The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY -19, 1931 Trees I think I shall never see A poepi lovely as a tree. A; trae.*hase hungry mouth Is prest igilnst the eVth's sweet (lowing f; breast; * r V , ' X',tree;that. looks at God all day, And lifts'her leafy arms to pray; A'.'tree tlial' may in Summer wear Ajnesl of robins In her hair; Upon whose bosom .'snow has lain; Who Intimately livei with rain. . Ifoems arc mnde ; by' fools like mj, Sat Qod can make a tree. j£. —Sergeant Joyce Kilmer. Bits of News Mostly Personal Cast of Fifty to Give Senior Follies Touiglil %Socidy Calendar Jrr,' ''...( .Friday America^ Legion , Auxiliary Miss Gladys Clayton, of Wilson, is the hotiscguest of Miss Evelyn Foathcrston. C. W. Alilick loft lab! night for Chicago on a brief business win. Mrs. i'aul 11. unit bjn. j Paul Jr., will go lo Si. lifluia Sunday for a visit, with relatives. Jinimle Hjyd hus rduiiieU trom a business trip tu St. Louis. Mrs. R. S. Harris is In Black Hock with Mr. Harris' falnev, George Harris, who Is critically ill. H. a. Harris, who has been In Memphis on business, Is also there. Ur. and Mrs. D. c. McLean and family" motored to Uu Kalb, Miss., j for the luneral of Dr. McLean'; mother, Mrs. Cary Alexander, who died . here Tuesday. l j utnain Mo A cast cl 60, Including 23 chll liven in a pretty rose eaidrn scene. .Mary| K |]j p rcscn i n, c anniuil scnhr follies tills e wiling and Friday eve- nine nt the city auditorium. The ?i iiduat'.nsr clai;^ of the city high Luxora Society—PersonaU. BRIDGE I1V VIM. R. McKK.N'NEY Secretary American HrJdge I.e: When playing a contract at no Iri.rap, it generally pays for the! will go to*three no trump! citclnrcr to stay away frota tho TJI O p| lv suit opened by opponents, but occasionally we find a linnd where the surest way to go game Is to cs- laullsh nn extra trick in the opim- I bid two diamonds, requesting , his partner to make his heart suit by bidding two hearts, and North Play East op«ns the seven spot, his fourth Ijest spade. By the rule of 11, 7 from 11 leaves 4—the declarer nin'.'s suit. This should be done Immediately In the followine hand. v— 3 iTollrVed *'wun %Sl^ "^ *>' *** -nt to St. Louts fu*^I^MethodS^eh^eh. " M - a * ^.«_ brief business trip. ' if^ ' . • Club, club to . be known as "Tlic Iftiday Night Club" has been or- £anized by a group of junior high jchool girls who plan to siicnd t^iis evening of each ''week togsth- 5£. With a motto or "Don't Miss ;Anything" and colors, red and these oilicers have been elect Betty Lee McCulchen, presl- Jane Branson, vice prcsl- 'dent; Molllc Jean Secoy, secretary; Vary Elizabeth Boruin, treasurer; Jjanlyn Buruette, reporter. members arc: Rhema Har- .Jjett, Jessalyn Blomcyer, Trances . •tittle, Martha Ann Lynch, LOUIM Doris R»y Dobyns, [glnla Martin, Gwendolyn t *olly Ann Buck and Jo McOhce,. ^.-For this week .the : club mem- ipers wll go .to the Follies at the •city auditorium. Dr. .and Mrs. M. O. TJsrcy went lo Mempnls today to attend tin: Trl-Slnlc Medical association meeting for two days. Dr. Usrey was also down Tuesday and Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tlplon Iiave returned from Memphis where they attended the Trl-3lale' Medical association Jor a few Cays. Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart has returned from Memphis wticre s!;e visited friends nnd attended the grand opera "Der Uoscukavallcr." Mrs. Floyd Wilson unit son, ciuis. Floyd, will t'o to Hot Springs Saturday for n two weeks stay. Mrs. O. P. Moss and Mrs. T. G. Seal spent yesterday In Memphis T. G. Seal und E. B. Mason rc- S tills ;it(riiclli,n| [ir; 'i^e custom each spring, tl'.f pto-j cecds of which go to the :-en!