The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 2A, 1038 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Won Amateur Hour Honors Urg es Government lo Decide Now For Iiillalion Or Deflation Convinml Dial politicians, Imsi- ness men and the public arc In nu inuoil for u thorough (jverhiiuUn^ uf lhrr nation's economic machinery, Jului T. Mynn ventures lo .suggfsl "tlu- Ijcsl reali/alile 1 ' iiro- uraui of business recovery. Today, in Ihe second of several articles, this distinguished jimrnalisl - i'c- Hlj*ref(lrts of depressions. liy JOHN T. J'LVXX Copyright, WM, NEA Service, Inc. NEW YORK, May 23.—The causes of economic depression ure deep- j ly rooted in Uie economic system. NnliiiiiB could be more superficial than lo say. for instance, that this is an inventory depression. | This depression, like most, depression.'!, I. 1 ; n perfectly natural phenomenon, it is pan of I he losi-. cal funcliomne of the economic .system. 1 have already indicated that lo innke a real repair job oil the sys-1 teni will require drastic measures. | Senior Cliiss Ni«lu Will Be 'lliircl l/'vent of Gi'iiclua- lion Wock I Individual |>U'Um;K of Hie seniors, IDDUDll'll lOgl'lllO) 1 ,' 10 Mist ItOMI M, j lluriiv, pitndrml of I lie high srlioul, ' vvlio mvi'iili'd Ihflm uu iH'lmlt of (hi: ,M'houl lo \jf. Imnu 1» ihi! Imll \vilh puiures nl' UK' rlussi's \vhlch luivi 1 imtnlt'il Ilils inn'. Tin' |)ii.'- liui's \vi-n 1 forouKlH (o tin- slu^r liy Cukmiui .Sti'Yi'n:.. At tlmi Uuic tlir si'iilui's. li'il by tlirlr iHi'sklinil, muit'lit'cl Iroiti UiHr HTIIoll (it tlH' lUKlKOrllllll IIIKl till' junlm> Inl by Thonws .Sony, iholr ncwlv tliTti'il IHi'slili'iU, took tlw plnci':, It-ll YiK'itnl liy the ur'nhiLil- ini; Muili'tHx Sleelc-Cooler Society—Personal Both wove nil stni 1 players nnd ul Ilii'lc I'lu.vvs. .' their holm' In u»|)Hli)i' im'iulxT.s 'Ihey will mid Cooler. The program (»r senior elass ia/iu ul (he liiah school aiulltorhini us ihir llnrtl activity ol uraihi'.ilioii svet-k. h'.ivniK been preceded toy the Ur.c;da\!icaic MI vice .Smnliiy inorn- mi; al the city auditorium uiul a L'Im.s cl.iy program at the high sc-liuul uisUTiliiy motiimi!. was an- ii(.,jiH:e;l today. i.ii- t.jii'tun^ manner on Uie pro- KKIIII lomvjii wilt lie ail lunette l:y Thomas H. Uiiyk-y. U Mill he' WMM ..,,:... , .s.iiiS by -Miss Mary Kalhryn l)ill;\-i hiiniv '.Miss Mikued Milciiell, Miss! (|; '»>''resi in O.ntei Is (lie wcd- Muiy 1'iainc-s (.leiiiin, Miss Uella lil "!' " l M'^ <>lV»n MU'lite ID iviye :-;yki' S , 'led Kim?., Uun Hun-: Wl ' M "> ""'dirk, whlrh o«'iini'<l In Mr. and Mi. 1 ;, Aitluu Taylor uiid d:iii'4litt'i'. l.lmlu.iil (.'ulioiiwooil. mid Mrs. i;:iisy Uirl>lu<.> ol Cooler weir dinner IJIU-M-, nl ML.-es ItiiUvt 1 and Nlim lliooks Mis. lite Winiljerlcy was Uiki'ii lo lln- Willis cilnie in Itlyllievtlle .Sonday niul undeiwi'iit a major oot'ialtuu Momiay. Her sister, Mis. Clarice ulllliiml. Is vvllli her. Jam!'. 1 ; I. Cir.sldy. .Jack Uustilni!, liui.liin^. IJinih. l!:itne(i and M.n'ie t;.M'iis IHI Monday lo uUeml Ar- kalinus :;i:itf CulUr.ii dm ill 1 ; oin uiul Rov. Wnghcr has eohc lo Jotti^skoro lo ullviid college, Miss Kiinlce 1'ltiU'r ot Seai'cy, Ark., f|H'»l last weekend here us Hie I'liest ul her hrother. Clius. 1'lltiev. lie ii'tutm'.l home with IHT Monday for several iluys vli,it. llohby. Ill lie sou of Mr. anil Mv:i, Join* «li<> liiui b«'li M'll- Ciirrlc I). Parker, valerite.tnrlan, nnd Cecil Partcc, saliilutorlan. , Commencement, exercises will b<> held Thursday ntghl nl thc I'll- Bihu Host church. Thet'o- will Ic no clnss address, but sev- ' i u members of the. ctnss will dls- . cuss the seven objectives In cdu- enlloj) will) talks linilled lo llireo, ously HI wltli colitis. Is Improved. j minute.