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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 10
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 10

The Tennesseani
Nashville, Tennessee
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Ik THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN fueiday Morning, September 6, 1127. 10 ELITE GIANTS AGAIN Joseph Taylor, 52, FIELD MINSTRELS Fields Minstrel JOE CANTILLON SUFFERS STROKE OF PARALYSIS Bucs Lead Shaved CENE TUNNEY HAS FIRST 'DRILL IN NEW CAMP Champ Showers Mates Clean Blows. cricket club survived ths opening rounds today. Several of the ranking players In the women's tournament; failed to put la an appearance, among them being Mrs. Molla B. Mallory, former national tltleholder Eileen Bun-nett, English star, and Mrs. George W. Wightman, Boston, another former national champion, At; 7 BEUfOXT PAKE BESCLTS Flnt ro: Th Labor Day. claiming, I -yaar-olda-up, 11,000, one mile ana IxtMnth Atol 101 (Malben), t-l, l-l out, won; Bad Spldar 111 (Ooodwin), I. 1-1, aacond; Faddy 101 (Curran), third. Time, Also ram Valentino? Bol Pataud, Jut Folka. Saeond raoti added, 4-year-olda-up, two mllaa Falrmoinit HI (Byara). -6, 1-4, out, won; Noaiamaa 141 (Haynea). 1-1, 4-1, aacond; Coronation 14S (Farguson), out, third. Tlma, 1:51. Alao ran: Cheramr. Light House, Brantome. Fraddan Bock, Oraan Draaon. Third raea; 11,000. allowancaa, 1-year-olde, flva and a halt furlonga Aroturua 101 (Wainar), (0-1, 10-1, 1-t won- 8t. Hanell 117 (Coltllettl), 1-10, out. taoond: Purple Light 100 (Good-win), 3-2. third. Tlma, 1:05 4-t. Alio ran: Forca. Muriatic. Jollltr. Coralcan. Jack Hlacina, Fourth 'races 11,200, allowance I-yaar-olda-up, aavan furlonga Aatron lit (Catrona). 6-5, 1-2, out, won; Caroler 101 (Callahan), g-l, 7-10, 111 (Garner), 4-1, third. Tlma. 1:25. Alao ran: Candy Quean. Shuffle Along. Binary Star. Filth race: 11.000 added, all aces, sla furlonga Happy Argo 134 (O'Donnell), l-t, even, 1-1, won; Bjrrd 111 (Garner), 1-1. t-t, aacond; What'U I Do 111 (Ambroae). 6-1, third. Tlma. 1:11 1-L Also ran: Saxon, Sarmatlcua, Pompejr, Cheopa. Powhatan. Bon of John lake-Villa," Tunney today showed 2,000 Chlca. goaus, most ot them viewing ine title holder for the tlnrt time, the staff of which champion are irade Working' out for the' first time his arrival hers Friday from Speculator. N. Y. to complete training for the championship fray Jack Oempsey in Soldiers' Field," Sept-, 82.. Tunney travelled nine, rounds at top. speed, td work- cut any kinku that may havs developed In a four-day lay-off. Gene been able to get in only a lew irlle of road work during tho process of acclimation and' unpacking at the Cedar Crest country club. his home until the night of the title defense. '-1 The crowd that motored, bussed, trolleyed and "trained" 65 miles from Chicago to glimpse the smll- Ing champion In action for the first time, cheered Gene's every movement as he punched the light bag for three rounds and boxed to ses- -filons-eaebmrtth -Chuck "Wiggins. Billy Vidabeck-and Frank Muskie. Certainly no kinks appeared during the workout- "Tunney cuffed and jabbed his mates at will show-erlng them about the head with volleys ot clean blows. Despite the obvious satisfaction Gene took In the crowd's plsasMre at seeing him in action, he made no effort to extend hlirself- During the three rounds at the light bag, Tunny wag content to warm up thoroughly, breaking the motony of the steady two-handed attack with straight right hand slams. Gene grinned at the enthusiasm of the spectators, the "oohs" and "aahs" that punctuated TAME DALLAS OUTFIT, Local Club Gets Early Lead to Win. Scoring' two runs In the first In ning, the Elite Giants piled up a lead which the Dallas Black' Box, champions of the Texas Negro Leajrue. were unable to overcome and the locals