The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 5
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1031 BI.YTIIKYn-LK <AHK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word (or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement taken ior less than 50c. Count tl» words and send the cash. Phone 306 1950TilEBODBS-MERRILL CO. FOR SALE FOE SALE—liaby Chicks. All var-1 ieties. Custom luiclimy .solicit-, cd Marilyn Hatchery, Blyllieville.! M-CK-TF i WE~HAVE discontinued o'jr Isrm i operations and Ir.ive a number o:! limits, horses ami taim Uic'is we, nUl sell cheap. Call 7-J, Browiu! LU !d Billings. 1SC-K25 KENT IICtilM lli:HH I'ODAV niM;i:ii I:I.I.A rin.i.ivr.ii, *:u'rljli'r nf il mtnlMrr mill »l«M>- dulurnl lormrr I'llll. V.\\ UmHl.V, ircmil/i'4 n Jurilur Cinin- tr> Cluli In Ilii' «"vn nl llcil 'I hru»U. limn. JUKI In Itri'ii Ille nim.iif; llir j-nUMUcr irl (rum lir- r.ituliiir IIM> dull, li.VHl) IKH.I.OXVA V. a JUIIHR nriiul «liu \vn» liollolrln nriinna Mil- rniinlry. «l«'li|H-il Irt Itvil Tlmnrt. AHrrii-lrit lij flliiurt. lip ru:ri-i'd tn -.luy nnj imlnl (iiirlrnllH Mo i:nv<- ilir iin/nf -Julr ill 1 X'lvri" 1 t.i (In- i-lulr. :uiil MiKCi-tti il *.rnd- li'i! n. rlil.-itEii l<ir Mfnl.n CAI- l.CM), ulm t-iinhl vaok nnj »lnu un.l Mlrln-.i n BUltrir. UKI Mr,»li> c-.mlil n<il rotur. In Ms |,r:»v iirrltrit Hirer ..r lil> IIIIMTO — I i:.'ci I'On KENT—Furnished room v.-itli I t">-r bath and furnace heat. KO. 1110 i J.™^' ChicV:asawb:i Ave., Phone No. 645.', iitrir I'llL-llll) r.mUl .',11:1,1 r.lim. i;lnL:rr tnoll lln-m on. ,.,li,i; l« r.nllir In- "li» In ultli ftiln^rr. l&nnl KncUfAiri] np. Hill I'bll. km. llir. »; <;!,.- |it-r»iinih-il lilni 1(1 ,-lny -r.1. "H l.r .mil.- Inr SI'GKII lll>- ' ;."OU RE.'.'T — bath, clesc in. Belle M. -Wco-J. nc:!;coni, private' Plioii: IboJ. Mr;,, i 18C-TP. Ilivitril lil ulic* Kuril vnlMr ii-ll- Invlh it VAT- WANTED I . <;lrmrr 11n-rcii|H> •VV STRAUS tt, inki- r.-iri- ot Sprfil. hill t':il[> Mikitlitn ...... mi-. |ili'.li(- Irii Iny.-ilrj I" IIIHIV .IACttSi>\. WAKTED — Family Washings. Washed and honed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, .701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF il. POULTRY V/ANTEI5—Market prices, any miaiitlly. Marilyn Hal- thc-iy, 2:a ^. r\v.irtii Bl. 9C-TK New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 18 (Ul') — Cotton closed steady. open hi'^h low Mar 1104 1118 May 1129 1H4 11CB IMG 1214 July Ocl Dec Jan 1104 1129 1151 1180 1200 1220 1221 1102 lias 1150 1130 1200 1220 1117 11-13 1161 1196 1-J12 1220 t^o,ll Lull niKrr-nlilc- tor <;lrtcrr wnil ^ tn-r nnit Hard xrtuirr.lf li. MriiiMtnUr. Itrnlin li:nt n Irln tn CIllrnKo nnrl rriiirnrc 11 i.hni in Kldnnn IJn-rr n.i In r rnn^niu. \\-Ucn SpccJ and liU ^l^: Tliril i^lnuff cm nnitllL^r xii NUtrr'n iinlllt «:i» <'(H"niN \VIM iIIITrrrnt from uli:il kil»|irrtri!. Shr >%::< p Illllr ,:. I, ,lr inil Cu il trllic Clnu TL- In r.ll.l l):,r vc n» l'il;lj IcrrtiJi^ lili.l. Am] ill Ihr |irttcrr<]inL;N pnlnr Spots steady a 1 . )OK. up 2G. New York Cotton M>\V c:<i n.