Junior Class, of which he was a member. Crop of Strawberries Falls Behind Schedule LITTLE-ROCK, May 18. f/P»—The White County strawberry crop didn't turn out as well as has been expected, says the weekly weather and crop renort. In Nnr tl i west A rk a ns as straw berry picking is at its peak. Elsewhere in the state it is near completion. The report said about 90 per cent of the expected cotton acreage and; about 75 per cpnt of the expected rice acreage had been planted. Weather conditions for the past week were favorable for farm work, the report said. Marriage Licenses The following couple obtained marriage license at the office of Miss Efeabeth Blythe, county clerk, yesterday: Avery Humphrey and Miss Alice Norvell, both of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Cardiff, Wales, Is Britain's biggest coal export port. Escaped Convict Averts Capture at Lonsdale HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. May 18. UP! —A man believed to be Thomas Jefferson Rice, Jr., 22, escaped Ark- kansas convict, appeared at the Colony House at Lonsdale near here i last nlsht. Lonsdale Police Chief Clyde Pounds reported. Pounds said he took the man Into custody, but that the latter ran from the building and escaped. Rice, a trusty, rode away from Cummins Prison Farm on a horse Sunday. He was serving a five-year term for robbery. He has been sought in this area since Monday. CHILDREN'S SUMMER MUSIC CLASSES Fowlston SCHOOL OF MUSIC Here's the Ideal way to occupy your child In the mornings during the coming summer months. We are offering to all who enroll a full morning nm- slo school In Piano. Voice, Folk Dancing, Music History, and Listening. Hours will be from 0:30 to 11:30 a.m. If you're Interested, please call noon . . . we can take only a limited number. 813 Chtckaaawba Phone SOW /P4RTUS 35F For Indaail — Oul- 4**rt,Dey *r Night Syn<hi»nli«d l*r Flo.h Iwill-in fllltr F*<u«!ng Mount a comtra mat provide* kmoolb, candid ihoolino al low«il coil. || U»t ln««p»n«lv« cartridge loading 35mm Aim, . . . Aiturtt ptrfect pkrurej under any light condilioni. tl'» lh« camera that will glvt you yean ot pttosur* See It here todayl f EATURES: F7.7 Achroma) 50mm fenj • 3 lerw openings, FI6, F? J, F7.7 • Day light loading 35mm cartridges • Built-in tripod socket • Automatic exposure counter CUStOM-BUUT CAmiNG CASE t3M Pay Only $1 Weekly "iMiss Arkansas 1966" Becky McCall Stacy BOLICK THE HOME PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER is now In Blytheville for a few days lo take camera »t«dl*» In the home. Proofs on Approval • By Appointment Only • ColS 541 — HOTEL NOBLE AVWIABIE HOWl Trigidaire Room Air Conditioner For Your Information: '369 ,75 Hti In m*tt wlndowl • Newly designed for «o»y installation in olmo*t any residence or offk* window. Equipped with the famous Frigidoir* M«t«r-Mi*er mechanism. A complete, lelf-contairwd unit thati COOLS iitr to eomforubl* temperature DEHUMIDIFIES air by remoYina; exem mnlntura CLEANS AIR of dun, dirt and potle. CIRCULATES craditioaed air, with no dr.fta VENTILATES with fmh air from onttld. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. 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