won to 1 la the second game of the series in the Dell Monday. Both A. Spearman for tha Giants, and Martina, for ths vlsU tors, gave up only eight hits. and Nevr Orleans Clubs in Tie 8L Petersburg, FIs, Sept Staging a gallant comeback the Pensacola Tacht Club today finished In a 72-polnt tie with the Southern Tacht Club of New Orleans for first honors in the three-day Upton Cun regatta to determine the best skip pers of first-class sloops. Neither of the winning skippers desired a run-off raoe so they will share the $5,000 trophy, donated by Sir Thomas Lipton, noted British yachtsman, during the next year. Good Health Means or and Vitality 1 Succumbs in Chicago Joseph P. TayJor, (2, employs of the Southern Lumber company, died at the horns' ot his brother, W. A. Taylor, in Chicago, 111., where he went last Friday for a short vacation, at I o'clock Mon day afternoon, according to in- formation received by Nashville relatives last night Death was the result of digestive ailment Mr, Taylor, who waa a life-long resident of Nashville, bad always lived with his sister, Mrs. R. A. at 804 Boscobel avenue. Besides the brother he was visit. Ing at the time of his death and Mrs. McGllL another Slater, Mrs. L. Wood of Nashville, also survives. The body will be returned to Nashville for burial, 'according to news received here Monday, 'hut definite arrangements for the services have not yet been made. FORFIETS GAME Lafayette, Tenn- Sept 6 Doo Crosby's All-Stars forfietted to the local team in the eighth inning to day when, a close decision at the Place wani OKtunsi i me visitors. The score was to in favor of the All-Stars at the time. i COW FRIDAY "Everything new but ths name" Is ths assertion. of tha press agent heralding the coming of ths Al Q. Vleld Minstrels to ths Orpheum Friday and. Saturday, September and 10. The appearance of the minstrels Is an annual event In most of the cities visited. They come alone as regularly as birthdays and are eagerly anticipated by both ypung and old, 'A colored woman In 1 a South Carolina city in which the min strels were appearing was busily engaged In herding her flock of children, the youngest about seven, to keep them on the sidewalk out of the way of passing automobiles. One of. the members of the company, who delights In talking with a typical southern negro, stopped her and asked the agea9 of her various children, Just to make conversation, "Well, sah, you see 1 hasn't got all my chillun with me; de oldest boy, he's runnin" a stilt for Pete Hawkins. My second boy, he's an undertaker and de four next Is out flshln'. Sambo, ltere, Is 10, Mandy Is nine, Jasmine is eight and little Eph, here, will be seben O. Field day." It is needless to say Eph got a birthday present from the inqulsl tive minstrel and he la not sure but that Auntie was stringing him for that very purpose. 100 "OLD TIMERS" GUESTS OF CIRCUS Veteran Street Car Leads Parade From Tennessean to Lot. Thrills came twice In the lifetime of more than 100 Old Timers who Joined the Tennessean's 60 year old club and attended the John KoDin son's Circus yesterday afternoon as guests of the circus management Each one told his or hpr neighbor something during the performance of the thrills that came more than half a century ago. And each was obviously, as thrilled as any kid under the big tent as the ever new romance of a circus performance unfolded before his eyes. Guests of John Robinson, in club organized by The Tennessean, and carried to the grounds on street cars led by "Old Granny" the pa triarch of Nashville electric railway equipment, the entire group return ed to their childhood days for the performance. Upon reaching the "Bie Too" they were ushere-; to re served seats, were served cold drinks, and generally treated as "euests of honor" throughout the afternoon. The performance Itself