The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BMTHEVJU.E (AUK.) COURIKR NKWS Indians Nip Chisox 6-5 in 12th Inning; Dodgers Win 10-7 Ky Jur AssocUU'rf I'l r The Cleveland Indians nanl formula—extra inning ^ The Tribe is in srooml games behind the pace-sotting easily the overtime clianipion Including last night's 12-iimfiiK 1 marathon with 'he Clur.ipo \Vliito Sox, (lie India 115 1 •" played 14 games that went bevond the nimh inning t'ns -••""•-m. They've won i:i of [hem. They copped last ui^lU's by 6-5. Tlie Boston Hod Sox liplpptf lighten the race by knocking olf ihr Yankees, 7-tj, in r^^ulalion tune Innings. A single bv Bohtiv T5o<*iT in Ihe last half ">I ihe si 'h :voiv<l 1'ed Williams from -errind. bmkr [it] fi 6-fi den(1 lock -.11 id rut New York's margin nver ihr third place Sox to fiv'p -s'^d a >»^f "itnc« Williams nirkind the )>lg hat fur the Bos ox. Tie hammered bis 2iliii home run and nddcd n crnipk: nf singles besides ^ base on ball-v Cleveland Manager ' ,1 H'v cliTfin u-ed '20 n! Fivers and ^Iv oil rhn •« to down 'h f^ix Affcr over*'nm1n<; a 5-3 deficit \v:tl) fun run-; in Ihr etehth. Ihe Tnrii;jns won in I he J'.I'b wh**n Chicago xe< ntirl b I<<FM>I.ILI Cass M if ha els f IUPW w'ldlv (n fir*--i in an adnnnl to fomolfte a dwiblr play. Johnny Bnrai'dino M O--P.-) from second on tbr- error. Rrh Pellet, lasf nf six C'Jpvebmd li'irlrrs, was a«-a]-decl tlm victory, hi- I lib and fifth slureht Brnnklyn broke a [unr-di v dead lock for "'-st nla^e in Ihe Nn1io':a! Lea sue wit! 1 St. I,on is. bv <vlslny- pin? tlie rhiladel»hifi Phils, in-7 The virfory put 1h° Ood^fts a tnlf pp me i >n on I lie Ca r<i i n uls. \vho were idle. Reese Ri£ M:in A home nm by Per Wre Rn^e wilh two wMc.s aboard in I lie ton of the eighth, snatmed a 7-7 r ir> A pair c-' foiir-baaerrs bv ralrbpr Andv Srinitiirk had keot the Phils in fhe game m> to then, PiLi-hiiiEh drfpaLed the OHrnpo C"bs. 3-2. in : .he vnhher tilt af their three-pa me series. A •mi >!e hv Stan Roiek fon^-cri bv .lolitinv Minn's triple and Ralph Kinpi> flv Rave the Buc.s two runs in the Thp New York Gtanl<r and Boston Braves had lo sortie for a 7-7 t'*» when rain hnHed nrnr^e-iMic.s in the Insf hrOf of tbp r ! "hth. All other team? cnjoved a dav off. ItiiililiT s Spurts Writer IHVO liil upon a .sni'e-l'jre (H.MI- -jimi's. |>l;u't> today, I'mir and ;\ hall' New York Yankee*, hut they're KRJDAY, AUGUST 12, 1949 HOW THEY STAND NATIONAL U: \e\v York ClevHanc! Bn.ston W I. Pet .', , 6fi M .fJ'J.T .. rit- .^l .514 .,. M :y.\ 505 .. r>i io 101 . . -18 57 157 . , - -13 n4 411^ ., -11 68 .376 \\ L no 39 G'_» J4 fit 15 43 515 5.T| ;>() 5:n fii> -iifi fift :ir>i) 71 XiO soi.fniiiRX [.i:.\(;t)K W [. 71 43 71 19 i;i nr> fi! nti 57 6^ , 5? Gr> ., -, . 40 10 4!) 72 HiiTninsham , .. NiiNlivillr . . . . New Orleans .,. Mobile .. Atlanta Little Hock ... Meiriphis Chattanooga .. . .175 .