Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 9, 1982 · Page 25
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 25

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1982
Page 25
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14B' Frl., July 9, 1982 Minneapolis Star and Tribune WLOL whistling happy tune over ratings f ! 1 :- 7M A V- ( V- Arbitron John Carman Arbitron phoned the semiannual radio ratings into Its Twin Cities clients Thursday morning, provoking the usual ritual of weeping, wailing, shameful regrets and joyous celebration. At the Improbable hour of 10 a.m., or thereabouts, corks flew from Inexpensive bottles of domestic champagne over on Davern St in St Paul Celebrants who weren't tied to microphones later adjourned to the Concourse Bar, across the street It was a group unaccustomed to riotous war whoops at Arbitron's moment of truth, because WLOL-FM (99.5) customarily rides out the ratings in the middle lane. But suddenly, Arbitron has conferred powerhouse status on the radio station. For the spring ratings period extending from March 19 to June 9, WLOL-FM didn't just have a good book. It practically accomplished a miracle, better than doubling its ratings and Q. How did Fig Newton cookies get their name? - A. James Henry Mitchell, a Philadelphia inventor, devised a machine that would simultaneously make a cookie and f ill it with preserves or Jam. It was tried out for the first time in 1892 at the Kennedy Biscuit Works in Cam-bridgeport, Mass. The Kennedy Biscuit Works followed the practice of naming cookies and crackers after towns around Boston: Beacon Hill, Shrewsbury, Brighton, Melrose. The cookie filled with Jam was called the Newton, after the town of Newton. As figs became the most commonly used filling, the cookies were rechristened Fig Newtons. Everybody's Business, The Irreverent Guide to Corporate America, An Almanac, by Milton Moskowltz, Michael Katz, and Robert Levering Q. I am interested in the state bird, the loon. Is there a record of its different calls? Where could I purchase such a record? A. The North American Loon Fund and the Massachusetts Audubon Society have produced an excellent record of loon calls titled "Voices of the Loon." Side one contains an identification and discussion of the different calls of the loon. Side two consists only of loons calling in various situations. , Male grads Dear Abby: "Blow, blow, thou winter wind, "Thou art not so unkind "As man's ingratitude." I think I know why Shakespeare used "MAN'S" ingratitude here: For years I have been mailing checks to soliciting graduates who have thoughtfully sent me announcements of their graduations. The girls, God bless their thoughtful, grateful hearts, are batting 100 percent in written "thank-you's," whereas, from at least 75 percent of the boys, the only acknowledgment for receipt of gifts is the endorsement on the back of the check. (It is heartening, however, to know that at least the boys can write!) Now, a bended knee plea to you prospective male grads: Under your endorsement at least scratch out a "thanks." No, Abby, amend that to read: "Look, kid, from now on please write a thank-you note." I am swearing off the thankless sex. Teed Off in Texas Abby says: For shame! I know not your gender, nor do I want to know, but pray, judge not all males as thoughtless, lazy ingrates. Shakespeare undoubtedly used man to denote all mankind, which included womankind as well. However, Jo revise all classic literature In an attempt to desex it would be a man (or woman)-sized job. Dear Abby: Please settle an argument I'm having with my sister-in- -EST spurting into third place in the roster of local radio stations. The station that used to call itself "almost perfect" Jumped from a 4.2 percent share of the audience last fall to a perfect 10 percent share of the audience this spring. WLOL-FM now trails only WCCO-AM (830) and KSTP-FM (94.5), both of which experienced rating declines. "It's the largest increase that I know of anyone having in this market in one (ratings) book," said a Jubilant Doyle Rose, general manager of the station and a man who expressed a hope only two months ago that the spring ratings would save his Job for another six months. Rose attributed the gain to a format change in December. That's when WLOL-FM stopped sounding like a lesser version of KSTP-FM