excited comment from staijt to finish. Each' and every act in the three rings reminded someone of something that happened many years ago when the organization was a "wasron outfit" doiner the best It could with lim ited pnuinment and only one ring, The street car ride to the grounds was throitKh the courtesy of the Nashville Railway and Light Com pany whr united with the circus rranagement and The Tennessean to cive the "Old Timers" a brier turn to childhood days when they pained admission by "toting' water for the animals. yig EMMETT MILLER On of the comedians with Al Fields minstrels coming to the Or pheum theater Friday and Satur day. H- ANIMAL, RIDING ACTS, FEATURE Capacity Audiences Attend John Robinsons Circus. Brilliant lifebts, peppy music, wide eyed children, the laughter and ex citement of 7.000 persons Keyeo. up. with the circus spirit prevailed at the night performance of Robin son's circus, Big Parade" opened the show with r- spectacle which in eluded all parts of elements neces sary to stir the audience. The fea ture act causing the most suspense and Interest of any. was the performance jf eight black-maned African lions, in which Miss lone Carl, the trainer, placed her head In a lion's mouth. Several good animal acts were wrestling polar bears and tigers, snarling fiehting tigers subdued only by the crack of a whip or pistol, and an elephant trotting around the ring with a tiger on his back. Miss Margaret Thompson, billed as one of the world greatest WO' man animal trainers, was respon ibles for this act And the sight of these ancient enemies working to gether proved a thriller to sight seers- Horses pranced, waltzed, and blackbottomei in perfect time to music and Jumped the rope as ac curately as a person could do it, Exhibition riding, stunts on horse back and barebank riding was ot' fered by Johnnie Correlas. a great rider in the ring in America today. In addition there were the usual acts of trained ponies, raping, and jumping- Some expert muscular feats In mlJ-nlr were demonstrated by the dojble trapeze actors and wire walkers and jumped nimbly on tiehtlv stretched wires. And of course there wag the strong man Eddie Reeee, who made a bridge his body and let a heavy late-model ear pass over his body and Jumped up afterwards as strong and sound as ever- There were many other attractions, chief among these be Incr the clowns, funnier than ever, The circus left Nashville shortly aft- the night performance for Chattanooga. GroocJ health is not a matter1 of good It is due to properly caring for the good health you now enjoy; i i if i t-l i tt Veteran Pilot' Condition Is -Not 1" Memphis, Sept, Cantillon, veteran manager of the Little Rock -ball team and one of the most familiar figures In baseball for many years, suffered slight stroke of paralysis while sit. ting on the players' bench at today's game between the Chicks rand Travelers here, Cantillon was assisted to the dressing room and later removed to the; Baptist hospital, where he was reported as resting very comfortably tonight. Dr. A. H. Butler, who was attending the administered first aid to Cantillon. After Cantillon was taken to the hospital, Dr. Butler stated he had had a very mild stroke brought on by high blood pressure. The physician stated that Cantlllon's condition was not thought to be serious, but he was advised to remain In bed and Jjave complete rest for a few days. At Fairmount YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Flrat raoe. $1,000, claiming t-year-olda and up, alx furlonga: Bowie Clark 10S (Root), 17.04. 