The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEM BLYTHEYILLE (ARK.) COURIER NBWt I ran to'Get Tough/ Hints of Soviet Aid WKRAN, Iran, Sept. 10. (AP>— Ftemter Mohammed Mossadegh — having failed twice to get a parliamentary confidence vote for his "get tough" oil policy — Bays he win iwid Britain an ultimatum anyway on reopening the dUrupted talk*. A continued boycott by opposition deputies blocked a second attempt by tin premier to force action in the Majlis (lower house) rastcrday. only 68 deputies showed up, instead of the minimum of 18 needed lor a vote of confidence. Pounding on a desk Mossadegh declared—vote or no vote—he would go ahead with his ultimatum giving Britain two weeks to reopen the talks or face the ouster of the 300 British technicians still in Abadan — «ite of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company's vast refinery. The cabinet decided late Saturday to back the premier's stand, even if the opposition continues to block a favorable vote. Deputy Premier Hossem Fatiml told newsmen last night Ihe boycotting deputies would be Invited to a closed MajHs session today to explain their objections. It was doubted they would accept for fear the session would be converted Into an open meeting with the required quorum present. Mossadegh told the house the ul- tfmatum would be dispatched to W. Averell Harriman. President Truman's trouble-shooter for relay to Britain. Fatiml said later the note would be sent, tomorrow afternoon to Iranian Ambassador Nasrollah En- teiam In Washington for delivery. "I warn the British, if we are brought to our knee* there is a bigger power than Britain waiting In ambush for us," Mossadegh said. He did not mention Ruceia by naine. Obituaries ttfer for Will Durham Held in San Antonio Services /or Wilt G, Durham, fnr- -ier Blythevillc resident who died Saturday In a hospital at San Anonio. Texas, were conducted there it 2 p.m. today. He was TO. Mr. Durham, who was connected vith the Frisco Railroad here, moved to Texas about 20 years ago. ie had been 111 several weeks. He Is survived by two brothers, John W. Durham of Blyllieville and Alton D. Durhnm of Snn Antonio; uid two sons, John Mart Durham ind Alton Durham, who formerly -esidod he re, Mrs. John W. D LI r- tam attended the services In San AntonEo today. Mr. Durham could lot attend due to illness. COTTON (Continued from Page 1) velopment of cotton throughout the state. "Most of t*ie lat« crop came along fester than six weeks ago," said McPeek, adding: "Howes'er, . dry weather In late August and early September caused some premature opening and reduction of fruiting in the southern part of the state. "Boll weevil and worms were controlled reasonably well until recently but now have been causing considerable damage to late cotton. "Picking Is In full swing In the southern section and is expected to be *o in the northern counties in about 10 days." Production of cotton in Arkansas this year was Increased on the government's request, brought on by the Korean War and international developments. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtn!n« marriage licenses Saturday at the office of the county clerk, Mrs. Elizabeth Blythc Parker: Dupree Ivey of Paintrock. Ala. and -Miss Evelyn Gertrude Maple; of Huutsville, Ala. Roy D. Lotton and Mrs. Eva M Lotton, both of Bellllower, Mo. N«w Plastic Body Armor to Be Tried In Korean Battles WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. Wj- Ncw plastic armor reported by the Army to be "capable of stopping a .45 caliber bullet at polnl Wank range" is going to be given tests under battle conditions In Korea. The Quartermaster Corps nn- nounwd yesterday thai new protective helmets and Jackets which are light In weight will be tried out by litter bearers, who now work without protection. Field tests will be conducted later for armored seats to be used In Army liaison airplanes and (or eye armor to be used by men clearing mines. One Jacket model Is made at cotton fitted with stiff panels of glass fibre and plastic about an eighth of an Inch thick. Another Is made of several layers of nylon fabric pressed together. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1W1 Army, Air Force Officers Sought First LI. Harold M. Raines of the Army and Air force Recruiting and Induction Main Station in LSUle lock will be nt the recruiting sta- ion in City Hall here Thursday to nterview applicants for enlistment aviation cadets and officer candidates. Lt. Raines will interview ap- ilicants from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Thursday. If Foiuid qualified, en- Istees' applications will be processed Immediately. Qualifications for pilot and navigator training axe a minimum of iO semester hours In college credits. High school graduates are eligible 'or Army Officer Candidate trailing. 