The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on May 13, 1955 · Page 41
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 41

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1955
Page 41
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Tipton and Miami County News So They Say Postpone 2nd Polio Shots In Tipton County TIPTON—(Tribunp Area Special) —Dr. Raymond Kincaid, director of the polio vaccine program for that information by Wednesday. Tipton County, announced that the second shot of toe series for the county will be postponed until May 23. Originally, the second round of polio vaccine was to be given beginning Monday, May 16. Because of the government investigation of the program. Dr. Kin- caid said, vaccine for the shots will not be obtainable until May 23. By that time, he reported, enonugh vaccine will be available to complete the program at Sharpsville, Prairie, Kempton, Goldsmith, Windfall, New Lancaster, Hobbs and CurtisvQle schools. Clerical staffs of the schools, now closed for the summer, are asked to contract Dr. Kincaid about the shot schedule. He expects to have Youths on Trip Five Tipton high'school youths left for Chicago Friday morning, guests of the Jack Barnes Inc., and the Ford Motor Co., as winners in the highly competitive Industrial Arts Exhibit. The trip winners were Michael Pearce, Jerry Schmitt, J. R. Flet- « A mm rearce, jerry OUIUUIL, u. n. I-ACL- llOW S8V6 MOUSY OR Cher, Hubert Tragesser and Charles ' f^^ft TUf. AvKiKit /if thaca hnvc New 1955 Chevolets Through special arrangements with the Chevrolet factory, Jim White Chevrolet has secured a special allotment of 61 brand new, factory fresh 1955 Chevrolet^ right off the line. Coupes, convertibles, hardtops, station wagons and four-doors in all wanted colors <*Jid to* >r conr binations and with ail equipment Good. The exhibit of these boys were judged tops in their respective divisions of about 200 exhibits. Instructors of the winning youths ACBOSS 1 in the manger 4 and fortune 8 From stern 12 Cakes and DOWN 1 and mo-Mis ZMelley 3 Ladies and to 13 Stratford on Okay Survey Of Peru Water System PERU—(Tribune Area Special)— Peru's Board of Works signed an agreement with the Pfiefer and Shultz engineering firm, Minneapolis, Minn., for a survey of the water 1 20 Companions „_. system, when they met in regular 21 Best of a bad 19 Anticipator session Thursday morning. The 4 Plane surfac* 5 State 6 Complainer 7 Abstract being 26 8 Of the sun own 14 Heraldic band 9 Allowance for 27 Chemist, 'tot Answer to Previous Puzzle WISH-TV INDIANAPOLIS CHANNEL 8 15 Noise 16 Incessant 18 American actor waste 10 Otherwise 11 Disorder 17 French refugee instance 28 Down at the 29 Goes astray 31 It cats and dogs work is scheduled to get underway immediately. 23 Beveled joint 33 Jargon 22 Persian prince 24 Kind of boat 38 Landed I 24- • on the 25 The survey will include a check j of the water sources, filtration j plant, storage facilities, transmis- 27 He and —— sion lines and the water distribu- *""•--*•— tion system in Peru; analysis of. present and estimated future water « Kind of bullet r . ^A lUfueiAal consumption; a study of the recom-j mendations of the Indiana State De-: partment of Health; and of the re- recorder property :laim 41 Fodder pits 42 Musical instrument 43 Dice throw 44 Stockings 46 At one's end 47 Great Lake 48 Facts SO Like a of lead gas 26 Neat 27 He and 30 Photographic device 34 Musical dramas 35 Weirder Charles Pearson, Industrial commendation of the Fire Under-! , 7 „__._ „..., .._„„._ T ----- ..... „..