-114 .112 .4:5 Y rptorrtov < K^sn'ts i \i\ I'lOVAl I.KACUK : Pittsburgh 3 Chicago •> \ Boston 1 New York 7 <7'- inning , tie-called rain> j firooklyji l 0 PhilndclpliLn 7 ; 'niqht i f Only games .scheduled. ! AMI Kl< AN I.KA<;i1K Bo-ron 7 New York B Cleveland B Chicago 5 <[iif;hl. \'£ innings i Only games 5cheiiiiled. ; SOUT1I1-KN LKAtHIK ; Atlanta 17 Mobile 2 ; Birmingham 13 Nesv Orleans 3 ' Chal'-nonfta \*2 MrmphLs 0 i Nnsfi"UI? 7 Lillle HoL'k 1 Motormen Lose lo Lions 11 to 8 City League Season Ends with Three in Tie tor Top Position Ttip Holland l.iori.s didn't get Itl jllip Cily SoflbnJI I^-afiue's Shaiifjh: ness playoff bul they made a grne- ' ml HIPS.S of ttnns.s twioj e they called tl quiis. 1 ni^Jil (he I.ions threw the I U'a^ite standings, u'liich already was in turmoil, into an air-light deadlock as they knocked riff the league- leading Blythcvllle Motor Company Molormeti ll-a to cause a- three-way lie for the Ir-ague Irad. The Motoi-men's defeat left them lied wilti I'liillip.s Motor and Sul- livaji-Nelson for first place in the lE'.'iKue standings. Tim Chevrolet Hoys Rained tlie tie by taking the cellar-dwelling Razorrjack Drive-In nine 8-B in last night's first game. Last night's doufote lieader was the jitml games ici regular league play. AH that us left now Is the ! championship playoff belwren the , four top teams which opens Tues•day nl|;hi flan for ('layoff J. I J CJarrotl. ducctor of .the Htyltievillr- V league, said that a! 1 meeting o( managers of the foin j |lendiiiR teams lias Drcn called for! 1:30 Monday night nl the. Y for the purpose of drawing l(H- positions on ihe Dlay-off bracket At the same lime managers will rje briefed on ! Ha.vofl rules, lie snitl. The Ijons pounded two Blythe- • /ilie Motor huj'lcrs, starter Ted ]Hsher and reliefei Charles Cook, [tor a tolal of 10 hits and this cou- ! pled \vilh numerous errors afield jV.'Bs Ihe big cause ol the Motor-men's ^ defeat. Another rpasc.n was shovel pitcher Gardner Non-Id who set the • Motojmen down with seven hits. ^ The Linns came up with five runs after two were out in the third in• ing to take an 8-4 lead that stood up through the four remaining trame.s. The Motormen fought back with three in tlie sixth but the Lions iceit it up vvitli a single tally in the fourth and three In the seventh. Kaily I.ear] Kades- In the first game last night Sul| livnn-Nelscn's Chevrolet Boys took n early .seven-run lead in the first! Eagles IQ-Point favorites Over College Grid All-Stars Tonight Ry Jan Har(nr!t CHICACiO. Aug. 12. vn — Pout- ball's gaudy. Kllmmering ex.trava- Ranza—Ilie 16th aiinun! all-star classic tonight will pit a squad of 70 collegians against the Philadelphia Eagles before upwards of 90.000 spectators In Soldier Field. Coach Oreasy Nfal's National Football League rhamplon Eagles ivere rated last night as 10 point favorites over the all-.slar retinue coached liy Bud Wilkinson, the spllt-T mentor from Oklahoma. However, (lie records show that Hie collegians have sometimes won when tew thought victory was passible. fn the 1318 lake-front .show. Ilie Chicago Cardinals, coached by Jimmy Cnn/elman, romped to a 2S to 0 triumph over an all-star team coached by Notre Dame's Frank l.eahy. The over-all series stands at eight victories (or (he pros, (ive for the collegians, and two ties. The first game of thr. scries