The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 3, 1962 · Page 14
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1962
Page 14
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1-4 a d THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. FRIDAY MORNING. AUGUST 3. 1962 DiNTimr AT MICH YOU CAN AFFORD iTT VM.,WiiJri. AnvFirrisniRvT Shake or stir well 2 tsp. frozen limfadr. lemonade or Daiquiri Mix concentrate (or use juice of 'j lemon or lime and ' j tsp. sugar), l1! or. Light Bacardi and ice. Serve on-the-mcks. The "secret?" The original Daiquiri (1896) was made with Bacardi the best still are! Bacardi imports, inc., MY. RUM, 80 PROOF. IV or fronchsed dealers for GE, RCA, Emerson, Du-mont, Zenith, Motorola, Proctor, Norge, Hamilton, Amana, Admiral Portobfe TV FlfflODS National Advertised Brand $110 TAKE J TRACE 1 1 w INS. No Money Down your Choice WRINGER WASHER OR ELECTRIC DRYER Just Plug in Nitiorul $Q95 TAKE Advertised TRADE Brand w NS. No Money Down REFRIGERATOR CROSSTOP FREEZER Family Size WE TAKE TRADE INS. Famous National Advertised Brand $1 0095 No Money Down I 1 r Mil ni t ' I i - 11 f 4 t xjr-?.:. He gave up the treasure of a life time for one woman in a million! FAIR WINDS TO JAVA Fred MacMurray Victor McLaglen ff bfoaik SILHOUETTED h mm W1 17 TUNE TV FROM ' YOUR EASY CHAIR! ; Get greater dependability wild Zenith Hand-crafted Chassis . . . finest picture reception with Zenith Gold Video Guard Tuner. Sound out-front speaker. Dipon antenna. Top carry handle. Spotlitt Control Panel. Elegant "Silhouette' itylmg. The ACAPULCO Model K2214 r 4 V' ' fir GREEN BAY PACKERS VS. COLLEGE ALL-STARS Tonight-10 PM WFIL-TV i TV Roundup WPCA-TV Sold to Philadelphia piIAWEL 17. WPCA-TV, the J I'HF station in Wyndmoor. has been sold, subject to FCC approval of the license transfer. The station is now owned by the Young People's Church of the Air and broadcasts religious and educational programs rightly. The purchases, who plan to expand the range of the programs, are a syndicate headed by Aaron Jerome Katz, attorney; Stanley Solo and Buddy Wecht, real estate men. Purchase price was undisclosed. "We want to make Channel 17 a strong independent, community station," said Katz. He voiced hopes that the all-channels bill will mean a much wider audi ence and said he was watching with interest the pay-TV experi ment in Hartford, Conn. "Our long-range program In eludes a boost in power, expan ision of telecasting hours and i widening of programing policy to include local independent 'sports events and a larger num jber of cultural programs, some :from the British Broadcasting Corp.," Katz added. j The Dovells, local singing group, will appear on ABC's American Bandstand" Friday Dick Clark's show will mark its fifth anniversary next Friday, and many "okltimers" who ap peared on the show during its first year or two will visit the WF1L-TV studio to help in the celebration. ! Channel 3's "Goal of Life" at noon Sunday will be devoted to "The Ninth of Av." the Jewish fast dav which commemorates the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Participants will be the Rev. Dr. Alan D. Corre, minister of the ven erable Congregation Mikveh Is rael of Philadelphia; the Rev Leon H. Elmaleh, minister emer itus, and the synagogue choir. S.L.S. New York THE highly praised "Hollywood: The Golden Years," on the silent-movie era between 1903 and 1927, will be encored on N'BC-TV Tuesday, Sept. 18. With Gene Kelly as