* each. Special musical so-., Husll Me(;hire, wlio is employed 1 lectlt.ns to he iliesCiiU'O on this at Marlim, 111., spent, ll'i> weekend | progrum by Ihe high fchool glee hero wllh Ills lunilly. 'club ore Dell's "O Holy I/ord" James Ashcnifl .of Cooler silent'«»<' "Mston lo the Lambs", Caed- the weekend III Stoi'li; will) Ills 1 iiioti-nieijssi'r'.s "Joy" anil special Kninilpaienli, Mr. and Mrs. U C.! nriiinncm :nls of the s|ilrltual ''No- Mpenei.'i 1 . jl.edy Knows the Trouble I've.., Mrs. I.esliT llalley iinil dnilijllti'l', j^ 1111 .lank-:', uiul Mis. Jennie Weaver 1 Tin' elasn play, "A Southern lell Monday Im tiielr home In I Cinderella" will l)e u.iven in Ihe 1'lllM'lllX. All/., ulll'l' II 111 1 !) Wl'/'lH ' vis it lien' .illh Mi. mid Mrs. W. T. Pictured above with Major Bowes, riglil, originator and ll:e lainou.s radio "Amateur Hour'' is Hiiljih A. Ma.shburn, lelt, ijllled • sinter 1'inl j-;uilar |:layer. ninner «f one of Major Howes' coiilesl.s. who jii/w livi.-; here. Am-llier niniileiir conlcstaiH is in the ccnl<T. Newcfnner Here Once r ronred Country With Bowes' Unit will not permit them now. U is certain what they want is what Is euphemistically called "recovery"— mother flight of better times. That, A new comer to Blytlicvllle wlio iiii-.klnt; is imusually (nlentnl in music is ci.mpany Ralpli A. Mashbnrn, lute of Uttlel Rock, who has come here to be 1 collected with the. Sterling Five and fora nionlli. rccnr<1ln|{ then, is the most that canbe a i-'j Ten cent store. Perhaps his most ii'iiiiiipd now outstanding achievement in sine- umiJicu no«. .. .. , failure Depressions are due to n of adequate purchasing This in turn is due to the of long term credit mechanisms society. Why long term credit—ov investment—declines may be the result of various causes, it, is due to (a) rising Amateur night., which led lo en- ami a radio Forecasts Still Lower Birth Rate !:<) j Blylhn'llli only attendants weie Kidney Miller, Jr. Mrs. Miller Is u ( sister ol Ihe Ia1tlc|',i oom. Tlie bride Is (he daughter of Mrs. Willie Midile ami the. late llui'.hi'V Mleliie. The bildeurooni is the sun of Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'. Kkl- dlek. 'Ihey imve both lived In CeotiT Tor H muutM'r ol years, tinlh weie meinhers of lhi> iiiiidiiutin;', ehiss ot Cooler hljjh sclioul this t'roni \ year. Mr. Riddlck was captidu of ! Ihe boys' basketball team and Mrs. 'Ihu ([iiartelte composed of Cole- Hlddick, eapliiln of Ihe Bills' (earn, u (Jiear mid Ko_. Ciriivea. Inis will U: lullo.ved by a class sponsor ofj P'a.'let. "The C'riiidiiiilion" in wlncli tjie clanai'ler.s me a yrandaiolhei, [il.iyed by Alhs IJji'Ci- thy Jean Foster, and hi-r ijr.iiul- duutjhlcr, iDifrpreted by Miss Wyuctte. Hlii']i)ic;d. The members ol the senior elass will also perform in this paseanl piesenlalion. The lime ot Uie aclion, which lakes (iliice in the allii' of Ihu tii'nii'l- molher's lionse, is Till years Lonighl. .. John 1'ailts, jr., was a bui.ljic: s vi.',t(i<r IM Keiuifli . l j:itur<l;iy. MIM; Hllbye ll:iri;cr leiiirned I'li- day idler u vs.'it In Little l«n:k wllh Mr. nnd Mrs. unwell Turnn'.'.i'. Mr. uiul Mr:, 1). lien Holly o! ;::uulh- j ;..j (t.,vi!!e came lor her .Suiuliiy HIK! 1 . . - .'/_ .Salarday evi'iiln;;. Tlu-jr 1 , >he returni'd luini" wtlli them lo i i» • .]