The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1961 · Page 26
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1961
Page 26
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2d a d h THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. FRIDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 1, 1081 Sc"'""TV-Julie Harris Gives Usual Splendid Performance in 'Victoria Regina' By HARRY HARRIS AT THE dose of Thursday! "Hallmark Hall of Fame" production of Laurence Hous-maji'a "Victoria Regina," the Dijmond Jubilee celebrating British queen murmured sentimentally, "Oh, Albert, if only you had been here." We echoed her lament, for once the royal consort had vamoosed, both Victoria and her story seemed abruptly shorn of interest. This is not to fault Julie Harris, the actress who, in our opinion, most deserves the title of First Lady of Television. Her depiction of one of England's First Ladies, from 18 to 78, was often splendid. As mother-dominated princess, oats-feeling young queen, astute husband-appraiser, ecstatic bride, new mother, often foolish, Imperious and jealous wife, she added to her distin jirished gallery of TV portraits. Miss Harris has the rare knack of -tugging at the heart, of mak ing the eye moisten, and nowhere has this gift been better demon stfated than in a scene in which the lovelorn Victoria asked the forgiveness of a lady of the court for unjustly suspecting her of a flirtation with her adored Albert. But with the demise of Albert, excellently played with tender patience by James Donald, an affecting biography of a sym pathetic human being was con verted into I dry-as-dust histori eal pageant. This seemed partially due to K AM IV " " A Former Philadelphian Jane De Gore, ex-"Law and Mr. Jones" regular, begs Roger Smith to protect her musician husband In "77 Sunset Strip" episode, 'The Deadly Solo," Friday, 9 P. M Channel 6. i j ! ...-lit n. .. . . . u, oia gin, jouveuunou wc..; ,,c. ctumg supi were cum An intrusive, garrulous and conversation between PhpaM-ibors" Sunday. Also, three painU , " ij T u l u ":'jui"cMi yauvnumn "v- mauejpnia arusi Kazei hapustm and ings, ho.vever attractively dis d iciamv" ;uuuu uuc, wc v.vii-uuuui iwui nuiik us wamJii-u UIIIICUII 10 enjOy-WnBl COUlU have been a most Interesting curred. H 0V about an SPCV-a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Viewers? The net works' exasperating habit of scheduling specials at conflicting times compelled a choice Thursday night between British queen and French king. That Yves Montand rates show business coronation was excitingly demonstrated on ABC's "Yves Montand on Broadway." Montand, whose English has improved remarkably since his U. S. TV debut as Dinah Shore's guest, poured forth magnums of magnetism. Singing, dancing, chatting, clowning, grinning, frowning, finger-snapping, top hat twirling, shrugging, gesticulating or performing what seemed to be La Twiste, he was a powerhouse of personality. His contribution to a slick and stylish ihow which stressed tal ent, not frills, Broadway show tunes, French chansons and American folksongs, as solos and in assorted groupings. Polly Bergen, John Raitt, Bob by Van and Helen Gallagher, a royal court, all enhanced an en core-worthy hour of song and Idance, but it was Montand's Gal- a TV aueen and a cleric discussed the This was debit, rather than Biblical story . of Jonah and the, credit in our book. Bob O Brado- uc charm which made it . '. i . I vich'a rubber latex brigade had triumph. In this episode Victoria sound-; u,..i.'l ed unexpectedly naive, stuffy,! a 11 camouflagmsMis HarnsI the choice of material approved even stupid, and not at .11 Ilkejfeaturei. and certam.y tney . : ; 4t th'e by producer director George the kind of woman limned ear- managed a puffy, pouchy resem-l . ' Tuj iBu. ,., Schaeer for Robert Hartung's.lier. If historically accurate, it(blance to the real article, but the; unusuaiy hard-hitting 'CBS adaptation. Helen Hayes' 