The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1947
Page 12
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1 PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILtJB (ARK.) COUIU.ER NEWS FRIDAY, 2, 1!M7 Production Advocated to Lower Prices •WASHINGTON. (May 2. (UP) — Rep. Charles A. Rall«*, H., Hid., told the U. S. Chamber of Commerce yestcrdas that the answer to lover •prices \vas more .production, He Isold the GOP tax cut logislntion • "gives the greatest relief to the • 'little fellow. 1 ".' Halleck, speaking at the cham- Ibcr's 35th annual convention, said •that the Hartley labor bill pissed 'by the House was a "sound basis Ifor the prevention of Indus'.rlal • disputes." • The House Republican leader said "tho bill mot "an impatient demand" .'by the people for a solution to the •labor problem and would enable "mfliiagemeiu and labor to work '"as a team." • The chamber will end Its annual meeting today with a resolution re- .commending labor "reforms, including <i ban on secondary boycotts and sympathy strikes and modifi- "cntion of the closed shop. Court Settlement Gives .Chaplin Picture Rights • NEW YORK. May 12. (UP)—Tin '$6.450.000 plagiarism suit wind 'charged that Charles Chaplin Int -based the plot of his "The Gren "Dictator" on n tariff written h: Konroad Bcrcovici was settled Wed inesdny night for S9D.OCO and $5,03 court costs. Federal Judge Harold P. Burkci turc abou announced the settlement and said; thai the .the agreement also slated First Picture of Secret Rocket Testing Plant Photo nbovc. one of first pictures released of "Operation Hermes." ll)o highly secret U S Army- Ccncral Electric rotlicl molo. Icsliiif! |>lanl near S cl.aKotacly, N. Y., shows the interior ot the motor ronm will, technicians .vmovinM a rochet molar from a lest stmul afler a Iirii.B run. Wulls of iwm are of reinforced cc.ncrcto, ll.rcu feel thick, from outside, observers wn c/lcsls Ihrougl. throe 1 lift, each (if which cu nlains nine inches of bnilct-iKOuf :;l FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone Blytheville 714 everything In "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard J«w*Iry Sto?e A. F.' DIETRICH, Mgr, motion picture. Ucrcoviri linil ohaiuoci Hint lie lind suRgostcil the itlc.'i of a pic- dictutors lo clinplin .uul 58-year-oM :u-toi- h:ut llintlngtveri to produce it. Bcrcovici siucl •Chaplin was die sole author of the'lie hiwl submitted a two-pane out- line for the picture which Chaplin then rrjerled. Two years later, lie said, Chaplin made the pk'- turc. Short Record Captain G n, Lnthian, of trans-Canadian airline, flying a Lancaster, set a new speed record of 11 hours and 1C minutes from Montreal to England, bill held it only two minutes; in January 1944. Read Courier News Wani Ada. "After I read all about traffic deaths, murders, and the international situation in the paper, there wasn't much time for homework, and I didn't feel like knocking myself out over the Pilgrim fathers 1" Lawnmowers ... Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L Wicker Machine Shop Copyright by Gwcn Dov.Mport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. THE RTOnVl Co.lfror Ttvi'.s. HE* rintlirs lire *liii \vrk-niix-s Mm ••nlMi-.hisllo: 'llic (ithcra l.rr-n'l S4i liiipii}-. » * $ • COPH1E never went downstairs ^ for breakfast, meals being Die . most quarre'oCime part of the daily life at G^ny Shingles and two n day being enough. Every member of the household demanded eggs cooked o dillerent way. Marcel compared everything he nlc to the most delicious breakfast he ever " remembered having eaten. Sir Charles usually forgot to pass anything to Godfrey, who would remedy the omission by banging on his water glass with a knife. There was invariably an argument, at ' luncheon and at dinner, about who should sit next to Sophie, until Basil suggested taking turns, after which there was nn argument about whose turn it was. When Bridget brought Sophie's " tray downstairs, today's breakfast was just over. Basil had already left the room to play some Chopin " in the drawing room before start: ing. to work on his book. Vicky had gone upstairs lo her grand- Ihoughl she detected in his »ye a gleam she had not r.ccii in a decade. Thc'-e w;in'ihing -slyly insinurilmg /n iho expression on his hand-ome face. * * « "OniDGET blushed and begnn stacking satieeta 'fi'.'