• , Mr. and Mrs.; )„. employed In Mr, Holly's olllec | liiirriSO)) lllgtl iiiidltorliini Tuesday nlglit. A ijoilialL of the late Richard l!ailiy anil Mrs. Alma (irbsnin mid limy Ihnrl.son was presented the iiiliiiur, Marlhti. ji.iluiDl us a memorial by the sen- Mis. Alma Crissom and diuii'h-j I'.r eln:,s us a part of the cluss n i. Mnrlliii, .s|ji'iil, Monday ill Ilievllli'. Albeit \Vuo<ly, of (,'nro lii Hie ^ ol his daiin;' viu'iilliin. Mllle lla/.el .Smith o! steel" iprnt I laM v.'tri'l'.eiiil in (,vx)l»T ivllli her I \ liiudpaients, Mr. and Mi's, W. N. Holly. / Mis:. CluUtlne llai'iietl lias re- linned home I rum Jimcsbuni where sle. 1 IKI:; bi'i'n alteiKlin^ eolli'^e. Rev. llenuaii Wnimer has re- lurned from tlliKluelt when 1 he was culled to be lit Ihe bedside of Ills lathi 1 )', who has been seriously til. His father Is considerably Improved Graduate!; 12 Students v. S. ,I. • Toilette as (he ,'ccond ue- ilvity o[ Ilielr fourth imiuuil ^rud- uallon exercises. The elass day program was held V'rlday. Honor .sludcnl.s <il Die cla. 1 ;-; aiv (lay (-xerclses. TJio acceptjince speech was: made by (he principal. M. M. Wilbun. Olfic'ets of Hie nre: Cecil ji'ui'Ur, president; Endla Suinrall, vlre iiiifsident; CJteiia i^ei'tjuson M'cretary; Essie 1j:c Anderson, as- .'.Istajit .-iit'i'elKi'y; C.'m'rle. IJ. 1'nrJc- ' i T, tirasurer; l.i/idi! Mae. Johu,',on, buslne.'.s munaxer. Other numbers of I lie e!u:,s. lire: l p lnts lieillnald Hobhlll, Ira llnrtesl 1,0- liiui. Jneriiy Tlieofa Uigan. I'nris Kiance I.»|>nn, Uvirtiious Ransom, Vcrnlcc Verll Wiitson. llessle I'nr- ' lee Is lulvl.sor for Ilia chlss. I'intons I hues UN propel. In n molor travel three lust as (he vehicle they uowcr gugement.s o\er Ihe radio failure ^ om w 'l-h n lm 't °f ^ 10 i,^ entertainer. It was only last October that Mr. Mashbnrn won the. Major Howes' i decrease in Generally'Amateur program honors at. Lil-1 noticeable prices in i tie Rock. He had already received ! census. CLESVELANI) iOP) — ChiMrai ure a total loss, economically spenk- iii{;, bellfves Dr. Paul Popcnoc, en- goisl and s<Klolo|>lsl. He said ll'at since this is an aije cf industhiili/ed mrchaiifeation, a the birth rale will be n the next decude's capital goods industries, which j lirsl place In the Arkansas Stale check capital expansion. <1>) rising'Amateur contest over radio station prices of consumer goods which 'KARK. Little Hock, for which he cut purchasing power, (c) rising had reecifed a free trip lo Ken 1 debt burdens which limit credit of ; York city, and this honor had given those who invest in capital Indus- him renewed confidence, tries and (d) exhaustion of credit.1 His rich baritone voice gave vent or investment opportunities. [to his feelings as he sang his way Here then ure three loads which. into partial fame with his number weigh an economic system down j "I'm Waiting for Ships that Never I when it begins to crack-debt. Come In." Immediately, hundreds; prices, exhaustion ot immediate of telephone calls and telegrams credit opportunities. ' j began to pour into Radio City with If this is so, and I think there ( practically all of them for Mr. can be ho doubt of it. the worst Mnshburn. possible, course fi government can , "I felt like a king that night, al- take'is ; 'a'iiy' effort to preserve.sitho f ngr.V'.- lie said. "Naturally, I was debt, structure. keep'lip prices., overwhelmed with joy and my fu,-, er^startM'.