The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1962 · Page 31
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 31

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1962
Page 31
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 4. 1962 a d h 31 I INTERSTATE UPPIR BUCKS COUNTY JOINT SCHOOL AUTHORITY Junior High School Revenue) I Berths of 1954 Notic is hereby given that Durtuir.i 5 lo Section 5.0D of the Indenture dated 5 PflllnftllV of December 1 1956 securing .aid LUMr AN I Bonds, Upper Bucks Count. Ini,,. vvml n' 1 School Authority ha called for redemp. H DU8UQU8, IOWA tton on June 1, l2 out of monies in 5 tr" the Bond Keuemption l-unrl at a re- demption price of 102 of principal S Serving Ih amount m luuawin,- nonus: :,(,, ii M 359 364 370 JK2 3S3 jqg an -iii 2 """' forming V3 427 444 445 455 471 482 502 I Ar NoffOft 3iu 3io 3 J 546 550 556 559 E 566 568 -2 The principal of said $26,000 Bond ' ill be paid at 102 and accrued inte-ei cm June I. 12 at the office of Buck County Bank and Truit Company 5 Trustee, in Perkasie, Pa., or at the op- tion of the holder r the principal office of The Philadelphia National Bank 13 Philadelphia, Pa. After June 1, 1962 in- E terest on laid Bonds will cease to at- true. 5 Notict ii further hereby given that S pursuant to Article VI of said Inden- 5 ture. Upper Bucks County Joint School Authority ha also called for redemp. 5 tion on June 6. 1962, at a redemption p price of 103. of principal amount all of the remaining 1534.000 principal 5 1 n -a rt.N PREFERRED DIVIDENDS 54.5 cents per share on ' ,. 4.36 Preferred Stock 68.75 cents per share on 5V2 Preferred Stock Payable July 1, 1962 Record Date June 8, 1962 Freight Volume Mrs. Longstreet Dies;5 Rises in Week To 577,534 Cars 'She was 99 years old. Walter P. Hall Professor, Dies Died Died Died -A Widow of '65 Generally MILLEDCEVILLE, Ga., May 3 lUPI.. Mrs. Helen Dortehco.. .-a longstreet, widow of Confederate Gen. James lyongstreet.iof'M. m0., tUNtON. .vjdaenty. at Heave- Mm- NTMIy. Or. May ?, 1962, M'SS J.I wtNeMKM !.,hh,I M. a"' -,-. flows, Ho , on Vav I. 1W2. Rfv. CONNUl MAUDE NFTHPR. of 81 Ci Ronnoie a Rel. ho'; i em ...t.. ' '.J V!. ""i ui.i 'o . Cl'NtON, DO., pernor of St. MtuVtloHm one tr-WKli olo moioy el the .Yor IviNCFNT C. husbarW el i-ieltm BoW SobnoSJ, "icxh Pe.e-end clergy, it.' gim. rtiitives'i,0.vv.irnr Co.. ore invtted to se-vice Sot. .lenh.m CIm,,,.. triri. 4 mhl.. 5f W u ".i'.l 'U U!:T"U Ul.i'T f nf, Tlllm m ru'fl A. rtr.ul (imifrt cn iu?i.t a- tu -j ft. v., tc"OA'eoi ry Home k e-n wais. or i ! a. m '(M7 Getmunrawn civil . Inf. Ivy H' It tlT r" Fnii,-4( n-.nw fall fii ., nt tho h.nnr. ol.etd Owh. 6?'h ond Chtr; ho-ne In iu ol floweis nd rontnhu. . In!' Ho- Creu Cen. VieA-ngi ,,,,, ,0 h ahway Igbtmnoi Mwwtio! Fun:l. eve.. 6-H, .IIHth and fipiin Gnfden t's . Pnila, or the ! LAjmon Kunyon Canter Fund. Alpha Bant'tt Ourth And employes ol G eral Services Adrn., U. S. Cus'om House. o inviifri to the sevce Man.. 10 A. M., fmm the P-;i'?r ol Harold B Mulligan. 1119 W. lehigii nit. Int. Allentown, Pa. Friends ai'-' inv.ted Sen. eve, amount ot sain nenaa tftn to be out- standing, numhered M?l to MblQ, in- S elusive, excluding the $:6.00O princi- S pal amounta of said Bonds called tnr.Z. redemption on June 1, 1 062 and numbered b above stated. The principal of said remaining $534,. COO Bonda will be paid at 103 and accrued interest on June 6. 1963 t the office o( Bucks County Bank and TrUM Company. Trustee. In Perkasie, Pa., or at the option of the holder at the principal office of The Philadelphia National Bank in Philadelphia, Pa. After June 6, 12 all interest on said remaining $534,000 Bonda will cease to accrue. COMMON DIVIDEND 25 cents per share on Common Stock Payable June 15, 1962 Record Date May 29,1962 C. W. IDMONDS, May 1, 1962 Trtaiurtr She was 9& years old. WASHINGTON, May 3 CAP). a native of the tiny northeast Freicht car loadings in the weck'ceoreia town of Carnesvillc, 'ended April 28 totaled 577,534'Mrs. Lonestreet married the eon- 'cars, a 1.4 percent increase overj troversial Confederate general' ,the preceding week, the Assoeia-;in 1897 while she was attending jtion of American Railroads re-jBrcnau College, in Gainesville, ported Thursday. Ga. Longstreet was a widower in The week's loadings were 33,-his late 70s living in Gatncsvillej 155 cars, or 6.1 percent, abovejin retirement. j the corresponding 1961 week, and The general died in 1904, and 65,794 cars, or 10.2 percent, be-jhis widow never remarried. Mrs. Longstreet spent her later j:-J i - l.;it rpu....,4,, fn m,i fwtiwrtnrl i!lwie kite John J UIL'U ill a llU!jmiU IWIC lllUlSUd.v dl ivi u ccu .oo, I 30. I? WARIM . (ioi, SPANO V .v 1. 196?. MAfif, bufovtet N. St B.Ov4 Ojntai.T!' SJIMll Jv ..,. .. r, Iwile nf Nirhnllt SniM nt fi'iK' MrCovl tort one) th'N l u i ioa? 'jvhiiaw iam.H L.i. 'fie 3'ivea and friends nra Invited 'o funuml Cot'. S ahves qnd ("ends we kj"jj uh'l M 'thmiu I So., 8 A. M.. tr-wn Ptnnn. Bunal Co.. Wl ;inviifj to tie fi'ne-nl $... '3D A. M..,,,.,, So,., p A M , ot Grn.e WthrMi'? S. R'oad it. S' Rrqwwn Mass, An-fiom hy Wor B. ,wh.ok fune'ii' Svt cBUKh, Same- fnt N. J. Int. laurel v'rumcroti'm Our;n (.l 9 . A. Int.' Hoyt IHcn e ;d si !nnteit Jet'.-sonl. So-mn mo,lf,( park. v.ewncj Sot., 10 to 1 1 A. M.lCoM Cem. V,tin Fri. eve, v, I.Qj'em Mois n A, M S'. W.cluel s Chg th ot ,h, huH h n-,eu ol expre.noni of sym- . '"' "ov 4eo!th. Cen- Fi.nds m.i call plH rmmi:roni's may he n-aae to the' STAHAN Mov 2, 196?, suddenly olrV hr'' ''",' : , ' Bui dincj Fund ol Giac luthe on Church. j 000CMUlY.y l. o6j, DANIH A.,j 0wiNS.-May 3, 96?. at W3 S. SS I v'VO s;. broth, of 0rm! ,T. M4y t. Inee M;Kemon, wife ol ir'pntil tnvi'ea 'o ruriP'Ui cji , u . rvt. Sumt Fune'ol hane, 14?3 E. Cjlun bia tv hit Fie). ov. int. N. Ceaor Hill te'ti Viewtna fndoy evening. N lakeside Drive, Birchwood" lakes. 1-1. J , JAMFS 0, husband nf Sarah. Pelaltvet,"' and litends ot the family are invited- to , ftinercl seivices. Sot., 11 A. M., at "th ' J Leonberg Funeial Home, 24 N, Main sbjn , N. J In, locustwood Memos! n N. J, Fi:ends may cull Fa, eve. 1 vted to funeral Sat., v A. M., Ihe 8he , T9"10, f ,n.,r.i Hw ."iAlh I CAn, . t,i., O:, til Mass of Requiem Cliurih rl lire Trcinstigu- tunuetnu , i., uw a ' ;.,.;,' ,r,t,, m a ai i, urti., r. .... r, THOMPSON. -May Isl, MARY A , tormeriy " r J, . . t: 1 Hol t,0M C"' Vl4-hF 7S: N. ui'h ,t., ,(,' ol the late Charles nilBlM io Okf firAH (thrift T ' lhnnnsi'jn Relatives, friends cue invited" PRINCETON, N. J.. May W'soiTn. h ., t?fyH mIncuhamfua (net Woonen. uJz llV'h,l-l.f-,!!t-Ui.alt- "V .,, ,. , i to' ca'V IXiom, son ct ti'ner ond rue ,o6j w flkhan st hiwrr" " ' "J,,", "" ,u"' Walter Phelps Hall, Us-Due,,, b.or o j.iWr T . mi . . vj - rv.', iyi.jw ifniis,, ivia, ";nnrt ininni fv tout Oil Fri iAtuii'ie s'if, ; w - Ur.aririt nsj-J tnrt 7 T AAi !,"i'tn 1IciIa Li i .l . i. ... i , . . 