-.r j ir?mnrlul fund. \ frcm the play "My Dl?:ie ( Here" In which Misses Matlnrlo Mil-tin, Carolyn Hull, C'ruivhne Robinson, nnd Hondtl Stephens. NVonlro-.-.' I'lslier, I)oi) niirns. I. O. Wcstbrook and ft- A. (telsun Jr., nre the principal characters, there ure chorus tstrls and specially numbers of interest. Miss Jane Kochlllzky, as a gypsy pirl, anrt Ujtly Lcc McCutchen, lit flic role of a lex; dancer, all present numbers In dance. James Downing is featured In the ro.'-obud chorus nnrt Ernest Jones will sinn "Beyond The Blue Horizon." Miss Eve Harwell Is lo be plan- I 1st for the production to bosln at j 8 o'clock. Admission Is 25 nud j cents. Miss Ma.xiui' Brown attended tin dame ' in Caiutliersvillii • I'rlda: niylil. ben C'o.p-.-r from Ulytlicvillo w.i ja Luxury viili'oi 1 ,' Sunday-.- " •' .Mr. Waller Wocd und }|erm::n Spiter v.oic business visitvrii m (jiceolii Monday. • - ' • j °~Sl'.ss"lZo».i lx>u Cocke'spiral Bat-1 uruay In lilytheville visiting 1: .-t: sisia:., I'.R'iihuncs Clarence VollnK-r' amj Y/illJam 'Wunderllck: '• • 01-3 t-s-y-H J.SV3 C-9-OI-S a— Hinos — o 9MN— H Z-t'L •8-6-r—o z— a Z-i-8 •6-0-H 8-3 J.S3I* 50 i,r .. . i Vir-i turned today Irom several days stay clln,' 1 r— r>j T ,_ J ^...j s':': Stephen' ; 'H. ' Brooks 'was ibstess'to the Matinee Bridge club St. Louis. Mr. and M rs . Elkins spent afternoon. *£. in ."the contract bridge games •>irs. Fr.anc|s Carpenter won ' tlie "jjrlze, , bath powder. ?J"The 'hostess served .a dciiclous ijesstrl with hot tea. S'Includ.efJ in this group is a new jrhember," Mrs. Hubert L. Potter. *••'' -. . •- »•-.»•» .tlub Entirlzincd!";,. '*• fj'.llembers.. of &Vle Wednesday [Bridge club were-..guests 0 J Miss jjaargarec Mahan'.-.this week for a £anie of contract; •'. Hosiery, the us- Mal prize, went to'Mrs. E. C. Pat- Jion. ' ' :V--The two tables of players were refreshed with R fruit salad sei v- .ed with brown bread and colTce. jloid Who's Who Contest £ at Cooler High School «• COOTER, Mo.—The WTno's Who jfelection of Ckiotcr high school is 45 follows: .•-"Most friendly, Laura Belle Ar- Jiold and James Terry; most dignl- *ed, lona Castman aud Sidney Miller; biggest lalters, Minnie Eding- 3in and Holly.Brown; prettiest girl, *crnlce Holllngsworth; most hand- iorfle boy, Had ley Limbaugh; sweet^est natured, Mary Dea Baker and Kobert Rushing; most popular Iris •Micnie and John Azblll; the two Se all love.-Vcrna McKay and l£ob- <rt Rushing; cutjst, Daily Lacer ^nd Alford Pounds; wittiest. Nellie ^immons and Alford Pounds; mos •popular athletes, Evelyn Biggart ^and James Terry; all-round stu- Jjents, Lillian Fundcrburk aud Rich••rd Simmons; C. H. S. darlings Jiirs. Rose and Mr. Rose. Wednesday in Mcmplils. Mrs. A. J. Hnagit imd family left today for Memphis where they will Join Mr. Haaga and make their home, Joe P. Pride has returned frcm n business trip to Little Kock. Mr. and Mrs. Uoscoe Crafton ami family have moved from the Slinne npaitments to the Grlmos residence on West Hearn street. lianctolph Smith has relume;! from a business trip to Litlle Rock. Mrs. Joo Kirby, of Parapjould Baptist Mission Union Meets With Mrs. Wood LUXORA. Ark.