The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1934
Page 3
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PAOB BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 19, 193-1 THE BLYTHEVILLE COUR1EK NEWB TBX COUR1EK NEWS CO., PUELI8HW8 O. R. BABCOCK, Editor E. W.' HAINBS, Advertising Uuiger Bole National Advertising ReprtfenUUves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Oet.vlt Bi. Louis, Dallas, liar-am OLy.UemulUi. Published Every Afternoon ExccjX Su«d»y. Entered !\6 srcond class matter lit the post udiw at B:\lhcvllle, Arkansas, under out. o[ Coop-ess, October V. Wll- Errvcu oy tne umtrd Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the Civy ot Blyiwvllla, 15c per *cok or $6.50 per year In advance. iy^HSSS;?^ Sfi.50 pa year, in «mes seven »"C eight. »1».00 per year, payable in advance. Poll Tax Receipts The l.invrom'o rotinlv Democratic Ccnti'iil commitU'i', in :\ recent mcel- inu nl I'owluihm, iitlopU'd ii resolution to the effect thai IHI canilidalc sliall be cerlilk'il as a party nominee who buys blocks of poll tax receipts or contributes money for the purchase of blocks of poll tfix receipts for use of voters in Die primary. Tlie Lawrence county committee, lias taken a wise staml, and one that might properly be followed by other county committees throughout t h e .state. Wholesale purchase and distribution of poll tax receipts by or in behalf of candidates is an indirect way of buying votes. Tin- practice is bad in itself and bad because it makes county political -campaigns unnecessarily ex- It should be slopped. Stili Up in the Air S.-,y one tbiiiK for tlie nil-ship; it lit least provides military and iiviitlion experts with plenty of material for argument. Tin; Macon indulges in maneuvers with the U. S. fleet in tlie Caribbean, and is Iheorcliwilly, "destroyed" by hostile forces. Immediately otic faction announces thai the military usefulness of the airship is completely disproved—and another says with equal heat that the reverse is true, since the jliicon" disclosed .the position of the hostile fleet before beinp; destroyed. So now Ihe old argument is up again, and il probably won't, get settled for many a day. The airship is a triumph of invention anil a beautiful thing to look at—but what is it really good for? Take cither side yon like; you'll find plenty of people to differ with you, in either case. More Sex Equality Almost unnoticed amid the press of more spectacular events, a bill won the approval of Congress this spring extending still further the equality of men and women in American law. Tim bill removed all discrimination against women in the nationality laws. Heretofore an American man who was married to an alien woman, and who had children in some foreign country, could transmit his American cili/ensliip to those children; but itn American woman married to an alien could not. This hill removes that limitation, and also straightens out one or two other little kinks in the laws to put women on an equal footing with men. SiKJli changes botanic logical the moment we passed the c(|tial sullrage amendment. That it took so long to get thorn through, simply reflects the |x>\ver of inertia .in such matters, for there was never any valid objection to them. That the changes have at last been made is a victory for democracy. Frankenstein The destruction of the Nantucket lightship by the White li"«i Olympic is ti queer, back-handed testimonial to the perfect efficiency of modern mechanical means of aiding navigation. At the time of the accident the Olympic was following a radio beam sent out from the lightship—a tremendous aid to navigation in foggy weather. And in this case the beam worked all too well. The Olympic followed it with hairline accuracy—uml, finally, ran it down to its source and crushed the lightship from which it was originating. An accident of this type could never have occurred in the old days. II is a striking, if painful, bit of evidence about the accuracy of our new machinery I'm 1 keeping ocean-going ships on their cour.