The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 19, 1931
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Served by the United Press BIXTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 288 Glythevllle Courier, Blytlievllle Herald, mythevllle Dally Mississippi Valley HLYTHKVU,l.l'l, AUIiANSAS. THURSDAY, FKHRUAKY 19, 1931 ..;• SINGLE COPIES FIVE; CENTS AND WIT I Recovery of Body Gives ! PICTC ! Hope of Finding Mrs. Long F ID I U MEMPHIS, Feb. 18 (UP)—Tho murky waters of Hie Mississippi i i Ivor tcduy gave up il'.c body of Francis C. Hunter, 53, government fleet worker, who disappeared Jan-' tiary 7, ilnee days alter (he dis- j appearance of Mrs. Blyil:e Thompson Lcn^, Memphis society matron, who is belic-ved to have committed suicide by jumping in tlic river.^ j Profane Epithet Applied ill 1 Debate Over Reappor-' licrtment Proposal. | 'S BILL RELIEVE L[Gy[lRIS Provides Ten Terms of Circuit Court for Mississippi County. j Ten terms of court, five at' Osceola and five at Blylheville, will tc held in Mississippi county each year if Senator R. A. Nelson's bill to make Mississippi county a separate judicial district becomes law. Mississippi county is now a part o[ the second judicial district, which also includes Clay, Greene, Craighead. Polnsett, Cross and Crit- tendcn counties, and Blytheville and Osceola now have only two terms of civil and two of criminal court each year. Under Senator Nelson's proposal It is believed congestion of court dockets would be relieved and expense of holding prisoners in jail for long periods pending trial would be eliminated.! \» r plans tc retire from the service! I do knew if it were not for the The bill, S. B. 313. follows In full: | next fall he announced here fol-' A BILL Siamese Royalty lo Visit Incognito Ti'f> iinding ol Hunter's body I • Rave hops for the recovery of Mrs. I ! Long's bucly, if it is In the river.] 'I lie rising river is usually favora-| Me for the recovery of bodies, riv-: c-rinen say. | BUTLER 10 IT LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 10 1UP>—_ The firs', ncav conflict between two! members of the house of rcpreson-j tativos occuirrd today during debate on the Wilson bill to reap, portion members of the general assembly. | 1 Representatives Wade-, Lognnl i county, and Wilson, Clark county, i j (he latter being the author of the measure, narrowly avoided a fistic Hac Nntriinn In ' encounter when the former look ndb nutmill_ to cfrensc nt ,. €ma ,.]. s by the Clark county solon. The trouble arose when Wade asked Wilson how many negroes reside in his county. " You" "I don't know thc number, but Do With Mussolini Incident General Says. BUFFALO, N. Y.. Ffb. 19 (UP) —Major General Smedley D. But- for AN ACT TQ .BE ENTITLED; AN ACT TO CREATE AND ESTABLISH THE NINETEENTH JU• DICIAL DISTRICT AND TO FIX THE TIME OP HOLDING COURTS THEREIN NAMING THE OFFICERS THEREOF. AND, FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT .ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OP THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: Section 1. That the nineteenth judicial circuit is hereby establlsh- I ed and shall be composed of the • i .Osceola and Chlckasawba District V 'o! Mississippi County, Arkansas. '• Fixes' Court Terms Section-' 2.' Until otherwise provided-by-law the terms of court In said circuit shaU be as follows : In the Osceola District the first Monday in January for a term of four weeks. The first . Monday | In March for a term of four weeks; the first Monday In May, for a term of four weeks; the first Monday in September for a term of four weeks; the flrst Monday in November for a term of four weeks. In the Chickasawba District; the first Monday in February for a term of four weeks; the first Monday in April for a term of four . weeks; the flrst Monday in June for a term of four weeks; the first Monday in October for a term of four weeks', the first Monday in December for a term of four weeks. Section. 