The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, WAV 24, 1938 m,YTH!CVlLLti (AUK.) COURIER NtiWS PAGE :.WVB Moderately Priced—Modernly Built Permit Granted For Church o( Christ Building On West Main Plans for Ihc erection of H church home for Hie church of Christ con- prejitlion have been completed following Die Issuing of n buildlna permit for erection of Ihc structure, which is lo be in n reslricicd part cf the city. The frame building is le be ore uletl in the 12CO block oi Wcsl Main street on the two 50- foot Ids easl of Hie Sam Joseph properly. No prolcst was filed after Ihc congregation made application for Ihe permit. \Vork is expected lo tlarl within llnce weeks. Tlic building, which is lo cost approximately 55,000, is to be so ccnslrncleJ Dial nn addition imy lie made later. The auditorium, which will seat, 300, will have l\vo class rooms on the front and two on the rear and there will be a tliessing room at. each r.itlc of the baptistry, which ts to be at Hie back oi Ihc pulpit. 'Ilie building, which is to be of .siding, will lie painted white and will have a composite!) roof. The entrance will be ornamented in a Jashion especially appropriate for churches. This congrcBalion, which has long worshipped in the court house • .licic, will have its first permanent home when this bulldhij is completed. It is planned to have a resident pastor at lhat time. Officers of the congregation arc: Sterling French, W. H. Clark. J. W. Hastings, elders. Members of Iho building committee arc 11. T. Gill, Mr. French, Mr. Clark and Bennic Cook. r;~ '' < ->,•' •"-'';: " ,; ',> t, ^rMtS&Vc 1 .' • *" iifc • . '.^v-*w*.\ '^ ..-> '? David Travis Purchases Former Dick Webb Home D.Tvid Travis, \vho moved here from Oscccla some time ago to be connected with the Holt Funeral home, has purchased the former Dick Webb residence at 526 Chickasawba avenue. Mr. and Mrs, Travis and three children ha\e already moved lo the two bedroom residence, which is --to be .redecorated laler. Under.Stairs Space Houses Small Bar Features of ihis ncal liltlc brick tlwclHiiB arc the size of the major rooms, the twu beil- rooms being U feet by 11 feet and 13 feel by 12 feet and Ihc living room 18 feel liy 15 feet, and cOiciency of arrangement. The house is situated in Chartolle, iV. C'., anil was appraised at ?5,000. H wag financed liy means of a $1,000 20-year KijfA insured mortgage. Monthly paymcnls fo principal and interesl amount tit $28.40. The tolal itionlhly paynicnts which include also taxes, hazard insurance, water rent amount to $36.71. (The 1'HA docs not furnish plans ami specifications of any of the hniisc-s reproduced in the Clip Sheet.), Provision Made In Properly Improvement Plan for 'Building Such SlrucUu'cs I'cw lumnlrs o'.vtiiiu: their homes (oil.'iy an 1 without nn ntiloinolille. Tills U also true ot those families who ar;' cunlcmplnllni; Ihe foiiil:!- lii"; i v r puiThasi' ol a home. The iiio.viii! popularity of suburban IT: idnu'C ha:i helped elevate Iho ai'tiimnliilr from lln 1 ranks ill lux- uiii':; Ilic cl'.uallkiiltoii u( an is>i-i'«U;il. The result is that a nara^e Is no l'.;ii}er viewed as an "extra" but a:, p.ul of the liovisc, 'Ini' iiue:;lloii to come ui whni luiildini; a i;ai;i[;e Is Ihc lupti of family discussion i:; whero to Ir'-Mif II. -"r'hout;! It hi; on Ihe r;\n ol. Ilic lol, or Hhr.iild It IK Inillt into the lmu:;c? Mniiy ol tin- rally '|iir.T|c:; «TI'C convnU"! i.tnhli-:; which lor nlwl- OIK rr:is«!!s had t:wi lo.'alod n.v f.