'i'f ... .. 'hictnrsf omnrlnt at Prinrornn1... I-..,.' j .1 i . V n1"'. Jn "' 1 vlnun eln- viewnQ vpars writino ann nar loinatinn '"' j . i.v...m. ,'" mv.a rvxe.n r i,, .,r, eve. uit. (AP). Dodge Professor Article IX of the Truat Indent tint datmi of April 1, lHfiO, M-rtiring ths Bonda, that 1 m I lOfi' intern u,in k. -.u . ini naa oen mjiwtefl Dy lot ami win tits , 7 '"l i'Lb5 S! ? 00 rwleemerf on June 1, 1962. nt 100 of th NOTICE OF REDEMPTION lST NORRITOM TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY Je'e Sewer Assessment Revenue lends, Series of 1760 (fx April 1, 16i NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, nureuant IKoresl products to the proviainne of Station SOU and Less than carlot Grain Livestock low the corresponding 1960 week. Loadings by classifications, with increase or decrease from the previous week and the cor-; numerous articles in ncwspapersjlowing a heart attack, in Austin, jSl,lva b ob'erv,d 01 5011 N responding week a year ago, .fol- and periodicals and wrote a;Tex. He was 77 in civic affairs. She published! University, died Thursday fol-;Bro,ia. ;, imtm'n m...v, pj. am sr. PAUIUKAITIS (PATCHU5). May 5, 1963 TOD0. Of M;lwauke. W,s., May ?,:, 196?, Will, AM SR., Husband of Maijhti M Tnad (nrte Dandy), fotmerly of Cf if fort Heig'rs. Pe 3'ivci, iiiends and emoiOyirt IIKEN. April 30. 196;, low: Misc. Freilht Coal C'nk Ore book, "Lee and Longstreet at 313.45: S7 410.5J6 Hioh TiHis " lij53 - 2J5S 10443, ,,,. ,, c.. ,.,. 'Ilnll hail been visitinc his son. mien uif ovluiiu unu war, te of the iore Auaust Irien. Relatives 1 Vis-nrcits nffifialc said fir ancl fn"'i 0' invited to the seivue Sat., urn ersuy ouiciais saiu ur. 0 A M p0,i,, 0 Hotow b. Mumgan, ANNA, w.fe ol AtJj'n PoulukaHis, n( 4', I E f-meiv sr. and mnfhei nf M. U,i,nn,i EMilY GROPE.i vans end giandmotlMr ot Mis. j, Choi lotto' lurrender of coupons due said date. Upper Bucks County Joint School Authority UPPER BUCKS COUNTY JOINT SCHOOL AUTHORITY Additional Senior High School Revenuo Bonds of 1954 Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Article IU of the First Supplemental Indenture dated as of )ecem-rier 1. 1956, Upper Bucks County Joint School Authority has called for redemption on June 6, 1 962, all of its $J40,000 principal Additional Senior High School Revenue Bonds of 1956 row outstanding. The principal of said Bonds will be paid on June 6, 1962 at the redemption price of 103 and accrued interest at the office of Bucks County Bank and Trust Company, Trustee, in Perkasie, Pa or at the option of the holder at the principal office of The Philadelphia National Bank in Philadelphia, Pa. After June 6. 1962 all interest on said Bonds will cease to accrue. June 1, 1962 interest will be paid on aurrender ol coupons due said date. Upper Bucks County Joint School Authority principal amount thereof and intereit arud thereon to said date fixed for redemption, $22,000 principal amount of Sesv'pr Ameimnt Kevpnuo Bonda, 8eri of 1!H)0 clue April 1, 11166, bearing the following numbers prefiied liy the letWn SAH: S04 73 905 537 777 S ill 116 984 643 147 1018 17 61 101 140 197 744 596 364 427 461 On June I, 1!W2, th Bonda o called for redemption will become due and payable at. the principal oflice of the undersigned Truatee, 111 the City of Philadelphia, Pa., and from and after autd date interest on said Bonda shall cease to accrue. Cirard Trust Corn Exchange Bank April 27, 132 Trustee 7,427 36.586 37,403 2440 50.759 4,014 - 549 11,957 - 322 83 - 1.19 - 262 1)19 W, telngh ave. Int. HiMs de Cem. 1.510i 1J.U1' HI I .,(..,. !MiVli!nt a mumlurnf tha far-nil v fAUOWJ.Of 161 W. Norns St., May 747i'-"uc "'"S. ". Jjmi6it-ri.iv,,. v"' 1 3. 1942. WAITER E hatband ol S'ellp M - 5.2' presented herself to an airplane at the University of Texas, fallows (n free). iat,v and trends 1" ).i. j..,:hj !.. i,;t trre Invited to the services Sen., 1 P. M , ot 73i latiui;, nuiuiiicu uiu iu uvmg r). ji-ji w ,fl reslfie(1 t 1 John F. Fluehr and Sons, 149 W. Susque Produce Market Prices Elm rd. here, was considered one of Princeton's most popular "over 50" and got a job as a riveter. During recent years she suf fered from declining health and faculty members. has been hospitalized for extended periods since 1957. She is survived by one niece, INSURED SAVINGS EARN Current yaarly Interest, paid or compounded quarterly at State Mutual Savings! PLUS DAILY INTERESTI Savings nowearn interest from date received if they remain inyouraccountthrough end of any quarter. Interest also paid to date of withdrawal on all funds remaining at least six months. Funds placed by the 10th earn from the 1st. 73-year unbroken record cf interest payments sinca 1889. Funds insured to $10,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Washington, D. C. Ideal, too, for trust funds, credit unions, estates, churches, corporate funds. Save by mail air mail postage paid both ways. To open your account mail coupon. NOTICE OF REDEMPTION PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY 3Vi Sewer Assessment Revenue Rends, Series of 1960 due April I, 1966 NOTICE IS HKHKBY GIVEN, pursuant to the proviniona of Sretion 6.0.1 ami Article IX of the Truat Indenture dated m of April 1, I'.tBO, aecurinR the Bonda, that there hits betrn selected by lot am) will lie redeemed on June 1, 1902, at liK) of the principal amount t hereof ami intereat accrued thereon la said date filed for redemption. $18,000 principal amount of hiewer Aaerwsrnent Revenue Bonds, Heriea of 1960 due April 1, 1WI6, bearing the following numbers prefiied by the letter SAH: 77 SIJ 319 ' 713 44 44 377 S72 735 864 133 397 615 100 901 264 459 660 On June 1, J9fi2, the Bonda so called for redemption will become due and payable at the principal office of the under-signed Trustee, in tiie City of Philadelphia, l'a., and from and after aaid date interest on aaid Honda shall cease to accrue. May - 1 12's July - 116's Sep - 1 19 Dec - l lS's Mar - 1.22's OATS: May .Inlv - Corw Exchange Bank April 27. 