-'the. pblicy, v .of I lure stoned much brighter right Ho" save, debts, Mr. Roosevelt' ' City apartments house a great percentage of the population and children are barred from many of them, lie added. He said that a.s a result of this condition "Ihe child has no place to play, and with mother and father out all clay, has no adult cultural patterns to follow." Such child never progresses further than Ihe adolescent stage of emotional development, according lo Dr. Popenoe. man Stevens, John Harp, Todd llutrison, atul Hob Ilorri::k will sing the "Alma Mnlor". Mj's, l''anuer Knyland and Miss Kallnyn (.iiear are in cluiryo of the miisi'j. Al. (he assembly period yo.stiM'.'lay tlie senior c.ass presented ils traditional program in which the ] members tuin over lo the next i year's senior flaw thoir si'atlnat seclioji in the iindiloriiint. | l-olU.w ni^ a piano solo ]i!ayed iiy I Miss Betty libi'idt. thoro was a I moment of silcure us a memorial tribute to the lute Mrs. Tom Smith, i who was a inetnbot 1 ol ihe ;j?':idu-1 atiiig class. 'I odd llaivison olfered . a short prayer. Mr. Harrison, president of the senior, llien presented llu: Drs. Werl & Wcrl uvcr Joe Isuucs' Stun -\VK AIAKK 'ttM it/.' 1'hone 54n continued it on a vaster scale and used the most violent methods to put prices up. Both were actually laking measures to prolong the depression. Tlic latest figure to achieve prominence in Washington is Mr. John W. Hanes, Wall Street broker, of thc SEC. He has a plan to put the government in thc busi- nc-ss of lending money to merchants and manufacturers to enable them to hold their excessive inventories up. Seemingly tlie President likes j Mr. Hnnes so much that he has made him assistant-secretary of tlie Treasury. At the end of so many years of failure of the policy I of saving <iebts and prices, there is something tragic about this. j Upon winning the contest Mr. Mashburn received a week's engagement at t'.ie Roxy theater in New York city and an eight weeks tour of cities and towns with one of the Major Howes' unit. Asked why he did not continue his radio work, he replied" I happen to be in love with my wife and she did not relish thc idea of my going here and there, as is so necessary for that type of work. She hat! rather I stay in one place in order to keep prices | - so here I am." The singer declares he has never studied any kind of music. He plays his own accompaniment on the guitar and has been singing and playing publicly for (he past seven years. His program is versatile in that he sinys hill-billy, popular, sacred and classical numbers with equal ability. Ho does not confine his talents the radio but also makes his own recordings and will begin The first thing, therefore, in any plan of recovery is for the government to withdraw at once and j 0 completely from all schemes lo keep alive private debts of nil forts — bonds, stocks, mortgages. They should be allowed lo go. Some will be hurt. Many will actually be helped by it. Bllt the opposite policy is to hurt the whole nation.' The second thing is to take the government instantly out of every scheme for keeping prices up. And at the same time thc government itself .should use every instrumentality it has to proiiibit private groups, combinations, trade associations from entering agreements to hold up prices or to limit production, directly or indirectly. This means things iike the Guftey Bituminous Coal Commission should be scrapped, thc Sherman anti-trust law and other Irust laws like the Clayton Act should be vigorously and impartially enforced. The same thing should be applied to agricultural prices. Tlie Commodity Surplus Corporation should be demobilized and all tit- tempt.s at pegging farm prices should, be ended. The farm problem can be attacked from a different angle. On the question of exhaustion of investment opportunities, there is nothing the government can do about that. That is a problem strictly .», private business. It is supposed to create those opportunities, if it dots not. then certain other adjustments will be necessary later. * * * Nothing could be more falal than uncertainty in money policy. No tnnn can make more than a guess