narrator. The doc umentary shows excerpts from ' mmxn 4r Nr " ! iiv ' 'In 1 1 1 iii mi if H in'Hn 'i ft imt James Daly and Lori March portray a husband and wife in "What's Wrong With Men?", rerun at 9:30 P. M. Friday, Channel 3. many notable silent films and, of course, the top stars of the era. Another documentary schedul ed for rerun is "The Burma Sur geon Today," picturing Dr. Gor don Seagrave on his daily rounds. on "The Twentieth Century" Sun day, Aug 12, on CBS. A famous author's letters to his boyhood teacher, over a 30-year period, will be discussed by their recipient on "Camera Three" at 11 A.M. Sunday, CBS and Chan nel 10. The program is "The Letters of James Agee to Father (James Harold) Flye." The role of the U. S. Supreme Court in American life will be ex plored on "Calendar" at 10 A.M. Tuesday, CBS and Channel 10. Oldtime film comedy star Har old Lloyd will be guest on NBC's Here's Hollywood" Thursday, Aug. 16. Youngtime singer Gary Crosby will visit this show Aug 15. Hollywood 1 DICK POWELL and Four Star pard David Niven are put ting all the heat they can generate on Cary Grant, an old pal. to do one show for Powell's series. They figure to blow the whole budget and then some on Grant's salary, but the prestige and publicity would be worth it. Jack Kelly may yet trade his brocaded "Maverick" vest for a doc's smock. The Bing Crosby Co., which produces "Ben Casey," is interested in him for its next sawbones saga, "Dr. X." Kelly turned it down once, but now he's giving it a new diagnosis. M C. (3) wrcv-tv 0) WFfL TV (D WGAL, Lancastei d) WCAU TV Q3) WLYH1V, I.e ba non WPCA-TV, Channel 17, I HF, Is on the air daily except Sunday, from 6:15 P. M. Advertisement. Morning 5:45 (5) Thought for Today 5:50 (3) Farm and Market. 5:55 (3j Newsroom. 6:00 (6) I niv. of the Air. (3) Shakespeare. 6:20 3Q) C.Ue I s This Day. 6:25 (id) Morning News. 6:30 (3) Western Way. (1q) Seminar 6:45 (6) R. F. I). Six. 7:00 (6) News. f3)fff)Today. (Local News at 7:25 and 8:25.) (J5) Bill Bennett Show. TODAY'S SPECIAL NEW ZENITH 19" Porloble TV- $139 CLEARANCE RCA VICTOR PHILCO MOTOROLA CONSOLES, PORTABLES t COLOR TV Shop from Homo-OrdtrbyPhon 1ST fAYMCNT IN OCTOBfft Open Won., Wed. I Fri. Evts. Tit:; in F1-" . ( I S ,r,,iHQ" ii i'ii ii. mi n ; mil Wmikiiii" 'ftimi'it Hi'-' miiaiimifc.;jaMfc-iifiiv, iAmiiMrSmMtLi IF Syndicate ' ;l:i'Mi.. . . Tops for Friday MOVIE: Gladys Swarthout, John Barrymore in "Romance in the Dark," Channel 10. 5:30 P. M. VARIETY: Paris Circus acts in "International Showtime" encore, Channel 3. 7:30 P. M. DOCUMENTARY: "The Overseas Chinese Report from Singapore," Channel 6, 7:30 T. M., repeat. "What's Wrong With Men?" Too many pressures Channel 3. 9:30 P. M rerun. "Chet Huntley Reporting" on school troubles in Prince Edward County, Virginia. I. in i nt t a a i bany. Ga., civil rights battle on "Eyewitness," Channel 10. 10:30 P. M. FOOTBALL: Green Bay Packers, NFL champions, play college all-stars in 29th annual game, Ch. 6, 10 P. M. Water Toast Set For First Lady RAVELLO, Italy, Aug. 2 (AP). This clifftop resort town's thirsty population will drink t hearty toast to Jacqueline Ken nedy when the President's wife arrives here next week for her Italian holiday. The toast will be In water, which is in short supply this scorching summer. Harry Harris Is on vacation. His "Screening TV" column will be resumed upon his return. viiannei j, r. m. ahv time ano. Two weeks a:o All Frovidfd bf th Stations. Which Art Pr1rnrily Rtivomible fr Their Accuracy- itlopyrtgtit. I'Jut. If Phxi&iMlphxa in'juwer) 7:10 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 Trim 'N Slim. fcV Breakfast Time. Bill Webber reports. fjg) Morning News. fe)j Rocky and His Friends (TO) Piianne. (6) Breakfast Time. (T) Captain Kangaroo. qjjj Univ. of the Air. (3) Lee Dexter Show. flij) Gene London. $) What's Doing? (3) Today in Phila. S Exercise with Gloria. 