The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 3, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEW8PAPKII OF NOBTHZA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XUV—NO. ;K> Blycheville Daily Newr Bljrthevllle Courier Blythevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley Cotton Outlook (lone Too Bright UI Officials Say Farmers Are Urged To 'Plant the Limit' To Swell Production Team Members Seeking School Funds to Meet The Cilfcns School Committee will meet Monday ni^hl at 7:30 In the Municipal Courtroom in City Hull with a!l drive workers and solicitation loams named to assist in llic campaign for SM.OU'J for a new tiigh school site. Worth Holder, secretary ol the commute.', announced today. KVIU>K. ARKANSAS. SATUKDAY, MAY ;i, 11M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Floods Wash Out Rail Beds WASHINGTON, May 1. (UP) — The tlelrt cotloii .situation was fur- Ihcr sieurnvnlcd today wkli rcporlK of ])Uintin^ ilclaj's, bad weather anci the sliortiiKc of fcrllli/jr. " Already fncccl with tlit> sliortt'st cotton carry-over in 18 years, phis expected risiiiB demand, (lie Ayil- cuUiire Dp})nrLtiU'tit is hopeful that furmcTs will plant to tl>u limit. Hut because of record domestic uses and indieatinns thai demand from abroad will remain hiirh, It a|>l>eared that the pinch may be Ihe worst in years. The carry-over, CO per cent less than last year, as cslimitorl by the Agriculture Department, nil! be just under 3,000.000 bales. The Agriculture Dcpurtmem. has asked farmers to plant 23.1QO.S.Oa acres this year. This would he an increase of approximately 25 ptr cent over lust year. Plantiiu last year was 18,100,000 acres, harvested were 17.G14.000 acres. The department previously hoped for production of 12.400.00ii bales. However, bnd weather whlili has set fjt<:k planting schedules u,i to three ^a|s in some areas and hnr, forced ri^ntini; to some extent, indicated that .the goal will not be .reached, cither as to planting or harvest. Production last year wns 0,517,000 bales. Seed Supply Short Indications are that (lie carryover Irom the coming crop year nuiy be even less than that of the current year which ends AUR. 1. Formers, besides cuinplulnlni; of tlie .shuitage o( certain types of fertilizers, also are protesting the high price of seed. In some incus, because of the high price of seed and its shortage, farmers are deliberately holding back on planting until weather conditions arc more certain. Agriculture Department officials in Louisiana are not predicting the si/e ol the crop but say that prospects arc bad nnd will get even worse if heavy rains continue. In the Memphis area, pluntim; is from two weeks to three weeks Ire- hind schedule. In Arkansas it is expected lhat llicrc \yjll he an Increase., of I5 : per cent in planting, compared with last year. Nevertheless, bad weather has set npcnitions Ilark IrJJp a week to 10 days. In the southern section of A-kan- sa-s some good stands have been reported, while in others sonic replanting will be required. Total domestic consumption of cotton thi.s year is estimated by Ihe Agriculture Department at 10,000,000 hales, which is about 1,300.000 bales more than last year's production. Imports are estimated nt 200,000 bales for the crop year, exports at 3,613.000 bales. Farm Owners Get Relief from Wind Dangerous Days Ahead, However, County Agent Warns Rites Tomorrow For Boy Killed In Traffic Mishap .Services for Jrnnes Lawlcr, 14- yi-ar-uUl .son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Liiwlcr of RlvthcvillG, who was kilted yesterday when .struck by a tiuck nt Main and IficTt .streets, will be held nt 2 o'clock tomorrow nftcrnoon m (he Cnbb Fimcrnl Hnmc chapel, ttnrlal will lie in Maple Grove irtery with the Rev. H. H. Blcv- ins. pastor of (he Luke Street, Methodist Church, officiating. Thr MTiflcnt. BlyUicvtUcp second traffic facility this year, i:; ;>(||| under invest ignliou and no nvrcsts have been made. Police Chief Charles Short snld