13.70, won; Marjory Setn 104 iPhllpot), $3.14, $2.74, aecond; Glide 104 (Hardy), $5.14, third. Time 1:13 l-t. Lucent, Jubal Early, Chocolate Soldier, Stanmore, Critical Moment, Downtown. Starlaaa, Tromping Today, Honk Monk alao ran. Second race, $1,000 added, allowances maiden I-year-olda, five and a half furlonga: Front Row 111 (Gray), $75.14, $33.20, $17.70, won; I. Davla 115 (I-gere). $3.70. aecond; Olee 112 (Mc-Tague). $8.46, third. Time 1:07 1-5. Manchu. Khaki Campbell. Theodorlo, Rain Storm, Naddlng, Thistle Flo, Echo Light, Alma. Col. Fallon alao ran. Third raca, $1,000, added, claiming year-olda and up, one mile and sixteenth: Thao Red (M. Merer). 110.40, 17.88, $6.04, won; Arragoaa 111 (Hardr), J.V98. I2.9s aecond: Powder (La. gere). $3.92, thiid. Time 1:46 1-5. Dusty Mary, Forebearance, Marengo, Lyrist. Talequa alao ran. Fourth race. $1,000, claiming, 2-year- olds, I furlongs: Altura 100 (Meyer). $4.84. won; William P. 110 (Hardy). $2.74, $2.64, aecond; Aviator 103 (Pbilpot), $3.70. third. Time 1:12 2-5. Rocker, Vowed Vengence, Queematon, Red Ace also ran. Fifth race: $1,500. allowances, all ages, one mile: Harajj, 112 (Burke), $6.06, 83.40, 12.80, won; Broadaxe 112 (Hardy) $5.16, $3.18, second; Lounger 112 (Burger), $36.60. third, Time 1:38 2 5. Sir Peter, Retort, Meknea also ran. At Washington WASHINGTON PARK RESULTS First $1,200, claiming, 2-year- clda, six furlongs; Senator Seth 107, Pe prema) $7.04. $3.14. $2.76. won: Miss Furbelow 108 (Russell) $3.22. $2.92, second; Busy Lassie 99 (Jones) $4 04. third Time 1:12 3-i Also ran: Twenty-Sixty, Elevate. Madcap Princeas, Respond Dreana Lee, Scotland Hello. Billy tic-Carney, Fair Lark. Second race: $1,200, 3. year- olda and iip, six furlongs: Wild Rak 116 (Allen), $1.24. $3 22, won; Coy (Jones) 117 98. $6.96. second; Cum. mon Denominator 110t (J. Smith), $3.12, third. Time 1:13 1-5. Alao ran: New Geauty, Joy of Life, Teenie Two. Sixty, Brunswick. Little Guinea, Clem Theisen. Wonderwell. Third raco: $1,200, handicap all ages, six furlongs; Oh Susanna, 115 (MeDermott) $2 won Little Cyn 107 (Pool), $2.76 $2.66. sen ond Anna Marrone II. 104 (Depreme) $3.76, third. Time 1:12 l- Also ran T. S. Jordan, Iron Mark II Hot Tlma. Orestes II. Fourth race: $6,000 added, handicap, 8-year-olds, one mile and 1 1-16: lly-dromel 116 (MeDermott) $4.28, $4.12, Won; Bob Rogers 98 (Deprema) $16 80 $7.52, second; Frank McMahon 102 (Jenner) $5.06 third. Time 1:45. Also ran: Sixty Bombay, Quibhler Marlboro. Fifth race: 200. allowances. 3. year olds and up, one Col. Stewar.l 10 (Jones) $3 42. 12.70. $2.20. won; Pigeon Wlnfe II 107 (Flnnerty) $4.81, $3.10 so-ond; Hot Spot 100 (Deprema) third. Time 1:38 3-5. Also ran: Profiteer, Prince Ronald Golden Powder. Jacobs 'Nosed Out by Pulaski Club, 8 to 7 Pulaski, Sept. 5 The Co. tcuin, altlioilKil llio Pulusld nine. drtipiK'd I In." K.uiio to 7. I'ulnski sroicd five times In fifth iiuiitii! to ovorriinic a four-run lead. J'ulaski licld the lead until the ninth, whin Jacobs tied the pcore. then Christopher singled, bringinc Harms across with the winning run. The Jacobs team committed six errors, which aldeJ in the score column. Chin Johnson played a fine game er the losers, securing two douhles and a single to lead the attack, and fielded in spectacular style, accepting font hard chances without a bobble. Score by innings: Jacobs 202 OuO 2017 14 6 Pulaski Olio 0.V) 2018 10 5 r.attcries Longhnrst, McTIrup and Davis: Cox and Iiarnes. COTTON STATES LEAGUE Alexandria, Monroe, 2. Vicksburir. 1-2; Jackson, 3-3. 