and started broadcasting its FM version of the old top-40 rock radio. The hope was to siphon some of the more excitable listeners away from adult-contemporary KSTP-FM and to pick up others from the harder-driving KQRS-FM (92.5) and KDWB-FM (101.3). WLOL-FM sweetened its format revision by playing songs in batches of 10 at a time, without commercial interruptions. Rose also persuaded his overlords at the Liggett Broadcast Group to pump more money into promotion. He concentrated on hyping the morning drive-time team of John Hines and Bob Berglund, whose likenesses were splashed on billboards around the Twin Cities. The early evidence is that the plan was a bigger success than Rose could have imagined. KSTP-FM and the Need information? Fixit win answer your questions, or help you get answers. Write Fixit, in care ol the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. 425 Portland Av.. Minneapolis, Minn. 55488. Please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply. Only one question per letter and no phone calls, please. The record is $9.75 plus tax (49 cents) at the Blue Heron Bookshop in the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota. For mail order, include the sales tax plus $1 for postage. Make checks payable to the University of Minnesota and send it to: Blue Heron Bookshop, Bell Museum of Natural History, 10 Church St. SE., Minneapolis 55455. Judy Carter, bookshop manager, Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis ' Q. I signed over my house to my son in a life estate. I don't have papers telling me what it means. In layman's words could you please tell me what this means? Can he sell the house? Do I have any legal rights? A. It is impossible to be precisely sure what has been accomplished without reviewing the papers. However, from your description it appears that you signed a deed in which you retain a life estate in your house and your son has what is technically called a remainder. In layman's terms, this means the house is yours for as long as you live and on your death the house belongs to your son. In other words, you own the house for as long as you live and you are the only person who can sell this right. Therefore, unless you sell the property, ft is yours during your lifetime. As a practical matter, the sale of the have a gift law. Her husband died four years ago and she has never bothered to change the utility bills or credit cards to her name. All her bills are addressed to "Mr. and Mrs.," just as though her husband were still living. (There is still a phone listing for "Mr. and Mrs.") She says as long as the bills get paid, it doesn't matter whose name they are in. Nor does it matter how she's listed in the phone book. Is it legal to transact business using a dead man's name? Perplexed in Pa. Abby says: A Philadelphia lawyer can tell you what's legal, but why Is this a cause for argument? If your widowed sister-in-law, for any rea son, wants to retain her charge accounts and telephone listing in the name of Mr. and Mrs., why should you care? Dear Abby: I was appalled to read recently that statistics show that the largest percentage of new cigarette smokers Is comprised of teen-age girls. So, remembering why I started to smoke 1) to look older, and 2) to look sexy I am compelled to write this letter. An Open Letter to Teen-age Girls If you're thinking about starting to c& J I Dear yt-Jhr I Abby Staff Photo by Chuck Bjorgen . Doyle Rose, general manager of WLOL-FM, and disk jockey Bob Berglund celebrated their new Arbitron ratings with champagne. KQRS and KDWB AM-FM combinations lost a total 4.7 share of the audience most of it from KSTP and KQRS seemingly accounting for niost of WLOL-FM's gain. Hines (rebounding from an ill-fated television experience on "Twin Cities Today") and Berglund tripled the station's morning drive-time ratings. And Rose was rubbing his hands over the prospect of big increases in WLOL-FM's advertising rates. Arbitron's numbers translate into dollars, and the size of WLOL-FM's ratings jump should mean well over $1 million to the station. Other trends in the radio ratings: house would now require the consent of both yourself and your son. Either you or your son could sell what you own; that Is, you could sell to someone else your rights to the house for as long as you live. However, on your death the property