The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1939
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1939 Despite War CounIvy's Larder Is Well Supplied With Essential Staples UV JIHS. GAVNOB .HAf>l)OX .Vl-'A Service Staff Wrilor WASHINGTON. — The average Individual in the United Slates consumes abcut 100 pounds of sugar a year. Bui Die sugar refiner. Ics cio not process al Hhe sugar 10 be consumed during a. year in one time. They try to keep their plant;; optnuing steadily Uiroiigh four seasons. If, therefore, those women who fear a sudden shortage ot sugar because of war eruditions rush out Its do not process all the sugar to their families would normally use during 305 days, thc-y immediately cause n shortage of stocks on hand This runs up prices. We have vast supplies of sugar In Hie United Stales ana have IIH reason to fear n shortage because of the war in Europe. Price:; until September had been so abnormally low because of the cver-nbimdnnce of .sugar supplies (hat unless the price had gone up a reasonable amount, the sugar industry might have been dangerously harmed PLENTY TO EAT DUKINC NEXT VEAlt Our national supplies of food are at- a high peak..There is no need for fear of scarcity. Thnt condition did not prevail at the beginning of the World War in 1914, but it dees iiw?vall today al the beginning of '.he new war in Europe. How much food will each member of your family eat during the entire year which begins today? Figure it out roughly. Now study the following list of food supplies which will be available to each of the estimated 131,243,000 people in the U. S. .during the year 1039-1940. as estimated by experts of the Department of Agriculture: Pounds per • Person Meats (not poultry) 132 Poultry 19 Butter .'.' n.5 Lard H Other Fats and Oil.? 18 Wheat 317 Rice 8.3 Fresh fruit 109 Canned Fruit .ami Juices ... 20 Canned Vegetables 22.5 White Potatoes 131 Dried Beans 10 BLYTHEVILLEi, fARK.)' COURIER NEWS Educated Horse Here Are Few Pointers On Rodeos; There'll Be One Here Total per person per year 877.3 The supplies on hand or lo be processed for consumption are in every case larger than the estimated consumption for the period under consideration. Supplies of canned fruits and vegetables and dried fruits are very.much greater than estimated consumption.' These canned foods should therefore remain in the comparatively low price range. However, the figures given here, based on Department of Agriculture Information, nre only to assure you that there will be plenty to cat in this country during the Ken Been and his educated horse, Midnite, one of the feature attractions of (lie rodeo at the Mississippi County Fair which opens here tomorrow. next year. They are not lo give yon tile impressions that prices for food will stay nt, their present levels. No one can tell just what will happen, but we do know that women who are well informed about market conditions will not become panic-stricken, They will net cause n panic when the threat of scarcity does not exist. Park Rangers Discover Hiker Who Won't Hitch YELLOWSTONE STATION A L PARK, Wyo. (UP) — Yellowstone park rnngers have found an oddity in this mechanical age — a hiker who wouldn't hitch. ; Motorists were S3 dttmfounded when their offers of rides were turned down that they reported the fsict to ranger stations. The hiker was Hilbert O. Fcltcn, Benton Harb:r, Mich. He walked the entire 147 miles of loop road in the park plus 20 miles of entrance highway. K'W IAPPY ' G80.& FREE DELIVERY ijl IBp W. MalnSt. I'lmie hi %mgal533£^*lR*'.' J g«Tg The world contains 1100 kind of animals and insects, with thou sands of varieties of each. ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE Wo have on hand a supply of New Crnp alfalfa seed for sale. u. s. Verified and approved for A.A.A. payment in North Central District. L. R. Matthews Gin Co Phone JI-F-2 Yarbro Post Office, Hlythcvillc, Ark. @oooo Facts That Concern You No. 12 of a serict. IN TJMES OF RISING TAXES, UNEMPLOYMENT, FARM PROBLEMS,THE RECORD OF BEER IS DOUBLY INTERESTING 100,000 FARMERS Beer pays 100 Million lot firm Crops $&$^&&2- '/x;{t-ss.s-.w.•«'.•}•/ AND NOW, TO KEEP BEER'S MANY BENEFITS, FOR YOU AND FOR THEM , AMERICA'S BREWERS WANT TO HELP KEEP BEER RETAILING AS WHOLESOME AS BEER ITSEIF. THEIR PROGRAM WILL INTEREST LOCAL LAW AUTHORITIES. .. AND YOU. MAY WE SEND YOU THE FACTS ? - irial Foundation, 19East Wlh St., KctoYork, N, Y. BcEK...a beverage of moderation "Now (lint it Is certain Ural- Hie Rodeo nt the Mississippi County l''nlr is Koliii; lo be one of the blg- Bost thiiifs (hiil lins eve)- Ijcfoi-u taken Dlare nt die Fnlr, we wore curious io know just wlmt, « rodeo is so «-e Imve Intel-viewed u few of the rodeo offlcinls ami linve gotlen tnc low ilowti oi> Hortco," si\ld J. Mell Urcotw, xrcrrlnry of tlie Fair A.ssochuloji. "Misl we wore curious lo know liow it was pronounced. \Vc had been iH'iuIng Rodeo, then lliero \vns tlitit "Ro ilrtyo" Inlk so we liuve tried to get tlmt stralelit- 1'iirrt wit. Accordliii! to some old lime cow liniuls It is culled rodeo in the Norlli mill most of the United States but ulousj the soulli- ein liordcr of Tesns tiinl Old Mexico they say "Ho (inyo" su it all rlrpcndji on whore you nrc as to wlwt j-oii call it. However, they nil i'.(jreect that (hey prefer "rodeo" lo "ro duyo." "Among other llilngs we lenrned tlmt rodeo i.s n Spnulsh word anrl menus roundup of collie on the ojjen range. Rodeo K -e re |- n . st ^ nr t. Ml In the west by the cowboys nut! cowgirls. Durliif io>indiij> time Ihey were u long way from nny city, lowns, or village and tliey teok to riding wild broncos for <ll- I'cjsion. Then same the trick and l.-incy ro|:iii(f nnd gradimlly the cowgirls took to riding the outlaw horses nnd roplnR nnd trick nnd Inncy ruling. "Soon the owners of the outfits sot together and decided lo .set who had the best riders nnd Ihtis the rodeo had Us beginning. IL )s one of Americas oldest sports and one that really WHS originated hy Die greatest horsemen and women In the world, the American cowboy and cOWRlry. "Most every red blooded American loves a lieaulifii) liorse nnd nt the Fnlr rodeo yon will see many beautiful saddle horses, roping horses and trick riding horses. George Adams, general manager of the flodco, lias long been noted for his breed of fine pnlimlno horses tlmt nre a light cream color wllli Die silver manes and lulls. Mr. Adnms will Imve many of these beautiful horses nt the fnlr here." Mr. Adams will hnvc something- over 350 head of wild stock here. In this amount of .slocl; will be oO lu-nrt or •)>»]•<« bml hniliinn wil- tiei fHincijiiies known .its meted ciitlle us Hiey orlglnnlly cnmo from JiKitii and todny me worshipped lit inc rcllBlous ciM'omunlcs. These Cftltle me O f i, | M .,, C i),.^,,! .,,„, 0[ the mwt vlcioiui ti'jrt))or nnd a will lie iiip. se vicious critters that the row-toys nnd cowgirls will have 10 contend with at the roilco here. BoMdps II of (ho ,, slun , w i co events »n n,e iirognnn Iheve xvlll uc iiuiny new nets of imiiMin) clwr- «cter. One of |h n speelnl feiiture ntli'iiflions will be Kenneth jioi'li nnd hl.s clown horse, one of Anier- icn's isri'uiesC horse nets. Both Kemmh mul Uic liorse portray the pan of two drunks nnd end up the iioi formnni'c by bolli crnwIlMg from Die arena on iheli- knew. Tile Kidoo jiiograniH are (<i bo Tiipfdny nlghi, Wediwsdny afternoon, 'ilmrsdny nflorncon and Frl- dny nlula nnd Snndny night, To Make Lear.hville Show Annual Event Lfuchvllle'it first marc and coll snow created so