The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1931 liLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COUH1ER NEWS i'AGE THREK Go to Jefferson City in Support of: Proposal for Nr.v Income Tax Law. KENNETT. Mo.—AiniOH. IOC men. iin.-lv.dln3 all t!lt ll! sh £"hool .superintendents of Dunklin cou.i- ty. left here Tuesday nlshi for Jcf- liison City «-:-erc tin 1 } 1 will a;ip:r at'a hairing before the lavui::'. equalization committee of the <tr.r senate. Toe muve is. t;:ng push:: lo attempt lo hold in lint 1 th: memliets of the senate wlio htv;: adupeld a doubtful auiiutle c.vic Iho survey commls-::c:i ve.n;: a::\: Ihrcugii t^e house of i-«;a-?s3]>l:i- [ives recently. Tlie bill, which hns incurred th: active opiwslticn cf large dvl: r.n: industrial bodies cl Kansas City and St. Louis, |i:cinses a ui-.i:]j atcd sciile of income Vx lo FUJI plant 111: iirjfssil income lax. The bill was sponsored fcy la-.ij- \ don R. Jones of Ihis cL'.y in the house and is beinu actively <iushc j . in the senate by Dcarmont on- olhers from the ,soiuhc.-ist s?ct:o.i of Missouri. An effort was made lo get a spo rial Frisco train (rein her? f::- passengers from this and adjace:;' counties, but owin; to a lack of sleeping: car service this failed. Kemiett and Carathersville. o: the two gathering points for nnnk- lin and Pemiscot counties, expec'.rj to send a (otal of more than 40i delegates. St. Lcuis nnd Kansas City had nearly 1.000 delegate; t: protest the action, many threatening lo move their Imlus'.ria plants from the state if the bill 1< approved. Tile committee meeting bsforf l!ie senate survey commit!?? \va scheduled for Wednesday aftemooi at 2:30. It was planned to have all the balconies and available places filled with rural delegates in an effort to swing the faltering members of the senate into line. Judge Issues 10 Rules For Husband's Conduct K!iV.' YOttX- IUI J >—A sa of ii! c.:::iinir.Mment; !o" husbands ires handed to John I'ay- >. cf Newark by his wife rai:e when he sought di,-:::.e, Dili fie coui't gave him hr?e iiKiit!-.s 10 study ihem be- '01; a:iing on the \i\eu. The ; follow: Cr.c. I-ay nil bills. Two. Oiv2 ' M; at lease S3 v>?k!v for her- 'i'.t. 'Ihrec. Permll her to so •"hire <hc j.lcases, find whrn. I-oar. .Th: is lo '.eive horn; af- '. ": Tile first ursunient. rive. TV:'- vfliiives are nc". tn lei •.'i 1 v.'hal t- tic no'.i 11 / v. p ;iv. " >:h.' ko?pv. Six. (live a v^ulatsd amo: .V. fcr food fov the home. Seven. Minif^t amorous InclinaliTib sjvc -:rl'.!in« f,f wife. F.:-;h-.. Sii? s have sole control ever c^. ;Vir.3. \Vifa K -ave irr <> -cam. Ten. Husband must bin r.i2:u.- an-1 a'.lov; mu-1? U'iS Bassett News M. 1 . ;:-<! M::. McAfee r.:id Inratly i'avo lYluriK'U from an extended <:ut iiilh Mrs. Mi-ACcc's parents :'. Shiloli. Twin. .1:-:. l?cy MfK.itrld has returned I. cir a I'.v.T v.v.-ks visit with hoi' rc::.r, Mrs. Ueil BunneN of Dell. ..A ^ Mr. nnd Mrs. IHifus lloll cf liui 1 , AH:., nmicuncu Hie utrlli EMI on Thurxluy of la»l wee's, it .veil Ci.!dcn Is home with his vcl-; u.' three, fiaciured libs s\is- rod nnd the son o; Jim Chlsho!m.| lly 'sir.ei! while engaged In work near Miss Mae Chlslioliu returned! have charge ot Dovcrie, Term. noire lust week from a visit wiihjxhere. John Moppins, employee of a her Binndinollier at Corinth, Miss.I sawmill operated by Hen Clisell Mr'.. Cleo. • McF.\lrldge iiml: at Golden Lake, hiul a narrow es- daugli, Mis. II. C- Smith vlsltfd' cn)>e li'cin cleiuli last wsek. wlien wiin Mrs. J. \v. Fonvllle of Osce- j Ills body was cinujlH In the drive oln List Friday. mo nremr.n Mr. mid Mrs. Virgil Sparks spoilt happened to be standing by the S'_\M:I| il.iys luM week tn Memphis <.:;.:'i I :,?vi-r anil shut the speed ^ i!:e n'.ivsl of thetr daughter, off in time t= five ^Sr. Moppins Mi • vim Dill, fioin very soilous Injury. I Mr. <;. K. Fulr Is Hie new man;-i-i:;;iv, ill v.'i'.h lnlH:eim\ Include ft 1 r of llic Kvadale Mercantile Co, I" 1 lti-i:y. Mrs. M a. Gold- Mr. ll.iymon'd, Williamson, past lo Bell City, Mo., where he will (cause Ills Ideplioue number Is one, a smnll business his automobile license number Is I one, Ills ilshlnt mid humlng II- Mijis-j.s Nina Mi*o McFalrid^o, ccnsi- Is numlK'r one, and he pos- L'.:U| Blanche Alexander, accom- . L eH-\-; a [Ishlnp and hunting 11- i::inlc:l b' 1 Jinno Mei-mrlcl mid: cciiw Irom Callfcinh number one. 1 Lccmnrcl Wl!li;nus motored lo L?