9:00 9:20 P. 25 9:3(1 2iID Slimnastics. 9: t." fS) Headline News. 9:50 (6) Features for Women. Deborah Adams, hostess 9:55 fjQ) Collier. News. 10:00 fg) Lone Ranger. (3K1D Say When 05) Calendar. 10:30 (6) Triangle Theater. ?TT ;3 fS Play Your Hunch. fjrj; I Love Lucy. 10:55 fg) Midday News. 11:00 (6)15; Ernie Ford. ! I (3 .6; Price Is Right. (15) Verdict Is Yours. 11:30 Yours for a Song. (3 '8; Concentration. flu Brighter Day. 11:55 j( News. Reasoner. Afternoon 12:00 -6' Jane Wyman Show. W.ll.t (3) Your First Impress-on. Bill Leydcn. 03) Love of Life. 6 15 Camouflage. (3X83 Truth or Consequence. 05) Search for Tomorrow. 05) Guiding Light. 16" 15" Mid Day Report. (31'S) Day Report. 6 35 Rex Morgan Show. 03) Award Theater. "Hi Beautiful," Martha O Driscoll and Noah Beery, Jr. star. 00) News. "15 West Toinf. Off Burns and Allen. 6 : 15 W ho Do You Trust? Iff 8) As the World Turns .6 .15 Day in Court. 12:30 12:45 12:55 1:00 1:05 1:30 2:00 HID 03) Jan Murray. 05) Password. 2:30 f6i 05 Seven Keys. fJinff) Loretta Young. Off) Ihuse Party, foil?) Queen for a Day. Qjjfjl) Doctor Malone. 3:00 4 Look at TV Morgan Wields KeenRapierBul Hurts Himself A CLICHE has affixed itself to Henry Morgan. "Henry," the press agent or actor or producer or director will tell you, "is his own worst enemy." When pressed, the p. r. man-actor-producer-director will ex plain his pronouncement with i series of short, ill-tempered sen fences. "He insults his spon sors. as a humorist, he's on and off." "He's too blunt." "He says the wrong things in interviews." "H e doesn't hand out interviews." "H e doesn't play the game." I have never met Henry Morgan. When HfcNRY MORGAN he had a 15-minute, dinner-time radio program just after the war, I listened to him most nights and once sent him a letter. ("I like you too," he responded.) I watched his first frontal as sault upon television, with Arnold Stang as his sidekick and Bernie Green supplying the funny music I stayed up late for his local and entirely joyous challenges to Jack Paar. He was always there for a while and then, sud denly, gone. Only as the resi dent beadle on "I've Got a Se cret" has he shown any endur ance with a wide television public. "Good evening, anybody," he used to say in those just-back-from-the-war days when the prevailing topic on all comedy programs was housing conditions, 'here's Morgan. I've been worry ing about the housing shortage, and I've finally figured out the only answer to it: More houses. Or, less people. Let Congress decide which. 0"; WELL, that was all a long I saw Henry Morgan, all fitted out in a Rumanian accent, play- ing a crooked art dealer in a so so comedy by Harry Kurnitz, called "The Reclining Figure. " It was playing at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Mass., on trie start of its summer rounds. Morgan, I'd say, was somewhere be-j tween so-so and dandy in his role. After the third-act curtain, he chatted with the audience for a while; and after that long, Cat play, it was like old times. When Morgan was asked by a man in the audience whether he preferred TV or theater, he said, "We-ell," and made jokes about how tough the TV show was and then said theater. If he sticks to that opinion, Henry Morgan Is his own worst enemy. The man obviously belongs on television, in 15-minute segments, at a time when every civilized adult in the land can get a look at him. By ALAN GILL fjgj The Millionaire. 