The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1934
Page 4
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SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1934 B1,YTHEV!LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MGB r On Russia's New Frontier Biro-Ridjan Is Jewish Colony on Frontier of Eastern Siberia This is llu- thiril »f a series o[ i\\ storirs uu Siberia, into whii'li (lie Suvirt L'niiiii now U rushing Ihnusimds tif M'ltliTS and siw ing lilllioiis, l(i thwart Japanese, rxl'.in'iim wislward. In this In- lirci'liiiB sriirf., William Philip! Simins, mm- Inuring Hit world lor; Tlic Courier Nrws ami othrr NKA : lU'Wip-i^ers .tells huu 1 Ami.Tica's I "winning of the wtsl" is Iji'inj; ' duplicated uu a hiise scale in Ihc i I'ar East. UY WII.I.IAM I'llll.Il' SIMMS (Copyright. 193-l.NEA fiervice.Inc.) ! B1KA. Kastein Siberia. May 19. j .-To Americans. Jews aie a ciiy j l>co[:le - bankers, brokers, incr- ci'.jinls. and so on. I Il'ii out here, ir. some of the | \ wildest parts »! wild Siberia, inj | < • the great loo'i of the Amur, is a ; ; : large colony of Jewish Daniel i mJ~m Boone.s. | n, ihe H is located on Ihe left bank of Siberia the Amur, n short distance past where that mighty stream turns i!orthw:ud at Khabarovsk, between: t!ie rivers Bira anil Bldjan. l-tnui | ploitaiioi dense forests and broad valleys of are natural resources of incalculable ing and fishing are important Industries and s > lvcr - Platimim. copper and precious stones. of Sibtr:a, the Soviet is spending Yakutia in northciis value. Cattle breed in the lillls are gold Us new ex sums in thi In vasl them il gets its name. Biro-Iiidjan is ieriiie country and rich in possibilities. But it is iis virgin as any that Daniel Uoune or Davy Crockett ever set eyes upon. Siberia is a frontier country and this is a frontier ol frontiers. The wolf, the bear, and Ihe terrible Ussuriau jungle tiger slill frrijiiciu Eastern Siberia, along with li-Eser varminls like wild boar. elk. lynx, panther, fox. and such. Nevertheless, thousands of Jews have joined Ibis colony and aie building houses, clearing fields, plowing with tractors, milking cows nn<l biUtling with all the hardships and difficulties which confront irailbktxcrs in s'.:ch a wilderness. rinneer Colony of Jews Women anil girls arc workiui; alongside their men. creatuit; a Siberian Palestine—tboirch thai is noi what they or the Soviet officials call it. It is in no SCUM intended lo lx- a lied Zion. they protest, but sim- piv a Jewish settlement like thousands 'it oilier Soviet farms, or Cellectives—a Collective of Jews. Here, on a, silling. I saw an emi- praul train,-with Jewish families on their way to Biro-Bidjan. The train—193-5 model ol the "i-v.cred wagon." Rurshin style— v.-as composed of fourth-class cais We would c:ill Ihcm box cars, with tilidini; door; on the side and no wir.dows. Within, alon:; Ihe walls were three tiers of built-in bunks on which the pioneers put their bed- din; and, in fact, spent most of their time. For it was pretty ciowdcd within and bitter cold \\iihom. ! region. Shown her highway traversing the dthliic Preaknees Finish Which Thousands Cheered Lxcvciscs Will Be Held May 31; Miss Luvsoii on Program Members of the graduating class I nd Miss Willie A. Uiwsuli. UltU- oek. loimer county ,su]>ci intend- it of schools, will pmllclpatc In ie exercises al which 49 lilylhc- ille high school seniors will re- eive diplomas al the city oudi- orium (he night of Thursday, May 1. "The Challenge" Is Ihe Idle of ie- commcncomenl program. Dif- erent phases of Ihls subjeci will L' discussed by members of the .ass anil by Miss Lawson. The bau'iilaureali' sermon will e preached by the Rev. Sliinrl il. Salmon, pastor of the PirM Prcs- lyterian church, Sunday. May 27. This program also will be given I the city auditorium. Commencement activities opened •esterday with the .lunlor-Stiiior >icnic at Mills Bayou, an annual event. Next Thursday ML" Mar- :uerile