The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1030 RLYTIIRVJr-LR, (ARK.) 'COUKlRR NEWS DFFmjLGMII Royal Couple Spending Honeymoon A b'o a r d Yacht Homeward Bound BRINDISl, Haly. Oct. 21 .(UP) — King Boris of Bulgaria ami hi- bride Queen Giovanna, the forms Prlnee.« Giovanna of Italy, saile- through the Adriatic aboard the royal Bulgarian yacht Ferdlnan today on their honeymoon. The couple was en route to Varna, from where they will proccn: to Sofia for a wedding service ! the Bulgarian orthodox church. They were married at Aulu Saturday in a Roman Catholic cere mony. Four Italian warships esori tU the loyal yacht. Amos'N' Andy Set World Record In Talkie Debut McGavock Grider Subject of Story in Air Magazine (Continued from page one) ccola, who was both personal friend and business adviser to Grider. The story tells of McGavock Orider's colorful career with the Royal Flying Corps during the World War, which culminated In a tragic death behind the German lines li: the summer of 1913. In the fall of 1927, Elliott WhlU Springs, who was reticent about, admitting authorship of War Bird- when it first appeared, introduce: the second edition of the book with this statement: "His body lies near Armentieres. His spirit still hamits the pages of his diary. Let the critics rage! I have carried out hi* orders", and continues, "He was onr of 210 men, and because he was closest to me in life, I have undertaken to publish the story c' his career in the A. E. F. Before h: was killed, he gave me his dlnry and told me how he would like to have his deeds reported. He wa- very definite in his ideas and promised to carry out mine in case I should go first. I have discharged his trust faithfully." A. news release front the publishers, George Doran & Company, a' about the same time gave Spring! credit for' a substantial gift from the proceeds of the publication, t' John and George Grider, sons of Lieutenant Grider. through theb guardian, Wilson Nonhcross. of Memphis. Memphis ' newspajjjrr 1 quoted the amount of the gift.'or settlement at 112,500, is es- I tlmated would be a small proportion of the profits received from ihr publication, thirty thousand copie' - of which had been sold at tlia' time, exclusive of serial and motior picture rights. Grkier's eldest son, John McGavock Grider Jr., now twenty year: old, Is In his third year at Annapolis and his younger son, George, is attending M. U. S. at Memphtr Their mother, Mrs." Marguerite Samuels Grider, met a tragic death •when she was trapped in the flames that burned their home on Overton Park Circle, Memphis, in January of this year. ' . , Card well News Notes Miss Grace Tucker, who Is attending the A. and M. college at Joneslwro spent the week-end here will; her parents. Born, October 20, to Mr. ahd Mrs. Bryan Lee, a son. Seasoning, ol Foods Varies 'PAGE THREE With Different Nationalities Ei'ily chefs of dlsllrfcllon in France were HalKms. It wns nut Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Self moved loi'B, however, before Ihe more c!c- Tlmrsday lo Moorohouse. Mo.. Jlcnte Gallic pnlalc begun to lain where Rev. Self will bo pastor of do«n Hie strong iinvoring of their Ihe Methodist church for tlic com- more Southern Latin brclhcrn, and , I Ine year. :i| Misses Alleen Brewer, Dcna Gra. l bcr and Jewell Turner aticiided a slmw at Paragould last Monday I evening. I Mr. and Mrs. John Ary have moved back, to MacDoiigla.s, Ark., after having lived here for some in France, seasoning, the real kllchcn magic-, reached Us zenith. TIL' more out-of-doors Briton will' a less refined palate, ate coarse foods. His taste wns lame' ly inclined toward wild 'game, and as a rrailt. Instead of Hie mllcL-r oil dressings of France ttrong sun- time. - ces tarnished the. majority ol Rng- i Ilenrj' O'Siillivan of the U. S. ,llsh dishes, army, stationed at Fort Itiley, Kansas, is visiting relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stanflll of Bucoda visited Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Staufill here from Tuesday to Saturday I J. F. Lawler of Paragould was a Cardwell visitor last Sunday. .Miuvjfc-s Match B«r I" Oi'inmny. Ihe Individual taste of HIP community was reflected in their seasoning liabits. The vast variety of sausages of German ori- 8'n were insured by an endeavor to ma'.ch In delicacies. Ihe texture ot beer by the particular community-sausage, or by the American housewife.', clc- (•lured Mrs. Doiiunn, -TIM Inlrlgu- Ini; seasoning of well prepared chili, laiimles anrt onchllndes cnn- iwil be