1962 Trustee ji,r - -1' RYE: rTi July - 1.29 Cirard Truit PHILADELPHIA (Federal Stat Mar ket News Service). -EGUS: Demand .''rr rln'reTa'uoni Mrs. Richard Rumph, of Atlanta, to Nw York wholesale prices, offer-in ample on large A's. adequate on I other grades and sizes. Prices were unchanged. Prices to retailers (cartoned, mln i est icents per doii: Grade A ft II. S. Grade A IK Whites 39-48, mostly 40'j-41'i Grade A 4r U. S. Grade A med Whites 36'j-44, mostly 37-39; Grade A ft U. S. Grade A sm Whites 29-31. mostly 29-30: Grade B ft V. S. Grade B 1 Whltei 36 -39' a. mostly 36'i-38, Browns 36-39'. mostly 36V3J. NEARBY rKl'ilS ft VUKTAl.r, -Trading and truck receipts were moderate. Asparagus and sweet potatoes were firm while leafy greens and parsley were slightly weaker. Most oilier commodities about unchanged. ASPARAGUS, N. J. crta bunched 12s very Ige 5 4 00 Mrs. Franklin, Ardmore, Dies honna ave. In'. Ivy Hill Cem. friends may call Saturday after 10 A. M. FADDY fFARltY). Moy 1, 1967, of 217 W. Sulis St., JOHN A., beloved husband of Catherine Mais fardv. Motives. Inendi it.. ;;.J DhIIah ,.lt., iHoly Name. Society. . San Domingo Council iicjuiui-u ins.- i IU1S.CIVU Jaum 33A K. of c and mBoyes of Jonn B in 1011 snrl sva namoH Tlnrloo Stetson Co. invited to funeial Sat.. 8 A. M Ajivi'uti ruiieiui ITUIIIB, Jill ... u ihhuct u.c. Soieirn Mass of Requiem, Church ol the In carnation, v A M, I nf. Holy sepuicnre Professor of History in 1933. lie was a 1906 graduate of Yale, received a doctorate degree from Columbia in 1912 and taught for a year at Amherst College Cem. Viewma Fri. eve. FIDIIMAN. May 3, 1962, SAMUH FIOtlMAN. of 4 JO6 lolt.ntere ave. Sg 'vices, Fn II A. As., orecistiy. Morns Rosenberg's s s..kA. i:-..-.. A7ir rj b,.h int in aaamon 10 nis son, ne leaves ;Momfiore cem his wife, the former Margaret Fullerton Nixon. MRS. OLIVER II. FORES-MAN, a widow, died Wednesday at her home, 406 E. Glenside Mrs. Walter S. Franklin, wife of ave., Glenside. She was 89. Sur-a retired president of the Perm- viving are a daughter, Mrs. 25-tVOO. med Ige 4 25-5 00. sml-med J-SO-l-vj,,.,,:. Railrf)aH riifd Thtirc. Ja"les FcrgUSOn; five grandchil-oo. ami .voo. greens. N. J. bu Broc- syvania Adurodu, uicu inurs- . , r .,, coll Rabe bunched 2.50-2.75. Turnip Tops'j,,. . TT;;t tleii,l ci, ultu ouu Bl,c" ayuLttu- and Mustard fair 150; ord-falr Kale c-al " "voP 'i(tren 100. Hanover baiaa i uu. i rates swiss 77 Chard 1.25. RADISHKS, N. J. cits bunch- ed reds 30 loo. white 24s i.25-1 50. spin- Mrs, Franklin, the former Cas-uoNSort'arpr5& Morris Small, was a lal- best 5c PARSI hu l.M 20s 250. bu 25s 325. ML SHKOO.Mb. cu. -!!, fpj Unsnifal tnsir- Irmh,.!!.. iam. an instrumental and singing pro'lSSiw: Jeln gram in 16 institutions in the . jmie . John l. area. The service has since been' Bower, Anna M. ovnanrlcH horn snil ohrnaH Ilrilt, Harris , IBurkhardt. Stephen NeHerdorf, Hattie Sne Was Cliea tor ner nOSpiiai Casey, William J. Nethery. J. Maude ,.,t, ..,:n, ts, r,;,Ki a,-4 l ashy, Anthony vsuiis. vsini mc uiiuuci riwaiu iii ri,,.. r:,,r w oliVvH KBAP;..r.v hlT 5,oSh'St'''ented musician Who Was noted Akrovd, Anna M James, Ethel X. ulix. i letVck n ?VrHbb , cms for her work with the Red Cross. "'''"1-'th &'J"k"; W. . hii MUSHROOMS.! cl. -j ir :..!'...:. 1 5?.!' .!""! Kontljlngky. Jshtr. Supplies Insufficient to quota. WHOLESALE PRICES CHICAGO WHEAT closed ',s lower to higher. Leading futures: WHEAT: Open High Low Close Pr Cls. May - 2.14 2143s 2133 214Js 2 14'. July - 214rs 215's 2 14'a 215 215 Sep -2.16's 2.17'i 2.16'i 2.17 2.17 Dec - 2 21 2-21'a 2 20a 2.21'i 2.21'i Mar - 2,22's 223', 2.225s 2MU MU COKIN: 114 112'i 1.17'i 1.16' U9' l.l7s U9' lU'a 1.22's 1-22U lt.3Ts 1.17's 119'. 1 19 122U 1.125 116 Shirley Knsch. Stephen Marquette, Paul H, Masterson. Frank Met abe. Raymond McUermutt, Sara McFelridge. Geo. Meyers. Kieanor 1952. Mrs. Franklin lived at 45 W. Old Gulph rd., Ardmore. She was :SI'a member of St. David's Episco- pal Church, Devon Nimal, Wm. J Owens, Mary T. Parncutl. Amelia Paulukaitis Anna Polsky, Charles Reed, Anna M fteed, Gordon C. Schauffele, F.dwiri Schauffele. Jean Schriver, Allan I). ,9Ja .70' .715s .74 .Tli's lifitiifillli In mr1 .70' i .71's .72' .75 .77 127'i 129' i3rs 1.34's 136 ' .69' .70' .71''. .73' s .76's 1.26,4 1283. 1.31'. 1.3.1'. 1.35's GREATER NORTHEAST APARTMENT HOUSE APPRox. 5 ACHES Rhawn St. and Rowland Avi, Philadelphia, fa. Sale will be. held on premises 1 P.M. (dst) TUES, MAY 22nd Koned for 1 H2 apartments: Water and srsser. level gniunri, two street fronts. Three bus llnee to property, AK( HI-IKIT PLANS, Diuvmns, n-NA(li A.ND C'OKI'OKATIOX AVAII-AHIK. Request FRf:E brochure. Auctioneers: Raymond A. McPherson, Ino. Henry Ave. fc Walnut tan Philo. 28, Pa. IV 2-3500 Sep - 1 31' Dec - 134 Mar - 1.35'a SOYBKAS: May - 2493i 2 49'. July -2.48'a 249' Aug - 246' 2 46'i Sep - 2.41'a 2 41 Nov - 2 3S's 2 39:s Jan - 2 42's 241 Mar - 2 45" 2 46's DRUMMED LARD: May - 9 22 9 30 9 22 July - 45 9 45 Sep Dec - b-bid; n-nominal. 2.48'. 248' 246'e 2 40's 238 2 42ls 2 45's 945 ,70'a .71' -72'. .75 .77 1.27's 1.29' 1.31' 1.34'j 1.36' 24!'. 248's 2 46'. 2 40' 23!4 2 42' 2 45's 9 30b 945 9 62n 9.70n Clinton, Connell J. ( orr. Martha H. Dougherty, Daniel Dubin, Jacob Er-retv, Emily G. Fallows, Walter E. Fardy, John A, Firielman. S;mtte1 Surviving, besides her hus.! Franklin, C. Small Schwartz. iertruil H'rt,.-j ... . -tir : ii : r, 1 Freeman. Bei-tha Selter, lilanche E. band, are a SOn, William B., a Garber. SalUe E. Selvan. Jane I- -71'. daughter. Mrs. Caspar W. Mor-!""? Kiiiyueth skarofi. Harry .74V ... ...ii. iGomerlnger. Haiel .Spangenberg, V. D. ,7,n, ns, Jr., six grandchildren and a coalman, b. m. spano. Mary Mri. vf- n,u,-j p c (iratman, Esther Slrahan, James 1). 1J7Jj.al3Lc1,;uiiiuims.i5tfaii.Hak w,Mer p. Thompson. Mary A. 1 29' A memorial Service Will be Hanklnson, Georga Todd, Wm. K Sr. 131' ,nA 11. in m ct..-j... j'Horan, Laura M. Wallace. Kllr.abetli j j4,; held St 11:30 A. M. Saturday in HutWera. Mary E. Wark. Florence G. jacohson, bmrley Won. Helnrlch r. MANKIIN. Mov 3, CASSANDRA SV1AU of "ta'irneria," Ardmore, Po., Wife of Wo'ter S. Franklin, Memorial srvics w. be held in tne chop I of the Bryn Mawr Piesbyttrlan Church, Sa., May 5 at llrJU A. M. Imrmrt Drivota. In lieu of flowers. contributions may b made to Rad Cross Hospital Music. MIEMAN At 4r?0 Ches'nut it., on May 7. 