The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 6
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F'AOri! SIX NKWS Out For Thin! Straight I 'C' "lie Says All American • League Teams Slrenglh- "• ened; Satisfied-With A's BY CONN1K MACK Manager, \VorId Champion rhila delphla AthlctlM I $ American Leas'JP follov.t-r- a:i ov:r the circuit hnve bi-cn lcnp!:i;; for a real race end t '.vouid not ;be surprised if they had it Hits year. j To my mind, all the (ranis have strengthened and It may turn out I that some new pow^r In! | will loom up. The- Athletics were good enough io win two Elralgh't pennants and I have not lost a bit of fnitli in I the'Skill, courage nnd fjhllmj quni-| Hies of my world cbampion-i. but! if it ftf hard to win two In n rov., i it is vastly harder to win llinvj ' straight. I I'le.isfil With Sulis j I am wholly satisfied with the regulars and reserves of our Infield, outfield and catching; departments. For the inner cordon v,'e have three wonderful understudies in Uib William 1 ;, [ Eric McNalr and Pinky His;;ms. i They were with us last year und. played so well they look ready to step into the sheer, of the. regulars when that, becomes! necessary. In addition, we have 1; acquired the veteran Phil Todt. [ R«l Sox. first >basciiuui, to toliter! our Infield. i 1 want to voice wholehearted! confidence in my Infielding rcgu-l lars, consisting of Foxx at llrst.! Bishop at second. Boley at hlmrt j nnd Dykes on third. Because of! his terrific hitting. Foxx lias a I yold mortgage on first b.ise. In' case, he is hurt. I can use Tont f or switch Dykes to first find s;n:li Higgins to third. In case of ac-' ciricnts lo liishop, McNalr would; take his place, while Williams : would fill in for Boley. j New Outllcd Tnlenl i For the first time hi many 1 years, eight outfielders will yo with iis to the training camp.' The newcomers are llsb. Johnson of Portland, brother of the !>:-! troll outfielder; Jimmy Mooie. who joined us late lost year and wlfu i did good work both in ths pen- • nant season nnd In the world scr- - ics; Royer Cramer, farmed toj PoMlanrl last year, and two minor; league youtlis named Fimicy and. Lt:..;:;. ' i The Athletics will have lil; pitchers at Fort Myors. rla., and, nine of llicni are newcomers. If: I can get some lielp from llu Kew pitchers it will mean a lot, to us. ' i The Mick Is In i For reasons I rion't Have to ; explain, - Cochrane will cntch all! of the games when he can stand j up. However, I hnve four new receivers Jn Phillips, once with Detroit; Ucvlng, oblnined recently from the Ked Sox for tlie waiver price; Palmisano of Portland Leslie of Brantford. Can. i As T sotd before, our rivals j rmc strengthened and 1 must! expect exceptionally strong op- i pcsition from Cleveland. Detroit, Washington alid New York.- It' may turn to be a five-cor-1 nercd race, as the four rival: teams I named have buttressed | all departmenUi. 1 will not ven- i lure to guess which out of these; five teams will go over for tho j basebal.l touchdown. (Copyright, 1931, - by NBA Service. Inc.) - FKRitUARY ,9;!! BRUSHING UP SPORTS | BY ISRAI: | Srlcmi- L'MiUi] I 1'ivinip.s tilt- im. ;lo:iM unili.-».loiMl i : car today is the '• lii-ycnd kiion-!i-:°iii> i.l the spark plniji. the- mntiiiist wnwSlly leaven , it lo the y;rvii-i! man to con-eel any .fault In the .sy.slem. 'that, perhaps, t.hcuW remain M Kf.KIN NKA .Service c-.l <i Mil-ate aivl ol the ni'jtor systc.n. By laufer ;for the Ijiiilioi: uppasatiis Mi-juld jitnt he ump: re:l v.Hh uui?ss Us ,':p. i-ratlcn is v.cll knov.n. Iloi-Tvr-r. i knowledge i:f lu-.v it work.-, would noL I:? ami.-'. :•;.];[ ::i:,ilv if soirii-• lUiuj nix"; v.ron;.; v,il!l :1. i I The ignition .•.y.stcm starts with' ] the tatli-ry which provides InltiV.' I electrical energy. From hure, thru '. ; the iijiillic:i xwlteh U'hen clo-;cd, ii , ;enters a hl^h-teiiibn Ignition toil.' .which i.s rc.illy a high vollase U-air,' lormer. | Tills cull consists of n primary, i roll of about 'iVl windings of thin! !copper wire nrounj n soft. Iron cure. I ! Over this i.i a scccm;Ury coll, net i cilrcctlv cumectcd to thi- primary, nnd i-oiisisllng of 15.000 to LiO.rjM j ; tiims of copper wire i:i Ironi 50 ilo 100 layers. | ! r l'h« i-i.iTcul. from the batiery Is '.only six volls. But when it is sent throin-h the primary coil of this | milt, the current' Is boosted up u> i cut to Hew Ihrnush us It won (!i!c:u;;li any ccntlmiuus \vlrt. And ! .