The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
Page 13
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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1047 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK,) (OUUIKU NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* p«r Bui rot cocBtcntlT* la* nertions: ttiiiiliuum GbfcJC* ___.— 80* 1 tint D«I lifl* 13 16« 4 timei p«t tin* p*r l»r - -_, l^e 3 tliuea yer line pur day __ DC 6 times per li*« »er d»y I"I"II 7c IS times per ilue u*t d*j Gc Moutb yer Hue 80c Couut flie aver a no worda to the Hue. Ati ordered for three or E!E Uiues aud fitoi>|j4>d beforfl exjjiratiou will lie charged tor tlie Dumber of time* tho ad ay- t«3|i-l^iid adjustment of blU wade. •», Classified Advertising copy iub- mUT«i!*jy persons residing outside of tho city in lib t be accompanied by cash. Eat6a may be easily computed from tlu above tatte. Advertising order for IrreiaUr Insertions takes the ou« time rat*. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Iiicorrect loaertloa ol auy classified ad. For Sole HAHY CHICKS Wuaoruiilu A $ia.75 per aunJre Hrown Store, PAGE ..THIRTEEN For Safe -Ill' M-I. il;iv,'ni.orl. julr y \ rj ru*. N.MM.11*1,1,, inJiliuii. I IL'2 \V. A ill - 2 |ik.c MKKCIIANTH an KiV4i }'°u iiiiint'diiitu delivery on doiiFiU 1 'luly mrul rH*t'K in Buy lengths. ,41<o Imvi. Wverafii i-imlrr.. walk-in roMfli'nituM, un.l <U'0|i fn-<>/,L' i-jbi- |,,-I» Illllilii'r siip|ili,'s. Also Mills roiii[>ri'i.surE. 1'liuiLu Doll .Scult, ?i:, r iL>. ' POWER LAWN MOWEKS.. see the last word in a power lawn mower—(he I'ath- finder—the one (hat cut to any height and umlvr any conditions. Hlytheville Machine Shop. -1-1'2-ck-tf room IKIUSII will, ],., KsirW tillil |;iir<l,,|i ,,( shiulv Ir.cs. II,,n: an,I wicli I I, Dili Soiilti Lilly SI. il lil Illlrri,, ,,l . /or.1. Dell. Ark. I'll I'Jilfi Inn.i .Main Ml'. iimul IV; tin, ,,,1,'fc. -., : IT I "I fli.Mi.uil. Mil.-) \V. Illytli.-vil!,- Ark Kit'lil I.I.TI. wiilnnt .lioiiiL' rt Call -1-^:. :I[IIT >ix i, 1 ,'In, I.. I |,k I d Jim 315'CV-lf FRYERS 51. Raised inTrood cr. Abraham's Poultr> House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. 6: 3-28-ck-l HAKY CHICKS IV -orlifiuil flicks r'nst f'nkvviiiK AIII t 1 layers. Custom li:iitl,ln K . Drill' now. Illaliirk llilli']|i>ry. Ni.rlh 0 Hifihwfty. I'lir.n,. :mz. -jin-ekir HATEI riX'i'uitKs. KITCHICX SINKS WATKH IIKATKHS Kl<-r1rii' nuiL Aiilom:ilk' 1)11 SKI'TU' TAS'KS Si'ivi-r Til.-. C:.«l I r.,i, ,,ii>,. nn.l fill .11.-. K«lrilni<i'il. liliii'k mill <-II|I]MT I'M,'' mi! filli,,.-- ATTIC .*< \VIMX)W r'ANS. ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & HEATING 191S \V. Mnin I'luinr. II 7,1 1 11 Services IL.I oi.,..n..,-,'.l "II. nlli t'KKTI I'l ill)" WalU' .•i mil.. S.'rvl.i'. 1701 Jln.rii PLUMBING-HEATING ;!0, 40 & r>2 (jalloii Norcre electric healers arc now available at 1'lanter.s Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ek-tf One G. M. C. panel body with new motor, t;ood (ires. One Internal ionnl Vi ton with !j|c\v slake body, good tires. i<t£l> in A-l condition. For (|HK'k s'ale. tall dav phone 2(i(iO, ni^hl phone 3S9J. 4/2G pk 5/3; For Rent One Job You Can't Do! V No mailer lw>\v .spic :nul siian yon kcc\i your oar, or how handy you are willi a tool tliest, you can'I tfivi? your molor and rlinsKis professional cart'. HclU'r ilrivo in for a ehoek-up hcforo warmer weal.her. PHILLIPS MONEY IX) LOAN I)o you nwd » k>«n tu rep»tr or remodel? No down pay- nitni, no mortgage, no red tape. K11A approved rate &"'. Ask fo» (totails. M LoK»n, Uealtor, phone 2034. Lynch Hld((., HlytheTtlle. See «s for im estimate before you have your tractor iiverhnuled. We speciali/.e in si cum rleaniii); and paiiiliuj,'. KU'ctric and aeel- ylene wcldini;. Hnssell I'liillijis '1'niclor Co. lllwiiy Gl aoiilh. I'hone 2t7l. i Won. 111,,1'k l.-ivit^' ninl I'll.Ill, I.'. I M *<'::!,• M.I .1 L'K.|,I...-. I'.' luil.liii!: If, .v lt>. sin.ill hvin K irt hi r,-.