1962. BERIHA IYDIA fRftMAM. Service for relatives and fnsnds on Sat., 10 A. M Oliver H. Bnir'i. 1 8 20 Chsslnut St.. whsie you may cdli Fri., 7-9 P. M. Int. piivatt CAII May ?, 196?, SAL LIE F. fnee Shelitnbetgfrl, wile ol the io'e t-iwa'd Garber. of 633 E. Cxjlrey ove.. oy 75 Re aiiv.s ond friends ofe invited to o'tend funeral on M;m,, 2 P. M., funeral Home olilManoal. Havenown. John Rose, 5720 Rising Sun ave. Int. lawn- view Cem. v ewing Sun. ev., 7 to 10 I (Jn.ted Enaineers mov coil at Fune:ai Hnme ot M. . Aluliams, BaJt-nwie 4 Su.TJ ' ' nut ove.. Ci i 'ton Heights. Sat, after . ItX'i. A. M Service ot 10 30 A. M. Int. Glenwoed ,. ,u . , i , , . ifyiemcmu kk cipns. h (13 i.iiuoi 11 i ivv i- M. Otvothy l.lich' 01,0 survived by 11 great.. rf ,h , t et (iowt? eonu:butm . grandchildren Relatives and fi 1 rids inv, ted " b, 5Mf -Tht Bt'. Todd Memotioi fund,' C if ton Heights M. E. Church. ,,.. , Pebstock, Mis. H, Judy OeFalco and Mis.j to services Sot., 10 A. M . bom the Charles J. Roman funeral Home, 1113 Ml. Vernon st. Int. Oakland Cent, f-nends may call hi. eve. POISKY. May 3, 1962, CHARlfS, hus-l band of Bessie (nee Schwartz), of 53?? i Berks St., father of Edward Polsky, biofher of Doiorhy Hoffnein, and Irving Polsky, also survived by 1 granddaughte". Relatives, friends and membeis of Pannonia B.A. invited to services Fri., 3 P. M , of Joseph levine and Son Memorial Chapels. N. Bioad st, above 71st ave. Ini, Ml. iebonon Ceiri. Fannily will return to Ihe lore residence. tn lieu of flowers Conlnbuiions in his now may b mad to your favorite charily.) IffD.Of 1?4 R verbank, Beve-ly, N J,, on lues, May 1, 196'J, GORDON C, husband cf Ivy J,, age 6S, funeial servi-,es on Mon., May 7, at 1 P M, , at the SUi.k Funeral Home, 117 f. Brood it,, Burhng-ton, N. J. Int. ttaei iy Notional Cem. V ewing Sun. eve., 7 to 9. HID. Moy 3, ANNA M.. of 219 E. Wil- iOw Uiove ave , Ches'nut Hit., wile o.f tn late Jumei T. Keea and mo'her ol Poromy M. and and Thomas fl Reed, 5.oenn Requiem Mass at Our Mother of Consolation Church, iat., 9 A. M. Int. Hoy Sepulchre. WAUACf. Of th Embassy, 21 it S. V?!)!-" nut s's., on May 2, 1962, EUZABEIH daui-htsr of trie late James and EliiaBerh J Wal ace and sister of Miss Kathenn H. . Wallace. Service for relative and friends -on Sat., ot 2 P. M Oliver H. Baii'i, I8W'' Chestnut St., wheie fnsnds may call offer 12 noon. Inf. pnvat. WASK May 1, 196J2, FIORENOS C WAk'K. of 0449 Chelwvnde ove,, wit of ihe loie William Waik. Relatives and friends, .-cue invited ia seivices, Mon., II A, M., at Porto's of Dovid H. Bowen & Son, 50th' ?r' Catharine s's. Int. Not onal Cem., Beveily IM. J- friends may call Sun, 7-9 P. M, r WOlF Of 5937 N. 11th St., May 3,' 1762 HIlNPiCH f. WOlF, beloved husband ot Luise K. VVoif Inee Wur!, Rptahves aiKf -fneniis cue invred to call fri. after 7 P. M and to the funeial seivice Sut . 10 '0 A 4V nt the Howatd N. Deeiei Funeral Hot) , M00 N 6th st. Ciemoiion ot Chelten Hills, t. In Memoriam SCHAUFF III,, Suddenly May !, P., husband of Jeanette E. Schaulfele, of 653 Waliac drive, Strafford, Pa. Service and Int. ot convenience ol family, Ro'her-mel Funeral Home, 67 S Eagle rd. (Manoo), Hoverfown. SOU, JOSEPH A lavinci lather tme and k nd, A beautiful memoiy left behind, EDW'N illpiight and tin in oil h s ways. SCHAUFFtll Suddenly May ? Jf AN FTTf f., wde of EJwin R. SJiauilete, ol 6S3 Wallace drive, Stratloid, Pa. Seivire d Int. of convenience nf family fiom Rotherinel funeral Honie, 57 S. t.igi rd. 136'sithe chapel of Bryn Mawr Pres 2.495.!byterian Church. Interment will Died f J' , be private. 211 AKROYD Suddenly, on April 30, 1962 2 18'. JOHV J TAIirl.T.. 9 rotirorl of VM4 N. EHu St., ANNA MAKIE inee IVJ ----- - .v""-" Oooneily). beiov.d wis of John Akroyd 2 45's proofreader, died Wednesday atiRe ativ ood fnend, oio employ, of rn. ,25,1 his home, 5935 E. Wister st. He 9 42b, was 81. Mr. Cahill had served lf0a with The Inquirer, the old North CHIOAGO-C'hoice was 6'i-' cental a FANCY TALLOW WHITE SPECIAL TALLOW 5-5'. American and the Public Ledger white crease from 1932 until his retirement in P5".T'-: h.'na0h?'B"l 1955-he was head proofreader for Bromiey Mfg. Co., ar invited to th funeral Sat., 8; 30 A. Mi . f-om th Wi!dy Funeral Horn. Front and Wes'rnorelnnd S'S. Solemn Reauiem M-tm, 10 A, M , V'Siint'on V, M. Chwrb. Int. Hiy iepulchr Cem. 0AR0INII. May 2, 196?, FUZABETH M . dnuohter of John ond the lute Ehio- belh Ciawford Garainer, of 2A0B S. Mole sr. Relatives, friends ond employes ot American Sugar Refining Co. ate invited to Funeral Saturday, 8 A. M., dam J. J Roberts, 1701 Ritner it. Solemn Mnii of Reauiem. Church of St. Manco. 9 A. M, Int. Holy Cross Cem. Fnswds may call Friday eve., 7 to 10. . GOMIRINCH Moy i. 196?. of Chal- fonf, Pa,, HAZEL In Jontl. belovd wife of Georg J. Relatives ond fnndi at invid fo the funral cn Sat., 10 A M , Irom Th W'rl funeial Home, 501 N, taston rd., Willow Gtove. Further services II A. M., St. Anne i fp scopal Church. Friends may call Friday evening. GOODMAN. May ?, 1962, of ?'05 Bnag sv. BE RNADf TIE M. ne Wiiker. wife of Elwood H. CooatHio. Pe ntives ond trends or invited to attend the tureial Mon. at 8 A. M. f-cm he Fcne'al Home of Alfred P. G. Rote, 2616 Bridge St., Brides-burg. Reauiem Man, AH Sa n-s Chuich, 9 A. M. Friends moy call Sun., 7 to 9 P. M. CRATMAN. May 3, 196?, ESTHER, wife of the la'a Israel Giaimon, mother cf louis Greenbetg, Rose Resnick, Mary Shulman & Irving Greenbetg; alio lurvived by 7 grand children & 5 gieol gtandfhndien. Rela tives and friend a Invited to lervicss Fri. 30 P. M , Joseph levine & Son Memorial ChuD's. N. B'oad It. ahov 71st ave. Int King David Memonal Park, Fomi'y will return to the Rsnick rsidnc, 7341 Mai-vein ove. HAK Of E smo' si , May 5 WAUE P., hnsoand ol Einahe'h M. Hak SCHRIVIR. Of Springfield, Pa., May 5. 1962, ALLAN 0 husband of May (nee An-derscn. Relatives and tuends me invited to services Sat., I: JO P M.. McCausland funeial Home, 20? S. Chester Pike. Gen-olden, Pa. Int, fernwood Cem, Friends may coll Eli. ve. 7 to 9 P. M, A wonclwitu' man to the end ol his dnvs !i:y"-sseby RITA, Ml Kt ond CHUDPfM, SOU, JOSEPH What would I give to clasp hi! hand, His h.tcoy fa;e to see, '' lo he'ir h'l voice and see hi! sm,l lliat meant so nmch la me Sorjiy mipd hv loving son ftUDDr "REOAIBUTO, SAMUEl I Oivs of shil come o ei m leoi In silence olmn flow, , for memory ki-ris vou ever near me ... Though you aecl tcnir yea's ago Sadly missed by wife, f LORENCF. Card of Thanks CHAPPElV WE sincerely wish ta Una? , our oppieciat'on ta all of our friends, ieia-tives and neighbors who altered their kind enpiessions of help and lympathy during our recent beieavement. t'. -i PHIUP M. CHAPPEtl AND FAMILY . SCHWARTZ. May 1. 