ilmicd and l shall deal lit hancllinii cf Mexican navorlngK in •liilte some length wllh Ihe proper my lecture courses In Blytlicvlllc. oble of using the flat roof of nny moderately targe building as n "landing field." The oldest motion picture. Ihat Is still belnn shown Is The Birth of a Nation, [(induced in 1015. . About eight years ago the Je»'-'l" ish council of New York adopted r. n flng to reprewnt the Jewish pea-"' pie all over tlie world. This em-i blcm Is blue and while wllh hori- 1 zontol stripes and with the star cf" David In a central field. • . . ,. *a»j5£L - F*S,"'->±; i«i .s^ssr to m^ here England Building Huge Autogiro for Tests LONDON. (UP)—The largest Au- Ictlro. or "windmill plane" yet built Is now under construction for the Aii- Ministry. It will carry four JXTSOIIS nnd Is fitted wllh a <oO-horseiwwcr alr- cooledi radial engine. Suj>portc<l by four revolving fanes, the Autogiro has n rapid climb and can descend almost vertically. H is hoi*d with Ihe new engine that the model will be cnp- tan bitter beer:] of some sections, | ited his mother and sister jiWednesday and Thursday. ,. .veal sausage nnd braunschwelcer Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Stubbleffeld ; 0 , hver lo sy,ru>e liRhter urInks i | moved here Saturday from Moore-I of clher - l ulc " gnwr U " I1K!> house. Rev. Stuhblefleld will be pas- ^ t [ lat tor of the Cardwell circuit of the Methodist church for the coming year. Amos 'n' Andy In l wens from "Check and Double Check' |young man, whereas her old love By GENE COHN NEA Service Writer | is'a "southern larf she hasn't seer. Miss Junnitn Williams, who Is at- t tending the Southeast Missouri I Teachers college at Cape Girardeau spent tile week-end with her moth- iirj-ii Smith of Villa Grove, Mo., au!c 10 r.ffer u different flavored soup for every day l n Ihe ycur. Schmierkasc, or cottage cheese, was NEW YORK.—Amos and Andy i since'childhood. Way back them cr - Mr5 - A - R - Fllppln. Miss Kath- are about lo claim a world's record I Ihey plighled their troth. But the a ' so a student at the college, nc- for advance orders on a film fea- i southern lad's family has come upon pomimrled Miss Williams on her ture. . ] evil days and he Is headed for New vlslt here Almost a month before their York to try and settle an eslate. If Tne Howard-Anderson ambulance . first adventure into the talkin^ pic- he can ° nt ? ita ' i a missing deed all look Mrs ' "Spud" Holcomb to the r tures, the Radio Picture offices°were j«'11 be well. This deed has b^ii lo'st hospital _at Paragould^Friday. j able to report a sale of SCO prints | for generations in an ancient-hcus? ' " *"~ "" of "Check and Double. Check." The »1> Harlem way. BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Coughs from colils may icad to serious You can itop ihcm now wlili (Ju'omulsion, an emuUifM rtrosnte lliai is pleasant to l_jkc. Creomulsioii it a medical JiKo'vcry willi two-folil aciion; it sootliea ami hc.ils the inEUim-i! mumlirancs mil in- liliili germ gioutli. Of all Itnoitn ilrue? creosote Is recognized lij liigli mulical aulhcrilics 01 one of the ijrrilcsi lualini; lecru'ics (or coughs from cvljs ami bronchial Im'titiuru. CrcomuUlon conlilni, in iJditio'n to creosote, ether healing tie ment i which lodbe ind bet! the ' Infhraed mtmbnnes and stop the ir- rlltlion, while the creotote «oci on to- • the stomach, i» obwrbej into ihY Mood, attac!t» the m\ of tire trouble ' ami checks the growth of Iba fans. CreoinuUion i» guirinteed tatisfae- • toiy in tlw. Ucatrnnit of coughs frorri coWs, brondiiiU and minor form! at ' bnincliial irritations, and is ficfllfnt • for Luildmg up the lyxem aflcr colds or flu. Money refunded if not re-,"' licved ificr taking according todiree- . tioni. Alt you dnif(iat. <ad».) . . Charley Chaplin record, according to renorts. hit a high of between 160 and 200 prints. And after observing this picture out in New Rochclle the o-her night, where it was run off for a preview, "it's safe lo bet that this Now it so happens that tie good brothers of Amos and Andy's loJge have an annual custom. Two members are selected to spend a few hours in what is known as a "liaunted house." Each year the victims of this spooky ceremonial leave also offered as an Ideal background to the highly flavored pumpernickel and rye bread, in which tho German bakers are supremo. America, however, has as a heritage, (he combined flavoring arid isa«mlng possibilities of th.? nti- tlom of the world. j Originally, the English element, which gave the nation its