between the All Stars and the Chicago Bears in 1934 wound up In a scoreless lie. Although the hot weather experts favor the Eagles to down the collegians, the champs probablv won't lilt pay dirt through the star's line. Both all .star players and coaches are pretty confident of that. The collegians' line will he Just 1" big, just as tough and Jrst as speedy as anything tlie Eagles might display. Among the backfieid siars who are expected to see service for the college all-stars are Jack Mitchell. Oklahoma, nnd Clyde Scott, Arkansas. The I'rnlMlile SUrli, College All Slurs Barney Poolc (Missi I..PJ. Phil O'Reilly (Purdue) I..T. Marly Wendell cNDi [,.o. Charles Bednarlk [Penn> C William Fischer IND> R.G. Al De Rogatis (Duke) n.T. Mel stieehan (Mo) R.K. Pete Elliott (Mich) Q.H. George Taliaferro ilnrii I,,H. Jerry WilLiam.s (Wash. Sl.» R.H Etwyn Rowan (Armvi f.R Klckoff: 7:30 p.m. (Central Standard Broadcasting: Mutual Broadcasting K Lineups: Philadelphia Eagles Jack Krrante mo school! Vic Sears (Ore. St.! Cliff Patten IT.C.U.) Vic I.indskoK (Stanford) frank Kilroy (Temple) Al Wistert (Michi Pete Pihos rind) Tommy Thompson (Tnlsat Steve Van Buren iLRU.i Bosh Pritcharri (V.M.I.) Joe Mulia i V.M.I.) Timel. System starting at I : M p.m. Sports Roundup bj Hugh Kulierlun Jr. three innings and then coasted to! V'ith M! ALBtlQUERQUK. N. M.. Auc 12 — i/T>)— pni-"s oofnerf her» lotlny for a biseball player crili'-ally ill wiih polio. Thp sr-stllre was for Prank Orl-ie, shortstop for Albuqireroue in the Cl"s c Wfsl Tnxns-N'cB' Mexico I """no. He was etrick-n with infantile paralysis Wednesday and is In an iron lung in a Lamc'ia Tnv h-s-vtal. Albuo.iiero.ue fans oraaiiivr-d a r^dii anneal for financial aid' for tt'» family last niBlu. More than f.nan was pi»d»<-,[ ,„ | 11( . fiv sl Ibr-e hom-s. Contribuli'ins contin- ue'f nmirilit; in tbr—'- -n, |i«f. riioiit. A "Frinkie Okrie" ni»hi already is bnins planned al tlie Alftmriierqur P" "k. The 27-vear-old nlave" is a former infant] v sera^ant -,iiih the pimile h"'"-| recfi\r r j in, the Buttle oT tor P.ii 1 "". He was on Ivs ivav (o a possible lra°n,. fiolriiiiB recr-rd anrl wn= r-"«(rl-rp<l a ,li.e;ii fnr nvi- tio'i^l f">ldjiiir hono-s AI ihr half- wiv rn-rk. his fielriins peri'»nta"c wrs t)45. Born in Detroit Okrie nbveri in th- p.vaiKirline anri rntinn Stiles I-P-'IP b-fore the war Si-ned by I't!!r B"ck in (l,e Souihrrn A srci- ati'in ;,!,-,• relnrnino fvnrn Rin-noc. he w?f oi)"oned to Ainahl! in »•- \\Vsl Trx3'-.\'pw \lrvvn l.ea- ai'f. He later was sold to Albuquerque. I i I Tnt'lflV > G'l j \ATIOV\I !.]^<i:|1P , Baslon at Biooklyn rtllght) I Philadelphia at New York ', Pittsbiiif-h ai St. Louis uiigliti Onl>- games .scheduled I (victory behind John Easley. The' IChcvvies toyert aromid with the hap- ! j less Raxorhacks in the late Innings • and had to beat off a last inning! ! rally during which the Raxorbacks ! chased home four tuns. \ \ Easley went all the way for Snl- ; I livan-Nelson allowing seven hiLs. i Carroll Glisson went the route for tlie Rax.crbacks. flo.x S<:nres: Snllivan-.s>l5iin 8, Rxorhncki 6 Rnzorbacks A8 R H >C:ildwell 3b ...... . 