-n the hniii.n nr; possible. Tin walk lurk In lln: In t i ol:l dump weather iind tin- uerei.slly o loii^ driveways disronraijed this I pliiiement hut tl remained popular I utyinisi: of th^ liie-lur...ird Inclor ' llial uuK.ed people lo pill up with thr liiccnvenloufc ralher Ulan ilsk having tin,' house hnperilcil. Near lluusc ' Expcilencc (icmonstrate;t thai carelcsj.nras iind not the car was U.Mi:dl r ' responsible for fire:; itivclv- Ins automobiles, (.iaraiics uer: tin'ii );ijilt Dint coiincjled witli Ibi: Innise by u porch, 'ilic convenience of this typs was recognkcd, and It. was bat a step from making Ihe ga- ia';c an liUc^ral part of the bnlld- lirj. 'I'lic new home loclay usually has fake Repairs, Additions To Local Residences Sevenil local residences inn te- it; liiiproved hy iiddlllons, repulr.s nil icilet'oriillons. T'lio C'nvl l).i- IKCS, who live at 818 hlckasiuvbn venue, arc Inilkllni; a fourth bed- ocin In their house and are nlso ToiatiiiK (lie bathroom mid nnklnii other Improvement. Mr, nnil Mrs. w. J. Wumlorllch, I'ho live nl 8-'0 llearn slreel, nra e|:alnllni; I heir house while. Mrs Wiuideillch is rouiTiiDVlne Ihe 'olor si'hcine of her front porch, which is screened, so as lo convert II into n rummer living room I li« celling Is bring patiHoi! it lemon yellow. Insleitd of Ihe conventional bine, (ho black trim on Ihe riTi'en is Irelug iiindu while, the lloor Is being made brown, mid 1 furniture Is helm; painted while. Sufficient Outlets Add Home Comfort The modest null- elcplrle Ilonr outlet Is never fully nnprcclnled inilH you wnnt nnu nut) there Isn't- one where ynn wnnl 11. 'A' stinly ol needs for oullels, Immcdiiite and future, filiuiild he. iiitule When planning n new homo. The efficiency of mi existing hoiree i.iin he Killed In hy Installing Moor onlMs In .slrnlORle jilncps. Funds for Ilils wink can lie obtained un r Ihc I'foppiiy Improvement edit Hun ot Ihc Federal llous- i; Adinlnlslriillun, H lius been estlumlcd Hint there •o 1'J.OTO elephants in Kcnyn ilouy, Kafil Afi'lcn. the cltiier built in at Ihu rear or placed at one siilc ot Ihc house. In either iinnnijcincnt a direct entrance inlp Ihe dweUini an.iiik'cd. 'Die entrance In the aias;c allows gcnerou;> clearance Vivacy Is Destroyed By Poorly Planned |j oul I'dTini; rimleinplnllni; consli'iie ;ion of Kiiiiill homes in cnnluln •intilc linlhrnom should (live cure, fill sluify to (lie. locnllou of tli tilth. 11 should lie MI KtluHtcil. prcfci ;il-,ly, ttiiil no other room lin.s I Ire pa.'.vcil IhroiiKh In order I icivrii Hie bathroom from uny pn of Dm hoi):?. 11 thh jiiTungcmet \t; lint iiiii<li: ; then Iho hath shoul te so located Hint, 11 nmy I vciulictl from Ihe llvlnii ronni i liinlns! rooin witluiul uolnjj throiiu u bedroom. Cureless planning liiri ri&aU in cmbaiTiissini', Inch of ]irlvncy many The homes. Federal Homing Admin! on either side nol only to save the | i lo iis;.i family car from fender bending out lo permit ample working ro:>m in tuition, in p;u;:iui; nn oliiilbllity Improper Framing Causes Building Ills Wuslcr cracks, iilicklng dobrs'aiid windows, and oponlng of woodwork' Joints may occur in houses llril lire honc.illy built of flrsl-anicla nmteriuls. When buch nihfortune.s otcui Iliey urc tjcncrnlly duo lo Improper (Vanillin, liy Improper framing is nicanl Inailcijiiiitc or fnully bracing 1 or n lyiw of construction willed will cuiise unequal nalllcmcnl or slirink- «Be In Ihe liorkonlnl