-'e. IDE GLANCES By George Clark The Editor's Letter Box THIS CURIOUS WORLD powilvr compucl." ynu get her ;i forsake pin or sn;t"]>y little CHURCH EXCUSE What the I'eoplc \V»nl ITo the editor:] Tlie trouble with Ihe American people lo-day is, that they think tlie old tiuiii of prosiiei ity has jmupjd off the capitalist track, and our President and Congress are trying to put it back on the track so we can speed away to ihc old system of plenty of work for the workers, and plenty of money and leisure for the shirkers. I!ul that is hot the case. What has happened Is, lhat the old train js a total wreck, and what we nave to do is to build a new train, i new system of government. Congress has appropriated a bil- lon 5 hundred million dollars as i foundation for the establishment it this new system. _ Too many of us ore still hanging on to the old system with one land and timidly reaching out the Jlhcr, groping for a hold in the lew one. The President says, "What tlw American i>eoplc want, Is what hey are going to get." How can the people !ct the President know whai. they want mless they organize? What we nust 'do is to grab hold of the :e'.v system with both hands; gut he people together in an organiz- .tion tnat can voice their wants. We are organizing tlie workers if ftfississippi County. We want all lie workers of this county to join | Ills union, so their voice may be icard, by the city council, by the utility authorities, anc 1 . perhaps in ilher parts of the state. Don't be afraid that you will .ose anything by joining this tin- on. You have nothing to lose If you ire Mkc me. Don't be afraid that your voice vill not be heard. The voice of .his union will be the voice of the MALAVS VALUE THE TEARDROPS Of= THE OUGONG, OR SEA COW, AS LOVE POT/ONS! THEY BELIEVE THAT A /ViAN CARRYING /\ VIAL OF DU6ONG TEARS CAN WIN THE LOVE OF ANY BEAUTIFUL. WO/V\AN. ON THEIR WAY TO CALIFORNIA'S GOLD FlSLOS, WERE FORCED TO PAY /2s C£Nrs EACH FOR HORSESHOE NAILS'/ H would Ire well lor us to remvuilii-v Ihe Sabbath Day ami keep it holy. This can be done by i!:r individual without attending eburch, but Jesus commanded that m if<\ not in the assembling of ourselves on the S:\Wjf\th day in the place of worship -If (lie cliurcli that claims you us a member (toes not appeal lo you any church will welcome you. ATTE-ND CllUUC-ll SUNDAY Committee. President Roosevelt has accres :o all the iulormation in the Unit- crt States. He knows what to do. He wants to know what we want i to do. The curious dugong has a somewhat liumnii appearance when seen at a distance, and mam- persons believe Ihis animal to bo the cause j| of the once general belief in mermntus. At ant: lime plentiful in the warmer seas of the world, tlie (ingong now faces extinction. XKXT: Duct thunder ovcnr when there arc no clouds in the sky 1 / Pet Bull Dog Takes WHAT DO? ARE YOU OOTNG TO | C. R. Chenoweth. V.-Prcs.. C. W. U. Head Courier News 'Want Ad5. man home, apparently turned on jt!:c gas jet. When chapman rc- Li(e by Turning on G<1S I turned home he found his do'.; «n- I conscious aud the house lil!cd with j MURPHYSBORO. 