3. The judge of said nineteenth Judicial circuit shall receive the salary now provided by law for the circuit judges, and shall Jn addition thereto receive the expenses as now provided by law for the judges of the Second Judicial Circuit. Section 4. The official stenographer of said district shall receive the compcasation now provided by law for the\ official stenographer of the second judicial cir- lov/ing an address last night before the University Club of Buffalo. He already lias notified officials in V/ashington of his intentions. he said, anrl expects no refusal of his application, to be filed soon. "No, I'm not retiring because of the Mussolini Incident," he told questioners. ( Tiie fiery marine corps officer bray of the jackass, the hoot of the owl. the croak of the frog and the had been ordered court martialed f'r a speech in which thq Italian premier was called a hit and run driver. This reference was the incident. "I'm going to deliver a series of lectures between October 1931 and May 1932." he said. be able to sleep," Wilson answered amid the laughter of members. Wade, enraged, left his scat, advanced toward Wilson and shouted, "That all depends on how you Prajarihipok aiut Queen Rambal Barnl of Sia CIPBELL CITY run •Tliis Fashion Racket- here fiiores of the negroes I would not shown in their latest photos, visit the United States jn April for an operation on the ruler's eyes, they will travel under the. titles ol were raised, - - - you! Wilson replied that, his remarks were not pointed at any one in particular, but added, "'but if the gentleman from Lee county takes Han Not Applied WASHINGTON, FV?b !9 (UP) — Marine'• corps headquarters said today. Major General Smedley ' D. Siftler has not yet'applied for permission "fo" retire' from 'the" se'rvlcf. Butler has completed 32 years of service and Trill be by custom permitted to retire any time he desires. I be glad to settle Court Rules Ark-Mo Power Franchise Makes Muni-, cipal Service Illegal. • CAMPBELL. Mo.,-'Feb:. .19.--Thc city of Campbell, In buuklln county, must abandon Us immlclpally- owned electric power plant until 1935. when the franchise entered nto between the city and the Ar- ;ansns-MUsouil Power company ex- ilres. ruled Federal Judge Charles B. Fails in Federal Court '.In St. Louis yesterday at the ' conclusion of a Co-day period during which the case had been under advisement. The decision also ordered the cancellation - of a contract - entered Into between the city of Campbell and the Fairbanks-Morse company for Uio construction of on 180.000 city plant and adherence to.the terms or the other contract. In j the meantime, since the first presentation of the case to the courts, the Campbell municipal plant, has been Installed, equipped, dlstrlbu- Prince and Princess Sukliothai. But their majesties are to drop their incognito for their visit to President Hoover and other official tions, and during tho King's convalescence expect to travel to Canada before returning to their country. In their party will be. the Queen's parents, Prince and Princess Svasll. has the Support of .Business Firms and Citizens Sought by cuit. Keck to Be Judje i Section 5. Judge G. E. Keck, one of the regular elected judges of the second judicial circuit shall be Judge of the circuit court of the nineteenth judicial circuit until the next regular election for the election of his successor, when his .successor shall be elected and qualified. .3. L. Gladlsh, the- present prosecuting attorney of the second judicial circuit shall be prosecuting attorney for the nineteenth judicial circuit and shall serve until the election and qualification of his successor. Section 6. The circuit court shall exercise both criminal and civil jurisdiction, and shall in al things be governed and controlled by the laws &n they relate to judicial circuits of the State. Section 7. All laws and parts o laws in conflict herewith be and the same arc hereby repeated and this Act shall take effect and be In force from and after its passage. Mississippi County Motorists Frequent Victims of Cnttenden County Law. Blytheville and Osceola n-.otoristsj don't believe they are popular with j Marion, Ark., officers as a number of persons from here and Osceola have recently been arrested while passing through that town. In answer to a charge of spseding or reckless driving they have been taken into court and the usual fine has been $5 and costs which \mounts to a total of''$10 and a engthy delay, according to some vho have faced the judge. Stories of the arests are similar. Max Meyers, well known cotton nan, told an interesting