\ v.'irn inr STIIH* CMAPTEH XXXI 441 ET'S liave a Irmlt nrniinrt tlip House," raid Kd'ly Jackson. EdJy tried to csplala lliul slio iiuat tneicly hove waiulerft) on for , solitary Elroll nml woul'l soon ri-- urti, lull I'till was not to Lo ro- assured. "Bui, l-Mcly. liasa'l slio been iliere since niornliie? Six hni'iral Uli. Bhu n-ouldn't BO olT like ttini! H.nno- hlng has hnpiinicil to lier. \Vo'll comu rluht out." I'hll'a alarm ciinnnu'.ilciilcd It self to ttlin. nail he sliou-eU cnusld crahlc iineaplntso wlicu liB returrieil lo [lie £ro;i]t. "Khe'A not tlictn. They are coming out. I^ill'h—[rl^tit- cued." i'atly burst into tears. "Oil Eihly. you—yuii ilon't DiiiirjuFr) slip V.'(rUl(!~thl £lliytlUll>; tu llrl-.-it-Sf. ill j-ii'j? They lofi !UT rlijiit Dy 11"river—and die's been so uulinpi 14VW11AT dill Elio liave In be. un ** happy alniut 1 .'" asked l!ar< dully, frinu ll:o depth of M3 osv t;reai wne. "Ahnul— Oil.—" Patt looked in confusion from Hard Eddy. "\Vrll. slit's Ijeen nnliapp mybnw. Sho cried—after we wel o Ued —every ni:4tit. and made ni •rnnilso nol to tell." ICddy looked isuire tlian a lilt r.s!iamert of lilmself, but liard iva entirely nonplused. 1 don't see what she tiad worry nbnut. t'vcryihint; seemed be EitlnR Just line—for tier." "Oil. Hard." said I'ally. wec-pli afresh. "It was nil oa your accoun You've been Just liorrld. you kuo yon have. Tlic v,ny yon Mined wl —with Cotton. Oil, please c-icn me. v.'ottnu! Hut Hard dill Illrt, ai Ginger felt terribly." "Sco here 1 ." cricil Bard wild "Are you all crazy, or am t'i V come lo me and risk mo lo hang Collon so (linger won't l>c iealnua on account ot Ivl'Sy. and when 1 do It. you lell me il made Ginger cry." "Who told yon any such irunSi r," ulii) called plaintively luto the | ejaculated Plill. darling 1 ." j "llccause," confessed Speed "Kd'ly, tell li'.o ilio trutli," sail shniiii-fiiceJIy, "1 thought sho vas rd. "do you mean —1 did prclrml'Ji'alouH beciiuso Cotton made njcli bo mailing up lo'Cotton nllcr a fuss over Kdily. 1 wasn't ou ted asked iao to—do you mean latent Hard." at you and UiiiKer—" ' 1"U1 rolled cjpresslvo eyes to- "i'filt!" said Kdily, spinning Iil3i" ;1111 lioavon. "do on." blio said at incis. "1 used lo ho cia/.y about : laf l '" « stranslcd voice. "You left liter, and 1 Etill tlilnh 6 tm'8 : l:tr "'tho lamllnij.- catcst lilllo Bcnnt 1 over j 'Hist \vas really all there was to e!u! never llioutlil ot- lc "- '!'!:ey had Joined Uard wlicre OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aher|i -nut t'no iii new. lint e!i L- like Ihai." Hard tnrued a vicious look I.T aril Sliced, "I'd just Ill-iU 10 knnu that lilllo cnr did It ou imt- ose." tio bald between li'3 tceiU "Naw," raid KJdy rciissurlugly, lie uniddji't do U on [inrposc. Jii^t liulu diiinli. lliui'n all. Ilo llHc-s Jin^cr. he \vas Just Iryins to do her Rooil turn. Where the devil do on susipose sbo can have ,:ol to? in a very few mlpntes. IMill's hi. 1 loro u[i Ihc wood laue, hi? v,as painlluK ut Hie cdfc of Iho ivoiul and ivaltcil for 1'al and lOddy lo conic- liacli from tlielr «nlk. Gin- i;er did not come. Eddy went lo liio lainllne— iicrlmiw an hour Inler —and she \vaa not Micro. No ouo l.ail sc-ea her alnco. "Anil uhere uero—all tbo lice \vlio |i:itrolled tlin b!i;hw.iy. tint Mr. Tolllvcr hesllaterJ lo adopt BO drastic n rr.easnro until it was found to be absolutely nccapsary. "Ginger Is so prond." lia said. "If NEW YORK. I'A. Cotloti closed (inn. open 18 (UP) — ligh low Mar Mas- July Oct Dec Jan Spots 11CO 1131 U57 1185 1203 1213 1116 1145 1IC9 115)9 1211 1225 11CO 1120 1154 1!8^ 120'.' 