language, predominated, and In the season- • ... , >nU more than any other Item, has R. Stannil ^ and ^son. tnc Arncr | cnn coolt lagged behind the other nations. The native early 'American dishes perhaps were responsible for this failing to a. marked degree, since thsy did not lend themselves readily to seasoning, neither were the ed the discovery of America, so BEST MEDICINE SHE KNOWS OF 3ayt "Take Lydia E. Pink- liarn'» Vegetable Compound'' Mrv. W. and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stannil had business at Paragould Friday afternoon, Bom, October 21, to Mr. and Mrs Rfed McCrory. a son. . • Mte Delia Dorts and Mrs. Hubert Pace, both of Leachville, vis- lled In team of droll burnt comic favorites I a piece of paper marked "check and of the radio will lose none of their I double check. 1 ' And carry away n millions of followers thrugh being ! siin/lar bit left from the year be- seen in action. The national release, T believe, will be toward. the end of the month. 'The story is high-grade hokum,- fore. Ah—how did vou Vur-ss jou -guess Mrs. Elbert Brewer and son Larry, Mrs. H. J. Walker, Mrs. O. E. Brewer. Misses Louise and .Walker and Ruth Brewer were ! shopping In niylheville Friday. Ft Meyers, Fla.-"i,ydi» E. Pink- iam'8 Vrgetabln Compound is tlm best medluino 1 over licard of. Before ly baby was born 1 was always weak and rundown, i had ncrvoua spells milil 1 couliln tdo my liousowork. A ladytuldlni! about tliu Ycgutalilo ' audit Btrojiellicncil me. Hrfliiii) my own lioustinnrk I am *.•* *-.>. Mkov.url.1 J \li JUIL^lllU, n*J . . . : I T . I spices, which had originally insplr- P™ ™&> n K in « rMtiujrant and I feel available lo the American house- **"?. . ll * n l - '"uiiillimiyeani I hopo '• E - wife The native Amni-lr™ AM*. '">' lcU< ' r vvl " l>0 ll '° 1 " c ' 11 " 3 (>t lradl "8 Inez O!'K Tr^"""''^'"^ 1 "^ somo other woman to beltiThealtli."- FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON NOTICE All male residents of Blytherilic between the a^es of 18 and -J5 years are warned to appear at the office of (he city clerk to work oh the street or pny $3.00 in lieu thereof to the city flerk on or before the ,'iOlh day of Oct., 1930. City Ordinance provides minimum fine of 810.00 for fuilure to do so. S.C.Craig, City Clerk. Young Marse William is none other than the ''young marster" from with- plenty of sympathy built for the southern estate upon which tlie famous radio team. To be . Amos and Andy once worked. And , , , . ,...,.,, sure, there are few dialogues run- do they run into him while cai I itclv ' lu Goodmn " vlsll «< i at Kcn - nlng through, the sound sequences rylng the Jazz band to 'the Long "°" ' r ""'"''"' ""•" l "" that have any. great similarity to Island estate? They do. , ,-.«,.!.., - - Ihe broadcast duet. Only in one : And while carrying oul their ; her 1 '° mc ttt Fhnt - Mlch - n(tcr a ; tlle country, backed by the facili- — '-•' ------ i visit with relatives and friend; here, ties of Ihe great testing laborator- Earl Allen of Hornersville Cardwell visilor FIint ' nd '- der, pork and beans, and pumpkin pi.?, did not lend themselves readily to tho extracts and condlinents Friday lor wnich lormed the magic of the European cuisine. Mexican Flavors Po.iular It remained for the home coon- omists in tlrar lecture tonrfr'across or two 1 scenes do they get an op- ' lodge function - do they stumble ponunity of swinging into such upon the mlwlng deed? Dunt 3sk? doleful conversations as have been And does the villain try to gel adventures, these papers upon the same ni"ht? built about Iheir air , Still, all of their mlspronuncia- And how! (ions arc th;re— and upon the ap- You can now see Hut much of pearance of any familiar malaprop; the comedy depends upon the lod'e the audience leaped from its sea;? meeting and the events in the •" Slee. haunted house when the villain and * * ' the black face team hoar the noise' Imagine, if you can, Amos and made by the other. And good com- Andy with love interest. Yes, sir, edy It is. Low comedy,. to be sur< Arkadelphia Seeking Peanut, Sorghum Mills 'ifs. to secure recipes and inpunc- 'tions a.? to flavoring and seasoning j irtm ttolr closely guarded owners, land bestow them with careful in- Irtnirtt-ns as to their use, upon '.he American housewife. i ARKADELPinA. Ark. {UP)—A | Mrs. Myra Dotigan who will, con- j jeanut threshing mill and a lasses mill are the aim of Arltadel- phia business men and the .local chamber of commerce. Fanners are they're both in love. And Is the but laughs for