account of lis arrest several days 350 while returning from Memphis. After insisting to the judge that traffic on the road forced him to come to a slop twice while going through the :own he took the "low" to the scene and attempted to convince him that he could not have made 35 miles per hour in less than a block with two stops. The judge wasn't convinced, hoivever. and Mr. Meyers tost $10 and almost two hours time. At the hearing the judge told tho pass by vote of 45 to 24. Representative Raney, leader of the forces opposing the bill, was charged with trying ti delay a vol.?: on the ball until it enact it. This charge motion to refer the bill to the committee on public printing and DELHI I VETS' BILL W1E Effort to Limit Debate Thwarted But Passage '; Regarded As Assured;' WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. (UP) — Opponents of the veteran's loan bill In the senate won a minor Initial victory when the measure came up for debate In the opening of to: day's session. Senator Harrison, Democrat, Mil- slssippl, asked unanimous consen. i eay a vo.? , rv ein chanrf oflhn' »rtl ! to llmlt detja ^' but Senat0r Rced was to late *<> S ! C "Lbted hv M« H i ? %n,m," I R«P«bKcan, Pennsylvania, objected e-followed his fj_' asslstetl W Mrs ' "-.*• s " lll "'|Thls objection served only-to defc lion system completed, and ben distributing current tor past 90 days. More than one-half of the currenj, consumers of the city have severed connection with he power concern and are utllte- ng the municipal product. .Will Appeal Decision Mayor Ray Jones, when Inter- he matter off thc floor of the ilOUEC." "Let's go," Wade flung back. ' Peace Is Restored At this junction the sergeant at arms intervened and restored order. It was reported later Uiat the matter was settled amicably. The bill which was designed to reduce the number of representatives from 100 lo 80, was tabled. I t .. - n . together with fin -amendment.- "by] - Library -Board. 1 the vote of « to 21. • ' House bill number 31 which. The Blythevllle library is begln- wouli! revert rates that may bel nlng lts arm u,al membership drive charged by newspapers for legal, lcday Vii _ h an alm to __,__, ev[ , ry publications back to ths old law in business j^ ______ dt ._, en of _____ effect before the rates were raised dty to beTOme members Mrs B A during the 1929 session failed to, L h prEsldent o( the t;!ard Cc . ell Shane, Ray Worlhington, Mrs". Roy Walton. Mrs. J. W. Bader, and J. Louts De?cl Man Had Threaten-, ed Her and ; Children'-, -• ' Woman Declares. librarian. The annual memberships are the after lengthy debate Raiiey"wlth-| only sources of revenue for main- drew his motion and asked that a ] tenance of the library aside from vote be taken. . rent from the apartment In the A hcuse joint resolution by Rep- building owned by tlie library as- res^ntative Turner proposing association. The salary of the libra- constitutional amendment to ex-: rian, money for the purchase of I uorte^'Tnvorabiv empt hydro-electric plants frrm "»«• h~>to '-™ n~~ *- «i~- i— I v * taxes for a p:riod of seven years, was defeated. The House paused three times in its rush of routine business yesterday to clash over controversial bills !adoption.of the bill, a little as Its pa£6age is regarded as assured. The only question remaining now Is how soon the vote will come. The house' passed the bill Mon\ day under suspension of rules and finance com the me viewed concerning the decision, re- illed that tile officials of the city lad not intention of stopping the work of the municipal.plant, thai they had confidence tnjthe Judgment of the people ol' : Carhpbel vho voted the bands and felt that iie future would Justify his action In this reslpect. "We Intend to go on," said the mayor, "and we sro advtsed by our counsel to continue Uiei operation of. the, plant and In thtf' mennwhile' we hre appealing the decision of Judge Farria." Bonds lor the cost of the muny plant were voted last February and provided sufficient-money to. Install the plant.on the proposition of the Fairbanks-Morse people who proposed to tke remuneration for their .equipment from-the profits; of the plant. .... ? Company Lljhts Streets "At. the present'time- more than sixty per cent of the electric consumers of the city have