inenibcrs, rc- Kiillliu; In piaster cracking and'In doors that bind and rultle. la Kcnyn, Ilrlltsh tmsMssiun In toisl Africa, wild unlmnl sliooling' is carefully regulated. l''or Convindnu; I'rwif Thnt You Ciui Huiltl ;i Helter ;, Home itl K«!iitionabl« (,'osl Visit the Houses Now Being Constructed by Us II is unlu'lievulily cusy (o build this year, if you CHH (|iiitlif.v (nr »» t'.HA loiin. Very little money is ni'cdvil to start, geiioi'itlly (lic'iirlci! nl' » lot is sufl'i-,• cii-iil, iinil (he biiliiiK'K ciiu bu flniincul tivcr a lun;;, torm \vilh low interest. We ui'U'c you (o (iikc.tulvtiiitiiKc now of «asy eri'dif, liivovalili; mutei'ial Jilitl lalior priiTs and itkM build\i\K wwUhi'r. l,«t us helii you htiiltl ii new homu I.his tinimvi'. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. I'lionu 40 Ihe ku und the storage of FLOOR PLAN |.. Where a home boasls of a ba^e- ' ••••>,it game room a pleasing addition lo tin's recreation center may Lie made by convening the imilcr- al;iirs .space into ;i miniature bar. No elaborate of decora- lion is necessary. A collection of mentis and wine lists from famous icotanrants ami hotels Incited on Ihc wails and a minor mounted on the ceiling gives Ihe liltlc liitb- uway an air ol ils own. uestion Box i| 1 Fresh Paint Gives ' \ /£»i » n Remodeled Kitchen Requires Planning Houses built a number nf yearo ago did not, usually and certainly not intentionally provide efficiency kitchens. ft was thought that a large room was all dial was needed. Placement of equipment was left up to the housewife. Feu 1 clil-fashionetl homes .''inccrporalcd built-in cabinets. Old fcilchcns may be brought up lo date b/ rearranging the equipment and installing built-in fea- tnrcs such as cabinets, shelves, and (n her pernianctil fixtures. Much of the work ol modernizing n hitrhnii may b= linaiieccl by bank.-;, building and loan associations, linan:c companies, and oilier financial inslUulions operating ni'.dci the I'rofWM-ly Improvemeiit Credit Had of the HI A. Attic Ventilation Fans Arc Hot Weather Rcliei Tn many seclions of Ihc country licl-ivcalhcr iii^htn ; rn often so severe as to prcclutlc >lccp during exaggerated ho! spells. Houses may be ma le more comfortable an:! livahlo by the installa- ticn of atl!c ventilation. A fun is used that, has a larje, •Tpacil; and is locAtert so that it, hai a frrc dlscharq: to the outside anri ir> easily accessible for oilins and repair. <\niple allowance should be made for the :irculalion of air lliron;h- ctit. the house. Tlih may be done l>y leaving doors or windows open and leaving Ihe allic stairway opDii as far as possible. Hy using HID fan at sight, Ihc best," result-, are obtained. The fan is ordinarily so amused that It sticks the air from the rooms and discharges it into the night. For day Hint efficiency il Is advisable lo equip windows with Venetian blinds and awnings, which v.-ill exclude a lot ot heat that under ordinary conditions ivoiild penetrate Into the house. Much of Hie cost of this type of inodernlzallon may bo linanccd , with funds from prlvale lending institutions operating under the Provisions of the Properly Im• provement Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Q. Water cools very quickly in ny hot-water tank. Wlial ean he :lonc to prevent it? A. Have an insulating jacket :nt on (he tank. This \\'ill help o keep water hot for long periods ind also thontd save fuel. Q. How many coats of paint should be used in decorating a 'com? A. At least three for a «ati3- faclory cflccl. Q. Will knotty piiio liojrds on interior wa'ls cup and crack? A. Net if the panels arc thoroughly Willed mid kept, dry until actually nailed onto the walls. have lo l:e .straightcr.ud oul ea^h 1'vosl will lend tu dis- Icdgc them from original position. is considered ample Q. What closcl A minimum of one closet for racl) bedroom should !:'.