The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1936
Page 3
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Steel House Introduces Innovations In Living : • ' - ' , 7"^ S. P. Martin House, Next Door, Will Be Completed Before Long Several new Blythc-villc residences arc being completed and .a number of other 'freally im- : Proved by general repairs! • I Judge and Mrs. O. E. Keck have i lioved into their new house at j-810 W. Main St. Their house was 'built on the site ri their formei 10'-room house, which was torn down recently, and much of the .material was used for the new elruclure. The white clapboard cottage, 1 with a lighl green asbestos roof' and concrete terrace, has an unusually well planned arrangement 'Three rooms face the south. Inert' .is a living room, dining room breakfast room, kitchen three bedrooms, two baths and a Ion" j'hall which connects all of these grooms, except Ihc dining room The furnace room adjoins th« screened back porch. There is a combination of periods in the decorating but all is a simple type. The large livin" room-lias n white Alabama marble fireplace, oak floors finished in natural and a southern colonial crystal light fixture. The walls of this room, and the entire house are smooth-plaster, finished in a grey shade. The kitchen has all |»nll-iii features, painted white, me bath rooms are of modern design, finished i,, black' and while tlie. _ Mar (in House Nearly Reaily The S. p. Martin home, which adjoins the Keck house is a complete remodeling job, which will soon be completed. The old house is being brick veneered, - a solid foundation put under it, a new composition roof 1 'put'on, the interior plastered 'and new floors Jaid. The- front entrance is bein» changed, after tlie former porch was lorn away, and a side entrance is being built near the driveway. - ., The Oliver w. Coppedge house,' in the Pride sub-division is being enlarged by the addition of a ,L b I .' 5 :, fo ? t lu . 1 !' SCT i T - Th<= room. Builders and Decorators , Arc Busy in nnd Around Osceolu which 'adjoins the the east side, has bedroom on ' front n- trance :on the north and will, also have" agnail >n porch 'on the Miilh. T,hei'e-^vill : ,.be s 5vind^ s ^or the -three-;, exposures,'. This --room like tlie rest of the' house, is of siurco and papered.. BY LAURA I.OU BROOKSIAN NEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. — Did e\er Ihink of pulling port holes in a shower curtain? Of dividing one room into Iwo by painting the opposite ends different colors? Of doing away with scatter rugs by weaving them right into the cai pel? These are all features of the model home offered to show America what the dwelling of 1936 should be. It's a squat little two story structure, sitting, calm and secure, among towering neighbors on New York's Park Avenue Tlie house is of steel, air' conditioned and without \isible lights except a few reading lamps Lighting throughout the house is indirect; in the entrance hall it comes from a table top, in the living room from a glass mantle. Lois of Glass Uscii Walls are covered with wood, tile and washable fabrics. Others are painted or papered, nnd one is of glass tiling. There is glass; lots and lots of it, -through the house — mirrors covering half a wall, sometimes reaching from ceiling; -• - and chromium stair rail; a glass dress- table; ci-ystal accessories In bedroom; a glass tra'y across •, . ' '^•"^"'a l on the Interior with severa everal -partitions moved and windows changed. The entire house is be- a concrete 'inj; redecorated nnd driveway. laid. Remodeling; Completed e house on : Davis Ave., remodeled by Henry Rcldman, i s now completed. The si>: room house has been converted Into a modern residence with up-to-date fea ures. Wrought, iron rails decorate the entrance, there arc oak floors throughout the house with biult, in kitchen features and French windows are In the sun- George Hamilton is making a new roof on his'house, on Davis Ave. -near the park. The house which had an almost, flat roof is getting a raised one so n.s ' to make Ihe house cooler General Improvements being made also include painting. The J. A. Grfndell house at D1C W. Ash St., which is occupied by the J. Mell Brooks family i s being rcroofed and painted. A new roof is being put on the house occupied by c. L-. Lintzcn- ich, at 1121 W. Ash St., which is ., . ..