today. The youth was struck by a Mississippi County Lumber Co. truck driven by Henry McCain. VV. L. Homer, manager of that company, .said. YoutiK Lawlcr was riding a motor bike, he used to niako deliveries for Owens Drug Slotc. where he worked. According to school reeoids. the youth had dropped from iho junior hich school here only one week 1 fore his death to accept his jcb. .School officials snid Mr. Lnwlcr had (liven his permission for Jnmcs to quit .school. He is also survived by a sister. Carolyn; ami two brother* j. M and Harold Dean. The youth was headed cast on M:iin Street and llic truci: sonth on jGtli at the time of the accident police said. 'Yesterday's storm which Tilled the nir wilh mist from Northeast Mississippi County nnd simcl from the Nortliwest portion was temporarily settled by dyin^ winds mul .10 of an inch of rain which fell durhiy last ntghl. The threat to crops romamed, however, as lannois of this area were reminded today that Lhc witul- iest jiart of tlic year continues through May and that younu emus pushing through the ground this mouth may yet face damage from dust and sand. County Aircnt Kcilh J. Bilbrny said today thai crop damage- was averted yesterday because youim cotton was not yet abovo the ground to receive ihe bmtU of the vviml- born tcpsoil, narticularlv the saiul in the JM'ea Wnst, of Bir: I/ike. May is Windy Month •He noiutcc^ out that April and May generally were the wmdip'd tnnnths of the year in I his U'rvi- tory and hence bluster v win<(s c*nild bo cxnertecl Lhrou^huut the lemaituler r.F this month. Yesterday's duslstonn was ono of thn worst seen in this aroa in sn*- ora] vears run appeared heaviest in DIP virinilics of Yarbro and L (1 nr>>iville, it was pointed out. When vomit? rot ton nlauts rise n. lew inches above the croun.l, tiiny sirr at i\ slau'c of growth more vulnerable to rlamapo hy blowing *nncl in soil arens such a.s those W*st of Bin Lake. Mr. Bilbrey s:uiL TI<L- blowing sand whips HOVO^ lhc short plan Is and literally "b'lins" them out. he explained. At. la tor stages of growth, the cot ton pi a nts a r<\ In rye and tons IT pnoiiRh to withstand such dam ace but af- that point the winds have cennraHv decreased and remain fairly to *• during ihe summer months. Cotton Most Vulnerable Storms of thU nature im» harder on younn cotton than on com, soybeans and other crops. Mr. BH- snid. Rainfall, unless heavy. generally affords only temporal y chef, lie said, as the -soil is soon Iry and blowing again during "Itic vindy months. A lack of wnclbrcaks in this aroa eaves the plants open to wind iainage. he stated. There are about, 70.000 arrrs of iEhl. sandy soil in cultivation in rii.ssissh'pL Cnunty West of Big j"kc, Mr. BiJbrrv j>ointc<l out. A sandy condition and ;»lvipucc >f organic matter prevails in tho ubsoil in areas around Yarbro :ui f i 7 lnt Lake nnd imirh of thir; hus iccn brought to the surf a cm by ractor plowing the past few years, vhich cuts clcrner than horse- Inuvn plowing met Kudos, hr sairi. ffowever. another few years nf raelor plowing will i>robably help .his. he added, hy mixing with this soil I ho or Ran ic matter which lies closer to the surface. Lower lcmp?ra. hires thini thor.c )f Mir past week wore 1 also no tret yesterday as fho mercury rlimbed t> si hiuh of only 70 decrees at id Coccnded to a 'low din-inn: lasl liehl of 41) decrees, nr'.'onhn;: tn Robert E. Blaylork, official \vc:i- hcr observer here. Levee.s built along the Hiy Muddy Hivcr at AUlrxJui', HI., failed to holti llu> Lhe washing out of the- Illinois Ontrai railway tr;ic-_.s. Tmck;; at rlKl.»t w Elig]\\vay No, :i Ijeloro boiny closed *.it traffic, ill. S- Ouanl I'hpto Ii iiuns>af;lny river, v«\sulUu^ r i»st vchlclu lo travel Illin ujn NKA Tt'Jt i)hot«,i Senate Amends Tough Labor Bill Many Matters Due Consideration Before Congress Recesses WASHINGTON, Mny :i. (Ul't Tlie Senate Republican leadership today set July :n as llic tarpet date for tile Summer congressional recess. Chuirman Robert A Taft