-ir. Will invui.-., si,irk ,ir Mill roll IniilcliiiB nn.l li>l. Ali>.|riirl il,•,-«!.' UV.IILI l,a\l:,< [<ir In :|1|I|. I'll.,ill' :i<)!1>. I - All l.iml. n[ !..inl,,M. 171,1 W Cliii-k.i«:i !;i-ki I'U.jii,- H11 ] !«!•.! Willys -1 -.1,101- si-ilnri rii^Inn:^! Miilnr Sriinl.- Cull '.101. 1 1 I South t'r :,,] Trailer lii-ls nin.lo lo on Somr now- in s k. 11,-iiri- \V t.rt.nli's Sli,,f, '_'2- r , .V First SI. nli :i'Jl'' Koriu.TLv ll;ui SI. nil 1 * Klin .1123 |.'«r C. XHK Ki.ulp 1 <ii'r Ijpilrooin, clnso 111. :11U U'hlnul. ill. ll'jr, W. Kyi MOTOR .COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blythcville, Ark.—Tel. 453—8715 Cmn'iirlnlilc rooi 2OS7.!) n Arri'5 of luiul in frr>nt of Irvrr. or c-rnpi .1 C Kllis. Ilniil,. I. llo nirllu-villi-. Plmni' OIJ. '- Doin' what i-oinr^ naliirnllr. Kil Dcala raiiil anil W:il!]i!i|ii'r SI Silvertonc radio, table irodel. In fair condition. SIS. 310 West Walnut. •! 2R dh If 1—;i compartmtnl 400 pal. oil tank wagon tank. Also li)l() 1-ion International truck with 315 gal. 2 com- 'partmcnt tank wa K lank. In good condition, i'lantors Oil Co.. phone (if», Manila. 4!2Jick., r >15 1 (i-fool meat case, Frigi- daire. In ijood conclilion. ?175. Cali T.' F. DC Kakcy, phone 102, Stcele, Mo. .112Spk-5!5 Male Help Wanted SAI.KKMAX • MAX WITH AMIMTIOX • Au-o 21 In Tlf.. N-> |>T|,vinn^ ox|,erii-n fr lurnl u-rtil'iry, Ur: 1 \Vriln lir.'Vinns .'^pfri.-'i Wanted to Rent I.I.I .11 Irlisl \'2-, l,y r.lh lilVlli.'Ulli'. siiiulili- r.u- ; I Hi :il,l. Wjil.. I'-llll I.. I or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-d h-U SALESMAN WANTED vvn n.-iit li|il,l'rtrrn|: MU-ll I.S-^.'i fur lr.iv- i-lini; job r::irn *BIJ • Slim |H't iv..k. Siv .Mr Turk. \ol,lo 11,n.-l. Tlvirsiluv mi.I r'liilay. 7:UU tu »::»1 No Illume i-nlls. -l;:to-i,k-r.!:t Job Wanted Business Opportunity Ki:i,EAItl.[': [ii-rson lo ril.lto i.f noil Will on! inli.rforr Wriln lliix siv. !>'<> Famous Ncolite heels by Goodyear Slup on 11, friend ... If yuu wnnt reul ri'Wi'ivr t'lmifurt frnnl Ihose ulil .shin's. Hring lliem to u>; uiul s;ivc the price or u new p.ilr ut HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. oiM-rutor. 20 v.-.-ir.i rxiu'ri .iti luiitiliiiK or ri-|.;iiriii^ nk" Itiri Osi-nr \V Kill;;. Personal Watch for bitf uinso narly Wednesday, May 7. Sponsored hy ladies Altar Society of the Immaculate Conception Church. 4 30 ck !i 7 I'll,) !>.- Sol.i. In ii..rf,.| i1h r.nliii ln^u>r n.--.-. : Call Olli. ffl' *'"'* " r "- lal 111 rooil rp- i- \vrtl \iorlh Mnin Strict i a ivjilk "ill iloini: I'rici-il lo soil. T.'i liotH- Kn-t of l.i«n nl lo -i.-ll. i-. 'AI«,,' sinzill rnnn Help Wanted llvo in inv I." luiliy lloii'l in 91!)' Clnrk Hi. CHIROPRACTOR "HcnHli is your i:rc;itcsl nsset. Chiroiirnclic is tlic surest ronrt to HcnUll. An invcstniL-iit in :i Chiropractic Hpnltli Service will add to your \vp:iltli of. licallll." - Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Guard Hldg. Hlytheville. Ark. Special Spring, Let us sharpen and repair your lawn moxver, regard li'ss of liiiul or si/e. (iel yours ready now, anil avoid tlu> rush. We pick np and deliver. lllytlieville Machine Shop, 211 S. 2nd St., plume 2828. -J-U-rk-tf louse moving, fonndatinn repairs. Kxperienced. Have all c(|iiipincnt. C;ill .1112 nr sec Frank Crocket I, :)!)() S. Kith. .1-S-pk-fi-S AlNTIXli louse AlnvinjT. 115 • yfiu's • ox- Iicrii'iifi 1 . I'U'lily ol' o(|iii|i- nu'iil. Itc'li'i-cnces. I.evel- ii>K- loiuulalinn I't'iiairin^. Virgil Koley, plinno .T2!)::! 5 -2 pk (i 2 inii.ll. W.|%1, litlil lull- i- liiiui: I.. Vii'.i Clinl. AUTO SEAT COVERS Oni' ol" llu> finost KVOII)IS you'll sec. Moduru stylus, hcaiilifnl iialli'ni:i to Ketccb 1'roin. l.oatluM'Otlc IviniH. Si/os for nil makes anil models of cars. All aro made of durable, !oii);-l:islhii; innli'rial. Conio in today and inako your selection for comploU 1 salinl'ac- lion al KIOAI, SAV1NCS! were $21.95 to $27.95 As Low as $14.95 l)ri!»s up your Car for Cool Summer Driving . . . SEAT COVERS Installed Promptly Wanted to Buy . LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto . Salvage North Hi way fil I „ v , m |lv ,, a o|) lhe ,.