The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 28, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COUKIER NEWS . THK DOMINANT wraflVADVo /•>• M/\P*PU». * MM .._ . _ . ' VOL. XXXIII—NO. 113 JUjrtlMU. OOOMC Bmld DOMTNAirr NEWSPAPER OF NORTHU8T ARKAMBAB AND 8OOTHKAB* MISSOURI D»UT Mm BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY JULY 28 103G SPEEDING AMBULANCE ; SINGLE COPIES FiyE 'CENTO", Embassy Head at Mddrid Informs '. Washington of His Plans. ... WASHINGTON, July 28 <UPi — Plans have, been completed to evacuate (lie Americans and otlier foreigners beleaguered In Madrid from that city to tiie Mediterranean coast Thursday morning the state department was officially .advised today. • The announcement was contained In a brief message from Eric c. Wendelin, third secretary of the embassy in charge at Madrid. '•; With evacuation of the 160-odd Americans, who sought refuge in the American embassy at Madrid,, virtually Sail. American citizens' vi ill have ibeen removed from the trouble zone. . • Wendelin .did not say . what means of transportation would be used to evacuate the Americans and other -foreigners but it was presumed that he had obtained assurances that the Spanish government would furnish a special! train and an armed escort lo make the run to the coast The United States ship, Quincy, arrived today at Alicante, on Ihe Mediterranean coast of Spain, prepared to receive the - Americans when they arrive froin Madrid. I Youth Breab Neck in Dive From Bridge CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 26—Wade Wease 19 =011 of a sharecropper living south of'Ken- net I sustained a broken neck when he dived off the St., Francis ilyei bridge on Hijliway 84 neai Kennett, Sunday afternoon. He died within a short time. The youth had been successful in an earlier dive from about the same place, i pliihglng down about 12 feet Into three feet of water. A small crowd had. gathered and the youth decided 'to repeat Ihe stunt for tlie 'benefit of•; his increasing audience; it was said The second tlme^hls head struck the . river . bbltom. the blow breaking his neck. Spanish Reds Vent Inj in Flames COOIER JUKES Shoot Down Airplanes GIBRALTAR, July 28 (UP)— Anti-aircraft guns, mounted on Mrs Tom Hoppei, 28, Is Given Little Chance of Recovery Mrs. Tom Hopper. 28, -wife of the manager of a Standard Oil! service station at Cooler, Mo, I was In a critical condition at ter swallowing a quantity of poison at hei home about C o'clock yesterday afternoon: Attending physicians said there was little hope of recovery for Mrs Hopper, bi't that she probably would live for several davs The poison is slow in its action but a dose of the size she Is reported .to have taken' almost In- Whlle Americans massed at the United States embass} and prepared for a. two-week"-Jegc of the Iso" lated Sp,,,*!, capital radical marm.dcis roamed Madrid wreaking rleiUmcnt against 'ebMlious e,e- ments A group of Reds is pictured In this NKA bervice ridiophoto i afti'r settii>3 fire to the rlu rch shown blaalng In Hit by loyalist crews, today shot do,vn ,Uo transport airplanes, attempting to land troops on the peninsula from Spanish Morroco The rebels were attempting to re-inforce their refments who were dnvinj f hard against government troops i^, ^ • L ^^' t *-. Mrs Hopper.. has been In ill health for some time and friends said they could ascribe her action to no other motive than despondency over her physical condition n She had been for a visit in the business section of Cooler returning to*her'home'-int. the late afternoon Shortly after 6 o'clock Mrs Lewis Lester, a friend, went to the Hopper home to visit Mrs Hopper motioned for. her to leave but, realizing WASHINGTON, July 28 (UP)— some "nng was wrong. Mrs Lester The mijhty men who send this] r «n a <ned- and .called a 'physician nation's trains hurtling .through the night filed formal charges against every- railroad in the United States loday, alleging that the seats in locomotives are too hard. These huskv, hefty he-men, the big sissies, also demanded ' foot warmers to keep their toes toasted. Locomotive Engineers Demand Softer Seats 1 ^ w, . *...., , ^m.