4 Manetl If ^ Upforrt Ib < IB. Elliott ss 4 j l.ules c . .. !O. Elliott rf ' Mosley (rf : Gli.sson p . . ! Totals . .. 1 New York ai Philadelphia i night) I Waslilngnui at Boslun i2i j Chicago ai Cleveland might) St. Louis al nftroil (niglit) ' sorI ]II:I;N II:,M:I'K : (All Nl&lu Ciames) i Memphis at Chattanooga. f Mobile ai Atlanta. j Neu- Orleaii.- at Birmingham. : Liltle Rock at Nashville. Compromise Seen £y House Group On Education Bill Boll Weevi/ Outbreak Is Severe in CnttenJcn .\URIC.\-. Ark. A.m. r:ue!Hlrn County.< c cle:n ilx'd ON Aiitr. \'2. i Uo\y. r<»vvcll tlJ-NVi ypslTdny .<wid r.i mrnihi'is - ;t 111:1 inrity of thr If'iii-so l.iib.n- Crnniiiinre - hnvr aurcotl trncifiirlv to u cinuproini.^r rtkl to ptlm-aiinn bill. Othrr conuintirr 1 members (crmrd Po«'cH's ai i iinn IK c in nnt "|>Tcm:»- nur" In it snid tlif lias MLHMC -unprni AI iirnpn^od r>y r,-r] H'trkr 'D-Ohi-n. it wo Id t'inii " % o i-Np nf [pel or;, nionpv to D,iv «;nlfiMp«; rif public schon? tpsirliprj!. Rurke's hill wnnltJ trini l>ir ^rnoiMii ol nimipy from Hie 5^00. IKKVOOO i ir<iv:(!rr) in i Sm^l r-pns^cri iiipa-nrr in R-'-iotUlOdUO oy rliniin- nMiic :niv Iiuuls fdi Irxtbooks ii'nnso^niit fi> nml other noii htM 1 nny cif llic moti -ct i m- unn-ipnrhinu 30 6 7 ' ' Sitllivaii-iN'elsoii AB fi H • Kiitoi] cf 2 i o . Drlxxig ss 3 i y, i Whittle if 4 2 i); i Hunch ib 4 l l i l.uies-c 3 o 0 ; I Biiranani 3b 2 o l' 1 Day fjf , ... 2 2 '!'• i Rcvill 2b 3 o 1 ! ; Easley p 2 | 2 I Totals u,s a 7: I HnlUnri II, Hlythrville Molt), g Arnisircng c 4 I l iCfiison 2b-tf 4 i o j Williams 3b -) '2 l j C'ook if-p 4 o 0 '. I.idle rf 4 \ 1 Mehsirg )b 3 \ ' urn R* 3 ; ; Bassetl l'f 3 1 - I'isher p-'2b 3 0 \ Toliils Hester Ib . ; Coleman 2h : Rogers, ps ; Wnlkci 3b . i Slalen cf .. • Cottell rf I Terry If ... I Reid c *'oi rid p Totals . . 32 8 AB R . . A 2 1 vnlc sc-hcxil«. i other pn- 'Ir \vnr>t in 26 yr:-!s lu- A.^,M;I Cn-'my A7ent Duvici Cli.nuiln. flni • !••-.• Cln:> v -:,er 5.uri-tije i-Ita-k SC.HII'.- - \ i''" '-esl 11 ^: 'D-Mich' «.^:^"^ir "' d -' ™™<J"H$™ -^,^1; rirn" h^ctaS.^ lhe iivci "* ::;,'''• "T vcr - n M >f ," ir 2scom _^_ muter members ro'ild force a meet K«d Cnurle, N™~V,~ at Ads 'n* *^!"^ "" ^ ^* '"**' Ky Orlo Kit her I son (BaUEMj; for Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr.} PHILADELPHIA, Ang. 12. MV- There's a basketball tend brewing in this city of brotherly love with Penn and Villnnova opposing the irio of St. Joseph's, Temple and LaSalle. Pemi antl Villanova Imve scheduled 11 doubleheaclers at the Pal- estra. Bob Geasy has booked 16 involving the other three colleges at Convention Hail. There are only lour date conflict. 