everyone. And tiler? i ur S <;< ' '° Plant a uniform variety Fresh Air Taxi Company having its are laughs in the sad predicaraent troubles? It sho' is! Bui the good of poor Amos and Andy, when their brother of a comical Harlem lodge midnight prowlings keep them from gets them in on a good thing. They taking their girl friends to a dance. Cooter News Notes must drive a darky band out to a swell affair on Ixing Island. But since there must be a movie story within-,an Amos and Andy . L. L. Rushing-has erected a bttm- tlful and attractive dwelling. It will be occupied by his son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rushing. McCann and company are adding a meat market to .their department store.- Clay Rushing and Miss Geraldine Pilts, both of Cooter, were recently married In Blytheville by Justice Oscar Alexander. The bride Is accomplished, attractive and very popular In this section. Mr. Rushing has been a lifelong resident- of Cooter and has operated a pressing 1 shop for a number of years. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hudgens of Greenwood, Miss., are coming back here to make their home. Mrs. Hudgens was formerly. Miss Callie Copland. Mr. and Iitrs. Tom Beckham of Mississippi are visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Beckham here. Mrs. I). B. Holly and daughter. Josephine, Mrs. Edd Crice and Miss Ruby Barker went to Memphis on a shopping trip recently. Mr. and Mrs. Dene Pittes have returned to thei rhome in Sherron, Term., after an extended visit, here with relatives. Mrs. F. E. Waters, Mrs. A. R. Beckham and daughter, Louise, were shopping in Blythovlllc Saturday afternoon. I-Ittle Lucile White, age 9. has received recognition by a prominent eastern newspaper inasmuch as her picture nnd a brief sketch of her life telling of her succor as a radio soloist, appeared In its columns last week. Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Briggans and Miss Fayc McCiure motored to Slkeston one evening recently to visit oiyn White who Is convalescent in a hospital there. Mrs. Callie Hudgens and sou. Miss Bethel Holly of Cooter and Mrs. Evelyn Smith of Steele motored to Caruthersville Tuesday to see the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hudgens, who have recently moved there from Greenwood, Miss. Misses Lillian Funderburk nnd Bethel Holly spent Sunday in Steels. story, it so Iiappens that a sweet which Amos manages to young thing (played well enough,the crowd's tears. Somewhere be- by Sue Carrol, and no better) Is, Iween Al Jolson and David War-, being wooed by a none loo worthy field Is a scene wherein he learns' Of course they- c*n't explain, ba- cause It's a lodge secret. And what may surprise most of the fans is the excellent manner' in of peanuts and sorghum in order to justify the mills. There Is approximately one automobile to every eight persons in Canada. duct one of her nationally famous cooking schools in Blytheville for four days, Nov. 18 to 21, stresses In advance notices from her, the importance which she attaches to: the proper use ot flavoring. j "More and more are Mexican flavoring practices being accepled of his .old" master's death. .And there's a scene of a .wild drive through Manhattan with the missing deed which clicked excellently. It looks like sure fire fpr-ths fans DRONCHITIS ^J AtMtiiMnktbttlinttiad ^^ dux OxxoujWy with— VJSJJS MILLION JARS USED YtARlY Large Crowds Attended the First Two Days of Our JAPS TO TRANSLATE BOOK DURHAM. N. c., Oct. (UP) Dr. A. 3. Pearse, of the Dute University Department ot Zoology, has relumed to America after spend'- ing 13 months in Japan. China and India. During his t r | p he wro t e a book cntilfcd "Environment nnd Life" which is being translated in- 7\ to Japanese. He was lecturer to nrxllcil students at Kclo Univer- ally. ONE WILL ALWAYS S T D OUT Milder ...and better taste! ; / .. that's W/zy. ( © 1930, Lwcm » Mras TOACCO Co. BUSINfESS SALE Permit us to extend sincere thanks to those who so liberally patronized the first two days of this "Quitting Business Sale". Stocks Still Complete Shoes for the family-dress and work clothes for men and boys-ready-to-wear for women and misses-piece goods of all kinds-all offered at wholesale cost and below. Buy Now At These Money- Saving Prices- FOR SALE All store fixtures and cash register Two five-room bungalows at a bargain 8135 copper elad range, like new-§45 3 9x12 nigs, fair condition, eaoh-45 Other Household Goods . —i New York Store

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