.'.: slinking hands. When she looked back in a moment, he was fitting a fresh cigarct into n tortoise-shell holder. The housemaid sighed with relief, leciding she must have imagined the whole thing. She had picked up her tray and started fr/r the panlty when she felt his hand on her hip. She stopped, pnrnlyzcd, but before lie spoke Mic door to the back regions swung into the dining room and Kir Charles came in. iirklget escaped. Sir Charles's impression ot what ho saw as lie entered the room \vas almost as fleeting Bridget's first, uncomfortable sensation that there was a hint of lechery in the air. c !-.- .".miles, however, had every reason lo know that it was futile to give Godfrey the benefit of Ihc doubt "If you dare," he said, coming • mother, Marcel following. Godfrey was alone in the dining room with coiTec and cigarcts. *" Bridget, open-faced, pink- cheeked and smiling, came in to clear the breakfast table. Although she was a woman of perhaps 40, she seemed like a mere slip of a girl in Sophie's household. She spoke to Godfrey with kindly respect. "Good morning, Mr. Matis- bridge." "Good morning, Bridget," re' plied the old gentleman, convcn- . tionally enough. "It's a lovely day, sir," Bridget • wont on cheerfully. "Will it dis- | turb 1 you if I clear?" She went . ahead with her task without waiting Xor his permission^ but some ' ciuslity in his silence mac, 1X& up. •_ To her intense astoni.Viment she sfraight lo the point, "if you dare lo come, back into Sophie's life only to break her heart again will your cheap and petty—cheap aiu petly—uh—peccadilloes—" Godfrey looked at him will vhat was almost a sneer. "Sophie' icart is too big to break ove rifles." "Well," said Sir Charles. "1'n lamncd if I'll stand around an watch you makim; a foot ot your self." 'You need not," Godfrey sai sarcastically. "And anyhow wha I choose to mnkc of myself is in own lookout." Sir Charles walked around tl table and caught Godfrey's ^hou der, twi-iting him in his chai "Ever since I've known Soplii I've watched hz: ec'.inf? her hca out over you, while you playc around in corners: with any everyone. It's so hvtmiHaling for Sophie! You know vcr- ^'Cll Bridget wouldn't dare slt'tl y;uv umdsomc face." "I'm afraid." r.:tt(\ CuniVey, "lhat so many yc.irs o' pUyily butler:; have given yoo the mcaUilily of :: servant." * * • • "T'VE kept quiet for a Ion', while," Sir Charles s.lid Jr. a level tone, "hut, by .Jove, I'm going to tell you iy>v.- it': high lime you | realized you aroz:'" a instmcc idol any longer. You're 1 lucky Sophie was good to you and took you in, after the way you threw her over for that second wife of yours—or third, whichever it >x'nO—" Godfrey smiled. "If I considered your opinion important eno>ugh, Sir Charles, I might get angiy." "I wish lo heaven you would get angry!" cri. the butler, bring- g a list down on the table with a •co that rattled the china. "In 1 the years 'I played with you d in the weeks you've been Hv- g with ns v 'vc never seen you lubil a genuine, natural, honest, lotion. I v, ^nder if you've cver< id any nail ' -d feelings." "Come, ome," said Godfrey, one c-:'..iol be a great actor with- CL-lings, after all! What the, rench call 'temperament.' " "Probably that's why you wcrej of a. great actor." For the first time Godfrcyr ushcd. "13c careful," he said, ctting to his feet and facing the? itler with an ugly expression. "I don't give a hoof about your retched little affaii s," (Sir Charles noulerl. "I'm only Sophie light have to boar one more petty umiliation at yov.r hands. T know he stopped Inving you long ago, nit she sce.