would belong to your son. Likewise, your son could sell his right to the property after your death. Until you die, neither your son nor anyone he might seHo has any right to occupy or use the house. There are a number of advantages in using the life estate remainder configuration. However, there is a corresponding problem in that, unless all parties agree, the practical effect is that the property cannot be sold. It's strongly recommended that anyone considering deeding property to a son or other relative in this fashion should carefully consult with an attorney and make the life estate remainder part of an overall estate plan. . Hennepin County Bar Association, Lawyer Referral and Information Center, 339-8777 What's In a word: The term "hooker," meaning prostitute, originated with U.S. Army Gen. Joseph Hooker. In New Orleans during the Civil War, Hooker spent so much time with the ladies of the night that the women came to be called "Hooker's Division." Eventually this was shortened to "hooker." "Fascinating Facts" by David Louis for being thankless lot smoke, or if you smoke only occasionally, please read this before, smoking becomes a hard-to-break habit If you think smoking will make you look older, forget it I started to smoke when I was 16 because I wanted to look older. I didn't realize until I was 22 that smoking didn't make me look older, It only made me look like a young punk TRYING to look older. Do you think smoking will make you look sexy? Look at the cigarette ads. It never shows a woman actually smoking a cigarette just holding one. Why? Because when a woman smokes, she looks ugly. Her cheeks cave in, her face becomes distorted AUTO ACCIDENT VICTIMS IF you were injured in Minnesota since January 1, 1975, and IF your insurance company paid you only $200 a week lost wages, YOU may be entitled to additional no fault benefits. Call 333-8361" Schwebel, Goetz, Sieben & Hanson Attorneys 4924 IDS Center Mpls., MN. 55402 WCCO-AM, with a 20 percent share of the audience, fell below its 20.2 audience share last spring. Promotion director Jon Quick blamed the ratings on the poor performance of the Minnesota Twins, whose games are broadcast on WCCO-AM. WDGY-AM (1130) held its own against country-music competition from the FM band's KJJO-FM (104). In fact WDGY-AM rose from a 6.4 share last fall to a healthy 8.5 share. The easy-listening format continued its decline at KEEY-FM (102.1) and WAYL-FM (93.7), with WAYL-FM showing the biggest drop. Quarterflash's Ross hears herself, not Pat Benatar By Dennis Hunt Los Angeles Times Don't tell singer Rindy Ross that she sounds like Pat Benatar. That's a very touchy subject with this member of the hot band Quarterflash. "I can't see why people say I sound like her," Ross complained. "Just listen to the record." v ' But listening to Quarterflash's hit, "Harden My Heart," only confirms that Ross indeed sounds like Bena tar. Like Benatar, Ross has a sultry, punkish style. Benatar generally plays the vulnerable but unsinkable woman who defiantly weathers some romantic storm in her songs. In "Harden My Heart," Ross invades Benatar's thematic turf. Also, several other songs on the band's debut album "Quarterflash" on Geffen Records are In the Benatar vein. Whatever the Intent of Ross and producer John Boylan, the use of that sound is a smart move. Benatar is the queen of rock with a marketable sound. Ross, however, freely acknowledges imitating one artist When she started singing as a college student in .Oregon in the early '70s, her major Influence was Joni Mitchell. Actually, influence Is too mild a term. and when she looks down at the cigarette, her eyes cross. Most women are constantly squinting to keep the smoke out of their eyes, and when they take a deep drag, the cords of their necks stand out and their nostrils flare like an old horse. As if looking funny isn't enough, consider the smell. People who smoke stink. Literally. Their breath stinks, their hands stink, their hair stinks and their clothes stink! No perfume can mask it As for kissing, unless a smoker kisses another smoker who stinks as bad, it's nauseating. So, girls, before you light another cigarette, ask yourself, do I really want to look ugly and do I really want to stink? Suzaane Conaway, Kansas City, Mo, For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby in care