3:30 C6) JD Bandstand. 033 Our Five Daughters. Drama. (JrJ To Tell the Truth. 3:55 05) News. 4:00 0) M a k e Room for Daddy. Danny Thomas. 05) Secret Storm. 4:30 03 Here's Hollywood. Off, "3j Edge of Night 4:50 (5)3) Newsstand. 4:55 (J) NBC News. 5:00 06") R o c k y and His Friends. Cartoons. 03J Five O'clock Show ' Fair Wind to Java,' Fred MacMurray stars. 3D Popeye Theater. 5:30 05) Popeye Theater. 05) Early Show. "Ro mance in the Dark," Gladys Swarthout stars. Evening 0) Lone Ranger. 5J Clutch Cargo. Sally Starr, hostess. 03) Sports. Jim Learning. 6:30 06) Dragnet. "Big Lie." 331) 51 News. Vince Leonard. 05) Local News. 6:40 fj) Weather. Wally Kin fftJJJnan reports. 6:4" (5JCS3 'N'BC News. 7:00 f6) RCA Color Newsreel 33i) (Junnar Back reports. RCA COLOR NEWSREEL 7 P.M. & 11:10 P.M. Cemplitt nwi round-up with Dt'iwtrVi Villiy e (Dorftr, Gunnar Back. WFIL TV ch.nn.i 5 03) Everglades. 05J 7 OTlock Report. Fa-renda, Shaw, Clarke, Campbell. Of Sports. Keller. (5 Evening Report. 7:10 05) Weather. Francis 33D Davis reports. 05) Milestones of Century. (6) Evening Report. Off) ( B. News. (), Regional News. (15j' Stock Market Report. ff5") Weather. Harris. 051 0J) ABC News Spe-rial. Rerun of "The Over-teas Chinese," 7:15 7:20 7:25 7:30 jif ; x r k '-" 6 A AM ONLY wren to too 2n wmi n WTEI. SoO HUT 1X WUI.B 14VU WTTM $ WCAHf 1)10 WJMJ 150 WRCV lr0 WWB7, 1W WBl'X 1570 WIN AR 1110 WPAZ H70 WfcEZ U90 WEEX 1230 WI.ST 1400 AM-FM rut ostit WHL M9 1M1 WXPN SS WIP ! 3i WRTI 1 WXTR " M J00 J WHYT Sfl WFLN K S7 WPWT 1 WPKM IV) !n WIFI 2 5 W1BG 0 U WTO A 01 S wdeu ii nr wpbs a WCAU 1210 ll WJBR W5 WHAT 1U0 Hi WIBP 10.1 WD A 4 4 105) Vi iL W1UJ.W M M l Morning 5:50 8 A. M. Farm Report (WRCV). 7- 7:55 A. M Daybreak (WFIL FM). 8- 8:55 A. M. Melody Lane: Mantovani. Ferrante and Teicher, Werner Muller, Albert Semprini, Percy Faith, Eddie Haywood, Clebanoff (WF1L-FM). 9-9:55 A. M. Concert Festival: Grieg's Norwegian Dances, Dvorak's Four Romantic Pieces, Ravel's Le Tombeau deCouperin(WFLN). 10:0510:15 A. M.-IIomemakers' Club (WDAS). 10 A. M.-Noon Morninff Sym phony: R. Strauss' Divertimento after Couperin, Sta- mitz's Clarinet-Basson Con-1 certo, Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 in F, Charpentier's Impressions d'ltalie (WFLN). 11 A. M.-12:55 P. M.-Cafe Ren dezvous: Frederick Fennell, Roger Williams, Mantovani, David Rose, Monte Carlo Strings, Frank Chacksfield (WFIL-FM). 11:45 A. M.-Noon Suburban Car ousel: Interviews (WIBF-FM). Afternoon 12:05-12:23 P. M.-Ralph and Barbara Show (WRCV). 12:30-1:15 P. M. Luncheon at Wanamaker's, Jenkintown (WIFI-FM). 1-2:55 P. M. Podium: Works by Adam. Nardini, Yardumian, Waldteufel, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, Borodin, Haydn (WFIL-FM). 2-3 P. M.-Show Tune (WJMJ). 2:10-4 P. M.-Talk of Philadel phia (WCAU). 3-3:55 P. M. Classic Cameos: Works by Suppe, Grieg, Dvorak, Rimskv-Korsakov, Mozart, Liszt (WFIL-FM). 4-4:55 P. M. Magic Ballroom: Wayne King, Vincent Lopez, Sammy Kaye, Lawrence Welk, Tommy Dorsey, Shep Fields (WFIL-FM). I 5-6:30 P. M. Stereo Show Time: "Pal Joey," with Rita Hay-worth, Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak (WIFI-FM). j 5:20 P. M. Feature Race: Mon mouth Park (WFIL, WKDN). Evening 6-7 P. M.