-.i? lo feel a certain gation because she loved you or so long." He paused for breath, <iuared his shoulders and adrl'.'d, "Or perhaps it'^ tje^viuse you m:vcr a hit after bt\e left you, pnd she feels responsible." Yon had better go," said Gpcl- frey, roused al las';. "Yes, I had belter go, before I bash in your handsome ffjC*?!" Sir Charles swung around and walked out of the room, with dignity, although Vc .vas trembling with lAirt bteKlhing fast.jtai I***. (To Be Continue'})i(«**PB For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On mrcliiirn si/c nritl large (ructs. No extras. Full repayment ptlvl* SI'E US FOR Q1TICK SEUVICK ON FHA LOANS Fcir Building nr Uepairing. AIsu Auto Truck and Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's .lewclry Store DlythcylUc, Ark. FRKCKLKS & HIS KRIENDS Ey MERUILL KLOSSER Careful, Gents VHEM WE GET THROUGH WITH THEM, THEY'LL HAVE: 3 BE WOMAM Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— • Pontiacs • Fords • Chevrolets • Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery^?r We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars " BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. lie Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. TMTTNEH NIGHT HATIMS WEEK MIGHTY NICE . OF THE CHICKS. AMD WE THOUGHT THEY WERE MAD AT US' NOTICE.'/ AULSHADYS1DE H-S. GIRLS! BIG SWINGDINGTHlS SATURDAY EVE. CLUB HOUSE/ Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade'A'D, & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purify 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED ClQft PER SUPPLY yiOU TON Also Ogdcn and RuyaT Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas WASH TTJRHP Careful, Clco H;S> ih A =, HOURS C-O HELLO, DOWM THEEE! I'VE GOT Nr«?_ JUST CAUED THE HOSPITAL MJD- SOrtEOME'S COMIN6..AGHU.! TWNS TO CEcATE SUSPICIOM WP SOU BOW DK /-- <^~"f PROB^LS I CLEO ANDEE I I SOET O' EVPECTEO WITH KHL1C WXTCHIMS HI.'.S UKE WJC> THEN. / CLEO... THIS 15 Wi NEW &S5JEWNT./ I HE'5 HELPiHG WE FINISH SOWE LAB E [: 1947 BY NF* SERVICE- ISC. T Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams TVKT) to M*MI.TN ISOCRftTS •. Poison HEMLOCK ^ J FOR ^ (/ 75 CENiTS • •//'••'"/ i ~*1. BUY A ( /- -'.( ROVAL I • \ VASE.-—AMD, I CAM'SEe t4E5i. STOFFISS SACKVAKb DAISIES ll^TO A PRICELESS ANTIQUE FRo^\ tue PALACE OF CZAR , v^,. '& 8£6M MAC'S. O.IT O.- A FILE ANP .SOME: OLD BELT LEATHER.' hlOT VlOLE-TiD TO WIN^- BOY, IT'S BEAUTIFUL.' l.OQIC HERE=, U»\VE, HE MADE IT-I C>OTTA HAVE ME OKK OF 'i HEM; / RAPS. START- • THESE AIM'T \ "T^SD HUMTER5 V IM TH' HULL / SHOP, BUT I THERE'LL SCWM B6 A HUNDRED V HUWTIM 1 KMIVES-.' LJFPALO ARE GOME. AM' -lOO ' PICK CHICKED: X SK1MM1M' THE COMP-\MY VFC FLINT BATTUR DtWEP OKN'r XOOK LIKE Afl)6— NOT A MARK ON HIVl. WHO'S THE 6IRI? NOIDEA.BUT HE CERTAINLY HASABAOCASE. DID YOU NOTICE THAT DYING CALF EXPRESSION WHE HEIOOKED HER? liirlh nf nn Idea I!Y MTCHAK1. O'MAl.t.KY and H.V1.PH I.ANE Across to\vn a talk was taking place that was to prolong my stay in New York. OKAY. NlfTVFEU*,WE-'RE ALONE. LET'S HEAR VWAT YOU ] GOT ONVDURMIKOTHAT .HAD TO BE SAID IN FRNATE. YEAH, NIFTY. GAH__ ,„' '.CH AND Kt WERE TALKIN' >, 1 ABOUT DENVER'S CHANCES A6AINST THE CHANAP. REMEMBER ? SURE, ED. GANSON S.4IO HE WOULDN'T CONSIDER A HEAVY BET ON EITHER FIGHTER ASA GOOD INVESTMENT SO 1 SAID, SUPPOSE A OUY ffffflY DENVER WOULDN'T Win. OF LITILE SEA' FIRST, TrtErt WE'LL GET EvtKl WITH RTDER ALLEY OOP And 11 Does By V. T. HAJMLIN li BOOTO AND HER BUDDIES Somelliing New MARTI!*

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