111. (DPI—Cu- | fumes. He called the fire dcparl- !pic. a pel bull dog of E. L. Chap-'muni inlialalor crew. | man, committed suicide by takinu j Firemen worked over the ani- j gas here recently. . mn i for „„ hol]r ;„ an l!Usl]ccess • The dog. ielt alone in the Chap-' fill eiTcri to revive it. The most iniporlunl shot in soil is the one you have to play nest. —Waller Hagen. I wns never meant to be dcconuive. —Mn- Imlma Gandhi. * W * This city houses more mils and loiiG-halred fools than any oilier place ul its size in the woild. —Overseer Wilbur Glenn Voliva. ol Zion City. III. . • ~. . . * . * . * No comimmlly can be trusted to promote social welfare which does not have, the self- rcspccl and stamina to insist uiwii enforcement of ils laws. —Chief Justices Charles E. Hughes of Ihe U. S. Supreme Court, v « * The e<liicaleil man is Ihe man who ran make the best, decision nt the time it's got to be made. —Charles F. Ketteiine, automotive engineer. V * • The tiling I In- to do is lo make the moment ol excitement agree mill Ihe moment of reading. —Geitvudc Slein. famous novelist. • • • We'll tolerate no lynch law In southern California. —Uistricl Attorney Uuroti Fills of UK, Angeles. • • » The national ]K>lic:cs of Ihis country are ue- 1115 determined by a group of men who are not In sympathy with milch that w,: hold sacred to our capitalistic system. I don't believe lhat Ihe two plans can live side by side. -George H. Houston, locomotive executive. « * * I've laken some awful lickings, so I must love the Ihcalcr. — Klhel llarrymore. Smooth Diet and Rest Aie Remedies for Indigestion him to eat ar, he should. Tin. iiucotli diet is Uic one most fre miently nresci-ibn! for such pa (inns. Onr of llie largest clinics in til United atati-i advises a suioot diet lor p.'vsonr, with clironi rtisrsilive trouble. bq BEULAH • POYWER; tujnia HHII: TODAY ] tigress would turn on turn i:'nd pay i overalls were yaicheo anil, like i>o\.v\ <:j-t:niKt. o.a MAnp- ' iilrn back for llie brutality be had | olhcr dock .bauds, he wi3 t :•£« 5S"*«.»MS .s!U.- k ~: !»>'»»•»- arir ' cd - HV 1)11. MOIiltlK FISHBEIK Kdilor. iif the Mcdiial foMx-iatfor, and of HjEi-la, Ihe lle.ilth JlaRiiiinr Some indigcsUun victims gel the idea thai there Is .sonic one foori subslance thai is responsible for the feeling of fullness. Inn discomfort, the pain, and the eructation of giis thai follow cnlins. "If you are io give thLs diet a ] Some force themselves lo cai I fair iriul." the clinic Kmjgesl.s. with the idea that Hits will make I "ent no co.usi- [cods will) fiter, them well; others eliminate urn* I skins, weds, or eristic. Avoid par- fooil .substance after nnollier. with tlie hop;: of finding the oircnrting Jlniltllor r.y licularly salad.s \\Hli celery, tomatoes. ci.cumlK;!":'. and pinoapple. food sulistniuie. Urns almost Marv- mnny of the :;rcen vegetables, ing IheniFi-lvcs to dealh. i raisins, berries. JJUHS full of .seeds, ' nuts, ami many u[ tlie raw fruits. After the doctor nfis ur.ide n j' complete exniuinalion ami discov.-is; "Beans. cabl:a;;r. onion's, or°anicallyl or ral I>i 1 l > l 1 '-' 1 ' 1 >. melons, cucumbers, anil pcumiUi an- notoriously gassy, in roncenlrateci lhat there is nothing wron? Unit can he reached. :imlj afler he :issu:rs his paticnl that he "Avo:i Kiicai- doer, not have cancer, heait disease,!'°™ •»'« l " kt ' »" <*'«* or °^er or some- cmialiv serious disturbance.! fcctl between ii-.e.ils. Hni cakes and he next tries io lincl what troubles Bullies iiisglH i«,i be bad. i they arc in the family which cause a •'"' properly f.ietl: thai is totalls person io tec his appetite and ruin I Immciwtl in fm at the right tem- his diccstion perature. nis digestion. ., AvoJd oal w(irii ji( a n]Sl . In mos of .icuto inrii^e.sUon il i.s common lo llntl womon who Icari^ existences uithi who wrangle! their iHsbindaiH at incalUmes . and wher. incntaKy upsot. Family rows should lie b;!il a»,iy from the iablc. Chewing g;mi ;t'.;iy raissc dis- Somelin'.e.s or vacation OUT OUR WAY Williams CUTER SPlMDLE V..