much interest llmt 11 has In'im decided to mnkc llic event, an aiinniil cue prior to the Mississippi County K\| r nt Blythe- vllle each year, it was unnounced today, following the .show Saturday. All of the first place winners In the six classes will be entered In Die county fnlr to make llic first time (hut the extreme western pnvt cf the county lm s munileslod much Interest In the county event. There were 34 entries , v |u, ft n o r the six classes represented except one. Cash awards were vmtd the winners as Ihey were announced, 'llio livestock show, which will be increased next, year, w«s sponsored )>y Die l^achvlllc Chamber of Ccm- mcrce and the county extension agents. Rend Courier News ivnnl nds, J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (irndunlc Oiitome- trlst In Blytlievllle. Glasses Filled Correctly ;, Girl Unwinds Traffic SnarJJDuo to Rabbit CLEVRUNJ). O. (Ui')-U(cok a IIUP Klrl to solvs, n ni'oblom which hud notecUvi'.s i/)ul s ] M . nrlk nnd j nmes Hulhw-foid lit their wlls' mil mid truffle j,, downtown Clrn-lmid hoiii'lcsslv snnrled. • The two detocllvi's were cruising nlcitlj n doAiilown street ivhcit they saw n mblili dani,^ i, M k ,, nil forth town ih<. c. a , Si aioimlni' llic two went (o the rescue. lint, the bewildered |,,, lmy ()|(hl , t wrml to He rescued, ic hoppod STANDARD TIRES HKO YOUR OLD TIRE 4.10-21 4.50-21 01S..Ua I———- f-UOPpimONATHl.V f.OW// {•him la 'lie Valet «/ Vinninr m'llj Harare ij>«*i ami ft/,,,1 \fjll,,1,1,1,,, "\,',l'j >t',m::t,, HamivU, «, ft c. Rut Kfltmi PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Kills Snipes,' Butlcct iir K r. SUi * Walnut I'hone 810 from curb to curb, ro :i) ] )m i u,e olJlrw-s Icif-wenry and puffing. Traffic came to. n standstill. Then, ns il,c detecllvcs went mlo u strategy huddle, a mile iB-ycui'.old Klri appeared mid cried; PAGE TTIKE1I "Here,'Dinkey')" "He's my .pet," she told the ofri- corviw the-rabbit scurried to her Head Csnrler News uant atk Greatest VALUES in radio history ViVre teltlirntlng ]f) r« «f I'hilco ullli lirutiunSali! I'u inlniiliico 1941) ,lim!v<T- *'ir) |, ( ciiili. |\Vw r.ulici [irtis . , . offers . . . lutlrtvlilicral I'.'vim niul u-mlc-ln nl- lowmfcs. Came curlfl Built to receive / TELEVISION SOUND ...tho Wireless Wai! Hlyllieville, Ark. SMOKERS: SAVE AGAINST OF THE STATE CIGARETT Here's America's Shrewdest Cigarette Buy... The quality cigarette every smoker can afford Whatever price you pay per pack, it's important to remember tin's fact; By biirniug 25% slower than the average ' of the 15 other of the litrgcst-selling brands tested—slower than any of them— CAMELS give a smoking plus equal lo .,.- BUKNINGI Naturally, Camels.have more fragrance-and taste belter too. There's no fast burning to mar the marvelous pleasure of their finer, more expensive tobaccos! Yet Camel's costlier tob:iccos cost Jess to smoke. No woiulcrCitmclsarc famous as America's shrewdest cigarette choice! S'£ C l " £csl - sell !"fi ci f««« b«nds were recently compared in partial scientific tests by a leading research laboratory. The results: CAMELS were found to contain MORE TOIUCCO BY WHGHT than the average for the 15 other of thcJargcst-sellmg brands.' -? rA j^ BURNED SLOWER THAN ANY OTHFR flRAND ™ ED ~ 25% SLOWER TfIAN ™E AVERAGE TMP OF TM? OTHER OF THE LARGEST-SEUJNG BRANDS! By burninl I « alcnt ° f 5 )J In the same tests, CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH FAR LONGPR than the average time for all the odicr brands. MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF- MORE PUFFS PEft PACK! Penny for penny your best cigarette buy. CAMELS ^r-: : •:-. C;ICf AT> \?^Ci'=\yfcSAy! \- ; : j .LONG-BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS

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