connected with the muny plant. In the meanwhile the.power concern Is being paid for the street Hghtlne accord- Ing to the terms of the 'contract. Tire franchise for operation of the' plant and for street lighting expires In 1935. Maybe tennis Is Barbara Bannls- cr's long suit—but long jsulls, aren't for tennis. So here you sec • the charming racketeer demonstrating the newest, and coolest, mode In court .attire at Miami Beach, Fla. Dame Fashion's net results arc- very pleasing to the eye. ENGLAND, Ark., Feb. 19. (UP)Mis. Vcrda Walker, 28, was held iiv i jail here today In connection with ' . I Hie dentil late yesterday.of her hus-< . . band, Leness Walker,. JO..". • ' .- Police said Ihc young woman confessed to slaying 'her husband by nearly'severing his. head with an axe after he allegedly threatened the lives of the entire family; , Mrs. Walker was said to have walked a mile In her-bari'-'- for,e catching a ride to Erigtand; . where she surrendered, to police. 'According to tne story she told officers, Walker had admitted to:his wife he had killed two Polk county men before he moved here. Mrs. Walker Is safd to hove told ; police lier husband 1 , was tried at' Ru-sscllvlllo for murdering a physician but was acquitted. , Red Cross officials here said the relief agency had provided Mrs. Walker with medicine 'as she had been 111 lor six months. It was said the family was destitute. ; .The dead man was the father ot; six children, three by a former wife- and three' by His present wife. Police who Investigated Ihc case! allowing' trie surrender of Mrs. Walker stated the children said Walker threatened to kill the en- Ire family aft:r dark last night, md that he said If any of the children wanted to kill his wife "It was O. K. with htm." es must come from the rent and membership fees. i 1930 i Blytheville man that Blytheville and Osceola people were among their chief offenders. Refuses to Release up for passage. Two were passed goal at ]eas( over stubborn opposition' and the : third sent back to committee for amendment. The morning session was enlivened bv a free-for-all over the Thorn | electric, bill, which would lax elcc-| trie power distributors eight per cent and exempt power used certain agricultural purposes. v-as rcturnrd tn committee. Smith Bill Adopted The debate In the afternoon was over a bill providing for the poP ulnr election of county school superintendents, and the Raney bill' to permit sale of Confederate pension bonds which were not sold in the years for which they were authorized. Both measures were passed. The education measure, by Smith o£ Randolph, passed 51 to 22, and the Raney Confederate bill, 13 to 3. The education bill originally provided that a popular election could be called by Ihe county board upon bers and It is hoped to reach this l petition of 100 qualified voters, but tion. It is understood a veto awaits It _at the White House but It Is also " l understood - there are more than I enough voles In both houses to en- I act it over a veto. Administration leaders In both house and senale have deserted the president on this Issue. The senate finance committee to' day ordered a favorable report on a $20.877.000 veterans' hospitalization bill containing n provision reducing by half thc compensation or I disability allowance of veterans so ' long as they remain in govfern- . OF! ment hospitals: Reduction of Exchange ' T* 16 goverment subsliluted the T » HLr • ° ' * 2( >.877,0(K> bill Introduced by Sen- 1 rust Ubllgalions. | ator Smoot, Republican, Utah, for ' • j the $12,000,000 hospitallzatlon pro- LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 19 (UP)— ject passed by the house. It does Sam J. Wilson, liquidating agent not specify where hospllak shall be in charge of the closed American built or where additions shall be Exchange Trust company here, constructed to existing institutions. testified before a joint legislative r.'mmittr.; that obligations of di-' ' rectors and officers of the institution had been reduced by Sl,37!,-._ 000. The committee is conducting 'Representative Reece, Republican KII investigation of banking condi- T «nnesee, author of a bill for prl- Contracts Let Yesterday for Work Which Will Cost Over $475,000. LITTLE ROCK, F«b.' 19. '(UP)— Twelve road and bridge ' cohtfacts Involving projects -coating/ $470,740 were, awarded by the 'state highway commission late ytsterdajv The work Is In ten counties and the contracts call for constructs to begin immediately. The commis slon -.withdrew 12 other project. upcn 'which bids had been received after engineers reported that newly erected dumps were not sufllci ently settled for the.laying of pavement. The projects on which the contracts are given are fairly distributed In the following counties: Drew county, 7 miles of gravel surfacing on Highway 35; Clark county, 4',i miles of concrete paving on Watermpr.CulpHurt' in Wreck -.