1213 1115 1144 1160 1107 1217 1225 ;teady at 1125. lip 20. •But- "She jiisi may he somewLere you knov,-." llni a rl^lil seareli nl Hie premises from aillc. lo cellar reccalcd no Ginger. "1 lliink ivo'rt belter call DC dee." said Bard. "Maybe sho uas! gone home." £i]ily loeked n:ore tiopefnl. "Ves probably." he said. "Shu may nave stninbieil il[ion sonic one elie liiieu' on the road and gone off liorue for a joke on us. Tbonch It isn'i iiulte ilk-: her. I'll call Phil." "lie. i-arcful whai you say," cau- ttoneil Conon. "Don't frishien her." Kilt at F.ddy'a first wotd ot Inquiry IMiil's voice did sliow Irlgbl. "Eddy, wlial do you m.Mii?" she cried'. "Isn't Ginger there 1 .'" tliati" demanded Eilily Jnchscm. 'I did." orlmluoil Sneeil bravely. "Von and Ginger liave lieen In love for yuars—ynn Know you have — "\Y!iai a fool!" cried Ertrly. " I'iiat [was wbeu we were kltla. And Uiu- tcr was nevur In lovo with mo in her life,. \Ye just grew up toeelUer, that's all." | "Do you mean." ticnnn-lcil r..'.nl.i •idvancing toward Speed m a very! menacing manner. "Hint you llcil to j me about Ginger 1 ;" "No. 1 didn't Me." iicnleil Speed cicitcdly. "It the irmb—at least 1 tbong'ni it \v;:s the irmb." pATTV ran lo the iloor. "Oh, ulease, huys. eo locli for kor. mil don't stand ibere quarrellnr. GIQ ; l'l:o others, It ccGincil. had l«en 'all over Iho placo dolnu their HC- Icustoiiini work, I'lclro had pro' pared liinrhc-im for them. Behlin jbai! led nnil watered bis blrtlM and Mr. ami Mrs. Tolllvcr wero qulcbiy-,,..,„,,)„ IU1 , ff)r (llolr B ,,., |icr an ,i snrroi:nileu. Tlicy wero eurprls'il I ,\ni;elo worked In tbo sar.lcn/They it Uliwr'a absc.idc. and « Iklio «n-jhad assisted in tUo ararch for her py. tai on tbo wliol» ihey in-. iiironub ihu «oo,U and llirouBhout iiK-ii lo Ibc Idun lhat nutbln>;; ^ cottage-, really scrlo!js conlil have liarpeneil | • » • lo bur on sucb t.-imillar nnd friendly | p !]H ; s nrsl |, lc iinQtloii was to ground. They dcmouded & full ac-' I count ot Just wbnt Had happened nolll >' "" sl ' crl " InuueHialely alu-r their arrival ot Mill »usli.!' 1ml Set In touch with Iho al.-itc- po anil the were prompt am! unanimous in their recital oi oventi. GinRer liad gone tor a walk In the wcods wiib Cotlon nnd Speed. They returned lansUlui;. In the best jshc has Just Koac off otnne in wear of spirit?, and tlicy hail left her nl out n 111 of the- sull:s ihc pnlillclty llio Lr,at-landln-^, UiiiRer asking w-onld embarrass her torrlutj-." them to Ktjnil l-'ddy down to her. | "But Ginger would ntu do ihnt." ('otion and Spccrl agreed that theylfiald i'bll. "1 know tier. Sho :ould had left hcr nullo doubleil up with,never bo so ross or worried that laughter, chortling irleofully over! rhc wonlil ilellbcralely alarui us like oke on Etlily Jackson. liiis without reason. Somelhlnj; lias tiai iK'iuil lo her.' "What i ncn afraltl ot ta thru rjh» h.13 fallen In the wr,,i!b and tuirt herself, apralned an nnklc, fainted," Bniu rJ<ldy.