1 ? bu*. still that's a lot of dribbling. Adding fuel to the feud. St. Joe and LaSulle have caneelled their traditional games with Pcnn. Why play In a clonblelicnder and collect a third when we can play you alone and yet half i- what SI. Joe and LaSalle told the Ivy leaguers. l.riilirnn FraKIr: Joe Tydings hopes to do belter than his father. Senator Millard T. Tydings, in a tootball way. , . The Senator never reached beyond football manager nt Maryland. . . Son Joe Is hopeful ol landing an end berth with the 1!M9 Terrapins Benny Borgninn, scout lor the SL Louis Cardinals, was seen hi'd- dlinf? wlili Athletic Director George Lawsoti of Mnhlenberg. . . . Could they ha\ - e been talking about tliat vacant basketball coaching Job al ! Mnhlenbers? And talking about ' jobs, looks like may be several pos- \ ilions available on tlie Pittsburgh i Steeler.s wl(h sevei-al 1948 regulars j i-nsigncc) and others quittinK be- \ cause of .salary dispute-s. j I'ol Voiirrl: Mrs. Babe Ruth will make, lier debut as a horse race owner during Ihe current Atlantic City meeting. - • • She has purchased Por- t:e!ai]i and hopes to arlci a few more to her stable. ... If an Ike Williams-Rny <Srgar> Robinson fight i si ion Id matcriali/e here this fall.' nrornoter Pete Tyrrrll would be j willing to sell the television rights for tl20.[)(KL . . . But what TV station would want to take a chance on one commercial? Diclc Sislcr. Phi II tes first base ma n. h a^ gone back to use the olri-iyue mitt. . Says it dirt wonders lor his father: maybe it'll help him. . . . Curt Simmons and Charlie Bicknell, Phillies listeners, due lo return tn- day from their annual National Guard encampment. Major League Leaders Major l.faEur l.tailejs By Tin Assotiatcd I'rcss National League Batting - Robinson, Brooklyn J«G; Slaughter, St. Louis, ,334. Runs — Reese, Brooklyn. 94- ROD- inson, Brooklyn. 90. Runs batted in - Robinson 1 Brooklyn. 94; Hodges, Brooklyn. 83. Hits .- Robinson. Broaklvn. 154; Thomson, New York, 149 Doubles _ Musial, St. Louis ->S- Jones and Ennis. Philadelphia 95' Triples — Robinson. Brooklyn, V Smalley, Chicago and Ennis. Philadelphia, 8. Home rims . Ki ,, Pr PiUsb ,,,. Bh 2B: Gordon. New York and Sauer Chicago. 24. Stolen bases - Rnhinson. Brooklyn. 21; Reese. Broklyn, 16 Pitching _ Newcombe. Brooklyn 11-3 .786; Branca, Brooklyn, 12-4 -7oO. Strikeouts — Spalm. Boston, 96- Branca, Brooklyn, 88. American League Batting _ Williams, Bo-ston, .353- Dlllmger, St. Louis, .343. Run.'; _ Williams. Boston. 108- Joost. Philadelphia, 100. Runs batted in — Stephens Boston. 115; Willams, Boston, 113. Hits — Williams. Boston. 140; DiMaggio, Boston. 137. Doubles — Williams. Boston 30- Kcll. Detroit; 23. Triples — Mitchell, Cleveland. 15- Dillingcr. St. Louis. 11. Home rims — Williams. Boston. 29; Stephens. Boston, 26. Stolen bases _ Dillinger, St. Louis. 9; four players with 8. Pitching — Reynolds. New York 11-2 .846; Wynn, Cleveland, 0-3 .750. Strikeouts — Trucks. Detroit, 110; Newhoilser, Detroit, 98. Louisiana Cage Coach Named to U. of A. Staff FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. Aug. 12 — Appointment ol Ralph Ward. Many, La , Hi^li Schcol coach, as frtv.h- man and assistant varsity basketball mentor at the University ol Ari:ans:\s was announced yesterday. Ward played basketball at Northwest t/<ui.siana State College and coached a service team while he was in Germany with the Army during World War Two. He wilt do graduate work at Arkansas while employed ss .1 coach Crackers Pound