—Tuesday atlcr- ncon the Baptist W. M. U. met in (he, home of Mrs. Win. Wood. Fourteen members and two visitors were present. The devotional services were conducted by Rev. Kin-Bolvcn, after which the secretary's report was read and routine business wns (ransncUcI, with Mrs. C. IS. Wcotl presiding. The Bible lesson was taken from the book of Genesis nnd, was led by Mrs. S. J. Smith, with the cn- lire membership participating in lhe discussion. The society voted lo observe lhe week of prayer in March, leaders for the daily s;r- vl-res to be announced nt lhe next regular meeting of Ihrj society. The meeting was adjourned with the singing of the hymn, "What A Friend We Have In Jesus." MiiM-s Meredith and Olivia Graham, .Mureoiel'. and M|lcirc<J Rlcl'.- ards and ijllzabcth' DaVls .were visitors in Osceola, Simd'ay." Mr. and Mis Frank Vollmcr \wr:\ °P=" South I Ulyllicvlllc visllois Monduy. • . ; . niond. Tre I i Mr, und Mrs. Jesse Brov.'n -spcul. I Piiiulay-hi Osixola os tl:c guests'ut Mr. and Mrs. James Driver. Mrs D. M. Nicholson If Osceola Is the yucs!, of Mrs. Dave Hichurdi tnls week. .- ' . . Mrs. James Driver and daughter, Mnilm Pcsey of Oscrola were liux- cra visitors, Mxmday. Mr. and Mrs: U. W. Thwcat were bnslncds. visitors in OsceolU' Mon- ciny. W. A. Wood spent Friday in Memphis. • , ' Mesiiames Ben Cooper 'and" it; S. Ashmora of Osceola were Luxora visitors, Tuesday. The mediately. East will win with (lie! Immediately cttab!isl:in B a ii exiu qufen and West should discard' a; s^icle.iick , hfj sufficient tricks lo club. ' eo earn'.-. East might try underloading his'— — ace of hearts, but the declarer will [ JiJ,,i f au V/ij/ play safe and finesse the 10 m'. •"*«"*•» * ""• dummy which West will win with| the queen, declarer playing the four of clubs. West will return a club v.hlcn the dummy will win with the ace, and will Immediately re- So Fresh, Young MELLO-GLO, lii> new iuco powder, will keep your tkin iVum exposure and pieserve Its youth. 'Hie The h;uid-.wns played at auction. Scnili oi»nwl with n heart ant Ncrih went into no • trump. At contract, the writer prefers lo hand witli one dia- Imnd ccntains a four and a five-card suit. The five- card suit will be bid on the second round and then partner will know there Is a four-card diamond suit nnil a five-card heart suit, wlvm Eo'.ith opens with c. diamond, North knows that as ho holds two spades higher Hum Uie seven and the dummy one, that West holds only one spade higher than the seven He should not BO up with the 10— this one spacto intent be the queen tmd this would force the declarer'; king. The proper way is to plaj the three of spades from dummy. W.3SI v:ould play tt>.? eight and declarer would win with the Jack. North, the declarer, can count four diamond and three club tilcks which are seven—he has mads one spade trick which is eight. He needs another trick to BO game, therefore while it is not customary to return an opponent's lead, the declarer in this case should return the deuce of spades to establish the needed spade trick, lor came im- turn the 10 of spades from dummy ] " e thereby establishing the king of m spades in his own hand—the irickj i P' 1 ' a " Enl lidded fcr game. West will dis- lhe l Mies card the deuce of hearts and East! lul - No ' will win with the ace of spades. All East can do is to cash his good | derlul ace of hearts, but the dsclaver, by Co. new French process by which it is makes it -stay on lougtr, smoother, aud \vl!t not L-IO^ Us special tint is yoaili- ilaki^ebs or irritation witii MELLO-GLO. Try this new won- face powder. Kirby Unrj —Adv. INFLUENZA SPREADING COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lead to EC- ilous iruublc. You can stop ih™ now will Crcomuhion, an cmulsificj crcoso:e