„,, ui,. VJ tVIILUIl j£ owned by the Blylheviile Ltimbei Company. This house is to be -epaintcd Milwaukee brick color incl minor repairs made. Dr. H. A. Taylor is having a new roof nut on his house at 14H W. Main S.I., which is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. S. Brewer ^.Jior repairs • were also made. '•Several Cash Sales of City Real Estate Several real cslatc deals have been made this week, with most of them for cash, r n addition the sale of the Glenn-Alford ,T ty '°r S - "• Krcss * c °- ich was for about $22,700 cash there were several cash '.lies of property-In the RobiWi ' addi- n to negroes. on Davis Ave near (|, c park — ... v., liUili lllC tMTk- which they plan to remodel Thev moved yo,slerday. ' Transactions are also bein<r fe 1 !., 011 a , l l act of 1;ln <l near The .Tlromas tand Company handled all of these deals. Noble Installs Cooling Units in Guest Rooms in shnving materials or a hook Floors are covered with linoleum, tile or room-sized rugs. You can't trip on scatter rugs because there are none. Patterns, woven here and there in the large rugs (thej look like carpets, but are not nail ?d dowii) take their place. Pleasing and subtle colors do much lo make this "House 'of the . Modern Age" acceptable to those I of conventional taste. Tlie mas I i *er bedroom (pictured at /bottom) I for instance, has all the elegance of a Louis XIV • interior-dusty Pink wajlpaper, powder blue rug silver gray hare wood furniture' chaise lounge of bjue velvet bedspreads, bolsters 'and curtains of white salia banded "in while fur Beige, brown ' and wood tones decorate the tiling 'and the o"thers" are "natural 1 tnglish sycamore with built-in bookcases of curly maple. Chairs arc white leather with brown upholstery. A photomural of n Sia- niese cat, a smaller portrait In cork and wood sculpture arc decorative features. lirown and lied in living lioom Central interest in the livin" room arrangements is in the fireplace and mantle, above which a mirror runs the full length of Ihe wall. The entire room was "built'i around the dark:,brown' rug 'with library (afc one wall Is left glass ' central placqiitf of copper-rose, ueige, walnut brown and jade Breen. The flexible units about the "replace are green, other upholstered pieces (at right above) are claret-colored or beige with claret Irnn. Wood pieces arc natural walnut. Tlie coffee (able is white with a mirror top. H's Ihe dining room that Is painted two colors, dividing the end used for dining from the end used for a b'ar. The dining part . nn or the room has magenta ' Cllcl walls; floo ' r w ' is black and the furniture blond wood upholstered with peacock blue leather. ; of the rooms have Deen equipped, but the number of air conditioned rooms will be increased as the demand for them grows, according to Jesse Still, manager of the hotel. Each of the rooms is cooled by an individual unit which operates Independently of olher cooling equipment in the building. It is Frigidaire equipment and was installed by the E. B. Gee Sales company here. The hotel already has roo "> ni)(i coffee shop. This was Installed earlier this A ''^ Hotel SI lmpro yf rae » t , at , "1C s > lst em was Installed earlier this Hotel Now was he installation, year and was one of the first to •V -IL.I Now Is the Time to Build Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments This company will gladly help yon with your loan applications. Through arrangements perfected by the American Asphalt Roof Corporation, we have connections with the Planters Bank and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Blytheviile and vicinity, East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed R. Jones, Mgr. Phone 29 OSCEOIA Ark.-Ncw residential 'construction, improvements In ln:s- Inens houses ami Insinuation of modern air conditioning plants Is .shown hi Osceolu diirlnis July and August. Among t;,e new homes under coiLstrnrUon Is the seven-room colonial brick on Highway -10. «d- jolnlng the high .scrhool campus, for E. s. Driver. H Is to be painted while with grcctv-shades tini! roof, with three bedrooms nnd two baths and large east ]>orcli. A Delco ah- conditioner will supply hot air heat ami cooling system, bee Wilson Co. Is the contractor. The cost will be around $7,000. Loo Garner jr. will build a six- room house on his lol on Ixu St.. recently purchased from Mrs. Tom- inle Florida. The Iwo residences belonging to Mrs. Guy Bryant and occupied by D S. Perkins a>u! j. E .Counts, nave been recently ptvlnted inside and outside. The W. T. Toolo home has been repainted and small repairs made. Several houses on,Kclscr row, belonging lo Arthur-'wood and occupied