196?. GEPTRUDE Inee Harmon), ol 29 Aberdale id., Baia- Cynwvd, beloved wif of Sidney Schwri'tz and devoted mother of Mri. Reginald Su- rannel Loiant ond Mr. Oscar Sthwaitr; lov-i r iiilrrr " .i-i -j-I """rr"LTI j V v . . .. v w w mnmi,ui uum.i ivt.n.ui,. vl .1 . A . .1 C Cemetery Lois friends may ca!i Fru e. ANTRIM. May 7. 196?, of, toimetly of Prank lord, CHICAOO.-Cash louse 862'. LARD waa NEW YOFtK-fl'SDAt-BX'TTER offer-ln more than nmple demand only fair. Prices unchanged. CHEESE steady. I'rlcea unchansed. WHOLESALE EGG the Progressive Composition Co. Surviving are his wife, the form er Teresa Nunan, and two sons, Thomas and John, Jr. Inee Sv.humo;krl, aged E0 years h.rtrnr- 'y of 3016 N. 9th. st. Re atives, lfina and Hoy Name SoCie'v. Knights of St. .,,,.,.,,r,.ifc u. niuntn jm. ' i . nivi'r'7 ,o iuh.iui 'V Of l-rannorrl, tLUAHtm C-,, in u ir... t, u MUU, wit oi 'tie iuic nirny pouii p.ii,niii ;?37 Qjeen, ing daughter of Mr. Mautic Harrison sistsr of Mr. Philip Horrison, Also survived by(on gronddatighter. Se v ces fii., I P. M, precisely at Morris Rosenbeig i Son and Rnphne, Sacks, 4720 N. Btoad it. Int. Monteliot Cem, family will return to her !o: residenc. JELTZER. Suddenly, on May 1. 196? J BLANCHE i . wif of the late Geo-ge H Se irer, of 5?I7 Aoache iane, Diexel Hill. rrotfier of Mr. Sian'ey P, We Is Mis Clio- es W. Ge-ifuss and Cenge H. Seltier. Jr. Reio'iyes ond friends are invited io the se-vic Mon., 1 P M., ol the Spencer T Videon i Son Funeral Home, Gotten id at Shadeand ove., Dmxel Hl, Pa. friends may call Sun. v , 7-9. Inf. West Laur Hili Cm. JILVAN. May ?, 196?, of ?M S 11th it., Phila,, JANE I, Inee Taylor), w.le of Herman A. Swivan, oged 60. Reiatives, friend ar invited to ottnd the funeral Sut., 2 P. M,, from The Rowland 4 Ganthet Eune-ai Ham, 0 i 5 Tonesdai ave. Ini Magool'O Cem. Friends may call Sat. af'ei 1 P. M, No viewing fri. v. i SKAROFP May 3, HAPY, Yo-k House. jbeloved tatl'.er ot Louis, Mmiere Ha inn, iSua Roo.oO't, deot oto'hei -J Iscidorei 5-cirf. Se-vice hi,, ? P M, 'M:ilnick,"i V7 N, Broad, Int. Mt Shcuon. Sn va otl VJ6 A.gort ave. Most des 4-grave lot. Sac. ML) 8 bW). CONVIN1INT LOCATION OLIVER M.BAIRC? DIIICTOIf Ol FUNIIAll 1120 CHIITNUT STRIir Teleeho 10 J-1511 FORGOTTEN How. itark and cold i a funeral without floweri-a tho' already we have forgotten the departed and turned to brighter thing. RETAIL FLORISTS ASSOCIATION, IMC. ', a irnnranrwn(KX)no 1 her 102 veor. Pr!ativ(-i and fnnns invited 1q 9: ?4 W. SofT.eriet v. Rfquten H.rjh Mon, BctvivGtVure'i ChutcH. MA M. in' Sepulchre Crm, Ffiendi mov coH 415 West Fitth Street. Dept. 21 'Los Angeles 13, California Open my account for I , , , Mam. Address . City. . 7ont: Sli!s NOTICE OF REDEMPTION UPPER MONTGOMERY : JOINT AUTHORITY 4 Sewer Assessment Revenue Bond Series 1960 NOTICE is hereby given that in accord- ' ence with Sertion 9.0i of Trust Indenture dated as of March t, I960, between Upper Montgomery Joint Authority and lne Philadelphia National Bank, as Trustee, JUS, 000 principal amount of the above described bonds due Mitrrh 1, 1966. bearing the following numbers, each with the prefis SA M, have been selected by lot and called for redemption on June 1, 196J, it a price of 100: S 92 203 7 99 204 20S 210 1114 215 21 112 211 229 2.16 2J7 24.1 2 '".I 2i2 2SJ 2iS 259 26.i 268 27t) 272 27f 20 282 COMMON DIVIDEND No. 116 The Board ef Directors to-dy declared tbe fol!owin dividend: 1 2 V cents per share on the Common Stock, payable June Ii, 1962 io stockholders of record at the close of business Msr I?, 1962. let (MBjstr rs t IsMstt Ct. Bj . L Miller, Secritarf service sor 1 1 . m., Kenonoin w-noa'sri cnurcn, e.v raui sr , rronnora. m ilu;. . m.,r. r.n of flowers trernonali moy b niau to t, Rehohoth Method if Church. Int. Penbe.- , , ton, N J Uovewina. HANKINJON. Way 1. 196?, CEOSirl f HANKiNSON. Se-viros and mt. p-ivate a' IAU. Suddenly of Ft. laude-dile, fo.j' convenience tn family from Get on May 2, )v6?, JAMES B , husoond of Wtowr Fune-al Home of J. Wes ey C-aH loune laverty P.ill. formeily of Wyncote.l Son, 57C2 Wayn uv smaller sizes, demund only fair on larae ..-. , , . ,. , I Pa., fmher of Oilbeit S. Ms Mny 6 and good on balance. IWholesale selling ICC, lilM AICI1 St., U1CC1 1 lltirsaayjc ium and Mrs. An-, e B. Hesse!bacher. a-je- KORAN May I 196? IA0PA M, erntje'l win.;. nf Tn-.nos H N-. ,m. and mothet volume saletl. New York spot quotations " 'l'. 0f v.l!.omson lodae 4S369 f and A. M , p0 y Honn of ?r,3 Boye- St. Solemn (allow: Mixed colors: Kxtras M7 Ibsi 3 and llVf'U at 2241 KllOrr St, Mr. 'and ftiployet ol Cube! Smcance Co. n f,,u,ei Mais Sot., 10 A M at Hoy hiin.l 31-32 ; extras medium 40 lbs aver-1 y fAimrlnr nf tho,?r" ' 11 A' M- 01 ver H ,8?.C oss Chu-ch, Mt A.ry Int. Holy Cms aget 2S's-'iil smalls US lbs average) Diiimlia was a lOUIKlir ill ine Chesnui st., wne-e you n-ciy call fi.. eve., f, Flntives and fnemls may call ot tne 21-22 : standard 29-JO'a. checks 26-27. 1 9th Ward American-Italian Rp-i7 'o ' I"'. West Laurel H'-l Cem. Masonic: fvi & Boyd Funeial Horr. 704 Ge-man- Whltee: kxtras ty ids mint, ji's-i.t, ex-i . . .. ,,. , . . , , ieivic rn , o r, w. ;town fnooy Itom 7 to V P JAMES BATTAGLIA, owner of offering! ample on large and light on James Door CllCCtv Repair SerV- lrices based on exchange and Other af Ct .Inconli'c llncnsf at I fa mac '3. Se-v.:e lor -elatives, f ends. (llflll 9J ouallly 147 lbs mln) 31'2-35: mediums u;0 ,; th. tn.,- vn.. t,. ' Ml lbs average) 29-.U: smalls i .16 lbil"' '"'" "'-'?54 Kno-, Seivic Fn IAITACUA. May 3, 19(i3, M. Whites: bxtras (47 lbs mint, jl'j-J.t; ex- ... . , . , , i,,-,. medium 140 Ihs average) 29-K): too DUDllCan CIlll). Slll'VlVOrS lnC llde jnwii, or sbjnd cf Non.v Ine Brown.:' Ext?at'.47 Tb"in iVri 'l-l 1 " Z Z ,h v, r ' Mon "a 30 A. M. f'-nm tou.s A:.'"'" !. -l of -I f,anH,n top quality (47 lbs mint 31'r33'.i mcd-iaaughtcrs. Mrs. Dorothy NflSUtl D GitKoino fn.