- - —-- ' pant-. Sunday for u visit with Ol'I'OSKS TAKING OVER I.AM1 i.'lpncK i RF.NO, iUl"~ The -inn'ml con___ ventinii of Nevada County com- 1 K'KNRIIS .M.I, NUMIIKK ONUS i mKs.iiiH-rs. liuvi' i:onc OH record as CAHSON CITY, -'Nev., 'UP) - [ r.|)iv,si'il (o tills btale Inklnc ever 'I!-.; s f vrim-.r of Nevada isn'l «ti-itl'> public domain within Its bor- .sviit-mlniled, but K he was, h» i!ns as imipDieil by (lie Hoover illl have Mule difficulty in 1'iiWlc Lunil Cuiinnl!,\!cn in n re- I In the very earliest limes mon had a superstitious belief in come I super natural connection between the irrcs and Itlnuelf. It Is frcm this old belief thai cur ''touch wood" Eupcnltlon arises. remembering liow to set about, IJL-- rent 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure 1 Colds, Headaches, Fevc 666 SALVE Cures IJaby's Cold OP "TERRORIZES" THE TOWN c take a loaf of bread and prr-- ; 'me for !ho county rVrocmtral '-!i=s Cora Coleman. <n Men-' 'r-v. Febrrary Zird. Mr. ^ncl Mrs. Kennard Walters' vill spend the week r-nd v-i'!'. • Incivjs and relatives at Parma and' Oran. Mo. Store Closed Thursday to arrange Stock for Big Sale ADJUSTMENT Not PS Poetry Maga/ine Awards Prize to County Resident OSCEOLA, Ark. Mrs. Josephine Grider Jacobs of Osceola, whose verse lias entertained and delighte;! her friends for a number of years and who recently has bsen a rcgu- >.r contributor (o tlie Memphis Evening Appeal's "On Second Thought" column, \\nt- this montr. awarded the prize ofte>eci monthly by tlie Kaleidoscope, poetry maja- zine published at Dallas. Tex., lor her quatrain, "Seeds." which wit: appear in an early issue of Ihe magazine. Other publications which v.-ir. carry Mrs. Jacobs' verse in early issues are the Poets Magazint c- New York city, th cBiptiji Publishing company publications n' Nashville. Terni.. and the RiitileHt School of Expression In Memphis MJTS. Jacobs, who is well kno-«; in Mississippi county woman's clut work, is a native of this county ant much of the material lor her entertaining verse is drawn from plantation life on her own place a; Grider and the childhood home. San Souci plantation, on the river south of Osccola. Slie is a sister cJ the late Lieut McGavock Grider. whose diary, published anany.Tio:;::- !y by a comrade after his death in (he worid conflict, is held one ci the most- vivid pictures of the American Expeditionary forces in Prance. Oris Clnlds and Misses Minnie " Simv. Tr-miny Sherriol: and Kat!»-'; vyn Cox inclored to Memphis W.xl- ncsilav .I'liRli 1 . where they visited .vitli Miss Tavlnr wlio is ill at the Methodist Hospital. Th? n. Y .P. U. entertaiivd with a party at the school Thursday ni^ht. Miss Minnie Bell Saw was the sponsor. There were Lwenty- Eix local irr-mtxM-s present and two] visitors Miss Dot Gideon nnd Mr. | Charles Heal of Wilson. i Mre. Swain 13rec>; and Misses! Betiie Lon Urcck and Irene Ni-! cliols mot-red to Blythcvlle Thursday. They MYrre acrompanicd t:ome by Mrs C. L. Nichols and two children who have been visit-! ing Mrs. 11. E. Weidmnn at Blythc- rillc for a week. Miss Ethyl Lusk and Mr. Spjncoj Willlnras accompanied by Dick Watnson and Miss Madge Davidson, motored to Blytheville Wednesday ni7ht. Rev. and Mrs. .Tames Lunsford j of Jonssboro spent thj week cnil as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jiai Childs The Keiser Kcd Devils wil play Yarbro next Tuesday night at Koi- fjlovis and Gladys Crockett of Osce"la attended church services het,?. Sunday. Miss Ruth Taylor of Macon. Miss., spent a few days here as the sncst of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. Irene Nichols will leave Wednesday for.Memphis where she v.-lll undergo' 'treatment at the Methodist Hospital. Never in all our history, were we forced to sell at prices that are really a "crime": I n this sale Cost Is Forgotten —Profits Cast Aside and new spring goods go just the same. Our store has been re-arranged to launch the greatest selling event of all times. This May Re Strong Talk—We HI can Every Word and They Are True . Facts. We have engaged the services of a special Merchandise Councellor who has orders t< at any cost. We realize the existing conditions and we are going to do our part; further Mr. Lang's sales always go over, as he does as he advertises. STARTS FRIDAY, FEB. 20th. MOTHER ADVISED TAKING CARDUI Lady Who Had Keen In Bad Health Took Oirdui And Was Benefited. Pecan Grove News Mrs. -M. S. Avery ;s improving from a major operation. Mrs. Frank BircheU, Mrs. R. E. Davis. Mr;. Clarence Davis and Mrs. L F. Hedge were Blylhcville c'.