„ I'hone .liSr.. .1 27 pk f) 27 ,, no ,)„, ,.,,, th 40 tlm( . s i,,i ( ,i, t er Waited K.tXIT.VntlN -I.'. Innk^ nn.l nil .MI.... lii'n. n lltil'Jl rlll* K,i Two ^Iji^s Klioiv rj|«,-!i. I'ull .HIT. Renil Conner Kews Want Arts. 1 i yon now sec the u\t>oi). PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed lies! Prices Kijby Drug Stores I DON EDWARDS "The Type\frllrr Man" KOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA and KKMINOTON I'OIITARI.F. UP N. SECOND ST. PHo4t£ 3382 (Evury TrnilSJictlnn MUST DB SATISFACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types tticepl Caurcn DRS. NIES & NIES C'lllllc 511 M.lln, Hlytllrvillc, Ark., ''ti-ji.f tyn \ M;in for assistant manager's joh and supervise sales personnel. Large auto dealer. Experienc" lielnl'nl hut not required. Excellent working conditions anil salai'y- Write 1'ox X. '•'<• Courier News. >\ 29 ck 5 12 Position for male bookkeeper. Experience, recommendation required. Permanent position with well established local f irm. Wri!.-. I5ox XX, r '<> Courier News •1 30 ck 5 7 k'.tin.n xvnnli-il fur rr-n^.^ .vr.iV ll.i'villr. roll or |.ir; In,,,. N,, Ci.o.I ii.iv. Wril,. Hi.-i T. Ci. <-c.ori,.T- Xi-ws. FARM LAND \\'c have several cash buyers who failed (o get located last fall. WiU l>ny now, subject to possession .Ian. 1st.' 10 IS. If you want to sell or trade your farm, see, wrile, or call: Hiales Land Company Phone :i:i22 Office across from City Hall <fin Halo UlclR. * TJlylhcville, Ark. —lirokcr— Russell E. Hialea —Salesmen- lien I). Hamner & R. M. Heck 29 I3k 15 "r 0 .^! il ,il''Swii|i Simp. 401 T. MniD. Vhone 8S9. 4i»l>-ct-» II Vln.h roucl. limilicr. \Vooil $3.50 p(n- j\f\i NIM« R" 5 i 1 l^'l". Corno Ami trot il at li-illison's Mill. Wpsl if f.inil. Moullriv. IJ2G ck-5'i Huge The busts nf Wnshington. Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, nncl Jefferson, in the Mount RnsUmoro nioinnrinl of Soutli Dnkoto'K Black Hills region nre pioixirltonnlc '.o men 405 reel tall Oild Ingredients More llinn 2000 different raw materials nre used In the mannfne- Inre of heating controls. Including such oclrt items as spaghetti, lophet. blonde human linir. ether, and beeswax. Read Coxirier News Wnnt Arts We arc taking orders for Attic Fans to be installed before hot weather. Call us for estimates MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone 445 Laiifjston-Wrolcn HOIV has the best choice in clean, well running used cars offered in main/, many months! BUY FROM US Our cars are truthfully represented to you for what they rca(7y arc! GET A BETTER USED CAR FROM LANGSTON WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Telephone 491 nncl your order will he on It's wny In record time. Our Floral Arruiiecini.'iits tell a complete story. Flowers - - For Every Occasion 491 nncl your order will he on It's wny In l Arruiiecini.'iits tell a complete story. FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Bcntce We l>cllvtr Anywhere Mi, 391 Mrs. J. M. CM:ic) Williams, owner Glencae Bld|. -FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS ' • -: '• QR ANv •' •••:•. ' EXCAVATION S.JI COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLl ARK. •-<PhoHe f 3646a>td2525 ' '•'-*'>' • - • •• '• . SERVICE T. I. SEAY COMPANY Radios and Healers Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS! I We have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crott and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery.' Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. W« suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. Blytheville Soybean Corp! 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 'RICH,LA'S POP The Letdown G\- AL VERMEEU'

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