Aiinstrongi a graduate. will entertain the other seniors with a party at her home at Dell. The senior girls will be cnter- aincd by the Business and Professional Women's club Mo))da> evening, May 28. at the counto club. This Is also an annual al- A llulsli over which 30.000 turf fans cheered themselves hoaise Ls recorded hero «s Mis. Dodge Slomie's High Quest barely nosed out Cavalcade, the KiMilucky Derby winniT.'lo win the hlstoilc Prrnkness at mlllmore. Md. liuniilng slronx in Ihlrri place Is Alfred Gwyiiue Van- derblll'fi DLscovcr> p . in fourth place comw Agriirlun. LO close of thu second semester: UimiiT Heshi'iirsc, Sybil llr.ickln. iiily Juno Davis. Dixie English, J:miny Hall. EllMlx'lh Harrison, Annlr Lee Ilnlsell, lilim S. Hentli. 1'at O'lJiien. Fiances 1'aiker. Hutti Khodes. Tom Simon, Jolly Sparks. Juanitn Smith, Mury Ix>u Tanner, len Wnlnwright. Spinach Harvest Involves Payroll Of 81.200 Weeklv OSCEOLA, Ark., May 19. —The | sumach crop on Godfrey White's this same day "ClassjHnin norlh of town has created a payroll of $1.200 for Ihe fair. On Day" will be observed with n spc-j weekly cill program in assembly. The closing of llie high school was delayed six days because of suspension of school for repairing of (he building. Looking On In Missouri Inside Slauls on Hip News OriglnMUii; In live Hct'l Country the show-Me state. BV MAX STURM Marguerite Frances Utho Barnas. Ray HAYTI, MO.—With Morlrs up-, penrlng frequently in the m'wspii-. l>ers In thin territory and throughout other pans of die country lulling of murders and oilier crimes In PiMiilKot ctAmty, Pcmlscovlaus are anxloiLs that people on Ihe cut- side will not get llie Impression thiit IhU unlqae wclioii of Missouri Is * "little Chicago." A former prosecuting atlmney of tomlscot coWity told Uils writer lXH>Ullltl04ll Buclmmiti Car Is Crnwdeil In the niidrile of each car was o small. pol-r.ell:ed ini hot. the piping iii« middle of Ihe roof. There were aljnin 30 persons to the car. Food was provided from :i coin- Progrcis has come into Ihc primitive life of the Osliak* with the great awakening of Sibctia under the colossal Soviet plan for the "winning of the East." Residents of tents from time immemorial, group nf the tribesmen are shown here before one of their comfortable new log houses, with their beasts of burden and sledges. The following are Ihe members of the graduating class: Alma G. Ailken, Melba Edith Alexander. Armstrong. Marshall Heck, Marshall Blackutd. Newell William Brigham. M. F. Brownlee, Jr., James Ei'eret Chis- liohn, Bcnllcy M. Crawford, Lucille Dawson, Jenny Wren Dilla- huuty, Dorris Marion Douglas, R. K. FencJlrr, Robcrl Fisher, Jr., William !•". Fitzgerald, Mclba Dolores Foster. Dunwnrd O. Garrett, Jet* Hnmby. Mildred Elise Jarratt Eielyn Ruth Jenkins, Mitchell Johns. Anna Mae Jones, Jane Rodney Kochlitzky, norotliy Pearl Krutz, Helen Bcrnita Laden. Sara Jo Little, Virginia Martin Elmore John Dlnkins McDowell. Elizabeth Mcl.ean. Effie Melissa Moore, Lila Mae Mnrrls, Byron R. Morse. Jamie Wootcn Nichols, Virginia Nmni, Jewell Ilussell. Carl H. Ry3ce, Annie Mae Saliba, Mar- irct Lehman Shaver, Harold L. uilbiiry, Ella Taschncr, Hazel nc?, Thompson, Lola Allxria hompson, James Ulwell, Anne 'ompkins, Claude O. Whitworth. lanala Bell Williams. Oscar R:il]ih Villingham. lohn Clyde Wilson. .ml iwo weeks and will continue] K0lne tt me ap> Ihut moru ptople lluougli next week. wcre ser)t fri) n, u, L , muMy to Bel WITH 250 and 300 spinach I | )en iteiitl»rles than from any oilier ' ' - — J — "" ' in Missouri ouMdr Jackson S(. Louis counlles and 61 ly of St. Joseph; Greene coimly, the city of Springfield; uclt&oh county, Including Kansas "Ity; St. I/ouls county, including ic suburbs of St. Louis, and 51. Louh clly arc the only other ouutles which lead I'enaseov In opulallon. A cross-wcllon o[ (lie nomj'.araai V.ows Hint a great |»rt of It ii> -nude up of negro and while share- roppcr fsmlllfs. cuiu-r* have been cinuluycd on the I C0 unty SCO acres on M-hich the cro|) is I , yawn. Tlic cullers are paid 6c per basket for bushel baskets of Ihe'. leafy vegetable, which Is hauled by i uuck al the day lo Ihe factory. rate of 15 Ions Blythcvllle canning j Louis city. In the last two years, the cmiii- ly has held an average of over a murdur « month. That Is not 3Ut il IS fact which is by being faced and ih^tllnfalZ^'otr'lee"!