^u & ijii_yan_iail and Mr Hooper Mrs Hopper was rushed to »lhe hospital here Mrs Hopper has two sons, Harold, 12, and Gene, 8. She : has lived at Cooler for aboi't six years. Famous Peak Climber Gives Up Hobby at 77 JACKSON, Wyo. (UP)-WUliam ' O. Owen for whom Mt. Owen in the Teton National park was named and the first man accredited with scaling lofty Grand Teton, has been forced to cancel his climb of Grand Teton this year due to threatened blindness. The 77 - year - old mountain climber had planned to retain his title this year of the oldest man as well as the first, to climb the famous peak. New York Cotton '. NEW YORK, July 28 (UP) -^ Cotton closed steady. open high low close 12W 1248 1224 1230' 1232 1238 1217 1223 1231 1238 1218 1226 1233 1239 1219 1225 1232 1237 J218 1223 1233'1233 1220 1221 Oct Dec Jan March May July Numerous New Projects Listed for Pemiscot and .Dunklin Counties SIKESTON, Mo-Exlensive new WPA. programs for, Pemiscot and Dunklin counties are included in a list of 40 projects for six Southeast Missouri which haye received approval. Among the major projects are an extensive levee repair program along Ihe St. Francis river, In Dunklin county, and a water systeni for Warden, in Pemiscot county. Actual work on the projects, it was announced at WPA district headquarters here, will depend upon the availability of labor.'Projects approved' for Dunklin and Pemiscot counties follow. Gravel for Holland Streets Pemiscot County — Grade and sand 24 miles of road and install 96 corrugated iron pipe culverts in ttte Pascola special road district; federal, $29,179, sponsor, $14,33204- total, $43,511 04 Construct a complete water system in Warden, driving a 300-foot well laying 7500 feet of .. waternmin, installing is fire hydrants' and a 300-gallon electric powered pump, and erectlnV a 35- 000-galloh capacity tank; federal, $20,294.79; sponsor, $5958.24-• total $29,253.03. ; Grade and gravel 11.75 miles of road in District 15 near Denton; federal, $11,304; sponsor, $6,343.50; total, $n,647.5». Grade and gravel 14,283 feet of streets in Cooler;, federal, $12.090.80;' sponsor, $140; total, $12,230.80. Coastruct and [Snipers Fire Upon Alabama Mine Workers BIRMINGHAM, Ala , July 28 (U P)—Employes of the' Tennessee Coal Iron and Ralhoad company, clearing away underbrush ' from the top of Red Mountain, neai Ihe company's strike-closed Mns- ccda ore nilne, were fired on early today by: snipers. No one was injured. Deputy sheriffs from Birmingham and Bessemer - rushed , to the scene where more lhan 200 shols had been exchanged by the snipers and the company men Told that there were no. apparent' casualties,' they began a search Tor the gunmen," who had 'fled " ' Protected - by Alabama Guardsmen, He Pleads Not Guilty. ANNISTON, Ala., July 28 <U!>) —Roosevelt Collins, negro, pleaded.^ -•. «",.»i/.ov. uuiisu-uci ana ™L 8 !i ' here todtt * when nr -! gravd MS mi! «s of Route SP from HayU to Swlft and lnstali cu i ver i s and • farm entrances; federal $541.35; sponsor, $1410; total, $1,951,35. Grade and gravel 10,000 feet of Holland streets and build 3300 feet of sidewalks; federal $7197- sponsor, $50; total, $7247. Roads for Dunklin County Dunklin County—Repair of united States rural mail rnntd twirl cover 01 darkness -and the pro- near Senath, beginning in °he lee ion of na fonal gnardsmen. lie! southwest quarto of « C M«n * ralgned on a charge of criminally assaulting Mrs. Joel Hill at her farm home in northern Calhoun county July 13. ' August 3 was set as tile date for Collins' trial. The negro, whom state highway patrolmen say confessed the assault, was rushed here from Montgomery early today under the cover of darkness-and the pro- . — av,». u .,>«t.ii. I1(; j auuuiweSL Quarter Of cprHrm 5 SSe-'S? cap^JuTlt " r ' S ' n *!"-&»? W«KJIW^ The guardsmen threw a cordon around the county ' court house 13. Spots clesed quiet at 1310, on"! B i nd Permitted no one to enter j the building without express btisi- Spot Avcraft Is 12.91 Tile average price of 1.8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 leading spol markets today was 12.91, Ihe. Blytheville Board of Trade reports. less there. At 8 A. M., convened the court. J u <tee R. B. Carr Calhoiin circuit •«",; iniai, 51880.50. Grade SiCTSrSSg^^L'S C£ * e Gir ^deau Boy, 5, Spends Night in Woods CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo.—Five- year-old Walley Ogfe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Ogle, Is safe New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 28. (UP) —The cotion market saw considerable liquidation today, moat of it Induced by the reported crop estimate of 12,854,000 bales by thej American Cotton Cooperation As-i sociation. At the close prices were i from 13 to 15 points lower. open high low close Oct 1236 1243 1218 1225 Dec 1228 1234 1214 1220 Jan 1227 1230 1219 1219 March 1V27 1233 1215 1221 May 1229 1J32 1215 1218 July 1227 1227 1214 1218b Spots closed steady at 1285, off 15. Fined for Drunkenness Walter Price was fined $10 in municipal court this morning on a charge of public drunkenness. A charge of assault and battery against Ditrell Tomllnson was dismissed. Livestock Ninety-five per cent of all rivers in North America flow south, or Into streams that flow south. EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. July 28 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 7,000 Top 11.10 170-230 Ibs. 10.85-11.00 140-160 Ibs. 8.00-10.80 Bulk sows 8.50-9.25 Cattle: receipts 6,000 Steers 9.00 Slaughter steers 5.25-9.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.70-7.50 Slaughter heifers 4.50-875 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 sor, $20.50; total, $1880.50. Grade and gravel nine miles of road beginning at the northwest edge of Clarkton; federal, $15,402; sponsor, *60; total, $15,462. Grade and "ravel streets in Ca'idwell;-federal? $21, 363.50; sponsor, $90; total, $21,453.30. Grade and gravel roads in Salem township; federal, $4D7W sponsor, $2420; total, $52,196. Grade and gravel 6580 feet of road in Arbyrd to connect with Missouri state His'nway 26; federal, $4652.05; sponsor, $60; total $4712.05. Build 6459 feet of .sidewalks In Glennonville; federal, $7960; sponsor, $71.75; total, $*031.15. Repair levees along ihe St. Francis river in District No. <: federal, $135,672; no sponsor's contribution. Repair and improve roads in Cotton Hill low-nshtp; federal, $40,015; sponsor, $4879; total, S44.894. Wreck condemned butld- ln g at Malfien, salvage materials, and build new structure la house tne city offices, fire fighting equipment, and a Jail; federal, $19,144.85; sponsor, $2260; total, $22,004.85. DISTRICT OFFERS STOPLE COTTON BE Manufactures Association Head Predicts I ligher Prices. BOSTON; July 28 <UP)—cotion goods prices will be higher because of Ihc luck ,of staple cot- lon carried over this year, President, Frank I. Neild of Ihe Na- tii.nal Association of 'Cotton Man- nfncti'rers predicted, today. "Government induced' scarcity plus drouth -conditions have reduced the prospect of a carry-over' of staple cotton almost to the vanishing point," he said. "For Ihe first time within the experience of the present generation of manufacturers the almost complete lack of staple cotton carryover will; be Ihe direct cause of high prices for the new crop. Higher prices for manufactured goods will follow in natural sequence." Added reasons for increased price are the observation of cotton textile code hour and wags regulations in the northern division of the industry and "a strong and fast growing determination to avoid cutting prices below sound market levels," Nclld said. Ising their right hands iu.salute background. Hails Voucheis for Small Sums to Taxpayers Who j Paid Under Protest. (The board of directors of the S^ Francis levee district, through its officials, has mailed vouchers to} a .number of Blythevllle residents and taxpa>ers who paid the UUiicts .J935 - Ux, cojjslderabt higher than In previous scars on city property, under protest The voucher;, according to the form letter accompanj ing each represent refunds by the dlstrlU to those taxpayers who paid the increased tax under protest and whose iisse-aments were found to be oul of line with other assessments. So far as Is known all of the vouchers received here have been for sinill amounts, considerably less than the tax Increase. A number of those:receiving the vouchers have indicated that they -ni hot casli them A suit,' filed hi chancery court at Marion by a number of Bly- thevllle taxpayers, challenging legality of purported assessments made by Ine district nnd Its authority to levy higher than^ the _. ment. Is still pending. Is • counsel for the laxpavers an assessment acreage assess- c. M. Buck complaining Eight Persons Killed In Train Wreck Today CLAY CITY, 111., July 28 (UP) — Eight persons were known to have been killed lodav when 14 <vir« of a freight train were derailed by a split switch. Seven of uic dead were identified a's hoboes and others were believed missing. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 28. <UP>- Thc stock market climbed into further new high ground today despite profit taking which broughl recession In some leaders, particularly motor shares. Trading was about on a par with that yesterday, an excellent ojcnlng giving way to sluggishness as the profit region along Little Whitewater Creek, 22 miles west of here. After. 300 men — including two national guard companies ana members of the Cape Glrareau and Jackson American Legion posts—had searched for 24 hours the youngster encountered two fishermen on the creek. With his dog, Walley had spent the night In a hollow tree. Walley became lost after leaving the fomlly automobile to look for his father, who was fishing. MOOSE JAW, Sask. (UP) — A dog, »nrioycd by a swan which was swimming in the park here, Jumped Into the water and swam toward it. The swan Jumped on the dog's back and 'neld its head CuTlerflnd'iow^c^lers 2.50-3.75 Z^ .*"*' "'"" ^ a """ al Jill Scp Chicago Wheat open high low close 105 1-2 106 7-8 105 100 1-2 105 1-2 106 5-8 105 1-2 100 Chicago Corn July Sep open 93 1-4 905-8 high 94 1-2 low 92 3-8 close 94 3-8 45-8 113 3-4 TO mm i lakes Stump lot Senatorial Colleague; Cavort Workers Join Bailey. UTTLE ROCK, July 28 (Ul') — 'Hie nice for the Deinoc'intlc nom-. million for govcinoi entered lib Iflsl Uo weeks today with moic slate scnatois laklng an Inteicst In the various uunpalgns Senator Joe Steel Hull, nuthoi of the two per cent sales tax, spoke today In Pony comity In behalf of the candidacy of 'Senator John c. Ashlev. Hnll Is dfe here tonighl to plnn an Itlnerniy foi the icnnlndsr of Ihe campaign Senator J. L »(Bcck) Shawi has been aiding In the ncnrt- qimrters oi; Ed P. McDoiml'l while Senator O T SwlUei k taking an nctlre part In the campaign of Atty. Gen, Carl r Bailey. Administration leaders and oin- plojci were reported to be making eveiy effort to mould a smooth campaign, machine lo -push Ashley into the .lead. The offices of Bank Commissioner Marlon Wa&son, Htghwav. Directcr J. C Baker nnd Revenue Commissionci Earl Wiseman ucie deserted ns the officials took 'he field to direct the campaign v,oik of employes. Workers who had been In the headquarters of Lee Caa>rt. today were Included In Ihe lisl uf Bailey employes H was said Carorl and two aides had' contacted every coiiniv workei' listed In his employ, following his withdrawal fiom llu race and has succeeded In joining 'hem with Balle> s forces Loc&l Women Organize ; to Back Ca'rf Bailey ( A "Bailey for Governor" clnb Im-i been formed by Blylhovilld women with Mis. O W McCut- chcn, as president, and Mrs. Howard Proctor, as secretary. The club will meet at the McCulchch residence Thursday night, 730 o'clock, to make plans for having a large audience to hear Call Bailey, candidate for governor of Arkansas, when he speaks here Saturday night. W an announcement today Mrs McCutchen invited all women of the city to attend the meeting Thursday night, whether or not, they have decided itixrn Ihelr choice for this office. Other officers will also be elected nl Ihe meeting Thmsday night and plans made for other activities prior lo the election. Fight Commission Revokes License oi Joe Jacobs NEW YORK, July as (UP) .The New Yolk Boxing Commission todny .revoked Joe Jacobs' manager's and second's license for the best Inteiests of boxlnsr," claiming Jacobs had peibUlenUy lefised to Mibmlt his alleged con- liucl with Max Stlimclli it for iippioval Today's action may prevent Jacots tiom handling MIJ-IO din- Ing tlic (mining foi his title light wllh Chninikm James J. llraddock on 01 about Septemboi ^4. II may also keep him out of Maxies coinei en the night of the fight. Jacobs' miSLlc several engagements wllh Gen. Jolih J. PKclHi), lommisitun chaliman, Pliers FE_ Injured Man and Ambii- lance Assistant Hurt in' Crash Near Rector. f PARAOOULD, Ark , July". 