of the Ecnatc Republican Policy Committee said he Ilgured the Senate could wind up all Its business by then. He said he had no Intention o[ breiichin,- the congressional .streamlinini; act which recommends recess on Jill 31. Tall nave labor legislation, now under debate in the Senate, the No. l spot on thu legislative calendar. After that, lie said. the. Republicans will take up the administration's $350,000.000 relief bill war-ravaged countries. That has been cut lo $200,000.000 by the House, but Taft thought the Senate would restore the full amount. After thai, Tuft- J»aid, the Senate will lh;;e I.U Aleman of Mexico, Addressing UN Delegates f Stresses Peace KIA'SIIING, N. Y.—Miiy '} Aleniiin of Moxk'o, mldrcss- UNMTICU NATIONS HA itiK i> spwisil plenary sessionjol' llio Unitwl NatiotiH {.ionera A.ssi'iul;ly, l(i<l;iy railed on the 1 (,'i'cal powers In rcacli n^rci 1 lent, on the peace traiLies chilintr \\'oi'td War U. "Each day it becomes more im-* pcrative lo finisli the arduous tusk of drafting the peace treaties," Aleman said. ''The world is anxious to liquidate tin- last, conflict, ill irder lo devote itself integrally to Uantie task of reconstruction. Arkansas Publishers To Meet in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May 3.(UP) —The diamond jubilee convention of the Arkansas Press Association will rjrjield here June 13 and 14. it wa™'announced yesterday by L J. Miner, secretary-manager of the association. N. Y. Cotton the Mcxk'O fervently wishes that the effofls of Lhc i^reat iHiwcrs may .soon achieve Ihe lonucd lor results." The assembly interrupted its debate nn the delicate Palestine problem to welcome Aleman, firsl heiut nf the nation lo visil the General •Assembly since president Truman miule the openiiiK [lay address at the first session here October. Aleman. .'-pcakint' in Spanish, said the occasion ijave him the opportunity lo reiterate "Mexico's un- shi'k-ble faith in the purposes" of the United Nations charter. He said that "the fulfillment oti tlie r.'jligiitiqus. cont 'lions'' wa,s "Lh(%sole Wallace Renews Attack on Truman U. S. Foreign Policy And War on Commies Irks Former lowan Ilinois Phone Strike Near End Workers Expected To Acsopf an Offer of $4 Por Weak Increase Two Victims Leave Hospitals Two more or the 10 .Southeast Missourians ho:;t>ila]i/.eci here with njnrics received in Thursday morning's gale-like \\iiui storm wr'tr- dismissed yesterday from Walls Hospital. They were Betty Fay Marrs, 11. of Stcclc. and George Nelson. 30-year-old Negro, of Cooler. Five oilier members of lhc Marrs milyr remained in the hospital today. Conditions; of Robert Marrs, 35. a daughter Jewell. 14. and his son Billy, 2. were reported as "very good' 1 this morning. Conditions of Mrs. Marrs, 34, and another daughter, Gcraldinc, 7. were given as fair." Mrs. Vivian Lynch. 31, of fitecli was reported today as slill in "poor" condition and Mrs. Beiilah Hodges, 22. also of Steele wa s said to be in "very good" condition. NEW YORK, May 3. (UP) —Close steady. open high low clotje . 2799 2799 2775 2779 . 3587 3590 3572 3586 . 3370 3377 3355 3370 . 2929 2930 2900 2910 March ... May .... July October . December .. 2851 2851 2025 Spots close 3fiH; up 12, 2825 N. Y. Stocks A T & T Amcr Tohacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Sliidebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard [J7 36 5- Stt 102 .T-o 151 1-1, K I-t 50 !-•51 3- lf> 12.) 8 1-F 15 1-4 20 3-8 . (!D 5-8 . GO fi 3-8 authority to establish rale, agreements after Interstate Commerce approval, a proposal to establish a national science foundation, and the pi evidential succession bill. Taft didn'l believe possible Presidential vetoes of j>orlal-lo-i)orliil. lalxir and. lax legislation would make lhc July 31 recess date impossible. {tail's Amendment Approved Meanwhile, llic fight over lhc Senate labor control bill uas liar; rowed today lo a penning amend- lo restrict Industrywide bar- giilnlns. The measure wns introduced l>y Sen Joseph H- Ball. R.. Minn.', I'e.slfTdny after the Senate approv- j cd (it) to '.!