--'^^ * J^^vi.n, This week, to facilllate handling, wh y *w>1 d Pernucot county Ihe cullers have been paid at tlmi* llcn a crimi! cent < r? A fe * scales with chips and Ihe chl|xs re- i f« ds cohcernint the make-up of oHer art a little few: rtcemcil for cash each day." 1<he section rrvTghl Tlic cutters hnrvcsl anywhere I explanation. Merc from 10 lo 40 baskets a day, ac- ' Pemlscot county Is fifth In pop ronlhig lo their skill. Twenty-live | ulaltou In Missouri. With o 30 baskets is the average. "-, large cities. 37.2*4 people Between 150 and 200 persons are mon commissary and seemed plentiful. The grownups talked with optimism about their future on llie frontier and the children, likr children the world over, looted on il all as one tremencinus adventure which they hoped would never end. Outside, inside, all over the train they played at fames despite Ihe fTT^ty nir, no\v and then receiving a parental spank for leaving the dnor open loo long and lettim: in the cold. All Siberian settlors do not Inuel this way. I traveled for n day with a young couple who were on their way liken Uc to Biro-Bid- jiin. Slrikim: Yoiins C'om>!e We oecupicd a second-class car. •.•.TV crowded. I had a scat in a compartment and offered it to the woman. b:it she refused. In- I.;C;M|. she and her husband sal on wooden seals hinged to the .side of liv car. Every time anybody passed alon? In- corridor, they had to rise. And Ilia! was often. A! first I look them both to bi about 45 yrnrs old. Hut. as ] vatchi'd. I saw she could not be more than 23 or 21 and he abou K. She wore a sheepskin coa I hat had ?ocn much service, tht fi:r turned inside. Also fell boots veiy mnddy. In f.i.~liionabie dic.-s, and mad u;i. modern style, shr would hav p-~scd for pretty, if not bcnulifu He. also, dressed in shfr,:ski r-Ti and hich t>col?. looked lik Christ. Lone, blond hair, bit; (.;?.- that had a touch nf fadnes in Them, even when he smile r.;:d a sandy-red beard. had lived along the Chinese East- most frcriuent cause of death dur- crn. in Manchuria, but now lhat ing the mouth, three having been Japanese had come, and wore attributed lo it. Apoplexy claim- changing things around, they had cd two lives, two died through decided to move on. Biro-Bidjan violence, lightning killim; one, and sounded like a pretty good place, a irain anoihcr. Now anil then one would point ; The oldest person to liie durin? stove, iirncrally out something as they passed and , the month of April was B7 years .^ throimh -.vondcr of lhat was what i; would ' old. There were six 01 and .' like where they were t;oing. ' over. 5 between the ajcs o'. 31 anc When mealtime came, the- worn- _ 50. Other iieriod:; of aLi'j cluimec wo-.ild fish into the dining- j in lesser proportions, ii'.ciuding :oom bag and pull out a huge under one year, chunk of black bread and give it' to the man. Then she would P°»r Hplpna Will Fntorrain him .-.omc milk into an enameled i " elena W1 " Entertain CUP ' District B.Y.P.U. Meeting After her lord and master had , ™ qonc through with second and: • churches in north third hclp^s, she satisfied her : ^ Al . k ' ansa} . havjllg B Y P 3v.ii hungci. ^ ^ _ IL-.,. wj|1 }K rei) .. OS( , nl ,, (1 fcv tin 1750 expected 10 attend the thin annual B. V. P. U. conventioi of [his district at Helena Frtria y, \kr Picnic nf Journey Apparently all their worldly l>e '.