- '"1'liat's Uio only way I can account for It. I agrei I'llll —she wouldn't di ibis on pui'pofie." "(lo and look In tho woods tioys, and have, llenilo call her. We must try (o llgurc- out how lies! to so about this." A shrill nnd piercing shriek from Jenky drew llicrn to Ihc open door. Sl'c wa.s llyinr; up Iho gravel path jfLom the barnyard, nuc arm IruHi." over hcr bead, one COMSIPRR DEAL < ~ £ TRADED AMDREWlS CAR T6R "TUlRTV CHlCKEAiS AriP TQLlU BUSHEL QT POTATOES-; -~ wv SHIARE AS BRokSR WAS ,Tnieuv/e odcKeMs AWD cue sasnle csF POTATOES! -v~TvOa ciF \ -Tfle •pL.MM.aiiTrl TlGCKS We V, MAvye FoT? )• -Ttle COWERS I SOLD A. f. UV& MV UrViCLE \(€. SWAPPED A A -T^rtf ,<}UWri-f ^ -fWl*lS TOP A OF V<Ui COCil-P 5MEUI- TaR A BUSCK his i'-l>U'r Pho hasu't been in Krioil '' spirits at all," protested I'lill "Phe'a been terribly uiihatpy." "Wo cheered hcr up." disinter] Cotton. "Wo told hcr FornelblHE lint put hcr In llio very best ot .-plritr 1 . immediately. "Wliat ID the world did yon lei! her?' ".Mrs. Tolllver," sail! Coltou 5,1 m ply. "cf couise I will tell yon It you iaflst. l;ui it iiasn'i a ihlim lu the woslil t" un wllli the case. It ivaa y,\i: a liitle secret between us Tr(A-TA BArWo AM* l-T -fo A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ftOOTS IS LEARNING! "To tell you Iho Speed slowly, "now that I really understand tho lay t<[ llio laud, l Ihink w-hat ually cheered her ny was my telling her that I bad a-iHr.l j something poisonous w.ia a bit'of H-inl in licuu Cotton away from i common Elrius. fioni the oml ot Eiliiy Jack-i:n." I wbicb dotigied a scrnp of brown "Hal why In the world did you ] wrapping paper. as* to do such Huey Long Now Doctor of Laws Half-Moon ?.Tr= J Kc\v|)0rt, .R. Hue;: ! tliis v. -^i; Eaturil.iy. Mr. : ;. Irc-n-j Daniel u' ; ^ ii-? ^n-.-: cf Misses Frantic a;«l Oli:lv:- in- gra Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. ]lin;er Hccljc a:i- nouiirr the hirih of n ilaui'littr c;i Stinriny, February !5th. ,, . Jfr. and Mr;. Rev Gaincs V.TIV! :!1 l; visitors in this o:rmr.:nitv ir.s -.vcek. " j • Frank Sacktiucr and Hush A-.;.,-! tin were visitors o'. \V. II. llicluinl-, son Sunday. V. : E!.T.AN'D. Cr.t.. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hawkins s;:o:i'. ir.i .|.v!>i- i-.'.i:lc;i th? !r-inc of Mrs. Saturdsy in Bljllicvil'.e. Mr. and Mis. Litrl Bui 1 !: were glints of M.'. nnd Mrs. J. I. Gain s. Sunday. Mrs. linchamn of Hiiffinar. :- FOR RENT S Room Dnngalcr.v with Garage, Newly Deccraled it^idc. Al-o •! iicom House. DL-rora'.ed. !,. i''0\Vi.Kil I'iione SSS Confs Dresses Uemodclcil— Kvcr.vlliinR Cleaned. IIE-NU Ct-EANEKS I'liollc 17D Governor Hitcy P. Lont;. abovo. U. S. senator-elect, l>,ie tlic first Louisiana governor ever lionored liy a Louisiana university \vlien Ixjyola recently awarded bhn tho decree of doctor of laws [or iiublic ?ervice. He i3 sho'ivn hc-ro wearing the hood of. tile dor'ornte. Gulf Service Station TIryant Stewart, Jljr. f.oral and long distance liatilin;;. Special rates mi carload lots. Team for loeal Iiauiin^. V. U. WASHAM 7KAXSFER 11CO Chicka»a»K-x I'liouc S51 JACK ])IiLK "..