-String Quartets: Mo zart's Quartet No. 18 and Schumann's Quartet No. 1 (WHYY-FM). 6- 6:55 P. M.-Candlelight and Wine: Morton Gould, Paul Weston, 101 Strings (WFIL-FM). 7- 8 P. M. Evening Show Time (WJMJ). 7:05-8 P. M. Music for Dining: Ray Anthony, Ray Charles. Carmen Cavallero, others WQAL-FM). 8:06-9 P. M Symphony Hall: Rossini's Italians in Algiers Overture, Haydn's "London" Symphony, Medea's Medita- Friday, Aufuil 3. 1962 033 International Show time. "Cirque D'Huer." 05) Rawhide. "I n cident of the Night Visitor." 8:00 The Hathaw ays. 8:30 (S) The Flintstones. "f rouble-in-Law." 03X83 The Detectives. ,15) Route 66. "Blues for the Left Foot." (Rerun.) 0f5j Yours for a Song. 9:00 06)1D 1 Sunset Strip. "The Turning Point." 9:30 (33iI3 Friday Night Special. "What's Wrong With Men0" (Rerun.) 05 Father of the Bride. 10:00 06J1D Football. College All-Stars vs. Green Bay Packers. fJ5j The Twilight Zone. 10:30 03X83 Chet Huntley "Segregated Schools." Ibj Eyewitness. "Civil Rights Battleground." ll:0O 03) News. Vince Leonard 33D reports. 05J News. Facenda. 11:10 (J) Weather. Roy Allred 33D reports. 05), Weather. Clarke. 11:15 fJD Tonight. Mcrv Grif fCTDfin. host. Off) Late Show. "Till the End of Time." Dorothy McGuire, Robert Mitch-urn, Guy Madison' star. 12:50 05) Late Late Show, "the Saint in London," George Sander stars. 1:" '6153 Final Report. 03) Jim Bowie. 1:10 (5j RCA Color Newsreel. 33D Gunnar Back reports. Of) News and Weather. 1:20 053 Weather. Francis Da- 33D vis reports. 1:25 053 Sports. Jim Bonner 33D reports. 1:30 (6J World s Best Movies. "Tarzan, the Ape Man." Johnny Weis-muller, Maureen O'Sulli-van star. 033 FBI Most Wanted. 1:35 033 Mpet our Neighbor. 2:05 C31 News. 2:10 031 Thought for Today. 2:25 053 Late Late News. 2:30 (Jo) Give Us This Day. 3:05 05) F a t u r e Race. Brandywine R a c eway. (Film.) i emu 1 1 will I'll IH.IJ..HMWOIJI i .. .. y jij, ,,..,,'HY,.i..ftd4,,.rti-riftMnr-.rfi,---tl tion and Vengeance Dance from Barber's Medea (WIFI FM). 8:05-11 P. M Music In the Air: Bruckner's Symphony No. (Romantic), Wagner's Over ture to Tannhauser and Venus berg Music, Brahams' Sym phony No. 1 in C minor (WDEL- FM). 8:30-10 P. M. Watergate Concert: U. S. Air Force Symphony Orchestra in live concert from Washington, D. C. (WHYY FM). 8:30-10:45 P. M. Symphony un der the Stars: Delius' Over the Hills and Far Away, Stravin sky's Song of the Nightingale excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty (WIBF-FM). 8:55 P. M. Baseball: Phillies at Milwaukee (WFIL). 9:0511 P. M. Concert flail. Brahms' Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Bach's Suite No. 2 in B minor, Tchaikovsky's "Little Russian" Symphony (WJBR-FM). 9:0510 P. M. Jazz Giants: Conte Candoli and Harry Carney (WHAT-FM). 1011 P. M All About Opera: Joseph Bonaduce, host (WHYY-FM). 10:15 P. M. Feature Race: Brandywine Raceway (WIP). 11:05 P. M Music 'til Midnight: Robert Farnon, Harry Arnold, Stanlev Black, Paul Weston (WJBR-FM). 11:05 P. M.-2 A. M.-Red Benson Show: Lee F. Driscoll, Jr., Democratic candidate for Congress from Montgomery county (WPEN). 