„„ ..... ; , u ,„ , 37 Roman road Eafl ForneVi ; instructor. writer's Inspection Bureau with respect to fire protection and insurance rates as well as compile estimates of annual operating costs, a Agent Aide Miss Elizabeth Stafford just com- am of improvements and Pteting her junior year m the school: methods o{ {inancing . wanted of home economics at Purdue Uni-, The board also reviewed ^ law _ ^^ ^ . . jversity. will serve in Tipton County i concerning the , epair of side walks Gershwin Finance arrangements have as an apprentice Home Demonstra-: in the city Frank Dice city attor . sztlops' kiln been made so that with trade-ins, tion Agent, from June 3 to Aug. 27.; ney said a city ord j nance s t a tes 53 German king no money down is necessary in'She will work through the County | that it is the dut of thg propert j. ' 39 Solidifies 40 Individuals 41 and heir 42 Dark yellow 45 Taunted 49 Astrakhan 51 George and most instances even if your present car is not fully paid for. Jim White Chevrolet will pay off your balance and the only obligation you will have is on your new factory fresh 1955 Chevrolet. Even where there is no trade-in, down payments are as low as J199 with weekly payments as low as work, involving 42 projects. She $11.55 on some models. Extension office in the courthouse! owner to keep nis sidewalks in re . and with the home economics 4-H program. Miss Stafford is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stafford of Jefferson township. She has completed 10 calendar years of 4-H club Trade allowances on used cars regardless of make are amazing, to this year, but this is an amazing sale. It will remain in force only as long as the special 61-car group lasts. completed five years of junior leadership training in the county, prior The Commission of Education of See Jim White Chevrolet special Kernp Methodist Church will spon- Honor Seniors announcement in the sport sec- lsor its y^^i senior recognition tion of todays paper. . a banquet honoring 19 pair. May Postpone Salk Shots Here If the vaccine does not arrive here by next Wednesday, May 18, the second shots of the Salk vaccine 1 will have to be postponed, according to a joint statement made Thursday by Clyde Cunningham, city school superintendent and John Davisson, county superintendent. The vaccine is to be given to 1 first and second grade students whose schools have not been dismissed for the summer vacations.! 54 down strike 55 Fencing sword 56 Cape 57 Two for • 55 3Z 10 P.M. 5:00 6:00 6:15 6:20 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:13 10:45 A.M. S:45 10:00 10:30 11:30 P.M. 12:00 12:30 1:00 2:00 4:00 5:00 FBIDAY, MAT It Early Show Demaret Show Weather Vince Leonard DOUK Edwards Perry Como Mama Topper Playhouse of Stars Our Miss Brooks The Line Up Lone Wolf New 3 Studio 57 Late Show SATURDAY. MAY II Saturday Theater Winky Dink Breakfast With Chuckle! Indiana Farmer Super Circus Big Picture Saturday Matinee Double Circle Kanch Hillbilly Shindig This Is Your City WFBM-TV INDIANAPOLIS CHANNEL 6 The Open Mike TV-Radio Highlights By MARGARET BUHRMAN FRIDAY, MAY 11 P.M. i>:'!0 Chuckwauon Tales 6 :<IO Weather 6:1:0 Johnny Winn Trio 6::;.") Sport." Eye 6:^5 Kye Witness 6:r,0 Furbej N>-wi 7:"f) I:in Tin Tin 7:31 Ilig Town 8:<i(l Krnft The:iter 9:110 1 Led Three Lives li':'il« W.;V;ii,-r Hl:IU S|.url» Id: SO The Kalrun ll:Ut) Sports Hotnid-iir- 11:05 Night Owl Thealer SATURDAY, MAY 14 A.M. S:00 Hooiier Playhouse 10:00 Buffalo Bill, Jr. 10:30 Captain Midnight Friday, May 13, 1955 KOKOMO (Ind.) TRIBUNE 17 11:00 P.M. 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:23 3:30 Biff Top Lone Ranger Uncle Johnny Coons Girl or Ghost Baseball TBA 4:00 Qualification Trials 5:00 Life With Fatner . WTTV BLOOMINGTON CHANNEL 4 P.M. 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:13 6:20 6:5" 6:45 7:011 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9 :'45 10:00 10:30 FBIDAY. MAY 13 Little Rascals Western Ledger Front Page News Weather Clothes Make the Man Eddie Fisher News Caravan Red Buttons Life of Riiey Bin Story Dear Phoebe Cavalcade of Sports Baseball Previews Bad E e 714 Tonight In Indiana 11:00 Tnniabt 12:00 GcKxlrutfh SATURDAY. MAY 11 A.M. 8:30 The PLtyroom 9:00 Pinky Lt-e 9:3D Paul Wine-hell I'Jruu Funny B.jn><rs 1U::10 Space Cadet 1 :<» Mr. Wizard 11:30 P.M. 12:"0 4:oo 4 ::>,7i 4:jr, 5:00 . A. V. Panorama Western The.