••npiirgs they carried in two cnor nimis sacks marie of heavy canva —1 should say oMfashioried sal hs»s. One seemed lo hold clolhe The other, kitchen ulenstls. a ke (:e for hoi water, food, and a ga Ion jug of milk wilh a paper stoi per. As the Ivain i-altled, alone, ma !r: poor time. Ihey chatted r\ fsiiy a= any boy and girl on their jl white and 1 wav lo a picnic. I gathered they Heart disease iFands Trek Fast their destination they piled j employed In the Elowah neighborhood on Little River, where E. S. Wilrly has 12 acres in spinach, and around « hundred ire culling in tlic crop on Mrs. John White's farm west of Oscc- llvt within Us boundaries, vhlch In close -4. 1 * Kjunre miles, Ninety Iwo other counties Pn Missouri have more area than This county h»s an nvcrngc ol B1.9 iicople per square mile—and consider the fact that nil Ihc land Is not cleared and available for county, inchullnt; the Missouri .spirit Tuesday when a :ond burnt! for $10,000,000 for Ihe )iii[H)M' of Improving riixl expand- uy Ihe slnte's clci'inosynary and Minl instllutlons was passed by i overwhelming vole. ' Passage of (he Issue means that $10,000,000 plus n federal grant of about $3.400,000 will be spent placing the Show-Me state's iwnllcnflnry. reformatories, Insane isyliims. mid othe tubercular sanitariums state Instllutions on plune with the best lu llie Oniteil Stales. Besides lliat. the construction work Involved will put thousands of unemployed MIssourians to work wlille all Ihe necessary materials— so far as iwsstble — will be purchased In Missouri from Missouri firms. This writer, wllh thousands olhcr people, saw the parade The geographical location of Ihe I ( | re Memphis Cotton Carnival Wed- county Is nlso advantageous for nc »dny and was proud of Ihu criminals, .Across the river to the I showing made by the two Mis- Mi lies Tcnnfssee; to the .south tsour i hands there—from Kcnnctl and Haytl. Both of these musical organizations arc crcdlls lo their respective towns and lo this .sec- lion of Missouri. Citizens of Ken- nelL and Haytl should be proud of them an'd extend every effort Arkansas. Both Tennessee and Ark»ns*K tre easily accessible by outlaws In the event otf leers gel 'loo hot" on their trulls in Ptm- iscot county. rgnrdleM of the large amount of crime, pf*ce officers keep in step. Csplurcs and convictions «lio* » good average anil fe* vfoUtora go unpunished. In murder case*, especially, the sentences nasied »rc becoming longer/ and lonier. U should not appear unfair, then, to the country set out here before ment on Pcmlscot miikc carry It convenient on. for them , .rto c people in other sections of m 'S-™. rntri- to consider the fads| fvc been Judg- county nfler reading crime rc)x>rls from this section tn the papers. Missourians displayed the Iruc Texas rians C.Hd Carnival AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—Texas is planning n football carnival as pail of Its centennial celebration ill 1936. Early steps toward it taken with decision of Ihe University ot Texas faculty to ask waiver of a Southwest Conference rule against post-season games. Read Courier Kc*s Want Ads. j elude loving cnjis to the union to Si- .having ;he largest attendance, ac- volun- Russian Jrws have por.e Tia before, but seldom volun-1 cording to mi!c.3 traveled and rily. Generally il was to cs-1 number present, lo the union hav- ip'e iMgroms in European Russia I jn; Uic largest, attendance find to to serve a term in exile there.' the association having the larg- ipoccd by the czar. 1 est atlendance. A medal will be Jiisi how many scillcis o! all oivcn the individual winurr of •itegories Silwria has atlrnctcd in ast 12 months is not. riefmilc- • known. Admittedly in part, a na- onal dcfeme move, officials siiy Jordan o[ Helena. J. P. Edmunds of Little Rock, the Rev. Edgnr O. Williamson of Pnragoulrt. Dr. John L. iiiifey of Brinklcy. the Rev. R. Pnnce of Wrst Helena, the Rev.