tlut is |jlejsanl lo lake. Crcu:nutsEon is a medical <tisco\cry with lu-0-fuld action; it soothes and heals the inflaipcd membranes and inhibits gcnu growth. Of nil known drugs creosote is recognized by liigh medical aulliorilir) flsonc of the greatest healing agencies for cmjglis from colds and bioncliial irritations. CrcomuUicn contain*, in flddiiion elhcr clenicnn wliicli toollic lical tho infhmeil membranes anJ stO]> ilm ir- riialion, while ihe creosT.e t«i o.i lo ilie etonucli, ia absorljrt! ii.u lim MooJ, attack? i!ie seal of i!:c Uuublc and cliecks ihe growlli of lhe terra;. Creomulsion is guarcnU-cJ sjii=fac- toiy in lhe Ircarment of ecus:.; from colds, liror.chitis and miner formi of bronchial irrilalicn', and it i-.vrtllc-iit for bllilJinu uptlin 6)-slci:l aflircaMj or Ilu. Money rcfun.iej if r..i relieved after laking accordin:; lodircc- Ask your (Iruggisi. (:iiv.) Check Colds al once with GGti Take it as a preventive. Use G6(i Salve lor liabies. FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG ON Hospital Notes Patients dismissed from Hie Bly- thevlllc hospital ni-c: Roy Kiik. Htiin'nnn; Mrs. Crawford Grcvr.:-. city; Mrs. Clyde n-anks, Btac- gadocio, Mo. • - ': UNSHINE -^ WASHINGTON, (UP)—The cc::- cenlvation of l/ake Superior Iruu ores Is lhe object of a study, inic!;r v.-c.y by the U. b.•. Ilurcnu of-Mints. | Tl:s study is beinf carried on :it the bureau's Mississippi -Valley Experimental Station, at Holla, Mo.' In coopetiitton with the Missouri, School of Mines'and Metallurgy. Flogging in the American Army I was not ab-jltslu'd until 1UGI, the year Ihe Civil War l:-?sun. That form ot punishment wsis olficlsilly abolished In the Navy in IBM Eociatlon in Memphis, Wednesday. is expected to come over "toclavl Judge G. E. KtcK nnd his court lor a ' ' • - B«t treated wthout dosing — Just rub on ? MILLION JARS USED YEARLY LUCKIES are always kind to you? throat «' A pair of ihoes h; bought thir ly-elght years ago still are worn .by James Arterbuhi, of Cameron Mo. |.Y. Woman Lost -. -'x 114 Pounds of Fat £• Ore So Cent Boltlu of "f. Kruschcn Sails Did It siiort visit. »Hoscoe'Cr«fton returned yesterday tfbm Uitle Kuc'k and Cc:ii-«y" where he spent a few days. Ac came via uirplanc. C. V. Sebaugli nrrlvccl home Wed- icsday from Litlle Rock wlicre ic attended to business for two lays. Mrs. N. Oslrov and daughter, Sstlier, of YazoD City, Miss., Mrs. E. M. Jalle, of Osceola, Mrs. Jack Applebaum nnd Joe Applebaum returned last, niglu from St. Louis where they spent several days. They motored. Miss Hazel Iiardln and Glenn Durham were in Memphis Saturday for grand opera. Mrs. Joe Trice, of Jonesboro. is lhe guest of her sister. Miss lielle Whitsilt, today. Mrs. J. M. workman, of Sleele, shopped licro Wednesday. Dr. H. S. Davis. Dr. L. H. Moore, Mrs. R. J. Dodson nnd son, Joe Bob. nnd Miss Cliffe Wc-bb are in Littic Rock for a t'.vo week's visit j with Mrs. DMson's motlnr, JIri.i Alice Hunyan. I Dr. and Mis. H. A. Tuylor. accompanied by Dr. F. P. Travis, of Osceoln. are in Parajo'.ilcl toJr>.y for the inetUns of the ncrthMst Arkar,sas .Dental Association. Mrs. Taylor will attend a parly while there. R. N. Ware, Jr.. is attending to tusinrss in Chicago for? a few days. Dr. F. D. Smith attended the meeting of the Lri-stale medical as- stenogrriphtv, -Charles Parllou^ \\l\\\ go to Lake City Monday (or circuit co'.irt. visitor in Memphis yesterday. U. S. Branson is attending lo businc.