12:05-6 A. M. All-Night Concert: Music of Handel (WPBS-FM). Kovacs' Ex-Wife Can See Children LOS ANGELES. Aug. 2 (AP). The divorced wife of the late comedian Ernie Kovacs won the right Thursday to see their two children for the first time in seven years. But a judge warned Mrs. Bette Kovacs and Kovacs' widow, actress Edie Adams, that the children "must not become pawns" in a bitter custody battle. The girls, Bette Lee, 15, and Kippie Raleigh, 13, have been living with Miss Adams in nearby Beverly Hills since Kovacs' death Jan. 13. Kovacs was awarded custody of the girls by a Philadelphia court in October, 1952. Summary of Earnings Reports Commnyi Allied Paprr Am Hospital Supp'7 Amn Metal Clim Amcr Metal ( lims Amer Smelt Ril Aqua ( hem. Inr Ark-Missouri Poer Ark-Mijsourt Powr Armstrong Rub Bmncy 4- Smith Hurl i Son Burnell 1 Co Carpenter Steel entral lllinmn Kl 4 Ga Century Propertiea t ertain-teed 1'tlti ( ertain-teed Pdt C hesapeaka t'tilitlei Chilton Co Chromallny Colwell Co ( ontinentai Connertor C ontrnla Co of America (oules Mai k BdfstI Petroii Oa k Manuf riebold. Inc Dixon i Jos i Crucibla I'upian l orp Puquejine LiKht Eastern Frnihtwaya Eastern Kreitht.i Klrctrie Bunrl 4 Shaia Flertrada I orp Flei-trada ( orp Fairbanks, More k Co Fa rbank W hitney Federal Resourrei Cp Fibreboard Paper Prod Fibrehoaxd Paper Prod Hemirf Co Flexible Tubing Co Food Fair Stra Getty Oil Giannini Control j Giant Vellowknife Mna Giant Yellowknife Mna Goodman Manuf Guerdon Industrie! Hartford Eler l.t Hartford Elec l.t Hudson's Bay Oil t Gaa Hudson's Bay LIU ti Gal Idaho Power Idaho Power Illinois Power Illinois Power InteinaU'l Min It Ch Iowa-Ill Gas 4 Elec Iowa-Ill Gas 4 Fler Iowa-Ill Gas 4 F.leo Kearney Trerker Kearney 4 Trerker Klion iH l.t Inc Kollmorgen Co. l.oikhart ( nro Maine Central rtrt Maine Central HI! Mravar, Inr Melpar. Inc Michigan Chrmifal ln'llle; t bemit al Mickelberry's Food Plod Miio Electronu s Milo E.ectromca Mission Corp Mississippi Glass C Movielab. Inc MoMelab. 1 n r National Can ( orp National ( an I nm National Dairy Pd'j National Iian y Pdis National L nion Elec NJ Zmc Newmont Mininf N V 4 Honduras Flos Mo NY 4 Honduras Hos Mn Northwestern Pb Sv Northwestern Pb Sv Oxford Paper Par Intetmtn Fxpr ParkersburK-Aetna Phelps Dorijte I p Phila Sub 'lr & Sub! Polychrome ( orp Pub Serv Indiana Pub Serv Indiana R C Can Co Rochester Telephone Rochester Telephni a Sun Oleo Imperial Sav-A-stop. Inc Shawmigan Water 4 Pwr Sheller Mf Sheller Mf Silicon Transistor Simplex Wire 4 Cable Simplex Wire 4 Cable Sinclair Venez oil Sterline Drue Cu Storkllne Corp Suburban Propane Gat Suburban Propane Gas Sun Oil Co Taylor Hbre Texas Pow- I.Uht Texas I'tihtles Cn 'I'exas I'tilities t o lrans Mtn Oil Pipe I.n Trans Mtn oil Pipe I.n Teesdale Laboratories t nion Asbestos 4 Rub I'nion Asbestos 4 Rub I'ntshops, Inc I'niihops. Inc l' S Gypsum I S Home 4 Development I'S Rubber Reclaiming apor ( orp Victor Equipment Victor Equipment VTR, Inc VTR, Inc Warren Brothers WashinKtnn Gas Lt Webb (Del E Cn Webb (Del F.i Co Whirlpool ( orp Wilson Brothers Wisconsin Pub Serv Wisconsin Pub Serv I On shares outstanding at close of period b-On the average number it shares outstnndins during the period, (-on shares now ouMamling. d Net loss. e-On preferred shares. -Preliminary report. I Adjusted to reflect stock split or stock dividends. It-Alter giving ellect to special non-recurring items. J-Befnrn giving effect to special non-recurring Items. k-After special charge of S2T?,lWi m-Includes operations of Instrument Development Laboratories, Inc , acouired late in 1961. n-Includes non recurring not gain of S447.M8. or seven eenls a share A Before special credit, net, of Si72-4S. or 