—.-.,..-.....nniti; 'local-manager • for A,.-'p,'3arbpro'company, and H. T.'--Cu'ipr<-tr«>'«lln£- : --freight injeiit- •-•>< for'the \Ootton Eolt railroad, were"-. slightly Injured and the car in •: which they :Were rldinji damaged considerably near-Ltutorft- about- 1 noon today. • '• ••:• ••' i •--.-" • According to" reports the- car • which Waterman and Gulp were. driving was struck by another cur as they- were entering - Luxora. Their car turned --over . several • ;times while occupants of the other"-., 'car -were. uninjured. ' Waterman and Culp sustained minor cuts and .bruises. " ' . ' . . • Tlic car In which they were riding belonged'to Neill Pyror, Jonesboro business man, who was "in Lurora awalling the l<-cal men . the. accident occurred. plghwny Crawford county, 6 First'Break at New County Farm .Yesterday But Pair Caught Last The first at the miles of grading and paving on Highway 71; Jackson counly, 3 I miles grading and drainage structures on Highway C7; Johnson county, 401 feet structural steel ani 'etc brldgework over k on county, 344 -i, Steel House Factory .^ Begins Production Soon ST. LOUIS. (UP)'— All-steel houses, without a rivet or a bolt In them will be manufactured here by th2 Scullln Steel company.. •- • In announcing the Innovation. Harry Scullln, president, slid long- research had proven the feasibility' of constructing houses in .such a D L Keports R«ece Slfns Report WASmNGTON, Feb. 19. (UP)- Mississippi county convict farm oc- Dr id__e. wor curred yesterday morning but the! wa y 25. . liberty of the prisoners who ed, James Carlton and Ashley, was short. The pair was •"/*"","_: !£/ re-captured by Henry Lutes, farmi °,._,_. clrl[Drcc<J officer, near Ynrbro last night. | fis . i According to reports Carlton and : Ashley were members of a crew; engaged In clearing new ground-. _.. They gradually fell behind t'hej , """• I- 130 other convicts in their work R nd' Ice ' and treated slipped away before the guards! 0 " ."'Khway 23; ™ m tv it ™n.« Uons In the state and will submit vato o[ Muscle Shoals. n o D J upon objection, war, amended to, a report to houses of the gen- toda y signed a conference report on UCVOe Un D0nu| reac ) upon petition of GO per cent|erai embodying recommended tne legislation which provided for Ships' Pursers to Act as Air Company Agents LONDON. (UP>—In order to speed up travel for passengers coming from the United State to Europe, the White Star Line and th; Imperial Airways have completed arrangements whereby the pursers of this line will be authorized t: »ct as ticket, agents for the Irapcrl- al Airways. They can Issue tickets •'or passage on any of the regular a 'r express services, or make ar- ra ngements by wireless for special alf Planes. LOS ANGELES, Fob. 19. (UP) — Interrupting as an attorney pleaded that Daisy Devoe. former secre- :ary to Clara Bow, be released on b'atl from the county Jail, Superior Judge William C. Doran today refused to grant the motion which would free the girl. Mljs Devoe, convicted of grand theft of $825 from the film star, was sentenced to 18 months in jail as part of n five year term of probation, sought liberty on ball while her appeal was carried to a higher court. I of the qualified voters of the county. changes in the state banking Jaws, government operation of thc power Wilson's testimony disclosed that P Iant (here direct and indirect obligations of A marriage license bill by Senator Hendricks to require count clerks to keep applications for licenses on flic five days before Issuing the license, and to notify the parents _____ Eta u, had $091,000 on deposit or guardian of applicants, was de-| v: . iCn t __ e ________ c _ 0 __ c( j