-a, Home, 30C-7 M. fid f. J'.' Ca 4,nv,l! ,c ,ur"r:'1 5nt 0 S;emo Keqo em Mass o-.r Lady ol konsomi" m . -;' st" rhrrh ;o A M .oi Our lodv of Hoce'ov. and Aes'm.-.reiond t. Ini. Gteenmounl HUDDflU May ?, MAPY F lr,e. Schinmtl, of 817 F Vh nr si. Relatives ond LIVE 1'fWI.TRY: Too few sales to quote Prices. DRESSED POULTRY, Turkeys Grade A and U. S. Grade A, ready to- Ce:r, V'mg Scrn, ve. :Cem, V wmg fri. e.e. turns (41 lbs average) 29-31 1 small, f 36 an(l Mrs. ancy llertkom. lbs average i 21-22; peewees 16'a-17'j.j J CHARLES POLSKY. a hutch- Grade A and U. . liiacie a, reany io-i j: j rrs,-e(ja , uj. ,, BUNHAIBI V -ly 7. t'W, ot 713 JAtoason. way j. sm.kut. ei r tien-cook. frocen. Carlot and tnicklot trading tr. leQ J nursaay 81 MS nOliie, G ftl0C, 0,T,r,v 0( 1551 f, Hunl-ng 1 house Cloncige, Apt 1017, mother of Phyllis continues quiet, with count! offerings, 5327 Berks St. He W3S 62. Mr 'Pa'k ov'. FDtRiCK, husSnnd of th Intel and Ingnd Ja obson, daughter of M'l. Mny more liberal. No sales reported. Offer- , . , , ... ' 'Julio Inee Gregory), oge 78 years. Rla- Greenoeg. Fmetnl services, Fri., !"0 ings of young hens 8-16 lbs 35-35' ; young'rOlSKy was employed at the Store 't,Ves oncl fiien-.s aie invited io attend the If. M . at the Be-schier funeral Chipet, dVK) torn 14-22 lbs i2',i fryer-roaster 4-8 lbs nr 1.!, hmthpr Irvinrr f ?(llh anrl 'une-al Sot., 10 A M., from e Rowlnrd H Biood st iBtood st at ti e Blvd I ln 35't. Squabs and ducklings unchanged.!11' 1,18 wul"lI "VUI" l 'uul 4UU and Ganmer Furerol Home. '015 Torresaa el Mnntef.or Cem. Sluva oaseived al her la ! cictiKi ats. ritr was a ave. int. .vomrase cem. trienas may can 'mimr'".. CHICACOd'Sn A) BITTER : Whole1 , f n..,,,,,,, sale selling prices unchanged: 93,nieniDer Ol tOnfiUatlOIl li n3J aa 57 966; a 57 966 : 9 b 56'. eggs: ! Aaron Wynncficld. Also surviv- Prices paid delivered t hicago unchain- . ,...,,. ed to 1 lower; 60 percent or belter Grade in.? are lllS Wife, Bt'SSie; a SOU, A whites 27'r28: large mixed r 28: mi'd- p j . j. , cicfor Mrs Dnrnthv ium mixed extras 26-26'ai itandards 26- toWara, a SlSier, MTS. UOrulllJ' 27; checks 23 24' s. Hoffstcin, and one grandchild. THI GIIATMT NAI IM lUllft . V. COTTON FUTURES Open - 34.23 - 34 64 - 34.43 92 99 105 116 119 12S 126 1.10 lil 1.32 1.18 142 14.3 144 154 1SS 16fl 170 172 180 182 18.S 186 191 192 285 ?90 292 293 296 30.1 304 305 306 309 31.1 323 332 3,14 3.19 345 352 354 360 377 37ft 391 421 4.55 448 PROPOSALS 'a-T July MOTICS TO CONTRACTORS (1,1 Bd do'e: loes-iay, May ??. 196?. Tmelfx. 34 49 of ooening: lliCO A. M. Eos'e n Day 1 tint, 451 Saving Tne Sealed oris i oe received Mar - 34 74 457; by the Comm-isioners of Sucks County tori May 34 95 462 1 tne 'oilOAing contract.- I July .... 463 I Fumi'ur 4 EgU'Oreit, Court Bjilding unci Oct - 4M: Office Build pg, Bucks Coun'y Courthouse, 470 1 Doyiejtown, Pennsylvania. 471 i A'chitecM Carol', Gf'Sda'e and Van 475lA en, Z6 Peon Center Plena, Ph.lade'plva, 478 Pennsylvania. Asnc;ate A-ch'tet Fred F. 483 I Martin, West and fame $feels. Doylestown, 484 ; Pennsylvania. 47 1 Bias will be received by Mr. William P. 4Rg!Came'on Controller of Bucki County Ad- nvnistrarion 00110'", vjy.e vwi, ii.n- svlvcinio, untl 11. CO A. M., Esste-n Day-ght Saving Tne, Tuesday. May 22, 196?, a' wh'Ch t-m th bids will be publicly ooered and reaa in the oftic of th Com fiifh 34.10 34 67 .14 46 34.52 34.79 35 00 Low 34.23 34 6.i 34 43 348 34.79 34 95 (lave JAMES E. BOYLE, a pipefit- .34 32b up 10 tor at the Naval Base until his M.45h ul I retirement, died Thursday at his r,j 34 50b up 7 home. He was 69 fn. ve., 7 to 9 I JAMES. On Miy 7. ?c,i, r'-tU ! BENINCE O' A don, Po , Moy ?, ;nef Meye-sl w o Ge- ig 9 jvc.s ' o.'. JEAN inee Becher, wife f ) .r -t.yes. .. tie'-ne i .,f H, Eemngei. Pe.'o'wes and f- ends ate.f mi ir.')ii Chops' Jr?7" O. f . S, ,V' i nvitea to a'lend the se-vices Mo-., I.JO.Memo'is Cou-t Jr7? O-oe- o! AmorW's P M , of tie Firf lofhe-an Chu-ch, C fton'and 'remoe- of -h 16 Cud on Mm., jt 1 ond Hini-etd rives., Col'ing-laie, u. in', p, M, a, her la' ham, 2468 7Vth ne , V-il ey F-sige Gnroens Fnends ere nvi'erj,wle !.;,, mny ft Sun, e,e, Int Ch' o- caii Sun., 7-9 P. M . McC.i"ilanri funera ,,n HJ , rr 0 f j ,v $u , 8 P. W Hone. 702 S. Oiefer pike, Genoiaen, Po. Amaranth sen, re A 33 P s iiiiilrnliiiiiliiio IHNII, JOHN t , husband cf Ethe' M shey of 4vl3 C-;thcirine st , surjaeniy find lived atlADnl ''"'' "6- " l-ienas, employe , , oi i-ie rairmounr rn-K uomi'i sn -n ecri'o'.ici 34ftb up 5 IV-U iN. Dim SI. Jie was a meill- employes. Post .r48l V.I W , invited I' 34 W UP 5 hpe fif (hp IIolv NartlP Soriplv ,""'"1 Sat., 9 A. M., V.'h'te Furerol Hon-e 34 6il) UP 8 tF 01 1 1B 1 U y m? SULHIJ. 4&0 Spnngf.ed a,e Soien-n Mass d ke 33bup 3 surviving are nis wne, me ior-pu'e-n, cnu 490 497 498 500 510 Sll 512 51.1 S14 519 520 KAUFMANN F;-ire- - Mo'sl .ti st , cn V.-iy 7 i v'j hnsoan-l ' ' A' O KasjHo'- r of 26 Cen'icii ave , Aulovon Ifor -e a'ivs and 'nencls on M Sales a' Oh .-. H 8ai' 1 82f' 7441 M -ee P -nte; i ). J. Se- e n . 7 ?. M , i 'Of ?' Chest' o P. m. j nM:Lodyi t 187 f. and A M Sun. eve. of Rurics Countv. Each proooso: mult be sccon-Dood by a Certified Cneck or satisfactory B'd Bond tjr not esi -non u .. m iMoy 17, 19t2. a' the off c,a. ai a u u uju'ui., unruj:. iv '" ,.. a. ,,.. Comniiii one-s of B -.s County. Plons. scec' cot ons contiact flxuir-ent ot $t F'cmcis Middling snot 35.70n, unchanged, n-nom- r..-. i'O A. M int S' Patricks t ImU b-hld, "" J11C VVCl, l USU8MH,-I,,Sq.( Po fnendi may cn I Ft,, eve I Mrs. Mae Powers and Miss ,USBANDMay 3 ;w hav k., PR0P0AILS j Maureen, and three grandchil-loond of .' ioyf 4r.!.' ;Vo'she kDiVftOMeNT AUTHORITY OF THE Mr.n ove., Canin-n, N. J, tjr ct li CUV it. Dw.l &ntl nwii UICU. lltiKr IW-wi,, Mi, lrv, fti, ,r, h-a M'S INVITATION FOP BIDS Ke't Srhce'i' and M-s freda H jsh; inna tavcira ooiomon, aaugiiier ot wr, nno Te Pe-leelopmerrt Authority of the City MRS JOHN BOWER Ihe'n'elhe' of Mi. W l ,om B-oswine) nmi M'l 'Mrs Hot-y lAema Funeral sen, rs in nf Philadelphia will receive sealed Bids fori. ' . .. "'. Louise Go-dn, also lurv.vea Dv -2 g-and-, ' JO " M . ol h Be'srhier Fone-al Chanel Removal of Services in East Poplar U'faanllOrmer Anna Jlamgan, died cniio-en ond 18 goof gtan-irh la-en, Rett-XtOO M- B'oad i. I Broad St. at the Bivl t Peneal A'eo. Si-chcn 4, ioca-ed In th UfhlsVfidnoiHau nt hor homo nn tho ' ond f-enos it nved H fune'L s. lenT Cerr f tm -y I, reM-n Ward, City of Ph.lndelonio. bound'd by! " tuI1esuay dl lltr XlOme On we ,vif fti i ? 