1935. was dramatically traumatic. more the makeup, the less acting; Reports documentary "Biog-atage version of "Victoria" con- Only reason for its inclusion,; impact. I f, of a 0()e joint" tained 10 of 42 one-act plays other than the fact that it pro-j Behind layers of latex, Miss! Although the existence of hand- 1 nt n m am iiiha4. Ik a. 4 tk 1 ft 4ir ! JaJ a Hintfl u tk ni ImM AnMAI. TIamhi. a H AJ . .until ni m f) A A ' iiuu&insn wjuie euuui. me iau. viucu a wcitume otung vyyvi -uai us sremeu a oai ciy bu'iiibu in-fil0V (or should that be hand iiiuiamj a incacmauuii utupi-u luiui; lui uonj tfunca, sctiiim rciugix iiuni a wa iiiuhuiu. some sequences and added, to be that it marked an age And so, at those points, did the others. One particularly regret-i change, S3 make-up artists had play. table addition, we thought, wasstn extra chance to display their The script had Victoria savor-jlhjj late datei sucn hanky-panky ing inside was dissipated by con cealedcamera shots of backroom betting. Interviews and accompanying narrations described various fu tile efforts to spur action by the Boston Police Department. Even after eventual Federal and State raids, it was noted, "key-mak ing" continued to be a thriving (estimated annual take: $1,000, 000 plus) Boston business Lest viewers be too smug about the Massachusetts mess, narra tor Walter Cronkite added a wry P. S.: "The chances are very great you have the same prob lems m your community." REV1EWETTES: Tuesday's ABC "Close-Up!" on Yugo slavia, "Heresy in Red," merely reiterated points made earlier this season in other TV docu mentarles about the "independ ent" Communist nation. Again words and pictures suggested encompassed that, despite generous U. S. aid when the chips are down Tito will show that his first allegiance is to Moscow. Another "Close -Up", last week's "West of the Wa covered familar ground, too, but also stressed the fact that residents of West Germany and of West Berlin don't see eye to eye on what would constitute an equitable solution of the present Eerlin crisis. What West Ger mans call "peaceful," a Bonn spokesman noted, Berlineri call "soft." Sunday' concluding half of "An Act of Faith," "Look Up and Live'a" recreation, through the testimony of participants, of the Danish rescue of Nazi-pur in-poeket?) relations between sued Jews, packed more emotion' illegal bet takers and policejal wallop than most dramas. hardly qualifies as a surprise at How and why one Danish hero Chinese actor Keye Luke on played In color, seemed a skimpy WRCV-TV'a "Meet Your NeigKaample of a prolific artist'a work. a scene in which ttie widowea wizardry ing a subject's enthusiastic "Go TV Roundup 'Sad Clown' Is Paged for Series Hollywood iLynley has been added leant nf TRS' Vph ft tnncial "PMMETT KELLY, for many "Henry Fonda and the Family." . 1 1 i - J- vears the Rineline Brothers Barnum and Bailey "sad clown," is being paged for a 20th Century-Fox circus series. Screen Gems is readying a comedy series about two men' undergoing astronaut training. Stage and screen actress Carol to the because President Kennedy won t be on hand to accept an award. Martin claims Mr. Kennedy will attend, but has indicated he'd rather not have the proceedings televised. 0 Dr. Ci ALIAS E MMTUT FUSTK P1A7M MAM IN OM DAY Mw I Mr I to I il I WhM Ml- Philadelphia Steve Allen re-enacts his Benny Goodman movie role on his ABC show Wednesday. A new cartoon series, "Matty's Funnies with Beany and Cecil," the latter a seasick serpent, bows Ann I- .i i n It on ADi as a auuruu s-ai-i i .ih.i..