& nn amendment lorbidd- < in!; union "coercion" ot employes in ir^anixiny drives. Other congressiimal developments: Foreign policy — House passage :if the $400.000.000 (Ml Grcek-Tur- ;ish aid bill by n comfortable margin \v:is predicted by Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr., and Chairman Chmles A. Caton of the House Foreign Affairs committee. The measure narrowly escaped belm; piceon-holed by the House Rules Connnitlee ye.slerday but il fln- nally was cleared for tioor action l)y a (i lo 5 vote. Ten hours of ttc- Inile were scheduled lo begin Monday. St. I.awrciico Vrrijerl Kevicwcd Seaway — A bipartisan group headed by Senate President Arthur j TJ. H. Vandcnbiirg and democratic i r.n OLI-VHJAND. iMiiy 3 .(UPI—•!•>>--• mci' Vice 'President •llcniv A Wallnce rpeued u nationwide speak- hi|T tour niulit with a bltler allaek on the "Tnmian poliry" of Jiiditine. Coinnnmlsm in Kuropc nnd chari;e<| lhat Hie policy was one reason for the breakdown of the Bit; Four Moscow conference. Wallace, speaking before a eapa- iiec of more than 3,0'!' Music Hall, pleiuled lo' - into the riisiistcr ol another If**" ?p r , Il ," s f iil "'»> • silld th "' confli--! whii-Ii would wipr- out our lhc "''"«> fclnlrs i""st supply h- present forms of civili/alion." | vvll! ' t Cicrnmny cannot in repara- lle warned Mu- UN that "it is. liolls I indifiiensable for this orgnnl/Jition Wallace snid lhat while man , neves to defraud the hope of free men everywhere.' "^Mankind x x x could not continue indefinitelv on the downroad lo material destruction and cultural disintegration." Airman sairl. "This is whv 1 helieve lhat one of Ihe sacred ob!i[:alions of the United Millions is to check the steeds of war." Assembly President Oswald factors were responsible for tin failure of Ihe Moscow Conferen r ( "one reason for Its failure wv certainly the spirit of haired am fear that Ihe Truman dnrlrinr perhaps unwillingly, called forlh 'llf there were any hopes •••' nuccess they were shattered whrr President Truman announced his four hundred million dollar anti- Soviet crusade. His speech made r l lArnnhn, wclcomim; Aleman. called clear that he regarded Ihe I M".\icr> "one of the most failhfiil between freedom and Soviet Com- CHIC'AGO. May :i, nip, Inois li'le[>himi' strike v :i: iHluy [or a llnl $-1 [i \ve increase fur lli.llim emplovi': a-»i^, Hell Teh-jihone Cuiiiium;;. sub- li'i'l tn upprnvul by I lie -Ttrikei s. H wns the llrsl sullli'mru. rcjij-'.icd by ni'cotiiilin.s of uily stllkni'i union lllihali'd with the N;UUn:a; 1'Vll- "l at ion uf Telephone WulKi'l'i: which '^7 days ngu launclicd a n.illi.nwl Ic ill Ike lor a $,rj u week \v:ii:i- m- "KIISC. Wi-vernl hiilepi'iidi'l.l unnns .vldch joined In Ihe nntlnnul w.ilk- lul previously h:id rcachi.-rl n'l.ile- menl:;. htiwi'l'er. The Illimils .'ilrlkers weiv expected to lel.ii' ntii work Monday, ult.'r for- mully it))provhiK Ihe :i;:rrem'.'nt reached by represi'iiliil l,<e;; of the -ompunv and (In- lin-ee .slriUin'.' unions lasl ni|;],I. nl, their :<!i,th Julni. ne|;ottiilini; ses.lnn nmler the null- Dices ol Ihe U. a. Cunulliiil vice. Wwlin-.s Ohiiy I'MICI leil Hichind l.oim, prcsidi-in of r,m- of Ihe unions, salil thr:- w.ui "no dnnlil" Iht! sti'lker.s wouUI apptnv-' Ihe M'lllcnient. They will vole i.n icci'ptimci' nl Ihe si'tlli inent. today and lomon-osv. Mrs. Ainu- HellscnU']-. ,;•••: !r|i>n:. of Ihe iipi'riilnrs union, of Ihe Muer. suld she would iir;;i' mrmher; to reji'ft the f.el tleinvnt. mlier NKl'W allllliiles slill ,ir il;ln,', $! a week increase.s. l.n.'.t niiihl.'s $•! nirer wir; I lie Hist 'Honey olfer made hy Mi" c.jni[.'any since lhc strike startcd .\prll •;. The coiniiuny said llu' wii|;e hl- cn>asr would oust Sll.fiou.uiio a year incl said it would revise Its pending at'.' Liise before lhc Illlnoh C)in- iiercc Commission In mi eltoit, lo 'el adilillomil revenue lo onset (he Increased opi-rntliiR cosl. Neiv ('niH-lli.illiiii Allemplcd WASI11NUTON, Mnv '(. (UPJ-- Fcderal concllialors will makr nn- Iher atleiniil lodny to work out a va|;e iiKrccinenl Ihul would enil lie.: n y dispute in Ihe nationwide tele- >lione strike. The concililllol. 