6-4; llattiesburg, 1-5. STARTING MONDAY SEPT I2ia TlMF ATpOPUl APpRlfFS Fnir nf I nv anil War iknl I Bvisr aiiu nccymg yuuiscii acsaiay. iveep TJQe blood pure and free of poisonoiia 'imatter ii the system by regular deansing 6f the bowels and you will be well oh the road to good health through free dimination of the bowels. Herb Extract, known for years as Herb Juice, keeps your system free from poispnous waste by its cleansing action on the bowels. You wUl note marked relief from the first bottle, Cet It mt Foor Druggtifa Sixth raoe: 11,000, two yeara, H4 furlonga Five Oaka lit (Fields), (-1, 2-1. even, won; Antidote 115 (Curran), (-1, 1-1, aecond; Sailor Maid 116 (Callahan), -t, third. Time, 1:07 1-5. Alao ran: Black Eyed Kathleen, Huette. Unladylike, Hiloiae. Poatage, Ratification, Mexicali. Caaandra, Black Dora. Parcel. Moonlight. Seventh race: 11,100, allowance. yeara-old up, one mile Oormond 101 (Callahan), 13-5, 7-10. out, won; Mil-wick 11 (Paacuma), t-S, out, ae'eond; Cloudland 111 (Catrona), out. third. Time, 1:11 4-5. Alao ran. Seventh Son. ENTBIES FOB TTJE8DAT. Flrat race: The Belmo're, maiden I-year-olda, one mile (0): Polycrataa lit. Fd II. 114, Orange 114, Protector 114, Armada 111, Peraimmon Pie 114. Second race- The Green Brush steeple-chase, conditions, 3-year-olds and up, about two miles (8): Fast Play 140, Madrigal II, 143. Ravel 152, Cerulean 145, Fllttula 130. Bangle 130, Rork'a Drift 140. Captain Kldd 130. Thirl race; The Nursery Handicap. 1. year-olds, alx furlonga: Wldener Course (7): Prate 113, Toro 115, Blarney 104, AU Callao" 10S Finite 112. Greenock 120. Polish 101. Fourth race: The Brontwood, S-year-olda and up, one mile and a sixteenth Herodlan lit. Brown Bud 120. Recreation 10S, Premier 110. Son ot John 112. Fifth race: The ChaDerone. maiden 3-vrar-olds, five and a half furlonga Wide-aar Courae (17): Beelzebub 117. Nusakao 117, John Cavanaeh 117, Bramabiau 117, My "Chum 117, Mordear 117. Sturdy 117, Sirdar 117 Road Agent 117. Arcade 117 I Noisy Nan 117. Blarney 117, Smoldering 17, Beowulf 117. Charlemagne 117. Rramstar 117, Sixth race: The Woodbury, claiming, 2. year-olds and up, six furlonga (11): Ceylon Prince 112, Crystal Pennant 112, nun Royal 112. xBoyard 112. Architect 112. xllleeilimate 107. Hurzim 112, False Pride 117, Blrley M. C. 112, J12. Storm King 117. Toledo Fans, Peeved at Decision. Attack Ump Toledo, Sept. 5. Umpire Deer of the American Association, was rouKhly nandled here today by fans who swarmed over the field at the close of the first eame of a holiday doublo bill which Columbus won 2 to 1. A close "out'' derision at first when Toledo (threatened a rally in Hi nintli inninsr was responsible for the demonstration. Several hundred fans rushed from the stands and attacked the umpire. A small detail of police on the field was powerless, but Deer succeeded In breaking away and getting to the Toledo dugout without serious In-Jury. Police reserves arrived as the crowd prepared to storm the dUROuL OrpheumTheater SEPT. 15-16-17. MAT. SAT GEORGE E. WINT2 rrtuats wmM (20ft Alnul Edition) AS PRESENTED AT THE NEW AMSTERDAM THEATRE. N. V. ZT- FL0RENZ ZIEGFELD wi RUTH ST. DENIS, TED SHAWN their DEMISHAWR PAaCERS Kftiet rltM Ua NIGHTS, $3.50, $3.00, $2.00, $1.00. SAT. MATINEE, $2.50, $2.00, $1.00, PLUS TAX. MAIL ORDERS NOW SEAT SALE MO. SEP. 12 CHURCH ST AT CAPITOL BLV0 VENDOME TKp i MSB3SIBnSSBXSSaSBSHSBSBBSaSMaBMl I EW'S To One Bf Asaoelatcd' ftttm) NeW York. Sept. 6- Pitts-u burgh's load on first place In tb gruelling National pennant fightwas shaved to-a slnsle gam "today as a result two--' setbacks from tha Reds while the GlantsMktvided a double pro gram with the Brave-- The-, Card split two games with the Cubs, thereby holding their position. The standing: Won lost Pet Pittsburgh T5 62 -590 New'iYork, .74 -BS3 Chicago 74 68 -674 St- Louls 71 63 '67S PRINCESS SEASON 0PWDAY Labor Day Program Is Well Received byJBig Audience. The Princess theater welcomed throngs that came to see the season's opening vaudeville perform ance Monday with a program the dimensions and calibre of which has never before been seen in Nashville, Judging from, the opening Labor Day menu, those who love to laugh and be amused here are due for a full season of gratifications for their theatrical appetites- for Naughton and Gold, the English funsters; the Mason and Dixon dan cers, and the rest on the bill all come fcom the