-;, r Country , ¥ Hmb<jrt . TV .\iin!a'i»es Huu.-e of .Mystery Paul Ervington Says: Remember, we will be open 3venings until Christmas. Cresley & Bendix Appliances, Hoover Sweepers. Opsn Tonight. KNOUFF, Union at Jefferson, Phone 9746. COLONIAL - TODAY and SATURDAY TONY GURUS'JANET 1EICH "' DAVID FARRSR-BARBARA RUSH First and second graders in county! Stop in now at Jim White j members of &e 1955 graduating -- at sy^ 0 "-1 class of Tipton high school Friday. ^ the;,. snotsonthatday Open evenings. INDIANA BEACH banquet will be served at 6:30 p. m. in the church social room. Included in the evening's activi Track-side observation of this'tion owner's deadbeat friends de-. schools which closed May 1, receiv-[ year's qualification time trials forjcide to help him make a success the 500-mile Memorial Day race:of his business and strangely} will be presented by Tom Carnegie,'enough they actually make money.; . „, , „, ,. Paul Picerni is the dramatic star.! by Bob Receives Scholarship Max Raktin, Peru High School ties will be singing, a skit concern-senior and band manager for two . ... ,. ing seniors, presentation of awards years, received the memorial Rob-!' ana 13 - •" I, to seniors and an address by Rev. ert Scott award for service. H e i icasts MONTICELLO IN PERSON Woody George St. Angela, minister of New also received a four-year scholar- |Vvay York Street Evangelical United ship to Jordan Conservatory in Brethren Church in Indianapolis. ' Watch Award High school principal H. Keith Smith was presented with a shock- dianapolis and is to receive $200; annually. Enter Not Guilty Pleas Richard Lee Ferguson and John ;hted with views if the racing autos. Saturday time trials will be aired at 4 p.m. Sunday telecasts are scheduled for 4:30 p.m. NECKTIE PARTY: When a COW- CULTURE: Peter Lawford visits the Amos V Andy Music Hall tonight to give Andy pointers on how to act at a tea (8:30 p.m., CBS). SENSATIONAL! SORDID! SHOCKING! / TONITES theNIGHT! erman (.proof, waterproof wrist watch byjPaul Odom, two Kokomo youths poke rides into a western town 5.niece the senior class Friday morning as entered pleas of not guilty in Miami dominated by "Too Many Nelsons"j _V_ supervisory work to that class for [ four years. The presentation came on Smith's birthday and the award was made!continuing according to DANCE—AMERICAN LEGION POST 6, Sat. Nite, Upstairs. Circuit Court Thursday to a charge,tonight on Playhouse of Stars, he of second degree burglary. Both finds himself the object of a lynch- : waived arraignment. No trial date'ing party (8 p.m., Channel 8). Ed- has been set since investigation is i die Albert stars as the stranger by Class President Richard Rogers. Hospital Notes Hfinry S. Bailey. The pair is charged with bur-j larizing the Wayne Storey Sporting Judge chosen to be a scapegoat in the ! murder of one of the Nelsons. ONE NIGHT ONLY SAT., MAY 14TH Adm. $2.00 (Tax Inc.) Dancing 8:45-12:45 <DST> Summer Opening May 27 if DANCING if EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT .... ., = — .._.,..~ „*„.„., „,,-.„... & CONFLIST: "Flowers for 2B" Admissions: David and Charlene,Goods Store near Perrysburg last is Kraft TV Theater's drama. Moms, Atlanta: Virginia Lyon l Fe b. 4. The store is located on U.! starring Kenny Baker (8 Michigantown; Ella Mae Stout, S . 