1 ; were .slilt i •ilslic of an early sculvmrnl i|;-- pilr union rcJiH-llon of lip, lii.'it, •om]);iny wm;i' offer of ih ; 37-d:iv- ilil walkout. C'omiHinv nml ii'iloi .Tpri'senlalivcs. hrjsvcver, indlcalei hey did not shun: the conclliiitors Dozen Injured 700 Soldiers, Assisted by Police, Use Tear Gas toEndDisturbance Bv O. H. 1,I,O VI), Jr. (lulled I'rcvv Siaff Correspondent KOKT LEAVKNWOKTH, Kan., Mny. Ii. (U.P.)—Five hundred and I'ourlorn prisoners hold out today in a teargas-Tilled coll block in tlio U. S. niscipliiuu'y liurrncka hero MS, iuillionlie.s l'out;lil hncU ;i niuo riot in which one man was liillod and a d<r/.«n giumls or prisoners injured. There was no sound from tlio cell block. Tlio only activity iit unon was an occasional hurst of tear uus i\s guards kept tlio holdouts on cilgc. At mld-morniiiK, 213 men, all NeHi'ovs. came ma of Cell Block No. 5. or tliat number 157 were jmi'vccl Inlo Wing No. 4, while the others, rceiirdril as possible ringleaders In thn rioting which broke out first Thursday night, were moved elsewhere. A>joul ICO troops, armed with Wily clubs, tear eas weapons raid Marshall Seeks Talks on Korea Conditional Reply Forwarded to Moscow By Cabinet Member WASIIh\CiT'ON, Mny 3. (UP) — Hecrclary of Stato Oeoriie O. Mar- luvnlted a reply from his conditional aecep- Husslau bid to resume provisional ^ shall loillky Mt):;cow to taiu'e ol a talks on a h.r K:irea. M.i:.shu]|';< ^-lews were tran.sinltted '"• | luiit nluhl In H letter lo Soviet Foii'li'.n Minister V. 1 M. Molotov j who had proposed that the talks 10 br resumed M'iy 20. two the hl«h pressure fire hoses, met rioters ns they were brought out In groups of five. r'emocrat ic times." Debate 'After thr of I hoc peaceful aspirations of Palestine and o;ir Issues i attendant on Airman's visit, thr assembly w-:us e::pc:'!cd lo phniKc hack inlo the Palestine debate. | Itnssia wa^ retailed ready to rot new liie fiiihl to e.ive reprcscnla- • lives of Ihr Je.vish Agency il chance E to s];r:ik belore a full session of | Ihe General Assembly. instc;<el (if just, before one of ils eommiltccs. ;i s Mdvoraled liv Ihe United Slates. Thr 1 iitiiiiediaie of the as- sr.-Tiihly \va.s lo consider the resohl- lion ;Kl'>|)1''d hv the stcerlni.' <:om- intlee last :5i«hl ]}:ivilifj the way for representatives of the Jewish nuenev to stale Iheir case durini,' the elirrent. riner^oncv session. The* rrsolufinn. put forward hy S. Delegate Warren R. AnsMn instrui-tion;; from Wnshinj:toii munism as absolute and Irreconvl- able." He stoutly defended his reecnl F;urc])ean spcakinii lour and .'nnd Hint for [hose wbo behrve in 'me world there is no foreign country. Bad Weather Brings . . Rush of Business at Big Washington Airport WASIIINC.TON, May :i. HIP. At 2ft airliners curry itii m >re (linn 1,000 passeni;cr.s into Ih" IJiiil- ed States from foreign ;i,itiipi:.'; win- forced to make emerge.K v lind- in!;s in W.Kshinglon dm in-; llv ini't ?A hour;, because o[ bad v.t.ilh'x conditions In the noith>'a-i, niifi. The planes wen; from various Ku- ropcan. South Aineririin anti Houlli African points. I'an Aineririin Worltl Al;v.';iy:; di- Lender Alhen W. Ilai'klcy was be- ! on the Ainerienn i/oliey lowar'l verlecl 10 ]>l;ilues. henrlnj,' -150 ]);ts- ini; oi:;ani/.etl to .sirousor a tlew [ Jewish representation, jirovides for s'liiyei's. lo washinclon. 'flu- nil- bill to iiiithnrixr joint U. S.-C,uia- : Ihe ]>ulitieal ronnniltee to consider planes had been seliediile'i ,, !