by colored tenants, have been recently painted, adding much to the iippjarance oMhot section of town. SilvcrbliUCs store, and Ihe Mobley store at nflscr have recently been pahHcil. Work is going forward on the Ben p. Butler Implement, company's new biiildhii. on Highway ci, opposite Ihe Just-Us Service station. The lot, 100x125, was purchased from the, "Com" Driver estate. The building which Is to be 00x100 feet, Is being constructed by L?c Wilson Co. It will be similar j u appearance to the Wilson Motor Co. building. Mr. miller stated today the cost will be $7,500 and that it would b? rc.icly for occupancy Sep lember \. . . A new concrete walk was com pleted last week along the west side of Siler-Frazler Drug Co., adding to the facilities for curb service. • Manager D. s.'Lnncy of the Os- ceoln Motor Co. has a number o men at work .changing and proving t'ne'i front of his .building The roof Ls: being raised .and thi old brick'columns removed to per rait cars and large trucks to drivi under for service. New concreti driveways-will •aJso~be'laldr i - Ffubbard Bros. Furniture Co., Bly- tbevllle, lias 'recently installed General.Electric air conditioner I the home of o. B. Driver. • W. H. . Butler Is installing . Chrysler Air-Temps heating plant i" the;J. L. Williams home north of town. The City Drug store has completed installation or a new-Liquid Coldstream fountain, the first of this type sold in Arkansas. The front is of Venetian green and Georgia rose pink marble.' Inclucf- ccl in the new features are; knee room for stool customers, copper lined interior, seamless stainless steel jars, automatically lighted. A new amusement hall is being operated by Curt Wellborn In t'ne Taylor'; and Gladish block. Fiousing Question Box Q. Is It possible to use stone (is a veneer on H wooden frame? A. Yes, If Die slonc. is of- n vurlely tlmt spills with n Hot break, n veneer as thin as ti inches may be used. Irregulni stones should not be luld less lhim B inches thick. Don't have .hi! stones laid with .tlm grain ici'iieiullculnr, or they limy shnie oil under Ills, 1 action of the \m«- Q. Is It practical to cornice! the garden.pool wllh me House wnlcr iyslem? A. yes. If there Is a cellar from vlilcli to extend t'ne pipe, have it aid with n sloix; toward the cellar nnd put a drip valve Just Inside the cellar wall. Then. In Winter Hie >l)io cnn Aw clrniiictl nnd the possi- jlllty of freezing will bo'removed. If there Is no collar, bury the pipe well below frost line. May Be Made a Useful and Attractive Adjunct to Home Garden Now lhat home owners have dct- Inllcly become garden-conscious and have turned the faee of liielr •houses from.tlio street U> the garden, H Is advisable lo consider ihe possibilities of a garden shelter, or eu/jibo, It can-be most useful ns well ns ornanumtiil. H should, of course, provide a [.hollered spot where one imiy sit and.ciijoy the beauties of • the Burden, 'or'Cat-a plchlo lunch, or read in the peace of natural surroundings. The location -,vll| have lo (toler- inlnc the character of this shelter; t.r (here Is a view, beyond Ihc garden house, 1L should be o|wn lo bolh t'no garden and die view. On the other Imntl, if the garden ends against another properly over which one has no control, It uould bu better lo choose Ihe back of this sheltered space and have 11 open only.toward Ihc garden. Besides Ihis recreational portion, the garden '-shelter • should contain a ! closet for garden tools, which arc bulky nnd dirty and Should not uc stored in Ihe house. Another closet can be provided for outdoor loys and games which need protection from, and which usually arc poked Inlo t'ne coal closet to the discomfort and Irritation of all who try to extract a coat from amongst Ihc deck tennis net and croquet mallets. For a small back-jnrd garden a garden house at.the rear of the lot will form a lovely background, and it- may be as simple as .the mirsn of 1'iie owner demands. It may be rustic.or scirilformal, of frame, or even of masonry, if you can't have it at once, it Is a nice Ihlng lo plan as, a future Item and allow for It in laying out the original plan of .Uie garden. . Such Incidental structures, MisScll'' as- landscaping, may be financed under the Modernization .Credit Plan of Ihe Federal Housing Administration. UICT. lie sure the veneer Is securely lied to the frame by non ccrroslve metal clips. Q. If I-put a lln roof on one of my fanii buildings, will I.have to lei It weather some time before iwliUUig It lo make the paint stick? A. It