top-notch of Keith circuit performers. Not an act on the bill but has faced the footlights along New York's Broadway- In addition, for the first time here the Princess supplemented its five Keith acts with one of the season's fine motion pictures. "One Increas Ing Moment" starring Lila Lee and Edmund Lowe; an Andy Gump reel of laughs, a news reel and an or chestra program. The day also initiated continuous programs, every week day. from 12:30 until 11:30 p. m- Stuart and Crotty, the comic dancers in the Mason and Dixan terpsichoreans. did a drunken men's dance that drew several enchores and roars of laughs- The other dancers clog performers as well as classical foot artists were unusual ly good on their feet as well as to look at- Naughton and Gold, who kept London laughing several seasons hava been playing in New York, and this is their first visit to Dixie land- Theirs is a new kind of hu mor, so silly yet sensible that It Is a rare act- "Envey." a playlet, ls exception ally well done with Its bit of pathos and correct depiction of human kind, in showing the meeting of two old pals who had not seen ach other since they fought in French trenches- Fleurette Joeffre. the colorature soprano, brought a touch of opera to the vaudeville stage- Her act Is declared to be the best of its kind on 'the Keith circuit- Manager Harry Hudekum an nounces that similar programs, running afternoon and night six days a week, and each program lasting a full week, will be given throughout this season. INFANTILE PARALYSIS SEGREGATION URGED Bar on Students From Infected Areas Urged. By AKKOclatrd PrraH) Louisville, Ky Sept. 5. Utmost care In gum-ding; trie nealtn or children under 16 years ot age in counties affected by the recent epidemic of Infantile paralysis, la urffed by Dr. A. McCormick, state health officer, in a statement given out today. Dr. McCornilck recommends sus pension of all public gatharlnsrs for the time being In counties where oases of the disease are under treatment and warns parents throughout the state. not to bring children under 16 to the state fair here next week. The statement follows: 'The stota board of health has kept in touch with developments in the infantile paralysis gituation In the state. Most of the cases have occurred In the counties through which the eastern Dixie hishway passes, and in Davles and Muhle-burg counties. In these counties the board urges that children under 16 years of age be kept at home; that all picnics, schools, Sunday schools, motion picture shows and other Assemblies bo postponed until at least two weeks after the oceurance of the last case In the county. 'Children under 16 from counties where the disease has occurred should not leave for school In other counties for th same period. Schools and' colleges are requested to exclude children under 16 from the infected counties until after September 20. "It Is especially urged that par ents of children who have had the disease keep them at rest in bed tin- Ill all soreness has disappeared. There should be no manipulation, or exercise of the affected limbs exoent under the instruction of the family physician. This Is to avoid unnec- cessnry deformity. "The, board has requested the state fair authorities to confine the baby henlth contest to Jefferson county. Parents from other coun ties are advised not to bring children under 16 to the fair." $150 Prizes Offered for New' Wesleyan Students (Kperlnl to The TrninnMn.) Athens. Sept- 5 Much In terest has been shown In the Burnett attendance contest- On returns Tuesday of this week the Fhlloma-thean society wai leading with the Knlghtonan society second and the Athenians and Sapphonlan societies tied for the third place- The con-test closes on October 14. The prizes are $100 for the sot'lety whose members Influence the largest number of new students to