ile!7to2 Barons and Vols Continue Tight Race In Southern League By The Associated I'ress The Atlanta Crackers tied int Mobile for 13 hits and a 17 to 2 triumph hint ni-jhl. It was the iJ*'st batting show the Crackers ha\v> put on since they slumped from th» top spot in the Southern Association pennant chase two months ago uj the second division. Cracker Manager Cliff Dapper showed his boys the way with a homer, two singles, a double and a walk. The lengi;e-leariing Birmingham Barons pounced on New Orleans, 13 to 3. Flank Marino, a former Little Rock Traveler, hurled the Nashville Vols to a 1 to I decision over his former teammates. He held the Travs to s»ven hits. T b e place Chattanooga IjOokouts blanked the Memphis Chicks, 12 to 0. for their fourth victory in a row. Tiny Williamson set Memphis down on six hits. Lepanto Semi-Pros To Tangle Sunday With Armorel Club Tlie Armorel Tigers return home Sunday afternoon to nu-et the I^c- panto semi-pro nine on the Armorel diamond. Jerry Dean, the big Joiner left- hander, is scheduled for hil! work for thr Ti crs ap;; the Lcpanlo nine. He will be making his first start in .srveia! \veeks. This wiU he the Tigers' first meeting tin,'; year with the LepanLo nine which is rated as a strong outrH. Last Sunday (he Tigers snapped a four-game to.sing streak with a \vin over the Bogota, ^cnii.. nine. Clayton Heafner Sets Hot Pace in Tarn O'Shanter CHICAGO. Aug. 11. (AP> — Clayton Heafner. 240-pound Charlotte, N.C.. pro was burning up the trial to ij-ilf'.s biggest bonanza today with a one-stroke lead entering the second round of the Tain O'Shanter $35.200 "world" championship. Heafner yesterday had a sizzling six-midcr-par 66 for a alight edge over I wo other seasoned campaigners, oJhnny Pi.lmer of Badin, N.C., and Henry Raimom. the transplanted Texin now in Chicago. Palmer and Ransom each banged 67's. fn nil. 29 pern broke par Ti. So hot was the rivalry that defending champion Lloyd Mangrum's dismal 78 Rll bout knocked him out of contention. Four players were grouped at 68 in thr tightly-packed start, ot the 72-hole scramble for golf's largest jackjwt They iveve Jim Ferrler, Ed Ptir- foi, Jim Tinnesa, and Dick Melz. [ l/ocked at 69 were national open L'htunpion Gary Middlecoff, Willie ; Hu]»ter, Jr.. Chandler Harper and Jimmy Demaret. SKY Razor-bock Ticket Sales Good, Barnhill.Says FAYE'ITBVILLE. Ark.. .\u x 12. 'At'i — The football ticket .s?.lr at the University of Arkansas is "encouraging. 1 Athletic. Obector and Head Coach John H 10 Barnhill said yesterday. Barnhilt .said tickets are going fastest -'or the Texas 2ame at Lit!:le. Rock ai-.d the Southern Metlio- I University tilt at Dallas ! The Raaorbacks will open the 1949 se'isoii against North Texas State in Little Rock Sept 24. NEW i*u\ Otll'll? »\''r!< Day*- i:UV p.m Alalinet Saturday A- Sunda.i val.-Sun I D.m t:ont Sbowi Manila, Ark. J.