31j eight and one -half miles' Windfall; Janice Day, Tipton; William Bouse, Kokomo; Regina Bowell, Russiaville; Viola Coleman, Tipton; Restine Scott, Atlanta; Helen Wilshire, Elwood; Galbreath, Greentown. north of Peru, while the Storeys were away on a trip. Merchandise stolen was valued at approximately $750. It included P-m., Channel 6). A woman who has been caring for her invalid mother is torn between two loyalties when a former sweetheart returns to town. Beverly a 40 hp Mercury outboard motor, _,...,.,. . _. one remote control steering wheel ^^^^ ^i.i^v. ,,,m u.c mca ui Dismissals: Jeanie Maynard Tip- for the outboard motor, a 6H gal- proving to Mickey that he has a ton; George Erp, Kempton; Joan i on gasoline tank, three cans of way with children, Bill Hastings CHILD TAMER: With the CRESCENT DAIRY SHOW Eller, Tipton; Irene Blessing, Windfall: Mary Garhart, Tipton; Bev- •erly Galbreath, Greentown. "JfSfK* BUYING A USED 1955 CAR? **»** Come To MOTOR MART And SAVE $300 • $400! '8:30 p.m., Channel 4>. "The Monster" is a 10-year-old, whose re! formation proves a hazardous un- VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST No. 2714 SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE MUSIC BY CHUCK EATON'S -."PRIVATEERS" 20614 SOUTH MAIN ST. motor oil, two tubes of grease, a sets out to "reform" a little brat set of service manuals, and two'in tonight's Dear Phoebe episode fishing reels. Found Dead Thursday Afternoon James Musto, 52, who roomed with his brother, John Musto of 305 West Third St., was found dead in c w . v cnvr- n,,rin» .™.,s memb. 'of'trf ¥«•*«"*> " y " J^l^fZL'K member of the family doctor taadvertellt| y tnjecU TinHV ?• B ' fl f° hnSOn Sai ^ himself with a serum which has all indications the man must! proved fata , to ^ animals . This for Studio 57's drama, "Last Day on Earth" (10:15 p.m., Channel 8). BIG BUSINESS: Bing Crosby is host for tonight's Family Theater broadcast of "Deadbeat" (9 p.m., MBS). In the story, a service sta- heart attack. He was employed at the Smoke House. He was never married. The body was removed to the Brookman Funeral Home. NOTICE! U AW-CIO LOCAL 685 NOMINATION OF OFFICERS May 21st, 10 A. M. - 1108 South Home Avenue Write-in nominations must be post marked by 12 Midnight, May 19th, 1955. Mail write-in nominations to Forest Broadley, Chairman Elec. Comm., 1108 South Home Avenue. Investigating Theft of Material Deputy Sheriff James McLeod is investigating the theft of about $300 worth of materials from a resi dence under construction on Ind 18, a short distance west of U. S 31 which occurred sometime Wednesday night. The theft was discovered by workmen at 7 a.m. Thursday. Materials stolen included ladders, nails, electric wall boxes, hand tools, paint vapor seal and roofing. Policeman's Ball The Annual Policeman's Ball will be held at Peru Friday at the Eagles Ballroom. The dance will begin at 9 p.m. and is scheduled to end at 1 a.m. Music will be furnished by Billy Moore and his Californians. FRIDAY, MAY 13th DISTRICT MEETING Dancing and Floor Show! • "VELVETONES" • SATURDAY. .MAY 14th DANCING — New Band! "DICK AND LESLIE AND THE PRINCESS" THE HOME OF GOOD CHEER . . . WHITIE TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! America's GHOST CONVENTION! FRIGHTENING FEATURES DOUBLE HORROR __ Can You Take It IDA LUTING-iiNSIUG STARTS WED., 18th "SEA TIGRE" PLUS 2 CARTOONS GET YOUR TICKETS FREE FROM CRESCENT DAIRY, 317 W. JEFF. Whether it's cold or weather is hot. We shall have weather, Whether or Not... IN YOUR THEATERS THE WEATHER IS ALWAYS RIGHT ... WE MAKE ITI TONIGHT DO Open 7 — Show Dusk SAT. ONLY! Ajeef Adientvre : - CemiAfinwith • _ ^ INEMASCOPE IN THE WHOL WIDE WORLD- THERE IS ONE AND ONLY ONE- toslMSON-Jart LEIGH IMwtWAfiNER DebraftGFT SterlmHAYDEN smcn mem TRACY-BERGMAN TURNER MITCHELL-* BANCROFT ICHARDCONTE-VIVECAUNDFORS _ BARBARA BRinOH HUGH 0'BIHM MONDAY, MAY 16 SPEEDWAY SHOW 1 GROUNDS Free Parking Children 25c Adults $1.00 Tax Inc.

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