is considered good practice .0 paint tin roofs'promptly to prevent coirosioti H Is Important, however, that Iho tin be thoroughly clean and dry before paint Is applied. Any rcsiii left from solder- Ing should be scrajicd off. and seams should ! be wiped clean with a solvent.' sudi (is gasoline or turpentine, lo remove any grouse. In fact. If Ihe roof llielf it greasy, It should be Ilidrouglily washed with wnrm water and sal soda or wash- Ing powder. A good quality paint that Is made especially for metal work should bo used Comparatively thin coals, brushed well over the sm face arc less likely to check and peel than thick coals , Q My barn U Infested with rats I am planning (o; make some re- pntis lo It nnd would like to rat- proof It If Iho cost is not. too great The flooring Is of plank. What Is the most cfTeclhc course? A Write to t'ne Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. O. for Bulletin 1533, "Rat Control 1 ' and Bulletin IC38, ' Rat-Proofing Buildings and Premises" They arc available nt five cents each. Send casli or a money order, nol stumps , Pioper Finishing Essential If Impiession of Quality Is Desiied. There arc two things by which new house It judged by the a°mal obseivcr, and those are the ' >alnt and the Irhn, or woodwork. I the palnl Is smooth and sleek, ml if Ihe tilm is carefully Join, ed and fitted and the moldlngi ne ncay and well designed, Mr. A\eruge Man sa>s to himself: 'Heie Is n well-built house." II Is therefore essential in deigning 11 house tlmt "the greatest care be used in these finishing loins, for no matter how stout he frame may be or how excel- cnt the Insulation, the wiring, and he plumbing, If the finish Is poor, he house will be set down as an inferior- product. Unfortunately, the trim Is about Ihc last part of the hoiu>e installed, and the palnllng Is the lost opeiallon. So if money has begun to mn low when these aie reached, there Is a tendency lo skimp, and the port of the job tlmt Is Ihere for all the world to see Is not up to the standard of the rest of the house, Thoie should be no skimping on the hidden frame or on the other necessary elements of Ihe house that do not meet the eye.j But thcic should be an excellence In , these two visible Hems that will mail: the character of'the' whole building. Construction of new homes can be financed under the. Insured Moilgage System or Ihe Federal Housing Administration. For Kitchen Comfort A portion of the countci shelf in the kitchen should have knee room below It nnd a high sloo provided that will slip under- ncnlli when not In uw With such n space and stool the worker cnn sit down to the preparation of vegetables nnd other tasks 11 nil save n .good-deal of: fatigue that is caused by long hours o: standing. F.I.CCTRIO 4. ACKTVLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co PHONE-19- Potatoes kept in a closed bin with some ripe apples will not sprout. . . NOW ' '-Is The Time To Insulate and ' : Weal hers! rip It is more convenient to' make improvements and rfr pairs i n summer than in the fall or winter, besides with Red Top Insulating Wool i n your attic and your windows and doors wcaXlicr-str i p ped your house will be in ore comfortable the year around. Phone 40 ' .For Free Estimate THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ANOTHER 1937 * SURPRISE The New End Table ZEPHYRS Placed next to a divan or davenport, sofa, day-bed or easy chair, a Zenith Zephyr Model is the comforl- loyei's dream of the ideal radio sel. Mado with a variety c at moderate prices. _ M Small Down 7 tube—lor either alternating • Payment or direct current 6 tube AC v Convenient ,-..,._. % Terms 10 lute AC ; . . and all built for guaranteed foreign reception. Come in. Sit down; Operate these "lazy, man's" radios. You will be agreeably astonished. Other models from $29,95 up. Hardaway Appliance Co. Phonc 233 109 s Second st AH* AD *m ...our Universal Way You Want A Roof That Can STAND UP In the Fight Against Fire, Water, Sun, Wind and Time. CERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL SHINGLES wilh a mineral coating that resists fire, with a full body of life-giving alphalt sprayed thoroughly In every fiber of the lelfc, are designed to- fight the elements. Under the National Housing Act you can pay as little as Per Month Over a period of 36 months If you need it. LET US ESTIMATE THE COST OF A UNIVERSAL ROOF OR OTHER REPAIRS E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 100

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