•i'!-e a spark Is necessary lo Ujnit; | i:'- !i;i'l. Ihc yap Is cptnecl juv.! •,.'.!c- en-nigh for (ho high valtar! '••> ji::np acros-. i fi (he IMP Is too wide, lio-^vi r. •:.c- f|i:iik \v:ll be weakened conskl- i i.ibly. or It will not jump nl a!; '!':,(•:•-{.>![-. it. !i Important thin ihis ..>p bs- kc-pt at the width specified oy tile air mnmif:irtur:-r, usual:.; v-iu: til" IhU'kne-;; jf a worn dim;. I: i>. al.-o f-:<ontla! that this uin ••••*.:\>^ i-S-i.r if <i!.-').;n. which nc' 1 .:!•. -.I';--- ;h" ou-.-niii 1 .; lint jiri>- i:M; c-iirient from ccinpl"iini - ii-, lionets ami 'lii,- N'eu !!:isehall 'Illc 1 Unix- lias K- Hl : ; liny, who 1],.!,;,, War. .? south, -me bi-Kaii playing league ••line year the thorning at precipitated t he World .... .- fai-ins what, may be his 1 |a r.iiiBo ol from 12.1)00 to 20.000 i hardest year. | j volts in Use .secondary. H Is Ibis j I '' i: - 1 ' 1 cf all there Is the < ( ucs-' lliigh vollaije that is used to p;-o- ! lic:i ot tllo '' c> 1( 'B>. FcuUi has ij ;c . n jtliice a spark in each combustion '^ :ni ' "'em •'•"ice Febfimiy 7. 1894. ;chamber hot enough to ignite the ! '• a ' 1 '- yrari thc >' uar before that, and ;fuel inlxtuii*. Ill ' !1 l! ' p? J' 6 "' 1 before that, they! I ... ; •Mvtul t-i show s!i;ns of wear and i 'this current, however. Li con-1''''"' Tu ^Ein with, baseball men slant and must, bi> interrupted and " i:iys llavo '"''•rvclcd at tlie Rulli- :.m props- so tiny aroimil tin- an- kii-. Ic suppori such a bis frame. laitli's legs started to fuller last :• uir nt (he very lime when lie ! -i-'Jod them must.«hra Hack Wil•:i was passini; him in the drive liomc-imi lion-rs. How tliey Joe Enters'G.nmt Racket this year remains a nifii nr.iially slow tip ivarhmi; Hutli's timed properly to the quick injection .of fuel into (he cylinders, in ! order to nuike it effective. Pur tills I purpose there is n distributor above j i Hie coil for dlsirlbiittou of the cur-« 'rent to the cylinders in urcier of : ; tiring. ' This is done Ijy means of u cum, j connected directly tu thn engine and j i rotating at a speed nlways prD;:^r-I i tlciiate to that ol the en^l:i?, wl-.icii | ;opens and cit:sc; ll-.e cunnc'. pntiii!! | A llmier hy Halir? | in the dis:rlbu:ur. A totor. within; i'-.liups the future will have ithc eircts of cunliict pjin;s w.-.ich .•-•:>• tl:e (jreat pitchin; find tat- 'nre enunl in number to ir-.i- nutn- | '•.::' feals of the Great Man to re- 'hcr of spark plugs, itistrlbutes the | ' current Irem the second.iry coil thrcii'jh the contact points lo tin spark jilnes. When the <liKlrii:utor cnntact- ' aiv not ck;=cd. a conJensor serves ito build up the current in the s?c- .onilary coil fur thc next caatnct. -.-ill hold :: I:'.: r llOil. Hi •••.:llly before :..-:iry a:.;. A l!n •;!ib:r h:m hy. Going back over - rrcortls. there is no trace of a iU'-!iearicd play. nur.n- Ilic compilation of a ser-. of "Ua.'.eball's Donors" • ::iv' sp;rtr, cartcsiibil., Werner diligent search was made RiTHS WE OOToFT^E PARK- <SCX)P BASEBALL'S | tlGGEST lONERS ONE BADLY pitched ball, which Babe Ruth hit out of the park, cost Lee Fohl his job as manager of the Cleveland club and sent Southpaw Fritz Coumbe back to the minors. Cleveland was leading New York by three runs when the Yankees filled the bases. It was the Babe's turn at ,bat. Fohl sent Coumbe in to pitch with instructions to pitch only slow balls. Coumbe breezed the first slow one right through the middle and Ruth parked it over the wall. That night found Coumbe in a sleeper, bound for the bushes. Shortly after that Fohl was relieved of his job. - : - A newcomer preparins to "iniisclc" his wny into the ernnt-and- frovvl pasllnic Is Jimipln' Joe Snvoldi, iiuovn, ex-Nolrc Dame Icot-1 ball slnr. Sii\oldt weighs 2CIG iwunds ami. nllliuiiijh he probably willi make ficcmcnt «sc of liw flying tackk-. his best- bet ought to be the still! nm li arm that beat olf would-be tacklers in Ills sensational touchdown runs I j So iilRh is Hi" vr.hacr in this e:r- Icuit. IcHdinc; frmn coil to sp^rk |]ilii^s. that the s!h>,h'.ost break ov idfteriorattcn in the Insuhliin of! i the lines to the spark p'.ims will | [raiifi! the current to leak r.i.t air!! | weaken the- spark. i I A v.Takencfl sirark will cairs:-1 5iir'- (rouble;; r.s n havd s!i. :.::.. j en:;int-,^ at any spe?