7 Odd Fellows Lodges to Hold District Meeting Officers and members of seven oclges of the Independent Order f Odd Fellows will hold a district meeting at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at he Odd Fellows Hall on North Second street here. The Blytheviile lodge will be host u lodges from Stccle. Caruthcrs- •IHe, Hajrtl. Maiden, Campbell and ienalh. The First Degree, called he Degree of Friendship, will be onferrccl upon a class of about 25 -andldates from these lodges, nc- ording to A. F. Dietrich ot Blythe- viile, deputy grand master of the Grand Ledge of Arkansas. W. W. peek is grand noble of the Blytheviile lodge. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Sept. 10. M')—<U3DA>~-5Iogs 14,000; active: barrows (ind gilts unevenly 15-35' cents higher than Friday; mostly 25 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; top 21.25 for sprinkling of best light hogs; other choice 180230 Ibs 21.00-15; mostly 21.10 and 21.15; several loads and lots 250-260 Ibs 20.60-85; some 290-325 Ib heavies 18.75-19.85; most sales 150-170 Ibs 19.50-20.50; 120-140 Ibs 17.0018.75; few 60-110 Ibs 14.00-18.0fl- sows 400 Ibs down largely n.25- 18,25; occnslonal sales best llglv sows 18.50; bulk 400 Ibs up 15.2511.00. Cattle 6,000; cnlves 1,500; few early sales good and choice steer and heifers 31,50-36.00; one loa< choice steers 36,25 and high choic. mixed yearlings at 30.00: odd lots commercial to low good steers und hellers 28.50-31.50; utility and commercial cows mostly 23.00-21.00; few to 28.00; cjinners and cutlers largely 17.00-22.50. The word "diamond" originally wtis derived from the Orccfc "adnnms," meaning ndnmnnt. MILITARY Continued from page 1 ;ioor manager for the big money Jill, said "tiie real issue" Is an ixransion of U. S. air power until :hls country can demand that Soviet Russia decide between real pence and war. "A Wapon, But No Horse" Senator Mnybunk (D-SC), a member of tiie appropriations subcommittee which handled the bill, put It this way: "There Is no use to speed up development of such things an ntomlc weapons find not at Ihe same time develop mi Air Force to carry them. That would be like having a. wagon without horse," In addition lo the $5.000,000.000 for added air power not yet spelled out, and some smaller amounts foi special projects, the bill breaks down this way; For the Army. $20,038,220.504. For the Nnvy. $15,553,386,225. For the Air Force. $20,001,555,000 Distress Signal 'False' WASHINGTON, Sent. 10. If, The Air Force today labeled a "fnlse".a. report that a B-50 bomb er was,ln distress over the Atlaiilli yesterday. Two Hurricanes Spin Harmlessly MIAMI, Phi., Sept. 10. m—The wo Atlantic hurricanes, their pow- r broken by an encounter that aved Bermuda, whirled harmlessly over open water today, far Irom any najor land area. Read Courier N'ew.s Classified Ad. BIG TOP—Safe from the sun Is Nicki Norris on Ihe sands at Miami Beach, Fla. Now, all she needs is protection Irom the beach wolves. Probe Asked Of China Recall Nationalists Fear Firing Squad Fat* WASHINGTON. Sept. 10. <AP> — Senator Morse (R-Ore) today demanded a Senate inciuiry Into "re- ijortfi of corruption" which he said cloud the Chinese Nationalist government's move to recall two of 11* military officials. Morse tflld a reporter the two officers, said to he fighting the order Lo return to Formosa from Washington, should be given "political sanctuary" in Iliis country pending the InvestiRation he wants, They reportedly fear they would face a firing squad If Iliey went home. ''I shall press for a complete study aimed especially at finding out whether there lias been any misuse of American financial aid to the nationalist government." Morse declared. ''Reports of corruption and graft In connection with purchasing by the Chinese government are understood to have come from these two men that government has ordered home." ll visit President Truman on Thursday to report on his recent visit to Korea and the Far East. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Pag* » fk«r from Tacoma, Wash., told the wnlor H*d liaison offic«r, Col. Chung, that the evidence would be studied further. He said he would report his findings to Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, supreme Allied commander, and Vic Adm. C. Turner Joy, chtef U. N. negotiator, Several time» Darrow and Ohang exchanged sharp words. At one point Darrow called a statement by Chang "stupid" and Chang demanded that Darrow be replaced by another u. N. officer. At it meeting in the truce conference house after the investigation, Chang charged that "this kind of violation" had no purpose other than to delay resumption of the cease-fire negotiations. While checking on alleged bullet holes in a lettuce field near the group of houses, narrow told Chang "all the evidence you have shown Is evidence which could have been put there by several different means." Chang replied in anger: "Unless you admit that the bullets came from a plane, what is the use of further discussion?" Darrow refused to make such an