28. (UP)— Three persons riding '» speeding ambulance "with an^fii-- juicd man were almost Instantly' killed today when the ambulance' ' ' was to produce the SchmehiiB them, ......... wtilcli left (lie highway 'on a curve ... -II .- ..... , , I ... "",! ".i u V.U1 ^l_ Disastei Organiyations Are Ready for Threatened , c Til liouble. MIAMI, Pla, July 28 (UP)— 3 — "••; uiguwuy ana This vncullon city "Lonrded up' landed against the opposite con- Icdny and oideicd ill, relief agon- clc ' c bank of a large ditch.'The elp.s tn >;lnml livr f*ii ..... ..II.IA .1-... nTnhlllflnna .«,„.• »n.n..u-.i i_ ... " , - cies to stand by foi possible dnm- age from a tropical slorni swcep- njj across the Atlantic on a ""'MJ'KU uner navmg suffered a ' direct line towaid southeastern broken Jeg while demonstrating Although this is not the Imrrl- liay baler at Plggott „ ,,,.,11- Staggs suffered a badly -man- cane season and vvcalhcr icpoirs B 1 "' leg in the ambulance acci- ' indicated the storm probably will dent and Davis suffered severe not reach hurricane intensity, h">d injuries county disaster committees-, or ganged aflci Ihe devastating riorldn Keji storm last jcai, weic prepared to sliut relief woik Immediately. Latest advisory warnings said the storm vvas alxml 110 miles east toulheast of, Miami, moving moic rapidly ,west norjhwoshvaid A Vvonllu *•" Youth Is Held in Slaying of Convict RUSSELL VIL.LE, Ark. Jl'ly " 8 (UP)-Cljdc Martin ji , 15 llns held by authorities tills afternoon for Ihe murder of Azure Branch. 22-ycnr-old Oklahoma 'ex-convict. Branch's body vvns found lo miles southeast of here this morning, badly beaten and with two gunshot wounds In his abdomen nnd one in his shoulder. Martin was said to have told local officers that Branch, who had a long criminal record; had threatened htm because he woiild not Join In n number of robberies. * >ri.i>k[ji:i ^i [f^urf sum 'Indications' arc that storm will reach, extreme southeast Florida coast near Miami latter purl ot afternoon, attended by gnles ovifr small area near center nnd tides above normal, with Increasing vUnds beginning near noon 1 Red Cioss emergency oiganlza- tlons in the legion of Lnkc Okec- chobce nlto were nskcd to picpare for action Miami cltl/ens \voie taking precautionary steps to protect stores, houses and oilier property. At noon Ihe hurricane warn- Inj system reported Ihe slorm sllll was of moderate character. ROOSWfcUTC Applies Razor to Luxuii- ant Whiskers, Giown as Vacation Joke. L'BTANG ISLAND, N. ]}.. July 28 (UP)—President Roosevelt today applied lather and razor . to Ihe luxi-rious set of stdebnrns he grew on his tsvo weeks sea-going vacation. The whiskers^ which almost grew to full "mutton chops," were cultivated as a practical joke and. according to friends, more than accomplished their purpose. As a matter of,.fact the chief Holtovv Bond community, 44 1-3 71 3-8 85 3-4 9 47 41 1-4 at home here after being lost ' R Mng movement developed around overnight in a heavily wooded; midday. AT and T 171 Anaconda Copper 39 Bethlehem Steel ...... 57 3-4 Chrysler 122 1-! Cities Service ... Coca . Cola General American Tank 54 7-B General Eleclrlc General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robbhis Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard u Phillips Pelroleum 45 1-4 Radio Corp 12 1-8 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 1-2 Simmons Eod 34 .1-4 Standard of N J 64 1-4 Texas Co ...; 39 5-8 U S Smelting 78 U S Steel 07 1-4 Warner Bros 11 Zonlte .." 71-21 I Fish and Bread Claim For Abbey Faces King LONDON (UP)-Bcfore his.cor-' onalion next May, King Edward probably will answer claims from the Dean and Chapter ' of Westminster Abbey for wine, fish and bread. This claim, among others, dates from prc-Reformation custom when the Klng~extende'd his bounty by providing refreshment on his coronation day. If the Dean of Westminster, Dr. Poxley Nonls, does make these claims for wine, fish and bread, the case will come before the Court of Claims, specially appointed lo deal with coronation rights. .'