-NS A VERTICAL. AUJU'b i MEKJT FOR. ecr.mRiKi6 THE CUTTERS, AND IS DRIVEN BV A WORM GtAR.AND THE THE CARRIAGE HAS A \ MICROMETER ADJUSTMENT \ > ; OR REGULATING THE \ DEPTH or : TOOTH TO -~ BE \f THAf kftPY \ ENGINEER IS GiVlKT THEM OL' BOYS AN AWFUL JOLT. JUST THINK OF A WOMAN KNOWIN' MORE ABOUT MACHINERV THAN THEV oo. THEV LOOK LIKE TH' WORLD WAS COMIN' TO A END / IT tS COMIN' TO I AN END, HER MEN! TH' KING IS ON HIS LAST LEGS- LONG LIV5 TH' QUEEN 1 swallowed helped ty li' there are any ij.ips m your teeth, Itaiv j-niir flnuisl Till them with bridges. Purgatives ollen causr- flatulence and disin'^ in ihe ; tro.^s. as lunch ;iir i willi the saliva. "Digestion i.s greatly have a favorable effect on '.»-,» S 00 ' 1 chewing siirfac. person uilh acut^ indigestion or isia. partienlarly if in- ^o.\s away from his hwi.sohoUt and nil i Ihe ]>cop3e uronncl him. This do"S' not, menu a strenuous holiday, b'.it an actual rest. I Many IKMSOHS who seem lo be having trouble with their dli:i'Ati->r. | do better Miili a certain air.tiuir. ol mnssauc and mild exercise. Thi;. particularly Uie case 1:1 MO'.itiv' milt, men uho were once a'.hlciic | who l:ecome Habby :u;ii' at. Most im|«itanl in ih-v fnll from Ihe Ir.lvfxr Mnurllnk' nr- rjm^..* for her II, lie l:,kcn lo i;IIA.M>r.\Tiii:il SII»I»AL'S I^rrn li, reeuperot*. To plenie fcer |,^ri- ner Donnn fTrlenil* io he Mnrie- llne. She fnlU tn luve ^llh llll.b H1IHIAU Mnitline'* eoo*ln. and ihiMi^h nhe is nnhnairtl nT ileeeiv- ir.c Hill nnil Griindtiilher »be (• iirr:iij in tell Ihe truth. .Mennivhllr Mmjelluc m n r r I e ft : r-<l.N I1AVIU. nnimnl trnluer ^llh ihr rirru^. and although Ii-rritled ,it llie llon« nmd 1lgrr» tnkr a i>urt in ihe rcntmnl i>ei. ,MItS. I'l.ANTI'.ll, homcfceepci on Ihe fnrni. 1* hu*ti[c tn Iliinnn. Hill nMi] Dnnna are Binrrird. Afli'T Ihe eereiMOOT Mr" 1'lnnler IN the i-irr«» Hrcnn. .>0\V GO O\ WITH TIlll'jjTOlty CHAPl'lill XXI ''PIIK circus »'as en route lo New *• Orleans and all the performers rnriirr '. Madeline knew =r,T»e ila? Con "Oh!" was all MnOcliuc cuuid fruni her j vvou i,j aF!i |, er lo handle the tigress ! stammer. inlone. She knew she would rcbell | "Jly eye!" Traffonl sneered, '.and thnt on lhat day their mar-1 "What is my fine lady cloiu; do-en | riage would EO on Hie ro;ks. Some- I licrc? Loolciug fur a job loiioj j limes Flic wondered it she still [ rice?" 1 loved Con or If she hated him more "1 was lust looking aronnd. L jthau she had ever loved him. miust gel back to the shovr." She I They played Diloxl the day bo-1 stalled to pass him. hut lie reached I fore they went to New Orleans, lie- lout a grimy band and grasped her : cause It was cheaper to remain j wrisL Ul JV.llLlr HUM ..,, .."- l^> ."" , f , \ . rt - I ro .ookln; forward to llie wee.biu us, ours hes BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from Ihr fllrs .if Ihr. Oally t'^o I he had many friends in tlie city. It meant a change from t'ullraan state room?, since those who could a[ford it would move to hotels and hr.T'rdins VOLIFCS. New Orleans w^s considered the high spol ot the tour, and everyone was getting costumes cleaned or making new ones tor tbe opcuins there. In Nashville Con bad purchased Ihcre over Sunday Renfroe did not j "Oh, no. you're uot going off with- move the show unlil tile following ' out some sort of -howdy-do 1 lo an evening, but Cou, anxious lo get • old friend. It's a sight for sort into the city, hired a car and he ! eyes to see yon again. How do you and Madeline motored In. j like niy looks? Pretty nifty, efc? Vilh ihe warm autumn brcc/.e ! I've got you to thank for this. Some tanning her cheeks Madeline nes j come-down! I suppose you know tied against Cun's shoulder. I I'm black-listed?" "I wish we could- go on and on "It's your own fanll." she s:i!d forever, juri like this." she sighed, 'holly. "Von jumped llie sliuw." "Xo sliov.