admission, asserting "I have not adequate proof." Darrow said "we are making the investigation • because we treat the allegations seriously. How do we Extension Courses To Be Discussed Here A meeting to determine the Interest In possible night extension courses for Mississippi Countings will be held in room 101 of the Blytheviile High School tomorrow night at 7:30, Mrs. Sybil Phillips has announced. The head of Arkansas Slate College's extension department. Dean Robert Moore, will be present at the meeting and lead the discussions on courses to be held. Extension courses were held here last year. With the Courts Chancery: Pllillij) Fnrrlce vs. Josephine Far- rife, suit for divorce. George W. Wiggs, et «l, v«. L. P Payne, suit on foreclosure. Devvey to Visit Truman WASHINGTON. Sept. 10. f/7>|— Oov. Thomas Dcwcy of New York FRIENDLY SERVICE FOR OVER 4 DECADES! Ever since The Knrmcrs Hank & Trusl Co. was established way hack in 190S, people from all over this delta area have been uhle lo find experienced counsel and friendly service. Some times the cotton crop was gooii and some tiroes it was very disappointing. Hut through all (hose 43 years The Farmers Bank & Trusl Co., has offered its service to you. That's proof enough of the soundness and stability of our policies. What docs that mean to you? It means that you may (urn to The Farmers Hunk & Trust Co. for friendly service in any of your banking problems.. .you'll find us ready to serve you as best we can. Look firs) to DIP oldesl bank in Mississippi County... lime-hied — panic- tested. THE FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY The Oldest Bank in Mississippi County "Time Tried—Panic Tested" F.D.I.C—JIO.OOO Each Deposit Member Federal Reserve System Farms For Sale Cotton farms or stock farms Reasonably priced. All farms can be financed with attractive loans. Contact A. T. Earls Real Estate & Loan Co. "The best security on earth is the earth Itself* A. T. Earls Lewis W. Stone Norvel W. Duncan Bakerville, Mo. Lilbourn, Mo. Kennett, Mo. (now MM pline wu oni of ours? Why not one of yours?" To this Chang replied, "our plants wouldn't Intend to kill our n (truce delegation)." Chang accused Darrow of having 'a premeditated plan before coming here." Darrow replied shorply: "I won't answer that stupid announcement you Just made." Vandenberg's Son Hurt SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 10 </P> — Second Lt. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, son of the Air Force chief of staff, was seriously Injured today In an auto collision. Cold War Toctict To Be Discussed WASHINGTON, Sept. M («— Secretary of State Acheson and Britain's Herbert Morrison discus* their difference over cold war tao- tlcs, In the opening meeting today of the Big Three western foreign ministers conference. A proposed new partnership dekl for West Germany, the British dispute wilh Egypt over Suei, and th« Iranian and Par East crises were ex|>ected by diplomat* to fltrura in the talk. • "She wasn't missing. She just went down t<% GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPO? RATION for information on how to get relief from our financial worries!" SHEET METAL WORKS „___=^OF A LL KINDS Custom ivnrh for sins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to '/< inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Chrysler Gfi&rs BUILT-IN SAFETY than any other car in Mmerl&a today! 1. 180 V-8 HORSEPOWER Even on non-premium grade fuel, built-in "Mechanical Octanes" enable the mighty new Chrysler FirePower engine to develop the most power, give the quickest responsiveness in emergencies, of all modern passenger car engines! 2. POWER STEERING For the first time in an American car, Chrysler brings you Hydraguide* power steering. Hydraulic power does four-fifths of the work . . . gives your hand on the wheel many times more steering control in ruts, over bumps or soft shoulders! 3. POWER BRAKING Another Chrysler engineering "first" usei power from the engine to apply the brakes at the touch of your toe. Reduces pedal pressure required for fast, smooth stops by as much as two-thirds of that otherwiss needed I 4. ORIFLOW RIDE CONTROL Chrysler's revolutionary new type shock absorbers have over twice the power of other types, to keep your car steady and stable on rough roads. Driver and passengers sit comfortably as has never been possible in any car till now! 5. PLUS ADDED PROTECTION of Safety Rim wheels .. . foam rubber Safety- Cushion Dash . . . Safety Vision windows all around . . . Constant-speed Electric Windshield wipers . . . Driver-controlled Automatic Transmission. ONLY A RIDE CAN SHOW YOU WHAT ONLY A CHRYSLER GIVES! DRIVE IT TODAY... *fj?drji{[uide »t*nd*t<f on Crown Imp+rluts, 0pffon*r »4 • KM coj(. Aft prorf'JCtron per mitt, on Imperial, iVew Y«rJk«r mnd Saratoga madelt. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. • 121 E. Main Street

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