5.) cents a share, representing gain from disposal of certain property which was not in use. Net loss alter non recurring expenses of StJoOO. Uncluries 134,798. oi lour cent! i aharg, from the tale, oi rental prosemei. Discord on Firing Musicians' Ban On Broadcasts Is Criticized The president of the Philadelphia Orchestra on Thursday called its musicians "ridiculous" for moving to choke off radio concerts. The president, C. Wanton Balis, Jr., said musicians were hurting themselves because, income from recorded broadcasts goes to their pension fund. A group representing the musicians voted Monday to stop taping concerts for, radio until the case of a 60-year-old violinist threatened with dismissal is satisfactorily" settled. "Satisfactorily" was under stood to mean that the violinist, Schima Kaufman, would be kept in the orchestra. HITS REPRESENTATION Roger Hall, orchestra mana ger, said the 36 to 12 vote of the musicians to stop transcription "did not represent the majority" of the 107-member orchestra. A musicians' spokesman said the 48 voters made more t h a n a quorum. Balis said there was no proof that an end to broadcasts would hurt the orchestra's income from disc record sales. The musicians had contended that broadcasts raised the orchestra's profits on records. A spokesman for the musicians said, however, that hurting record sales was not the main purpose of their vote. "It was a vota on the way they've been treated by management," he said. "They don't want to be pushed around." SMALLER PENSION Balis refused to comment Thursday on why Kaufman was dismissed. The violinist recently prepared a recording to demonstrate his talent at hearings planned for mid-August, before the American Arbitration Association. If Kaufman left the orchestra now, his pension would be a little more than half the $225,75 per month he would get in five years at 65. In the last two years net radio rentals from tape transcriptions amounted to $21,504. All of this money went to the pension fund, Balis said, but the musicians got no other payment for making the tapes. --Net Income Pgr Com. Shr Period 1H2 im 1M2 1961 i mo, June It SvTf) .41 71 e mo. June -0 J sT3 AV J.4C-rt1 -H 2 uar June V) .. m M S4 mo. June M VMm lS.--fl ) 1U 107 , mo. June fl 128M J.6?o.8"d 2 04 1 ? f Year May M !:0.'.:7 M M mo, June jO 8:. i't o..i."5 .W ..0 l: mo. June .-0 1J:2.45 t.g.42 1 t2 1 45 0 mo. June , J.5.r4 1 72 1 t mo. June M iiim f.iJUV "0 mo June JO 5:2.000 7 50.X U lii guar. June JO .75 :S1 07 Year June '4 .:8.W0 3.'iJ.j:S J24 15 U mo. June JO 4 itM 4 4.40U&6 1 U f 1 2S d mo. June JO I5S.7J6 .97 guar. June JO J2,M5 IMfi-Vl ' 11 e mo. June JO 1 .154.557 2.0OM21 .M -J mo. June 110.4-2 5' J -" 'J, mo June JO 4-7.W J5J ol 1 09 87 mo. June .40 J2J 5"2 151 M -IS 6 mo. June JO 2.-3 55 tft'.'.'S -41 t mo. June JO "'5 6i 140.oJ7 ..'9 .20 1 mo. June 1 Mll.-JS 72J.597 11 5J t mo. June JO tx'y,: tMi.3 ti mo. June ) J9SJ8S d:9.iJ4 .77 e im June JO .'! '-.Ml ! e mo June JO Mm M-IM 82 guar June JO '.5910 225 Oil ..' -J e mo June 12.M.24! 11,927.'40 Vi 8i guar. June 12" 141,7.vl .25 -8 mo June 50 24si?5 92. '.S: 49 .'8 mo. June M J,7o5 5'l 2"X.:t ,!' guar. June in 2S W l2.e05 b0! h ., mo. June VI T.l 4fl? 9!5 b ',4 bU mo June 10 d'J'.r? (1449,2. e mo. June JO 455.o 1T.!M Year April JO 2-5b8 54 L6o8-S .21) guar. June JO 1J324CM4 84.2.l2 57 8 0 mo June J1 U'6Jfll 1050.453 0 57 2t wks. July '.4 M1.14J 91S.8 6 57 5 e mo, June 50 85-701 62.588 b '! h 24 Year April 21 !1 05521 Il4s-.C2 157 i; 72 mo. June "1 JJ j2 .5".M5 5) 42 (. mo June '0 4 29,564 47t 9 9 40 I '0 guar. June .50 8i".t7 J"5.:.4 .2) 09 mo. June i0 IliWI 8(9.9 42 .70 mo. June .