• provided, as v.'tll as an entrance ronl closet and a nirnt. linen storage cpaee. "Newness" To Home One r.f Ihc least expensive of all inoilernixalion projects thai never-" tticle.'i. 1 , aciiieve onn of the best effects is a complete interior paint jo:). Dintiy woo;lwmk and paneling detract from the licaul.y of a room, regardless of furniture and the decorative value of curtains ami rugs. A thorough repainting H Irani- c!e:;rl. for cleaning equip-1 iwr.nlvely Mltlc uosl will work won- fn addillon, there rhouKI he llcfs VV1|U il lloln( '' tool:;, spare lire, and grease an:l ol). ,Miny tiarni;es have a uccontl story io t>e used for servants' quarters an:l a shower for Ilic aiinlenr mechanic. It is not necessary to fireproof j the inside of Ihc garage unless the Iccni building cottc tlcmaiKlii it, but as il is nol a costly "'improvement and will usually help keep down the fire-insurance rate, flreproof- g Is ivide)/ used. If you have an old garage atvt wish to add any biilll-ln feature such as the shower, storage bins, iind shelves, fnmls for Ihc work of wirhiB, plumbing, clc., may be rib- and I'.itchcn-clooOl I Funri.s for Ibis work may now In ! obtained under Ihc Property Im{ ptovenient Credit Plan of the Fc:l- Q. T am gdiiu lo replace U:c rid lead water lines In my liomc. rvnl Housing Administration. Kuril fnr:l.s arc advanced by private financial institution!; insure:! by Would copper pipes be cood 'e-| the' FHA, such as bank,-,, Innltiui- t far A. Yc:.; copjicr liitlury anil Jon;: will give service. and loan iisso^ialions, finance com- Q. What l.yiie of chicken lion.- should I build lo best aec"iuir.o-( dale 200 birds? A. Your state, agricultural ':Dt- icjc ean fccsl advise you on this question. Q. If t lay a brick harder around my'garden will 1 have lo ccl, Ihc brick in concrete? A. No; but iintc;.s Ihis \~, clone Ihe dinners arc Iliat Ilic brick will il Mile U> liiive an " r>il- l-'ITA. Insures The l-'rdcral IjrniMn'j; A<lmini;;tr;i- upon which an Insuved e Is desired, cliceh.s the plan for pi ivncy In order to HS- sure Ihc prospective home owner ho will not he u victim of lin- pradlcnl, Inconvenient niTiiiinc- mcnl. In cslsLlnR dwcllliiKF. where poor tathroom pbinnhvj occurs, Ihc privacy can sometime. 1 -, hi achieved by i\H( ration. This is IrcqucnUy found to be a costly project, itntl as a icsull Ihe adtltllcn of n lialli of- :cn offers a belter solution In the problem. Funds for Ihe con.vlruc- [lon of extra baths can lie oh- lulncd from private Iniillnu In- slllullons operntlns under tho rilA Properly Improvenionl Credit Plan. Inlncd under Properly lin- provcmcnt Credit Plan of Ihc federal liousiui; Administration at reasonable rules ami for a period of as limb' us five years and thirty- two days. The Properly Improvcmcnl, Crcd- II Plan iilnn provide;; for the insurance ol loans up lo 52,5(10 mad by approved privtilc lending agencies for the ptirjio^e of constructing new Bixraac.'i. Tlicsic in.