^s in Little nock. Harvey Lynn Morris, seven-year- ol dson of Harvey Morris, deputy circuit, clerk, is ill al the family home on Davis avenue. NO MORE RHEUMATISM i "For over a your I felt llio mvfiil agony t'f rhcimiaUstu hi my ICK-I a:i<l nrms". writes Mr- 1'liUJlp CJrocn- liaitiii. 1 32 J.I in -oln -street, Wllkcs-Parrc, I':u "Within sovoii WCC!;H nficr I IJCK^II tnkintr KoiijolA, 'I was a . dirfcrout man. Tho frlt,-hlfnl misery of rlic-uniritlaiu hrul lie 1^1 1 entirely L-ani^lifiK t q.ilnccl i.'1^liL iiouEidd j_ In weight". . l Any Cxi Drug Store. RITZ Last Time Today Sco Joan Crawford In hur littosl juid-ljcst picture 'Dance Fools Danqe' Admission—15 ;ttul-iOc. x&\ Friday and Saturday Sco leu On Caff with Edinoiul Lowe Admission— 'Jlat NiBlil— 10 ii!tl r>! am starling oil ray second bot- J|e of Kruschen Salts and am real Ceased with results. I l;.kc it lor Deducing c.nd so fnr have lost 14 pounds and I think it ts doing wonders for me. I do. not feel so tired Wenings when 1 get horn; from jrork."' -".A generous bottle of Kruschen Salts thai lasts 4 weeks costs but 65 .cents at Kirby Drug Co., or any drug store in America—take one- iialf teaspoon in a glass of hot wa- $sr every morning before break- last—cut out pastry and fatty Scats—go light on potatoes, butter j;; — Sunday & Monday — Charles Farrcll and ,!nnel I Gay nor in "THE MAX WHO SCAJIK BACK". today business demands healthy men and women—and more that\ ever it is the survival of the fittest.,. HOME THEATRE Last Time Today See jNoniia Talmailjjje in 'DuBarry Woman Of Passion' Admission—10 mill '2~i\:. i OOP health is a distinct drawback to progress in social life. - Underweight, lack of appetite, slucpishuess. business or n dull ^•Before the bottle is empty surplus fat is leaving you—indolence changes to activity—you'll feel younger—eyes will brighten—o'.:?' grows sr/ry. Millions know this— .-you ought to know It. Kruschen Salts !s the ideal treatment for ionstipatian, Indigestion, head •cties, nervousness and acidity. ft.Take Knischen every morning— 1^» the little daily dose that docs . Br-M "Pi joyfully satisfied after the. -.- «irst botUe—money back.—Adv. GG Friday and Saturday Sec • IJool Gibson disease. When your r yourself—CQ^o is dangerous. Tim way to correct this condition ia lo take S.S.S.—the tonic Hint will help Nature build up and enrich your li'.nod. Millions of people have found it the easiest and surest way to keep tlienisdvcs "fit." If your vitality is slipping away from yo-j, do try S.S.S.. Take it Ufore each Get the large size, At all drug- 8toua,ce.s.s,c* are only S07<, you 'aro XOT j rCoverti-ailinjj Kid' Niglit Admission—M 10 itml 25, j fimiinn'—Stiniiny & Mom!a; '—"TIIK HAT Wtnsi'KKS".' Tficodricc ofyonr physician is: Kcnj> out oftlmrs, in o/)cn air, dccjjlr, take [:!cnly of exercise in t/u; mellow sunshine, aid a periodic check-tip on the hcakh of your body. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows —that's why the "TQASTING J process includes the use of the Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE - made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop- THEN-"ITS TOASTED"-an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in oil raw tobaccos are expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others. They are not present an your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat* TUNE IN— TlicI.iicU.Vrfc /Jnncc OivfiCj- tni, e;cry i uc^* day, Th'.irsilry and Saturday cvcninj? OTLT N. U. C. nee- uorti. Your Throat Protection — nst against ©19!1. Tht Tobj:to Co., IHti.

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