30 P. W , p ecue'y. ;-o 4.6 Volley ,o j0. Meitoi Pa-x. Spring Garden, Ninth, &ren, S th Streets, Baltimore nike. FernwOOrt. Tlrla. Golos-eins . ' 6410 fl, B'o-.ii st. i,,'. M' I I KONCHIN5KY Moy 1 rM!PlFV ia 'of HoA'lrd Korv-hinsky. 'f ?? Popri' ooci LeviUcwn P-j . mo'her of K-ren i Steven s s'e- of. Pk Ken.n, Jack We-' ratrniQun: wvpnue ana rum orree'. anqi ,,. rt , B-own. Ma-snall. Parnsh and S h Sfeeti, I ware t'UUIIljr. ai5 Wits ia. aurviv-o'l ai delineated in the plans and ipeciica ;inp flrp . snn Tnhn C and a tions, until two o'clock P. M. , , , . ' , -rii'i.y i viinu, , iii which in r ijm'j ui 002:(8-n,s and o-ooosa. forms not eeefl.r.g 0 bjfj, W,M bs opBnfd and aloud. Said bonds called for redemption will g,el0t. ve 0!Cic., 0n or o"er I, GO P. M., be due and become payable on June l.ivtoy AD.i 3j 1 9-2, at 'h r'l :e of 1162 at the principal oftire of the Trustee, :Car,oi; 'G,isdaie orlj Van Aien, ti Penn The Philadelphia National Bank, Broed i er,,r ' pl0ja, Piilnae Dhia, Pennsylvania, end Chestnut Streets. Philadelphia I. on dooii' o $25 00 per Pa., end from and after June 1, 1962 a, ook of said p-ani, ipecif:cotior.. con-interest on said bonds shall cease to accrue. I ,raCf document formi ond prooosai fens Payment of the redemption price of ana ivnl liir cin " f ces of the Peaeve'-lriaudlter. MrS. Josenh ClannPT. Greenwood ov.. Ir.nton. N oomtnt Asitispcity o City of Philnoe -i ' tovo'lte charcy. onia, 711 South 8 aad S'-eet. Philndelchiai . . . . 7 Pennsylvania, at which umt and oiace iJCQtllH tj ISPIVIICVP Sharon Cem. Shiva he ooseived i.e! Kl$CH. May ! 5 97 o I.: S' Crss Schoffr resiaence, P.esiaent a'. Apts.. ,, r,,,.i h .:, Pa, SlfPHFN n.jsb'ir,-; Adam House 2I .In hu ot f'-ir-eis. r, al-e:.( Susanni Inee Me'tje-I rr-e"l Sn conttiDufiOni to G-eenwood House. J47 S , u u,,, Fune-ii Hnme il'O Mo-n j, o' your:,, ( Do-by. Paj,em Moss B essed Van Mo'y Church, "5 A. M. friends coil F iao BOWEII. Sudden'y, en May ANNA M. inee K-irtigani, w " Franlr RrnHnn sirirlnlv Icnnsvrs B'"'. ' fernwood, De ....... mouvh) J . fin n'.., aA .:mi ... In ri ! on fi at the of'icei of the Fe-lrjresS acent Who Was Credited eisn keiu t-n Moss. Mon , 10 A menl Auhoriy of the tiv of pniio-i" . . , . , .... . ry., s Cnuirti lil Fenn bivi thus uiiui5 a uiiuKvs m nis; lap aone. Po. Int. p iva-. Friena of J. Pjecpont Morgan at Senate!--7 ''"'of Home of Andre (.. ..! I L... .:..i c n.n -l.- :tl L : I- ,, : VI-W . uii ui.T... hi wirinu ii 10 ' luiiiiiiiucc Healings in iJj.), ill .a read, cieve'ooment Author ty of the City of PHila- t. . I de phia for each let of documents so obtain-1 rrOV'ldenCe, K. I. lie W8S 10. I ,Tri Proposed farm of Controct Docume-'its including Drowingi and Technical Scree if ica tioni, a aeve coment io. at ?!1 South Broad Street. Phiio oe'pnia 7, Pennsylvania. Lop ei ot the Contract Dxumemi may 7 1967. ne :! Co , Po to So -W . St. f Irs ay cu vnmg 7 to 9. MAKOUETTI May 7, 196;', PAUt H husisono of the l-ite l iu a V.o n Bnrde-Morrjue", of ' 1)4 F Pasiotiui si. Feia-fives. Inends ana employes ol Edward G Bccl'l Cc o'e mv feci '-.j se-vice Man., M .A. M , Kirk & Nice 6301 Cermantrwn aye Int, Hi'ls o Cem, F',nas m.ay call Sun. ve 'ore on tne in 'ne uttic Ot tn county com- nrvenomant Author-lv of the Citv ot Phi n- I .. ...r,.i m m u I .i I r ... . .1. . r c , n nn . . . c e, .1 . f . . , . , -T-ni'innnnn m i A uqd k i -.. n.w v m accrued interest at tne res i v.v miss oners or ducks s-oun-y, xotmitror'oniae pnia ror eacn set ot Documents io ootain- ivtiususv, i. uc n iu. i HITT. On May 7 tC? of Fo t Wash- FPAfiK 8 se 0vo 'gsDjnd of Oo'oti-y per H.UUO principal emoiim on sain du.iu, sjiici ng oov.eirawn. re,,n,ss, eo I for VearS he WaS preSS agent mg'on, Po G. HAM, husoond of ltSery ces Mon., 10 A, .M , In-je-so'l F i ssill be made upon presentation ancl sur. which sho I oe keot o(.n for the inspection A retted check or bank d'aft, p-iynbei " ' v , ft ,- Wong B;tt Services Mon A M ne-ol Home j in' Nati'na1 Cem render of said Bonds together with all cou-iof 01l pe-ioni until th. coenmg of the to th, p,ci.vopm9n, Authority of t;e Cry for Ringling BrOS. 8!ld Bamum ' 'm Dav", Funeral Mom. HI hi Ma.n .T';Bv,ry N J Vll, , Sun . 7 to 9 P, M pon. meturint eubsequent to June 1, 1962. ; seg.ed o di. , i..J., 'tn'l: "V.i I. a jT.L & BaileV. He WaS DCrforminZ a 6"lb''. F" Oeo-g Wasn.ngtonl I his notice has Been given in act oruiiv- ; " j -' v v.-.T;"... - -'' " '; . - , , ,,, ,, :Vmo'.ol foir. No viema 4un. ev. With Article IX of said Indenture. April 27, 1982 THE PHILADELPHIA NATIONAL FiANK TRUSTEE udvi teturnina comniet. ment Bonos or o satisfactory Bd H-.nd:- s-j- plons and loecifi-ot ons m good condition; eecutd by ti e B doer on an accervawe' similar SfTVice for Cole BTOS ond With n fen "51 ciiys ot-e- owning o'i,"'V m on amoun- eaual to ten percent! , . , . b.di. w.M be refunaed hi payment m full.l 1 10". I of the es'lma'ed cost ef Pemoval of:ana Ujde Keatty ClTCUS When tasit'sef 'e's .: pn-'H of se-j. may he!nn,i or m any event not less than H,- hp AiaA itiea wt-n eocn n'O i At a time of sorrow the quiet dignify which distinguishes our service is truly appreciated. There is dignity in the beauty of our chape! . . . in our memorial service ... in th thoughtful kindness of our tnjff. It is when you need every extra consideration that the experienced and under-handing hand and unequalled facilities of Joseph Levins and Son count most. JOSEPH I IKyjiS & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS RcoKniid For Leadership over 85 Yean Phtfad'lphia: 1512 North Broad Street PO 9-610O ;il2 North Broad Street WA 7-2703 Miami Htach: 19th and Alton Road ...JE 1-1151 12W Normandy Drive JE 1-1151 Miami: l?th and Oou'as Road HI 3 2211 i. :v6? P'-rMOND A ch-tseci by b ode s cn ooywent of thi030 00 sho'l be sebf i 1 M(CAII -f ith ( on st . husbont ot eji McCaoe n 0'm-"oi. fe at ves, t iond e-'-p cyes of fe ic Cob Co. eproaucms luch ie-i or parts of! Thf twssful B-me- aiI' be retired tot IrVlDg Elf)0, offntad It tf TRANSISTOR ff a HEADQUARTERS INOUSIRIAL ELECIRONIC OiSIRIBUTOR 600 PINN $T CAMDIN, N.J. At Bnomm Fronklm Indg WO 4 8o60-Phlln , WA 2-7037 po- cost 0f ses P'nns oni SO f'Ct ons n-oy be viewed, fee o rha'ne. nt tie Osdg Fe-0O"S t'jn Room, Ph. ocie'ph a, Pennsyl-von a Th Commission ! of B fl County r. s-v th 3-t to re e-t any or all b ds and to accent c- r,frct any part of any b d ana to - i-.e ony cefecti or irregg-loritles in ony b'ds. Hy or-',- of. A' ET'.VAPO L. PEARCE. Ch.ef C eik, Co--'SS 9"e:S cf Si-t-Vs C'iny PdOCgSIMfNI DEPT C-i a. '"i-el n "I stcicfory perforn-ance j furnish o-io rr.