of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, 425 Portland Av., Minneapolis, Minn. 55488. Jazz station KTWN-FM (107.9) of Anoka remains among the also-rans in the overall ratings, but registered its best audience share (1.6) in memory. Last fall, it averaged only six-'tenths of 1 percent of the audience. The following chart compares shares of the average, quarter-hour audience during the spring rating period to last fall's ratings. A "share" means the percentage of the audience listening to the radio. Spring 1982 Fall 1981 WCCO-AM 28.1 22.1 KSTP-FM 12.2 14.8 WLOL-FM 1M U WDGY-AM &5 6.4 For a while I really was Joni," Ross recalled. "I tried to copy her every Inflection. But I don't sound anything like her now." Vocals are only part of Ross's contribution to Quarterflash (which makes its Twin Cities debut tonight at the St Paul Civic Center in concert with Elton John). She has the distinction of being the only woman in a prominent band who doubles as lead singer and sax player. About six years ago, when Ross decided "to play an instrument, she selected the sax for a practical reason. "My dad was a sax player," she explained. "He had a sax that I could borrow. It was easier than buying something." Quarterflash had its beginnings in the late '70s, when the Portland band known as Seafood Mama became one of the most popular in the Northwest The original Seafood Mama version of "Harden My Heart," recorded in a crude basement studio and distributed haphazardly, sold 10,000 copies in the region. "We decided to record the single because we were on a local TV special," Ross recalled. "We figured we'd be fools not to have some record to promote when we did the TV show. I even voted against putting out the single. It sounded too rough. Boy, was I wrong. The success of the . . ' . . . X - single is wnai anraciea ine ueuen label." . But no record company signs an act FS5EE 1 F I . (only on giH certificate may t used pr Ubtoi $3.00 may b appltod on purchaM of I any Hams from Embora monu with a minimum purchaM of $6.99 por table. I NO CASH REFUNDS Gift Cortlficate1 mint ! turned In for crodlt on your I maal. I Offer good dally 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. I Not usable with any other coupon or -special offer, or take out order. I I Offer good thru July 19, 1982 at I Twin Cities area Embers Restaurant I -JIM KDWB-FM 6.1 6.6 KQRS-FM 4.6 6.6 WCCO-FM 4.4 4.4 KEEY-FM 4.1 .4.2 WAYL-FM 12 4.1 KSTP-AM 3.1 3.J WWTC-AM 2.3 l& KJJO-FM 2.6 1-8 KDWB-AM 2.6 1.8 KTWN-FM 1.6 A KTCR-FM 1.1 1.6 WMIN-AM 1.6 .6 KRSI-AM .7 1.6 KLBB-AM .6 J KTCR-AM .5 KQRS-AM J J based on one song. "It was all of Marv's songs," Ross explained. "That's what got us -the deal. His songs are great" That s not an objective view. The i ji. . . Dana 3 suiiKwruer, raarv koss, won also plays guitar and sings, is her UUSUBUU. 1UC HU55CS, Ulgll SCI1UU1 sweethearts who've been married 10 ; years, co-founded Seafood Mama six years ago. Both were teachers looking for diversion. Marv Ross taught junior high school English, Rindy Ross elementary school. Eventually, the band became such a hit on the bar circuit that the hobby became a career. When Seafood Mama signed with Geffen in late 1980, it not only got a new name, Quarterflash, but four new players. The decision to revamp the band was a wise one. Quarter-flash is one of those rare groups that had a hit with its first single and first album, which entered the Top 10 last spring. "We would never have made it with those other guys," Ross candidly pointed out "We would probably still be Seafood Mama and we'd be back in Portland bars, dreaming of bigger things. I was tired of dreaming. I was tired of working in bars. We had to make it when we did. We had to bury Seafood Mama and give birth to I I .4 St . . A 1 1 It sumeiaing ueuei yuarieriiasn. COUPON BREAKFAST SPECIALS Our famous Embers breakfast of 1 3 pancakes or toast 2 eggs hash browns I i I 1 fill! Mm i UJ i with bacon or i sausage $1.79. I These Ember breakfast special I good from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. dally. Coupon good for a many I people a are in your party but coupon must accompany your or- I der. May not be used with any other coupon or special offer. Offer good . t'cipoung cmoers Restaurants I thru July 19, 1982. tjjai,..:(iT-C . j S

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