-iiircil lo:ins lor nio;tcrniitine panu:es or building new ones arc repaid in cii umnthly ln;;l:illincnlfi. AUii: Staini I I Limit Set On Use Of S2.SOC Credit Nn part of t)ic. proceeds of ft $li,5(jfl loan made by a private lending Institution for the construction of n new residential structure may ira iise;l lor demolishing nn old structure, if Ihe Is lo b5 uc- replcd lor Insurance under the Mnilcrnl/allon Credit Plan ot Ihc l-'cdciiil Housing Adininlslratinn. The cnllro iimount cf numey advance:! muni bo use:! in the building ol a complete rc!,l:lcnll,il r.Uuc- tion lnn:ls no money. 11 Insures loans made bv piivale (hianrial in- slitiiliim:; operating under provis- iiurnrr . l :lyr;'':c tanl; in t'.i mciil? A, An inside storage tank i:; permitted in many localities, hut Midi | ions of the Naticiral Housing Act. iustallalicns are ccnernlly t;ov-! crncct t;y local fire l,'i;v.x. v.hilc ill j A trailer housing ci hospital will many dticn the re p ;ululioivi of t!ic r,oon be placed on lha market. The N.ilirnal Hrartl ol I c 'iro Uiul^r- mnbile ^vill be used t fl writers !;o':ci'n (jil-stora'jc-tank in-'trrat MilTercrs nvar the scenes ol slaJlalion. forest fires, earthquake. 1 ;, clc. A baby Rrand piano weighs about 450 pounds. . , : SAME OP! Tile w/Jili ot attic :;tair:i an:l I lure. tlccvwav liir:;clv determine lio'.v • m.clul it will he. Ar, a storage' K«A Insiiifs roc;n for trunks and larse fnrnl- j '[he I-'ctloral tlouslm Atimlnl: fnre. il I-, necessary lo have the I Irailon lends no money. H Insures dnirs of a practical width. j leans made by private finindrtl |n. ,:1itntions rperalln'i uiitlr;!' provl- Rnail Courier .Vows Want Adi. ,'.ions of Ihe Natloti.'il Ilcu-sinj Act.. Q A wlinlc rily r;in lie wi|inl oul almost, ovcr- iiigltl if slidtild rnnu* (nil <if His \valcr lap. Mtii il, tlousu'l. Ihiinks In Ilic buc- lri'itiln::i:-(. (hf sanilnry engineer, the water chemist . . . and chlnrine! VJvRvy day and niRhl—thnnuli (lie river overflows il.s luniks, lluniuli (lie wiiul nhi|w into hurricanes iinil (he oirlh slnilies ;tud criicln, \vatcr-«tir!\s men depend ("' H'is prolcclivc rhcmifal In ward t,ff Ihc diseases men lined to rail uliigiits. lilyUievillc water j.s carefully pnrjfiefl hcfore il rcaeiic.s your faucet. II IH t;"i>d and wholesome jintl SAKK! This assnntnce alone is worth the- insiallalion of "city water." Cnurleous, Tersonal Atlcnlion (o Kvcry Customer I'lionc SO ||.1 So. Broadway Btriiard Allen, Maiu^cr HOW io FINANCE uovSt 1ht. /Mutiny ontt ... is .1 very simple mailer iinilrr our Deforced Pjynwnl PAinting Pfjn. There is no need lo pm off pjinling Jny lonjcr, siraplv because it mjy r.ot be convenient for you to pay caiti all .11 nnet. Be «?sc . . . p.iy for it in easy monthly p.iymtnls out of income. It doesn't p.iy lo put off painting too long. Ask us lo give to you .in estimate on your p.iiming tcqiiicemcnli and to explain, if you care to u$c it, our finance plan. ft EX.ROBINSON ^ LUMBER CO. t-ioo , - 1JL nvmsviue PHONE' 100 Wo Do Trie Rest ARKANSAS it, ,, '?°^ SMART, SOFT-TONED COLOR FOR YOUR ROOMS... lit sure In si'e.ow newcsl p:islcl colors in Uiis vclvcly-Kofl, altiijjcfhcr modern \vnli finisli.-liiUe our Hi fcRflliir Klsil- Tone cnl.nrs, they ;ire rsisl-to-Hjrhl, ciis.v lo liui-n fresh mill lovely \vilh onliiuiry M)it]i iinil \m(er. A ctior card is youra I'nr Iliu asJtiiiK:. 1 SHeRWiH-WaitAMS FLAT TONE WALL FINISHES COVER TH5 IAKTH SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. : "THE PROGRESSIVE STOHI5" T. W. Shouse ' I'hone So Wilson Hcncy

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