now whether we are going to have deflation or Inflation. We drift and all uncertainty arises out of that. Thc government can remove this uncertainty. H can definitely decide upon a policy of inflation or deflation. It can announce it and announce its intention to adhere to (hat policy. It is not so important • which policy it pursues as to have Ihe policy -settled on, adopted nnd ended. Drifting deflation, drifting in- Get a handy carton of Coca-Cola... for home refreshment nation nrn the two most destructive of forces. This. I think, should be the cornet.stone of July pro^nun of recovery. NOTICE line. OWNER:— Are yon lurky? ? ? Look nl your 193»' Arkansas License Taj—if It's KIKST NUMBER is KOUU (•I), yon receive "<ir "Spririal Fprini; Car Time-Up", regularly lirii-etl at SV.OO, for ONLY S2.i>», (Labor only). SAVING SL',0. Look anil sec what you gel: 1- Sand lilasl clean anil ;ul- jusl spark pliiRs. 2. Clean ami adjust ilislritnilor points. X. Clean carburetor, sediment lioul and gas line. 4. i-'rt liming; lune atul ailjnst motor. 5. Adjust &• lighten fan belt, liosc cl.i nips anil ivati'r pump. 6. Clean gfiicr.Uor armature Ac set for spring ilrivinr;. 7. 'ml anil fill battery—clean ami (i;li(cii terminals. 8. Clean heatllight reflerlors, focus vvilh Klectric Kyt. !>. Keuiovc atul clean thermostats; eliceU oil filler. 10. Clean anil flush radiator; clean ami refill air cleaner. offer expires June ID. . . Bring (his ad with (This IMS . you.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h A U'aliml Plinnc 811) A handy six-bottle carton conicd by all the family, dealer's and keep a fc' refrigerator at home. COCA-COLA Phone 3GG FIRESTONE Cives You This High Quality Tiie at This New Low Price Firestone s;tves money by controlling and securing rubber and cotton at the sources and by more efficient mamifacturmg and distributing. These savings make possible extra values at lower prices. You get: High Quality — First choice rubber and selected cotton that conform to Firestone's high standards and rigid specifications, Long Mileage — Safe, silent tread design made of tough, slow wearing rubber that assures long mileage. Sturdy bars and rugged notches give protection against skidding, Blowout Protection— Nine extra pounds of rubber arc added to every 100 pounds of cord by the Firestone Patented Gum-Dipping process. Every fiber of every cord ia every ply is saturated with liquid rubber which counteracts internal friction and heat that ordinarily cause blowouts. Puncture Protection — Due to the Firestone patented construction of two extra layers of Gum-Dipped cords under the tread. New Low Prices —Never before have all these safety features been combined in a tire priced so low. Don't take chances on your holiday trip. Come in today. Let us put a set of these large size, rugged, long wearing tires on your car—remember, you save 25%. Listen (o . . . IRE FIRKSTONE VOICK Or THK THE VOICH OF F1BESTONF, FARM— InU'UlntsKlllulieCliamplon , •faUirlneRlrlianUIiaojisniulMaimin F "'T" nl Amcno,/".turlnn E.erou i ^ o » k j,,»"'' ', ^.^"um £' °h« Miielicll.T»«:ewfdilyiliitln(! tlic noon f ,lir«!lnii,,f AlfrnI Wnlltmldii, Monitaj l.our. Coniult your local par*, tor llio crcnlnas ovir llio Nationwide N.ll.C. EinUon, il'Jy, onil llmeof broadcast. Red Network. FIRESTONE AUTO RADIO! 51Q95 S.TUBE TUU ntnv * Alrchlefls, "Afll:asylo Time as Mowing Your Horn." Merely, Push a hiuion—get your Btnllon. 6 tulw $2-1.95. SEAT COVERS Cool Aa A Breeze $169 , I up Attractive fil>rc m.iterial anil smartly pattcrncil cloth. Neatly [nilorcil — rcinforcctl seams. HORNS $969 Ci Slngl. 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