-Cecil Franks of Recior. Chcs- the Intermediate sword drill. A complete prosram lias '>«» Junior High School Commencement Exeixi s c s Will Be Held Friday Graduation exercises for the junior high school senior class will be held al the city nudiior- ium Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock. May 25. Max B. Reid, local af.or- ney, will deliver the address foi the class of 78 students who finish this semester and the 1C slu- denu who completed their work and entered high school at midterm. > Sara Pauline Evrard is valedictorian, with Bonnie Jean Buchanan and Sue Ramey tied for second honors. The class roll of the 8A grade is as follows: Jeanell Adalr. Elizabeth Baxter, Naora Berryr.ian. Raymond Bick- ersisfT. Billy Boonc, Jewell Brooks. Virginia Brown. Mary Jo Buchanan, Sylvia Buchanan, Bonnie Jean Buchanan. Joe Burncttc. Susie Childs. Vera Coteman. Annie Laurie Collins. Everett Craig. Win- If when asked. BiU it is Micvcd the previous wrik year. 1007. when 050.000 ickkcd East, is being coii'lder- bly .surpassed. N'KXT: Hnssia's rnlossal power irogram will change whole face f Tar K:ibt if it succeeds. Jirths Exceed Deaths in City and Township Births exceeded deaths, both BiytheviMe. find the Chickafiuvba township, exclusive nf this ciiy during the month of April. I was revealed (cday in a siimir.arj released by Di. A. M. Washburn ccunly health unit director and local registrar. In Blytheville there were 1 births, Including 13 white and one-, ever had In America before." colored, and a like number in this' township, outside Blytheville, with 11 white and 3 colored. Ten dcalhs occurred in Blythcvllle, 7 white and 3 colored, and J in Swor of Mississippi colliv-' Clinton. Miss., and the Rev. Roy L Hurst of Hot Springs. Metropolitan Tenor Sees New Music Interest Man- K. Dillahunty, Mack Elder Sara Pauline Evrard. Russell Flinn Dorothy Foster. Mallic Mae Gallop. Thomas Gipson. Myrtle Gofl Geneva Graves, llfirdy Gray. Don- aid Hammock. Douglas Hammock Eugene Hargetl. Oweta Hsrcetl John Harp, Todd Harrison. "Bob Herrick. Rosalie Holt. Robet Jontz. John D. King, cratida Klmiinghatn. Mary Jo Kins. Morse Kochlitzky. Reginald Lanr/lev Martha Washburn. Marjorie Wat son. Max Watson. Joseph \Vofort James Wood. Starling Yonnc. Vir ginia Whisnant, Miiinij Lee Leg gelt. Chuck Long, Helen LoveluX Marshall. Harry Max ST. LOUIS. (UPi-An increased hUercji of Ihe public In tnu~ic was noted by Mario chamlce. Melro- Christine _ . politan bpers tenor, during a re-!*' c "' Lorraine McCullough. Charly cent visit here. I JIC Lcod. Glenn Ola McLcod. Ix; "Whether tx-can.=e ol the dcpres-'.° ra McLcod. Evalce Nash, Rub sion or noi. I am fmclmg every-1 *<& °S^. Irving Osborne. Theo where a new interest in serious mu- the loviiEhip but outside the city. sic." chamlee said "Gcod music has a better chance today than tt Class Visited IG.OOO Homci QUINCY, Mass. (UP) — Tha Men's Bible Class of Qulncy has visited 16,000 homes here and dls- colored. ><-?s Ustfd . as the ' liibutcd gratis 1,765 Bibles la order to have a Bible in "evpry house dore Payne, Betty Proctor. Su Ramey, Josephine Salceby. S'ic £ole«by, Manera Saliba, Alta Simmons, Miriam Smtlh, Leo Stanford, Coleman Stevens, Ani Stracke, Robert Swarens. Marlly Sweat, Delia Pay Sykcs, Budi Terry, Tommy Tinker, Bll' Thompson, John H. White. The following students gradual at mid-term will receive diplom "1th Ihe class (hat graduates Aladdin Magic THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done'/ is only partially true today. Science has taken an interest in the home of late years, and has done much to lighten the burdens of household tasks. Science has harnessed electricity to make it perform a .sort of "Aladdin magic." It works for us, twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. It-furnishes light and,heat. It sweeps the carpets and polishes.the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning,cup of coffee. It beats the eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. You learn of .these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These are good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised."

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