-0 759.000 !":! 75 .30 guar. June JO d7!3.4': mo June ii i.y:m .'I .5 VO J17 709 12 mo. June JO 7 ,!"-iO0 68'4 0-0 3 83 3 "1 guar. June 59 ;.4n"j"Vi j J'rtl : 10 mo, June JO 4Oo0ii0' J.oo0.o) 2J 17 6 mo. June .50 J.4.17 : a 54 a 74 I' nin June 50 8 4M.3S.5 9.e5(iJ a a a; 45 mo. June JO 13.4M.J7 12.30l.2Ji 97 K 83 12 mo. June JO 25,!"6 850 21419.41.9 ! hi (151 Year June 0 8 4:8.0 2'.8 0.K1 J 04 .5 07 guar. June A 1.228.525 lJ5J.r4 b 45 b 50 t, mo. June 30 4.wo.:85 4 2'.2.417 bl 78 hi 62 12 mo. June JO .957.74 t J25?4 bj K 51 !2 wks June 20 172.000 22 -1 J6 wks. June 10 mm 4.000 51 12 mo April 28 501.294 24 6 mo. June JO nii44.9'7 !t JO 1 '.6 ,9 9 mo. June JO 16!.9'2 22'. "9.1 W 86 uar. June JO ! 9'5 77.55! 6 mo June 30 154.4" iS ' S.S guar. June JO 253.045 279.J47 .10 J a mo. June .50 444.75J 395,171 .11 .16 guar. June .50 12i .57 M 16 -01 6 inn. June .10 151 "7 d5n ,.o 20 21 wks. Juiy '.4 0 212,291 142.9".! t.6 .45 guar. June .0 !07..Si " ii6 21 I 6 mo Juno -0 157 "M 10V69 M ?0 6 mo. June -it Mi9 l"0 ?.? 27J127 80 "9 6 mo June 50 j5?4t! 275.995 1 0J 89 guar. June JO 75 581 n5-65 2! r IS 6 mo. June JO ro.SK 1 "J 0"4 .51 r '9 guar. June JO 551-261 799 ..-JO 2S 19 A mo June JO 191.' '1 d:0 1'7 10 6 mo. June JO 2 247,587 r.610041 1 69 1 65 guar. June JO UtofJm liJMJXXI 9! 9: mo. June :0 515 8f,1 -H.0n2 N .04 6 mo June 30 "50 102 1-02'.-"87 28 52 mo. June JO 3."5j.728 411.181 1 '2 2 41 : guar. June 10 2"lo76 407 956 65 1 2S I 6 mo .l ine :0 2"7 .616 "0 "2 8" 1 6S guar. June '0 "1J16 "?9.7'.5 45 49 12 mo. June .50 1.5:5-455 1.500. '14 1 8 d 61 6 mo June 0 2.01S 5t-7 185.511 1 "5 133 guar. June -0 88842 52 6 mo. June :0 5.2.12! ,V.9.9"i 59 41 6 mo. June ..0 Jl.01l.9-t7 20.516.149 208 201 6 mo. June JO 147.950 16" ..'00 54 61 6 mo June JO 10. 115.400 118 !29 6 mo. June 20 9.797,997 g'O.i.1 12 mo. June .50 t;.90Q.5M 16k;67 2"5 1 '5 1 51 6 mo. June .10 594.000 580.000 54 c 51 6 mo. June -0 2 !81.5'8 1.7-8 6 6 1 09 11 12 mo. June 50 4.')J2.tVS 3. 582.55 1 98 1 59 6 mo. June ,'0 n5,4'5 727 2.171.810 1) 52 -8 9 mo. June 50 2010 11.' 00 67 t 49 mo. June 50 7,55.5"2 .8'6 "'07 85 ."5 guar. June '0 477.412 4SJ.679 50 .51 9 mo. June 10 M14.998 467.821 1 48 .49 guar. June JO 7! 27.O0O .14 .05 guar. June .10 515,000 rll.000 68 6 mo. June 50 43.i'i0O rtOl.OM) 58 6 mo. June 50 6.5874.7 5.450.819 1 64 1.38 t mo. June 10 J1.I71.9H 10.98'. 018 140 116 6 inn. May 31 s.l!J.61l 6 627 .01 6 mo. June 30 1.437.759 1.J69.077 90 81 12 mo. June '0 2.971,91.1 2 652.224 1 S7 172 6 mo. June .0 19.644.000 2 4,0'8 000 J 42 1 81 6 mo. June J) 115,091 56.9.8 .1! .05 12 mo. June -0 17.7o8.cb5 16.284.513 guar. June JO 9.900,918 9.214452 40 I 17 12 mo. June JO 4.1 184.114 39.912.140 J 7? (159 guar. June JO 1.999 000 1.621.000 . 27 . 22 mo. June 20 4.JU4XH) 2,655.010 .36 .5$ 6 mo. June ,.0 :0:, 93.018 52 .21 guar. June 30 91,159 21,594 -19 .01 6 mo. June .50 204.485 .59.41.1 .12 08 mo. June 30 70.169 H 9"6 a 07 (04 Year June J) 755.452 355.355 e 70 19 6 mo June .(0 17i"9l 16.727.257 216 205 9 mo May 31 57.-49 14.951 .10 .04 mo. June .50 156 557 S 726 30 -'1 mo. June 50 9:5.52.1 ts9 i3 1 25 .91 guar. June J) 215.044 . 255-215 65 68 mo. June 30 382.342 402.720 1 15 1 22 guar. June JO 98.161 d-JJ 6S '18 mo. June JO 148J)57 HyH.V.l .12 6 mo. 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