. • In this Instance, however, the court would leave it to the King lo decide. yesterday I lo Mrs. Roosevelt" and his mother, Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt, They produced a mild shock, especially for . his SG-ycav- I old mother, for Ihey made him [closely resemble his' father, Hie ! late James Roosevelt. The president tried, out severs] styles of facial adornment before striking oh the sideburns, ile grew a beard but shaved it oil after a week, retaining only the grey sideburns. Mr. Roosevelt will leave Campo- bcllo late Thursday by boat for a 'short trip to St.' Andrews, N. B.. >'here he will board a train for Quebec. He will spend Friday In thai city conferring with Lord Tvvecdsmrir, governor-general of Canada, and sight-seeing. 81 ]-4 895-8 91 1-8 hi Italy. Macaroni Is made In more than 100 different shapes and forms ,Wme Tasters Blindfolded . SANTA CRUZ, Cal. (UP)—Seeing is not necessary for believing with wine tasters. Twenty from the University of California, all blindfolded, tasted 55 samples and pronounced all "sound"; 20' as "standard for bottling" and 15 as "choice." Red peppers, used in making salads and pickles, nre thought to have been used by the American Indians more than 1000 years ngo. uvold striking a truck and ...™^.ed over hi a concrete lined ditch.' ~ Thoie killed were Clyde Raw-'-, 1I»K. 37, ambulance tririverj Dr'* Gcoige Cone, 65, and "Mrs. Eth- ~, ridge Slaggs, 28, who was accompanying her Injured husband to' ' the Paragould hospital - " Stoggs, well known Plggott farm Implement dealer, was relnjured critically and Randall, Davis, bulance attendant, was piln Injuied, All lived at Tli6 ambulance nan' reached itft* ^I :'ty of limits of Rector,* near ~'\ here, when a truck started to s pull L out into the road from a .hide 1 load, witnesses said The driver ' iwerved 'off the highway and." . ambulance was smashed up badly Stnggs was being rushed to the hospital after having suffered Sinvlving Dr. Cone are n daugh- ^1 tci, Isabel cone, Memphis, and ' lwo sons, Julius Cone, Osceola *' nnd, Adolph Cone medical u- * dent. '••, ,' Dr. ^Julius Cone of Osceola, en r 4> route to Paragould, upon' receiving word of the fatal injury'of his falliqi, boarded a n Airplane -I here today. ••'-^ »' >•> f j °V| Portageville Youth Hbrt : When Thrown From Miile Odell Polls, 14, of near Portageville, Mo, sustained a severely , Lioken and lacerated ankle wherT 1 ' he^vuis tlnown from a mule ye?-' tcrdny The animal h said to • have become frightened at the approach of. a rural mall caf~- ' B Her. * ~ ' The jouth was brought to the~< Blytheville hospital tor liealmenf* He v-ns said to be resting as well as could be expected today. T Raney Will Take Campaign To This County Saturday ' Walter P. Rancy, candidate for the Democratic nomination , for congress, will lnvade» Mississippi • county, home of his two oppou- ' ents. ne\t Satuiday for a series ' of six campaign lalks, his head- qiiartcrs at McCrory idvised the Courier News today Saturday will be a busy day for Candidate Raney, as he has . talks scheduled in Craighead and ' Potnselt counties as well as Mississippi. HI program for the day foi-- lows: Monctfc, 9 a. in.; Black •' Oak, 9:45 n in.; Leachville, 10:39" a. m.; Manila, 1pm; Blytheville, 2:15 p. m , L-;xora, 3 15 p. m.; Osceola, 4 p m.; Eto»ah, 5 P m.; Lepanto, 7 p. m., Marked" Tree, .8 p. m Iw Found Underground- PINDLAY, O (UP)-A 16-inch lnick : slab of Ice was found a foot underground by workmen at the Pmdlay waterworks. The nork-~ men were forced to abandon their operations because of the ice although the temperature was nearly 100 degrees. Beer first came into use parliy because of & sliortage of pure water, in ancient dajs brewm» was done by Ihe housewife in her home. More Iha'n 25000 persons in India died from snake bites in 1931 despite treatment given by district dispensaries. Only 250 pounds of (In were yielded by mines in the Black Hills of South Dakota during 1334. Exclusive of Alaska, which produced eight long tons, these mines are the only other American- owned lln deposits worked, : WEATHER ARKANSAS—Moslly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Probably showers; In the north portion. Cooler in the northwest portion I Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity — Local ihundershowers tonljht or Wednesday. Note quite so warm Wednesday. . The maximum .temperature here yesterday was 35, minimum 69, clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls,.official weather observer.

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