-. no animals—nothing | • • * jtl A FTKR I saw you lied up tvilii ! "• Ibat animal Irainer I couldn't .hang around. Maybe you doa't know it. but you knocked the ceu- We'd EOOII slnrvc." Con dan lucky lo have a good job." "I'll have something when Grand-', ler pole right out from under me pa dies." she reminded I and I've bren skidding to the several yard^ satin and ol amber colored d llio wardrobe mis- -Tltafs counting cbickens. but ! ever since." Traftor.l hrou s ht his nnlc«s I'm mis>aken we can pull , moltlcd face close lo hers and held down some renl coin In vaudeville i h« frisluencd gaze will. Ills WOOL- this winter. Any agent will be '. shot eyes. glnd to handle an act with a worn- i "Let me co. Kctl!" she said, try- no and a tiscr. Uy Christmas you ; Ins to hide the teiror &be fclu onght to be able to manage Lncy ; -if you'd been any sort of a man ' a ] one> "Yes. you'd never have let a snip ol Madeline spoke In .1 tighl : girl like me ruin your life. Wli ES to make a 511:1 for Madclino | liitle voice. nny one else wo'.ild hava similar to one o! his own. Whcu t'.ie went (or her first fitting Madeline drew back in horror and pro- le'jicd thai slie could not wear yel- lo-.v. "It's bad luck!" she walled. "You know yellow is bid luck. Con. We'll sei our notices or There was a small hold Sust off ' known I was only playinc;. I never Canal slrcct tbat catered to "pro- • —we were never anytliins b'jl tcssionals." H was a rather dreary, friends—" looking place, tun the air of Rood j ..g 0 rou sa y_ an ,] 50 you'd like fellowship and Ihe reasonable rate? • lo think. But appealed lo Coa. Here be and llie | lmcs ] kis Thn Co'.irtcr ca "-.| Mondav. May ID. I!I2I. 3 developing a did lhai| j w." Adams. Herman Cross and lie patitiii ,.,n leikc and -cachmg Frcd w . Schat/. were rleclcd lo I lie board of education in the annual olcclion Salnrdav. Twn tiek- ANNOUNCEMENTS has l>cen au- Ihorlzcd to ar.nounci: the folioxlng for public office, yijb- Dcinpcratlc primary 1'nr County ,lurt;c ZAI, I). HARRISON GEOKGE \V. BARHAM en placed in the field. Adams. E. r. Blomeycr and il. C. Martin inaknit; i;p one. a:u1 Cio.^6, Echalr, and J. H. Smart llie other. We'll sei our notices else will happen! He laughed ,11 her sunerstilinn. i Ijcniia for llie -Wlio carej a!wut notices any way? I early sprin;. ['vc worn a yellow suit In all tlie blq cities anil I guess if ! can. yon can. Don't be so silly." I've not forgoiit'ii erl yon and you Ic; Madeline engaged a room and slep'. : mc ho \ A Ym ja m y arms—" in a real bed in?ieafl of Pullman ; "K^I. pieascl I've got to get ic first tin.e since j ,|, 0 C ( rc ,, s grounds. I'vcasbow | ,by. Please!" He laiished liarfhly and lln:m N' bad already B""° lo llic c ' r ' • aside her arm. "Sure, you've KOI cus groiiuils when Madeline; a show. 1 hear you're In Hie nnl- Kvcry free moment now lie was J awoke in the morning. "Ills pre-1 mal act now. So that's why the worki-i-wlili Lucy the Bengal tig- cious cms." she thon~lii. Then., big star hitched up with yon! I tcs« determined that sbo siioulil be because she rcsenled Con's leaving ! thlnV I'll come out and see llie. lhc"slar beast when they played without calling her. she