-i. in': iibiiity la pick up quickly, :-:inc- j •ti^'n of high sp«x! of (he tar. ! pi-i | HIV to ignite all the fuel in th.-'. cylinders, and other troubles u-- : ;ultii!B from thc latter failure. tiicir memoiies in vain. Babe is a player who "always „.„„ „„. ..,, 1U , , i r™ 7;s lo the l ''Shl base" He Is a ! moved. These "fu>s" dropped over ..ah the icconVs for foir.; men-; ball player by instinct. He plays. the fence without the mucue by the Bambino. None. correctly. His judgement in the I aisino his "ad i cam? to lisht. Old baseball, outfield is uncanny ! ° ls were mii77ed and they ' " ~ " tory which looked like flies from More than half a million farms the press box. Thc Babe never in the United. States arc supplle:! with electricity for light and pow- even er by service companies. rakad; Balls have been hit to his icrri-1 Read Courier News want | ' Nine presidents of the United I States attended no colleges. \ for Notre Dame. An iiii'ic:inii| nnd ilnjl link 'f"",f C " sy3tcln is " !c ~' A spark will not occur if the - : €-^ Thursday Tiii'S(l:iy-\Vc<Inosd;iy 'i'he THRILLS of "PAID!" FOOTBALL STAHS FARTNGRS CHAPEL HILL. N. C., (UP)— j The firm of Manner and Sapp s'.ill i carries on, despite the fact both! tx-foctball players ha\ ? graduated • frcm the University of North Cr.r- ! r'ina here. Odell Sapp and Jim , Magner were team-males '.n 13.:3. Sapp as an all slat; end a;id Maj- ner as a ftrst yecr halfback. Now they have entered a law partnership In Chapel Hill. By the t-ss of a coin. Manner won the right to I:ava his name painted on the left side of the shingle. More than 1000 San Quentin prisoners took ccrespDndence courses from the University e! California the past school year. § J RITZ THEATER HOME THEATRE Tucsdiiy, Wednesday und Tluirsdav © DE s VALUES it new six .. a new eight !r. a! hc'r bMl in this :n ;i rt whirl frcm ro- drty (o \vorld. &s* Directed by HARRY RKAUMONT Tiio allrilinlfs of liif;li (jnnlil)-, so long iii--(i(i;il-ii i-.-iil, Hi- Soti, jiiitniuohiles, jin: IIKMV -t.-iingly ciu)ihasizcd than ever In-fore in tin; no.v Six and Eight <!is[>hy,-,! Tor tin: firM time tliSa ivock. Even iiiur:- ilian llirir illustrious prn!- crr»sor*. these latent Uc Solos are flfctinnly th« o.ttalily cars of tin: nind. rrad:-|iriri-il (i<-i(i. 1 The new l>n Soto Six, nniv o(Ti:ri-il for pulilie iiispccliim nnil !rinI, is nlicm! nf i(s lime in nil (riinlilies lluil nrc in greatest ilemmnJ. It i? Caster, ijiiiimlhrr nnil more poner- ful; it is hnrulsomcr in line nnil n[ipi>iiilmctil5; it ig durable niul ertiuomirnl of fuel, and it achieves additional safely through a new double-drop frnme that permits il to he hnilt ex- ceptionally close to the road, without Bacrificc of interior roominess. Thii lowneie adds to its beauty as well as ito safety — it gives the car a lithe,swanky np]ifaraneethatisunnpproadiedinnny cor of corresponding price. Beauty of line is also enhanced by a slender-profile radiator, a longer hood and single- bar hii:npers.fl Bodies nrcof 8tccl,weld- eiliiilu one solid piece, without joints or reams to squeak and rntlle.«JThc new I)«: Soto Straight Eiyht, companion car to the Uc Soto Six. also has been !VEW PRICES AJVD SEW VALUES Six up, f.o. b. factory THE XEW EIGHT 965 n H V ,V L E H MOTORS op, f. a b, factory PRODUCT improved to meet present demands. The engine now develops 77 horsepower, insuring n supply of smooth power that is more than ample for thc requirements of ordinary driving, with « generous reserve for tiic exiraordi- nary demands of hill climbing and hiyh speeds. 5 A slender-profile radiator and longer hood give-it an appearance of rakish lowncss. Improved spring design, together with four hydraulic shock absorbers, provide ex- ceptioually easy riding qualities. The many fine mechanical. features that won this cnr instant success nrc retained, and the L'nisteel safety body is unchanged in structure, with improvements in appearance and fittings. AdniiRfiou^—llaUiici 1 —• ]0 and 'iiOc. ^Vighl—15 and -10c. Anniissitin—Jl:itinco & XiglH 10 and 25c. 117-119 East Main o Sales and Service Blytheviile, Ark.

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