en-roUgaijTennessee Wesleyan college aira $50for the society whose mem bers influence the next largest The prizes are errerea by Mr- ana W- A- Burnett of Evanston. III. It so happens that the presidents of three of the literary societies are from Jelllco- They nre- Miss Inez Brown, president of the Sapphonlan eoclety: Wllsle Wilder, president of the Phllomathean society; and Chas. Lljidsey, president of the Athenian society- The president of the Knightonnn society Is Miss Mildred Fchnell ot Newport, Ky. For aaleanT recommended by All Seeded Stars Win In Girls" National Meet Philadelphia, Sept. 5. All of the seeded stars In both the girls' national and the women's middle states' lawn tennis championship tournaments at the Philadelphia Orpheum Theatre 2 Nights, Saturday Matinee 9-10 Corveoua acenic oresentation Corgeoua Scenic Presentation UP HIGH an aerial innovation. Hughie, Mellnotte, Roy Radio troubles. Emmett Miller Clarionet Voiced Comedian, with half hundred people. Pricea Matinee, SOc, Sc, $1.00, $1.50. Night, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, Plus Tax. Seata now telling. STRAND ALL WEEK-GARY COOPER IN "THE LAST OUTLAW" Comedy Events KNICKERBOCKER ALL WEEK "METROPOLIS" Science 10,000 yeara from now. Added, The Famoue Ruthstrom Family Swedish Band. BELMONT Monday and Tuesday GILDA GREY IN "CABARET" Matinee 2 Nights 7-9 Loew's Vendome ALL WEEK-LILLIAN GISH IN "ANNIE LAURIE" A Metro-Goldwyn Picture Comedy Newa Fablea FIFTH AVENUE Monday, Tueaday, Wednesday On the Stage: "THE HONEYMOON LIMITED'1 Musical Comedy Company On the Screen: "CHEATERS" CAPITOL ALL WEEKf ADOLPHE MENJOU IN "SERVICE FOR LADIES" Henkel'a Orcheatra HILLSBORO GLORIA SWANSON IN "THE LOVE OF SUNYA" Mat. Daily Nightt 7-9 Popular Pricea THEATRES PRINCESS ALL WEEK "Several Flight of Steps" And 4 Other Bio Keith Aett Feature Photoplay "One Increaingr Purpose" Comedy Newa Reel ijs.siu iwmm "I aw i mm aQ leading drngfUts ereijwltere. A Favorite Kipling Story 4 IT IS recorded of this well-known British author that he once reriionstrated with a friend for having sent him a publication from which the advertising pages had been cut. "Why, you have thrown away the most interesting section Mr. Kipling said. Advertisements are more interesting 'today than at any time sincere invention of movable type. Merchants and manufacturers realize that their announcements must compete for interest with the work of the high-priced authors and illustrators. If you are not a regular reader of the advertisements in this paper, this is a good time to cultivate their acquaintance. You will find them interesting. You will find them friendly. They show you where to stop and take considerable strain off both shoe-leather and pocketbooks. Read the advertisements because they are interesting. Believe them because they are true. Act upon theix suggestions because it will pay you in many ways. Before you pick up the telephone, you usually consult the phone-book. Before you start out to shop, consult the advertising columns of this paper. They will give' you a direct connection with the merchandise you want. Don't stop with reading the news and editorials. The advertising columns are equally important more than five million people have paid "road show" prices to see! Here Monday for the first time at popular prices! i a 'w i a wkm A Mt1ro Goliu-n-lliyer Picturr wilk i JOHN GILBERT RENEE A DOR EE KARL DANE Preaanted with original Naw York Music Score and Stage Effects Augmented Orchestra Continuous, 10 A. M. to 11:15 P. M. Special Morning Performance Daily, Starting at 10 o'clock The Big Parade" Starts at 10:00, 12:15, 2:30. 4:45. 7:00, 9:15 I'KICES Mariner Oroh. and Rnl. Ioe and Hoirs R0 Chtldrrn Kvrn'ni ()rch. and Bal' R0 I.o(is and Boxea 65c Children 25o 1, IT i 't 1

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