-.diaior r:;pcit. i; r.iv. -.-i;:i 1:1. Nov.' r.;id Used liad.ators Tor All Cars Jackson Atilo 1'arls 2 )M W. .Alain—Vlione C6 Promise Land News The Re 1 .', ^fr. Courhnian filler! I his ::rn: monlhly aFlwdilmtnt :\'.< ' Promise Land. Sunday murniiic | 'and cv=nin'_?. Mrs. was unable ti' ccnic on of Mr. .inri Mrs. \V. -». McGoiisl'.cy o; La't'O City were Promise \jtm\ visitcr.<. S.Uurciay and Mr. and Mrs. Hnl^V, \v-n-e ^ur^'.r. of Mr. nnd Mrs. Walker Mc- O;M!-!i)c-v Litl:c'.!i;nii nr!scnd!r-,e is iil this \vcek. HAV One 'n!c or a train lead. K.'.K CORN, rhuek on, 88c hu. Sliiick o;T. L'Cc per Uu., in car lots. Cr.lioit Stairs Snlrs Co., Fnc. nivthcvilie, Avk, Phu::e 174 or LD 1800. Mr. ai:c: Mrr. Russell C tci;dcd cliurc'.i services here day. Mr. Jirs- Bill Ninucr children of Oscc&la visited — --- | Nippor's parents. Mr. and Mrs. i Wiley fjarncr. last week end. : Mr. .-n-.d Mrs. Will Williams vis- 1 itfrt at nir.dflte. Sunday. i Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wh:ln?r 1 and Mi.i Mjra Gaincs were si::-sU - rf ltr. ; . Ca'.iic MrGayjlicy. I'Je Mciiin Ray jr.. who '• br-n rjiiilr ill. is new hr.i'.rcviiie. ?'.;n:iic Lynn B;:sei:riiv ! Sunday'n Milduvi Hail Cutler. ! Austin Kdwarrb of Wi! c on and formerly cf Promise- was Ihe i cuosts of Mr. and Mr>. \Vhiic.i • S;uinii,-,y and Sniiriny. He llir yciin.: nioji^s Sunday school I ci-.'ss, Snnoay ir.orninp. j Kvei'yoiif is inviicci lo allcr.d Kp- j woith Lcag'ie each Sunday cvc- ' nin?. hand ?lre'.clicd out nt before tier, and gripped bcuvceti ner thumb and forcllUEer as H It were r. Mrs. .'.I vutin'r pcoti'.? Irciii this ttciiclud the dance ;U Ocs- : JKT pan-ins, Mr. i Gr.v. j'c? pr.nlcrk WUR ll'.n dinncrj R'Jf.-" ot T.!r. :i:i;l Mrs Etirl Shan-' e.iiclt :i-.i:i.!.v. p . Mr. and Mr;.. Viiiton Ba-s of Bj%tl-.evllc Invc moved ti tiv.'; vic- f. B^ick. cntcr' :i fov.- 01 !icr frii'iuis at her lio:ne, n:-.lit. c Sii'.:::i. j:L'.t\tir.e;ui, tl;i-y me',, a liol r'-C.-inioii ill II:.. 1 !u: n: oi =i i ):ol o' ij:.-:lii:i water. Mi;. Smith! pj'.-idr.'l c'lilty tn f. cln:-;e of I'nrr.-.VjiiT i 1 . ij.'er a iTiiilin: officel siKMKiins i'""RECi(T,ER her ;:ncl Hni-d £ HACK THE PAGES! gins FOLKS AT BSOW6 O To A B'S SLi=D, O'.-JEM T-.1 K-f A''I ASO U'. ST,\ST FOR A UTT-'- ElC To Ji^TcrjiKi.... A D'.STA.v: of o>4'_Y SECO.'jes STOcii 111 A S'.G :.'.!.£ o? LODli K>2 DUE TD TP6 HSA^V of me SiJCTjJSuoe...Tie ,V! 1 : TV'= Eo','3 CO' -ErJ A SU3S CC.V.6S AND THE TH1HB 1b Do ISTb S400T UNt>y ; Tb REUE-JS HIS 1'OOR 1UCH BOY i S6NOR. ,W£ TOWN EES no uol DO L LOOK cs.Mtc? FULL weew TRousMo DOLLAR BEEI* MV 60SH! A*»' ITWD06HT-; «£ W6B6 RICH 1 .: \t'S KMT V!W NOO W^tRKSiVMOS THROW OUT trtE HOTEL V!E£MDOyk. SEE? MozEM rVvVSELFrEVjeR 1 WN4 EtS COUMTERFtET. EES «10UTH . -, •4fa%,^,i£^i&;fe$^P$? qi hY HE* «i'1VICE. INC. I AM/AY, W«U V^T

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