•. diini development of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Kni'iiius Property — A House committee sought lo find out why the War Assets Administration per* suadrd C'onj;re.s:s u> give it funds lo hire 35.000 salesmen and then tried to turn their work over lo private companies. Ttents — Sen. C. Douglns Buck. R.. Dela . predicted that compromising Senate nnd Hciisi 1 versions of rent, control legislation would be lonil and difficult task Buck, who \vill miinasc the. Fcnate Hill on the j floor, said the differences have to be settled by "give and take" bargaining "although I don't sec ho\v.'' The principal conflict lic.s in a House provision to cm- power local governments to deride for themselves when rent control .should end in Ilieir areas. Oj| — The Semite War Investigating Committee summoned for questioning next week some of tiic persons icsponiiiblc for .safeguarding Ihe private papers of the late President Roosevelt at ifydc Park. N. V. Tile committee wants to look over the papers to sec if any is relevant to its investigation of the iVnvy's Arabian oil purchases, but it has been denied permission to do, so by President Truman. Ihe rrq:ir.sts of all organization:; who winil In slale their views. Virtually nil Ihe :V> \}N members. H-ilh Mir- cxeer'ion of Ihe five Ar:ib stale::, favored letting the Je'.vs have their say. fjritnin playerl a quiet role In ihe en! ire debale mi whri her the .Tew- should speak. The rilish del- esralion also opposed the idea at first. 3mf changed its .stand on orders from London after the U. S. bad its cbaiiKe of heart. Hi. New York, other northeri Newark, Cities. Mistake in Identifying would ; Cow S'IYCS Man from Jail NASHVI1.I.E, Trim , May.'!. HJP> --A rasp o! mistaken identity between two cows of identical description freed .1. W. llnliowny and Waller ])r'id. or l/iuderdalc County, or one-year prison sentences loday. Hollov.Mv and Reid had been convicted of larceny of a cow. but tlie Trnnrssci- Supreme Court said it. was all a mi-1 uke. r [lir court found I!ollo'.vay owned a cow marked inmost cxnetlv like ihe one he sold by mistake under the impression it- was Ills own. Expenditures in State Exceed Total Revenues i.rt'n,f; rtccK. .Ark.'. May :< (17P)—The buduet for the Hlui' of Arkansas wtvs in thr red tod:r- lor the second successive mritilh. Slate Treasurer J. Vam-i: Clnv:oi reported yesterday that rcvenui collections recorded in his ofli i for April adder! «|> lo Sfi,54l.>'»n while the total of redeemed rant was almost $10.0"u,r.O[V The deficit last, mon'h v.a:, at- Irilnited to three things: The distribution of Sa.OOO.COO ill road (iini! 1 ; to counties, higher school expr i- (litllres. and the redemption of a ixirtioti of Arkansas' bonded debt. The waye gap was nniTowui whri lie Ainerlcan Ti-lp]ihiiii" .\'. Tele- 'raph On. ullrred (Is ]oiit> !h I'ijrkrrs weekly Inerrnses iinml. 'roni .VJ I" S-l. The ilci::ili. wlileli )i'i|;innlly IKK! asked 51! nnd now flatly rejeeled (he The prisoners wore strlp;>cd of all clothing. Ciuard details carc- lully went IhroiiKh the clothing nml l.hen over the body of each prisoner In a sourcli for weapons. Tlien tile KronjK of prisoners were shunted Into Cell Block Pour which I"'-I Ijeen prepared for the rioters. \ Kvcrvlhlnu removable lind been Miiishnll said tlie Untcd Stales rarrlcfl from that block.. All desks, wlllliu:, provided Russia would st »ir bnlnstrndes and bulletin iKiro that all Korean tlcinocrntli: ''oards were (nken out to prevent larlli's bis consulted before a pro-' " rmirrence of the outbreak. MaJ. islniu'd i;overnuienl- Is estubllshed. •[!••»>'y O. Trlcsler, wst public rc- officer, suld. 'I'hn loudspeaker conllnuod to call Ife asketl Mololov to confirtn that lie Russians will auree to estab-' - - --- Ishinenl of a "dcniocnillc" reitlmo ."} 1;ln lhc rlotci- 5 In MIC other cell In which nil parties In Korea rould p:ntirlpate "by menus o( free :'leellons on the busis ol a general ind etjual (-Icelonil rlKlit." A Joint U. S.