look her . act. Mcbbe you'll do an cxlra linn, • - ' • at dressins a-id F.vintercd . knowing I'm in the audience." Oaks, CLINTON L CALDWELL Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Uc-clcction for Second Term hers for luunty Treasurer JOE S. niLIjAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN !nr firrnit Courl flrrk HUGH CRAIG .MimSON SMITH H. 1) rSKEET) STOUT County Courl Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-E!ccllor. Jor Snd Term Kor Assessor R I, iDTLfA") OAINF,S 0. C. (IKE) HUDSON Tormal opLMiiiia of White ll-.c iv*' i.tinifenient park by Men A. I!ng? oa tin- Herman Davis Memorial hi^hwny about two miles west of Hlythcville, will tcke place tonight. A feature of the rmmaimneiu v. Ill l«> a baby show. The babies now lisled as certain to appear an- Louie .\Val- \vitii Nur. 1 -/- Kleibcr. Lasley, jwi'.li Xnrsc- Lansc. Harliam. I Nurse Stier. Meivin Crowe, with '.Nurse .left Crook, and Hugh Men- -lagne. who will have to look after I himself if soir.p nmsr isn't found ,wlio is willing lo laekle tlie Job. I On llir ;\ftcr dinner program are Miss Bculah Hale Hardin of Osce- .o'.n, Jim Sahba and others popular In Blythevllle. New Orleans. The strusgle for BH- time Pi-emacy between man and beast 1 over to Canal sticcl to loo'.; let a. "Perhaps 1 will. She allemptc., wai magnificent. Daj after day coifce shop. ! to laugh lightly and made a sicp tl-a hu--e cat would be driven into' The city was new and intcreslin; ;oward the doorway, boi he moved tlie arena where Con faced her lo her and after breakfast slic «a:v more quickly an6 blocked Ihe esii. nlone Slie would snarl defiance | deicd down towards the river. The • "Maybe you and your liusb.-in<! nnd croucb as though to spring.; old French market wa= icemin::; will have Eiifpcr with me after- Then at the crack ot his whip, tbe i with life nnd she stood for some ward?" be sneered. more delcinilncd than -ever break llie tigress's spirit. l that could sec huge Ual, i of coucn Iw- 'or CnnsUhlc of fkisawba To«m,hl|i JACK ROBERTSON AUBUR.N'DALE. Mass. (UP) — For the first time since La'scll Junior College was founded, elrl ludentA are allowed to wear ankle iocks and eo ba-.e-legged this Vrar. in= hauled 10 a'T. lale !or that now, my indy! i<i he- master I ucy became' The muddy water of il:e Mi"i5.' olie wouM believe you. Well, run "actable The W she wriggled j sipni eddied and cliurneil. ne^ug »IO"S or you'll ,m ss , onr <.„,,. i ;i acro=s the sawdust al his command I nsalnst the momidj o! Uiat i" 9 Mein S > ou and "lay fawning at his feet like, a I held it In I"*''- Madeline looked] Her knees were saakius when inme kllten be was «s elaled as a] down al the rotlin; planks under | she stepped out Inlo the simliplit small boy with a new toy engine, her feet- She was wondering st 1 . agaid. She hurried over to Canal • • • | their sirengtb to withstand the In- ! filrccl. looked about for a lail ami •\IADEI.1NE baled th« tigress »nd j rush ot tbe waters wben she heard bade the driver take her to tbs clr- her hatred held la element ol lealowy. Beyond a doubt Lucj was ot vastly «iore Importance to Con Msdellcs bsrse'.t Sometimes. her came spoken. cus grounds as quickly a; possible. ?s Mddelltc watched blm trainla; ! 3f cfart! ilie beaet, ehc arncst hoped tbe i and bioid-shoL Ebe whirled In aMonlshment an<!: On ihe way ste debated whether stared Inlo tbe face of Ned Tral-' or not to tell Con about the e:, ford. H? wore a thrfrE-jiyf growib counter wish Tritforl Ihtn der . hi? evs, Hu « e r« hlsais tablj. C:ru id it BBS fcEtitr to say tictli;:, (To Kt Continued) , <

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