-y I: . 'CKi'f Doyn-i hi-"d ie ktneve op-.-A..."oi of Pt-.ilaaeipni-i tese-ves th f go any and all bidi cr to wo ve any it-es m tne biclo ng A'ention it cahed to the fact that nc lesi than th m nimum lalar es ond wagfS oi let fonh in th Contract Docun-entl moir be Doid on h, proiect fi ns mov be he d by the Pedeva'co'nent Autnoritv.of rhe C'ty of Fhilnae pma for a period not to esceed forry-five I4M aovs f'em th dafe of the ocening B di for the aurnose of 'eviewng f r, bms and nvesn. CITY OF PHItADF.l-1 gotma th Qualifications of th Baie'i, fce fivi end1 s'ior fa o vTa ng th Contract. scores for more than 300 motion h.f t'-'-.V-1?' Pictures, in Hollywood. He was nfcnnai- f', Ho"'e ' -I . l High f'a f Chur'h. v A. Viewi'-g f i. 1 A. c . i IS I,' r-M Cotiieci-ai Ceu is J F-;e.e ort- en A',ucv ty 0f th ( y of Phi CSCieiDh' "1 Guitove Atst.rfj,;n, Chi rn-nn end publicly in Rjo-n 113, City H-ll Anie May 4. Inn Wlav, Vty !$, 1 96?. e ?-i0 P M D ? t f-o' the -A o'e- r-ro-t-e-. proposa:!.,! 'S ed re OA' f-io c os v-iH r occentea tm- i a O"estionna -e i financial Sta'en-enti O-.r- fvca I s.i'i with ,i o..-ef sns, Mnrirc trt VISlttAS mw DfND noiic'j : ,,,, r ' . . www,'!At,N ftv.irivAN.A jonn uuDert wara, wno oiea invj:.v:.:.i '..u v ol- ?"-" v PHIlAbilPHIH SUIUMAN at .east' cn, ,' ' ,hr , ,', c1' i ocT m"-" cV,''oPh '. .'-'O-g ed P' 1938, and W3S 8 dame Cf the Or-'s-- F".,erai hkj ci.J '"' eve . 7 ', o ' '.", .' " . TfcASi-CrrATiVM CVANY .eoemi-e, c bs lntoro-on otto mr' postt's ' s -f.ved iff I9i o'd--. i ,!,. f c !,.. f reeiisnl.m nf 3'.n3''v 3 " '' Sn fgnc;. Home. ...,'' ' Mw 7.,'.? to lew .d cennoct ond tonts rev hei A. M. F 5 T , Voy 1 8, I W. and then piol c-' ucl vs ci. noiisi uisiii om ctesjt st. int. fere sod Ce A divin-.n-f cf '..-v c -''s u'Oci ce- h'ioed in F'ooni 7' Citv hail A-e. j r-, " r- .... 07 ,-.,,..,,.1, , nm m onr.r cf t ho firrfer nf f Ut shi'S wis th $ c-v ese 'o-fj on !h ee- P-irs So'if "-atjns ancf Oi-esticisno-re ii Dies-Suppie-nenf fo- s-t conf-o.t pe.ied!,, '. 1 r- ' ' CHASI. On Moy 1, GC"'.&; W.,l " ' t- on s"-t -,f FH,lArFtcH'A 5:. B;iBN f nancia, S'o'en.ent for Qjaii'v rcj E d :e-s nec,mn,rg jure IS, 10ft? ond na rg Way! BntlSn r-mpire. ''iciro of h c;' Anno Inee Pj'ovl, c , TPSitp;lfOW C:i'"'ANY pavo- May moy be ehtomeej m focm liJJ, City hotl'JO. Ie1 8 onki and inforrra'ion may h Cf, hid livpH in FrcfUrtr! cinrc r'''7 tn. f .?). okj f'.eoos o-e NFFFIIDORF O' A 0 : . 102. to sto-oc-i-j."i of at tne W,. .e, Nos. 5-111 to im int cs v rD-a red uoon aoaUdo ta th onnve 't UdU lliUl.fci.iMJ ,9 3.nrj -j., r, SJt,:J, i"?6i, HATbf (n Koe' tics ef business May 15, 1562. ICcnsmj'ticn and r-sr,,.r,irtion ef Serslo'fiee The Commonwea th reic-vs m rignf 1905, WDetl MT father DecamCiO- 10 A. " , ot th pen-j Funeral H'j-m.l-m on Vm . ? P M . criecrs wit: re n--..j ivt DPu''nani yy v at varion Locatioos.i io reiect any or en or dt'i ot bios. It. c ,u.4 4 .:! '' I'toer 11.. rn, mi, irmry Lutne-omtuneioi Hcwe, JVW ra IUIKHAI0T Moy 7. 1??, S'EPHffi J ..-j h. lehgh am, ion -,t the ct f.-e- ie 1. nod M y A. Bo-kharof l-iee who composed XI?', r'l i j-seon. f S J. Pens! yes, Inenas org H' y '.its .,c e'y ov.'ed to FirrPatncs- Fu-e-a-Hcne j .'''"' ? f,. B'ocr-j si , Sun a tei 4 P th, . t . c.i t, I L. r' 1. -f li. BIDfi 3 ISO WTtllP "Mtlft - -'" t--t a it 1, ft ci r 1 t- , ; V sitation, toy.. 10 A. M In' 00 Cols 1 lie OianitI U .M'ail) ctrol Cem, Faryng tacmt ei in tar. Song," "Michigan State College! c.ASf.Y.-Mey Marchina Sone and other.N. inrh . w.uiavi . 11 . . a' Motgo-et foee ITniiLI,t!i, ito MU ds dil diUUm Ol 1 . ei ana fr enas and m-noeri of m Fmia. : ml. pi yci'e songs for professional football rL?"u a'V' "7 f2 von ,j . 3 ;0 A M J-tiepn I. Hepo Fore-o Hun, MtFfTllOG! juOderiv, cn Moy I. H; teams. 320-52 N. ?f st. S:ms Reau-e-n Muss.Ui 77 iv Pi-tv. e 0 GfOUC- husoond St. ludwg's Church, 10 A. W. V-wing ,i.t !,,., -...- ',Doeti-, Mife' -tae Pe M. . Int. Ho y Cress Com. U ri , -ns me ,vlri to the utv a V. leiris u tc;rj FLOWERS for MOTHER'S DAY . NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE CONSULT Tht 0 A. M Ir,-. Oa Ca-h.-l McDFKMOTT -',- "0, 3 " ,,-. SAA I I 1- -;oc-iit in tar. .tVUUffVtOU ci G -.vces-er L'tr. N J . s I l-.f A. 3-f C. M 0e"nc.f, o' S0-m r I J 1967, forrr-er'y of 1130' a . aged 'A veo-s Se-v c lor i.o'rei am ! fj' 5 W, J.. beoved hsihotsej ''enoi v V.!, 0 A. M , e th ' ) Uoryl, aged 6. Feia-l.'Ae-hodist Cr i'ch of G ,,".es'- C-ty, N, J.J s. j Mjf FLORISTS OF DELAWARE VALLEY " IHMFU YOlJt IOVI IY 5EN0IN0 THI FlOYVtP, OP, f 9" 'a PLANT OF YOU CHOICi OUItING THIS JtAiUN, m ? AND THROUGHOUT THI YEAS- DFUVEP.E0 ANY- rT -WHI l. SIWPIY PHONI ONI OF THI FLORISTS LISTED IflOYY. , k,jV t U-...J ,t,,n,.. jt tu,. y. Luc s.iiur sioiu, uaiifeiinci Hit c,gncj0y .o p laie wnueiaw Keia, in London She was 78. sn . ei . , i rean inii i- . ' ' I O' 1 mil CA5HY. Moy of ?73 S The former Jean Templeton ?! h' b'c'T , . ., . , ' . .. Cevel-jn-J O'co Keid, sue war tne winow ot Mr -...- e md , AMTHCNY, for-iVso'-'y !''h St., beloved b'jslxjnd'w0 (s of Jcj'oes ond Hcir-v of ' s- :.s. 0- O" n. He en Vcci, c Cinc-nnot- F- MfriPS v -ds i. Po'iorl ' -go rut ,tw tea F ,f Hue ". Fe-' eve "PAPPAS FOR FLOWLRS" I WF DFLIVES CiTY i, SUEllfW I 'fn S'jBUcEAf4 SiATiON IO -C41A- AL AXELROD, FLOWERS ii f ruti rr-N a vF vi ?- '4 Korlbeast '.'.it n 6 h '.6 O.f; 'i I, wife ot ,, j I. fr4, I I A A , ooo D s ends '"iy 6i:.i Gei- West Philadelphia GEO. H. FAHS, FLORIST t2' W G'A'D AVE C 3 3TI?; BRIMMER'S 3".5 rENVHOION NE 4-OoMi G..?- DelawaaCounty CARROLL'S FLORIST . rsfta k-JP L Mo'DADt SIV3 , 0A.J3Y IU 3 1 EDAArD H HUM. SecetafV. lOtrC k. WiNuP. Prtturetaf Cothm'ssiont', And-e M. B-ad ey, - ry U. S. ambassador to Britain. ICem. Vi.vlf ) Fn, ee. (Prkng I" '"or i 'wood, N J. o 'I. J , Mov . Is c.-e se v fcn Inge'sc- Ay Jenkintown Villow Crove 'Cf- KREMP i SONS WlllOW C.ROVI flOWE? SHOP Yvso.-i nic r-tor.e ui. t -r, rntw it i , , 4vviKin iMSt-fO CHArcit ACCOUN'S INsflTIO I CrtARCf ACCOUNH INV! -F.0 t, 9 v.-J trains. HW&wux, smmtHiiVBasm-as ft If A Tfif-iiiBBiil

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