-- rnu'nv Pol rhrld. attraction Jan. 6. Program si, and Jim' Sim wU,, based on a pioneer West Coa ! h d f BC., jc. puppet show, "Time for Beany, 'g h Army.Na gamet: Philadelphia Stadium Saturday, was vividly documented via pic posed at an idiot, how a tiny girl's w?eping was stilled were tures of a phenomenally busy stories fascinatingly retold. Boston key store made from a Most heartwarming of all, sev- nearby CBS stake-out. eral reminiscerj reported, was Patrons and police were shown the friendliness with which the streaming in and out. Customers' evacuated Jewish population was double-parked cars halted traf- welcomed back. Music in the holiday spirit by such well-known rtainers as .The Ray Conniff Singers ... the . Mitctl Mlller clloriJS and Ro?er Wiliams on "SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS" M. fi, Tonight 8:30 M Says! You can New York SCHOOL childrenu's drawings will be used to tell the story of the first Christmas on NBC'slgram, Friday "Morgan in the uec. 22 edition ot "tranK wc- Mornine" at 7:45 A. M.. "Amer- at 1:15 P. M. Arnold Stang, voice of the title: torn in ABC's "Top Cat" cartoonj series, visits two wriL-iv pro Gee's Here and Now." A "CBS Reports" camera crew is in St. Petersburg, Fla filming ican Bandstand" at 3:30 P. M. WCAU-TV's "Camera at Large" offers backstage Dr. Fred Schwartz's "Christianigiimpses of the filming of two Anti-Communist Crusade" foriUncomine "Route 86" episodes use on a future program. Argentina's UN Ambassador,; Dr. Mario Amadeo, guests on ABC's Dec. 10 "Adlai Stevenson Reports here in "The Anatomy of a Television Series," Sunday at noon. A 1959 "Wisdom" conversation! with Nobel Prize winner Pearl, Buck at her Bucks county homej NOW HAVE A PROFESSIONAL-TYPE ( HAIR DRYER IN YOUR HOME Allen Ludden will retain the, will be repeated on Channel 3 hosting assignment when CBS' Sunday at 5 P. M daytime "Password sprouts Password" nightime version Jan. 2. a WRCV-TVs "Goal of Life" greets the Hannukah season Gould Martin, executive secre- Sundav at 12:30 P. M. tary of the National Football, WHYY-TV's Shakespearean Foundation, challenges ABC's,"Age of Kings" entry Friday at announcement that it has can-8:30 P. M., "The Road to Shrews celed TV coverage of the founda- bury," consists of Acts 3, 4 and 5 Uon's annual dinner Tuesdayiof "Henry IV." H. H. HERE'S GOOD NEWS FROM SANTA! You Can Buy at WORLD STORES How with First Paym't in Jan.-low as $1.50 a Week IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OR LAY A WAY A Famous Nam Since If 27 Emerson PORTABLE TV 'Emerson A MARVELOUS VALUE IN 23" TV New for 1982 at a $128 SPICIAl! Ccmpact Cat lor to Carry Mod.11524 .. 90-DAY FREE SERVICE en any TV or Stereo purchased from us. Emerson STEREO UL2. 1. 1, 'M?(,JikiikJ 0 II I Ml SPECIAL LOW PRICE For a Limited Time 23" Bonded Shield Piclur Tub; Powtr-TroniformorChai tit for th Kgrpt, cUarait, glar-fr picture pot lible; OuV front Hi-Fi loundj "Simple made" front tuning. COMPLETE-NO EXTRAS 198 ; m h - WODtl 1804C-M Jjjnerson 6-Speaker STEREO TV-RADIO-PHONO COMBINATION Wonderful for Xmas! rr ONLY Solf-Contgintd Automatic 4-ipotd Changer Hi-fi Sound. Sliding Ooon Powf-trrtformr TV Chi- til, Lon;-diitnce Redie nd Automatic 4-ipetd Phono, houitd i hrdood me- hogany venter cebintt, SALE PRICEONLY S' Other Modtli on Sle "Y3i'"',l 1 If &Jhsm leeem 52nd & Baltimore Ave. OPIN DAILY INC. SAT. 9 A.M. 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Your aervire cost are eleshed. 1 our waiher ii back in action fast! gEgasarsam. mbq303eb FULLY AUTOMATIC . 2 CYCLES I I C4 fleflQ ' -i -"''; rOFt PULL RANOI WASHINO PLIXIBIUTY ' hnlll V Mil"' X 'til&V NON-CLOG LLYT FILTER "'"H I UtJ 'iW' TEMP WATER SELECTOR W V XKwCii. j , , it SAFETY SPIN WASHER STOPS WHEN LTD IS RAISED YTn-t i I 1 . 1 J: A I i . pe. rninav eilll IT Till ft T k 4 ' - i K PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ml m a emr A mmmmmLtmmtWtiiWLssSmmmfMmmm aeL- n j lt WriiM iii m atfer rrrr r-niirraiiifT"iiaiji -rrtiiaaeTfT TariTeeiaeiiw m iii iniiiam -reniiiiatu ai-IiuJiJLjLj-L-jiiJ iiijj-LJ--m-U iiqjj-jiLJiiiMMJMMTMar "rraM-rrmn -Mnf -mtiTHiaii'r iftuffifht fin' rm "irti"'""'""""''7"""" !!ta!'VSjS mj jr.. iminlirm ......iiiiiii. mn.ilmw M mi ,rinrin nininri r irnumi i.i.nni urn ' W a, W , , ,i .! , i ... - - -"-"--liiereiWrti -'"-eeeeeH') ni , '-- ..... f .m MM m m

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