-Soviet commission set up In 184S adjourned liist May liter less than tsvo months of study on a temporary Korean government. The conference, noi'gcil down lifter Russia demanded m Ili-ut lliiil only pro-Communist Korean groups-uc consulted. Since v-J Day. Korea bus hern split Inlo two zones. Tins Uullcd Elates administers all territory blcck lo surrender. There was no Klvc guards were In thr. atal.lon liesiiltnl for treatment of injur- Ifx received |n rtijhtlnif back thu d'-n-iinstrnlors who ''looked like wild mm us they stomriirt" fatally one prlsenrr when (he rlot- 'nn rc-sumcil nboiit 8 p.m. yestcr- (liiv. The rioting Blnrtcd almost 48 hours tigo . but lhc situation- a)>- penred In liund when tho 800 hardened iiriuy prisoners— oil convicted of court martial nnd dishonorably Ihe South of the 38!h parallel rjid | rii -chnrKed—wore permitted to eo Russia controls thn Northern ?one. ° Ul " btisomcnt of tho cell blocls last nlsfhl. ' The dentil toll may go higher wlien officers, nro able" to enter the blocks . Into which the rioters Morfccd Tree School Officials to Suspend Ml Pupils Who Marry MA!-:Kl-.'[) -IHKK, All:.. May U! - i 'Another .-ifiHio! Hoard ha;; '.(•cidi-d it is time lo inlerrere viih lhc coiuse of true love --at least ill high sctiofil. .' Tlmol b-ianl rit Marked Tree terl tin- auloinalif su.spen- f any student prtthu: imir- hile ...lill in seliool. The aiv nine iifl<-r Hll|:t, Wylie Key a d-u-ision on tin- inereasini: r of married shulrnls. cell the recent Moscow Bl;; Koiir foreign ministers conference, jMinshall nnd Mololov exchange 1 their views on the Joint coiipnls- sloi.'s work. In written coimnimi- c-itions. holh men uecusccl t^.c othei'.s connlry of beiliR rcspoiislblc for the breakdown of negotiations. Man Cremated WhenAutoGqs Tank Explodes kivJdWjiiiiiiKiBMAXBM^wiBnflBMV*^ 1 * 1 MEiMPllia, Tcnn.. May 3. (HIM One man was burned t<i death, another hiirned critically niul two other persons seriously Injure^ to- dav In a two-car colllsslon near Memphis about a half-mile from fhe Mississippi state line. ' managed to force the prisoners The dead man was Ivcr M. hnrk ur> the slntrs and into lhc Hwanson. 3Jj. of Minneapolis, Minn, cell blocks. They were unable, how- lie was 11 partner In the Planters ever, to get the men into their Service, a crop-dusting firm cells. were sealed'off. No ono knew whit would bo found and as dawn came today there was no Indication of a break In lhc stalemate. Oificcrs slill declined to reveal cause of the trouble. However, ano man in position to know made a rcmnrk which substantlatetd the report that tho trouble was of a racial nature. Tennessee Prisoner Killed Dcwcy D. Osborne, 30, .Mountain City. Tcnn., was the man fatally .stomped on the blood-spattered basement of the cell block. Perhaps Elfinificantly. officers declined to reveal whether lie was white or black. As the rioting broke out again in the bisemcnt last night, iruards managed to * af Clarksdnle. Miss. He was crc- maled. Tile most seriously injured Konuet. I,. Payne, 30. of Ciarksdale. believed to he Itic. driver of tlic car in which Swanson wa.s riding. Payne had first and .second decree burns of the legs, nrms and chest. He was Swanson'.s partner in Ihe dnsliuf service. The nlhcr . .urcd were "Wr'ir l.ud a verv l:i:'"e niniilier '"«' "'"" • '" rc(l wcre "cnry -if iniitri.iac:; ainon'a '.tudenls re- Kulil. ?S. a sai;..r altaehed lo the •eiilly." Key snid. -f||r- mnri iiigi-s j Millington, Tcnn.. Naval Air 'Base. Inside. Ihev were scrambling Irom tier lo tier in tlie four-story was blocks. Some were moving through ventilators. The maddened prisoners rip-ied up a balustrade of a wooden stairway In the block to use tile pickets for clubs. The barracks building is in the Northeast pnrt of the fort facility. I It is one bloock wide and two Henry tlwks deep. The main building. K back lo civil way days, i.; I,:;, I anil He h:i vint: : I iidi-nl I In talc.' ex;iliiiiir(l lhat lent', may finish i,r:li A similar noli:-v v.a enllv h. Whiirhavel .1 Mi-nii^his. Tenn. f I on Ih!' skcd Ihe In stop it." irarried :;tu- 'inl. 5. :idtipted re- i !fi'.;li School Suits Thrown Out Steel vn 1-2 Weather ARKANSAS—Fair and Sunday, NABIIVILLR. Ti.