|,mv> KVKItV \l<;in l''riday WHITE SAVAGE u-itli Maria Hunter and Jnn Mall Also Shorts Saturday 'IN OLD CALIENTE' with Roy Rogers Alsn Shorls —LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER •i Allies Nurtli ot Klvthrville Ko\ DtTite OIKIIS at 6:45 Simw Starts 1 :'.W Friday "THE UNTAMED BREED" u-ilh Snnny Tufts Barbara Brittnn. ami George "Gabby" Hayes (IX C1NKCOLOH) Box Office. Opens ai ^ Week Night) Show Slaris at 7:30 .Matinee Saturday & Siimlay al 2 [i.iii. with continuous showing. Friday & Sdlurday "MARSHAL OF MESA CITY" (Jeorgc O'Brien Saturday Midnight Show "THE BURNING CROSS' Hank Daniels Virginia I'atlon Sumhiy & iMonduv Ion McCallisler-Peggy Ann G Preston Foster Satut'diiy 'UNDER COLORADO SKIES" with Mnnle Hale and Adrian Booth Also Shorls SPECIAL OWL SHOW Saturday Owl Show "THE LODGER" with Laird Crecar anil Merle Obcrnn Also Sln.ils Sunday X Monday "TAP ROOTS" with Van llcfl'm Susan Mnywarrt Also Shorls Talk about beer flavor! Taste that satisfying Jamboree & Dance Admission 25c & 75c music by FREDDIE BOY BURNS and his RANCH BOYS Plus Songs by GENE STEELE SAT., AUG. 13 American Legion Arena Blytheville, Ark. 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Sponsored by The American Legion "L1GHTNIN' IN THE FOREST" \villi I,ymiR Robrrl*. Dnnalri Hurry, anr] Warren Dnuslns • .Admission 5l)i\ Children Free • Anyone attending the last showing nf the regular Saturday shmr will b« admitted KRKK lo the special Owl Show. Sunday & Monday "THREE DARING DAUGHTERS" with .leanclte MacDonald .lane I'nwell .lose Hurhi and Kdu-nrrt Arnold RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & ^iiinrdnv "THE FIGHTING GRINGO" vvidi Ororsc O'Brien The Beautiful 1949 Nosh Airflyfe! No other car often you oil Ihii value— • Enclosed-wheel streamlining . . . plus more room Inside . . . Twin Beds . . . 1-piece windshield. • Weather Eye Conditioned Air System . . . coil springs on oil 4 wheels . . . Uniflo-Jel Carburelron. • Over 25 miles on o gallon in the big Nash "600" al average highway speed. Come in and drive the exlra-value Airflyte ... a new Nash "600" or new Nosh Ambassador. Shelton Motor Co. Sill untily Owl Show "BOWERY BUCKAROOS" with (.nrorv ;vncl Thr. Kasl Side Kills Afso Cartoon Slum Starts Weekdays (:IHJ p.n illturda> Lind Sunday: (;iinli[iu< siiuwing from 1:UU p.m. -- Friday &• Siilurriny (DOUBLE FEATL'KR) "SOUTH OF THE CHISHOLM TRAIL" with Charles Starrptt anil Smiley Kurnctl "CODE OF SCOTLAND YARD" with Oscar Homolka,, Jlcrrk Farr, anrl , ^luriel l';iv|nw ' Seriiil "Son of [he Guardsman* Chapter II Also Cartoon Saturday Oivl Show 11 p.m. "THE PRETENDER" with Alherl Dekkcr and Calherine Craip Serial: "Myslerinus Sir. M" Chapter 1(1 Also Cartoon Dial I2RI ln\ Offici Opens nl 7:0 Sho» Starts nt T:'.',0 i Sundny ,Mnnd:i\ S- I tii'Mhi 215 Soulh Second ,,» .;-,^ -?^!^. ,w ^-,-^^., I'hnne .] i;(s IROD FIELD CflRU HUSSES SULUVflP DftSllVR TheGREAT fiatsby I' ncl;i v ^n<l Sal in <\n v .Tnlinny M.ick Uritwn in "OVERLAND TRAILS' Serial: Ch.:nler 10 nf "TIIK LOST .H!N<;i,K" \\'arner News and Comedy S;ilti!-d;n JJpdin^hl Slmw SIAUIS I0:i:> IV.M "i;!E HUb!TED" Prrsl on I-'nst^r R-Iita Sunday & Monthly THE SEA OF GRASS" Spencer Tnicy, Kntlrerinr- Uppburn Robert Walker Warner News * SeriAl: riiapler II of "BATMAN AXn ROBIN"

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