November 17.j officers of the American Exchange I ti A D 1. I • Trust c-mpany totaled S4,577,528 '. n. A, oehreni 10 J01T1 Intermediate Bank Staff on October M. He also testified; tea ted In Ihc Senate yesterday, 17 to 14. Dtutoa Child Slightly Injured in Collision Constance Denton, four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. flbls typs of welding machine will be used. Scullln estimated that Ihe costs of such construction would.vary "from two per cent less to ten peri cent more" than In structures ot.' other- materials, but. said .an/ep- 1 1 preciable saving would result ''due'j" ^J" re , P, n ito slow depreciation and. low fire . """Win Insurance-costs. .'-. - . ---.-> feet of structural! -. . . timber bridgework Searcy county, noticed then- abrsnce. Lutes, com- i fading, drainage and gravel sur- ing across a field to the crew, saw, facln x on the St. Joe-Marshall road the pair slip in:o thc woods and on Highway 65. pave chase, but lest them In the: woods. t Lutes notified officers at Blytheville and Osceola of the escape of I thc convicts. He took tte pair: into custody when he discovered; them marching up the Frisco rail- i .road toward Missouri about 10 Knights Campbell Birthdate Unrecorded Until 62 Years Later HARWICH. Moss. (UP)—Mrs. j Eliza E. Handy was born here Jan- committed to the farm for carrying a pistol and for the- theft of some .days ago ^CHERBOURG, France, Feb. 19 i That Mrs. Bandy's nam; had not Malcolm Campbell been recorded was discovered when recently set a new world's | a daughter, Mrs. Irene L. Kenney, at Day- j ^-as filling out pipers for me:nber- «s raised to the -ship in the Daughters of the Amer- by King George .lean Revolution. ' - Mrs. Hendy's mother, Mrs. Emma Lynch Talks to Rotes 'ola, where he Is assistant cashier, I AllanJ r.. n ^..l Snrui/-i> ] Thursday, to assume a position onj Attend bUHCral Service '_ the examining force of Ihe Federal j of PortageVllle Planter oft ^ at Luncheon MeetinCf intermediate Credit Sink of •*•. tu mm.i«un luccuiiB | 47 Minutes by Air From WEATHER cloudy to- SUED JO SUPPORT PARENTS i DTntonT ra "siighliy cuT on the | Fa ^.: ^^^ Co". W \ ^^ *=" ^"^^'^ j Oaceola his headquarters. _..__, ._.«..-, , « fTTm » "W«HMI*| n *•*• if r • i Ulilltl.-l UUIICV IUIU 11UOI. VXVJ-. ««"• NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP)-Louk ( &c< ! an d an automobile and truck ; lhe spcakl _.. et t v_ e R 0tRrv luncheon i Brodsky was jobless and unable to: were damaged In a collision lab j mcMn , today at the Hotel Noble, support his aged parents so h: ' yesterday afternoon. The accident., Hc us£< i tne ____,,__,_ "Finances" for . r — ^j--. .._ _ -_ ._ ... _, c owiuoj niivi.t— •• -xiv u:>cu me tiicme rinanctrs iu. brought suit In superior court to occurred at the corner of Ninth and i a discussion In which he suggest- compel his brother, Harry, lo do it.: Chickasawba avenue. Harry, according to Louis's complaint, Is well-off. Mrs. Denton was driver of th; cor slruck by the truck. ed the making ot a crop as cheaply as possible as the hope of the;years ag became associated with Holland and ! " -——-««• -»j ^»n ••MUI ; ARKANSAS—Partly ?^n k *"!*Ll nd J°L!":i'^ Memphis to Little Rock; ntght and Fclday ' ] vllle, Mo., where they attended the ; According to the official weather ! funeral of Mr, Holland's brother,! MEMPHIS, Feb. 19 (UP)-Lloyd! ' - - - . Bank of Osceola and about three : iui.cio* w* .iii, nvjiiii.uj u»w«,-.i,| .»ijc..nrnia, reo. la \.urt —uoya: ooserver, unanes frumps, tne mln- Mr. Behrens came .to Osseolaiw. R. Holland, 49, Portagevllle '. Lane, Memphis sportsman, oellev- !mum temperature here yesterday from Jackson, Mo., in 1918 u u- planter, who died at a Cape Olrar-1 es he holds the record for flying was S* degrees and th« maximum, cashier of the old CIMZCIIS deau hospital Saturday. from Memphis to Lltt'e Rock. He 56 degrees: partly cloudy. On the The deceased, who Is well known flew the 125 air line miles in 47 same dav a yoar &RO the minimum drouth stricken farmers. !the Bank of Osceola. In southeast Missouri, Is survived j minutes, returning tn 50 minutes, temperature was 44 degrees and by his wife and two children. I He flies a special built Laird. j the maximum, 78 desrrees; clean

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