-llll. May. :< (U.P.) The Tcivir-rsoe Siiprem" 'Court today upheld ;< liwe-- emu I order throwing c-it of court an attack on campa'^n expenditures Sampler to Speak HARRISON. Ark., May 3. fUl'i — J. Wesley Sampler of Rogers, stato commander of the American Legion, will be the principal speaker at a district convention here to: morrow afternoon. Sampler will today, tonignt speak on the need o[ mllllnry trnlnlnr;. of U. S. Sen. K. D. Clov. Jim McCord Democratic primi.-y. McKellar In the IMli To Hear Civil Cases Common Plea s Court will convene in Osceolii Monday to hear civM suiU for damages lo S1CO) wilh cut iihont'lhe face and arms; and Mrs. Madge Meal. 30. of M'.'iiiphis. a hospital clerk, cut right eye. shock and possible internal injuries. Tlie cars apparently collided head-nn and turned over. Observers said it appeared Ihe gas lank on Payne.'s rur exploded. Trial of Two Robber Suspects is Delayed i rni K nor'i-r. AI-I-... May :i. 'UP' 'I'lie {- fl 'li't :ip;:r':ir:tli:T nl Iwo Texas nirn rhamrrl \silli rulliny a Mr D'n jexv.'l riil^ji'vv in f.iltle Hork lasl. Feb. 'SI wa;i ili>:.lpiilli'(l today, folldwini! arlion of Pnbski Circuit Jurlue Ous Pull: .Ind •<• Fn'k vt'Ktr>id.iv aurerd to ; i'.:i liu- r;i:.e wilr-n it < :nnrs Up Mnnd:iY. Ijei'-Mi.-e of I he illness "f (,r.e of tin- tlefi-ni.r allonir.vs. "I !ii' inrn. f/iwi Mire TiiNisIi and W. T Cull;... bolii in their twerl- hf^. V.-PLV' ;ir:::u:.i^! ol liie tia>1iir!'il- fiihl) ry of the I,:islev Je'.velrv Store in downtown LMtle Hork. Tliev al- leretlly Inund It. A. I,;iMcr at unn- roint. nnci mnde off -.vith jewelry. b"iids and cash valued at $tf)0r:0. They were nprsrchended when their ear figured in a wreck six hours later at Sulphur Siirinqs, Tex., and the loot was recovered. Jud-;e Fulk indic.ilert lhat the ease would no! come up before the| Disabled Vets to Meet 'HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May 3. rUPi Plans were beillc complete-l locbv fr>r Ihe first Arkansas convention of the Disabled Veterans Department of Arkansas, to be held here May 4. 5 and 6. An estimalcd 2CO members wi'.l be welcomed tomorrow by Chamber of Commerce .president nill Seix. \ The group's national commander. I Uoycl Olsen of l^os Angeles, will j arrive here Monday. Landing Gear Refracts BOSTON. Mav (U.I'.)—An American Airlines plane from London ground-looped nnd tipped to its side while landing at the Logan International Airport today but-Ihe 45 person* aboafd — 35 passengers and 10 prow members —were reported unlutrt. The plane, the Flagship Denmark, was being taxied up n run- n st or Mav the early part of, way by capt. Ovnnmn T. nobin- i County Judge Roland Green pre-j .iuric hec.iuss of the crowded dock-[son, 38. of Commerce, Tex., when | siding. let. j i ' (nc rl S' lt landi'iat SCIH- retrr.^tcd. built in the form ot a rotunda. with lhc wings extending from it like the .spokes from a wheel Here are confined the hardened prisoners, convicted of offenses by courts martial. .All have been stripped of ratings, even that of privates. Silnalion "Umler Control" Public rclation.s officers at the post sflid lliat the situation was "under control." Tear gas supplies from nearby Lcavcnworlh peniten- tinry. [ram Kansas City police an.-l. other government forces w'ere fired methodically into the SCBlcd-off blocks, 'Hie attack on Osborno was witnessed by Col Graham O. Parka. new commanding officer of the barracks. Another witness said "They looked llk» wild men when they stomped Osborne." Osborne died in the station hospital at 6:40 a.m. One of tho injured guards was Staff Set. Robert J. Llzer. 31. New Orleans, ire was stabbed in the back. His condition, however, was not believed critical. It was noted that, when non- rioliiiK prisoners were permitted to have their breakfast this morning, they were segregated as to race. One prisoner, identified only as "Woodbury," was in the hospital with an ice pick wound in his chest. The pick still was protrudii-.? in his chest when he was admitted for treatment. He had been stabbed by other prisoners. ~

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