-.GUpers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. I.. F. Hodce and '.heir cousin Mi?s Juno Pinkerton of Gcsnell attended the rook party at Mr. and Mrs. Jake Richardson's Sitiii-day night. Mr. and ,'.Trs- D. J. Hod?e and family and Mr. and Mrs. L. F. H:dgc were dinner guests of Mr. *nd Mrs. Eirl Ilonders-jn of Oscc- (J[H 3unday. T. J. Richardson spent Saturday n!g!it with Fred Hodge. Bill Dartha and Louie Hodge of Half Moon spent Sunday night at their grandmother's, Mrs B B ' H-<iee. Howard Jackson was a Blytheville visitor. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Enimra spent Monday in Blythoviltc. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crasskno were the guests of Mrs- L. J. Crasskno. Sunday. Mr. pnd Mrs. E. C. Hodge o( Lone Oak were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hodge, Monday. ' The ladvs aid will have their bread display at the Lone Oak church, Friday. Everyone is asked BIRMINGHAM. Ala.—When in run-down condition of health some Mine ago, Mrs. W. P. Sivcley, 5412 Seventh Avenue, South, this city, took Cardui, with the resultin-j benefit which she describes below. "About a year 330, my health was not good," writes Mrs. Siveley. felt weak and tired, and had pains! in my back. T lost weight. "I knew by these symptoms l! needed something to build n-.e up. My mother advised me to try Car- dni, which- I did. I found it was what I nstded. for it bailt me up. j The pain in my back stopped, and | I felt better and stronger than T' had In some time. "I took about seven bottles of|| Cardui in all. and now I am feel-! in^ just fine, and have been since j taking Cardui." Thousands of other women have v.ritten to say that Cardui hasj proved of valuable asfislance to; them in building up their health.'! Cardui is a purely vegetable me-' I dicinal compound, and contains | nothing l-.Dimful or injurious. SATURDAY 2 P.M. Saturday !) a. m OneBarP&G SOAP Panlies-- Step-ins 2 limit No Other Purchase Required • $1.50 ladies pure lull fashion picot top Saturday 10 a. m. Friday 10 a. m. Your choice of any Ladies' SUPPERS in the house, in all sfyles nnd sines. Values up to 57.00. Dresses Values to §4.00—Your choice of one lot of Children:;' FROCKS HOSE SLIPPERS Sizes from 3 to 8. fast colors—in the newest pretty designs SATURDAY4P.M, $2.50 Fine Crepe Undies liloomcrs —. Teddies, Panties, —. Step-ins, Dancettes Values t» S-i.95 — one large lot of Ladies' in Sporl—Street — Travel Styles, your choice $2.50 in ?-I.OO All Leather BAGS $179 1 Uiod by Women P fer Over 50 Year? a A companion medicine to Cardui—I ,. Thcdford's Black-Draught lor Con- j 11 sUpatlon, Indigestion. Blliovisnesg.! j{ GAS 16y 2 c Save I'hillips 30c In Tank of O|«n flay "66" J5c on Gas. N'is''t Harry Bailey Arcli, Hcrmontl.ilc. Mo. Harry lialley, 1'rop. COURTEOUS SERVICE Tune En KBTM 1100 Kilocycles COTTON j BELT I PROGRAM EVERT MONDAY i NOON : Ifcli la l»» p,m. ' i To Encourage Dairy, Poultrr mmt ! ! Vegctalbe Pr»«nctte« la UN St. I | Fraacli B«»to. FOUR DRESS VALUES THAT CANNOT BE BEAT Group A—Values to $7.95 OKESSES Your choice of many and colors styles for 55.75 Group B—Values to $12.05 Dai ESSES A big selection of excellent styles. for SS.50 Group C—Values to ?10.!).i DRESSES of very high grn'le in exclusive styles. 2 for SI 5.00 Group D—Values to §19.95 DRESSES of the finest ii Your choice the hoiisc- for $25.00 New Spring Coats In 2 Splendid Lots that Will Go Fast at These Prices Values to $15.00 New Spring COATS Snappy Styles and Colors Winter Cents Less Than Onc-hnU Price Values to $22.15 Xcw Spring tno «s» And what Classy Styles Re (he Judge- The Famous FORM FIT Brassiers All styles and . sizes. Vte FASHION No money Needed Buy On Our Lay Away Blythevilie, Phone 507 Arkansas $1.00 Fast color Childrens' DRESSES In several styles. All sizes

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